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(Special to Tho llultotln)
TU.MALO, Juno in The local or
ganization or the I.onr Scoutu ontor
ipltiml ihi'lr iinreiitu and frirnils with
U JIhIi fry yentenlav nt tlio lmll. Tlio
KonU lml excellent luck on tliolr
ilililnx (itcuralon nlotiK tlio po-
cllutOH and all of tho sixty guaats
praseiit onjojed the remiltfi of tholr
catch, Tlio IwMt not only caiiKlit ths
fllh but fried them mid waited on
the tablet. Mmi'r or the dull nro
Frank roller, ). kH, Prink and Hoi
hort Wullnre. HoKnr rilikliiKor, Ueo.
and ltalili Norrott
A fair Blued crowd attended tho
dance given fr tin- lioneiit of tlio
ball lam Thiirmli v ovpiiIiik Kvory
one report an enjojablo time. Tho
W. S. I- committer wim Mra Mulch,
Mr Ilarnor, Mm Howard, Mia. I.un
liarg and Mra. MnrHh end crvcd a tla
Uoloua mipniT dinltut the ovpiiIiik.
Mr. and Mih. T nt tier or Madron,
apenl Sunday hero at tho limiio of
Mr. and Mra. Wallace and woro
RUDita or thp Ilov Scouts it tholr
flail dinner Hi the hull.
J. T. I'arlia and Albert Harper aro
busy shearing tholr Hheep llila wcok.
Judge and Mra. T 13. .1. Duffy, or
l'rlliovlllo, Mra (Ipo lirnatprlmiia and
311m Marie llroclRrhoua wore dlnnor
guwiU of Mr. and Mia. C. J. Mock
on Sunday.
Mr. find Mm John Marali apnnt
Thurtdny In Ilodiuond and wcro nlao
btwInoHH caller at llend on Siitimlrty.
Darn ami Kllnilieth Harper spent
Tlniraday In Kadiuoud with tho
An Inipoitant hcbmImi of tho Turn-
jI(i nnv(iIoiiiiPiit I.miriii) wr.a nniil on
Snttiriltty iilalil Mr. Tumor, of Mad-
ra, rkvo an liileroatlnx talk on con-
dltloiiH In .Inmirw'ii county romuvo
to Ilia luxe, etc., In tho now count).
A iloalrablu broad knife freo with
ovuiy annual wilmciiptloii to Tho
llwiil llullotln.
I. C. Dpnror mado a business trip
to Ilond last I'rldny.
Several loads of wool pasted
through bore this week on tholr way
to lloml
Mini abiipb Schroder, who baa be n
vitiltliiK her alster, Mr. Street, of
lluck Creek, bus rolurnod to her
i,iist cui:i:k.
fSpeolnl In Tho Ilulletln)
LOST PKIJICK. June 13. 13. A.
Yeok and ilmwhter. Vivian, returned
from I.ftkoviovv IrhI week Thoy left
Vera inurli linprovpil and ho expects
lu bo around noon,
Tho DlHliicl School Hoard met hint
Tuemluv and oiikiikoiI Mr. Hiitaolu
to touch thu Mchool the rouiliiK yoar
na lis has i;lvon witlnriicllon durlnx
the jiaat year
KontiPtb 1 1 mIiiiii riiiiu homo from
Muck Creek ilurlnx tho week.
Stanley lliilfour, or l-'lfo was n
Kiioet at I lu I'orry homo duriiiK tho
juiHt week.
Mm. 4iinl Mra. (1. It. Youiik bnvo
Hono to lloiiil for a load of HiipplloH.
Mrs. C (' WuHhlnirn had u ho
viiro attnclc or touallltlH during tho
Hon Itlimli'H Is doing Homo fencing
mi tho Anility and Mehrer rnncliPH.
Mra. Oveiall expecta to make llnnl
three year proof on her homestead
' Mmfnro CommlHHloncr Stauffor next
Mlas WltllaliiH of Payette, Idaho,
lit mnkliiK an oitomlod vlalt with her
Ulster, Mra llutelii.
