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Vol. XIII.
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Thirty or Forty Men Will lo Em
ployed lor Two Months on Job
liinxl Clearing for Slievlln Mill
Is Making Good I'i ogress.
Construction of tho dam ncross the
Deschutes nt tho Shovlln-Hlxon mill
slto began on Friday. With men
working nt tho dnm on both sides of
tho river and n crow cngngod In
clearing on tho bench land adjoining,
n scone of nctlvlty Is presented glad
dening to nil beholders. Other work
In connection with tho enterprise Is
going on in tho woods.
The dam building will take nbout
two months and 30 or 40 men will
bo omployod continuously. A coffer
dam tins first to be built nnd tho con
Htructlon of this Is now well nlong,
tho crow working from n temporary
brldgo which has been put ncross tho
rlvor. The work Is being (lone by
M. J. Danlolson, who built tho dam
nnd powor houso for tho Ilend Wnter
Light & Power Co. So far ns pos
slblo Mr. Danlolson Is giving prefer
once to locnl men tin tho work.
Rock for tho dnm Is being hauled
on each sldo of tho river, that on tho
west side bolng obtained by blasting
on a hill sldo In tho neighborhood.
Work on tho clearing Is progress
ing. A Inrgo tract hnB been cleared
on tho bench nbovo the river where
)hq lumber yard will bo located nnd
work Is now going on along tho rlvor
bank nt tho saw mill slto nnd above
wlioro tho logging road will run.
Building of tho spur has not yet
bogun but a crew from tho Oregon
Trunk Is expected nt onco to rush
tho tracks and brldgo through.
I'lirty From Ifooil Itivcr Attracted
Ily Local Developments.
After spondlng threo days In fish
ing, tip rlvor. a ljnjity.,of.HoQd JUvcr
men returned to town Saturuny night,
loavlng on their return- to Hood
Itlvor by auto Sunday. Ono of tho
party, P. Ij. Tompkins, was a formor
rosldont of Ilend, nnd another, C. D.
Ireland, hns been going through
town twlco n year for tho past threo
years on his wny to California... Iloth
wore enthusiastic over local develop
montx. Mr. Iroland being especially
nttrnctcd by tho town. With them
woro Allen Hoed and D. M. Dickin
son. The party lrr.d good luck lu
fishing, taking G25 trout In three;
Other nuto tourists who havo been
hero In tho past weok' were A. U.
Vnn Ornum, K. 13. Van Ornum, G.
V. Jlaro and J. F. Coulon of Soattlo.
Wlton nsk'bd for his Impressions of
tho town Sir. Coulon Bald. "Mako it
ns strong ns you like. You cannot
any too much."
T'ue dnto of tho Horn! and Hod
mend wool salo hns been chnnged to
June 17 according to A. C. Kgan.
traveling agent of the O.-W. K. & N.
Even though you might never have
n fire or thieves enter your home, a
paper mislaid is often'times lost just
as irretrievably as if it had been
burned or stolen.
When your valuable papers are in
our vault you KNOW where they
are and you KNOW they are safe.
You can lease a steel box m our
vault with a non-pickable Yale
lock big enough to contain all
your private papers, for $2 a year
Can you afford to be without this
The Deschutes State
Grade of Alder Stiect Is Kstubllshert
Heady For Spur lliilldliig
Lease of Council Itooni ItnttllfMl.
Meeting on Saturday for tho nur
pose of passing tho franchise giving
tho Oregon Trunk right to build its
spur in to the rlvor nnd tho Shevlin-
Hlxon mill tho city council found
consldeiablp business to bo attended
Tho frnnchlso was pnssed by tho
unanimous vote of tho councllmen
prosont at tho meeting, nnd Mayor
fliinor immediately nlllxcu his slgnn
turo to the mensuro and to tho aa
conipanylng blue print. In connec
tion with tho franchise nn ordinance
was passed establishing tho grado of
Alder streot along which tho lino will
run for a part of Its course.
