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The bend bulletin.
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Vol. XIII.
NO. It).
Jlrnglch TJulldliiR Completed Slirln
cr & Huoy Hulld Itakcry Addition
-Itosdcnces Under Construct
tJon in l'ark and Deschutes.
A rovlvnl of building activity hard
ly enunllod In tho past two years has
been started In Ilond hy tho begin
ning of tho Shovlln-Hlxon dovolop
ment work. Now houses nro being
built and Improvements nnd addi
tions nro being mado in almost ovory
quarter of town. In addition plans
nro undor consideration which nvlll
mean still groatbr activity In tho near
Tho lnrgest pieces of construction
nnd thoBO on which tho most men
nre omploycd, are, of course, tho
-dam ncrons tho DcschutcB at the mill
site and tho railroad hrldgo Just bo-
low. Doth hnvo given employment
to largo numbers of men, at ono tlmo
noarly 100 bolng omploycd, and n
big part of tho total cost, estimated
at nearly $25,000, is for labor.
In tho business district thero was
recently complotod n ono story brick
'building on llond street occupied by
M. Droglcli for saloon purposes, O.
V. Tansy doing tho brick work nnd
Ed DroBtorhous tho cnrponterlng.
Nearby, tho Thorl)Jornson liulldlng
rocelvod oxtonslvo repairs following
the flro which caught from tho burn
ing blacksmith shop adjoining, nnd
Is now In uso ngnln.
k On Wall streot, in tho roar of
ttts prosont storo. tho American Hak
ory Is now building n modorn bakory
nnd kitchen of brick nnd concrete
Tho rear of tho adjoining jtoro room
has been partitioned off nnd will bo
used by tho bakery, also. Later it
Is expected that a door wnv will bo
cut through to connect tho front
parts of tho two rooms and a con
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Shelln-lllxon Dniu Is Tuo Thirds
Completed OIHcIhIn Here.
Tho concroto piers for tho railroad
hrldgo to tho Shnvlln-Hlxon mill
were complotod on Saturday nnd tho
big concroto mlxor which hnd boon
used on tho Job hauled away. Tho
timber bontB aro now bolng put In
place above tho piers, tho work bo
lng flnlslied from tho west end out
to tho span. On tho oast sldo tho
approach to tho hrldgo Is prnctlcnl
ly completed, and It now scorns cer
tain thnt tho dnto set last wcok, July
25. will boo trains, running over tho
The dnm Is two thirds flnlshod nnd
tho wntnr 1b now passing through tho
spillway on tho completod portion.
Today tho river will bo turned from
tho east sldo and the remaining cof
for work ' started. On the logging
rood grading continues.
. Prnsidont oilman of tho Oregon
Trunk and several other officials
upent Inst Friday hore in Inspecting
tho newly complotod spur and the
hrldgo work.
Even though you might never have
a fire or tliieves enter your .home,, a
paper mislaid is often times lost just
as irretrievably as if it had been
burned or stolen.
When your valuable papers are in
our vault you KNOW where they
are and you KNOW they are safe.
You can lease a steel box in our
vault with a non-pickablo Yale
lock big enough to contain all
your private papers, for $2 a year
Can you afibrd to be without this
The Deschutes Slate
Seeks to Finish Work Heguii by Lnnr
Knnrd to (Jivo Timmlo Project Am-
plo Water Supply.
in tho expectation of securing
niniis rrom tuo State Land Board to
complete tho diversion of tho waters
or urator Creok Into Tumalo creok
for tho uses of tho Tumnlo nroleet.
Fred N. Wallace, manncnr of tho nro.
jeci, spent a low dnys In Salem last
A portion of tho work of diversion
was done under the nmnagomont of
Project Khglnoor O. Laurganrd last
year and In his report ho recom
mended thnt funds bo sot nsldo from
tho Balo of lauds to complete tho
work The renson for tho diversion
was to mako doubly sure of nn nniple
supply of water for tho project and
tho plan has always been regarded as
Now, with tho extremo low water
of tho present year and tho difficul
ties which have been encountered In
tho reservoir, tho water of Crater
creok Is especially desired, not so
much for uso in irrigation nt pros
ont, as Tumalo creek Is understood
to be nmplo for nil tho sold lands.
but for uso in tho reservoir In con
nection with tho work of closing tho
leaks that hnvo dovelopod thoro.
