The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 15, 1915, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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1'AOE .1.
A Terrlilt Engine of Death Which
Works Automatically. .
Hnrly, lu life Hltitui .Maxim, showed
lilmncir u marvelous genius iw uu in.
vcutor. An Incident of his boyhood, in
which Uio recoil of ii i-iuc uttriictcd his
intention to uu iipimrent lo of pow.
or. led him lu tSSl-'J to utilize the fun
if the recoil to ood umiunt In u jnio'
whlcli load Itself iiutouiatluilly aud
tiros nt the ratu of V7u'nliitn tt minute
by thu powers the previously wasted
force. ,
The Maxim machine nun Is nn en
slnu of tcrrlhlc destruction. Thin RU'n
lias only u Hlnle barrel, which, when
tlie shot Is tired, recoils the ilNtuuie of
Jhree-()unrters of mi Inch, iii the other
jmrts of tho Rttti. Tills recoil Hc'tsunov.
JiiK the inneulncry whlih uutouiutfciil.
Jy keeps up n continuous lire ut the ex
traordinary rute of ttveUo rounds a
Each recoil of the barrel has there
fore to perform the iieeesynry functions
of extractliiR Mid ejectln the empty
cartrldcc. of brlnclns up the next full
one and pluclnu it In Its proper posi
tion In the barrel, of cocklnc the ham
mer and iiullltiK the tiller.
As lnn ns the Hrlim continues theso
functions are repeated round after
round tu rapid succession. The barrel
Is provided with a water Jnclict lo pre
vent excessive licntliii?. Philadelphia
Tho Gain or Loii of One Whole Oay In
Making the Trip.
In sailing around the world eastward
the days tire each a llttlo less than
twenty-four hours, according to the
speed of the ship, us the sun met n
little earlier every morning. These lit
tle differences nclded together will
amount to twenty-four hours. This
gives the sailors an extra day-not In
Imugluatlou, but as mi uc-tual fact.
They will have done nn extrn day's
work, eaten an extra day's ration of
food nnd enjoyed uu extra night's
On the oilier hand. In nulling' vct-.
waid the hiiIi Is ocrtohen a little each
. (lay. nnd so caeli day I rather ougcr
than tncuty.four hours, mid (Mocks and
wn Iclics nr- found lu be too fast. .Till
ulso will mnouiit In Falling lirduVl the
world to the point of departure to one
whole day by which the reckoning has
fallen In nrrears. The' ensfern hound
chip. then, has gained u day, nnd the
western bound ship has last one.
This strange fact, clearly worked out
lends to the npparcnt paradox that the
llrst mimed ship tins a (aln of t o
whole days over the latter. If we son
pose them to hnve departed from port
nnd returned tdgether. Westmlustei
Official National Anthem.
Do you know the olllclal national nn
them, which Is supposed to bring the
patriot tu hN feet?
No doubt you think you do, even, ns
lias been proved ngaln and again, when
more than two or three Americans are
gathered tc'iclhcr. that no one knows
inoro than u phrase or two of the
words, but do you rNo.for "Hull Co
lumbia." ".My Country. 'Tin of Thee."
ir the "Star Spangled Manner?"
Of eourMi I hear the army nnd navy
folk, familiar with regulations, nay
"Star .Spam 'oil Ilanner;" but. Judging
from tho uci.ous of audiences at vaude
ville and movie shows leecntl.v. wb'i
most It Is n tossup between nil three,
with the odds favoring evenly "Hull
4'olunililii" and "My Country." Which
sine Is It. do you really tnowJ-I'hlU--delpula
Ledger. i
How the Velocity of Cannon Qalls and
Gulleti It featured.
How fast does a bullet travel? The
highest velocity ever given to u canuon
ball Is l.irjd reet per second. This Is
equal to a mile In little more than
three seconds, or nearly twenty miles
a tuluutc.
A rille bullet docs not travel so fast
hs u cannon ball, the itverago rate be
ing 1275 feet -per second. This mat
ter of speed Is tested u a very Inter
esting way.
