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paok 2.
Harrison this
I daughter Mrs. W. T,
I week.
(Special to Tho Bulletin) A. Amea was a Hampton caller on
TUMALO, March 13 Invitations' Wednesday
liave been Issued to a St. Patrick's
ball to do given hero Friday night iy
the Ttimalo Dancing Club.
During Hip evening refreshments
will be Mrvod by the V. S. L. Club.
Mr. and Mrs Myron Cady, Mrs.
'Mildred Taylor and Bert Miller went
over to Redmond Monday evening to
r.ttend a loo! talent play there.
Mr. and Mrs John Coen were bus
iness visitors In Ilend on Tuesday and
again on Friday.
Mr. and Mr. J. W Drown went to
Itcdmond on Friday on business.
Father Shoehnn and Father Shar
May of Ilend a pent 3unda afternoon
at the Mock and Howell homes.
J. A. Thompson, W. D. Ifarnos and
II. C. Cady went to Prlneville on
liusiness Saturday.
0. W. Horner, Met Couch. Wm.
Sandel, C. J. Mock, A. O. Walker,
Tred Wilson and J I. Couch attend
ed tho Tumaln cattle association
meeting at Sisters on Saturday night.
The monthly meeting of tho W. S.
1i. Club Is railed for Wednesday af
tornoon. Joss Hartor, Frank Dayton Sr.,
and J. J. Coen attended a telephone
meeting at Clorerdale oa Friday
J. A. Marsh and family went to
Itedmonri on Sunday afternoon.
Miss Ktta James and Miss Hose
Llllle attended teacher institute at
Itcdmond Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. John Coen, Xell Ray
xind Hoy linger pnt Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Winters on tho
high desert.
F, N. Wallace Is In Salem on pro
ject business.
Hay Drown spent several dajs In
lledmund last week
Mrs. F. N. Wailare and children
J. O. Whltaker bought another
team while In Prlneville.
A desirable bread knife frs with
every annual subscription to The
Ilend Bulletin.
Mrs. H. R Keller was a visitor at Wlllcoxon were Prlneville visitors on
the Holland home Friday. Wednesday.
Miss Selma Draun called at the .. , ... . , ,h
Goodman home Tuesday. , Mr,3 A- "' Dan ha3 bcen on the
.Mr. and .Mrs. L. R. Rooney enter- S'CK list for the past week,
fined a number of friends at a Tne Powell Butte Sorosls met with
"house warming" In their new home I Mrs. E. X. Hall on Wednesday, be
last Saturday night. The house was 'des the ten club members present
beautifully decorated with green were .Mrs. t. it. Agee, Mrs. tranic
(Special to The Dulletla )
C. Kwlnz was hauling wood
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Drlckey and
son Jlmmte autoed over last Monday
night and visited friends.
liert Meeks was hauling hay this
Clyde Nlcodemus visited with Wm.
Hoist Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hagman and
son Richard of Wlllamina, Oregon,
are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Roy and Hraxtln Fonts of Pleas
ant valla were visitors In this vi
cinity Tuecdd)
The Drookings Hotel got in a load
of freight Puf Monday.
Mr. and Mrs Bert Meeks and fam-'
lly and Mr and Mrs. J. J. Hagman
nnd son Richard, were guests at the
homo of Fred Miller last Sunday.
Horace lironklngs was seeding
some grain todav.
boughs end spring flowers. At a
late hour refreshments were served
to the following guests: Mesdimes
A. L. Henkle, Egbert Dyer, George
Klssler and Mrs. J. Shearer.
Dora to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ed
wards on February 28 an S pound
E. A. Bussett can boast of the first
rowers, isarney conoway, uun cv-i " '"""cu " u "c u.
ans, Wm. Ream, R. R. Keller and I.. ' chickens of the season In this section
Goodman, the Misses Hukell, Opal
Conoway, Melba Henkle and t'na
Powers, Messrs. Louis Hall, Eric
Hosteland. Denzll Dyer. Wm. Spen
cer, Clifton Ream, Hooper Dyer and
Wm, Rahn.
Arch and Ralph Pepin autoed to
Rend Frldr. returning home the
next day.
