The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 26, 1916, Page PAGE 9, Image 9

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I'AGE n.
I3o it remembered, n regular term
of tho County Court or Crook coun
ty, State of Oregon, waB bogun and
held In tho Court house In Prlne
Lvllle, Oregon, on Wednesday, the 5th
day of July, tho samo being tho First
Wednesday In sa'd month and the
time fixed by law for holding a reg
ular term of said court when wero
present at tho hour of 10 o'clock n.
jn., tho following ofTlccrs: 0. Sprin
ger, Judgo, presiding; J. P. Man
chard, Commissioner, II. J. Overturf,
Commissioner, Warren Brown, Clerk,
H. D. Knox, Sheriff. Whereupon tho
following proceedings were had to
Bit: f In tho matter of tho proposed
cliango In Hugh Lister road No. 1.
lalm for dnmages dono Mrs. P A.
l'ovroll, presented by her attorney,
JI. II. Ulggs, as follows: $4G0.00 in
ash for approximately 4 acres of
land; ono stock way on each quar
ter mllo of road through complain
ant's land, and all necessary fencing
approximately threo qurrtors of a
mile. Claim wni disallowed.
r TT. Dflnlv rnnfl. Flnnl niirvrv
Vi approved. J. N. Williamson boing
present filed objection to opening of
road beyond tho south bank of Kit
chen Creek. There being no othor
objection tho road ordorcd oponed
-up to south bank of said creek an a
-public highway.
Dames Ilutto road. County road.
Continued till August 7th, 101C.
Tumalo project road No. 1 coun
ty road. Continued until August 7,
Carlin rond. Continued till Aug
ust 7, 191G.
Tho Dalles-California Highway.
County road. Preliminary hearing
licld on Tho Dnllos-Callfornla hlgh--way.
Proper notices to property
ownors appoarlng; Surveyor's pro
llmtnnry report approved; no objec
tions being mado Co rt ordorod sur
veyor to make final survey forth
with. Final survey fllod and npprovod.
Road ordered oponed as a public
Hattlo L. Huntington. Claim fllod
for damage dono by Tho Dalles-California
highway crossing her place,
In tho sum of $50. Claim allowed
nd warrant ordorcd drawn In hor
favor for that amount In considera
tion of right of way dcod across oald
placo according to survey of said
Hattlo L. Huntington. Order clork
to discontinue monthly payments to
Hattlo L. Huntington until furhor
In the mattor of warrant drawn In
favor of J. H. Wonandy for work
dono. on road under.auporvlslonof It.
H. Dayloy. Troasuror ordered to pay
Const nrldgo Co. Stool Brldgo at
I.aldlaw. Proposal of CoaBt Brldgo
Co. to erect CO foot span over west
branch of Deschutes rlvor at Laid
law rccolved, and samo accepted.
See proposal and planB. Prlco for
span $1830 and concroto used to bo $11 per cy. under water
and 1 8 por cy. above.
F. T. Cox T. H. Cattlo Hoaring
on claim of F. T. Cox Indemnity for
ulaughter of ono Holstoln bull un
der laws of 1013. Proper proof ap
pearing to court by nllidavlt, ordor
allowing claim for $37. CO and ordor
wnrmnt drawn in tho sum of $18.75
ttnd Instructing clerk to fllo claim
with otato for romalnlng $18.75.
J. P. Illnnchard. Order warrant
drawn for $2000 for road work to
be rcportod on and accounted for.
Class 28, No. 1C05.
H J. Ovorturf. Ordor warrant
drawn for $2000 for road work to
bo rcportod on and accounted for.
Class 28, No. 1G07.
H. Q. Konnard. Water master
asked for traveling expenses on olll
clal business. Ordor allowing $20
por month from April 1 to Oct. 1,
and clork instructed to draw war
rant for $00 to July 1, and $20 on
tho first of each month during such
period, beo claim docket for $60
Court doclarcs recess tjll July 10,
nt 10 a. in.
