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thi: HHSn hvllktiv, urtxn, orf;., Wednesday, mauoh 22, mm.
pa or n.
(Published Every Wednesday)
Associate Editor.
An Independent newspaper Btnnd
Ing for the square deal, clean busl
ness, clean politics and tlio boot In
terests of Uend and Central Oregon.
Hair (ho Silver Lake Losdor: "It
will b Him fniit'nr now of only n few
weeks when M. Utrnh'jrrj will be tell
ing us wliHt lie wuiitH, mill that vvb It'll
he wants Is Ills at ntiy tlnu."
k. Ifow lp that for tlio proper spirit?
And remember, It echoes the sen
timent of ull Central Oregon. The
interior Is united. It jnsnns busl
nesH. It Is ready, and willing find
.-waiting. A great big country bigger
than Massachusetts Is pulling to
getfiorV J'""' JcBlounlen are wiped
out. Community dlfforencos arc for-
gotton. That which "leagues and
efforts from within and from without
could not tlo 1im hviiW done. Anil It
Is tho accomplishment of a nlnglo
lian and a, single Idea.
' Thft ninn lii Unherl E. Strnlioril
His Idea Is tho Centrnl Oregon rail
road system, linking hp the loose
ends of rail transportation In our
half BOrvod territory.
Mr. Strnhorn Is "putting It over."
It Is a fair guess that no other man
living could do It could do It, at
least, In the way he Is doing It. Ho
Jins won the confidence of Central
Oregon. He has the country's united
backing. And It Is not Just paper
promises ho Is receiving; the right
of way, tho terminals mid tho sup
port ho expected nro his.
Robert K. Strnhorn hni carried n
iiussago to Garcln. If that statement
doesn't convoy to you n full measure
of mcnnlng. read what Elbert Hub
bard wrote about that other messngo,
back In 1898:
"When war broko out between
Spain nnd tho Un.teil Statee, It wns
very necessary to communlcato quick
ly with tho leader of tho Insurgents.
Garcia was somewhere In tho moun
tain fastness of Culm no olio know
whore. No mall or telogrnph mes
xago could reach him. Tho president
must sccuro his co-operation, and
"What to do!
"Soma ono said to tho President,
'Thero Is a fellow by the name of
Jtownn who will llnd Garcia for you,
If anybody can.'
"Rownn wns sent for nnd given n
letter to bo deliverod to littrcln.
"The follow by tho iiiiinu of Rownn
tok tho letter, senled Is up In nn
oll-sklu pouch stropped It over his
heart, In lour days luniloil by night
off the const of Culm from nn open
boat, disappeared In tho Jungle, nnd
In three weeks enmo out on tho oth
er sldo of thii Island, having travers
ed a hostile country nn foot and do
Jlvered his letter to Gnrcln."
Of courso all that Is moro pictur
esque and spectcular than wo nro wit
nesslng today. This Is n matter of
business, minus heiolcs. Hut It takes
tlio samu kind of n man as delivered
the niessago to Garcia to deliver such
n niessago as Strahoru Is delivering
1o Oregon and to get It over as ho
Is doing.
Well Known I lend Cltlcii to Run for
County Omiinls'-loiicT.
, Theodore Aune, of Uend. this week
nnnounced his randldarvf or tho of
flco of county commissioner on the
Republican ticket, subject to the pri
maries to be bold May 19.
Mr. Anno bus been n resident of
Rend for the lmt 13 years and has
boon ongngei In the Hvory nnd enn
trnctlnr business. Mr, Aune served
three pnrs on the city council, his
term expiring In January.
man In ehnrgo of Installation of ma-'point where tho finished product Is
chlnory, the Uend factory Is the last loaded Into tho cars. This applies to
word in sash factories. Evory nin- the lumber going through tho vnr
chlne Is of the InteGt model made, , lous dopartmonts, nnd not that go
ar.d ninny of the mnchlncs nro of a Ing Into the yards for air drying,
kind never tried out In any other This nlso distinguishes tho Shevlln
factory of lis kind In. tho United Hlxon plnnt from all others which
States. Efficiency li tho keynote of preceded It. No delays through this
this particular part of tho entire method of handling tho lumber will
plrnt. Hy the use of conveyors the be occasioned In bad weather, and
number of men necessary to employ tlio lumber will bo fully protected
has iieon reduced to tho minimum against exposure.
