The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 04, 1915, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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ed may bo erased, If '!.! ""
is added to tho post card will bo de
stroyed. I am fjulto well.
I hae been admitted Into hospital
Sick nnd am going on wo.l.
Wounded nnd hope to ho dlccharg-
ed soon. , ,
1 am being sent down to tho lirso.
I hac received your letter dated,
telegram dated: parcel dated.
Letter follows nt flist opportunity.
I havo received no lotter (mm
Intelv. for a lone tlmr. ua'
i people for weoko though my having
has received, Is one supplied the
Kngllsh soldiers to send messages-to
frlonds and relatives without tiny pos
sibility of Information being given
to his sltuntlon, the. remaining lino
or lines being tho mossago given.
Tho. post card Is ns follows:
cuangeu my nauauon may no tne
trouble. I hoio now that prosperity
has hit the 'States' llentl la boom
ing, if I got through nil right il
may pay you n Islt no 1 think I'll
como bark by way of the Pacific.
"I will drop you n lino onco In n
whllo unless bo mo "Htm" gets mo
and puts mo out of business,"
Tim Tost Citiil. '
The pest curd, which Mr. Prlngle
Slgnaturo only: Sorgt. Pinf.,. .,
a Coinuanv. 2nd Tmttnti,... 83i
lans, Franco. ' Lail5
Date. JUll' 11.
whlcluwlll lmvo any bearing on the
qlturitloa of the wur Itself. Only the
address Is pgrmltte1, to bj.yrltten
on the front sldo and the signature
on tho back, thet rest of'tho back
side of the postal being taken up with
The address only to be written on
this sldo. If anMhing else Is added,
I the post card will be destrocd.
L rf Hack.
' Nothing is to bo written on this
sldo exceiit- the date and signature
(Poatngo jnust bo prepaid tn .
letter or. post card addrnsa, .1 . V
sender of this card.) "i
Cnn Tt1tnnff1a fun rn.l 1.
printed sentences which are to be
.. hUUU nouses,
crossed out by the sender according
, of the sender. Sontence3 not requir
lIciirliiR Hcl for August i!it to Deter-
jiiino Cluiruitei' of iMUf Result
Mtiy lo toltoki' It fiiim Jinlsillr
' tlou of Sliito f Oregon.
1 '
l, f
(Oregon Journal.)
SAT.ttlf, .July 28.- That ths Ore
gon hoinx Company has Med mining
cjInllliH (in tliu bed of Alkali lake nnd
has inadp nppllcntinn to the lnnd of
fice at WnHliliigU'ji to have thai iBinn
urveysd and Included as part of the
ptiiille doniuln, ibveloned today nt
Httto MnRlneer Lewis' offloos, whore
JlollcH wiik received from Surveyor
Ounerel ISdwmd Worth that a hear
ing would be held August 27. to do
tannine tliu character of the lake,
whlrh Is Ineulod In the northern part
of Lake county.
If the union naked by tliu Oregon
JUimx company, a I'allfornlii concern,
Id taken, the 1 iko will bo removed
from the Juiladlrtloii of the Kit to nnd
placed under the control of the fod
oral government A annoy of the
towiiBiiln In which Alkali lulto Is lo
cated was nii'ibi hi 1X8,'!. nt which
tlmo Alkali 1 til: vmh maundered, thus
indlentlng that It wan u nuvlgnblo
lako, the bed of which bolongod to
tliu state,
AllldavltH submitted by A. I,. Well,
attorney for the Orogon Ilornx Com
liauy, contend that the lulto should
not have been men mimed and that
tliu survey was In error In this pnr
tluiilnr. It Is ulmi asserted that tho
lake freucuU) drlim up, It has do
povlts of ciiihoimlo of soda.
Accordlni; to the coiiiinlsstonor of
tho general lnnd olllco, the lands wero
soeured fi dim Klniuntli liullntm by
tronty In lSi'.l, proclaimed In 1870,
or autmeiueiit to the swamp hud net
111 1801, tilt (I would not thuioforo, bo
tmlijcut to Ihu awninti land act.
Alkali laliu belongs to the same
group iih Abuil and Summer, the Inst
liamud two bellig under lease to .In-
eon .Moore.
Pool and billiards at tho Metro
politan, .lust the thing ,or it little
relaxation in mo evening. .uv. u.
111(1 HOLIDAY I'Oll ItKM).