July 10th, court convenes same
oftlcors present as bofore.
In tho matter of tho claim of Ad
am Kotzman. Claim for $5 for al
leged damages done fences, fields
and houso by workers on county
mad fllod. 8amo reforrod to Com
missioner Overturf with power to
settle said claims.
Clerks and Judges of election.
It Is hereby ordered that Clerks
and Judges of election In precincts
where 125 or lets votes are cast be
-paid $3 each for tholr services at
each election held in the county;
that where more than 125 votes are
cast said clerks and Judges be paid
46 each.
County clerk. Report on coyote
bounties paid In May, $149.50 and
June $94.50. Said report accepted
end ordered filed.
County clerk. Tho following war
rants appearing to have been Issued
xnoro than seven years and uncalled
for the same aro hereby ordered can
celed. Class 21, $551; Class 21, No. 607;
Class 21, No. 620; Class 21, No. 905;
and in Class 22 number 60, 76, .159,
177. 366.
Murphy and Murphy .Communi-
cation from Murphy and Murphy
asking deed from county to land
that had been deeded in error by
Sheriff's oftlco. Samo reforrod to
district attornoy for attention.
iLamiaw Committee. Commlttco
representing Laldlaw represented
that tho brldgo acrosa east branch
of Deschutes river at Lnldlaw was In
a dangerous condition and sskod that
a permanent bridge bo built. The
Coast Bridge Co. notified to send rep
resentative to meet at bridge site
Wednesday morning July 12th to
muke estimate and decide on typo
of brldgo with court. Purchase of
said brldgo to bo mado on said date.
P. O. Powers. PeUtion for rebate
on taxes presented and disallowed on
account of insufficient proof of state
ments sot up in petition. Sco peti
tion. July 11th court convened nt 7:4G
a m. Samo officers present as pre
vious day except Q. Springer, Judge.
In tho matter of Pmillnn Sunnlv
and Commission store. Petition for
damages to truck on account of un
safo brldgo on county road denied.
Sco potltlon.
P. T. Cox. Clnlra of F. T. Cox
for Indomnltyor threo cowb slaugh
tered under 1013 Inurn nrosnntmt.
Order sotting Monday, AugUBt 7th,
bb tlmo of hearing such claim.
Shall they be determined by
Industrial Warfare or
Federal Inquiry?
To the American Public:
Do you believe in arbitration or indus
trial warfare?
The train employes on all the railroads
are voting whether they will give their leaders
authority to tie up the commerce of the
country to enforce their demands for a 100
million dollar wage increase.
The railroads are in the public service
your service. This army or employes is in
the public service your service.
You pay for rail transportation 3 billion
dollars a year, and 44 cents out of every
dollar from you goes to the employes.
On'all the Wettern railroads in 1915, teventy-flve per cent of the
train employes earned these wage (lowest, highest and average
of all) as shown by the pay rolls
Paxaugar Frifk Yard
Rapfa Avar!
Engineers .
Firemen .
Brakemen .
The average yearly wage payments to all Western train em
ployes (including those who worked only part of the year) as
shown by the 1915 payrolls were
Pattengcr Freight Yard
Encineen $2038 $1737 $1218
Conductors 1772 1624 1292
Firemen 1218 973 832
Brakemen 921 .1000 1026
A 100 million dollar wage increase for
men in freight and yard service (less than
one-fifth of all employes) is equal to a 5 per
cent advance in all freight rates.
The managers of the railroads, as trustees
for the public, have no right to place this
burden on the cost of transportation to you
without a clear mandate from a public tri
bunal speaking for you.
The railroads have proposed the settle
ment of this controversy either under the
existing national arbitration law, or by refer
ence to the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion. This offer has been refused by the
employes' representatives.
Shall a nation-wide strike or an
investigation under the Gov
ernment determine this issue?