TIip snsh fnctorv v.1 Ill manufacture The lumber yard, which will nc-
nbout 1.000 sash and 2,000 openings commodate about 3C per cent of tho
dally. Tho door department of the cut of the mill, will cover npproxl
factory will not bo put In operation ! mately 80 ncros. Tho details In re
mit) a Inter date, but when this do- gnrd to tho layout of the lumber
While you are Cleaning House
examine your
The room In the old Lam building
which the Uend Concert Rand linit
been using to huhl rehearsals In Is
hgl)B remodeled for other purposes wjji j.cgln about April ?.
nnq we unitii nps secureu me use ui
tile old llro house east of the city
Jnll. A m
pnrtment Is In operation It will turn1
out about 1,000 doore dally, The j
snRh factory will employ about 120 '
men nnd will operate ono 10-hourl
nhlft. ft Is exnecteil that onenHliiiia i
yards hnvo not been completed, but
they will lie to tho southeast of the
mill arid auxiliary factories,
To Employ BM .Men.
Considerable speculation has been
rife rolntlvo to tho number of men
Rov Factory Opens In June. , that the Shcvlln-Hlxon Company will
Tkn linv fnntni.1. tlrtvlKft font 1 a 1 ... tl . .1.ah ll .!. .lnn.tmMnla
.. ..... I...I.I ,!,.., T.., a ii3 uua mv,uwr -v.vv icgi, if I uillfiuj 1, HUH till Ul Wl Ul'pui Itliyiua
eetlng was held thoro Tuns- ,. ..... , ,,, ..,, i- ..i .. i ... .. . '.n .-
,, , ,, , .. ni,, ' iiiuj ui me iiiumo iii iuiui. ui . me in mil vpcnuiun. becoming 10
day evening but owing to some slight mmnintinn. As thi. fnpJa...i.i. t a vnn i. 7nv
tory will not begin operations until bo conservatively said that 323 men
early In Juno Installation of machln- will be employed In tho sawmill, mis
ery and the completion of tho build-, Ulary fnctorles, tho yards and tho
Ing have not been rushed as In theiofllce, and. 200, upon an nvorngo In
case of ether departments. Tho fac- tho lOEglriB Just to what
tory, When III operation, Will employ extent this number will bo Increased
ivboUt 75 m;0. after tho mill nnd other departments
TllO tV0 tlry sheds, ono of which . are In full operation cannot now bo
Is completed, and tho othor under definitely determined,
construction, hnvo a combined area Tho Shevltn-Hlxon Company begins
of 140, 3G8 squaro feet. Tho larger operations with an order for 50 Bani
shed Is situated Just west of the 'pie cars of lumbor which will go to
misunderstanding many of the mem
bors did not learn of the arrange
ment In time to nttend. Several new
musicians reported and n good At
tendance Is looked for nnxl Tuesday
Probably you will need some New Ones, Look
over these. They are attractive.
Rugs IS In. by 33 In Sf.on '
Rugs 27 In. by 5 1 In 3.2?
Rugs 3d In. by 72 In l.HI.UO
Grass Koklo rugs 27 In. by 51 In $1.00
Puritan rugs 27 In. by 5 I In . . .$2.r,
Rag Carpet Rugs "Oc, OOc, 9100
Axmlnster Rugs 9 ft. by 12 ft $20,, $21
Rath Hugs 75c to $2.23
Mits iioti.Ni: HAUiir i)ii;s
Aflor n lirlef llllIMS fo!l(VUifl: II
hlroke df npoplexy. Mrs. Rflidnu Hal-1
loy Uled ot thii honiB Of her daughter!
Mrs. Ashley Forrest last Friday I
mornlhg. Tho funeral services were,
hold Frldny afternoon and tho re-
mains wore taken to her homo near'
Des Moines, Iowa. The late Mrs. ,
Halley hnB been visiting with her
daughter for Bovoral months, coming
hero for her health.
Tho Sliovlln-Hlxon nine got ro
vnngo last Sunday for tho defeat by
tho Rrooks-Scanlon Company's nine
two weokB ngo, defeating tho latter by
a scoro of 2 I to 9 on the proceeding
Sundny. Tho Shevlln-Hlxon nlno was
defeated by a score of 8 to 3. In
Sunday's gnmo Ilaker, Mitchell, Hill
and Ilosmer were batteries for the
victors nnd Johnson, lluddoll and
Zlezor were bnttcrlen for tho Rrooks
Scanlon nlno.
(Continued from Pngo 1.)
tnti1 rnllrnfiil irnrftt Tlift 1nirrnn t1i '
shed Is C32 feet by 124 feet and tho
smaller 500 feet by 124 feot. Tho
finished lumber and tho surplus
stock of the sash and box factories
will bo stored In these buildings.
In point of construction tho Shov-lln-Hlxon
plant occupies a unlono
position In the country. Tho mill
and the auxiliary plants have been
built ns a unit complete from tho
g-ound up. Other plants have been
built plcco by piece nt various times
during operations. Ry Juno every
department will bo going up to Its
full capacity.
Lumber to bo Protected.
When a log loaves tho pond It will
bo completely undor covor to tho
widely distant nnd separate markets
In tho United States. Tho Bash fac
tory hns a standing order for 20 cars
ot sash and window openings.
