The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 07, 1916, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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Till: HE.NI) Hl'LI.ETIX, I1KX1), OKK., WKXKSIAV. Jl'XK 7. !'"
TUB BENL) BULLETIN lrrlBatlon enterprise In Oregon un-
(I'ubllslicd Kicry Wednesday)
Associate Editor.
An independent newspaper stand
ing (or the etui a ro deal, clean busi
ness, clean politics and the best In
terests of Uuud and Central Oregon.
d r the district bonding act
The working out and success of
this project will be watched with
great Interes' ii the peopla.of all Ir
rigated tcrritor It Is fair to sa
tnnt the Car' Act nna, proxeu unoai-
iBfactorjJf iot absolutely a failure,
and private Irrigation "entorprlBes
I nave fared ew-n woree. it is gener
ally ndnllttcii that in the future ir
rigation Ie- lopment will be tolelv
under the di-'Hct plan. If this works
out with r-a-onable satisfaction It
: rTT". I will point tli v to colvlnR ma'iv
One Year U-oO I ot tne proh, mR f the Centrol Ore
Six Months 73 goll rrgBtl, itg.
Three Months 0
has no Interest here lie Is not reci
procating. He Is willing to make a
lilng off of llend, but unwilling to
x ve any return.
That Is not the spirit which has
n ade this own. ' fj
If jou'hnre the rlgit 'spirit', If ,-u
are for llend, when you build of wud
p .eclfy local pine
All anl.f rlntlnnn lira due and
DAVAtlt L TV iMMYPIi' Vntlitiu nf '
oTt.imiiiin uro miiMicrlbers and rnemborshli
If rnnul in not mada within reason-1 Cotrtmlssloi
able time the papr will b discon
tinued. Please notlfv us promptly of any
change of addreea, or of lallure to re- auccets means a sound, experienced
celve the paper regjlarly. Otherwise trutl man In thl Important
we win not tie rsiiranvinie jor copies j,0(on
In tlie Tt" for the eastern Oregon
on th Public Service;
be outcome was a nur-i
prHr to a Ki'Ht man) obMrvers, but'
at i- eminently satisfactory
II. II. Conn lias tieen elected, and his
Is the gymnasium movement dead"
After starting ofT with such an
Impetus less and lees has been heard
r ' It, until now It Is apparently at
ai end. Possibly this Is not the cae .'
p' eihy for some reason It Is jii't
slumbering ami will later lie 'revised
n d this we trust Is '.he cose, we
trust, too, that the sleeper will wako
snun The tymnaBlum Is badly ii'""l
ecl Sow Is the best time to bi 1 1 ,
at 'I new offers of support pron ! i
tin i ess to the enterprise.
Until th- Inal ffgg Wf th cam-
abioVhe szfiAF I,ay-: ?. ;?, Lir.!?:
, . llliSV 1JI'1U 'HT- ujw ttnvtf mum
date. Then, toward the end, McCul
loch and'it were picked aa fav-
oritos, and especially In this count r
Hut .Mr. C'ir- kept plugging, con
ducted a most efficient, quiet and
gentleman) t.iiupalgu, and came on'
on top of the heap
Any one l the three leaders
Oh yea, wa art all for that. It's
he moat uaed word in the American
vocabulary today. It'a the moat Corey,' Wright oi MrCullocb would
IWiiitlar doctrine. It la being preach- have R'im a good choice., .Mr. Corei
wl on every hand. '""' l,flon w"h the Cn,nlMll'n o"
...... ' . , , . . . ! f ecrafriry for Mx years, and so is
Hut lathe preaching belli put in," ,,,,,,, fBU;lllRr wth ,, ,.,,,.
to practice. Are we all willing t m,. .Io H ., K0IH m8 hs rml(
do our bit of actual preparation-' ae fotind for the place. And it ne
Iwt week aome 1'..000 people In an Important post from the stand
Portland paraded to show their en- points of rei nalbillty. length of of
thlialaatlc Interest In preparedness Ace and wilan really about the
Thny all wanted It. Rapuclally. the Oregon oilers The commission has
all wanted other people to do the tremondoua power ever every iratnh
propping. Hecently aotne 1100 lei-'of organlted Indtutrv. the term Is for
(era wre aent out from the Port- six yenra and the alnry la $4 "
land h(d(iiarter of the Oregon Na- Altogether, It Is a Job worth b.ning
tlonal Ouaril Inviting enllatments. We iTmiKrattilate Mr Corey and wish
and only seven men offered them- htm wall.
selves as recruits.
It Is ii.oro popular to talk prepar
I'dnoaa than to practice It. That Is
Thnro Is a real natrlotlc sormou I i
natural enough. A lot of the froth ! tIl0 KaR )a. Proclamation Is-ued by
that gulp public attention In the
form of paradea. speeches ami patri
otic articles Isn't backed bv the right
spirit when the practical problems of
real, every-day preparedness come
up, nnd we are fared by the oppor-
(lovernor Wl'hyromho, whose gug
Koatlona loyal Oregoi ana m:t follow
with crudlt to the s'ntu and Nation.