National Conference Committee of the Railways
ELISHA LEE, Chairman.
r. . ALBHicirr, ci Mtmf',
Atlsall Caal Uw ,,..
L. V. BALDWIN. Ca7 Maaa ar,
Caalral af CmU tUUaay.
C L. BAKDO. Gaal U.m,r.
H. Yatl, N Hataa) a Hm(h4 a.llr.A,
K. B. COAl-MAN, rtaa-J-raaUaaa,
Milan IU11. .7.
a. Z. COTTEJt. Ca1 Aafar,
Vahaak KaUa.
r. t- CROWLEY, At. VU-rrUi.
,. Yarfc Cwnl JUilraaA
C. H- EMEUON, CmI ATaaafar,
Caaat flaatkaaai BUUway.
C H. EW1MC. CmI MaMfar,
ruuAtiiu a kuu, luiix..
x. w. mice. amm. w rrui.
C... ..... A Okia lUll... .,
Dills allowed, July term, 1916,
Claim docket, Crook county, Oregon,
Page 124.
It. W. Zevely, Judgo election $ COO
L. C. Perry, Judgo elect. . . . G.00
1). P. Johnson, elk. elect. . . . G.00
0. N. Clifton, elk. elect .... 6.00
D. II. People, elk. elect 6.00
1. W. Ward, Judgo elect. . . . 6.00
(J. L. Huff, Judgo olect 6.00
Lester Cohrs, elk. olect. . . . 6.00
A. W. Ilattlcs, elk. elect .... G.00
Glenn Hendrickson, elk. elect. G.00
Chas. W. Ersklno, Judgo elect- G.00
J. C. Rhodes, Judgo elect.' ... G.00
Dwlght M. Davis, elk. elect. G.00
J. F. Arnold, elk. ecelt. . . . G.00
Ashley Forrest, elk. elect . . . G.00
Clydo M. McKny, Judgo elect. 6.00
S. C. Caldwell, Judgo elect. . . 6.00
W. C. Spencor, elk. elect. . . . 6.00
E. L. Itosetta, elk. olect. . . . 6.00
E. E. Culllson, elk. elect. . . . G.00
E. U. Brosterhous, Judgo elect. 6.00
L. D. Wlest, Judgo elect. . . . 6.00
H. M. Grelner, elk. elect. . . . 6.00
Geo. S. Young, elk. elect. . . . 6.00
L. M. Richardson, elk. elect. G.00
T. F. McCnlllster, Judgo elect. 3.00
Chas. A. McDowell, Judgo olect. .1.00
Selwln Montgomery , elk. olect. .3.00
Chas. Montgomery,' elk. elect. 3.00
Honry McCnll, elk. elect . . 3.00
Davo Grimes, Judgo olect. . . 3.00
b. L. Reynolds, Judgo elect. 3.00
RHf Avtrai I Rb Artftit
$30?G 2071
2445 1378
1151 1355
2015 1J55
418 973
1552 J7d
862 0
1821 liU
1454 1935
2933 1SJI
751 1181
2059 1181
874 1135
1961 11J5
a. a. citric, au m .i..r,
U U.U A S- rraaaUaa H.llra.a.
C W. KOU.NJ. Cn'IMauiu,
itikiu. Trka a iau r. juii...
H. W. M.M ASTKM. Cmmt Manafar,
kMll ua Uka ttU H.lWa.
JO. MAIIUI. ri-rrut,
.N.H.Ik ui Wurm lUU.a,
U...u BU Cnmi lUUnU.
a. h. sciiorm. ru.i ru-tnt
faM.jlf aU lAaaa Waal.
WH AU Um Kall.a..
