The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 07, 1916, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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T" - I I .
The Outing and Picrjic Season
is Here
If there is anything we .
huve that will make
your out-of-town visits ;
pleasanter w e would
gladly do our part.
The &XaZ Store ke
Br foo returned on Saturday
from Portland.
Harrison I.atliain left last night
for Portland.
Robert Smith was oor from Sla
ters icstcrday.
K. I.. Clark, of La Pine, vnn In
,oo on Monday.
A .1 llartcr, of Tumalo, was In
town on Saturday.
Mr and Mrs. C. S. Hudson left on
Monday night for Portland.
K. M. Peck lias been In from Ills
Hamilton homestead this week.
K 0. Kourk, tho Crescent mer
chant, wns In llend en Tuesday.
Hev. it. C. Hnrtranft will hold sor-
flees tomorrow evening at La Pino.
Fred 11. Wllsqn nnd P. P. Decker
viero ui from Tumalo this morning.
C. M. Uakor, of tho Hend Garage
Company, left on Monday for Lnko
view. It. V. Poindoxtor returned last
night from a business trip to Tho,
Dave Itutlor, of Portland, United
States Marshal, was In Hond on
Tuesday, i" r
Mr. and Mrs. J. .1. Wilt were here
on Prldny from Slaters' attending
lodgo meeting. , .
Mrs. C. Thomthwalte loft on
Thursday for an extended Islt to
Atlanta, Georgia.
IIS P. Welch, an attu.noy of Lnko
vlow, jiaBBoil through Ilcnd(on Sun
day for Portland.
Dr. W. Haydon Plsk. of Lakovlow,
pabscd through llend on Sunday en
route to Portland.
W. 1). llamas and Uncle" Frank
Nichols wero visitors tu town from
Tumalo yesterday.
J. SI. Small, a stockman of Sum
mer Lake, passed through llend on
Friday for Portland.
Iko Williamson, of Seattle, was In
llend last week on business and left
Sunday for his homo.
Dr. Dwfght M. Miller, formerly of
Portland', has opened olllccs over tho
Central Oregon bank.
Mr. nnd Mrs. .lohn E. Kynn re
turned on Thursdayf rom nn auto
trip to Klamath Palls.
for the Rink are hereby notified that I will
not allow steel rollers on the floor.
G. W. Shriner
Our luttt arrivals In men' fur
tiihliiugh N n elalMiruto uhMirtmeiit
of neckwear for iiicn. In thl usxoit
incut v.e lime iho-Mi tho latest in
terns nnd Mjles mi the market. Wo
say without icrutliii that this Hue
Is the llnet cu-r hhmvn In Hend.
Value from M ,,,,s to "5 ccutH'
Almost Vacation Time
No mnt tor wliat jou Intend to do
or where oti Intend to go ho know
that wo can fit you out In tlieVason'
ery latest. If ' ""''" '"
trunks or Mtllcnses we have them.
Now it is Summer
In Mraw hats and Panamas we
lmo the finest line In town, Sil.BO to
- ''-W ' 1
A. L French fuSs
County Commissioner Overturf at
tended a session of the county court
in Prlnoville yestorday.
N. IV Welder Is putting a second
coat of paint on tho railings leading
to tho hew stee'l bridge.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Foley left for
Portland on Monday, going by way
of the Columbia highway.
Mrs. G. W. Shriner left for Port
land yesterday morning to purchase
furniture for tho Hippodrome.
Mrs. P. A. Hlce and son Frank,
and Mrs. Kennard, of Hedmond,
spent Sundny with friends In Hend.
Mr. nnd Mrs. P. W Hnnzllk of
Chlppown Palls, Wisconsin, nre vis
iting w'th Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Stan
ley. ' County Judge Springer, Sheriff
Knox and District Attorney Wirtz
were visitors from Prlnoville on
Mrs. Harry K. Hrooks entertained
at nn afternoon tea on Monday, coni
pllmentnry to Miss Marjorle Hender
son of Powell River. H C.
C. K. Reagan, of Klamath Pnlls,
arrived In Hend last Thursday to
take a position as Inspector of yards
with tho Ilrooks-Scanlon Lumber Co.
Miss Marjorle Henderson left on
Monday evening for her homo In
Powoll KIor, It. C, ufter an extended
visit with friends In Head. i
Hcatrlce nnd Viola Johnson, of
I'rlnnvllle. nrn vlRltliiir Mrs. Henri
WhltBctt before leaving for Hums,
vvlicro they win visit menus.
Wtlllmn Tltns. of Ininerlnl. was
brought, to town Inst week suffering
from a paralytic stroke. Ho Is be
ing cared for nt the Hend Hospital.
Onorco Gelccr. who has been suf
fering from an attack of spotted fe
,iv. rnpnvnrMil Hitniclentlv to return
to bis homo at Dry Lake on Satur
Ernest Dick has landed tho big
gest trout of the season In this vi
cinity. Ho caught n 30 Inch rain
bow trout which weighed about Blx
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kroenort nnd
Tt- nml Mra K. I llnml nrlions loft
for Portland yesterday, going by way
of tho vColuiubla lilgliway in .ir.