The procli math, n rends:
'Wlieroaa. June Htli, lOlfi. Is the
139th nnnlveraari of the ndoptlnu of i
luuniea lor u which are ouereu io , g,nr8 . ,, SlrllHm- nm
everyone In some way or another. "Whereas. Organisations of a pat-
Without a shadow of a doubt. , rnlc natur), , orrgon nrc dc. irons
when the crisis does come nnd comot,int g)0oft, ,,lnphlB ho viactt ,lpo
it will, In n few months or n few , ,, ,,. ,, IllonnjB: an(1
yirs, as thu rase may be-the young ..Wioren, this renerntlon has seen
""' m n, ""'" wl" nnswer the 10 wPI Iovnhv m)(. patlotlam
country a call without hesitation. nr ,uore rclIlrP(, ,Ilnn no, , or wllon
There Ih just us much real patriotism . oncornRtfmoMt of thes- vital nn
nnd courage In America na there ever t,(mn, v,rlIcg , ,, nppropr,u;
was Oregon vo unteers In OS illdl ..s -herefoie. I do hereby pro
their share, and Oregon aMII do her cInn Wi.ilnenlhy. Juno Htli. ns Flag
share again when needs be )(,v lnr0IIR,Iolll , Sue ,)f Oregon,
Hut there nry npportunltlea nowlpnJ , wrtimUy llrKC ,, tllll ,Hy bo
for making cunir luillon Io the " ,,PVotod to exercises Indicative of and
lion. There uro, huni-mi for niHItarjr (coni,UP,vo , ,()yil,(y , ie Flag; that
training, and groat need of It. the' , ,clllMllllf churchea and Imal-
Nnllmial (limnl ton.panleH of thel ,a,,1l,,,im,rttH ,ho occasion be
alatii InUte ntpriilla. herv Ice the , , , hwnA. tlmt , Klmtjbo
mlllla la good .,r the enlisted man I,, ,, (, frnm ,,, ,,,;,
nnd good for thu slate. Willi l'" I .onin. homea and places of business
ptutKHgo of' the new army bills at
i Mid that the entire commonwealth.
i, i.i .... . .i
aam..Ki..n ... u a u.e m. e , , , , , , rn( ((f lU,rm(loIlnl
ha Oregon Nulonal ilunr.l will be n0 , ,lonnrln 10 ,,,,. I)f
InrrnMNHl nuilertallv ami i.uny more , ,. w 8(nw ()f Alllrpn ,, ,
men will he required Iple.lgjng renewed and vigorous lov
Thla milliner, however, every able;'. ..... , ...,..,.,. , ,., vouiii; man in the Xorthweat
who wants to learn Miijiuthlng about
' alty to It nnd. the principles of lib
erty It reprgsents."
mllltar) training will have a chance,
whether or nut hi community has a
m'lltla rompany From August 1 1
Certain IoohI i.nd xntrac-
tn 8.iplemlHr 0 the United .States Arn,ir Hr reported tivt-e using llr In-
my win i'dii.iiici a camp or insiruc- ,M of pn their construotlon.
tlon at American Uke. nwir TiuHima. ynt g, imlldl'igt where plno
In Washington iwtfglit aa well be used It has been
The purple of the rump la to p,,),! i for llr. Now we recugulxo
help properly ituallfled men to till t flint In certain cases where henvy
the great dellcleney In (.Ulcere and timbera are ednd, or where long
nun-etimmlaalontHl ollleera that would .pHeea are to bo spanned, pine Is not
inntodlately arum In euso of National ni,, hut except 't such cniea.
emrgtncy. by giving them four ttu,rt,Ver llr la used Ha user la glv
waaka of Intenaha mllllarv lustrur- K ,M knook. Killing the gooiu
lion In the Held under r.Mlular otlleera ,MU, j,,,, ,ho g,,),!,,,, ot.K ws no df
and with troupa of the ReKUlar Ar- f,,r,im
" I Kver man who la doing that sort
Tlie coat la onlv $10. The tlovern- of tliliiK wna nttraotiMl to llend, be
mNi pat the bl.t I Mia. The return rHUW1 r ,, imalneaa created by the
la ii month of healthy out-of-door construction of pine mills Unrii.
