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Tim w:xi nt'M.irnx, ikxi, owe, wicdxicsday, ii:cF,Min:n 8, ioib.
f" '' ' PAGE 8.
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k FROM BEND 13-0'
y It. h. TONNE
Muddy Field Prcvwitu Fast V(irk
Victor Held Hcorcl(-w Until tho
Fourth Quarter Tho Touch
IIohii In I,w,t FIo Minutes.
Outplayed, lmt not outgnmed, the
Ilond All S'.nrs woro dofented by tlio
rrlnovlllo-All Stnrs In a mntlncc en
llnflomont lnnt Sundny nt I'rinovlllu
by ii Bcoro of 13 to 0.
Showing superior strength In til-
rnoHt ovury doimrtmoiit, I'rlnovlllo
Iilnyod a gnmo thnt measured up to
ninny played by hoiiiu of the best col
lego teams In tho northwest confer
ence. Thoru .wns evlilenco that the
tun in tmil been well drilled. Its
charging vn3 hard nnd rnct. Its
formations mill pnBBCH were difficult
for the Ilond dufeiiKu to solve. Con
sidering that tho Ilond tenin hud not
bean In milts bIiico tho Thanksgiving
day battlo In llund, tho locals played
u rciiiarkublo dofoiiHlvo game. Tho
Hold wan slippery which miiilo gains
by I'lthor toam dllllcult to ninlco. Ilond
showed decided weakness on offense,
rnfnmlllarlty with Blgntils was con
Unntly evident. Tho bnckfleld work
wiih fantfr than In tho Turkey day
game lyit thoro was Ioosoiiohh In
hnndlltifc tho passes. Only twice
durlnr tho entire gnmo did Ilond
rHt"ht first down. Open Hold work
8 vo vhlch tho locals had to rely
In ""nderrd hy tho condltloiiB of the
' v' Is. I.lnu plunges wero tho on.
to iroictivo wayn of gaining. With
rnveliirablo inoro nvolrdupolB In tho
with ho Ilond dufoiiHo was stronger
Icn(;rn the IlrHt game, itc-unforccd
'dMkliiBon at right guard, Ans-
'"t left end and Sanders at cen-
Henil lino wns much heavier.
"own In Fourth Quarter.
until tho fourth iiuartur waB
Ho able to Hcoro. I'p to that
looked like u no scoro gnmo
Last nprlng there developed a plan , bed. Ueslden thoso Improvements It
to tap tho Deschutes river south of has been pointed out that the main
Ilond nnd lend tho wator Into Cllne chnnnol of uppor Squaw Creek In
Kails, I'lr.lnvlow nnd Lower Bridge I several places Is dammed up with
districts for Irrigation purposes. Thojiogg, trash and rocks. TIiub spread
ph n Is knowp ns tho West etdo unit. ng tho wnter ovor wIu0 grnvo, ,)ar8
Later in tho summer nn Investigation whuro moro or Icsa ot tho wnter
demonstrated that the wnter In Hluol8nkBi it s proposed that those Jama
and SuttlcB lakeB were nvallablo for UQ removed and tho channel stralght
thls Bnine district. Hut later it was nnn,i . , iiftu, ,i,n ,..,. ,,
Shown Hint tho Vttcr Of HillO and . trnnalt In n nirrnw l.n.i. if i. ntl-
Suttleslalos could be conducted Into mutcil that through tho nbovo men-
iliu urumivicv, IllinriCI, lor VlllCIl no i tlnnnrl ltnnrnvnnint,u I, ,..., .If...
ether water was nvallnblo, while nnd one hundred second feet of wator
CI no I- nils, I'lr.lnvlow and Lower, CRn )0 Havc(i at an expense of from
lour to nvo tnoiiKaiid dollars
Ilrldgo could bo served from the Wcat
cldo milt If noth'ug bettor.
Perhaps It was providential that
certain Lower Ilrldgo people honrd
that tho Oreen Inko Just across tho
illvldo between the South Sister and
Ilroken Top might possibly furnish
wator that could be turned Into tho
Squnw Creek. Tho Lower Hrldgo
people having been Informed thnt nil
wator rights Including those for 18U5
and later had proven through care
ful mcnsiireiiiniitB during a cedes of
years to bo short. And they nlso
learned thnt If prnctlrnl tho Oreen
Inkofl, as compared with tho West
sldo unit, could bo developed for nt
least one half the cost per acre.
