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(Bpocln'. to The Pullotln.)
TU&tALO, Juno 21. Children's
Dny exorcises given at tho church
yesterday worn very well rendorcd
and n great deal of credit Is duo to
Mrs. nyrori Cdy, Mrs. John Coen and
Mrs. Ida Lunhurg for tho time and
tntlrlng efforts spent In training tho
children, Two vocal duots wero also
Ki ratty appreciated. Mrs. John Coen
composed Mm heautlful words of ono
of (heso. Tho church was prettily
riecorated In manzinlta, lerns ana
Boveral of tho ladles nro rehearsing
for a llttlo farce to ho given next
Wednesday at the V. 8. L. Club
Plans arq being made to entortntn
tho Governor' and his party at lun
cheon next I'rlday
Mr. and Mrs, Fred Wallace and
Mr. and Mm, Charles Mock went over
to Prlnevlllo Monday to present a io
tltlon to tho County Court for funds
for tho annual Tnmalo fair to lio
ltold noxt fall. They wore dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs, T, H. J. Duffy
vhllo thero.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hansen enter
tnlnod W. D. llarncs at dlnnor Hun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Qhauncoy Decker
Moro also tho guests of Mr. nnd Mrs.
J'rnnk Dayton tho samo day.
Mr, nnd Mrs, John Cunningham
fipont Sttmtnv on the Motollus. They
lirought back an auto load of moun
tain Milton ami fine trout.
Tho Tumnlo people aro taking n
jiront deal of Interest In tho Uond and nearly cvoryono Is
planning n taking In tho ovonts on
enp or two dnvs.
A big crowd enjoved n picnic 8un
Onv after tho completion of tho pro
Kram nt tho church.
(Special to The nullotln).
CLOVEIIDALE, June 21. Arthur
fJriibo arrived homo from Antelope
Mr. and Mrs. Welse wero visiting
at the Tempteton homo Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs, Andrus and family
were ugests of Mrs. Kelley's Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Kruchek wero callers
at Tompleton'a Sunday.
Thoso attending tho Council social
from Sisters wero Mr. and Mrs. Shaw,
Mr. and Mrs. Gist, Mr. and Mrs
Lester 01st, Messrs, Altken, Smith,
McReynolds and Misses Cyrus, Smith
and Taylor.
Tho net proceeds realized from tho
social for the benefit of tho Council
waft $13,
MIbs .Hazel Tompteton Is otlll quite
VornHkclton Is homo after a flvo
weeks sojourn in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Carson and Mr. and
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cyrus wero callers
tt tho Vnn Motor homo Sunday.
A largo crowd attended tho lawn
social at tho B. L. Waldron rcsldenco
Friday night, It bolng the last meet
ing of tho Council until such tlmo as
tho furmors aro .not so busy.
(Special to Tho nullotln)
Mil LICAN. Juno 20. Mr. nnd
Mrs. W. II, McAdow drovo to Ilond
Monday to nrrango for making final
proof on their homestead.
Mrs. Powers and daughter went to
Jloml Wednesday
Mr, nnd Mrs. W. If rtnpm woro
Ilond buslncsa visitors Saturday.
Mr Ileam Is plowing 10 acres on
the Hazuka homestead.
P. II. Johnson nutocd to Hend on
Mrs. Italin returned from a trip to
Prinovlllo Monday and expects to ro-
turn thore to work somo time the
coming week whofo ho will be em
ployed In tho harvest field.
L. P. lloonoy visited friends bore
A. T. Shaver pnsaod through hero
enroute to Hend Tuosday, roturnlng
Geo. Mllllcnn went to Uend Wed'
nosday, returning Thurrdny. Ho was
accompanied homo by Mrs. Mllllcan.
Mrs. Moffett called at tho Mllllcan
Inn Tuesday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. D. Norton drove
to Prlnevlllo Wednesday, returning
Thursday evening.
Mrs. H. B. Davis visited with Mrs.
Thomas Moffett Monday.
Mrs. Renins called at. tho Moffott
homo Wednesday.
Mrs. Parney Conoway visited with
Mrs. A. D. Norton Saturday.
