The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 08, 1916, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin.
XO. I.
Hni th For Fill to Xcw Ilrldgo to Cuino
From O'lCnno Lot Building to
Proceed Council lleiiiw Coin-
mltteo Hcporta; Aliens Illlls
A sottloniont'or tho differences ex
isting between tho city and E. 1).
Sammy of Seattle In connection with
tho extension of Greenwood avenue
to tho now stool bridge-, was reached
nt tho council meeting Inst night and
It will now ho possible- for tho work
to procoed. Tho adjustment of tho
matter makes it possible for tho
Messrs. 1 1 rooks & Sullivan, of tho
Pilot llutto Hotel, to proceed with
their plana for tho now hotel.
Representing Mr. Summy, J. M.
Lawrence, of Portland, at Inst night's
mooting, asked that tho matter bo
roforrcd ngnln to tho viewers In or
der that matters which thoy hnd pre
sumably failed to tako Into consldor-
ntlon ho presented to thorn, llccnuso
this would cnuso furthor dolays tho
request was not received favorably
nnd after consldornblo discussion Mr.
iLi wrenco statod that bo was ready
to settle tho mattor on a basis of an
even cxehnngo which was tmtlsfnc
tcry to tho city. Final iirocoodlngs
will bo tukou this afternoon at four
I.i connection with tho street ex
tension nn ngrcomont was mndo with
Hugh O'Knno to shnro tho cost of
tho removal of earth from his build
ing slto at a prlco not to oxceod 20
cents a yard, tho onnth tobo used for
tho fill loading to tho now bridge.
"With this agreement mado Mr. O'
lCnno announced that bo was ready
to proceed with tho work of oxcavn
tlun. i
rVniiiiilttcoM Ilrnott.
mong tho reports from commit
tee wan ono frouU" Clvlfi Improve
ment body asking that a clean-up day
1)0 appointed and that thoroaftor a
garbage collector bo employed by tho
Ity to make regular collections. No
action was tnkon on this request.
For tho stroota committee Chair
man Stoldl reported on tho work
which bo had dono In tho past month
on Wall, Ohio and other streets nnd
$175 was voted for ndditlonnl re
pairs on Greenwood avonuo between
llond streot nnd tho viaduct. In cou
nectlon with his roport Mr. Stoldl
stnted thnt tho city latornl bad not
lieon abandoned by roason of tho
work which 'had been dono, but that
It was opon to tho city nt any tlmo
within two years to put In culvorts
crossing tho streets In conneclon with
-tho lntoral, thoroby rotalnlng Its
rights In It.
Funds on bnnd amount to $7r0.91
In tho goneral fund, and $G74.31 in
tho sewor fund.
Illlls Ordered Paid.
A claim of tho Cameron Soptlc
Tank Co., for roynltlos on Its pntont
used In tho city's sowago disposal
system amounting to $170.30 wns
nllowed, and bills woro ordered paid
In registered warrants as follows:
Election board $ 18.00
Tnsll Znlslan . . . , 4.50
Dan Yoobrlck 11. 2r.
Vnsll Pnsrlch 3.3V
Tyla Zaklan 2.25
"W F. Itoss 7.20
J. n. Cross 7.20
T). M. Cloud 7.50
J, Furnlch 4-50
V. R. Houston 3.00
Tod Hoke 1-00
flrace Ward . . ... K.OO
Thirl Rogers 1.20
H IT. De Armond 20.00
.1, W, Hunter C0.00
i, Rorgen 3.00
S. E. Ttoborts 100.00
.Too Rock 25.25
Ilend Hardwaro Co 16.39
U A. W. Nixon 100.00
J. P. Johnson 25.00
Tiond nullotln 80.75
fleo. D. Uaker r'.