An InvoHtlgntlon from Plalnview
domaiiBtrntcd thnt n goodly supply or
water Mowed from Oreen Inkcs, Lntor
representatives from tho Squaw
Crook Ditch Co., anil Lower llrldgu
found that the Oreen lakes and vi
cinity afforded an Ideal clto for a
reservoir and that a tunnel through
tho divide wts fenslble. Still later n
company of surveyors from Lower
Ilrldgo found thnt n 20 font dam
would Btoro about "fiOO ncro feet of
water. They ulso found that n tun
nel C,3nfi fact long would deliver tho
wntor to tho cast sldo of tho divide
within easy access to Squaw Creek.
Tho eHtlmntcd cost of both dam nnd
tunnel Ib around $80,000.
Through a comparison of tho
squnro miles of wnter Bheds for tho
Tuninlo. Squaw Creek and tho Oreen
lakeB which was checked up by a
comparison of the October flow for
ench water shed Increased by tho per
cent of Incrcnso for tho other sum
mer montliB, It wnB found thnt thoro
would bo a summer flow from Oreen
InkeB of Bomo .11,500 ncro feet. This
How can nil of this bo done?
Moro than that, the Oieon lakes
aro only nn estimate. Nothing can
bo dono with thorn until definite
measurements of tho wator Is deter
mined. Who Is going to tnko the
measurements. After somo Btudy It
wns decided that this work would
never bo undertaken oxcept by thoso
vitally Interested In It. And tho in
terested persons nro tho wntar users.
Thn "dlHtrlct Irrigation plan" offers
a solution for each problom. Conse
quently n campaign setting forth tho
JJir tW Jl Q
nil holding tho Prlnuvlllo lluo,fl llireo frtlm uh much wnter ns
fo dlhtanro from their goal
him tho county seaters had
i bull to the 10 yard line
Ih of ofTectlvo lino bucks,
.ipllnited tho font, which
Tout for Ilond In the gnmo
Siun "j ii'ifi. On u dolnyi'd piihs, tho
rUiliv J Inr hnd been drawn to the
right ilUo of I'rlnevllle'B line.
i. (or wlfli a rlear Held shot off Itond'B
right' oud for u tiiuchilown. Hrnslus
kicked goal. Tho tterond touchdown
1 .V' wltll,M Hireo inlnutoB nftnr tho
one. PrliU'vlllo klekod off to
d's (lvo jnril Hum. llrandenliurK
lalved tho ball mid IihiI not ad-
need moro than 15 yards when ho
mm tripped by ono of IiIm tonmniatoi.
ift'iul lust (ho bnll nn d wim oi the
2.r. yard IJiih and nxuln bv a verlei of
bucks by tho il.iiH'iii-l.ltor ciuiibl
liHtlim Lister carried the bnll over
the lino for tho second touchdown.
ltrosltiB railed to kick goal.
J Thoro wero occasional flnsho or
lndlvlilii.ll work by tho llonil team.
Hiovor wiib particularly offectlvo on
i tlofmiFo. lie wiib kooii to grnup tho
Prlnovlllo formntloiiN and plnyn, but
lt Willi nn oyo Bwnlleu uliut onrlv In tho
"nuio ho was handicapped. Ward, at
.lie, miiilo gains every time ho wiib
nllml on a tncklo around pin v. bwlng
U;4o the condition or tho Hold Stoldl
' bril hoiiIii dillleiilty In bundling tho
forward puhh, but hla work on the
orfiuiHo mib bettor than In tho first
wiHUKonient. WllkliiHon. with 210
pound of beef In tho lino, holputl
urontly to chock tho Llttr ind Law-
mil luickB. HiinderM who played at
center played n good doroiiHlvo gs'mo
roiiMliliirhiK that ho xmib unacqiinlnted
with tho hIkiiiiIb and had boon out
for practice only u fow times. 1'rlmcln
wont In at center and lloyd nt tncklo
in tlio Iimt fow inlnutoB or nlny aid
Imlil Lister In check. Krklnoi who
took Kolley'M place at (niarterback,
tdayed a gnml ganie. both on ofTeiiBlvo
"unil dofniKo. II,. tore a ligament In
IiIb right Hhoulder In tho early Btnges
or tho gnmo which considerably him
dlcapped him.