According to engineering author
Hies tho leaks can bo controlled, sor-
oral which nt first seemed serious al
ready having boon fully stopped. For
tho futuro tho only necessity Is to
discover ouch leaks as remain and
(Contlnuod on last jingo.)
Picture Show Ordinance is Kndod,
Alio- John E. Itynn Makes (lift
of Watering Trough to City,
Tho dog muzzling ordlnanco was
rcponlod at tho meeting of tho city
council on Friday night nnd last
night a Bectlon of nnothor ordlnanco
limiting tho number of picture shows
was rcpoalod. An ordlnanco provid
ing for the impounding of stock was
passed last wook, tho purposo being
among other things to put an ond
to tho annoyance caused by grazing
stock In tho rosldonco districts.
Tho council voted on Friday to
accept tho now drinking trough pro
sonted to the city by John E. Ilyan,
vice-president of tho Ilond Wntor
Light & Power Co. Tho trough la n
fine looking piece of concroto work
situated on Dond streot near Min
nesota." )tls dcslgpod especially frr
horses nnd fills a need folt for a
long tlmo. ,
Other business transacted nt tho
regular mooting was to grant Shrlnor
& Iluoy n pormlt for tho construction
of nn oven in tho roar of tholr storo
and to ordor a cement sldo walk nt
tho cornor of Wall and Minnesota
streets and a board walk In front of
a lot on Jefferson drlvo In Park ad
dition. Outstanding May and Juno war
rants wcro ordered takon up nnd bills
woro ordorod paid as follows:
Owl Pharmacy $ .40
V.A.Forbes 42.50
It. I). aould 14.99 10.32
II. C. Kills 30.38
S. E. Roberts 100.00
M. E. Coleman 2C.00
II. W, L. & P. Co 297.90
Ilond Hullotln C.00
II, II. Do Armond 30.00
A. Aune 3.30
Colvor & Shannon 118.00
Ilond Hand 25.00
,.t; -
Debt nnd Value of County Property
Offset Kucli Other Two Courts In
Joint Session Kind JclTcrHon
Taxes Collected nro 911,000.
Final proceedings In tho separa
tion of Jofforsou county from Crook
were hold at Prlnovllle Inst week nnd
thp dlvorco Is now complete Crook
pays alimony nmountlng to $25,
G1G.0G. Jofforsou gots tho money ns
n nest ogg with which to start In
business for Itsolf.
Tho courts of the two counties mot
In Joint session on Thursday to innko
tno nnni adjustments ns provided by
tho county division statute Com
mittees from tho two hodlos hnvo
boon busy for several months past In
collecting tho data neceoBnry for tho
sottlemont nnd Mnx CrnndnTl has
audited tho books of Crook county
so that to n largo extent Thursday's
mooting was moroly formal. Uoports
wero received, thoro was n littlo
work with paper and poncll. tho
amount duo wns ascertained nnd tho
terms of tho settlement wns embodied
In a resolution.
Tho $25,000 odd which Is paid to
Jofferson In tho sottlemont represents
wholly taxes from JolTorson county
collected by Crook county slnco tho
division occurred. A still larger sum
has been collected but various Bums
owod tho parent county reduced tho
amount paid to tho flguro given.
On tho adjustmont botwoon county
debt nnd county property no payment
was mado by Jefferson, the vnluo of
tho proporty having boon found to bo
In excess of tho debt Undor the di
vision law, If tho debt had oxcecded
tho value of tho proporty Jofforson
would nssitmo Its shnro, tho hmount
bolng proportioned on Its nssossod
valuation. Tho dobt bolng loss thnn
tho value of tho proporty no payment
is mado.
County Property Values.
Tho actual figures on the county
proporty wero, real estnto $12,000.
court houso isg,000. high school
115.000, old high school $3,000, In
dustrial building $15,000, wnrehouso
$400, total $88,500. Tho county
debt on January 1. 1915, ns ascer
tained by Mr. Crandall, wns $84,000.
