The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 12, 1916, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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rAGi: o.
thi: ih:nd hullm-ix, iii:nd, ohk., vi:dni:sday, jantaiiv 12, idio.
i '
(Published I'Acry Wednesday)
I'll Ij' IhIict
nini) a. woi:lpli:n
Associate IMltor.
An Independent nnwspnpor stand
ing for tliu square dosl, clean busi
ness, clean politics find tlio best In
.enBts of ItuiiU nnd Central Oroeon.
Ic s wo of Oregon ilo our part It can- snow and winter conditions. It
not bo built. 1 would ho hospitable to give thorn n
Wlmt Orogon needs then for ItH
Uno your $1.50
Hlx tllOllthH 80
Tbrco mouths CO
All subscription aro duo nnd
expiration aro until' d subscribers nnd
If renewal Is not ti ado within reason
able tlmo tbu iaiur will bu dlscou
tlnuud. I'lean'i notify us promptly of any
change of address, or of lallnro to re-
celvo tlio paper rogjlnrly. Otherwise.
,A ...III ..... I... ............I I.I.. . l..
" win nut uu 1 uniitjiiniiuu iui uujJirB
Make all checks nnd ordore pay
able to Tlio Hond Bulletin.
dovolopmont are nioic settlors and
more capital. ,
To get the settlors we must be nhlo
to show that our lands offer bolter kitchen porch.
returns than olsewhere. To do this
we must foster our Irrigation ss- Speaking of tlio new prohibition
terns, our good loads movement, the law (loternor Wlthycombo Bald "Al
v.ork of our agricultural collage, and most ! law Is about as effective or
I the oYtaniton of railroads. Inelllclont as the neolilo Hvlnc undei
To net additional outsldo capital B provisions deslro to boo It. Pub
we must do our part to make Its om- uc olllclnle, If they are not backed by
plovment safe and secure Htid not at-'nubile opinion, have a sorry time en
ti'inpt to confiscate It by oxorbllnnt forcing the law." Which Is very,
tuxHtlon nnd hostile legislation. Vory tine. And it is especially nppll-
1 many, we must an pun toioiuer onblo to tlio liquor onactniont. How
forgetful of national Jealousies, and t WOrka is vory much to you, Mr.
Ij 0110 ami bII, rontiv to lend ft lmnn citizen.
v,herotor necessary for It Is not Has-1 .
tern Oregon, not the lllemetlei
volley, not Portland, lint nil Oregon I
wo nro working for
Mrs. Elmer Wornstaff, who has
hand out" when wo enn, nnd cb-1 beon ill for several months, did Mon-
pcclally the joung .folks well niny I day morning at her home east or
tnko the trouble to scnttor n lilt of ' Hond, of cancer. The funeral wan
crumbs on top of the snow from the held this morning and the Interment
was made In the Pilot ilutto cemetery.
classikhid ai)Vi:utisi.(;.
A. L. Mills, president or the first
Katlonal Hunk of Portland recently
delivered n statement regarding Okh
gon dovoloiimont which Is both force
ful nnd pruetluil; also, it Is of special
Interest to the Irrigated districts, So
wo rop
lug ov
road It carefully nnd let Its truths
soak In; and to Mr. .Mill's concilia
Ions we offer ii lieiuly "Amen!"
... ', tgmuin Into this mnttor Intolligeiitlv.
nini Hid most or It hero, rsk.ff,nK01 1ny ,(p ,,, HK rottB.
xiryono In Central Oiegon to .. .wlml ,,,. , , ()f ,,,,
First.- Ily oncoiuuglug by over)
means within our power the great
Irrigation projects tlint are absolute
ly norossui) If we aro to mako two
hladoH of ginss grow where none
grew before,
To do this wo must not only help
ourselves, "llv tilth our own wings,
hut wo must lento no stone unturned
to get pioper assistance fiom the
Hlnlo and national governments.
Irrigation bonds have a had iinuie
In llnnnclal circles hardly any inrm
or investment Is n worse one -Inn
such bonds are not Inherent!) wrong;
they have gone had hcenuso the In
to rent charges and maturities have
ronio before the pioject lias had time
to become an established earning i
power, ir so hiicIi law Is onnciod
fin Is proposed by the Jones bill, It
will do much to rehabilitate Irriga
tion bonds In the eyes of the Invest
ing public.