Thnt tho central Oregon timber,
which will bo known as tho Califor
nia Whlto Pino, as It 1b n species of
the plno cut hy tho large mill nt
Weed, California, will bo popular In
lumber mnrkots, la tho opinion en
tortnlncd by Mr. McCann.
Equipment Is tho Latent.
Tho equipment for handling tho
timber Is unoxcelled In nny logging
center In the country. Tho latest
logging machinery has been obtnincd.
The Shovlln-Hlxon Company Is cut
ting about 200,000 feet dally, and
this will bo considerably Increased
Recently The Iliilletin commented
upon tho outcome of tho Astoria rate
light. It was extraordinarily help
ful to Astoria, and hurtful to Port
land. And, bccmise tho I'ortlnud nf
tornnon papers howled lustily on Ah
torlu'ii behalf throughout, wo ventur
ed the opinion that In time Portland
people might thank thoiu appropri
ately for tho boomorniiK they had
helped to throw.
Now counts tlio Portland Journal,
fllcloncy, nnd hnvo unique fenturcs
which tho engineers In ehnrgo do not
wish to dlvulgo until thoy hnvo had
n trial In operation. Tho boiler
room hns 11, 72x20 feet boilers with
Dutch ovon flro Iwxos fed by auto
matic saw dust and shaving feeders.
Tho 21(1x24 foot sorting shed
Joins tho mill with tho stnekor. All
thol umber going to tho yards mid
tho Btncker Is graded. Ten men will
bo ongnged In sorting tho cut of tho
The stneker nnd un-Btnckor will
handlo nil tho lumbor going to nnd
from tho dry kiln. Although tho
stneker and tho tmstacker system In
vented by D. A. Tnnncr, of I.a Grando
Is now In iiso by Bovernl western
mills, no othor mill has It In tho com
plntoncss thnt exists nt tho Shovlln-.
Hlxon plnnt nt Ilond. In tho Btockor
nil tho lumber Is automatically stack
ed on cars preparatory to going to
tho dry kiln. According to men who
hnvo neon stackers oporato this de
partment works with nlmost human
Dry Kiln Ih Larue
Tho dry kiln, 222x100 feot In con
structed of brick? tile, mid U stnted
to bo tho largest kiln in tho I'nltod
States fed by u two bnnd sawmill.
Owing to tho fact that C per cent
of the cut of tho sawmill will hnvo
to bo kiln dried boforo going to tho
auxiliary factorlos n dry kiln of 20
openings has been necessitated. Tho
dry kiln will nccommodnto 120,000
feet nt every drying. Tho tompor
aturo of tho kilns nt drying will bo
ISO degrees fnronholt.
After tho lumber Is dried It Is
conveyed to the un-stneker whero by
nn operation tho couverso of that of I
JSttf. &
.vi r i-i tvi . i
""i ,-. . i v-w " . i ten i
New Spring Footwear
Has arrived. We are now showing the New Styles for
Mary Jane Pumps
In Patent nnd Dull;
Chllds Misses Ladles
$1.65, $1.30, $2.50
White Canvas Oxfords
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A special ventilated Incr-solo
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Ladies' Pumps
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Misses' 75c
Child's 65c
villi tin, tiuMnrllim that IliH "linnv
peeled leuKth of tho doulslon" is ttut , Btackvr the lumbor Is unloaded j
rnol mmuu-e mid not the Astoria vie- irm mo cars mm uinpuiciii'.i m mu
tory per so. "All of which," eon- auxiliary factories for innnufacturo.
ttnuiM tlit Journal. "Is fully admit-1 Tin lumbor going to the sash nnd
tnd by all iiHwmmnrn oxeent thiMw!lox factories and tho planer will bo
nrn&nlciilly mid Intentionally crook
ed." Tho Journal "tore It Hhlrt," odl
torlally NpimkliiK, to aid Astoria In
getting rate. Identical with Pnrt-
Iiim.I'm Tin, rniMi. ivurn uruuteil. Pn-
iloqlalily the outcoiuo of tho contro-Jod with two
Nersy Is vastly Injurious to Portland. , poolty of tlio S
Thereforo. rogardlng the matter from
Hit entirely disinterested viewpoint.
It still seoms as If tho estlumblo af
ternoon organ of political and eco
noinlo rootltudo hnd helped prepare a
most bitter pill for Its own commun
ity to swallow.
Just at present, for Instance Port
land Is trying to got rntoa on lumber
to Idahq-Utnh territory equal to
those, onjoyod by Rend. Wouldn't
The Iliilletin iimko nn Intelligent
ppectaolo If wo campaigned to this
end. at tho expense of Industries
which ate building up our commun
ity? ij.vniiv ti nno'n community may
miii unprofosslonul to our Portland
contnmpnrary. H may appear to It
bigger and bolder' to light for sonio
competitor than for one's solf. And
perhaps those who view tho matter
differently really orgaulcally and
Intelligently crooked."
