The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 30, 1915, Image 1

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The bend
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NO. 17.
To Ho In Ums by August 1 Horn l'ro.
grossest Horn OcU Contract for
Otcr Half Million HHck mid
.Starts up Yard-Hall nro Laid
With every phase of the work con
nected with the 'Ehovlln-Hfxon mill
ing operations being pushed as rap
idly as possible and with ho w activ
ities being added more men nro now
employed hero than for many months
past and results In completed work
are boglnnlng to appoar.
So rapidly has the bridge building
been carrlod on that It Is now expect
ed to have the completed structure
ready for HBO on AuBUst 1. or npnrlv
niree weens sooner than first hopod,
irestordoy concreto pouring on the
mat pior on tho enst side of the river
was finished and n start on tho west
sldo made. From the completed pior
n BO foot span will cross the center
of tho river to the last pior on tho
west sme winch will soon bo in place
Sixty two men aro now employed on
tho bridge work.
At tho dam, Just nbovo the hrldgo,
the timber work is two thirds done
end by the end of thu wook tho cof
fer dam will bo changod and tho oast
end or the dam begun on. Hero 37
men are nt work and, according to
M. J. Oanlelson, who Is building tho
dam. everything is progressing satis
factorily. Still further un river the unload
ing dock has JuBt been completed, as
Is also the case with tho railroad
spur, tho track having been laic
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Junior Chautauqua, 9J00 A. M.
Afternoon Concort. , .2:30 Kvonlng Concert. , . .7:.10
Afternoon Lecture. . .3:00 Evening Lecture., . .8:15
Afternoon Address ot Welcome.-Itov, II. C. Hartranft.
'fl,-.r Response-"Getting Acquainted," Superin
tendent, j . Opening Concert Adelphtan Male Quartet.
, 'Admission 2Gr.
livening - Popular Concert. . ..Adelphlan Male Qur.rtet
Community Lecture, "The Neighboring City,"
Colonel W.illlnm Hamilton Miller
Admission, GOc.
Morning Organization ot Junior Chautauqua.
Afternoon Prelude The Adolphlans
Patriotic Lecture, "The Hobble Skirts of
Freedom" , . . .Col. Mlllor
Admission, 25c.
KicnliiK "Old Homo" Concert Adelphlan Quartot
r Chnlk Talk "Kwber Karactors I'vo Known"
Marlon Unlldu Flsk
Admission, COc.
Aftcnioon Sacred Preludo
i . . .Wltepsklo's Itoyal Hungarians
Illustrated Lecturo "Cap'n Tommy"
Admission, 3Gc. . . .Mrs. Flsk
Oenlng Sacred Concort.. Royal Hungarian Orchestra
Sacrod Selections .Charlotte Horgh, Lyrlo
. -'.,t Soprano with Itoyal Hungarians Accom
Inspirational Lecture "Tho Matchless
Book" ,'.,,, Arthur A. FranzKo
Admission, GOc.
'jSfornldK Junior Chautauqua Play Hour. jp '. '
Afternoon Frelude-WltepskIo'sJtoyat Hungarian Or-
s ch.ostra. - t v -. -
Leciure"Tho Spirit of tho 'Rockies"
Admission, 35c. , .Arthur A. Franzko
K fill iik -(.'rami Concert
. . Witopsklo'B Itoyal Hungarian Orchestra
Dramatic Headings ...;,..."
. . . .Marietta J-n Dell, Child Impersonator
Operatic Selections . ... ..Charlotto llergh,
- " With Royal Hungarian Accompanjlng
.Admission, 75c.
-.JiL' TUISI1.W.
Mjrnln -Junior. Chautuuqun Play Hour.
AftrmooH Prelude Ruckner's Jubilees
- V
..Humorous Headings , Marietta La Doll
Admission. 36c.
ladling Jubilee Melodies. . Ruckner's Jubilee Hlngors
Oration "Tho New Woman and tho Young
Man" . . .Senator Elmer J. Rurkett of Neb,
" Admission, GOc.
