The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 21, 1916, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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TAOE 10.
C. K. SMire. (if Stale (trniijie, Kimtit-
crnto Point T leiriililllly-Miiny
.Signal tin's Neeihil lit Once.
A roiltirtlnn of nn-Mhlrd of the
WSMllt Intcrcir intf In farm loa-8
V0lllil tie wimed h the proponed
i-iiral rreitlttt treasure, the Initiative
petition for which Is now reaih for
Other for in re In Its furor, ns
utitimanttpd l ' K Sponco, Mnatcr
Of the Oregon fau f run go, In a
"OOJnnitinIcntk)ii to the Oregon Orange
Ilullotln, are a rollotm: i
It ImniionlroH with tlio propound
leduTHl l6Kilntlnn for rural crmllt3,
Which It would supplement.
It In elf-opnratliiB, requlrlnK no,
kddlttonaf Bdmlnlntimtlvf etpHmoK. I
golflK Into the handK of tho Stato'
Land Hoard cotialitlwr of the (inter-1
aor, Secretary of Stato and Stato
TrQamirer. which haa handled suc
eeMfulb' ttie stato school fundi of
$8,000,000. I
It Hilda iiolhltiK to the taxpayer's
burden olnrn all opnratlriK coats tiro1
lo h Iwrne by the borrower. I
Honda far ohtalnln the loan
fllinlg can lie nnrketod at lower rates
ilian farm nwrtRnw. while at the time the state merely 'koih
wcurlty," for which It la aniplv pro-'
tected hy mortgages on lr.nd at
tlonlilo tho value of the loan.
Partners of Oregon aro pompetled (
lo compete ln world niarkots wllh(.
fgrmorH liavlng a mum lower credit
lute, and until this condition Is rem
edied tho Mate will not ndvaiK-o as It
It Is iicceAry to get 2B.000 slg.
natures on tho petitions within tho
present month. Since no fundi aro
AVdltnlilo (or clrculatliiK them re
liance Is to ho placed on volunteer
llnlp. Tltcwo wlnhliiK p UtlotiH to cir
culate may secure them liy writing
C. K. Spence. Oregon City, or J. I),
llriiwn, Arlington.
Chautauqua Violinist Coming
A desirable bread knife freo with
overy annual subscription to Tho
Iloiid Ilullotln.
Want Ada only ONE CENT a word.
( WmBfi Lllf fS
i fir) tSsfsm T InBm t fir T
VIN7.PN7.0 OtII.r.OTA of tho Oullotn Trio Is the artist ho looks In the
nboie picture. He plays with tlmt peculiar nipt spontaneity of concep
tion mid execution that marks the master Uollnlst. An outstamlliit;
quality of fitillota'x playing Is Its supreme Individuality The man's art mir
rors himself- taste, accuracy, soul expression the letter and the spirit ot the
true urtlsL .
Kiiiimiis liisui'uent to He llcnnl on
('liiiiitnuiiiii Platform.
Victor Murtlock s coming to chau
touiiun! This announcement should
ho of double edged Interest to every
Circulate Inltliitlw Petition to (let
.MonMiiitt on Itnllot Madras Is At-
mi In the Itnce.
(Mi (Iran Pioneer )
Tho town of Metollus has at last
decided to enter tho race for county
neat by circulating petitions under
tho Initiative meaHiire tho only
proper method by which It can bo
recoRiilred ns a candidate for that
position, on (tin "majority rule" has-
The petition was circulated hero
yesterday and received iulto a num
ber of signatures. In. fact, wo have
hoard of no one hero refusing to algn
to whom It was presented. Tho pe
tition must have a certain number of
nlgnatures, and the people of Madras
are perfectly willing to assist their,
hUter town In securing that nuinlwr
In order that h miiiaro deal may tie
had. and the iilestlou decided at the
polls on Us merits.
Home time ago the people of Mail
rns realised that this step would lie
necessary, under the Inltlathe law,
which eilla for a majority ote. to
)ttaea the town projierly before the
volar as a candidate for count sent
Ik now. iitul hrvlng been the pioneer
la the theory that the majority vote
should sottlo the iuestloti as to
wliare (lie count) sent should lie lo
Pfttml. tlmr went to eonslderable ex
pense to wen re dellnlte Information
as to the proper methoa of provedure
That this Miformntlou Is eon eel and
rallable has been proven by the de
elsloH of the Attorney (teneral
Mndraa was the only town to secure
this Information and so fur Is the
fiMly town te take legal stHM to tie
plaeeil on the ballot this fall. Now'
Metollus ra th wisdom of the :
lien and the neeHWlty of similar c
linn, nitd get tln busy IUim will
wo doubt obtain tit required num
bar of alMimturaa, to plac hr name
im the Ulut before the time limit
wplrea. (
ono, In tho first placo Murdock Is
tho whip of tho Imurgoncy Movement
a political Innovation that has put
n crimp In tho "let well enough
t lono" policy of Btnndpattors, Ho Is
ono of tho three, posclbly four con
spicuous figures In our nntlonal pol
itics, who aro really doing something
to glvo purpose to tho burning Issues
Watches Watches Watches
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Vtch lniptot lor S. P. c S. Railroad
Dond Sticrt
1 A desirable brernl knife fre with
wary annual subscription to The
Hand ItulMln.
