The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 19, 1916, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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lioflnlnR Kurnncofl Shipped to Minos
unit Tnirks liouglit to Truusport
Product to lUllrond Soda Al
most l'urc Mine Have History
(Chovraucan Press.)
One of tho groat Industries of Cen
tral Oregon, tho dovolopriiont of
which has boon patlontly nwaltod by
the Inhabitants of this vast empire
has corno Into Its own.
The vast soda dopoBlts ot Alkali
lako are to bo refined and put upon
the market nt onco.
F. L. Young, Buporlntendont of
tho mines 'Informed a representative
of tho Press last Saturday that ho
had Just recclvod a tolcgram from
Mr, SprecklcB In San Francisco that
tho furnacos had ulroady boon ship
pod and aro now enrouto to tho
mines. They will arrive at tholr des
tination In a few days and will Im
mediately bo placed In position noar
tho deposits. Fuel Is already gathor
cd so that no dolay upon this scoro
will bo oxporloncod.
Two trucks and possibly moro havo
been shipped fronn San Francisco
with tho furnaco and theno will first
bo used to transport the machinery to
tho mines nnd later to haul tho ro
ll nod product to tho railroad.
As tho soda Is takon from tho de
posits It contains sixty per cont of
water and nil this will bo takon away
In tho furnaco. This leaves a com
rmratlvoly light product of which
Rreat loads can bo haulod making tho
transportation prqblom a much cantor
ono to solve. Tho balnnco of tho pro
duct, that which will bo shlppod, Is
practically puro, as puro at Last as
tho soda sold by nil grocors, as It
contains only two por cont of Impur
ities. Just how many men will bo em
ployed In not known and whllo tho
numbor will probably bo small It will
llkoly bo Increased as tho Industry
Tho history of theso mines Is ono
of Interest. Mr. Willis discovered
that tho whlto substanco commonly
called alkali by tho old tlmo rangers
was really soda In an oxcoodlngly
puro form. This was about 15 yoars
ago. Ho had tnado tho trip overland
from tho Columbia river to Alkali
lako and upon his return ho Imnart
ed to Mr. Young, who was then living
in tho northern part of tho state, tho
Information gained unon thn frit.
Some tlmo later both Mr. Young and
Mr. Willis returned to tho lako nnd
staked tho claims, lloth gentlemen
soon moved to this section In order to
work tholr properties and hold them.
Thon bogan a fight against heavy
odds to hold tholr property. Year
after year theso men were taxed to
their utmost to Bcrapo together
enough money with which to do tholr
assessment work and every year tho
strugglo became moro dlfltcult. All
tho tlmo thoy wcro trying tholr ut
most to securo financial backing for
their entorprlso. Mr. Young finally
secured tho major portion of the
claims and still continued his dos
perato struggle to hold them. About
four years ago things got to tho point
whoro assessment tlmo arrived and
no monoy was nvallablo with which to
do tho work. Mr. Young found It
necessary that year to placo sentries
upon tho claims to guard them
against rostaklng until ho could got
togothor enough mionoy with which
to mako his assessment. Ho finally
succeeded and that samo year he In
terested Mr. Spreckles of Snn Francis
co, tho great sugar king, In tho pro
ject. Mr. Spreckles visited the mlno
and agreed to stako his monoy on tho
project. A now company known ns
tho American Soda Products Co., was
formed and slneo then tho eventual
bucccss of tho mlno has boon nssured.
Tho mlno Is located In what was
ono tlmo tho bottom of nn nnclont sea
nnd from nil appearances tho dopostts
aro formod from ndorground sour
ces as tho product Is deposited In
groat pot holos somotlmes many feet
In diameter, which won emptied Im
mediately refill with soda. It Is pro
nounced by compotcnt. Judges to bo
tho most romarknblo deposit of tho
product1 to bo found nnywhoro. Tho
great purity of tho soda makes the
refining work a slmplo matter.
Ti T. Ilinklo Snys llotH Jones nnd
Smith Measure Llkoly to Puss nt
Present Boswlon of Conrct.
(Tho Oreganlan.)
Joseph T. Htnklo of Hormlston, ar
rived In Portland yesterday from
Washington, D. C. whoro ho attended
tho convention of vatlous stnto rep
resentatives Intorcntod In Irrigation
ad dralnago dovolopmont.
Mr. Hlnklo and O. Lnurgoard, of
Portland, roprosontod tho Stato of
Oregon. DoIogatlonB wero presont
from all ot tho Western Irrigation
states, as woll as from most of
drnlnngo states of tho South.
Resolutions were pnsecd urging
Congress to give favorablo consldo-n-tlan
to tho Jones bill and tho Smith
bill, both of which aio now ponding.
Tho Jones bill would onnblo tho Fed
eral Government to guarantee tho In
terest paymonts on approved Irriga
tion or dralnago projects. It would
bo materially beneficial to tho Wes
tern states, It Is aigued, nnd by stab
ilizing tho market for Irrigation and
drainage securities. Tho measures,
provides, In n. Federal way what tho
legislation proposed by tho recent
state credits conference proposes In
a state way. Senator Jones, of Wash
ington Is author of tho bill.
Tho Smith bill is closely rolntod to
tho Jones bill. It would mako gov
ernment lands c.ipablo of roctnmatlon
within any Improvement district sub
ject to lion, tho snmo as privately
ownod lands. Ono drawback now Is
that Government land Is exempt from
Hens, thus rotardtng many needed
district Improvements.
"I bollovo that Congress will pass
ono or both ot theso bills nt tho pres
ont session," said Mr. Hlnklo, at tho
Imperial hotel last night.
Tho following books havo been
nddod to tho fiend Public Library:
Ilnchollor, "Darrel of tho Blessed Is
les;" n.nch, "Urldgo of tho Gods;"
Harr, "Dow of Orango Illhboni" Hun
yan, "Pilgrim's Progress;" Cervantes
"Don Quixote;" Dana, "Two Years
Iloforo tho Mast!" Do Foo, "Robin
son Crusoo;" EggIc3ton, "Ilooslor
Schoolmaster;" Eliot, "Silas Mir
nor;" Flold, "Lullaby Land;" Fiold
Ing, "Tom Jones;" Grey, "Last of
tho Plainsmen;" Hnlo, "Man Without
n Country ;"Hnwthorno, "Tnnglowood
Tales" and "Wondor Hook;';' Honry,
"Cnbbagos nnd Kings" nnd "Op
tions;" Holmes, "Poems;" Irving,
"Hip Vnn Winklo;" Jnckson, "Ila
m6na;" Joromo, "Idlo Thoughts of
an Idlo Follow;" Knlor, "Toby Ty
lor;" Koats, "Pooms;" A-Kompls,
"Imitation of Christ;" Klngsloy,
"Water llabics;" Kipling, "Captains
Courngoous;" Keller, "Story of My
Llfo;" "Olllvant, "Dob, Son of Ilat
tlo;" Richmond, 'Second Violin;"
RuBkln, "King of tho Golden Rlvor;"
Sharpo, "Whoro Rolls tho Orogon;"
Spyrl, "Holdl;" Slovens, "Undo Joro
mlali;" Stoddard, "Talking Loaves;"
Swift, "aullivors Travels;" Wiggins,
"Mother Caroy's Chickens;" Wys,
"Swiss Family noblnson;" Algor,
"Plcclola;" Flold, "Quest of tho Four
Loavod Clovor."
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