(!. S, Divls lias none to Silver
On ok for a brief IhII.
.lameri McKvwiu Iiiih been on tho
sick list durliiK tho paat vvook. Steven enuie oer from Illicit
Urimk uiid spent Sunday with his
I (Hponlnl to The Ilulletln.)
HAMPTON. June 15. Mrs. M. II
Crow.sml MIms l.orlnils Crow started
In ItoHd Thursday to meet Ilusrlt
rjtow who has lHen worklnx near
JloHtesmto, WashliiBlon, In a loaxlnx
J. P. Wlliiiict nml M. I.. Prow
look a dip on hniaelmek to Maury
Mountain Thursday.
Mra. C It. Harmon vlallml Tliura
lay at Mr. Ilosmia's.
Mm Uthal I'oaa and Mlaa Z.'Ih
Harthalomew railed Saturday aflpr
WtHin tin Mtaa Darle llurton.
Mr. JubiiMii. of Dry lke. made
Anal ttroof on bis lii'inaattiad before
V. 8. Oonuulsalotier A. 8. I'oga" Satur
day. Mr. and Mr. P H. Harmon llt
d Sunday al Mra. HUck's, on l.U
ard rroak
Miss Tkila Itartbolomew siemt Sun
day night with Miss Darle Hurtou
Several of the nelahliors helped
M. M Peck set his windmill up on
Tuesday f
Iturr Hlack has moved down from
l.lturd Rrik and la dolua auuio plu-
lux on bla plara
(Special to Tho Hullotnu
1'INKHPIIST, Juno 10. Frank
Dayton and son Krank, hnve l e'n
planltiK luinber for It. II. Uayley thla
pSBt Week
W. i. O'DonnolI ot liond, wan a
calloi1 at thp Oeo. W. Snyder home on
Mondn: venlng.
il. H Hoot went on n flihlng trip
one da. last week.
Nollw Hinder nnd Ituth Ilale
called on Mrs Sand II Tuesday oven-
."MrM. fiio W. Snyder wns a llend
vlaltor on Tuesday.
Charlie Montgomery Is working
for It. II Hevloy.
Ivy S'lvder spoilt Monday night
with Mrs Olga Swlshpr.
D. II Ilool took n veal to llend on
MIsh Ituth Uayley spent Wedncdiiv
ulglit and Thursday ut tho Da ton
(luy lliirnltt of Hum! Is working
for I. V Swisher.
Air. and Mrs. Hoy Siiiik'li and
Btnnll d.iuxhter nro vlaltlug (' II
Spaugh and family.
Mrs. A. II Heed called on Mrs
MeAllster Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mih. McAllHter and Mr
nnd Mrs (ieo. W. Snydnr were Inisl-
IHiHfl callers lu llend on Satiirdm
Mra. (ieo. W. Snyder and daughter
N'olllo enlleil on Mrs. A. MeAllster
Sunday afternoon.
A. Me Mister and I.oyd Hoot went
Mulling mi the Deschutes Siindav
Mr. leal of ("loveidale was a Iiiih
IneHH caller at A. McAllstcr's Satur
day ovpiiIiik.
MIsh Netta Howoll tinil Pncle le
Howell were llend visitors on Mon
day. Frod X. Wallace nnd wife, acrom
li.mled b Mis. .Ii.lm Stllos, called on
Mr and Mrs. Clareuco Sniidll Tues
ilay evening
Andrew MeAllster, Jr., la employ
ed In the llend sawmill.
The milk of icpnlrlnx the Hume
In order Hint more water could bo
carried to the rosurvolr was begun
last Saturday us water Is plentiful
tills Hen Him all available dltchuH nro
being used.
Mia Mthal
(Special to Tho Ilulletln).
OI.OVi:ilDAI.i:. Juno 19. I.. 0.
vrubo went to Hedmond Wednesday.
It. .1. Skelton Is building a big
linrn, f H 7 J feet.
II. 0. Kline la doing tho carpenter
Art (Irubo nml Knrlo Miller went
to llend Mondny where thoy will
work In (he mills.