"M. E. Coloman 27.00
C. D. Tlrown 82.50
Owl Pharmacy 55
Laseo Whltson 41.10
R. W. L. & P. Co 255.72.
"Dement & Co .SR
Jas. Phlllln 3.37
Joe nook 20.00
Joe nock C1.25
.-uy Cole 7.87
Mike Yelllah 5.02
Lester Gist H.2R
11 n. Gould 8.80
IK. n. Gould 7.19
"V. D. Crawford 17-50
O. norgen and others 21.00
71. E. Lowell 2Q.00
II. Q. Ellis 31.30
.-I. A. Easles 20.00
Successor to M. L. Merrltt Has llnil
Wide Kpcilenco In Forestry
Work Stationed at Portland.
W O. Hasting, formerly associated
with tho Columbia National Forest
In Oregon, with headqunrtcrs In Port
land, has been appointed to succeed
M. L. Merrltt, ns supervisor of the
Deschutes National Forest. Mr.
Hastings arrived In Ilend on Friday
miornlng and assumed his now duties
at once.
Having done considerable recon
naissance work on tho Deschutes for
est during tho year of 1912-13, Mr.
Hnstlnga 1b famlllnr w'th tho general
conditions upon tho forest. Just as
Boon as he has familiarized himself
with conditions In tho ofllce Mr. Hast
ings will mako an extended trip ovor
tho most Important parts of tho for
est to become acquainted with tho
features and tho foreat porsonnol.
Prior to his appointment Supervis
or Hastings has dono considerable
work on tho Umpqun, Whitman, Des
chutes and Columbia National For
ests. Ho Is a graduate of tho Unlver
olty of Michigan school of forestry
nnd has boon in tho aorvlco slnco
Kvorelses to IJo Moro Elaborate Tiinn
Ilcforc Twelve Students Will Do
Graduated In May.
Commencement wcok of tho Ilend
high school will this yoar bo n moro
olaborato affair than It has been In
tho past. An outllno for tho program
for tho week of May 21 was mado by
tho class and high school faculty last
Itov. II. C. Hartrnnft. of tho Prei
bytorlnn church, hns beon chosen to
deliver tho baccloaureato sormnn on
Sunday, May 21. Tho class plov, "A
Cnso of Suspension" will bo given on
Monday ovonlng, May 22. A doflnlto
decision rolntlvo to tho dates of tho
class day oxorclsos and tho senior
clnss-faculty reception hnvo not been
mnde. Ono of theso will occur on
either Tuesday or Wodnosdav ovonlng
of Commencement week. Tho Com
mencement speaker has not yot beon
chosen, but tho nddrcss will bo given
to tho outgoing class on tho evening
of Mny 2i.
Tho 191C class of tho high school
consists of 12 graduates, tho largest
In tho school's history. Tho members
of tho clnss aro: Suslo Kelly, Leonn
Springer, Floyd Reynolds, Mario Fox,
Myrtlo Pugslov, Mnrgnret Thompson,
John Stoldl. Frnncos Stoldl, Ronltu
Hess, Howard Young, Loyd Gorton
nnd Lottlo Gorton.
At n meeting bold last week tho
partlclpanta In tho Class Day oxor
clsos woro chosen. Thov nro: Vale
dictorian, Suslo Kelly; Salutntorlan,
Leonn Springer; Orator Floyd Rey
nolds; Prophot,. Mario Fox; Adviser,
Mvrtlo Pugsloy: Grumbler. John
Stoldl; Author of tho Will. Frances
Stoldl: Hlstorlnn, Ilonlta Hoss nnd
Liar, Howard Young.
School Children Will Perform Fildny
nt ltcnil Tlientio.
Tho grado school teachers nnd
tholr pupils, co-oporntlng with tho
Library Club, will glvo'nn ontortnln
ment on Friday In tho Ilend Theatre.
Thoro will bo n matlneo performance
nt 5 o'clock and two performances In
tho ovonlng, tho first nt 7:30 and tho
second at 8: -15 o'clock.