Other matters taken up IncludoJ
tho city's fire fighting proporty, tho
coming city election and an nllcgod
nuisance In Park addition. City At
torney Forbes was directed to tnko
proper steps to see that tho nuisance
was abated while Recorder Ellis wns
appointed to mako nrrnngoments for
tho olectlon. Councilman Knutseii
offered to nttend to the lire property.
Tho council formally ratified the
action of tho mayor nnd tho recordor
Is signing a lenco with J. P. Johnson
for tho council room nnd tho lease,
duly signed by Mr. Johnson, was put
on fllo.
Mont O'Donncll Captain Again
Single Men IJent IlcnedlctH.
Ilend Is to havo a ball team again
this summer, organization having
been porfected at a meeting Sunday
afternoon, T. M. O'Donnell wns re
elected cnptnln of tho team and El
inor Ward, mnnagor. According to
tho plan decided upon at tho mooting
support for tha tenm will bo sought
in monthly subscriptions from tho
business men of tho town until tho
team becomes solfHsustalnlng.
Following the business meeting a
gamo was played botween teams
m a do up of married and single men,
respectively. Tho single men won
tho gnmo by a scoro of 13 to 5, tho
victory holng duo In a great moasure
to tho efforts of pitcher Davis. Tho
players wero as follows:
Married nion Enstcs, r. f., Spring
er, p, Vnn Mntre, c, Hanson, 1 b.,
Stnnts, 2 b Whlto, s.s., Mlllor, 3b
Hozell, c. f and Smith 1. f.
Single men Muzynskl, r. f., Dav
is, p., O'Donnell, c, Hudell, lb.,
Sproat, "2li'., E&ve,r, b. b., Huswoll,
(Hunter) 3 b., Urnndenburg, c. f
and II. Johnson 1. f.
Tho team will play Tumalo hero
next SundaJfgJ'rccodlng tho game tho
on mi win give n cuncun ui lown unu
then march To tho grounds.
Tho J graduating exercUes of tho
senior class of tho Hond high school
waro hold at tho Presbyterian church
Sunday night, the church being filled
to ovorllowlng with frlonds nnd rela
tives of tho graduates. The two chlof
numbers on tho program wero the
oration by Claude Kelloy on "Sec
tionalism In tho United Statos" and
the address by Prosldont Ackorman
of tho Stuto Normal school nt .Mon
mouth on "Standards." Ilutli Cald
well and Robert Inncs playod two
musical numbors nnd thoro was sing
ing b tho girl's glee club. Chairman
McKny of tho School hoard prosented
tliq diplomas to tho graduates. Med
als wero also given by Principal
Shoimo to tho leading scholars of tho
grado school.
Arc Delighted Willi Town mid Itecep
tlon Clvoii Them Party Is Arrang
ed by Fred 8. Stnnloy Dinner
Given nt Tho F.mblcm Club.
Travelling In two prlvnto cars at
tached to tho Oregon Trunk train, n
party of Portland nnglors arrived In
Hond Saturday morning to try tho
fishing in tha Deschutes nnd neigh
boring streams and to soo tho town
and tho country. After spending two
days horo thoy loft on tho Mondny
morning train filled with enthusiasm
for Ileud and deeply appreciative of
the reception given them.
Tho party was organized by Fred
S. Stnnloy, president of tho Contral
Orogon Irrlgntlon Company, nnd In
cluded associates, of his who woro
fnmlllar with Centrnl Oregon, tnd n
number of friends who hnil novor
been horo before Of tho party tho
now comers wero especially enthus
iastic over tho beauty of tho country,
tho timber and tho water powor
wealth and tho development possi
bilities, All congratulated Hond on
tho now Industries starting hero.
Tho first day was spont In fishing
on tho Deschutes, tho party being
taken up rlvor In care furnished by
local frlonds. Ilocnuso of wonthor
conditions few fish wero caught but
on Sunday, on the Motollus sevoral
got their baskets woll filled.
Dinner' In Given.
Saturday ovcnlng tho party was on
tortatned at dinnor nt tho Emblem
Club, there being presoit aU.? a num
ber of flood Hlver men who wero just
(Continued on Inst page.)
