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Tire nuxn bulletin', ijexd, orb., Wednesday, juxe 2, ibis.
(Special to The tlutletln.)
TUMALO, May 31 The program
Riven liy the Fairview school chil
dren Friday n'Kht iroxed a financial
Buccefw an SS.75 wan taken in. The
aUfte decorations and costumes were
BPttroprliUo for th rdarlet of the
children of Hiawatha which the chll
rlron rendered
II (Widen the program of recitation by
the children the follow!.!; mimical j
numlmre were Kien: piano aolo, I
Kraacta Hall, vocal nolo, I.enore
Mock, piano duet. Kuth and Dorothy
Dayton, quartette, Mrs. Cady. Kay
OwklHJt. Ignore and Margaret Mock.
Mtoa Rtl Jam left on Saturday
morntriK for M-ximqutb where sbe
will visit friends for neveral weeks
Wore KOlng to her home at Coo
The hall game with Slater, which
was to have lnen played yesterday,
u culled off on account of the ni
ne of one of the Sitters team. The
local hoys Indulged In a practice
game to help take out a few of the
lira. Hlchard Kllckenger left on
Wednesday night for the east where
the Intends to ajen4 the summer vis
Kins friendH and relative. She will
go via Spokane, where she will visit
a few day. i
Mrs. Thompson went to Bend rrl
Special to The Bulletin)
MILLICAN, .May 30 Mr. and Mra.
Gllmoro went to Il&nd Tuesday. Mrs
MUs Estclle Humphrey, who has position and every thing ready for
been staving with Mrs. Agco for the the actual delivery of mall which will
past couple of weeks, Is home again, begin Juno 1C.
The young people are holding a Guy AHIngJiam. Prajik. McCaffery
weekly choir practice at Wilson nd Mr- W urxwollor nutoed out from
school house on Friday evenings, Redmond Sunday In the former's car.
with Miss Ebba LlndquUt as leader, t Mrs McCaffery accompanied them
Following are the names ofsomc I f d M J j chapman d
of the applicants for the Position of f d M nnd M A'
Inrnl ma I carrier who will take the ' .. ,, ,.. .." '"
returned tudav. ! "i-.,rn -.n pnv k-il.r. H.l "" ""'?" ro umner
five months I E. L.Waldron will go to The Dalles S a tn n,.Pt. Karl Satin- "ue nt tne Truesdalo homo Monday
'poor showing, Is coming up nicely' Mr. and Mrs. Shaw of Sisters ac
1 now, and It looks as though alfalfa companled by Mr. and Mrs. Carson,
I might be a fair success here, ' were flshfng on the Deschutes FrI-, ioca mall carrier who will take the I
ir. v acKavucn nas
his home here after a
Ollmore left from there for Alaska vacation speot In Chicago with a son. the middle of the week, having re-don!i j. k. Warner, Harold Cooke,
whero she will visit for some time.
Miss Maggie Hooney left for Port
land Monday. She has been visiting
iistr mninnp mts unrr ifiHinur ifir ,
n a pleasing manner, i "j- "" - ;' -
atoad here. '
Hen Roodman was helping Frank
Hurwltz cut fence poets the past
week. I
Mr. and Mrs. Tbew. .Moffett called '
at the Davis home Sunday afternoon. J
Mrs. John Holland called at the '
Davis home Tuesday. !
Mra. Oeo. Mllllcan visited at the
Iteatson and Holland homes Satur
.Mrs. iierwuz lntenas to tencc nts'ceivea wora or tne serious nines or. f
entire claim this summer. hl brother there.
Mr. and .Mrs. Uarney Conoway and Rev. Towne conducted services at
family and Mrs. Geo. Mllllcan drove the school house In honor of the old
to Rend Sunday. ' soldiers Sunday. Three were nres-
L. V. Sell marl and family are re- ent. Mr. Durnslde of this commun
siding on their homestead now, after ity being one. Music was furnished
having spent the past Ave months In . by a quartette, Mrs. Templeton. Mr.
the Willamette valley. i and Mrs. Skelton and Mr. Beyers.
A. Miller and J. J. Chapman.
Miss Ha Knox, who has been at
tending C. C. H. S. Is visiting with
Miss Pauline Trueedale previous to
returning to her home In Fossil.
.Miss Una Moore and Gladys Ilayn
POWELL, I1UTTE, May 30. Oscar
Prlckett Is preparing to plant sev
eral acres of potatoes.
Mrs. J. I. Jones Is getting ready to
move to the valley near Portland.