Tho proeeods will bo devoted to
tho purchase of books suitable for
young peoplo's reading, tho selection
of which will bo under the direction
of tho Library Club. The evening's
program will bo ns follows:
1. Reel.
2. Mlnuot, 3rd grade.
3. Song, girls quartet.
4, Recitation, Schlappl.
5. Folk dnnco, 4th grade.
a. Shoemakers dance.
b. Swedish dnnce.
0. Indian club exhibition, Orn Merr-
7. Song, girls quartet.
8. Sir Roger do Coverley, Ctli and
7th grades.
Sixty-three liquor permits wero Is
sued during the month of February
nccordlng to J. H. Corbott. This
shows n big Increase over tho month
of January.
According to tho financial stato
mont renderod by City Treasurer
Coleman there are now outstanding
warrants in tho "following amounts-
October $2,089.49
November 272.34
December .
January . .
February . .
Tho first of the brick business
blocks to bo erected In llond this
spring will soon be under construc
tion, nccordlng to an announcement
made on Monday. This will be tho
O'Kano building on the cornor of Oro
gon nnd llond streets, nnd will bo
built by Hugh O'Knno, owner of tho
property and formerly proprietor of
tho Bend Hotol.
Mr. O'Knno's lot Is 100x140 feet
In size,, and, except for necessary
aroa wnys In the rear, will bo com
pletely covered by tho now building,
which will cost close to $.10,000, So
far OB possible all material used In
tho construction of tho building will
bo local products nnd only local labor
will bo employed. Ilrlck totbo num.
her of 300,000 hnvo already boon
contracted for with tho Hend Hrlck
& Lumber Company.
Tho building, which will bb two
stories In height, will hnvo Its main
frontngo 'on Oregon street. Tho
plnns, nccordlng to Mr. O'Kano, nro
d'awn to provide six stores on Oregon
street sldo with ono largo ntoro
having frontngo on both streets and
a cornor entrance. Tho remainder
of tho llond streot front will bo ar
ranged for a thoatre. On -the second
Iloor will bo ofllces, 20 or 2S In num
bor. Tho main entrance to tho sec
ond floor will ho on Oregon street.
Tho building will be hentod from n
basomont boiler room.
Applications for all the storo room
hnvo nlrondy been mndo.
Plans for the building hnvo beon
drawn by Heor.or Urothors, of Soattle
and construction will bo In tholr
charge Other buildings which this
llrm hns built bore aro tho First Na
tional Ilnnk building, tho Sntbor
building nnd tho Deschutes Invest
ment Co. building nt tho cornor of
Orogon and Wall streets.
Tho slto is tho ono formerly oc
pimled liv tho Head hotol. a local
I Intwlmnrlr tnr mnliv vnnru. until Its
destruction, by flro Inst fall.
Ilargo 10. Loonnrd, n Portland at
torney, was chosen trunteo In bank
ruptcy of tho estnto of K. A. Grlflln.
nt tho mooting of thec rodltors hold
horo on Monday. According to tho
Hchodules tiled by Mr. Grlllln, who
filed a voluntary potltlon, tho nssots
of tho estnto nmnunt to about $GG,
000 and tho liabilities to about $13,
All tho teachers In tho llond pub
lic schools wero re-oloctod for tho
coming year at a mooting of tho
school ' oard hold last night. Slight
Incrensen In salary woro granted to
thoso oldest In sorvlco nnd the sal
ary of Superintendent Hopkins was
raised to $1800. Othar business
transacted by tho board was of a
routlno nature.
tllpPSisn HI p g i f
Lang & Co., of Portland, one of tho
largest wholesale, grocery houses on
tho Pacific coast, will build a distrib
uting branch In llond, Isndor Lang,
president of tho company, nuthorlzed
nn announcement to this affect on
The slto selected for tho new ware
house Is tho triangular lot on Wall
street, bordered on ono sldo by tho
Orogon Trunk spur which runs down
to the flour mill. Within tho next
throo weeks, according to Mr. Lang's
statement, ho will send his building
superintendent to look over tho prop
erty and nrrango for construction.