A. i. STONE, rtrr-Uu.
Erta .ll...a.
c. a. waio. twra. a ct u
A aal C Uai llaaa
Roy II. McCord, elk. olect. . . 3.00
Ij. J. Powell, elk. olect 3.00
Prlco Coshow, elk. olect. . . . 3.00
A. S Holmes, Judgo elect.. . 3.00
Tom A. Deddcr, Judgo oloct. 3.00
Frank A. Chapman, elk. elect 3.00
Roy A. Kidder, elk. elect. . . 3.00
Ij. A. Hunt, elk. olect 3.00
A. Tomploton, Judgo elect. . . 3.00
W. P. Kdmunson, Judge olect 3.00
B. II. Edglngton, elk. olect. . 3.00
J. D. Bowman, elk. olect. . . . 3.00
It. II. Urondahl, elk. olect. . . 3.00
W. P. Gift. Judge elect 3.00
T. Q. Garrison, Judgo olect. . 3.00
Olnf K. Anderson, elk. elect. 3.00
C. B. Llvesley, elk. elect. . . 3.00
Win. It. Duval, elk. elect . . . 3.00
Jos. E. Ilolierts, Judge elect. 3.00
U. S. Bushncll, Judge olect. . 3.00
Clnudo C. Dunham, elk. elect. 3.00
I'Yod C. Iloberts, elk. elect. . 3.00
A. M. Hnrdonlirook, elk. elect. 3.00
U. U Moore, Judge olect. . . . 3.00
C. II. Dornslco, Judgo elect.. 3.00
Prcd P. Ueynolds, elk. elect. 3.00
Erwlu C. Trotter, elk. elect. 3.00
J. A. Watson, elk. elect. . . . 3.00
J. O. Powell, Judgo elect. . . . 3.00
S. O. Hnrdln, Judgo elect, . . . 3.00
II. Carl Cross, elk. elect 3.00
h. O. Sears, elk. elect 3.00
L. L. Scott, elk. olect 3,00
W. J. Johnson. Judgo elect. . 3.00
U. J. Evnns, Judgo olect. . . 3.00
G. C. Price, elk. elect 3.00
J n liioa Puller, elk. olect. . . . 3.00
W. I. Dlslmm. Clk. olect. . . 3.00
C. W. Starr, Judgo olect. . . . 3.00
D. A. Sears, Judgo elect. . . . 3.00
Harry I.nnlus. clk. elect. . . . 3.00
Leo lilovliis, clk. elect 3.00
Poter Mager8, clk. elect. . . . 3.00
13. W. Klmlile, Judgo elect. . . 3.00
Ed Mcrrltt, Judgo olect 3.00
J. P. Ponnoll. clk. elect 3.00
II. P. Kimble, clk. olect 3.00
Addlo S. Kimble, clk, olect. . 3.00
Dick Mullhollnnd, Judgo elect. 3.00
E. C. Taught, Judgo oloct. . . 3.00
II. W. Carlin, clk. oloct .... 3.00
Loyd G. linker, clk. olect.' . . . 3.00
Prank Gutormuth, clk. elect. 3.00
Arthur B. Ilntcs, judgo olect. 3.00
Hnrloy Saunders, Judgo elect. 3.00
Oeo. G. Tackman, clk. olect 3.00
Roubon J. Bngstrom, clk. olect. 3.00
Chas. O. Kollcy, clk. elect. . 3.00
E. J. Clark, Judgo olect 3.00
S. A. .Lytic, Judgo elect. . . . 3.00
Carl Saunders, clk. oloct. . . 3.00
Molvln Woberg, clk. oloct. . . 3.00
Clnlr Qulnn, clk. elect 3.00
K. D. Huston, Judgo olect. . . 3.00
O. n. Nlcoly, Judgo olect. . . . 3.00
II. J. Faulkner, clk. olect. . . 3.00
II. T. York clk. olect 3.00
J II. Dickenson, clk. oloct. . 3.00
W. A. Carson, Judgo elect... 3.00
Graco Elliott, Judgo olect. . . 3.00
O. B. Gray. clk. olect 3.00
E. W. Nolson, clk, oloct. . . . 3.00
It. R. Prlco, clk. olect 3.00
W. II. Post, Judgo elect. . . . 3.00