.Jnm,,aniui i,v HnrnM rvinif wrnt to 1 where Mr. Jones hns bought n ma-
PrinevlIIe Sunday whore the young cume sm.. .i. juues luit buiiib umo
... ...... I wt t fnn nttU a.
Mr. and Mrs. Cook drove to Hend ' There were also songs by Lillian and 'ladles win remain over to nttena tne s "" -"".."..", l".'.V ,l".
Sunday. 'Marlon Van Matre recitations by ' summer normal. ' "" '" "u "" '"'""' ,"' Jm
! G E. Heathman, wife and son. Dona CyrXshema'n Johnson. Orva. Miss Pauline Truertale and her him as they have d .l.pood of such
, Harold, and daughter. Mrs. McCrack- Kelly, Geneva Rlvetts and Mrs.'K" Mlsa Ha Knox, titertalncd goods as they will not ship.
' en, were visitors at the Braun home- Kruchek. Paul Cooke a"d Clyde Moore at lun- Mr. and Mrs. C, L. Frost nnd fam-
stead Sunday. Arthur and Floyd Grobe spent Sat-. cheon at the former's home Sunday. My expect to leave Boon for Cros-
Pen Goodman visited Frank Her-'urday and Sunday In Bend. I Mr- nnd Mr- IlMVM Wlllcoxon en-! well, having traded their farm nnd
I wltz Sunday. ! The Sisters school closed with a ' tertalned Mr. and .Mrs. Allan Wlllcox- stock hero for one over there. Mr.
. I.. Heathman went to Bend on intm hih. ..i.i.,i c-..nn.. ., .. .. .. i..i. o-...j..
ednetMiay to bring out hlc brother-, franels Holland homestead. Prof. Harden left for PrinevlIIe,
In-law, Sherman Mccracken for a
vlttit with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Loffette were visitors
at the II. K. Davis home Tuesday af
ternoon. . MIha Selmr. Braun called at A. D.
Xorton'a on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mm. Harney Conoway ar
rived homo from Bear Creek Monday.
Mrs. Thos. Moffett was calling on
friends In the valley Sunday.
Mra. Martha Forgoy drove down
day. franco and Wendall who have to oast nnd of the valloy Monday,
bn attending school at Bend re
tnrned with her.
Several homesteaders from Mllll
can leave for Bend the coming week
to work.
A. L. Smith, wife and son, passed
through hero Sunday with a load of
lumber and groceries enroute to
tholr homestoad near Imperial.
Horace White was burning brush
on his claim tlio past week.
B. Johnson went to Bend Mon-
fHfMwIsI to The ItalMln.)
8TAUKFMK. May 2S.T. A. Fulg
)mra and It. II. Wallace of Culver
thla morning filed on homwtttfldH In
the Butte. I
Jfllm I'mif was given aaurprlse
dinner Sunday. '
Page Hls'inr spont the week end
In Pleasant Valley and Brookings.
The Snuffer family whs entertain
ltd at the Mrrcer home Sunday.
W. N. Brown's bueknrcKMi are
rounding up horses In 'he valley this
week. i
Mtirry Sinlih. who ha been awav
for the past two years, la in the val
ley lookliiK afipr his property. -
Lloyd Mtirrer anil Percy Hartoon
Mro plowing for llonry Klnsmnn. j
Henry Klnaman atarted for Hpnn
away, Washington, Friday to look nf
tor hiiHlnoHs. Mrs. Kinsman will re
turn with Mm.
Frr.nk Herwltz wont to Bend on
Thursday, coming out Friday with a
load of groceries for P. B. Johnson.
(Spocle: to The Bulletin.!
CLOVEKDALH, May 31. -Mr. and
Mrs. Abby aro spending a week In
Dean Van Matre went to Bend on
W. II. Klgor spent Saturday visit- Thursday, returning Sunday,
Ing at the A. D. Norton home. Many campers passed through
Alfalfa whlfh was planted on the I Cloverdalo the past week on their
II. K. Davis homestead last summer way to points of Interest In the moun
and owing to the dry season made n i tains.
Hood River and the San Francisco
Miss Waldron leaves Wednesday
for Walla Walla.
Miss Templeton was a guest at
Waldron's Thursday night.
We have had many light rains this
spring and crops nnd gardens are
looking unusually well.
Miss Bertha Goadsell Is visiting a
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(Sneclal to Tho Rulletln)
POWELL BUTTE, May 31, Mrs.
Frank McCaffery of Redmond visited
at the E. L. Ivcrson home several
dnvs the past week assisting In the
care of Mrs. Iverson, whose condition
, Is thought to be slowly Improving.