Although tho building to bo erected
mny not bo cspoclnlly costly, nor the
pny roll In conncctlon'wlth the busi
ness be vory largo, tho news of tho
company's lutontlons hns been re
ceived with consldornblo satisfaction
hero ns a realization of expectations
that tho town was bound to dovclop
Into nn Important distributing cen
ter for tho remainder of Coutrnl Ore
gon. With I.nng (c Co. lending tho
vny, It Is pointed out, other business
houses will soon follow, especially In
yldw of tho torritory to be oponed
s&uth nnd onst of Ilend by the con
struction of tho Strnhorn railroads.
Mr. Lang's purchase of tho ware
house slto wns mndo within six hours
of his nrrJvnl horo Saturday morn
ing, on tho first trip ho ever mndo to
llond. lleforo purchasing he Inspect
ed the new saw mills and mndo n
general study of husluots. conditions
which satisfied him ns to the wlBdnm
of his decision.
At tho Commercial Club luncheon
hold Saturdny noon Mr. I.nng made
n short talk saying th(it ho was
jimnzed at tho development of tho
town and Its possibilities In biiBlness
lines. He loft on his return to Port
land on tho night train.
County Trcasuror Rnlph L. .Tor
dai.ias decided to como out for re
election to tho Troasurorshlp, his an
nouncement appearing this wcok. Mr,
Jordan Is a resident of Prlnovlllo nnd
wns returned to tho olllco nt tho olec-
tlon In 1914 "by n lnrgo majority. Ho
seeks tho Republican nomination.
F. A. Ilralnord, formorly supor
Intondout of tho Vnncouvor division
of tho S. P. & S died last weok In
Tuscon, Arizona, according tq re
ports in tho Portland Sunday papers.
Mr. Ilralnord was a frequont visitor
in llond on railway buslnoss and wan
well known horo. Ho rotlrnd from
tho suporlntoudancy last yoar.
Tho 13. F. Logan Furnlturo Com
pany expects to move Into its remod
eled quarters on Wall street noma
time th'a week. Tho building has
been extonded to give moro room for
storago purposos und dlsplny.
1 -wsi
IT yffi
Beniitlllcntlon Was Keynote of .Meet
lug of Club Held Last Snturday
New Members Wanted.
To concontrnto upon problems with
which llond Is concerned and to work
along lines similar to those followed
by tho Commercial Club, was tho de
cision reached lost Saturday by the
Ladles Auxiliary of tho Commercial
Club at Its first regular meeting. Be
lieving that branching into the social
features which typifies many women',
organizations of this character will
Impair Its effectiveness, tho women
determined to mako community de
velopment their solo objective.
Saturday's meeting brought nut
many features which tho Indies or
ganization proposes to tako up, all of
which hnvo nn linmcdlato bearing up
on tho development of llond nnd tho
surrounding community. City bonu-
tlflcatinn seemed to bo tho keynoto of
tho first gathering of tho club. Thoro
woro many expressions of dissatisfac
tion with somo conditions which ex
ist, but It was felt thnt tho host ends
could bo obtained by proceeding
cautiously, taking up each problem
nt n tlmo nnd following It through
to a successful conclusion.
Thoro woro aovornl who expressed
tho deslro to seo tho cemetery Im
proved In tho wny of providing water
for tho area, and cindering tho main
driveways. A committee consisting
of Mrs. F. Dement, chnlrnirn: Mrs.
J. II. Honor nnd Mrs. J. P. Keyes np.
pointed to lnqulro Into tho necessary
steps thnt should bo taken to beautify
tho Pilot llutto cometory.