)ll. a vastly Intereatlug exm-rleiue. jjHry lltt o( mHmwa he Is getting
muait In the wuy of edueatlon and a lmay B i.muiso of the construction
tart In military training which wight ,lf tlo inlBi T,y mvi, Bjvel, j,iii
ta invaluable In future emerganctes opportunity and he Is using It to
It la an Inexpetiehe. sensible, pa- W, i ,,p,,rtunlty to some one who
trlotfc varatlon. Thla aiiliimer. of - . l - . rr-
MI yaara, it la wonderfully approprt
"Hands are now practically read)
for ill InvaaUir. which, when Mild,
will iar lor roost ruet lag one of the
grunt Irrigation projects under the
new ayatew of Hnanrlng In the north
! T Teal dlatrlrt. organised a
a mawiclpalliy under the Oregon state
laws, la patterned after the ordlnur
munklpallty. It naa legal M.wer to
I'oimI Itaelf for putting witter on the
i. n.l. Just as a city nan the power to
'Kind 'tlf to pave Ha streeta or In
stall a municipal water auppl) On
(be theory that the day of the pri
vate Iriigntlon UbtHct and the gov
eruHaert Irrigation project la about
at Ha !. the reeldents of the re
gioa In eaUrn I'matilla itiutitv ad
Ureal io the town of UurmUton, i
JUtanlWId and Be ho, ttau taken ad
HHUge of the state law which per
mils the fomtsklen of 11 new Idea
f frrtgati'rtjilrlau The area of
tlu district ttlCMSl.Tl acres,"
The uiove Is ellpptal from L'm
now tialauaf, njJirUajjd uarrU
It tclfa. slinly an.rXarly. of the r
first stop iu nattlnc under way a now! ,
Seo DICK TFe Tailor
All Kinds of
ri.rxixd axi prixsixo
Phono Illack 1181
1-aAi - nnd Cltlldirn'a Sewing
of any kind.
MltH. ItAI.I.Mtll
Owr 11. W 1 & P Co Offlco
Good Eats
Quick Servit-o
, at the
Little Brick
We wish- that "Jim" Hill niii-iit
hae lived to check over the freight
rejiorts of the Oregon Trunk aft-r
the steady ptrecm of loaded cor . '
lumber began pourlna; eastw-ard f r.-T.i
thi Mend mills. It would have si' -
fled hlin wonderfully and proved n
cl ifivo justification for the milli u
lnpsted In his Central Oregon 1'.'
The Portland Journal asks if it
takes an eight year old boy half an
hour to break out of the Salem csla
boose how lotlB ought It to take '
practical pol'tlclan to break Into the
state house?'' The Journal must be
grooming a candidate
A Rose Festival, World War and
National Conventions all at once.
Heavy sledding for the Portland
Rend has the lowest electric rate
for ranges In the st ite. It Is at
the top of the Hat in many other re
spects, too.
There Is'no change In the M"lran
situation, the dispatches tell us Nor
in the Mexican treasury.
Kitchener said that the war weuld
1 lat three ear. It has lasted lets
than two for him.
Wilson gnve Hoy-Ed a tl- .an:
the Kaiser gave hln an Iron iros
That Ford boom had a felt st irter
'at no shock absorbers.
A diamond In the rough
ball field.
-the "bid
Pork brrrel vs. gun barrel
Tlio Oregon I'.iln nn.l Food llul
letiii b-Mic.l In the lali, and Food
('iiiiiKIoii ghi. the
--- the lilKl.c-stf.M-oro for the laxt iuit--ter
of any lintel or icstiiuriint in
llend. '
Good Food and Cleenliness First
.MRS. Xirrrii: .sTEVEXSOX, Prop.
bee -- -Buster
in the Movies
The Bend Theatre
With every pair of
Uuster Brown Shoes
purchiiscd lit this store
we will give u
Free Ticket
R. M. Smith
ing Company
our hot chocolnto after the For ulgn painting see Edwards.
Dot Dainty. Adv. , Adv.
The American Bakery is First
The Aiiiurici.ii llakery was gjen
the iiiglicht mom- of imy bakery in
lUtid for tlir lust filial (er by thu
Stnto Dairy and Food Inspector. -
We luv tho Home of the
Our full line of cake-, pies ami '''
' cookie mill other pastiles can't be
We fentiiio our
things of our
clothing is the
authority behind
the styles. An
other is the chance for
individuality in t h e
variations of a given
If you like the suit
and it fits, you can leave
the otherconsitleiations
to the
Hart Schaffner
& Marx
label; "a big thing to
We are stromr on
Fancy Neckwear and
Summer Underwear
and heavy on Huts
Straws and Panamas.
I if I M
i Iw mil
Dream Theatre
in the
Jw Dorothy DonneHym,
Jv 1 Idualll A
This Him Ih ono of tho most widely known of uhoto
,lInJ8' " 'la8 llrnwn n,ul Plea8Pl I" tho blBgest liouBea
the country over. It Is Intenhely excltliiR. Has n good
The hom ol Hrt SKlfoa i. Mm'tlolKet " ' ' '
A word of thanks
This week marks the be
ginning of our second
month of business in Bend
We are endeavoring to offer to
the people here a store whose
principles are QUALITY and
SERVICE and at the same time
reduce the high cost of living.
We are pleased with the re
sponse received and will spare
no effort to give you confidence
in your dealings with us.
louis Bennett, Grocer
Successor to W. C. McCuiston
1 1 1
la Ijic ' 'XS'T" M& imZj&
yifiJfTTWli r
ay?i?r -