I V. O. Humphrey was a business
visitor to PrinevlIIe Tuesday.
A. H. Rhode sold his wool last
" Vl'nnl ilnlloAalnn I Ik T .. .1 1 At. .. t V
! ncrn, ucuicnuj, n in iiuuiuunu on over uio nowiy organizcu u. r.
Wednesday. routo Saturday and reports boxes
on and Miss Harriett at dinner Sun- Frost is at Crlswell now and will
day. i send for his family rs soon as nil ar-
Friday and Saturday saw the fol-1 ranKements are made.
lowing young people, students at tho
Crook County High School, returning
home for their summer vacations:
Miss Gladys and Hazel Ilayn, Orlsa
Sears, Fay Burnett, Gladys Pauls,
Paulino Truesdalo, Messrs. Ray
Skein, IlHlph Jones nnd Roy Mofflt.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Edwards nnd '
family, E. A. Bussett, Ross Bussctt,
Mrs. Allen Wlllcoxon, Mrs. A. W. .
Ilayn, and Mrs. P. Pauls, attended '
high school day at PrinevlIIe Wed-
Misses Ada Sears, Cella Mnnccau
and Grace Pauls visited in PrinevlIIe
for commencement week, returning
home Sunday.
Rev. Pnttcn Hall, resident minister
for the Baptist church nt Prliievlllo, (
delivered a sermon nt tho Wilson i
school house Sundny.
Postmaster Johnson made a trip
GET OUT of tho rut. It's
only a habit to do nil our
trading at the larger towns.
Let us spend our money at
home whero It will do US
the most good. IIEMKMI1EK
a 26 cent phono messago will
transact a lot of business
nnd save DOLLARS.
P. B. Johnson
(Special to Tb Bulletin)
and MrH, Jnko Brooks hnvo gonu out
to I io go no several mouths, I
Harold McFnddmi has returned
from Terrebonne whero hu visited
with his pnronta. '
Pago Rlnuffur of Stnuffer visited
vltli friend i anil rutntlves hero last
Saturday nnd Sunday. !
Wllllutn Hoist of I .a CrosHo, Wnnh
fiKlnu, immn In last Monday to his
now honuMiluAd. Ho drovo n four
horse tinim mid had ihhiiii dllllculty,
crowing Hid mountnliia owning to i
considerable hiiow.
. L. (!ook loft Tunwlny for Bend
to be gone several mouths. I
Jimwh) Monro (i Iihh koho to Buck
Urcck to work for W. W. Brown. I
IIIbh Klvu MrFitddHii of Ploaiiniit
valley spmit Thursday night with
Mr. Bert Meeks. I
MIsh IOvii Michel vUlled with Mrs
Brook Uir several days last week.
Henry Kinsman registered at the
llrooklHga hotel last wek. IihIhk on
Ills way to SpNimway. WHsliltigton. to
briag hit taiiuiy out to lliwlr now,
ttottiesteail near Stauffer.
Mra. Frixl Mlllnr ralleil on Mru. !
liorare Hrooklnga last Wednesday
A bear was killed last Sundny,
outb "f Yreka butlK by one of tho
Itucearmttt j
C M Hmllh of llnuenek, Minn.,1
came In Thursday to go t bis homo
HtMil near HlaufTi-r. Mr. Smith will
illsiHM uf inoft of his furulturu and
Mhlp wiiiie back oast.
Owiir llbtck Iiiih gone out for llvo
iHAntha Iww'o of uImkiiiuo. I
Kaitt Hrlekey ha kuiio to Prlno
il to work. j
I'rwl Miller itut la SO acre of
BrulM fur llva Mlohwl.
(SfHV-lcl in Tlu Hulloln
l.nav nttaidv. lur i:.--Mr. nnd
Mr. 8. i. Hubbard HUlnrtuluod Mr i
aad Mr. Wlllluui O'llrlun or Kvnus
vlllf. IndlHiia. several days the .i(
wek. TIimv had wild their proncrtv
In ladlitim mid wero on thlr wuv to
wattle wburo I liny mpi-ct (o go Int
Dr. (" Iteod haa bmn on the slik
lbvt during lh imisI week.