A long wooden' shed Is used. In which
a distance of exactly luo feet has bcou
carefully marked olT. At each end of
this space Is. a stand something like a
target with u large circular opening
where the hullseye should be. Across
each oitiMihii? Is Mlt-ntt-timl n miuiiM nln.
tile wire, connected with a delicate
Instrument In another room.
The rltle from which the llrlng Is
done Is so aimed Unit the bullet which
tiles fl oni It nils both wiles. Obvious
ly the dltTereiice In time between the
cutting of the two wires marks the
speed or the bullet through that 100
When the llrst wire Is cut niiHitectrle
current Is brokeu mid a rod falls, mov
ing a pointer on a slide In Its descent
The breaking of the second wire nets
lu the same milliner on another set of
rods, slides nnd pointers.
The difference lu the mnrks ninde by
tlie pointers on the slides tiiakes It pos
sible to estimate the dltTereiice In their
time of fulling, nnd from these calcu
lations ncciiiate tlgures as to speed are
obtained. London Answers.
Naming a Race Hone.
Some years ugo nt n sale of molim
.vcnrllngs tlie Uuke of Portland unit
iinutlier peer bid together for n tine
nulmal. nnd tho contest between them
was very keen. At length over twl
was bid for the house.
"If wc go on at this rate." said the
other peer, "wo shall be paying fnt
more than 'ho creature Is worth. Sup
io.e we buy It between us?"
The Duke of Portland agreed, and
inter on they had a discussion us In
what the Jmrso should be ealled. .
"Well." said his grace, "as we are go
ing to share It. why not call It The
Loaf?' "-rUiudon Mull.
Little Things That Mflko Living a Joy
Are Not Always Appreciated.
We are told that happiness comes by
piece mid that It Is these small bits
linked together that umkc our lives
worth while. Some of us are net con
tent to i tike our happiness by degrees
or at Intervals. V wriut It nil the
time In big pieces, mid If we cutiuot.
hare II that Wiy ve think that wc ure
deprived of our natural rights and look
iipou min-elvcs as Injured beings.
It Is u ru llier slngulaV: oppression of
human nature hov . ImppliuMs uffects
I In' Individual. ' With' some of us It
malic us friendlier toward others aud
anxious that they should experience
like Joys; with others It makes us mo
hiii lulled with ourselves to think very
much of our neighbors. .
Perhaps those of us who know what
the Joy of living menus have experi
enced both of these attitudes nt dif
ferent periods of our lives and are .ii
IHisltlou, therefore, to appreciate a
vnrylng vlewKlnt. but even so It Is
only after we lose something of that
Joy of living mid have found out for
ourselves that there are shadows which
no amount of sunlight can disperse
thnt we can readily appreciate the
blessing of whatever happiness may
Mud Its way Into our, lives.
The little things that count so much
In our Intercourse with each other arc
not always tegurded ns highly ns they
should be. nnd for this reason we pass
by much that would give, us Joy If we
only knew how and where to Hud It.
Charleston News and Courier.
Economy Rules, and Food For One
Day Only Is Dought at a Time.
In tho Krench markets you can buy
any portion of food you' may wish.
Nothing Is too small. No tradesman
stares If you say, "M'sleu. 1 want one
egg," or "I will take u julipiart (which
Is an eighth of n pound) of butter."
And If you nsk for n half pound of
meat ho doesn't cut It to wqlgh three
quarters of n pound. ' Vnii don't let
him, and he knows It. The French
housewife hns been for generations ed
ucating the French shopkeeper to sell
In the way that bIio would have him.
, It Is popularly supposed by some
pcoplo thnt there Is economy In buy-
dug In bulk. Hut the Frenchwoman
pays otherwise. She says that .of a
large Quantity some of It U almost Bure
to spoil, and lu the end yon lose raoro
than you have gained even by your
wholesale price. So she buys her but
ter, as everything else, Just enough for
the day. Aud she bus u marvelous in
tuition for guessing what that amount
will be down to the very sou. The test
of her skill lu housewifery, she con
siders. Is nn empty cupboard at sun
down. Then she lequlres no Ice to
keep things over until the next day.