.Mrs. Clifton Mackey Is staving
with Mrs George Roberts who Is still
on the sick list
The friends of Miss Ruth Conoway
will be pleased to learn that Miss
Conoway Is greatly Improved and .s
able to be at home again.
Mrs. A. G. Allen was In Bend Sat-
K-day, the guest of Dr. and Mrs. R.
D. Ketchum.
A deslrtMe bread knife free with
every annual subscription to The
Bend Bulletin.
(Special to Tho Bulletin).
MILLICAN. Marchc 13. Mrs. A.
A. Gllmore of Bond came out Satur-
"went up to the movies at Bend on May for a short visit with her many
A desirable bread knife free with
every annual subscription to The
Bend Bulletin.
In order to aid tho farmer tho
Bend Flour Mill Co. has this year ob
tained Apex l-cnd Plaster, a scien
tific fertilizer. Adr
(Special to The Dulletln.)
CI.OVBIUMI.fC, March 13 - K. A
XIII spent Sunday In Cloterdale.
Wllllfi Tucke has been laid up for
rent Irs the last few days, as Friday
lie fell iMttwnen logs and was finite
badly Injured.
The newlv appointed suirlntend
(int of the Sisters Fair met with the
directors at Sisters Snturda and re
ceived Instructions as to their reaper
tlve duties. The polo ground ct the
fair grounds Is being put Into shnpe
and seeded to grass and all prelim
inary arrangements promptly done.
Plnlnvtew, Sisters and Cloverdnlo
Iihth uillted In a Water users nsso
vlatlon as a mean of protecting their
wator rights.
P. Davis was elected president, Mi.
Bailey, vlco prtldiit J. Cotter, sec
retary and l. I,. Waldron, treasurer.
A water meeting will be held in
Clnverdale tonight.
About CO frlonda of tha Tucke fam
ily gave rtiem a surprise last Wed
nesday night, although surprised Mr.
"nnd Mr. Tucke proved themselves a
royal host and hoatoaa. Music, names
and refreshments made up a happy
veiling for all present.
Mr. Brace, who purchased the Dy
ers place last fall, visited hi new
home last weak.
The children at school cleaned up
ft load of sage brush In front of the
school ground and tmlnv are en lov
ing a marahtoallow toaat furnished by
the teacher. Miss Klnha Gibson
Neat Friday rtergo'in will he
Parent-Teacher meeting nt the hool
MlM Geneva Rlvetl was hupplh
surprised at her home In flnvnrdnlc
on Saturdiv afer"on iiy a ti im'ier
of her school friends.
Oamea nnd cards were nlmd un
til lata afternoon, whnn refrcshtuen's
were served by a sister, Mt Al.t
Those attending were l.tlilun V in
UA ImI...I .A llliali I urf,.hF. f'l-
rua. Idella. Viola and' F Ml'i-r !
Onal. Orval and Perry Killv. Ma
Joan and l.n Tucke, Mlra K. UU
son, Ada Klvotts and the hostotN.
At the Counell Club ineetlng Fri
day night several matters of buslnesH
were laid over to our next meeting
for definite artiou. 8peakers were 'u
attendance from l.ower Bridge, Tutu
alo and 1 ted mo iid In the Interest of
the Independent Telephone Co. F
WltMe. J. Cotter, It J. Skttltnil mtc
apiwlntvil its i committee to see if
we could organise the communis to
eonnuct with thht Uw Recitations,
i.wm Tucke and Orxal Kolb, read
ings, 0wl Kelly and Fuv Miller, song
iiy Ihn girls. Iiidluu Muldu b ten
JIHIIcan valley frlondn.
Howard F D)or and George Rog
ers wont to Bond Saturday to act a
witnesses for Wm. Beehler. who mado
proof on his Mllllcan valley home
stead, Geo. S. Ho'.erfs spent the week end
In Mllllcan with Mrs. Roberts.
Among thosi' who visited school
Inst week wre Mrs. P. D. Johnson.
.Mrs. It. H. KHIer and Vernon CIov
oiiRor. Mrs. Barnev Conoway returned
home Frldav from Bend where she
hrd boen visiting Miss Ruth Cono
way. P. II. Johnson made several busi
ness trlHt to Ilend last week.
Mrs. J. I.. C'lngnn snont the week
ond In Bend with Mr. Cllngan.