A largo crowd attended tho recital
In Sisters Wednesday night, given by
Mrs. Dell Parker, of llend. Mra.
Mel aitrln. Mrs. Fish nnd Mra. Silvia
of llend nil rendered special mim
bers. Plxlo Johnson went to Portland on
S.iturday and returned Wednesday.
While gone he completed n deal, ex
changing Ills ranch hero for ouo nt
Yamhill, Oregon.
Tom McAndiow and wlfo and Oeo.
McAndrew moved to Mend Snturdny
and will work there this summer.
Several bands of sheep hnvn pass
ed through till section lately un
it nil' to the summer range
The Cloverdale Council Club met
a lis regular meeting Pilday night
Tin- following ptogram was rendered'
Song, tho Jollj 1 our. recitation, .mo.
Dokklna: song. W I) Van Matre,
tableau, Ksther Cvrus and Clara Van
Mittie: solo, .Mrs Templetoii; recita
tion, ltothor Pmiis. tnlilanii, Four
girls, recltallcn. Clara Van Matre
Tattler. Mrs. Puah. After the pro
gisni Mrs. Dell Parker of llend snug
n solo and oigmiUed a class of fif
teen Htudents to take voral lessons
The Coillioll Club ineetllixs will be
discoutluiisd until the busy snson U
I'.lvlu Van Miilr went to Hwul on
Satin day and letiirned Sunday.
P'ank Arnold and fiunllv and W
V. Prvnwr and wife wer flslilnx on
th,i DHatdiulM Slllldav
A crdwd of Miuux folks wiuslstlng
of Hleniior Ottibe, Adella Miller,
Mur i'rvrear, Viola Miller. Maude
Orel..,, hjnti Wilson. Dean Van
Mane, Wnlter Hovd ami Floyd (Irobe
I simi Hundav lulling auil picnicing
Mr. K M. PMk Tuaaday
Mat of the iHMMilu from Hampton
a III altaad the Fourth ut July cel
Itrotlou at Dry lke tills yaar.
aud Miss Zolajon ihu Motollus.
etitrtalued bj
iiamitiix ni-rric.
(Specln. to The llullotln.)
MIUMOAN. June 9. --.Mr. nnd Mrs.
it. H. Kulltir wor Suntlsy dinner
iii-ih of Mr. and Mm. John Holland.
" , T Skaer will h bora In two
fjspoclal to Tha llullatln) Wl,kl, , (lrlu n XN,,i for u,, Spoueer
H MITON Hl'TTie. J una 18 - Mr. i,r, t,-rt.
'Inkua of Itiittr auloed tbrouah bore, i; n, Hunter la working t the
n hla wut to Hand last Wtdnaday ii,.l1(i oaf for a short lima,
Mra. Kdward Street, of lluck I r, Mtlllotin aud Frank Moeu
i Mtk, visited with her parents Mr. Hi,. ,h, a bsi'il of cattle to Paul
ud Mrs V aVbroder last wk. tnu lake TUurada
Mlaa Lets McKadden vlstlad ev- ira. 1,. H. Oless and Mrs. Oaorge
al days with (lladys Maekt. I p.ra wnre eallurs at the Hoonoy
Jluttdu HrU-ka) made a bualaoaa heme this week
tc to PiUievllla last waak. , wljlrlwlud terenlly destroyed the
Alice and Samuel MeKeown were windmill nt the Mllllcni. ranch. A
altera at the lliookluca store Katur- uubmo fonture sbout this old laud
dav. ;nmik was tho fart that It was tnndo
Mr aud Mra Joe JoUuaon are out ' from n drv goods box and had been
to Hand. in iHiastnnt servkv for thirty yours
Mra. Jim Urowa and sou Wallace Mr. Mllllean went to Prluevlllo on
were visiters bare eeterday. Fndsy to iurchate a pump, prepar-
Rdwln Hrkraeder. who has len atory to Installing te new windmill
ut to Head for sou weeks return- A number of MtClcnu humostoml-
d last Krtds). ere aro making flnul moot. Auioux
Quite a thunder atoriu visit wl this them nro ir. Uric Hoateland. Goo
ac4lou veeterday. A holt at tlsht- Powers, A. 1). Norton nnd I.. 11.
lnx struck the ground a few feet niesa.