Aclng upon tho suggectlon thnt
suggestion thnt stroet signs would
p.Hclst strnngors and onrblo people of
tho town to bocomo bettor acquainted
with tho streets, a coiiMnltteo eon-
slnlng or Mrs. W. W. Fnulknor. Mrs.
II. J. Overturf nnd Mrs. J. Edward
Larson was appointed to wait upon
tho council to nscertuln Its disposition
with regard to this Improvement.
Tho club will mako n determined
effort to obtnln a largo and ropresen
tntlvo membership, nnd It was urged
that each member devoto herself to
obtain nt least ono now member In
tho nenr future for nctlvo enrollment.
C. I). Illllmnii Miiki-M i:tensive Piij
cbase.s In Interior.
(Tho Oregonlnu.)
Thnt ho expects to own npproxl
matoly 125,000 acres of Oregon laud
before ho leaves for his California
homo two dnyn honco and thnt ho
may ultlmntoly acquire as much as
250,000 acres In Oregon was Indicat
ed by Clarence I). llllliunti, the Pasa
dena multl-mllllonnlro, at tho Hotol
Ilonson last night .
Immediately aftor closing recontly
for tho purchase of 22,000 acros of
laud lu Central Orogon Mr. I Human
left for nn extensive automobile trip
through Knstoru and Central Orogon,
and upon his return to Portland yon
terdny announced that bo had put'
.Itiiaml 9H AHA nn,.u In l'hi,Aln,
Grant, Crook nnd Lake counties!
from C. A. Ross of Spokane, mid Hur.
ry S. Ramsey, who woro represented
on tho Inspection trip by tholr Seattle
ngeut, Kay McKny. Ho paid a straight
prlco of iii an acre, or $ 180,000.
Mr. Illllmaii said last night thnt ho
would undoubtedly close dents with
Hovernl Portland realty brokers with
whom ho has iippolntmoutH today. Ho
has options on 20,100 noros of land
lu Harney County, owned by tho
Oiegon & Westoru Colonization Co.,
which has boon hold at a prlco aver
aging nbout $20 an aero; on i9,oou
ncreH near Pilot Rock, rmatllln
county, held at a prlco or $252,000;
31,000 uores lu Klamath county anil
H, 100 uoros In Crook county, handl
ed by tho Huiitor Land Company,
ami another largo holding lu Wheeler
According to a recont bulletin pub
lished by tho O.-W. It. & N. dated
Devembor .11, 1915, Ilend Is rated as
having 125 cars all of which are for
private uses. Road stands olghtb on
the list of Orogon towns on tho O.-W.
lines as regards tho number of cars
used for private purposos,
llond Is getting to be a lnrgo city.
Monday Paul Garrison found a llttlo
girl on Wall streot who was lost.
Him was on bur way homo from
school but did not know what way to
go. All hIiu knew of tho locution of
tho family rosldencn vnhh that "It was
down by a big rod mill." Inquiry on
Mr. Garrison's part failed to tlnd any
one who kuaw whore t lit little girl's
parents lived so ha went ultli hur to
find bar horn "down by Mg rd
mill " Tho little Klrl wr. Fawn Den
sou und hor home near the old StnnU
house lu Donchutea addition.
- -$
- The llulletln, through a ape-
clal roprccentRttvB at Sulain,
will pnent next wonk a aon
prehoDalve ueoount of tho 8tnto-
wliln in iu.ll nx which OIIMII llima
tomorrow to formulate plana
- for state nld to irrigation, drain-
age and rural credit.
Pbcnomliiiil Iucica.cs .Tils
titles Action Revenue for Nino
.Months Moro Thau 810,000
t'liango to be I'll'ectlvo lu July.