" POWKLIj iiutth.
tSpeclal to Tho nullotln)
Ecars was a Prlnevlllo visitor Mon
day. Cut worms nro doing considerable
damage to crops In this section, most
ly gardons. However, they nro work
ing on tho alfalfa and clover In aorao
Mr. Cornett of Prinovlllo has a
crow of threo men and nlno horses
clearing his Irrlgnted land adjoining
tho Cross placo. Tho land Is bolng
put Into first class shapo to receive
seed for the first tlmo.
Almost without exception tho first
crop of olfalfa and clover Is very light
(Rpeclnl to Tho Ilullotln)
LOST CHEEK, Juno 11. (Joorgo
Mehrer has gono up In Washington
to work In tho harvost fields.
Tho many frlsnds of Dr. Herd ten
dered her a surprise party Inst Wed
nesday evening. All hnd n vory on
Joynblo tlmo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. A, Darrnh, Mrs.
Perry nnd Cecil Hubbard went over
to Norvnl Prawn's last Sunday to see
thn round nn.
Pen Ithndcs has gono to Ilond for
a load ot supplies.
Jlinmlo McEwnn has gain over to
Puck Creek to work for "Hill
J. Hosch, Wllllim Helms nnd S.
J, Hubbard loft Thursday morning
for Pond. Messrs. Iloach and Helm
will bring In a load of lumber and
Mr. Hubbard expects to bo gono In
definitely. Marvin Perry has purchased n welt
drilling outfit, and expects to go to
work over nonr Silver Greek at once.
We nro sorry to noto thnt Mr.
iowo's health dnosu't Improve In our
cllmnto nu oxpoctod,
(Special to Tho nullotln.)
HAMPTON, June 17. Mrs, C, P.
Harmon, spent last Thursday with
Mrs. I). II. Dunn ot Imporlul.
.Miss FloroncA Hunting spent Mon
day nlnht and Tuesday with Miss
Darin Hurlon.
Tho friends of Mrs. Plack hnd son
Purr gavo them a surprise party Sat
urday evening. A good crowd at
tended and all roport n pleasant even
ing. Mr. nailMra, J. O. Whlttnkor spent
Monday with Mrs. D. It. Dunn of Im
perial, Miss Eva Crow left Monday for
Prlnevlllo where sho will tnko teach
ers' examination.
J. P. Wllnnot loft Saturday morn
ing for Woodburn. Oregon.
Mrs. J M- Hrlckoy rocelvnd a tolo
gram from tho Willamette vnllov on
Wednesday nnnounclny tho death of
her mother. Mrs. Hrlckoy loft at
once for Pond Whero sUa took n train
for tho valley.
Itnv. Lorna prenrhed here Monday
evening. Ho nnd bis son David woro
unrouto to Hums.
A. B. Fogg inula a trip to Hold on
Low II. rtnett spent Tuesday night
nt 0. P. Harmon's.
Mrs. I). It. Dunn and daughter
Hannah spent Sunday at tho Btrcoter
Montgomery and Conn of Imperial
ninilo proof bo fore Commissioner
Fotg Monday.
Flovd Phillips and Hurr Hlack
worn Hampton visitors Monday.
Mr. Hiillmnror nt Prlnglo Flats
niado proof hero Wodnosday.
(Special to The Ilullotln)
HAMPTON HllTTE, Junn 16.
Lcslo Smith la out to Hend for a
load of siiniilles.
Jlniiuto Hrlckoy was a business
visitor horo yestcrdty.
Pert Meoks and Harold McFadden
IokhihI tnicu brush on Mtas Klvu Mc
Fadden s homostoad.
MIh Bv Mlehol mt several
ilnvH with Mrs. II. ProoklugS.
Mrs. MclCoown and children visited
at the llrooUlnRu and Meok'i homes
last Monday.
Mr Hasslor anil Page Stauffcr of
Rtnuffor ronUtored at the Hnwklngs
Hotel last Saturday Plght, being; on
their war to Washington to work
through harvest. Mrs. Hassler nnd
Miss Alice HrookliiKS accompanied
them as far as Urooklns-, roturnlng
to Slnuffer Sunday.
Win. Hoist built a cabin on Ills
ho'nostexd nnd will soon build a bam.