Commercial Club lleai-s' Ciimmltteo
ltoKit and Addrens from Visitor
Tho only business to como up nt
tho Commercial Club luncheon on
Saturday was In connection with tho
plan to plnco signboards on nil roads
in tho county. J. A. Eustos, for tha
committee, reported that It .ojepected
to liavo tno signs, which unvoJioon
promised by a tiro compnny, horo In
1 fow daya. Manaccr Do Armond
statod that n.u effort was bolng made
In Portland to obtnln bulletins on the
condition of i'-c roads .this summer
and that u reqvuit had been -rrelvod
that tho roads lu this section bo re
ported on.
Lewis M. Elllrt of Ann Arbor, Mich
igan, was Introduced by President
Kye ns luting btiro on n study ( f
tho olectro-chnmlcnl pofisllillH'os of
the Hocilon. Mr. Kills spnko In n
complimentary man nor of the spirit
and entorprlso he found In tho wwt
and told of tho nctlvltlos of onstem
commercial bodies of a Blmllar nntoro
to thoso found horo. Doputy Lnlir
CommlBHloiier F. W. Dolzell spoko
of the administration of tho lal or
liiws and naked tho co-operation of
all In seoing that thoy woro enforced.
The next lunchoon will bo nt tho i
Cozy Restaurant. '
Grass CatcHers
Hose and Nozzles
Deep Well
Farming Implements
Bend Hardware Co. j&
Tho Company ihot put tho "Woor" In Hartlwaro JJn
Miu-Nml Ai Tweet Loo Contents of
Smithy Deschutes Cafe Is Di-imit-
ed Out Damago Amotintti to
Nearly $2,000 Insurance.
Flro starting In tho Mustnrd &
Tweet blacksmith shop at tho cor
nor of Hond nnd Minnesota streets,
destroyed that building and gutted
tho Thorbjonson building adjoining
yadn8day night. Aside from tho
owners of tho lmlldlngs" Uio honvlcst
losers woro Mustard and Tweet and
Gcorgo Davis, proprietor of tho Des
chutes cafo In tho Thorbjonson building.-
Tho flro was discovered in and
around tho blacksmith shop nbout
13:30 o'clock nnd nu alarm glvon nt
once. Huforo tho first hose could bo
brought up tho shop was destroyed
with Its contonta, nnd tho wind had
cnrrled the flames across to the Thor
bjonson building.
Tho volunteer flro fighters workod
hard to save tho second building, hav.
ing four lines of hooo In uso nt onco.
A very strong prossuro aided In
drowning tho flro but It was not fully
extinguished before considerable
damago was done, especially in tho
uppor part of tho building. In tho
lower part, whoro tho restaurant wan
Bltuatcd, tho chief damago was from
Tho building occunled by Mustard
& Tweet as a blacksmith shop liolnhK1-'
oil to Hunter & Stnnts and formerly
stood further down Minnesota street
whore It was UBad by Hrunkn & Har
dy as a garago. Its contonta, belong-
Ing to tho blacksmiths, wero Insured
for $400. Tho Thorbjonson build
ing was Insured for about $2,000 nnd
was damaged nonrly that amount.
Tho Mustard homo In Deschutes
addition was destroyed by flro on
May 8.
Tho olectlon on tho question "f ex-
tondlryr tho llmltB of the city will bo
helif on Friday. According to tho
ordor of tho council calling tliu olec
tlon tho voting places will lib In tho
coupe,!! chnmhor and tho ofllrn or tho
Mlllor Lumber Co. ynrd. Tho polls
wllirtjo oiioii botween 8 n. 'in. nnd 8
p. jrf. The clerks for tho ulty of ttr.1 Prtniin fitnntn mill .1 .1
1 Klein, nnd. tho Judges sre 11, J. Ovor
1 turf, Frank Gllbort nrnl J. P. John
son. For tho proi'WiAd ndilltion the
otlcers ere: clerks, Wlnfleld L. Grif
fin, nnd Mrs. A. L. lioff, Judgo, A.