Wm. Spencr seeder 10 acres of
ryo for Mike Mackey Inst week.
Sheriff Knox, candidate for re
election and Ralph Jordan, candldato
tor county treasurer, both of Prlne
ville wore shaking hands with Mllll
can friends Snturday.
Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Smith return
fid to Pine Mountain ranger Htntlnn
Wodnosday after n few day's visit In i
A. G. Allen of Mllllcan nnd H. I).
Ketchum snd G. II. Cooper of Bend
were In Madras and other Jefforson
county towns first of last week. They
made tho trip In tho formor's car.
Mr. I.. II. Schmorl und children
visited at Henklea lovoral days Inst
Miss Emma Itohort apent tho
week end at tha Garrison homrr In
Mr. anil Mm. Alva Klllpatrlak have
returned to their homestead after nn
nLsence of five months which they
l"ni in uenn
(Special to The Bulletin.)
mer Wilson has returned to his
homestead after spending some time
In Bend.
Roy Winters had the mlsfortuno
of Josing his fine mere which has been
sick for some time.
Mrs. Paul Held, who has been sick
all winter, Is slowly Improving.
F. Hamlin and C. B. Todd left
for Bend on Wednesday.
The stock men aro looking up
their cattle and horses nnd have
found a great many dead and others
In such a weakened condition that
they will be unable to pull them
t. rough.
There, will bo a box supper and
dance at the Pringle Flat halt on
April 1st, for the benefit of the Held
nnd Pringle Flat schooli. Everybody
Is Invited.
Mrs. Eva Davis has returned from
Bend where she has been with liar
hunband for some time.
John McKay has Just finished dig
ging a large cistern which he will
cement as goon as tho weather is
Vory few Jack rahblta aro seen In
this vicinity, ns the homesteaders
have boen busy all winter poisoning
them. A groat ninny thousand have
been exterminated.
Fred Hamlin made n trip to Hamp
ton this week to make his final proof
heforo A. S. Fogg,
Mr. Clark hns recently purchased
tho I-oyrl Baker homestead.
Mrs. Roy Winters spent Monday of
this week with Mrs. Fred Hnmlln.
The old river bed Is full of watnr
again. Owing to tho hard winter
hsy Is very scarce here on tho Hit
this spring.
which were hatched the first of last
Max Strlxner and G. C. Truesdale
commenced pulling trees the first of
the week on the land owned bv Thom
as Corbert which Mr. Truesdale h3
Frank Klssler commenced baling
50 tons of hay for Wm. Wilson on
Mr. and Mrs. Snyder and children
have moved onto tnelr ranch which
until recently was known as the Jack
son forty.
E. L. Iverson has purchased the
cattle formerly owned by Frank Don
la vy.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wlllcoxon, Miss
neicn u .-sen ana Mr. J. A. Riggs
visited friends In Bend on Saturday
end Sunday.
Harriett Wlllcoxon spent Snturdav
and Sunday with friends In Des
chutes. POWELL BUTTE, March 13. Mr.
and Mrs. Allen "Wlllcoxon and daugh
ter Harriett, Miss O'Xell. J. A Rlgss.
Mr. and Mrs. Reaves Wlllcoxon and
Harry Hauser attended the home tal
ent play In Redmond on Monday
evening of last week.
Jake Brlx hauled grain to Prlne
ville the first of last week.
Mrs. Allen Wlllcoxon entertained
at luncheon on Tuesday of last week,
Madames G. C. Truesdale, X. P. Al
ley, A. W. Bayn. Wm. Wells and Guy
Lloyd Bussett hauled a load of po
tatoes to Prlneville on Wednesday.
Miss Helen O'Xell and Mr. and
Mrs. Ross Bussett were dinner guests
nt tho Reaves Wlllcoxon home on
Wednesday evening.
E. A. Bussett visited la Prlneville
on Sunday.
Mr. Barnard, father of Ed Barnard
and Mrs. Oscar Prlckett arrived from
Wyoming on Saturday evening to
make an extended visit nnd hopes to
find this climate of benefit to his
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Foster, .Mr.
nnd Mrs. Allen Wlllcoxon, .Mrs. I.
Shoarer, Miss Jlelen O'Xell, J. A.