Morning Demonstration of Play Ground Work.
, Informal Talk to Mothers, Junior Supervisor
Afternoon Prelude -..... Ruckner's Jubilees
" ' Lecture "Government Ownership of Ilall-
roads" . . Senator Rurkett
AdmlMion, GOc.
Kvwilng Grand Jubilee Concert , .
Admission, GOc. Iluckner's Southern Singers
Wlthesert Land Board and Fish and Game Com
missioners Governor Spends Friday on Trip of
Inspection Meets Alany Settlers -Emblejm
. Club Gives Dinner to Party In Evening.
Traveling In tho prlvato car of
President Oilman of tho S. P. & S.
railroad, Glvernor Wlthycombo with
Attorney General Drown and Secre
tary of State Olcott of the Desert
Land Hoard and the members of the
State Fish and Gamo Commission ar
rived In liond Friday morning en an
official trip of Inspection of tho Tum
alo project and of tho nawly estab
lished state flsh hatchery at llend.
Aftor putting In n strenuous dny
which ended with tho banquet given
by the Embloth Club In tho ovontng
tho governor and other membora of
Friday's entortalnraent of Gover
nor Wlthycombo and other visiting
Btat6 officials was brought to a glow
ing end In tho evening by a banquet
Riven In their honor nt tho Emblem
Club, the largest slnco the dinner for
the Portlnml Ad men for which tho
club halt was built last September.
Ucgun at an early hour on account
nt tho necessity for the doparturo of
some of the guests on tho night train
tho nfTalr last until 11 o'clock and
during Its course Bpccchcs wero
heard from most of the visitors whllo
tno ciun wont through Its full pro-
tho commission left on Saturday forgram 0f songs and i ells.
Klamatn Fails with Hoprosentativoj ia the banquet room tho speakers
Wosloy O. Smith and others from thoj wftre seatod at-n long table across ono
southern town. Attorney aancraUendI'v.hIlo don tho centor ran nn
Urown and Mr. Olcott with Insurance othejr at which. Bat tho members of
Commissioner Wells and Commls-, tho .Emblem .Club and tho order of
aioner Carlo Abrnms of tho Industrial.,; tbe I Honey Uee. At small tables
Accident Commission loft on Friday Vfotlnd tho roouiworo other guests,
night. G. P Putnam, secretary tot dmllng parties from Prlnevlllo,
Governor Wlthycombe, spent Satur- Sisters. Tiimalo, Deschutes and Klam
day and Sunday hore, leaving for.Atli Falls.
Salem Sunday night, N,o sot subjects wero assigned to
Resides carrying out tho progrnntheprakqra of tho evening and their
ot Inspection tho party took tlmo to icnrarks wore on a varloty of topics,
visit tho Bcene of tho Shovlin-HIxon AU.jlionevtr, Included congratulatory
saw mill development and also to-woiMa on the spirit ot Rend and on
meet the settlers on the JO. O. I. proifthe development activity now nppar
Ject for a, short contoronce at tho 'ent here.
Orange hall. C. S. Hudson acted ns loastmaster,
At breakfast the party wrb enter- introducing drat V. C. Wilkes of the
t -
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Even though you might never have
h fife- or thieves enter your heme, a
paper mkkkl isTofteu times lt just
as irretrievably as if it had been
burned or stolen.
WJven your valuable papers are in
'our vault ymi KNOW wltere they
are hikI you KNOW they are safe.
You caw kaw a tMt kox i our
YwU wkh noM-picksM AYI
lck W MOHsk to cotMU
yoitr Kivflt pajrrs, for $2 a yaw
Can yu afford to be without this
The Deschutes Slate
KOKKm. JJgwiWBilPilWWWfn''
. .Jurat--" ir f . w --
Night Train tamos Hereafter nt 7
nnd Motnlnj: Train Arrives nt 8::0
With Freight Scnrlce Dally.