WMith or Itrooklugs awraie. I II F. Dyer la proudlv show lug the
Jim HrowH returned from llend emir vaxutnldo rnlmnl In his gar
last Krldav to spend sevurul weeks ,i,n hero. Ho now has radishes and
with his family. . i.iu us and bjou will have nn abund
ance of turnips, carrots and ruta
bagas., A most enjoyable picnic was held
nt Pino mountain Sunday. An aimnd
anco of good things were served by
tho ladles, after which tho Cmk- was
siient bj somo In climbing the moun
tain. Others were 'content to visit
together nt camp. Thoso prcient
wore: Messrs. and Mosdnn'o Van
Clovo, Kvans. Holland, Huberts.
Hoonoy, Mrs II. P. Itnucl, Mis Opo
Powers, Mrs. L. II. Gless, Mr Hoy
Hiiklll, Mrs. Mary A. Itoonev . II. F
Dyer. Hlmcr and Ernest Dyer Krank
Spencer, Louis Hall, Wm. Itrlin. Karl guestB.
in the wiro fence and died from the
Mrs. A. W. Ilayn and daughters,
Ulndys and Hr-.zel, visited at tho
Pauls homo Thursday.
Mr. nnd Mra. II. A. Myers nnd
son Jack, woro buslnoss visitors nt
Inglewood ranch the first of the
A number of Indies of tho neigh
bors mot at the homo of Mrs. S. D.
Mustard for n day's sowing, to help
a needy family. Mrs. Mustard nerv
ed a most appetizing dinner to hor
Powors. Una Powers, Carol Huklll,
Mary nnd Joseph Holland.
A refreshing rnln fell here Satur
day, being doubly welcome because
or the intonee heat of tho preceding
John Holland hauled n load of
supplies out from llend Sntuidu.v for
Mrs. Mary Itoson.
(Special to Tho Bulletin)
POWELL IlUTTi:, Juno 19 Mr.
Il'ggs nml some frlonds motored to
Ilond Sunday bv way of Rrdmond,
neschutos nnd Tumalo, returning on
tho desert road.
Mtb. X. P. Alley nnd fnmilv nnd
A. II. Khode spent Sunday ive'iing
with Hnyns'
J. C IlrK had tho mlsrortune to
loso u line horse. It got bndlv cut
Air. Logan linn disposed or his In
terests horo to Mr. Ilutterlleld who
has recently nrrlvod with his family.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. L. Olbson wore
dlnnor guests nt Moorcs Sunday.
Mrs. It. L. Mooro nnd dr.ughtor,
Lena, spent Friday with Mrs. Agoc.
Miss Ooorgln Knox Is a house guest
of Mlbs Paulina Trucsdalo for n Tew
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ageo spent Thursday
evening at Frank Kissler's homo.
A social dance was given nt tho
lmll Friday evening to rnlso funds for
a Fourth of July celebrntlon. Thoro
was n goodly attendance and every
one had n nice time. Tho commit
tee of nrrnngemeuts was Mr. Hlggs,
Mr. Sanders and Mr. French.
Mr. Hlggs, Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Wlllcoxon nnd daughter llnrrlet nnd
Mrs. J. M. Shearer wont to Paulina
lako on Sunday. Thoy brought back
ono fish 32 Inches long, weights 11
M. C Logan nnd family were din
ner guests at the Itlgsby homo Sun
day. Mr. nnd Mrs. ST D. Mustard went
on a risking trip Sunday.
Haiuld Cooke enmo out from
Prineville on1 his motorcycle nnd
mode short calls among his friends
In this vldiAty.
Unrl Saunders nnd Mr. I-rench
weic anirng tho number thr.t spent
tho time tlshlng Sunday.
0. C Truesdnlo lost two good cows
during the recent atorni. Thev wore
undor n tree for shelter and wcro
killed l thu lightning.
The North Hutto school hold their
annual election Monday. D. A. Yates
was eleiied director nnd Mrs. A. W.