Rlggs and Frank Long onjoyed tho
dance at Deschutes on Friday even
ing.. Jesse Sheen left for The Dallas yn
Saturday evening whore she will re
train Indefinitely,
Itors at the home of Walter Foster
en Sundaj
Mrs. J. J. Shobert went to Prlne
ville on Monday to assist In caring
for her mother, Mrs. Brown, who has
recently undergono an operation for
Miss Llna Mooro visited friends
and relatives here on Sunday.
Miss Helen O'Xell left for Port
land on Monday night, where she
will visit a couple of weeks before go
ing to Alaska where she has accepted
a school.
Little Billy Wilson of Redmond
visited with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wil
son sceral days last week.
Geo. II Roe arrived from Portland
on Saturday night to make a visit of
several weeks with his daughter and
family, Mrs Allen Wlllcoxon.
Mrs. John Shcone visited In Prlne
ville several days last wek.
Frank Jones, who has been assist
ing with Clark Morris wood saw left
for Portland on Wednesday evening,
where he will visit his parents for
some time
Mr. Dixon, who has ben feeding
his cattle on the Tom Houston ranch
during the winter has moved them to
J'-hn Tuck s farm where he will keen
them wh'le it Is necessary to feed
Mrs A. W- Hnyn vl'lted her daugh
ter In Prlneville on Friday and Sat-
Iltr1fll '
E." L. Iverson recently purchased ' of one named Foss, they have err
tho Ford car formerly ovnod by i little in the way of improvomenli.
Frnk Don'nw of Clin" Fall. , Eos did not take kindly to Morpon'i
The pupils of tho Shepard school , suggestion that ho farm In the west
enjoyed a climb on the Buttes Thurs-lunlt, Insterd of one In the east unit
l WI...OT, I..M lln ttll t.. .
...i.. .,.-,.. ,.u ..... uuiL-f I(, ,; ,.
Mini Kccinnintirm Wink Sav,
Only I'ho Ccrtlllcntc Holder.
(Oregon Journal.)
SALEM, March 8. In a leUcr to
the Stnte Desert Land Board, J, p
Morson of tho Morson Land Com.
pany, declared that unless there li
some guarantee from tho Fnltei
States Interior department that the
tanua in mo easi unit or the Morson
project In Central Oregon will be dk.
ented for the company after reclam.
lion, ho will refuse to go ahead with
the reclamation work. He lushud
that there must be suulclent guaran.
too given lhat the monoy Invested lr
stockholders will bo secured before
further Investment-! will be madn
Morson asserted that prices of the
west side unit liau just about caver-.
ed the cost of construction nnd he
had hoped to rr.nkc money for the
stockholders on the east side unit,
on which $50,000 has already been
According to Morson, there nre but
five certificate holders living on the
enat sldo unit, nnd with the exceptloa
dav, taking their lunches and having
a real picnic.
Harriett Wlllcoxon left for Port
land on Monday evening where she
will visit relatives and attend school
for several months.
Mrs. J. Shearer visited her mother,
Mrs. Orowt'er In Bend, from Satur
day until Monday.
and Morson claims that Foss "see mi
to be obsessed, because possessed
jwlth the belief that tho mountain
peaks he is able to see from his pres
ent location bear a striking resembl
ance to tho mountain peaks of Nor
way, from which elves poured forth
In countless numbers and danced
gaily In tho valleys below."
The borrd took no action on Mor
son's letter.
Authority was granted the Centra"i
Oregon Irrigation Company to glrrj
permission to the Brooks-Scanba
Logging Companv to construct n log.
glng rnllrond over the Pilot Butts
Mrs. Long and son Dick were ls- again
Spring seems to have come to stav,
and every one Is lmv wph string
work, plowing, feeding In 3mall
grain and planting potntoj.
L. W. Blair and family h-wc moved
near Deschutes. Thev have rented
Fred Van Matres' ditch land.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Prlckett were and Central Oregon canals
Bend visitors last Saturday. ' .
J. P. Brown nnd Wm. Johnon
mnde a business trip to Bend last '
I C Blair and Frank Smith were
In Bend on Thursday. I
Mrs. A. D. Morrill and children
expect to leave for their new home
near Gaston. Oregon, on the Wed-J
r.odav morning train. ,
I. C. Blair took n losd -f house
hold goods to Redmond todiu to
mln to Portland. Mr. Dlalr will go'
to Portland on tho Tuesday morning
train. ,
Mr. Hongo of Bend bought a dairy,
cow of X. B. Beach last weelc.