Pert Meoks traded oft hit year old
This section wm visited by gentle
-hewer-i hmt Friday but mom rata l
BMiled to tiiiiure wd
In this community arid farmers aro
cutting early In the hopo of getting
good second and third cuttings.
Mall was delivered on our now It
F. a. for tho first tlmo Thursday.
Hms Hlissett Is serving as temporary
carrier until an appointment Is mado,
J. E, Warner purchased a bunch
of sheep near Prlnevlllo last week,
driving them out Friday.
Mrs. John Klssler of Redmond
enmo out Thursday for a few day's
visit with her sons Geo. and Frank
rud their families, returning homo
Sunday. i
An average attendance of tho Pow.
ell Uuttte Sorosls turned out Wed
nesday to enjoy Mrs. S. D. Mustard's
hospitality. The ladles wero much
pleased to have Miss Mabel Allen
with thorn again attor an eight
month's absence. Miss Alton return
ed from Pear Creek last weok whore
she tins had charge ot a school. Tho
noma of Mrs, John Lucky, who was
also a guest, was submitted tor
membership. Following refreshments
tho lndlos adjourned to moct with
trs. Morse on July 14th.
N, P. Alloy and son Roy went over
to Opal City Thursday whero tho for
nior has charge of somo carpenter
Mr. Cornett, with a forco of men
Is located on his placo near Powell
Putto station for a short tlmo.
M. A. Lynch and Prof. Nash of
Redmond spent Thursday In this sec
tion, taking up tho matter of Red
mond's proposod district high school
which qur pooplo aro to voto on this
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. E. Warner and
small daughter woro Prinovlllo vis
itors Thursday.
A heavy rain, amounting almost
to a cloud burst, visited parts of this
Bcctlon Monday, doing somo damago
to gardens and berries and In ono
instance drowning n number of young
Miss Paulino Trucsdolo visited
Mrs. S. D, Musturd a couplo of days
last weok.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Allen WHIcoxon, who
have n nlco patch of strawborrlos,
picked their first rlpo ones last week.
They expect to sell borrles on tho
Pond market this week.
Mrs. N. P. Alloy received word on
Sunday of tho death ot a brother liv
ing at Tillamook and left In tho even
ing for thnt plncc. Mrs. Alley has
tho sympathy of a host of friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Chapman nnd
family woro guests at a Sunday din
ner at tho John 'Lucky homo.
Tho many friends of Mrs. E. L.
Iverson will bo pleased that she has
recovered sufficiently ns to bo ablo to
got around out of doors.
Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery took a
load of hogs to Prlnevlllo Monday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Reaves WHIcoxon
woro dlnnor guests nt tho Allon WHI
coxon homo Sunday.
Molvln Foster and Miss Lucy Sho
hert visited In Laldlaw and Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. Pattorson and family
wero guests at tho Ooo. Haven homo
for dinner Sunday.
Jess Shobort and MIbs Hollo Mont
gomery visited In tho Dutto vnlloy
district Sunday.
Road Supervisor WHIcoxon nnd
crew havo bocn doing soma nooded
repair work on tho Powell Hutte
Ilond road near tho Frost place re
cently. Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Foster wore
business vlsttoVa to Prinovlllo Mon
day. ,
Mrs. L. J. Alloy, mother of N. P.
Alloy, camo over from Opnl City on
Saturday evening to bo with tho Al
loy children In their mother's ab
sence. Mrs. Pearl Hodson who has bocn
visiting nt Portland, returned Inst
weok, Fred llrown accompanied hor
Putto valley, two directors and a
cleric will bo elected. Tho present
board Is N. 13. llcacti, chairman and
A. D. Morrill directors. 0. F. Hlnlr,
cleric. One director will be elected
to fill the vacancy mado by J. I,
Jones moving uway,
A. D. Morrill began digging now
potatoes Juno 1C, which Is about two
weeks earlier than they aro usually
fit to uso.
The alfalfa In the river bad wilt
soon bo ready for cutting.
E. F. Archor recently sold two of
his dairy cows to Geo. Kerns.
Jim Grlflln Is clearing land on tho
Frank McCaffory placo.
J. P. Bowman takes a load of wood
to Prinovlllo today.