The total collections from Jofforson
county slnco January 1, 1915, woro
found to ho $44,G40.4G and nmounta
paid for Jofforson aro: to school dis
tricts, $0,258, half stato tnx, $7,
G10.14, for Crook county high school,
$2,790.4G. In addition Crook has
sold Jofforson rood mnehlnorv nt an
nnprnlsod vnluo of $2,374.07. Tho
dlforonro botwoon tho total collect
ed mid tho sum of those various Items
represents tho $25,G1G.0G paid the
now county.
On two features of tho adjustment
tho two courts ronched n compromise,
tnoso iioing tuo question of delin
quent taxes collected, nnd high school
taxes paid. The&o two Itoms, amount
ing to n fow thaurnnd dollars, wero
left' to Crook county, although tho
beat legal opinions woro to tho effect
that Jofforson was entitled to thorn.
Jnfforeon gets all uncollected delin
quent taxes.
Hay Carriers
JacKson ForKs
Wire Rope
Manila Rope
Pulleys and ForKs
Rowing Machines
Binders and
and Binder Tvine
Bend Hardware Co.
Tho Company thut put tl "Wour" In llurdwaro
3iT - .JM. - . xurjtf
Declares Patents Cannot Kmio to
Carey Act Lauds Unless All IrrI
Riiblo Acreage Watered Su-
promo Court Decision Opposed
(Speclnl (o Tho Bulletin.)
SALEM, July 13. Tho Desert
Lnnd Hoard has received n letter
from tho General Lnnd OIIlco in which
tho old excess ncrcngo question on
Cnroy Act projects Is rovlved. In
oftoct tho Washington authorities
declare that patents cannot bo issued
to, tracts Involving Irrlgnblo acrcngo
not provided wltlv.wnter, and tho llvo
cornered puzzlo Involving tho com
pany, settlors, courts nnd land ofllco
Is resumed.
Th6 predecessor of tho Central
Oregon Irrigation Company sold
wntor rights to 'settlors boforo It wns
determined how much of tho lnnd
could bo Irrigated. Tho settlor as
sumed ho could Irrigate nil tho lnnd
in his tract. When wntor rights he
came moro valuablo tho company de
clined to deliver water to nil tho
Irrlgablo land and sought to mnko
delivery according to tho rolatlvo
prlco paid for each tract. Tho set
tlors appealed to tho Desort Laud
Hoard for relief. Tho benrd dodged
tho Isbho and shouldered tho respon
sibility on tho courts by ontorlng nn
ordor to tho effect that In Its opinion
tho Courts would docldo in favor of
the settlors.
State Engineer Lewis contended
thnt tho law wan not bolng complied
with nnd thnt nil Irrlgablo lands was
entitled to water. TIiIb additional
acrcago requiring water further ag
gravated tho question of tho ade
quacy of wator supply arising on nc
count of tliu oxcoks scepngo. Lewis
declined to cortlfy lists No. 9 nnd
10 for patont, which resulted tn n
dolugo of printer's Ink and tho pass
ing of (ho lists for patont without
tho State Engineer's signature
Now comes tho Cienornl Lnnd Of
fice warning tho Stato against pass
trig defeasible title to tho sottlors,
"It doei not seem necessary nt tho
present tlmo, howovcr, to request a
reconveyance or to take other stops
looking toward tho rovostlng in tho
United States or tho lognl tltlo to
such tracts, Rlnco it woll tuny bo that
tho cntlro matter cnu ho ndjustod,
nn adequate water mipply for the
entire Irrlgablo area of every patent
ed legal subdivision assured, nnd ul
timately tho sottlemont nnd reclama
tion of tho land secured, and thus
tho object of tho Carey Act bo ac
complished, In which event, of
cnurso, no stens looking towards tho
vacation of tho orronoously IsBtiod
potent would be necessary. Tho mat
ter In called to your attention, how
ever, ro thnt tho Stato may not trans
fer tho dofeasnhlo lognl tttlo, unions
and until nn ndoquato wntor supply
for tho particular subdivisions In
question shall have been secured."