Tils advance billing bi Ignite of tho
Parke ami Hanks Ilallroad Shown
lopiHMl off ut Itetul lon enough to
blaiou the li.i ins and fences heio and
th iirinuudlnK OJiintry notifying
the pupiiluue of the eoinliiK of that
great ninuaemeiit enterprise wlilcli Is
eagerly loolieil forward to by nil
qotnmutiltlra, ae t )u vaat tented
Bltlea tlvu t lie whole family pure, un
alloyed and wltolwmme pleaaiire.-anil
given the little i uea a chance to le
new their acquaintance with all the
thing that aenui eo uiytterloua to
The Parka mid Hanks enow, whldli
iave created a Kenaalton on two eon-
tlnenta, 1e Mute brought to your very ,
doors, and la offuiluii the public .the i
ereaiii or the European talent ooui-l
blned with the nmat daring strrs and '
performer of America, hi coujiiue-;
lion with tlie moet duixlliia ami sen
aational wild animal acta ever pre-1
eented or cournhed heretofore, ami
with a atimll army of funny clowns
and kite of inualr. will naturally
(MUae you to bty aside your work one
ilav ami uuliiy youteelf to the utmost.
This will truly be u liolldHy for
Mil, Comu. wu'ly ami brine the ubll
(Iren and sod It all. Uraud free e
lilbtlon diilly at the show grounds.
Don't forget (ho date, Tuemluy, Aug
till 10, at lleuil adv
llli.'l rOMPA.W IIIYS KTOl'lt.
AnnounconiBiit has been mode of
the aale bv the Miller Lumber Com
pany to The llt-ud Company of Im
ontlre elooli iif lumlwr and building
material. lleiuafter ilu latter com
pany will carry a line of cement,
plaster and lliuu. hitherto carried by
the Milter Compauv H. A. Miller,
president and oiier of the Miller
couipHB) , baa nut, ." et decided what
new line of UhsI.iiiss he will eugaite
mtow.v wimixu 'iMinuitow.
Pharlea A. llrowa of Chicago, ptee
ident of the leud Water Uaht A
Power Cu. hi eiteeted to arrive to
morrow. During hie stay eeveral Im
portant tuwaunoeuienia In connection
with coming development work are
looked for. un beiua la ooaneetiot
with tho city water system.
Sm Vdwtirde for paper haaglHR.-
01s TRB'CM UII'13
(OoatlHued from page 1.)
Whls llauaa" particularly the let
tar, iue i rapidly that you dnn't
get 11111011 time to duck There are
eae'i lte uurlug right aloug of
oui but'lBft waate of amuiuultlou
1 -i mi pl tfjJjJQUQu. Wheu one le
aiwiaeere Qjl llie battle Nun extends
for hunilroilrt i)t mile It give a per
aon a uemluotio trying to think of
Vhe roet both la luou and Biougi
Italy's couiIub in Is going to tkorien
the war it tjouil dtl wrtlr by Uie
uhl of lier army ami mivy. hut olilof
lv owlug to tlvp (ftgl hut tj9 i"4lu
anlv of tleruiage U ?- ff
"I Uavn't heard from nny of you
Get all the smoke-pleasure you pay for.
Find the right cigarettea SENSIBLE
one that fits your own likes and dislikes.
' Vi ' it - .
"""'.'fV '
,f V,M I '
Tastes (lifTer in fushions, foods nnd pretty girls.
Also in cigarettes.
A cigarette that' startpd out to-please every man's
taste would end up by pleasing none. x
Most of us lilce our cigarette smoke dcliciously cool
aqd rqfrahing. The Mexican likes his hot and dry, with
a nice little peppery sling in it.
Some men like a cigarette wholesomely, fragrantly
mild. Others of us hunt for a cigarette almost as heavy
as a black cigar.
Most of us want an "easy" cigarette a SENSIBLE
one, so that no matter how steadily or how manv we
smoke, we'll feci' as fit as a fiddle. Other men. though,
don't care about that. They smoke only a few so they
want a kick like n mule's in each pufK
All of no want our smoke "full-bodied" -it must satisfy
that sinoke-hungcr. Hut th? cigarette that just fills the
bill for you, may not do at all for your ndxt-door neighbor.
Somewhere among- nil the brands on the market is the
one'jmt-righl cigarette for YOU I
Maybe it's the wry one you have now in your
pocket iy arc you SUMS? Maybe it's some entirely
"dilt'ercnt" cigarette it may or may not be Fatima.
Nut "find it 1" Until you do, you're cheating your
self out of a whole lot of smoke-pleasure. Also you're
waiting some money.