With a rovenuo In excess of $10,
000 between tho months of April,
1915 and January, 1910, tho llond
post olllco will be rnlsod from third
class to second class lu April, accord
ing to postmastor Hotiry II. Ford,
l'ostnl regulations requlro that post
olllces of tho second class must hnvo
nn annual rovenuo lu excess of $S,-
Tho classification of pontofllccs In
tho country Is mndo In April but nro
not effectlvo until July. With tho
rovenuo of tho olllco now more thnu
$2,000 greater than Is required and
with n mouth for further Increases,
no doubt exists that tho local olllco
will recolvo a boost by tho post of
fice department.
Iluslness Just I lies Change,
A phenomluul lucroaso lu every
department of tho Ilend post olllco
hns been noted during tho last year,
according to Mr. Ford, who says that
tho liiislmwH dono In tho Inst fiscal
your 1ms boon double that of tho
proceeding year. Tho prospects aro
that theso lucronsen will continue
with the rapid growing population as
noted by the looal postal authoiltlon.
In a recent lettor from tho post
ofllco departmont Mr. Ford wns called
upon to make a oonsorvatlvo esti
mate of Hand's populrtlon, llaslug
conclusion!! ,upon careful observa
tion through postal hualnciH, Mr.
Ford computes Bond's prcBcnt popu
lation nt 11,000. Ho said thnt 1,000
people woro bolng served by tho local
olllco, of whom 1,000 lived outside
of llond.
Will lncrwit.0 KMU'leney.
Whon naked whnt tho advance In
Gliwfjflcatlon mpaut to tho local of
flco Mr! Ford said that'll would moan
shorter hours for tho postnl clerks.
Thoy oro now working moro than 12
hours nnd with tho chnnga thoy
would bo on nn olght hour shift. Tho
chnnga In the working hours will no
cessltato a larger forco In tho ofllco,
which, In turn ho says, will moan
bottor sorvlco to tho patrons of thn
ofllco. It will also menu bettor equip
ment nnd inndorn facilities for handl
ing tho mnll.
Tho demnndH now being mndo up
on tho local ofllco nro groator thuti
tho present accommodntloiiH nro able
to meet, Tho box room Is lusulllc
lont. Thnru Is a uniting list or morn
thnu 200 people who want boxes. In
Deconibor a suction or 100 boxes was
added, only to he taken up Immed
iately by tho waiting Hit nt thnt time.
Oicgou Trunk Olllclals Impivsfterf
Willi l.ocnl Development,
( Portland Tologrnm.)
"Contrnl Orogon tewns nro taking
op n proopjrotiH tilr, every man Is
employed, dry farmers nro looking
forward to tho beneflta of oxcesslvu
precipitation in lncreu-.od crops und
everybody Is looking forwnrd to bat-
tor tlinoe," said W. D. Skinner, gen-
errl trafllc mnnngor of tho Spokane.
Portland & Seattle railway systom
en his return from uu uspectlon trip
over the linos Trout Spokane west
vrrd. In thu party also wero Gener
al Manager, C. O. Junks, General
Superintendent Georgo K. Votaw,
Chief Knglnoor O. M. I.upfor, Car
Korvloa Superintendent C. A. VormiL
Hon and sovnrul other mtlolals of thn
operating dopartmont on tho various
"All of tho linos which suffarod by
tho storms of a mouth nro now
in good condition. Fro quant stops
wore mndo and shippers wore lntr-
vlowod to leurn If thoro wero tiny
complaints nlxiut car ".Mortage, but
thoro wero mi complaints. Hut thorn
l a shortage of labor oast of tho
"At Hand bualnraa appears to Iw
particularly thriving. The lnrgo lum
ber mill of The Sliovlln-lllxon Com
pany will be ready to operato by
Mnrch XO and the expectation In that
the llrooka-Hcauloii ui'll will start
up alxiut April 1. Thoro U mutli
bulldlug activity In llond."
Ilht new logging ears for tha
lirooke-Seaiilnn Lumber Company
were brought In this morning on tlie
Oregon Trunk, and will bo nut In
sorvlco In the logging operation's at
Total ." $l.C54.4G
the llrookS'Seaulon plant.