Although the Jones It'll Is a step
In the right direction, I do not be
lieve It will bo enacted at thin hob
rtwi of CongroKH, as It Is not nn nd-
tiillilstriitloii measure, mid all tlio
strength or the Democratic party will
be exerted llrHl to carry through leg
islation looking toward preparedness,
revenue Milt md a inerrlmiit marine.
If these measures iihould become
lows, then It Ih possible the Jones
bill will have consideration.
in me meantime we must ever
keep hoforn us the terrltoilal motto
nnd depend upon Oregon II) lug with
Its own wings.
In other words, I menu by this
that we must put In motion the ne
cessary machinery to have our Htnte
mpporl our Irrigation projects.
An Initiative measure should bo
presented permitting Oregon to bono
Itself up In say 1! per cent of Its ns
hosboiI valuation, or. In other vvonis
to about $ IS, ikiii. (inn.
nun p mm iii nn supplemented ny n
Pish nnd game as commercial as
sets nnd good sportsmanship as ne
gotiable In dollars and cents are not
everv-ilav conceptions. Yet they nro
well founded In fact.
Comment along thlB lino applicable
to Oregon Is contained In a recent
Issue of the Saturday livening Post,
as follows;
"Any Just bnlunro sheet of sport
ought to take Into consideration the
f practical or commercial valuo or tlio
game and llsh or the country for
food purposes. The statistics compil
ed show that one or two states have
Oregon's resurrected Sunday clos
ing law Ih an absurd Institution.
Without doubt thero will ho nn ef
fort made to rescind It at the next
election, and cortnlnl) such nn effort
dorforvos support. PropeV obsorvnnce
of tlio Sabbuth Is desirable, but
throttling of necessary huslnosc ne
tlvltles nnd legitimate amusements
Is another tiling.
TOR Illi.NT Furnished room with
private family. Inquire Hullotin. 4 .". t f
FOR KENT Forty aero ranch one
mile and n half out of town. Inquire
Itoynl Cafe. 41 tr
FOH HENT Furnished room,
with or without board. Inquire Hul
lotin. H trc
FOIl KENT One three room and
one four loom house. J. It) an &
Co. 37tf
After looking things over In Eur
ope, nonry corn deemed to como
home and tnko n (ling nt politics.
What's the now Hlogan "Out of the
White House by Now Years," por-haps?
stale amount to, purely from the
meat standpoint'' Approximately '),
000 deer were killed In Oregon dur
ing the past tear. Tills moat Is worth
about 10 rents n pound, whether It
Is on the table of the fanner, the
mountaineer or the merchant. Theie
were approximately one hundred and
(irty thousand ducks and about fortv-
llvo thousand Chinese pheasants kill
ed during (ho past season. From n
food standpoint n mallard or n pheas
ant Is worth about seventy-cents. A
pound or trout or other gnmo llsh is
worth twelve rents from the meat
standpoint. When we consider the
approximate weight of the game fish
not Including salmon nnd commer
cial llsh--that nro caught bv tlio
people of this state each year; and,
in addition to the above, when we
consider the numbers of grouse,
quail geese, shore birds, nnd also
the number or fiir-benrJng nnlnmls
taken, we shall find that a low esti
mate or these resources Is nine hun
dred thousand dollars a year In the
pockets of our people ' "
'I he other day n baby was left up
on the door stop of a gentleman In
Portland. A question of relation
ship arises: Did the house owner be
come the foundling's stop-father?
Portland papers report over 30
feet of water over the Coluinbln bur.
Wider open than over.
Lost; A great ninny of tlio knock-
erB ngnlnst county division.
As u wr'tor of notes Lansing Beoing
to bo tlio peer or llrynn.
Just wlmt does Wilson menu by
'btrlci accountability?"
i .
What Is the mntter with Mr. II.