Tho cost of Ice, whlcli lu many nn
American household amounts to $1 a
week, would be an uuthliikablo ex
travagance In France. There Is, no Ice
box among the llttltigs of the Paris
kitchen. Instead, there is lu every
npnrtmcnt tho cold storage cupboard,
set In the kitchen wall with shutters
on tho outside, through which there Is
always a circulation of nlr. A wire
netting on tho Inside of tho shutter pro
tects tho food from dust.
Tho cupboard Is nn entire success In
keeping food for the length of tlmo
thnt the Parisian housewlfo requires,
else, you may be sure, she would not
use It. for Hhe never throes nnj'thlng
nwny, Not to waste the smallest scrap
or crumb W n- fundamental dogma of
her housekeeping creed. Kven every
Htnlo crust of blend must be saved. It
Is grated to, reduce It to crumbs. These
nrc kept lu the tin can that sets on thn
chemlneo shelf over the stove. There
nre llvo or six purposes for which you
use breadcrumbs-for French toast, for
bread soup or for pudding, for lin
ing poultry or lu frying croquettes or
"breading" chops, or. very Important
Indeed, Is It to know thnt by mixing
nn equal part of theUi with chopped
meat worth only 10 centime.! nnd nu
egg nnd rolling all In n cabbage leaf
to bake In the oven they serve the
clever purpose of making the meat go
nt least twlco as fur iignln. Yes; It Is
Homo fussing to tlx It. Hut It doesn't
matter at nil thnt this takes time. The
Frenchwoman .applies nlwnys but one
test. "Is It cheaper?" Pictorial Jto
view. Great Difference.
"Some say that marriage Is n lottery
wlih ns."
"That's n step above the south sea
Islanders, where Ihey tnnrry a girl to
the man who can offer the most cocoa
nuts. There it's u rntlle." Ixiulsvltle
A Chance at Katt.
He Did your mother uppenr pleased
when you broke the uews of our en
gagement? She Yes. Indeed. She
uid she had always wanted to tell yon
wbnt she 'bought of your habits f
lress mid speech and total lack of go 1
manners uud literary taste, mid felt
jiow she had the right to express her
wolf. Itlotiuioud Tlmes-Ulsputch.
Letter For Loiter.
"Why does n poet begin so many of
(its sentences with 'O?' I'qulied the
"There's no answer," replied Mr.
Penwlggler "Why does n speeehuink
er begin o many of his M-iueiue-i with
I?'" Washington Star.
Hvery man who Is uot a mon'ter.
mnthrmatlclun or mad philosopher I
the slave of some woman or other.
lcorge Plot.
We nre puzzling our brnln to knqw
which one of these fellows we are.
Ohio State journal..
'Tie doted on Alice nnd would Uave
married her but for her mother."
"Ah! Hei mother"
"Yes; her mother was still more at
tractive." Revenge Is sweet only In nntlclpa
tlon, never In accompllshmenL
ycuth's Companion.
Oardens In he Ice,
A glacier when It dlslodgesltself and
sails away over tho Arctic ocean never
travels alone. In tlie wake of every
larrc ono Hunts u line .of similar com
panions. The nsklmos cull this phe
nomenon, "the duel; and ducklings."
mid any one 'who has wuicficd the
progress of the wild duel; followed by
Iter biood wljl nppreclate the uptltude
of the name. Strange as It may seem,
plants grow nnd blossom upon those
gieat Ice mountains. Wlicn n girder
Is at rest moss iittifches Itself to It,
protecting the Ice beneath,' Just as
Kiiwdust does. After a limit the moss
decays and forms a soil, lu which the
seeds of buttercups aud dandelions.
brought by the wind, take root and
Profejjlonnl Pawners.