A Ul ruble bread tsnlfa frae with
Wary annual subaerlptlau te The
HenU UulltttlH.
H.ld Dlblo and Ruddtr.
Stowe jertrs ago Japan was neither so
ft twr friendly with other twthiiM
fa ah s today. In tlnw,. old dnjs
uHtN a ferelgu ship entered the Jiim
lMxe iMfts the captain was ebliged to
place his initio and rudder In charge
rf tlw chief ettlcer uf the mrt and
leave them there until he win ready
to sail. Of coumo he wouklu't sail
wilueut either, ami the Jum could
easily- keep isbi en the mou-monU of
nil ships in their liarbor.
Uiclttt Spicht.
"Have yti anything to wy why sen.
toce should nut Ik ixiwied on youl"
HakHl the Judge.
MXt a went, l nwde spotvhivi the
hltt lhrv tluuH I win cvmlotiMl aul
May dWti't swiu to do mo any good,"
l elel the urUeucr.-Detroit lrco
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who knows what can be
gotten out of a chummy
jimmy pipe or a makin s
cigarette with
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THE Print
CgiMiirMW" ,hf3PSyl ., . . . ... . .
NwT" J"ta3Ki";'.v owing un una suy-au line ii was u up iu u i;i
7yX thousand-dollar bill 1 It's worth that in happi- ill
VC?rtri; a )&3$ ness an contentment to you, to evqfy man rj
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UiMrtraiVi? II 3fa, 50tten out a chummy
wlMlllllll'lrwM jimmy pipe or a makin's f:j
M'lllroml n0xf c'ffarette with Ay
H nil II WftWc7vLZ,? i$W&N8& Prince Albert for
Ri Hill WWW v:A WzZZ-raf? ViUS) IV t. : im .
r. w mmm tbvw& .). F ... K .
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t J M&.(SnW ioov.r,At-AxiEHin ra .i,.h.r,,.r... jr--jr
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I MMMa SIW I ocVio a """ S
if r7iKiii mi mi 1 1 it 1 1 i -,m I'.'n.r.NVf v x - .411 ii" . m vili" i '...I t-r-
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nin irt 1 1. 1 1 iivitmimuitrrrrrcn .iJ-i-vtctw. cnn" unwt,1- -r vs,v.. v . '".
msS2P2ge&3?afiBk . r.tA0VV"-' ,c m L V 'SS
red tin. and In
fact, every Prince
Albert Dachaee. hat
a real menaffeio.vrm
on tte reverie aide. Youll
readH"Proceia Palnid
JulvSOth. 1907," Thatmun,
that the United Statei Govern
ment haa sranted a patent on th
rrocen by which I'rlnce Albert It
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rnrojr parcn ar cut out I Every
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Albert awaiting you! tidy
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and half-pound
imldora and In
clever cryttal-ihumldor.wttl
se moiatrner
that keepa the
tobacco tn auch
Ane condition
of tho doy. In tho second place, Mr.
Murdock comes direct rrom ho sev
eral centers or the world war. Thoso
who aro reading his retnarkahlo war
articles In Collier's will readily un
derstand that what he has to say
or tho conflict or tho nations will be
pointed. I'orsonnl observation has
equipped him to troat tho subject
fairly. His keen, substantiated an
clysls and' conclusion of a situation
that appears only ns an Incompre
hensible chcos to tho outsider, Is
perhaps the sanest contribution on
tho aspects or tho world w-nr, yot pro
sontod to the American public.
Victor Murdock Is tho flroy Insur
gent rrom Kansas, anil' America's
most eloquent ndvocnto or tho Inter
ests or tho plrln people. As n speak
er ho luis the power and magnetism
or tho horn leader or men which ho
Is. Murdock Is n big man in n big
way. He Is u stimulant. Torse,
crisp, comical, cclloqulnl, cr.rnost,
dramatic, spontaneous In thought nnd
expression, Victor Murdock hi r.' de
light and nn Inspiration to any aud
ience. You cannot -afford to miss
hearing hm at Chnutauqun.
Inntion of rabbits, which Is not nt
all unlikely, this would mean that a
total of a round million rabbits havo
been taken off tho ranges and out or
tho grain nnd nlfalfn Holds or the
"True, tho totnl Is a neat llttlo
sum of money. Hut what about tho
total amount or property destroyed
by that number or rabbits? That Is
tho only question.
"ir you want to help got tho boun
ty measure on tho ballot this Novem
ber, get a copy of tho petition rrom
this olllco or .from Homer Norton, at
Post, and clrculato It. All petitions
must be In during this month.
Seo J. Ryan & Co., for farm land
lonns. Adv.
ONE CENT A WOItD Is all a little
Want Ad will cost you.
Inltlntlvo retltliiu .Vow Helm; Clmi
latetl In 1'rlnetlllo Country.
In a recent Isstio tho Crook County
Journal, of Prlnevlllo, has tho fol
lowing to say concerning tho propos
ed bounty on Jack rabbits In Crook
"If Crook county should pay $50,
000 In n single year for tho cxterm-'
Lots at Half the Price
Asked in other additions of Equal Distance from
the Business Center.
Lots 40X105$75 for Inside, $100 for Corners
Lots 50X125. $100 for Inside, $125 for Corners
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