VIrglo Dealy. who has boen und an
the weather for several days, Is well L
Anil lnu'stlgntc our prices
licforo bii) ln jour groceries.
AVe can mho jou money.
Mllllcnn, Ore. Telephone
(SneclnUfo. Tho Bulletin)
POWELL lll'TTB. March r,. (Dp
layer! In Transmission.) Mr. and
Mrs. Allen Wlllooxon and dtightor
Harriett, Mlsa Helen O'Xell r.nd J
TMipvm taMurwtrwl Uiini'lnna In Pmlmnnjl
,,, "iBfl" a(iiieuti rm ?tive in t VKi i''lt
in. itann was a Sunrlny vlaltor at on Tuesday evening or last week
the Home of Mr. and Mrs. John Hoi-1 Ray Harvey of Dor Creek vlsl
i. .. . .. f1 "' ,no E- A. Busjett innch en
ImuuII and hrnst Dier visited cdnesrl n
friends In Bend . ral first r John Tuck, C C MmtL'.tnert. '
tbe wiek . iiiu ,i Mr wi v li ..
i Vaai $TrtfTBg8r 8
eJGcu mama
A doHlriibli) IiihhiI knlfo froo with
tivory annual Hubacrlptlon
Hum! llullutln.
to The
We have been fortunate in nthling to our list of
Seed Grains for the coining "season as follows:
(Rpeclnl to Tim Bulletin)
HAMPTON. Marelf S. a. S. Fogg
ml Mlw Ktliul Fogg were iiiitertuiu
nd by Mrs. W. T. llarrUoii Thursdnj
Mls Uiulo Burton visited Fildn..
ulglit with MIsm Floruiico Hunting
Xew'tim Wvlla rutiirund (rom llutul
MIhh Ktliul Fogg onlloii on Miss
Darlo llurtim Suturday nftinon
Will Senrcoy wont to Urothois on
Snndiiy to gut tho totun he purchased
of Mr. King.
Tint Hampton Vulloy Church Asso
'oliitltMi hud iv iiiuetllig Suildii) nt Mr
Volga. Thuro U uliout 100 sub
aerlbd to date.
Mm. Luoy II. Hicks called on Miss
Hllitsl Fogg Monday utturuoou.
There wita no school Tuesday on
Heeuunt of Mliw Fogg beliiK sick.
MIh Floionmi Hunting called on
Mrw, (!. II. Harmon Tuosdny
A. ri. Fogg was truitiuictlug tiual
iiese ut Imperial Tuesday.
Mrs. Luoliida tilurk Ib lsltlug her
ni.ri: STEM
WIXTKU E.MMElt (Wc luno
only a limited supply of this
ODEItlirciv (Six lt(.u)
lll.ti: (Four How)
(Hide Oat)
lUritCAU (Trco)
All our seed grains have been cleaned twice and
you will lint! each variety exceptionally free
Irom (uirijn iccdi. Sow good clcwi mwJ nj nix the tUndiid el Ccnltl
Oion Crin. By plroniiinj home induitry you are lle to find icdy
etih mulct (or )our grttnt.
Ail your JmI oi v.iitc ui tnd we will be glJ to aniMti til inquititi.
Bend Flour Mill Co.
fT " ", ' i ia m. ft
fTF :
2jr" . :,&'
?MlacjrusnY4feta!a2Br F 4
3aswHRA3a f
SMaWJBKasss- yvmmA: .t
a.wa5ew9vi ihsasamm- &
ww. . . zr&ar: . Wmm
! .A . I"C!.?V' i-timjtm
a a j .'
J'- Hiw
a - sj:
i i
Pinelyn Park
On the River Front
Served Directly by the NEW STEEL BRIDGE
Beautiful Water Front and Mountain View Lots.
Three minutes from the business center. Water!
Light and Sidewalk. VERY EASY PAYMENTS.'
Address: Pinelyn Park Co., Box 115, or see
Any Real Estate Dealer
- -f-rnwi -iimamij
""La' .aE -
i .