What action tho Desert Lnnd
Hoard will tnko or can tnko Is un
certain. According Ik) tho olllclal
Intimation ovory settlor on the pro
ject who lins u Stnto deod to a tract
Involving tho excess ncrcngo question
has n patent which might bo revoked
unless arrangements nro mndo to Ir
rigate tho entire Irrlgablo nren.
Tho Desert Land Hoard will also
bo confronted with tho problem of
outlining n policy in regard to tho ls
stinnco of deeds In tho futuro on
tracts of this character. To add fur
thor complication to tho question, tho
Stipromo Court recently hold ngnlnst'
one of the oxcess acroago Bottlers In
tho coso of C. O. I. Co v. Whlted.
In other words, Washington officiate,
Interpreting tho Cnroy Act, tnko a
stand exactly opposed to tho recent
finding of tho Oregon Supromo court.
Tabic Khous Contract and Irrigable
Acrcngo Under Each C. O, I. Pat
ent List Detailed List, to Cnmo
SALEM, July 13. Tho following
tnble, showing tho ncrcngo involved
In tho "oxcess ncreago" question, has
boon Bccurod from tho office of tho
Stnto Englnoor. No list G lands un
dor tho Pilot Hutto canal aro Involv
ed. Lint 8, Control Oregon, contract
acrcago, 480, nctual Irrlgablo ncre
ago, 1 09, "excess acroago 229,
List 9, Pilot Hutto Canal, contract
acreage, 125, nctual Irrlgablo acrc
ago, 147, "excoss acrcago" 22.
.List 10, Central Oregon, contract
acroago, 1471, nctual Irrlgnblo ncro
uge, 2002, "oxcess acrongo" 531.
Patent lists 2 nnd 3. Pilot Hutto
cnnnl, contract ncreago, 4 GOG, Con-1
trni urogon canal, contract ncrongo,
32G, total contract ncrcngo. 7873;
actunl Irrlgnblo acrengo, Pilot Hutto
cannl, G332, Centrnl Oregon canal.
4845, total nctunl Irrlgablo acreugo,
11,177; "oxcess ncrongo" Pilot Hutto
cnnnl 172G, Contrnl Oregon canal,
1578, total "oxcess acrongo" 3304.
Not listed Contrnl Oregon, contract
acroago, 110. actual Irrlgnblo ncrongo
1G3, "oxcobb ncreago" 53.
Totnl contrnct ncrongo, 10,059, nc
tunl Irrlgnblo acrcago, 14,198, "ox
cess acroago" 1,139.
Noxt week Tho Hullotln will pub
lish n comploto list of nil tracts on
tho C. O. I. segregation in tho Ilond
nnd Powoll Hutto country Involved
In tills quostlon.
Stato Highway Advisory Hoard on
Trip Out Stnto.
PORTLAND. July 12. S. Honson,
well-known good roads onthuslast
nnd chairman of tho Advisory Hoard
of thu Stnto Highway Commission,
will lonvo this morning nt 8 o'clock,
accompanied hy n muni! party In
cluding J. II. Albert nnd.Loalln Unt
ie r, other mombors of tho Hoard, for
n trip of Inspoctlon ovor tho Pacific
Highway to tho stato lino. '
Mr. Reason nnd party will contlnuo
to the California lino, visiting Khun-
nth Falls and Crater Lake, and will
return north through Central Oregon
hy way of Ilond. .Air. Hnnson will
consult with citizens or tho various
sections of tho stnto ns to tho needs
of tho sovernl districts along good
roads linos,
Thn hlghwny party is expected to
arrive hero on Saturday. A local
delegation will moot the honrd nt
Homo point south and escort thorn to
Saturday, August 21. was set as
tho dato of tho llowor show at n
meeting of tho Lndlos Library Club
held at thn library yesterday after
noon. Other business transacted wns
tho adoption of n now constitution
for thn club.
'VQTxzP,X2y' riCf'O' tiB Mmw VCVO ?!& "XiUff QfiHir jwja'xcaa' tCMjy
UtkMJkjzii kj hJ kMJ kisd kMJ k&Jkjzrf viSiiy,)
Ihe First National Bank
V C C'OK, President K. A. 8ATIIKK, Vlco President
t H. HUDSON, Ciuhler
Capital fully paid . . . I'J.I.OOO
Hurplu Wfl.OOO
Itegular bank loans:
Wo nro propared at noarly nil times to mnko ndvances
to reliable parties for tliulr requirements.