In many of the menu streets of I.on
don there nre professional pawncrs
wmiien, well known to the pnwuhrn
hers, who for hiiihII payments lul
clothes mid household goods to pawu
for their neighbors. It Is stated thnt
the fuu'tloii of the professional pawn
er Is twofold. The woman who pawns
through u n'1'ogul.ed Intermediary gets
a larger loan than she would If she d'd
the business herself. For the pawi
broker the professional pawner gum
unices the good faith of the owner mid
will be able lo exercise pressinu In
icuse of default. louden Express.
i A Swimming" Grindilone'i "
Rome of the fishermen on the rlvn
Tyne. lu Huglaiid. nre nor only Igno
rritit. but Btui'ld. On one occasion two
of these fishermen were caught by u
heavy freshet nnd driven out of the
river to sen. As the story goes, one ol
the mm saw In the dusk n hoop tloat
Ing by. The hoop was full of fomn.
'Wn nro wived!" exclaimed the man
"Here's a grindstone swlmmltigl" St
Louis Globe-Democrat.
It Wat a Flro Cod.
The artist William M. Cha once
hired n tlsu. painted a picture of It In
two hours mid afterward sold It to the
Corcoran Art gallery tit Washington
for -MHVX Mr. Chase afterward In
formed lid' tlsh dealer who had rented
hi in tho fish of the price he had wvl'
ed for the picture. "Well." i-oimutu'
cd the fishmonger. "It was u line cud.
-Philadelphia Hecord.
The Mald'e Reply.
As Wliltmn U-iij over her fair face
he whispered:
"Darling. If I should- ask you In
French If I might kiss you whul uinild
yon answer?"
She. railing up her cmity knowledge
of the French language, exchiliut-ti
"ISIIItt doux!"-F.xctinuge.
A Continued Story.
"What did your wife ay when yon
stayed out so-late last night?"
"1 don't know. She han't finished
ttlllnc It all to me yet-"-Detroit Free
Pre. "
The coward only threatens when tie
U safe. Coetbe.
"I hope you never talk about your
neighbors," said the exuding friend,
"I never do," replied the frivolous
woman. "They're mi a .vfully uninter
esting lot." Washington Star.
A Reporter's Scoop.
Iteiwrter I've got a good piece of
new here this morning. I've found n
person who hns been confined to one
room his entire life. IMltor (Jood!
Rcild It up. Who Is It? Itcporter Why.
a tliree-dnytold baby nt our house.
Philadelphia Itecord.
First Criminal Ijiwyer Facts nre
stubborn things. Second Criminal Law
yer (cheerfully i Oh, yes! If they were
not our fees would be smaller. Pitts
burgh Press.
Down and Up.
Hcivgng He's u low down crook.
Itlldiid Who's a low down crook?
Howgiig Tlie mail higher up. Chicago
Cleaning and
Up Sl!r- Drtn Duilding
Call (or and Deliver All
Wotk. Ordm lilen by
"Sonny" the Meutngcr Boy
Gilbert 3b Son
It looted 'l "Die Pioneer
Ham, Drnd, and will care
lor your I lortei ana Cattle
at your call, or
Phone 221
Alio iflli
Columbia Disc Graphophone and Grafonola
$15.00 to $225.00
Witli Columbia-
Individual Record
Mahornny, Satin
Walnut, or
Quartered Oak.
(Golden. Fumed, or
Early Engluh)
"The Jewel"
&ktk4 QMtHnd Oak.
y'OU aie invited t .ny
lime to ccxe in ind lulen
In die liet ColumbU Rrfnrdi,
Wc cn get you tor w lection
on inoit notice.
MJ Christmas is only 1 0 days
away, and that if you haven't
purchased your Gifts it will soon
be too late to do your CHRIST
flOur complete stock of Mens
Furnishings at Your Disposal.
we have them. NOW is the
proper time to MAKE YOUR
Fish, Oysters and
Dressed Poultry
Hone! Street
Onpoiite Carmody Droi.
Don't Send Out of Bend for that
Christmas Gift
Look over our stoelc of high
grade jewelry. If you do not
find what you want v we will
gladly send for a memorandum
package Tor you to select gootls
not carried in stock will he
priced' much lower than you -will
he ahle to get them elsewhere.
Watch Inspector I'orS. 1'. & S.,
Oregon Trunk Division.
i i
For a short time we will
sell residence lots well
located, city water and
lights and lumber with
which to build for
$10 CASH AND $10