I. toff, Tom Kern and II. M. Itnn
Further ovldonro of tho succeeH of
tho ooinlng'clinutuuqun hue Just p
peared. In tho news from Sisters that
a party of 100 from thoro will oomo
over on Saturday, July 3, ninny of
whom will stay for more than ono
day of tho program. The report of
tho SlHtora plans comes from It. ',.
Davis, prosldent of tho Slstors Fair
Association. Largo delegation will
nlso bo prosont from Terrebonne,
Tiimnlo, Prlnovlllo nnd La Pino.
Stoics (.lose for Period In Miirnlni;
Addivss DclUcied by Itev. A. S.
Hliiek Soumi Veterans Attend.
With Memorial day falling on Sun
day tho general observance of tho dav
In Ilend occurred Monday. Hy direc
tion of tho city council Mayor Miller
Issued a proclamation calling on all
business houses to cIobo during the
tlmo of tho memorial (services and tho
request wns generally followed. Iloth
banks nnd tho post olllco remained
closed all day.
An aiidlcnco comprised chiefly of
women attended tho services nt the
Hnptlst church. Hev. A. S. Hlnck
dollvored tho memorial address eulo
gizing tho men who had died to nave
tho Uiilon. Ho spoko. nlso, of flon
ornl Logan who conceived tho Idea of
forming tho Grand Army of tho Ho
pulilic following tho close of tho wnr.
Six members of tho G. A. It. and
ono Confederate veteran marched In
tho parade to tho church which was
led by tho Hond band.
Tho G. A. H. men wero O. W.
Shrlnor. O. H. Norcutt, J. H. O'Xoll,
J. M. Hyrnm, Thomas Tweot nnd J.
C. Thorp. Tho Confedornto votornn
wns G. W. Trlplett.
Hieelc for RIOJ) Is ltecclted Plans
For Itebnte Under Consideration,
Tho warrant subscription fund
rnlBcd Inst weok to purchaso proporty
wanted by tho 8hovlIn-Hlxon Com
pnny wns Incrcnsed by the sum of
$100 wiion n chock for that amount
wns received from a. P. Putnam on
Ftlny. Tho fund now amounts to
?7,iu or 1,124 moro than was re
quired. As yot no flnnl plan for tho pro
rata roturn of tho surplus subscrip
tion hns boon workod out. The sug
gestion hns been mndo, howo'vor, and
will probably bo followed, that ro
pnyment bo mado on- the bnsls of $1
for evory G subscribed. In this man-
nor tho fund will bo mostonslly dealt
with nnd nil frnctlonnl nniounts
avoided. Some of tho larger sub
scribers havo Indicated their willing
nous to Increnso their subscription
Biifllclently to mako tho repayment on
this bnBls possible
In connection with tho present
purchnso of theso threo rlvor front
parcels tho fact hns como out that n
number of years ago when John
Stoldl wnn Interested lu tho town slto
ho forsnw tho necessity of ncqulrlng
tins property and did buy himself an
adjoining pnrcol In order to romovo
any possible dllllculty. Mr. Stoldl
cousldorn tho purchnHo of tliat tiact,
for which ho paid $1000, hla contri
bution to tho cniiBo.
m '
It Is lenrnml that, In nddltfflfi t(i
tho statu officials whose visit to the
Tumalo projnet and Heud was an
nouiired Inst week, two more will lie
members of the party. They nr In
surance Commissioner Harvey Well
slid Adjutant (lenernl Gnorge A.
White. It is umlemtood that both nf
them will nccompnnv Oivomnr
Wllhycoinlte ou his trip to Klsiiiutli
Fall and Crater Uikn.
I'rof. Thomas Slmw, aKrlculturlst
of Hie Or oat N'orthorn Knllwsy, will
speak lu the Commercial Club room
this evening nt eight o'clock on ag
ricultural subjects. With I'rof. Slmw
are n number of other iiKrleulturnl
experts. A largo attendance Ih expected.