On Sunday night n change In time
on tho Oregon Trunk lino became ef
fective under which tho night train
which formerly loft hero nt 8 30
leaves at 7 o'clock and tho morning
train in arrives at 8:30 Instead of 8
Under tho new schedule the former
watt of two hours at" Fallhrhlen Is
eliminated. Tho object of tho change
Is to consolidate tho freight and pns
sengor service and ns n result freight
will bo carried every night each way
Instead of every other night ns here
tofore. T
At tho local post o 171 co the only ef
fect of tho chnngo will be to mako It
necessary to closo the.nlght nmll out
earlier, the now closing tlmo being fi
o'clock P. M. Instead bf 0:30. The
general delivery window will con
tinue to opon at 0:1G a, nt.
Tho train schedule, under tho now
nrrangomont wilt be nsjfollows
No. 103 will leave llend at 700 p,
m., Redmond nt 7:C8, Culver, 8 DB,
MotolluB O.rili, Madras 10;0G, Mec
ca 10:55, Mnupln, 12:40 d. m , Slinr
or, 1:10, I'allbrldge, 4 a. m. No. 104
will loavo Fallbrldgo at 10:40 p m.
Shornr, 1:10, a. m Mnupln, 1 30
Mecca, 4:10, Madras, 5:15, Mctollus,
5:30, Culvor, G:53, Rodmond, 7:05,
and will arrive In Uend nt 8:30.
Sleeper and coach will lenvo Port
land on tho S. P. & S. No. 8, at 0 p
m., westbound from fallbrldgo.
Sleeper No, 3 and coach oh No. G, al
so No. 103 and 10 4, will bo mlvd
trains. Nos. 304 and 308 O, T, 300
and 307, Will bo discontinued.
Speech nt Friday Night Itniiquct Snjs
Ho is Looking ,Kor NeV' 1'rtiject
FolloilnK Ills llenlgiintlo'n From
"P. K. i:. Necilel In Oregon
Says Oicfton loglilnturo at Fault In
Not Appropriating for litigation,
Tho tlmo worn corttrovofay ns to
tho rights nnd wrongs ot tho 4S0,
000 reclamation appropriation had an
airing Monday night when Vernon A.
Forbes, in Introducing Senator Cham
berlain to an audlonce at tho Com
mercial Club room, asked for somo
Information why tho Oregon fund had
(tot been matchod by tho Fodoral gov
ernment. Sooator Chamborlaln, who was on
his way to Paisley nnd Ilurns, nftdr
spending tho dny on tho Tumnlo nnd
C O. I, Co. protects, assorted thnj;
urogon a original appropriation wob
never intention to bo on a co-opor-ntlvo
basis and that if tho state leg
islature had mndo nn appropriation
In 1015 Congress! would havu match
od it.
Oeorgo V Hnlloy and Sonator
Chamberlain s partner. Otto J. Krn
mor also spoko. llx-Govomor West
nnd Dr J. C. ICnkabccko, a Holland
'tankc, v,ho had spent tho day with
i tho part, weat out on tho night
t train.
it; U - , ' - Dank
F 1 Ji-'- ' --J - ' -
Tit. -W -w , 1
NL' V i ., S,
Hay Carriers . jj
JacKson Forhs jj
Wire Rojae
Manila Rope
Pulleys and Forhs
co'mpanv nrvs uifjnixo r.vits.
Twohy Hros Compnny, railroad
contractors, report tho onlo of 40
logging earn to Ilia Shovlln Hlx &
Compnny for dollvery nt end, Or.
This salo amounts to approximately
$35,000. Shovlln Hlx & Company-ts
a largo eaatorn lumber Arm with
headquarters In St. Paul. Recently
tlioy have boon establishing Interests
In this country. Tho cars sold aro
manufactured by tho Twohy Hros.
Company In Portland,
That Central Oregon toiay'hnvo on
opportunity In tho near Xiituro to
seek, with somo prospoct -of success,
for railroad extensions which tho in
terior towns hnvo' been fpoklng for
tor jcara Is suggested by recent otato
monts on the suhjoct mado hero and
nt Klamath Falls.
