The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 19, 1916, Image 1

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Vol. XIII.
XO. 1(1.
Voii-Dcllvery (if Mateilal Tumbles
Work IIckiiii on IliooltN lliiruor
ShcvUn Plant lleaily for Whistle
to Mow Logs mo Coming In.
Although somewhat iluluycd mul
Intorforcd with by tho extremely cold
weather and unusual amount u( snow
for tho imst two weeks, operations at
tho Hrooka-Scnnhm and Shevllu-
llixuii saw mills lmvo proceeded, us
lnigo cruwa an possible be I nt; worked
on the variouB features of construc
tion yot romniiilng to bo completed.
At both pinna a fuw moil lmvo
boon laid off, as much on account of
iion-urrlvul of material as anything
olso. Ah soon us tho weather gets
back to 'normal again thoy will bu
put back at work. Tho dolay, how
ever, will make necessary luitting off
for a fow weeks the opening of tho
two mills beyond tho dates formerly
.not. Tho present expectation la that
tho Shovlln mill will begin to saw
jibout March 1 and tho Ilrooks mill
u few weeks later.
In splto of tho miow work has been
continued on tho siding at tho Ilrooks
jilant, and tho dry shed which Is fin
ished, has been painted. Tho com
pany olllco, toward tho river from
tho dry shed, in Hearing completion.
.According to present plans It will bu
ready for occupancy In about two
weeks. It Is a framo building con
t Inlng a. largo brick vault. Ueorgo
Ingemann has had thee ontrnct for
tho building. '
Tho dry klliiB, four in number, will
bo situated toward tho mill from the
olllco. Carl A. il.ohman, who built
tho Shovlln-Hlxon kilns, has tho con
tract for theso and will begin work
4i8 soon as tho wenthcrjiornilts. Drlck
work on tho burner anil power house
jilso waits warmer weather. A small
brick oil house was built last week.
Other construction now going on
Includes tho building of a rfluad
house for tho logging engino and tho
erection of tho burner. This last Is
being dono by Win. Ilros. Boiler &
Manufacturing Co., of Minneapolis,
which erected tho Shovlln burner and
fiinoko stacks. II. A. Nelson has tho
contract for tho brick work.
Work on tho planer Is suspended
waiting tho arrival of Joists.
Machinery Is coming In, ono car
load of structural. Iron having ar
rived yesterday along with two car
loads of saw mill machinery.
Tho logging road 1 nil graded and
ties laid. Bteol Is laid for four miles
out. No logs havo been hauled In yet
but crows aro at work falling and
bucking logs.
At the Slievlln Plant.
On tho opposito sldo of tho river
tho Shovlln mill is all ready for tho
whlstlo to blow, according to J. P.
Dion of Won & Horskotte, who Is
building tho plant, whllo work lit tho
I-. COM), Pros. r. K. HUNTER, VIce-Pres
TUOS. COIin, Cashier
Capital $25,000, Fully Paid
-. ri'
'n jr.i
f --- -
Tnos. coun
w. l. conn Tnos.
power house Is dono except for put
ting In a few valves. Tho drdyd kilns
nre also practically completed.
Non-dellvory of matcrlnl Is caus
ing delays here as on tho Ilrooks
plant, work on the dry bIioiI roof,
which Ir two thirds completed now
bolng stopped walling for ratters to
como In. Tho stneker Is also waiting
for posts. The unstneker is finished.
In tho Bash and door factory tho
machinery Is being put In plnco.
The water tower, holding 40,000
gallons, Is finished except for putting
tho covor on.
Tho first logs woro dumped Into
the rlvor recently and .11 train loads
havo now been brought In. For the
time bolng this work Is being delayed
because of tho Ico In tho log pond.
To provide for Its employees the
company has just built a boarding
houso on thu river bank abovo tho
railroad brldgo. This will ho run by
tho W. F. Itogors Company, Frank
Jennings being In charge. This com
puny also runs tho woods camps.
Local Attorney Succeeds tl. II. Do
Ai'inoml Who Itcslgiicd Itcceully
Pledges Host Endeavor to
Sene Commercial Club Well.