Miss Hertha Goodsoll hns gono to
Prinovlllo, to bo away somo tlmo.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvoy Whitman of
Redmond were guests at Mr. and Mrs.
C. F. Hlnlr's Sundny.
A Mistake Mado by Many.
When you suffer pains and aches
by day and steep disturbing bladder
weakness by night, feel tired, ner
vous nnd run down, tho kidneys and
bladdor should bo restored to heal
thy, strong and regular atclon. It la
n mlstage to postpone trcatmont. Fot
ey Kidney Pills put tho kidneys In
sound, healthy condition and keep
them acttvo und strong. Pattorson
Drug Co. Adv.
tho annual nchool mooting today In
GIH" OUT of tho rut. It's
only a habit to do all our
trading at the largor towns.
Let us spend our monoy at
homo whero It will do U8
tho most good. HEMKMDKH
a 20 cont phono messago will
transact a lot ot business
nnd save DOLLARS.
P. B. Johnson
TTHE EUROPEAN CONSUMER Is tho most nclentlflc
buyer of foods on earth. Ho has, from necessity, boen
forcod to buy thnt which gives tho greatest roturn for
tho monoy.
Ho Is tho world's greatest tisor of flour. Flour, and yet
mora flour, hns boen tho cry of stricken Belgium. England and
Franco consider It rolatlvoly the choapest food at $12 per
Don't subscribe to popular fallaclos. Faco tho facts. Meat
contains CO por cont water, potatoes 75 por cent, milk 80 to 00
per cent, flour 13 por cont. A pound ot moat costs 20 and
25 cents, flour 4 conts, and yot thero is moro onorgy In a
pound of flour than a pound of bcof,
WHEAT FLOUR Choniwt anil Host Food. U. 8. Government
Tests Provo It.
Articles Enorgy 10 Cents Wilt Duy
Eggs ..385 mm ,
Ileof, sirloin 410 gj
Mutton, leg , . , 445 ggg
Milk . .,., ,.1030 hm
Pork, loin .' 1035
Choeso .,.' 1183
Hutter 1365
Ilrcakfast foods 1480
Rico , 2035
Potatoes 2050
Deans, dried 3040
(U. B. Department ot Agrlculturo Farmers bulletin No. 143.)
KNNROY Muclo nnd Strength Giving Qualities.
Ono pound of Deschutes Bprny Flour, costing 3 to 4 cents,
will go as tar aa two pounds ot moat containing 20 to 25 cents
pur pound.
New Bend Flour Mill
Bend, Oregon
1 . AU
I Tho
The cleanest flour mill In tho Stato of Orogon.
All Hour tosted In our own laboratories.
Tho public Is Invited to Inspect our plant.
Brick is the MOST ECONOMICAL Building Material there is.
All who have used our product are satisfied.
The Bend Brick & Lumber Co.
Jtoie Fcxtl
vM Excur
sion Fnrw
Dally June (I
to 10.
Oregon Trunk Railway
And the Trlple-frfcrow, Six Deck Tatars of the I'nclllc
BAILS JUNE 4, 8, 12, te, SO, 21, 28.
Hpcclnl HtvAiuer Trulii Portland 9 n. in.
Arilvcrt FIjmcI Itiilto Luncheon nu Ship.
Kt-nuuhli Arrie Sn FruiicUco unto p, ni. Next Day,
From lU'Hd, ill) Duy Limit ,911.10
Ninety Day Limit , $15. IS
Uurnwpamllntc low ruto to Rati Diego anil Los
AngfUyi. Cholco of routed, rull or fctcnuwhlp.
Particulars of Agents Spokane, Fortlutul
A Kettle, OrvtiOH Trunk or Grout Nor
thern or Northern PnclHc Itnllnays.
A. a. V. A., ARtnt,
rortUnd, Ore Itond, Ore,
Real Estate
We Control and Have For Sale, at the Beit
Prices and Terms, the Largest- Amount of
Business and Residence Property
in Bend. Call or Write for Free
Maps and Descriptive Matter
Insurance Written in All :
- ' Its Branches in World
Known Companies
WITH US. OUR OUTSIDE Offices and Agenls
Better Enable Us to find You Purchasers and Tenants.
Oregon Street, Bend, Orogon.
Empire Building, Seattle, Wfth.