The Prlnovlllo aggregation worked
llko tittrnn. Tho lino wns woll
drilled and charged low and fust.
Luwhou used tho eastern Btylo or lino
plunging which iiindo offensive work
for tho backa effective. Lister. Law.
on and HrotdtiH played good ball.
HroHlua was offectlvo on ond runB and
made several good trnliiB. Lawson
and Lister wero hnrd to Btop on line
plungeB, Whenever Prlnovlllo need
ed yardnge, l.Uter was the man upon
whom they relied to get It.
Tho Kamo was well attended. A
largo crowd of Head enthusiasts went
over Sunday morning to nttend the
now Hows from Squnw creek In tho
summer season.
It has also been pointed nut thnt
three pnrnllel streams which aro al
most Inst before emptying Into Squnw
Creek could for little cxponso be
thrown together and thus savo quite
a Inns of wnter. Polo creek which
runs about twenty second feet mid
Is completely lost, could nt a nonil
nnl expense bo ditched Into Squaw
C.-olt. Another fifteen second feet
of Kcepngo between the Squaw Creek
Co.'h heailKato and Sisters could bo
Hnved by conducting thn wntor
through a ditch In place of tho creek
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ndvnntngca of tho district plan has
been going on for several weeks. Tho
first meeting was held nt il.owcr
Ilrldgo then nt IMalnvlew, Sisters and
Cloverdalo. Lower Drldge r.nd Plain
view favored tho plan almost to a
man. At Sisters nnd Cloverdalo there
was Bomo reluctnnco on tho part of
a few holding older rights to enter
the district. They knew thnt their
rights woro gcod rnd free from In
cumbrances. They feared that the
district plan was n schema to rob
them of their rights and then compell
them to hslp dovelop a lot of now
'water wholly for the benefit of new
lnnd. At tho Clovordale meeting ono
Friday night a decided turn In ravor
of tho district was brought about
through Information presented by O.
Lnurganrd, engineer for tho Tumnlo
project. Ho mado it plain to thoso
present thnt tho oxpenso would be In
proportion to tho benefit received.
No benefits, no cxponso: fifty per
cent benefita, fifty per cent expense
And full prlco for now lnnd. llo also
pointed out thnt If nny person wns
afraid of tho district plan nnd sat
isfied with his present wnter right ho
could remain outside of tho district
Tho district would deliver his wntor
tho same as Is now dono by tho com
pany. Mr. Lnurganrd gave his opin
ion that nfter duo Investigation ho
would bo surprised lr tho district was
not organized and every water user
included In It.
Tho district law prov!des"1or five
directors to bo elected by tho water
users. It Is their duty to Investigate
tho different parts of ho system.
When n proposition Is found feasible
every water usor Ib entitled to vote
for or against It. If fnvorablo tho
directors hnvo power to promoto tho
undortnking. Under such a system
It Is believed that the district watered
by tho 8uuaw Creek could by next
spring do tho nocossary work to do
velop enough wator on tho Squaw
Creek watershed to tnko caro of all
water rights hoforo and up to 1905.
Thoy would nlso mensuro tho flow
and mnko other Investigations of tho
Green lakes so that by next fall tho
district would bo ready either to fn-
vor or drop tho proposition. Tho
lnuds In tho nbovo proposed district
are In various singes of development,
from a high Btnto of cultivation to
raw sago brush and Juniper land.
Thoro Is no reason why nil of the
abovo mentioned lnnd can not be
come Just ns productlvo nnd well de
veloped ns tho very best if only tho
wnter can bo supplied. Wo bollovo
that tho water. Is available The dis
trict plan gives ovory proposed wntor
usor an opportunity to hnvo a hand
In tho development of a grenter Oro-
gon. Tho destiny of Oregon Is In
our linnds. Shnll wo simply exist nt
a Btnrvatlon rnto? Or shall bo boost j
tho district plan, bring down tho
water, develop the land nnd mnko
Oregon great?
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