Robert Demars, judgo elect. 3.00
Homor Norton, clk. elect. . . . 3.00
E. E. HUlenwater, clk. elect. 3.00
Roy E. Grny, clk. olect 3.00
Prank Oglo, Judgo olect. . . . 3,00
C. P. Blair, Judgo elect 3.00
Georgo Ogle, clk. elect. .... 3.00
Rao E. Leonard, clk. olect. .. 3.00
UtiBtavo Berry, clk. elect. . . 3.00
Hugh Leo, Judgo elect 3.00
0. Radloir, Judgo elect. . . . 3.00
A. R. Davis, clk. olect 3.00
J. R. Brceso, clk. elect 3.00
J. C. Gilchrist, clk. olect. . . 3.00
J. A. Elliott, Judge elect. . . . 3.00
Georgo Hobbs, Judgo olect, . 3.00
C. M. Charlton, clk. elect. . . 3.00
S. P. Alley, clk. elect 3.00
Guy Soars, clk. elect 3.00
Jos. S. Innes, judgo elect. . . 3.00
J. E, Ralucy, judgo olect. ... 3.00
J. Edw. Lnrson, clk. elect. . . 3.00
j. E. Engobrotson, clk. olect. 3.00
T. J. Sanders, clk. elect. . . . 3.00
J. O. Hansen, Judgo elect. . . 3.00
W. J. Sturdlvnn, Judgo elect. 3.00
D. L. Killers, clk. elect 3.00
Ray Archer, elk. elect 3.00
It. A. Myers, clk. elect .... 3.00
P. B. Wilson, Judgo olect. . . 3.00
C. P. Becker, Judgo oloct. . . 3.00
P. B. Dayton, clk. olect 3.00
Waltor N. Ray, clk. elect. . . . 3.00
Bert Mlllor, clk. elect 3.00
A. V. Aya, Judgo elect. . . . 3.00
J. O. Huffman, Judgo elect. . 3.00
J. G. Redmond, clk. olect. . . 3.00
J. J. StovoiiBon, clk. olect. . 3.00
W C. HollliiBhcad, elk, oloct 3.00
W. II. Renin, Judgo elect. . . 3.00
B. It. Russell, Judgo olect. . . 3.01)
P. B. Johnson, clk. elect. . . . 3,00
1. Lloyd Owen, clk. elect. . . . 3.00
Agnes Rooney, clk. oloct. . . . 3.00
V. Schrodor, Judgo olect. . . 3.00
i B. Vnrco, Judge olect. . . . 3.00
Ray R. Canterbury, elk. elect. 3.00
John O. Whltnker, clk. elect. 3.00
S. P. Johnson, clk. elect. . . 3.00
John Atkinson, judgo elect . 3.00
C. B. Allen, Judgo oloct. . . . 3.00
Prcd A. Shonquoat, clk. elect. 3.00
John Rotors, clk, olect 3.00
Petor Thompson, clk. olect. . 3,00
John McBnchorn, judgo oloct. 3,00
II. Unas, Judgo oloct 3.00
Chas. A. Sherman, clk. elect. 3.00
Molllo Pausch, clk. elect. . . . 3.00
Myrtlo A. Unas, clk. olect. . 3.00
N. 11. Elliott, Judgo olect. . . 3.00
John M. Porry, judgo elect. . 3.00
Rny J. Early, clk, oloct 3.00
Asa W. Ronton, clk. elect. . . 3.00
Goo. K. Grant, clk, olect. . . 3.00
J. W. Wright, Judgo olect. . . 3.00
W. E. Clnypool, Judgo oloct. . 3.00
II. W. Martin, clk. olect . . . 3.00
A. II, Lowry, clk. oloct 3.00
II A. Holmholtz, clk. olect. 3.00
Goo. W. Wells, judgo oloct. . 3.00
II. J. Edwards, Judgo olect. . 3.00
Z. T. Gldoon, clk. olect 3.00
Victor Shaw, clk. oloct. . . . 3.00
J. P. Hoppor, clk. olect. . . . 3.00
A. Wright, Judgo olect COO
O. D. Sedgwick, judgo elect fi.OQ
Bend now has tho Lowest Electric Cooking Roto in
the State.