Hayn re-eleitod as clerk.
At the Movies
ti 4i 64 4 lC i,
-" v "Tt" "v T ir "
V 1 fc lf 4j
ir "r -x- T j -ir -
.i 4it n ., tC j.
! A 4.
-TT "IT V -T- f T t"
t k iO t ,'
M 4l .C 4 .l !
l 4( 4n , 4.
tT -t v V" v "f "V
(, i, t w. .V .o
n ., j, - i ,e
f C" "X" T" V -J" -T!"
. il M 4,0 4 li
, ti.iHt4l4ii'ti.
llend Tlicntio.
Mr.r.v PUkford nnd Pauline Fred
erick, two among tho Paramount
stars, who havo comnmndod wide
spread attention of movlo goers, will
rppoar nt the Hend Thentro during
tho present week. Mary Plckford
comes lu "Tho Foundling" nnd Paul
ine Frederick ill "Ldln Gllmore."
Charlie Chaplin comes again on
rrlCny nnd S.iturdny. He v 111 np
pear in tlio extremely runny "Dough
mil Doughnuts." "Tho Lcdv i.nd
tl.e Lion, ' rcaturlng tho vorld fa
mouj Hostock nnlmnls, now on ex
hibition nt Luna Pnrk, Coiry Island,
will be shown In this picture which is
highly sensational.
Dreiim Tlientie.
Florence Heed In "At Hnv," ap
pend In tho strong relo of Aline In
tho plrv which deals esppcli lly with
tho political situation of 11 large cus
tom clt.v nt tho Drorm on Sunday
night. Slie Is drawn Into n net of po
litical nnd social lnttlguo nnd her
position requires Btipdrb acting
Florence Heed hns been highly
praised of into by movlo w titers.
"Tho Thoroughbred," n southern
drnmn tvnlcnl of southern conditions
and Southern Oentlemcn, featuring I
Charlotte llurton, will be shown on
Saturdn.v with n two reoel Kejstone
comedy. Tho second of tho iron
Clnvv" serlnl will be shown on Fri
day with a special reel showing tho
operation of Tho Shoviln-HIxon Com
pany plant.
001 AS
That fens the Supreme De
yree of Rich, Luscious
Tobacco Flavor
Nature varies the flavor she puts Into
the different grades of tobacco leaf
ami the best of all is the flavor of
choice red Durley that pleases you so
miolitilv when you chew Spear Heid.
flic delicious fruity flavor aof a chew
of spear iicau is icvkiuuuu 10 me
man who has never chewed or who haj
been chewing near-good tobacco.
For chevvinff is the one way to get
all the wholesome, healthful, appetitinj
flavor of the tobacco leaf providing
you chew a high-grade plug like Spear
No other tobacco can compare with
Spear Head ill the wholesome satisfac
tion it gives.
You get more savory sweetness in a
chew of Spear Head than in a whole
1!UA mmrnm iAtA AAA
Plug OI oroinary wuaw.u. y
And you get it in its purest form "I
for Spear Head is maac amia me most
wholesome surroundings, in a great,
new factory that's kept absolute!;
clean and sanitary. r
Try this rich, mellow, satisfying, pure
chew. Such a chew cannot be obtained
in any other tobacco than Spear Heal
In 10c cuts, wrapped in wax paper.
And Investigate our prices
before buying your groceries.
Wo can mivo you money.
Mllllean, Ore. Tolcphono
Uoiul Street, Myers Hldg.
9h A
Factory Wood I.
II 111))
I Bend White Pine Sash Co.
We have tried
the rest but
this is the best
The Business is
Our Way
Bend Flour Mill Co.
I'reldent-t lunger
ui:xi, OUKGOX
Because we are meeting business
requirements which may
be summed up as
Right Prices - Quality
We feel our business growing
every day. We know that we
must be giving the people
what they want
We are making every effort to
give the people of Bend and
vicinity the very best that
can be obtained on the
Ask Us About Prices
T .' I
n anBT!-'7!rr
vWrUtlW.gVJ.' .
rpti w ' - '