Charles W, Erskltio was elected
manager of tho Commercial Club by
tho directors nt a meeting hold on
Friday afternoon. Tho election was
announced to tho club ut Its Itiuche.iu
on Saturday. Ho succeeds II. II. Do
Armond, who resigned rccontly in
order to dovoto moro Mine- to pergonal
Mr. Krsklne Is nn Mton.oy by pro
fcsslon hblug ti grndunto of tho Wtl-
lnmctto University haw School. Ho
attended Willamette University and
tho Unlovreily of Oregon, playing on
tno foot hall tenm nt both Institu
tions. In December ho captained n
local team In two games with Prlno-
On coming to llond about three
vonrs neo Mr. FrHklua wns associated
with V. A. Forbes In ills law olllco
and later managed tho llond Inaur
nuco agency. Ho was calendar clerk
of tho last hntiBO of representatives
and haB rccontly been appointed as
slctnnt district nttornoy by District
Attorney Wlrtz.
Following tho announcement on
Saturday Mr. Ersklno expressed his
thanks for tho honor and pledged his.
best endeavor to servo tho club wolf
City Miii-kImI S. E. Itoberls ScoUn
Nomination for Sheriff.
S. E. Koltorts-has announced his
candidacy for tho Republican iiomln
ntlon for sheriff of Crook county at
tho primaries to lo held In May, bo
lng the second 'Hand man to como
o t for county olllco. So far as Is
known no other candidates havo yot
niado theiusolves known.
Mr. Unbent Is nt present cltf
marshal of Hend, n position ho has
held for live years. Ileforo coming to
llond ho was city marshal of l'rnlrlo
City for two years. Ho Is a native
Oregonlan, having boon born In Was'
co county, and haB lived In llond for
six soars.
r j
r. -".n
' - -
conn d. e. hunter
snoi is ypi
Witter tVern' Complaint Xot Heard by
I'tlllty Commission on Monday
Supiemo Ciitnt to Decide Whetli
it Company Comes under
(Spcclnl to The Dullctln.)
SALEM, Jan. 17. Tho C. O. I.
Wutor Users' Association will lmvo no
opportunity to air their nlloged griev
ances beforo tho State Public Util
ities Commission unless the Supremo
Court specifically rules that Caroy
Act projects properly como uudor tho
Jurisdiction of tho Commission.
Last Saturday tho Central Oregon
Irrigation Company filed with tho
Supremo Court an application for a
writ of prohibition, stopping tho
tho Public Sorvico Ccmmlsslon from
tho hearing which was to havo been
hold In lleud today, nnd reiittestlng a
permanent Injunction. Acting upon
this application tho court temporari
ly has restrained tho Commission
from proceeding with tho case, pend
ing a hearing which will bo hold be
foro It on Fobruury third.
Tho C. O. I. Company bases Its
application for n permanent Injunc
tion on tho allegation that the Com
mission has no Jurisdiction In tho
case, hocattso a Caroy Act company Is
acting as nn agent of tho state. At
torney Uauoral Hrown will appear for
tho Commission and will attempt to
show cause why tho Injunction should
not become permanent.
It Is clenr, apparontly, thnt Irriga
tion corporations other thnn those
oporatlng under tho Caroy Act would
undoubtedly bo under the jurisdiction
of tho Commission. Under tho Car
oy Act, however, with Its contracts
Irvolvlng co-oporr.tlon of State nnd
company, thoso well Informed horo
bolievo sorloiis doubts exist as to tho
Commission's powers.
-SALEM, Jan. IS. J. V. lllnnchard
of Prlnovlllo, and Theodora Auno, of
llehd, woro granted n rcnusltlon to
day by Gov. Wlthycombo upon tho
Governor of Tonnesee, limiting them
tho stnto's agents for tho return of
John Stolnor nnd Frank Taylor. Uoth
nro wanted In Crook county. Thoy
are charged with having passed
checks Inlloud.
(Oregon Journal.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. Sonntor
Lnno has been advUed by tho post
olllco department that It doo3 not re
gard favorably tho petition presented
by tho senator for Increase of mall
sorvico from two to three Mmos n
weok betwoon Prlnovlllo nnd FIfo, 70
miles, as tho cost Is now $4800 a
year, nnd It is msuinod thnt another
dellvory would add $2400 to tho cost.
Tho department prombica an Investi
gation, howover, by a local Inspec
tor. &2!:ig232
UU riaac
We carry a complete
line of goods
Lool over, our stock
of Rifles, Shotguns
and Ammunition
ijij::::: iiiiniUiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiinii :;$:j
Bend Hardware Co.