Cooking and HeatingMeter Rates
Firet 100 K. VV. II. in Any Month c per K. W. II.
Next 100 K. W. II. in Any Month He per K. W. II.
All Over 200 K. W. II. in Any Month, le per K. VV, II.
Effective April 1st, 1010.
we sell on easy terms.
it wJL7y lLlV vLy 1 1
Phone 551
J. J. Buckloy, clk. elect . . . COO
Clem Brown, clk. elect 6.00
P. I. Phoenix, clk. elect. . . . COO
Carrying poll books:
P. P. McCnlllstor 2.00
B. C. Taught 8.00
Lloyd Powell 80
J. It. Breoso 3.00
A. S. Holmes CC0
P. I. Phoonlx . 4.00
L. D. Wlest 7.00
S C. Cnldwcll 7.00
Prod P. Reynolds 7.00
A. It. Lowry 4.80
C. P. Becker 7.00
Ashley Forrest 7.00
Frank Oglo 4.10
Georgo W. Wells 2. CO
N. It. Elliott 4.00
Olnf Anderson COO
N. P. Alloy 2.C0
W. P. Bdmunson 8.00
Homer Norton f.20
Chas. Pnrrlsh 10.00
C. B. Allen 10.00
J. Edwnrd Lnrson 7.00
C. W. Starr 4.00
W. C. Holllnshoad lfi.00
B. W. Klmblo 8.00
B. E. Vnrco 19.00
W. II. Ream 8.00
Molvln Woberg 1C0O
R. A. Myors 3. CO
Hnrvoy Wlnslow 1C0O
Jnmoa McCullough, wltnoss Juve
nile court 14.00
Geo. Mllllcnn, grand Jury wit. 9.C0
R. M. Smith, grand Jury wit. 9.00
Guy McReynolda, grand jury wit 9,00
II. Baldwin, grand Jury wit 2.00
L. A W. Nixon, grnnd Jury wit 9.00
S. B. Roborts, grnnd Jury wit 11.00
Thoo. Auno, grnnd Jury wit 9.00
R. R. Canterbury, wit 20.00
C. J. Stnuftor, wit 30.00
Jns. M. Brlckoy, wit 28.00
J. II. Barkloy. wit 9.00
Gordon L. Barkloy, wit 2R.00
J. P. Bocsloy, wit 11.00
II. B. linker, wit 11.00
S. II. Snnnerud, wit 11,00
Oscnr Cruso wit 24.00
Edith Dunn, wit 24.00
Crawford Bnrkloy, wit 2B.0O
Itnnnh B. Dunn, wit 24.00
Jns. A. Brlckoy, wit 28.00
II. J. Overturf, wit 9.00
J. B. Meyor, grand Juror . . . 15.00
Win. S. Ayors, grand juoror. 0.20
R. U. Pllcklngor, gd. juror . 13.00
E. Atkinson, gd. Juror 10.10
Fishor C. Logan, gd, juror . . 17.00
Honry McCnll, gd. Juror . . . 8.00
J. Edw. Lnrson, gd. Juror . . 13.00
Goo. Llvosloy, Juoror 8. CO
P. T. Gardlnor, Juror 7.00
L. A. Gibson, juror 16.80
J O. Jowoll, Juror 19.00
H. A. Gosnoy, Juror 23.00
Jorry Oroszlcrugor, Juror . . . 23.00
C. P. Chnlfnn, Juror 22.20
Anton Auno, juror 22.00
W. It Gorklng, juror 22.00
(Contlnuod on pago 10.)
$t0 up which
: .