A. Miller, retiring mnyor7
"Wnter wator everywhere, but not
a drop to drink." '
There Is good reason to believe
that the Pulled States ecological
Survey will get out thu Hond quad
rangle map If It reels there Is enough
local Interest to Justify the action,
The V. S. 11. S. nlrendy haB most ot
(lie preliminary work done, only
comparatively Inconsiderable trlan
gulntlou remaining. These maps Is
sued by the (luveriimout nro uolnbly
excellent, and nro of the greatest
value In the country they cover. Wo
will be doing well Indeed to make It
known how greatly wo shall appre
ciate It If the Survey will isauo our
locul map, ror most certainly thero
Is need of It mid It will tlnd n vory
considerable deninnd and Mil u very
renl need.
Wlioro nro the bar tenders of yes
(Tlio Oregonlnn.)
WASHINGTON', Jan. 10. Tho
House public Innds comnilttoo todav
fi'vornbly reported the CIO acre
stockralslng lionieBtend hill. On mo
tion or Jtopresentndvo SlnnoU an
ninendnient was ndoptod authorizing
the Secretary boiero designating ar
eas ror entry In CIO ncro tracts to
resort e stock driveways n tiiiar'tor of
n 'mile wide ucross those areas In or
der that livestock niny ho driven to
mid from the glimmer range In for
est roborvea,
The bill also wnBainondcd to 'per
mit tho reservation of wnter holes
nun watering places ulong
FOH SALE rurnlture for three
room house. Inquire Ilomoseekers
Land Co. 4i"p
FOH SALE Good working mare
with real. Will weigh 1300 pounds
when fnt Oood heavy double har
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llnllotln. ICtrc
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Estes, Kenwood. 4 Op
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wagon. Inquire Royal Cnfe. 4 Itr
FOR SALE Shelving, tables and
lighting fixtures that vto are now us
ing. Wnrnora. 4 ltr
FOR SALE or TRADE Olio 1912
Ford car. See or wrlto P. 11. John-
feon, Mllllcnn, Oregon. 4 ltr
FOR SALE At Lowls ranch, Jan-
uary 14, ono strny )enrllng Bteer, no
brand, ror pasture nnd reed hill. 1 143
FOR SALE 'Jersey cow, 3 year
old family cow. Inquire I. II. Fox,
Raker's grocery. 41tfc
, FOH SALE 1C0 aero deeded
ranch on Ttimnlo project. Water
available In 1910. Team of mares
weight 1350 each, harness nnd wag
on go with It. Prlcolll&O. Address
llox 2, Tuinnlo, Ore. 4 ltr
FOH SALE House nnd lot. Price
right. Terms reasonable. Inqulro
A. E. Edwards, Rend Sign Co. 37tf
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range. Inquire Ilullctln. 4-4Sp
-We ivre not yet quite in
the middle of winlfrwenlh-
Kemeinbei' that 101
flnv: Vf't ()ll will
still need comfortable wearing apparel mm Deciding-
We have an abundant supply ot oo(l woolen blankets,
nice soft, downy comforters, good, heavy woolen hos
iery, splendid overshoes and winter footwear', nmeki
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and leather mittens, sweaters, jackets, overcoats. caps,
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the stvctal lines conned-! ready made, guaratu scloes on our excellent
ed Kith this important1 Iced, all Wool clothing , coffee Values. L AN
part of our business. I BLUE SERGES TA HON COFFEE:-.
$15,518, $20 ii-iDcanzac
I O ll 7C?
jifi'AMife O-IU IJelll trie
Lancaster Ging
hams, per yard..
Amoskeag Out
ing, per yard.. ..
hystein or rural credits, ror the rar
mer must hnvu more lime to meet
his liiiiebledueim than Is gi anted by
the orillimry farm mortgage.
I believe this head Issue should
be In the hands of a coniuilsslou mid
entire!) dltoiced from politics. As
n suggestion nierel). It would he well'
if say the OrmiHO, the Oregon Detel
epment League, and (lie State llirik
era" AmsocIkiIoii each nominated
three meiuberu for Oils commission,
and from these nine no nominated
tin Ootornor should choose three1
who should superintend the Irrlga
linn and drainage projects.
It Is not my thought ror n mo
intuit that the Stale would make a
donation or $ IS.nod.noo. nr nut pun
of It, hut that the bond Itmuim would
be similar In character to Portland
street Improvement ImhuI.