II. Kinsman haa gonu to TaiMiun
tt traitsnc' b-isltea :' o
bring bl family In In it short time
C. M. Smith baa Iteeti slmViug
baudn with old friends In the vullcv
lln came In to iwck his hiinlmll
BmU prior to shipplug thorn nut
Mr. uud Mr 8 J. Hubbard iitr
talMsul sJhmiI thlrtv guests last Thura
tlay evaoluK, lit honor of th litir h
brother, Charles Wbtt of ltkevlow
MnIo nnd card wuro tho chief feat
ure of iHitrrtslumeut. At uildniflit
M dainty luTbwm was rved Tlu
gueatn dniuirted at an mrly hour de
claring Mr and Mra. Hubbard rHl
onl Halnsi-H.
.1 it l'oTv lins tuovtxl his house
ilowtt utktr the rwil and he U drlllliiK
h veil for himself.
I. M. On mill wits lielldiiK Mr Per
r durleg tho imt wcuk.
Tho Hiauy frlondrt of Mr. Pratt and
c.ta Jnhu met nV tholr home last
HuHttay and gitvo them n furvwell
urtv. The PrulU lupotst In Wave
tuut Thursday to bo gono Inilollnlloly
C. J. SUtifTor uud Perry Hitrtoon
aro IokkIuk somo sago brush for II
Mary titauffer was qulto sick dur
ing tho past week but Is again able
to attend school. i
, THE EUROPEAN CONSUMER Is the most f.clentlflc
Inner of foods on earth. He has, from necessity, been
forced to buy that which gives the greatest return for
tho money.
Ho Is the world's greatest user of flour. Flour, and yet
more Hour, hah been tho cry of strlckon Belgium. Englnnd and
France consider It relatively tho cheapest food at $12 per
Don't subscribe to popular fallacies. Face the facts. Meat
contains GO pur cent wntcr, potatoes "" per cent, milk SO to 90
per cent, flour 13 Vi por cent. A pound of meat costs 20 and
25 conts, flour 4 cunts, nnd yet there Is moro energy In a
pound of flour than n pound of beef.
WHEAT I'LOUR Clieiipent nnd Best Food, V. S. Government
Tct Provo It.
Articles Energy 10 Conts Will Buy
Eggs 38C
lltcf, sirloin 410 pgj
Mutton, leg 41S aj
Miik 1030 mm
Pork, loin 1035
Cheese 1185
Butter 13C5
Breakfast foods 1489
Itlct) 2025
Potatoes 29G0
BeaiiH, dried 3040
(U. S. Department of Agriculture Farmers Bulletin No. 112.)
II.VIvlKiV Miioclo mill Strength Ghlng QuiillUc.
Ono iHiunil of DosrhutoH Sprnv Flour costing 1 to I c 'Is,
will go as far as two pounds of meat tntnlnltig 20 to 25 cents
per K)UII(1.
New Bend Flour Mill
Bend, Oregon
The cleanest flour mill In the State of Orogon.
All flour tested In our own laboratories.
The puidlc is Invited to Inspect our plant.
Brick is the MOST ECONOMICAL Building Material there is.
All who have used our product are satisfied.
The Bend Brick & Lumber Co.
llo-e Fend.
vii I rxatr-
klon I "i rts
Dullv June (I
to 10.
Oregon Trunk Railway
And the Trlde-Scu, Six Deck Piilnco of the PhcIHc
NAILS Jl M: I. 8. IS, III, -JO, , iH.
Nptt'lal SliMinor Train Uih Portland U n. in.
Arrht Fliuel rJ::ii Luurlicou on Ship.
Kuiiinlili ArrUcx San l'mmUio il;:io Xext Day
1'niin lleiul, IK) llji) l.lmlt $11,10
Ninety ly Limit , tl.l5
mwxiidlng low rale. to Snn Diego nutl I,oh
Angelcv.. Cliolttt of niuttvi, nil I or teaiiLsblp.
Pnrtlruliin. of Agents SMikune, Portl.iml
.V StMttle, Ort'gou Trunk or (Ireat Nor
tliern or Nortlieru 1'itrlllc Italhxnja. ?'lt5'7r
It. II. CR07.1FR. J. II. COUUKTT, lhX A h&3
A. tJ. r. ... Agtnt, lf-" i
Portland. Ore lk-nd. Oro. 11 """iiu'Xi
Real Estate
We Control and Have For Sale, at the Be3t
Prices and Terms, the Largest Amount of
Business and Residence Property
in Bend. Call or Write for Free
Maps and Descriptive Matter
Insurance Written in All
Its Branches in World
Known Companies
WITH US. OUR OUTSIDE Offices ,unl Arrntc
Better Enable Us to find You Purchasers and Tenants.
Oregon Street, Bend, Oregon.
Empire Building, Seattle, Wash.
, s- v1"
. 3w. - -JMT:;!TTTr;T)T1S,',,in ,J