The First National Bank
l. C. COK, t'loslilent K. A. HATIIKIt, VIco- I're.Ulunt
C. H. HUDSON, Ciuhlur
rnpltol fully paid - - - M5.000
NuriiliM W.OOO
FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! If your house should
take fire you aro apt to bo so excited that,
oven though you havo plenty of titno, you will
rush out and loayo behind, to be burned up,
YOUR tylLL, othor valuable papers and jew
elry. Tho best way is to put thom into ono of
and burglar proof va,uU?. A private box will
cost you only S3.00 and up, per year.
We also solicit your BANK ACGOUNT.
------- --- DIRECTORS -- ; -
U. C. Cob I-. A. Patiikk ". H. IIhibon
Light Company Puts In 1." Xcw Mct
ei-s In a Week Many Culls for
Telephones Xiiinerous Heal Fa-?'
tato Traiisfei-s aro Itepoitcd.
Tho nctual starting of work for tho
Shovlln-Hlxon saw mill has caiiBod'n
lovlvul of business activity In Ilend
extending Into all branches. Stores
aro being lonscd, ronl cstato Is chang
ing hands, morchniits are putting lu
now stocks. Tho Impetus Is bolng
felt ovorywhore. ;
"A good barometer of business
conditions Is tho centrnl station,"
snld Frank T. I'nrltor, of tho Ilend
Wntor Light & Powor Co. this mom
Ing, "nnd our orders show that thliiKS
aro Btnrtlng up horo llnoly.' In tho
past week wo havo put In 15 now
oloctrlc motors. Thoro havo boon
calls for Bhort extensions of our
water lines nnd wo nro now working
on 1111 extension on Hawthorne nvo
nuo." Mniiniror Popo. of tho Pioneer
ToloRrnph nnd Tolephono Co., who
wns in town yostordny. snld tint is
company's business wns picking up
rapidly in uetid. Ho now has onlara
for tho Installation of Hi now tele
phones and oxpects n grontor domntid
In tho near future. Now Instruments
will bu suppllod, nccordlng to Mr.
Popo, ns fast us supplies can bo pro
cured. Locnl hotols, rcstnurnnts and
rooming housos nlso roport greatly
Increased business which ,ls looked
upon ns moroly n foro' runner' oC
what Is to bo oxpectcd during tho
coming months,
8tores huvo boon rontod by I). D.
(Jrocnwold nnd M. II. SymoiiB, both,
of whom nro Jowolers. Mr. Oreon
wold, under tho nnmo, Hond Krult
Compnny has taken tho room In tho
Fulks building forinorly,occuplnd hy
tho Jones paint shop and Is putting
In n lino of fruits nnd vegetables. Ttin
(lllliort storo, nt tho corner of Hond
nud Oregon streuts Is being mndo
brmdy for occupancy.
.Snles mo Iteporled.
A Inrgo ntimbor of real ostnto nnlos
Is roportod by .lames Ilynji, tho list
(Continued on last pnKO.)
DIsIIiikiiInIiciI I'aily From .South Will
Meet (ioei'iiiii' Wllhyeoiubo Horo.
SAI.K.M, Juno 'i. At the masting
of the Fish nnd (lame Commission
here Isst week, which was attetitlod
hy ('. I.. Alone of Klanmth Falls, ono
nf the members of the CqiiimiIhhIoii,
plans were completed fur (inventor
Wltliyeomho's Central Oregon trip
Into this month.
Klamnth Falls peoplo, Including
Mr. Sfono nud Heprosentutlvo Wojloy
O. Smith, will come to Hond In aiTtftfl,
nrrlvliigi;ii tho ovuiilng of Friday, Uio
Sfith, nnd pnitlrlpatlng In tho Imn
niiot which will be glvon tho (lovor-
nor hero. The next morning thoy will
start out with him for Kliimuth Fulls.
ygp tsy c!jx "x-if 'omy tsovp'
H. (. Kf.i.ia
Cr shier
? "WKf,,IIT3 C!!P
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