In other words, the Htnte, whti h
could borrow mono) as low as I por
rut on Iiik trm bond, would be
Urwljt tti,uiilUI , 1mii,,.
ers rir the Payment of irliiclMl and
inierest. hut. In turn, the lands of
he dlntrictn would l unilcr n lien
n the jut (0r wliMtMoetttr bond
bml hewn latid on that psrtlcuUr
district, Mnil tho district In tu end
would rep) the state
It Is iMHuilhU- nnd prounbl that lhe
Mat,, would tivir nil extt .tnd
llfle mote h cbHrmng Did owners'
f Ho luml within tb Ulstrlit s
tthiu h.Khar rate tttnu I i.-r cent
' fHd. prr.ctlcsl plan for
'I mim rMtt trscts uf Uud Into .ul
' tiu iitHi ur now LthiK Idle, and
u.'uij ad,) luimmtMlv to the weslth
t iHipulattoM of our stuto.
' oini w musJ put the mar
Xu of ih world within tuy reach
r etitrt frtnr To lltat end wo
ii mat b baa Ktnid roads)
itr thlii io haul bis (irwtluov, and
, 111 Ittl Uii. aUOAllMMnu..... , . It
.-. m.. H,Hitti,Hvm ii, rail- i
nt utvoioimMit.
Mr Htruboru bus proiHunxl it ays-
i of loo HtlliM oj railroad In Otm
'r. i Or, goo ma), u Uult will work
ondr fr th ilHVolhimfnnt of our
mule TtU road Iim ton onllwl hy
senmor Ulr TImmummiii "The io.
Central Oregon is a main road ot
travel for birds going north ami
South. Just now' lla in,. it, lnr.i r,..
the winged travelers to in-t m mnuir..
. -
men! along the route, en arc u it of Silver Creek.
.sriivnvnit at ituiiNs.
(Ilurns Tlmos-llorald.)
Knglueer lloguo connected with
the Strithorii railroad projects, wns
In Ilurns one night this weok. com
lug in fiom Hond nnd leaving tho fol
low lw? inoriilug hy horse back to look
over the lorrllori between burn nmi
WANTED Five or six horses to
winter. Alfnlfn hay and good barn.
W. M. Knickerbocker, Gist, Ore
gon, 4 1-20 p
WANTliD CJonn rags ct Tim Ilul-
If.ln ofllcc. Goad price paid. tt
our high grade stock. Kspcclally at
tractive commissions on certain lines
planted In tour section. Most lib
eral offer wo have ever made. Snlcm
Nursery Compnny, Snlcm,, Oio. 42-irc
WANTKI) Paying good sired
drug store In exchange for $420u
Portland Income property nnd cash
payment to balance. Address XYZ,
this paper, 45c
WANTKD Ono dozen turkeys nnd
ono doen chickens. Cozy restnur-
nnt. 4Cc
Art Exhibit
Zk JSIson art Exhibit
dlvcii be tbc
public $cbooIs
nitO tbc ,
HJiflb Scbool
Of JDcnO
dommcrcinl diub iKoomo
TOcencoOav!, CbutsOac nnO JTtlBafi
3nnunr) 20, 27, 28
proornm fivctc jSvcnliifj
Itoan mare, weight
Going At
-2 Price!
or dollvor
pounds. Ilrnnd 10 on left
Whlto spot In forehead. Kind-
Aune'B Darn. W. SI.
unss. itowara JIO. 44-4Bp
LOST 18 months Holstoln heif
er, slender build, moro whlto than
black, with extreme tin nr nn, .
clipped. Last seen nt La Plnn ni...
Mlko Mayflold ranco mttin ,...
hnvo followed rnngo Btork tn nJ
.l .1 .. .. - - wiuun-
u river, auitnoio
Address llox 41
I-a Pino,
,,?ST '"tweon WrlKht Hotel ami
Hrat .National Hank, ladlcB gold
wntch. Kowanl ror return in u,.i
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conneolnrl ti nn .. .. .
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plea Umi" ami u tft u fur uu-1
, . v ..