Kroenert's car.
Mrs. , John Steldl. who has been
critically 111 for several weeks, was
taken on Thursday by Mr. Steldl and
Dr. U. C. Coo to Portland whero
she will recelvo treatment.
An Important special meeting ," fjf
tho Ladles Auxlllnry of tho" llond
Commercial Club hns been cnlled for
tomorrow afternoon nt tho Commer
cial Club room nt 3 o'clock,
Dave Sullivan left on Thursday
for Se'attlo with relatives. Mr. Sul
livan will bo In tho Portland olllco
of tho Hend Company. Ho returned
last night for a short Btny.
v n Elrkmnover. n well known
Ifarmer of Port nock, Is In town this
week on business connected wun
hauling of the lumber cut of the Mc
Kinley & Hnmpson Lumber Co.
t li Wntniiirn and L. II. Holnnd
nrrlved Sunday to go to work at the
Slievllri plant. Mr. Wctmoro Is a
i,rn,nr nt u. W. Wntmoro. sccrotury
of Tho Shovlln-Hlxon Compnny.
Mr nml Mrs. Prcd J. Wllklo loft
Inst week for Dahlgren, Iowa, whore
thoy will visit thld summer, iney
went by auto, planning to take tho
Lincoln highway from Salt Lako City.
Pmnir nM.miL'hlln. who recently
purchased proporty on llond street
nnd will soon commenco tho orectlon
of a brick building, loft on Prldny
for his homo In Crosby, .Norm Da
K. A. Smith, of Lakovlow, county
iiwiun nf Lnko counts, with Mrs.
Smith nnd children, pnBsed through
llond on Sundny for Portland whero
'thoy will attend tho Iloso Festival
this week,
Tim marrlaco of Mrs. Harriot D.
Corkott and Harry 8. Grant will bo
solomnlzed this evening nt the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Lara. Tho
coremony will be performed by Hev.
II. C. Hnrtranft.
a lennln eourt hns been laid out
at Helslngs on tho Metollua by n
nnmiiAr nf tho local iilnvors who are
nccustomed to spond Sunday there.
Tho first games on tho new court
wero played on Sunday.
n 'Vf. MeKnv left Saturday night
for Portland. Mr. McKay Is a del-
no-ntn frnlll tllO llCllll lodk'OH Of liOVal
Arch Masons and Hluo lodge nt tho
meeting of the Grand Lodgo in ses
sion this week nt Albany.
a tnnrn will lie ulvtn at Tumalo on
Thursday, June 15. by the W'eat Side
Agricultural Pair AsiioclHtlon. 'JpecHl
refreshments are being arrange 1 for
the occasion. The proceeds nf tho
rtnnrn will CO tOWarU tllO 1 UUlnlO
folr to ho hold this yior on SiijUjiij-
ber 23.
hav p vf Gloeckner. of Grants
Pass. Sunday school missionary for
Southern Oregon Presbytery; nov.
n v uiArkmnn. of Milton. Sunday
school missionary for the Prejbytery
. ... n.... Tim .t .., dual.
of Pendleton una jio. uuuuuuui uv.
ey, of Portland, homo missionary
superintendent of the synod of Ore
gon, wero In llend in conference yes
terday with Hev H. C. Hartranft, of
the Presbyterian church.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McCann, Mr.
and Mrs. C. 8. Hudson, Mr. and
Mrs. Prank R. Prince, Ii. and Mrs,
H. O. Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Johnson. Mr. and Mrs, Ward, U.
Coble. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tlraln. Mr.
tad Mrs. J. C. Ilbodet, A, M. Prlngle.
Paul Hosmer, Miss Kstber Moore,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Goorgo S. Young and
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Combs spent
Sundny nt the Dan Helslng rnncli on
the Metollus river.
Next Quarterly Meeting to
lie Held July 10th.
Tbo Def butes Valley Potato Glow
er's Association held a special meet
ing In tin county agriculturist s of
fice at Hedmond on Monday for the
purpose of studying the work i.nd
business of tlie association during tho
marketing period and to make pbins
foe tho mnimier.
'This association wnB organized lato
In the winter and ohly 10 growers
have sold potatoes through this me
dium. Notwithstanding Its late
Btnrt and the few potatoes It has
handled. It lias guaranteed grade and
quality, received good prices, given
tho buyeis satisfaction und received
offers of a blanket contract for Its
entire output this season. Four ear
loads of potatoes sold through the
association have netted the growers
over $lCoo The value of grading
potatoes for shipment has been def
initely proven Members of. thin as
sociation will this j ear grow a largo
acreage of potatous'-for seed pur
poses, using hill selection nnd keep
ing their Ileitis freo from disease.
They lint i asked for an Inspector to
resist In keeping uotuto dtneuses
from gaining any foothold In this
Messrs. l.ovett. Hunt nnd Mustard
wore appointed as a committee to
forniiulnte rules and regulations for
the handling of potatoes by the as
sociation nnd for government of 10
Bponslblllt.v of growero nnd members
to tho nssoclatlon. This committed
will report nt tho next regular quar
terly meeting which will be hold at
Hedmond on July 10th.