Tho Company thnt put tho "Wunr" in Hordworo
coi to terms
liepiceiitiithc of Public Sonlro
(.'oniinlsKou Persuades Pioneer and
Deschutes M u t u n 1 Telephone
Computes to Agico on Serie.
Plondl'tg, cajoling, arguing but
n'ovor threatening, K. T. HiishoIIp. an
engineer from the Stnto Public Ser
vice Commission, meeting with rep
resentatives of thu Pioneer and the
Mutual telophono companies on Mon
day night accomplished a great deal
toward settling differences between
tho two rompnulcs In tho matter of
bettor and cheaper toll service bo
twecu Redmond and Ilend.
As proposed by Mr. Hustiollo the
arrangement to be mndo calls for tho
construction by tho Pioneer company
of a metallls circuit fiom llond to
Tumalo and by tho Dosclnitos Mutual
of a similar lino to Tumalo from
Redmond. Tho lines, meeting at
Tumalo, will be Independent of tho
oxchangt) there, providing through
service betweon Ilend and Redmond.
For this n charge will bo tnado sub
scrlbors on each lino of 10 cents,
which will bo divided equally bo
twecn. the two companies. A higher
charge will bo mndo to non-subscrlb-era.
1'iiHcuve Tangle.
Moro thnn onco In tho courso of
tho evening It seamed as though Mr.
HusBello was working In n hopeless
causo and that It would ho necessary
to havo a formal complaint to tho
commission filed nnd tho enso fought
through. Ho never gavo up, howovor,
nnd when tho meeting adjourned, nn
hour after midnight, tho tentative
agreement had been reached to bo
put up to tho govcnrlng bodies of
tho 'Wo companies for ratification.
Inasmuch ns prominent olllclnls' or
both companies woro present Monday
night nnd gnvo tholr own assent to
tho proposition, It Is oxpected thnt no
dlmculty will he experienced In get
ting tho npproval of tho othera.
Mr. llussolle enme In to mnko a
preliminary study of tho situation for
tho commission, following the request
of tho committee of tho commercial
club appointed last month. At that
time representatives of tho Deschutes
Mutual were seoklng for nn entry In
to llond with tho Idon of putting In
n Bcconil exohnugo hero. Objoctlon
to this was mndo nt tho club lun
cheon when It was first proposed and
tho commltteo wno appointed to Bee
If somo other arrangements could not
bo worked out.
Asldo from members of Mice om-
mltteo.nnd n number of rltUons thoro
were present on Monday night W. V ,
King and J. F. Popo, roproaontlng
the Pioneer Company nnd J. J. El-
I -&2a!fcg!25
Of s
ft ClS3
ft c
ft yy
ift kSJ
iji 'Jin"'
ft k
linger. C II. Miller and 11. J. Har
ris, representing the Deschutes .Mu
tual. County Judge Springer nlso at
tended the meeting nnd J. A. Itlggtt,
.vlleu Wlllcoxon, (1. I.. Hrnzce and
.1. h. (Jlhson of Powell Ilutte.
Therow 111 bu a partial eclipse
- of tho moon tonight visible In
Ilend. The moon will enter the
penumbra about 10 o'clock and
tho shadow about 11:50. At
12:35 the middle of the eclipso
will be on. Tho eclipse will be
over about 3:10. Tho next
eclipse will bo one of the sun on
February ,1.
--- - -
X'cvr Semester Opens Monday Two
JIiiic Tenrheis Added Registra
tion May Reach JIBO Pupils Soon
Preparations nro being made to nc-
commodato about iiO boglnncrs in tho
llond public schools next Monday
hen tho second semester of tho
school term opens. A aurvoy of tho
recent census of school district No.
12 rovenls that Micro are. approxi
mately no children eligible to cuter
At a mooting of the board of direc
tors this week Miss Mildred Mersdort
and Miss Grace Vandovert were elect
ed grndo teachers, hut the grades
tl.oy will teach has not been deter
mined. F. S. Francis or Portland,
recently elected head of tho commer
cial department of tho high school,
will arrlvo this week to mnko ar
rangements for opening of tho
courses noxt Moriday.
Superintendent II. L. Hopkins be
llovcs thnt tho enrollment In tho
Bchools will reach r.50 pupils by
March 1. Tho congested conditions
In the, schools has mndo It necessary
to lit up ono of tho bungalows near
tho high school whoro classes will bu
heard. Tho school authorities nro ex
pecting a big Influx soon after March
1 and nro beginning to consider ac
commodations for this oxpected In
crease in tho school population.