At tho latter4 city, n'c'cordlng to
nowspnpor roportB, ,tho occqRon of
Oovornor Wtthycombo'a visit was tak
en to point out tho noed of addition
al railway facilities, 'wKlfd' In Rend
tho remarks made by fa,' I1'. .Putnam
at the dinner to tho governor, on Fri
day seemed to havo a hint ot posslblo
development In bts Una,,
Mr. Putnam said, in' par,t ns fol
lows: "Central Oregon needs rnllroadn
today Just as much at It hnS hereto
fore. It's groatost future develop
ment will bo through thehli Agricul
tural development Is siro. Now I
should ltko to point out n ulgnlflcnnt
fact. You will romemhor that Robert
i: Strahoru was n guest at n brinquo
nt tho Kmlilom Club lni( year, Very
recently Mr. Btrnhom rcirignod ns
president ot tlfo Portlnild Kugeno i
Eastern. He was tho bulldor of tbn
North Coast road, ho built tho 23
million terminal at Spoknno. Ho has
been tho wizard ot Wostorn railroad
"With tho general financial situa
tion as It Is, with tho development of
tho Central Oregoti country In tho
condition It Is, with the earning en- ,u'
pneity ot the railroads crippled It In' .
orty going to ho some man of gonluit r
and tromendous capacity like ltolmrt'
Krnpplo with thu problem and mako
something out of opportunities which
wait tho right man in Central Oregon.
"I know that Mr. Btrnhom la look
ing for something clno to do. Ho
wnntH srmo other attainment to put
through In tho next 10 yraro Ho hart
been pvor tho Central OroKnu coun
try and It has appealed to him might
ily. "Oregon It vnrv dear to hint nnd,
the chances are that Mr Biruhorii
will tnko up an Oregon project If
uvallnblo. What will Influcnco him
most In making his rolectlon Is a
proper public opinion. pntliunlnfUa
ofiers of co-operntion nnd real evi
dences of appreciation. Kvnry man
hero Is able to do something, and
wo nil want to do what wo can,"
Tho nbovo Is reprinted Just as It
appeared In tho Portland Tologritm,
Announcement Is oxpcctddtor
row of tho signing by ProsldonfWJI
son of n proclamation eliminating ap
proximately 113,072 acres from tho
Paulina National Forest. Tho lands
are understood to bo of the somo gon
m al n at tiro as those eliminated from
the forost a year ago,
Mowing Machines
,- Cinders and- -
and Binder Ir"wme
Bend Hardware Co.
Th'rCemjwny tl pmI ll?o "Worn-" In
The First National Bank
n 1 1 , ii ' '
l' C COB, President I'. A. HATHLIt, View l'relihnl
I H HUDSON, (nxbler
f 'opltnl fully paid M 000
Suipliw 1'.').000
KKAii jiANKi.vd Hinivici;.
Regular bank loans:
Wo are prepaied at nearly all times tq make advances
to reliable parties for their requirements,,
Woo) and shoop loans:
Wu aio NOW prepared to loan money to sheep men
for the purchase of sheep.
Wo aro now prepared to. advnncp you 10c par poun'd ,
on all wool you storo In tho Wurehouse at Uefld, nt V
per cent for either 90 days or six mouth.
Bha?p men do not havo jo sell nt present prices unless
they wlfh. The money Is ready for you. .
We are NOW prepared to make Joans on cattlo ftjr
six months, for feeding purposes, but nut on range or ,'
she stuff.
Wo are NOW preparod to make loans on good farm,,
lands, with good water rights, no mutor wjioro lofotod ,
in Central Oregon, the bigger tho loun the'letter pro
viding the proposition Is ugood one and will stand closi
est Investigation us to value and title,
Write us for Information. Rank by mall and securo
our services,
V (..('or. K.A.Pmmi r H IH-iiN
o M rAiTKiis.o,v ii r i:m,is
&! tv S2f zy "mtt msh0 g2t a3Br xtsy"vc?Sf
IfA rW (rh rjy (7jy (nf OP pp WsVfrW'
-jfei-l S.L-JL.