Don t forget that Dr. Turner
-.. .. . -....
IxjyCiino wen Known oyu speculum
'of Portland will be In llend
ngaln Saturday and Sundny, Juno 10
11 nt Tborson's Jewelry store nnd
every 30 days In future. Headaches
relieved, cross eyes straightened, sat
isfaction guaranteed. Kxnmlnntlon
nnd consultation free. Dr. Turner
is it specialist of experience und
standing and you will make no mis
take In consulting him. Don't for
got the date. Adv.
iiinsVWANTi.n ron painting.
Tho director of school district No.
01 (Plnlnvlew school) will receive
hliln fnr iinlntlnii tho school houso nt
tho regular BCbool meeting on Juno
19, 191C, nt 2 o clock. Hlds aro de
sired o'ti tho following basis; two out
side coats covering 2.100 feet each
coat, Inside, about 2,100 feet, ono
coat, celling nnd sldo walls. COO feet
of walnscoatlnc. stain nnd varnish
combined, 1400 feet of rubberold
roqung.und small belfry. The dis
trict v 111. furnish nil oil, points nnd
stnfn. fids should bo mailed to II.
L. Glllott, clerk, Tumnlo, (1) to do
work with prepared paint: (2) to
mix paints nnd do work. Tho dis
trict reserves tho right to reject nny
and all bids. 12-11
Dr t II. Piancls hns recolved u
new grinder plant with which he will
grind his own louses. Adv.
There will bo work In tho work or
Pago tonight, nlso election of oIUcoih.
All are urged to bo procent.
Pictorial Review
Pictorial Review
Pictorial Review
Style Books
BenJ Economy;
Sport Stripes for Skirts
Blazer Jackets and Sport
Hats, the newest creations
We oiler a variety of the latest novelties for
summer out-door wear. Stripes are bigger
than ever and can be made up in many pleas
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Awning striped cloths at. nrd UOe, 2."e
Awning Btrlped middles, each tt.'ZH
Awning stilped skirts, lacb $:i.M
Two Kvceptlonnl values at .si, mill s;t."."i
Considering the scnrclt) and high price of crepe de chlrns
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extremely low prices.
Parasols in Pleasing Color
Itendy for your choosing striped and floral designs
Holid colors and Cretoniut. , Priced from'i to ij2.,(l
Queen Quality Oxfords
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murkct wi: no si:ll nr;m:it.snor.s
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sn.ii.i to .s".r(
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. . .tja.'M to H.i.nti
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tllil'lHJ TWIAId) ON THK DI'.S-
iiiirTKH. i:.i:i.i.i:xt kihiiino.
Homo nindo baked boaiiB nnd
brown bread Tuesdays and Hntur
I'pvH. Dot Dainty. Adv.
Clll'IK'll XOTH'IN.
Sunday school, 10 11. m . Pronch
Ing service. 11 u. 111.. KpwLrth Luhjjuo
7 p. m., preaching service 8 p. in.
Itov. Charles lliirrls will bo tho
spoakor of the ovenliig. The public
cfirdlwlly liiNlted. P. W Kongy,
Hlblo school nt 10 n. m , proacli
ing at 11 u. 111., Young people's meet
ing at 7 p. 111., preaching nt S p. m
Itov. J T. Perlnger, of Adams, Ore
gon, will llll tho pulpit.
Tho Fraternal Order of Knglw
will hold u big wiestllng tournament
on the evening of .lutia In, In Bath
er's Hull. Mux .Martin, 13ft pound
wrostler of llond, has ehalleugud 10
local grapplorH 11 ml will meet thorn
nil In ono hour on tho mat.
Dance, Tumalo, Juno 1ft, by Wont
Side Agricultural Pair Assoiilatlou.
Komomhor thoxo eats. lto
Duo to the meeting of the Oruml
Lodge there will bo no Cominiiulcu-
tlou of the P. H A. M. on Thui-
day evening. On Monday ovuiiIuk.
1 11 11, 1 I a ilinrii will In, 11 Miieiinl Com.
.... v, .....- ..... .. .-, -
munlcHtlon. working I". ('. dogruo.
.. m .. ... ..... .......
liy oruer 01 llie vvoriny jMiimur.
Adv He Secretary.
June Jubilee
Tim beautiful month of June Is with us In all tho Joys of
tho oarly summer (Hue.
After u continued cold Hprlng, wo wvImino miMit gladly the
wnnnth of suinmnr sunsblno.
li:t us assist vou in khisi'ing in tuxh
1 with this i.ovhly kind op ohhs
Wo have assembled a gorgoous array of wimtnitr fuUrltiH lu
fashlonablo and popular woavon; mich m
Pia.XONH aiidiir Mud bautlful.
HATISTHS Soft and (Inwofiil.
VOILIES Htjml-Uml.roldert.d, I'kln.
CAIIAHIHNHK auliKtuntlal, I'ratty
fl'OXGHKK Soft; Wasluw llouiitlfully.
I'rni SILKS for WalvtM nd Dttmm.
!MNK.K--AlwayH PnVorltci.
OXroitDH Distinctive. Grand.
war a