Chief Engineer llogun Now In Meld
With Largo Parly. t t
Actual work on tho aurvoy for tho
Strnhorn lino put of llond wns bogun
this week wlion Mr, Strnhnrn's chief
ouglncor, N. II. Ilogtto, arrived with
a crow nnd started Into tho field.
There nro 1 1 men in tho party. Thoy
nro working south and east of town
In tho vicinity of tho McNntight mill.
Work will bo carried on ocst to
tho Junction 'point In the Mllllcau
valley and from there on toward
Hums or south toward Lnkovlew, de
pending on the depth of tho snow und
tho condition of tho weather. Anoth
er party Is now working northward In
tho vicinity of Pnlsloy,
The work of tho Btirvoy Is mndo
dllllcult nt tho present time because
of tho Inclement weather. It Is un
derstood, howovor, that Mr. Ktrahom
In anxious to complete tho work as
soon as possible In ordor to proceed
with the noxt steps In bis plan and
lias, theroforo, put tho crew Into tho
Held nt this time.
C. 8. HUDSON, President E.
it i ctv iri i),.ci, i.i i.
E.'a. BATHER, Vice Pros. II.
. VTv il
Tu TTitrtcf ftlatvrunal Rsittlr
n t- at vv ni
J V O E Vi U , UCh", UIV.I,VIWli
Capital fully paid
Savings Department
paid on Savings
Deposits- Com
pounded. Inutility
and July. Call
or write lor particulars.
wp WW? t-fp c V 'fZZ' ""ess ZZZf" I !" p "GgyP x? "tf aSa
To Ho Located nt II. W. L. At P. Coi
Dam Plans Call for HO Foot
Stieet Which City Will Impiovc
Piopeity Ow iters Dourle.
An ndoattnto steel bridge connect
ing tho onst and wast sides of tho .
Deschutes at llond and In a sultnblo
location, whoro It will corvo a largo
portion of tho people, will bo built
by thu county ns soon as possible.
Promises thnt this will bo done woro
ii'ittio by .ludgo .SpiliMir nnd Com
missioner Overtttrf on Monday.
Tho slto soloctod Is tho present
brldgo of tho Ilend Water Light &
Powor Co., over Its dam abovo tho
power plant. Tills Is now n prlvato
brldgo hut has been maintained by
tho company for tho benellt of tho
peoplo tIiioo Its cousti not ion r.ovorut
years ngo. It Is generally agreed
that It is usod moro than any other
brldgo In town nnd the recent pint
Mug of a largo ncrcngo on Its west
ond ob well as tho development of
Mio wholo wost side section will
greatly Incrcnso tho uso In tho near
Plans under consideration by Mm
powor company look to Increasing
tho height of the dam to glvo a
greater bend for powor production.
Tho new bridge will bo over tho dnm
nnd n fow feet higher thnn tho pres
ent brldgo. A pormnnont ensoment
for the Btructuro will bu given by tho
Ulght of way for tho brldgo ap
proach on tho east sldo will also ho
given by tho power compnny and oth
er land nocosBiiry for Mid connection
with Wall stroot hns boon promised.
Of this tho largest pnrcel will bo do
nated by tho now owners of tho Pilot
Ilutto hotol property for tho pur
pose of squaring up tholr lot and giv
ing a utreet dlroct to tho, rlyor.
As plaunud the street to the brldgo
will bo 80 feet In width conforming
to Greenwood nveinie, of which It
will ,bo practically nn extension, and
to rtfmbnrk avonuo. Tho city will
Improvo tho stroot on tho east sldo
making tho maximum grado not over
Ave per cent, and tho county will
mnko tho necessary approach on tho
west sldo.
Plans for tho brldgo nnd connect
ing street havo boon workod out bv
Deputy County Surveyor Itobort II.
Could. When In town on Monday
.ludgo Springer wont over the ground
and gavo his to tho proposi
Edward Hanson, n homesteader of
Imperial, and Iloslo Mny Strand worn
united In marrlago nt the homo of
Itev. II. C. Hartrnnft .Innunry 12,
101(1 at eight thirty p. in. Thoy will
lonlde on tho claim of the groom nt
M LARA. Cnsliler h S5,)
n MMM.'VVMI.Iifl Aonf Pnalitnr
A. STOVER.AsBt CiiBhler .
J Xi)
- mw sxnfSNAI "tJ'S
- - :'J5,000
( &ZA
i .:$