How to Find "yours"
To avoid blindly trying too many different cigarettes,
ask yoursolf, first of all, this question:
1 'Just xvhat do I like in a cigarette ? "
If you smoke only a few every day, you may prefer
a, cigarette which is rather rich or heavy 'and "oily." Or
you may like one which has a rather strong "oriental"
taste with v pungency almost like perfume. Or you may
want a cigarette with that noticeably "sweetish" Egyptian
but this will help you find it
flavor. But if you smoke quite often if you would like
to smoke whenever you feci like it and without any effect
on the tongue or throat or any fear of a heavy or "heady"
feeling afterwards then you should choose some cigarette
such as Fatima, a cigarette composed of all-pure tobaccos
of considerable aroma, mellowed by being aged and care
fulljfc blended to produce a fragrant and wholesomely mild,
yet "full-bodied" smoke. And the smoke niust be notice
ably COOL. For otherwise your tongue or your throat
will soon signal you, to stop smoking so often.
If you will ask any Fatima smoker, he will tell you
that Fatinias never make him "feel mean" no matter
how many he smokes.
That is why Fatinias arc considered the most sensible
cigarette by such a large majority of smokers. And
that is probably the main, reason tvhy hardly any
Fatima smokers ever switch! They like a sensible cigarette
and one with a good, pure taste to it.
' O
But the Taste is up to You '"
All cigarettes are pure, but when it comes to the taste,
nobody can help you choose. You simply have to decide
for yourself.
Of course, Fatima's taste may not appeal to" you.
Hut most men who try Fatinias like the taste so well that
they seek no further otherwise Fctimas could never have
won and held their enormous and growing leadership
amounting to over one and a half HiLLION cigarettes a
year. .
m The one purpose of this advertisement is to ask you
m a fair and square way to give Fatinias (SO for 15c)
a good trial. If they don't happen to suit your taste,,
you II quit smoking them of course. But if you like
iMitimns as well as MOST men do, you'll be mighty glad
you read this advertisement and ACTED ON IT I
Below are two simple tests which you can easily make
and which may help you find your sensible cigarette.
It may or may not be Fatima. But be fair to yourself
and find yours. '
M tljown by Intcruul Hovcnuo report.
i atri."u"' . i i..tenr r- tx v - -- -ur ivt .
E i -r:TS 'SZ- ! Vi ,S'; s.ffi
:;... o
itrff ."":... I nti'ie . ...i,umr'v"',io.. do lu" "
1..11UHK "-: . . are "". ..iarii" i i...t &""-- ...r.i""
,. i to "- iut u.- iiiii vr...nro'v: .,iuwf .- ... mV
" :..ww -. "AB:f ct. ;?;: ? i i""vz:
j.ttutii - .., aiu'n - rtui".'-. t mi"'-. ..awici',"-:...iiii "uv-....
.iurt ?. :,nowe. !.' : ce rl7r.',rt " Y'T """i ttfc''.l""i ;
dlt'uy J lull' ll. iilien i"" lf",,7uir'u,' tull,,V Vt
alv ' -, use-" i tlie " :
ll.uttl J ". l.ilUU t'" . .. .il IK -"
ilHl"" i -a IO Mi"" .....,lea inMtrt...,
i wret?n5Sin7i -k cf vsbe!
.::; ;u v. r t v ,, ,
mt ' iu '"'";,;. oa . ":. . iiv: v;. ;
for roe - . , fi " "WcI?lu 1 e-u, uv - of
to l ?r-lioVlwAiiu4W r., itl0din'W" -
v:-.r..fl:s- jfflw; H: lw:t . .
i ' rafucieol l' " (UW iOWnnawrt l"' .., -tlhottt :KM
l.iu'v- ,,,11101 " - k tui "',.. iiusuj .,..... i'r'p ..
. :.. ..mri"" i .miiih
HI" ' . ,,WUII " n
'l. N?
V Oepyrtet,iu,u;letUUVtr3ToieteoC3, B
hVjsaBOEBajtJcaaGaaESra. a
.ssssi.5: s's.
.HW ' .... I11UH l". b I ltll'liva -' r HIP II'B- ...I 111 ' .
. 'V.- .ivtall " .' . in 1U !:".-. ate " i. Hie e'".; .. ii
"""",. ,-r'vw..-rw.
. . ..,11
r k
A y Hi On!, Ctea,,iU WnY tkt GranJ fnu
' ' l '. t '- " ,
-gjWWUJi US,a