Only wo don't bollovo it. For In
stance wo don't think n papor Is real
lv worthy of such n characteristic
JournnleMi trlbuto until It has en
larged the scopo of Us transgressions
to Inoludi), Bay, tho faking of a. u
jtromu court decision.
conveyed through the unstneker,
From the unstneker tlio lumber will
bt iikuIii graded for the two factories
mid the planer.
The planer has a smnllor capacity
than the one that usually nro operat-
bnud mill of tho en-
Shovlln-Hlxon sawmill.
The small site ot this planing mill
Is due to tho fact that only a small
percentage of tho lumber goes
through It for finishing, tho pinners
are, however, ot tho latest models
SaMi Factory Is Modern.
Tho sash factory Is tho Jumlio man
ufacturing building of tho entire
plant. Tho Shovltn-HUnn Company
has entered Into nn operating agree
ment with tho Rend Whlto Vino
Sash Company to take n cortaln grade
of lumber for tho manufacture Into
sash and window frames. Tho snsh
factory Is 210 foot wldo and 270 feet
long. Uioklng nt It one might off
hand think It a green houso on ac
count of tho area of tho building oc
cupied by wlndov.s. An abundance,
of light is necessary for this bul'd
Ing owing to Its gro-t n'o. Tho
walls have been whitewashed, afford
ing hrlgtitnu! to tho Interior.
The sash factory Is motor driven
Each piece ot machinery being a unit
driven by one or 'more motors. In
all there are 75 motors In the entire
factory. Thuro will bo only 30 feot
of used In the entire factory.
According to Harry Swamon, fore-
The Metropolitan Store
of the Metropolis of ,
Central Oregon
will henceforth close
every evening at
6:30, except Satur
day and pay nights
New Curtain Scrim Just Arrived
The most complete nnd ngreeablo lino of plain mid
fnncy curtain scrims over shown In Rend. Wo
have a wide rango of patterns to select from. Por
ynrd H'e to 50c
Spring Suits
Como In and look over our now lino of mou'ir and
Indies suits. For ladles, skirts, houso dresses and even
ing dresses.
when the mill Is in full operation.
Tho equipment In the woods Includes
ono four lino Clyde ground sklddor,
a McGlfford loader, nnd a Lldgorwood
overhead bkidder and loader. Tho
compnny will operate CO, 10 foot
logging cars and will employ a 71
ton Baldwin rod locomotive of the
Mikado typo "whloh Is now on tho
rend. This locomotive will hnvo
eight drivers nnd 41 Inch wheels
Awaiting tho arrival of this locomo
tive tho compnny is using tho (10 ton
Lima locomotive, which soon will bo
used for switching purposes in tho
woods. Tho Ohio crnno Is n 20 ton
crane on a 21 foot boom and will bo
used In the woods nnd tho yards for
handling heavy equipment.
Twelvo miles of standard gungo
track hns beon built Into tho, timber
to tho point where tho mon nro, now
cutting. Thero are soveral miles of
branch track built and this will bo
extended ns tho timber Is penetrated.
There is cut now nbout IB.000,000
feet of logs of which 5,000,000 Is In
the logging pond for lmmcdlato saw
ing. Taggers AVell Cared For.
Provision for men In tho camps nnd
the mill, bo far as living conditions
are concorned, hnvo been given care
ful attention. Through n contract
with the Rogers Hotel Company of
Portland nil tho men who nro em
ployed In tho plant at Rend, and tho
logging camps, and not living at their
homes, will bo provided for nt the
Rogers' boarding houses. Ono board
ing houso will bo Bltuntcd In Rend
nnd two boarding campB In the
woods. In nlL UiIb company Is equip
ped to care for nbout 400 mon. Tho
lwardlng houso In town is a model'
for conumlenco and sanitation. The
hunkhousiu nro olectilc lighted, havo
hot nnd cold wntor and hnvo commod
ious stebplng rooms, shower bathrs
nnd aro well ventilated. Tho dining,
room will bo oporntod on modern
lines nnd everything has boon dono
to mnko for cleanliness. The log
ging camps, although not bo elabor
ately arranged, will bo situated to
afford tho best convenience nnd com
fort for tho mon o in ployed In all
kinds of weathor. Frank Jennings,
who Is superintendent of tho Com
pnny, will bo In ehnrgo of tho board
ing houses hero.
Photographs of homos, Intorlorp
and oxtorlors. Wo havo nn assort
ment of mill pictures, nnd scenery
around Rend, both largo nnd small.
Ellto'Btudlo. Adv.
Commercial photography of all
kinds can now bo attended to by the
Kllto Studio. Rest of work irunrnn-
ised and dollvorod promptly. Ellto
Studio. Adv.
Writes Fire Insurance
Phono 451
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