Wool and sheep louns:
Wo arq NOW propared to loan money to sboop men
for tho purchnso of sheep.
Wo uro now prepared to advance you 10o per pound
on all wool you storo In the Warehouse ut llond, at 8
per cont for either 'JO days or six montliB.
Sheop men do not luiu to sell nt present prices unless
they wlitli. The money Is ready for you.
We nio NOW prepared to make loans on cattle for
six months, for fuelling purposes, but not nu range or
idio stuff.
We ure NOW prf pared to make loans on good farm
lauds, with good water rlghU. no matter whore located
In Central Orgu, the bigger tho loan thn better, pro
v ding the proKltlon le u good -one and will Htnnd elos
ot Inuintlgdtlon aa in value and title.
Write ue for information. Hunk by mall and securo
our service.
--t-sss DIRECTORS - -- '-
V. C. COB K. A. SaTIIKU ''. 8 Ill'DtO.V
(). M. I'ATTMlfcON II. C. El.MS
""SS? SSf "StrfT
Congicsmimn Itoturnlng From Fourth
of July Celebration ItcportN DeH
slro of Pcoplo of Southern City
to llao Lino Extended On.'
Still moro of tho agitation for nn
extension uf tho railroad Bouth from
llond reported recently from Klam
ath Fails Is found In an Interview
given by Congressman "Nick" Sln
tintt, of Tho Dalles, on his roturn
from tho southern city rocontly.
According to tho Journal Mr. Sin
not brought with 'him nn appeal
from tho pcoplo of Klniunth county to
tho pcoplo of Portland to co-opornto
In bringing tho north and tho south
of tho Btnto Into closer touch phyfc
Icnlly, commorclnlly nnd socially.
11a said In part:
"Klnmnth county Is tired of trans
acting hiiBlnosa In Snn Francisco,
Tho peoplo llvo In Oregon nnd yot
they nro nonror Snn Francisco thnn
Portland. Evoryono who visits
Klnmnth by roll must first go out
sldo tho Rtnto to Weed, California,
then roturn north ovor tho mountain
"Portland has promised to help
(Continued on IobI pngo.)
Installation Ceremonies aro Held
Hero Haturday Night.
With dologntcs prosont from Prlno
vlllo nnd llodmnnd, llond chaptor No.
.10, lloyal Arch Masons was Installed
on Saturday night and its chnrtor ro
eolved from tho grand lodgo of Uio
stnto. In tho nbsonco of grand lodgo
olllclols who had been oxpected from
Portland, T. M. Ilaldwln, of Prlno
vllle, conducted the coromoulca nnd
oponod tho lodgo. Following thn In
stallation the ladles of tho Eastern
Star provldod an olaborato bnnuuot.
Tho olllclals who ware Installed
woro C. M. McKay, high priest, J.
J). Davidson, king, O. Lfturganrd,
Bcrlbo, J. II. Corhett, captain of tlio
host, A. O. Wnlkor, principal sojourn
er, 11. A. Miller, royal arch captain,
II. J. Ovorturf, master of tho first
vol), U. C. Con, master of tho nocond
voll, P, C Garrison, master of tho
third veil, J. C. Rhodes, cocrctnry
and L, A. W. Nixon, Bontlnol, Tho
visitors Included A. A. Andorson, of
Itodmond nnd T. M. Ilaldwln, M. II.
Drink, (1. W. Noblo, J. W. Carlson.
Dr. E. O. Hyde nnd E. J. Wilson of
; WASHINGTON. 1). C, July 8.
Snnntor Lima's nlllco was notlllod to
'lay by thn Interior dupnrtmeiit that
a providential proclamation to open
120,000 acres of lnnd In thn Paiillun
forost rohorvo for public settlement
will bo Issued within n wook.
Of this land, 113,000 acres lies
south of La Pino and tho rest In thn
Silver Lnko district, mmr tho town of
Sliver Lake. Tliu land has been elim
inated on ucroim of thu poor tlmbor,