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I'AGR 1.
(Published Ecry Wednesday)
, Managing Editor
An Independent newspaper Btnrid
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neBS, clean politics nnd the best ln
1 crests of Hond and Central Oregon.
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Wchango of address, or of ulliiro to ro-
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i' able to Ilond llulletln.
' fiiu
O '"
& j.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 2li, 191.i,
I Hond has arrived at a milestone In
career. A bad bit of the grade
'"'IMs behind uh. Wo aro well on tho
V.ay up tho hill. Wo have, In fnct,
'reached tho top of an eminence)
whence Is seen n pleasant outlook.
ul Hut lot uh not, In tho elation of
'Winning this first hill top. deceive
Ourselves Into thinking that wo luivo
Kjtlnud tho summit of thu hill of our
municipal ambitions. Let us not, -for
one Hulf-satlsllcd moment, bo content
with what wo have attained.
Hnthor, lot us rcallzo fully nnd
with unanimous determination, that
tho bigger hills, thu summits really
worth gaining, still Ho before us.
Our nmbltlons should In no wlsu
nbnto because wo nt Inst seem somo-
whnt nbovo tho level. It la rather
for us to Ktrlvo more persistently for
tho higher positions which we now
sco with ever Increasing clearness
ahead of uh, cheered In our resolvo
to reach them by thu hiicccss thus
far nchleved.
In other worilR, Hond has not "nr
rlved." It takes moro thnn one swal
low to make a summer as tho saying
goes; and moro than ono lumber mill,
or oven sovoral lumber mills aro re
quired lo make such a town as wo
deslro Ilond lo lie.
Fortunately, In addition to our
timber, which Is our grcnt Immediate,
economic asset, nnturo has given uh
other notable roHources. Whllo do
ing all wo can to assist those who aro
undertaking thu development of tho
timber opportunities upon a scnlo
t lint nlono will make of Ilond n good
ly city, let us remember Hint It Is now
more than ever a community duty to
encourage tho upbuilding of our oth
er rosourcoH,
To be a prosperous lumber manu
facturing town In well enough. Wo
nro delighted to bo that, and wnndor
fully pleased that at hint milling has
come. It menus Immediate and sub
stantial expansion, tho llrm establish
merit of Ilond as the population ami
huslmwH center nnd metropolis of
Central Oregon. Hut wo nro not
KiitlHlled to stop there. Horn! must
mid Inevitably will bo, a truly Im
portant City. It Is for us so to make
furnishing electricity for more than
ono railway converging here.
At homo, In town, thero Is also
much to bo done. In tho past we
hao worked for a woolen mill and
for other Industries. Now, It Is
doubly desirable to renew our efforts,
and hereafter It will be easier, for
wo shall bo stronger. A plant will
come here, for we have tho wool, the
water, tho power and the transports
Hon. l,et us hasten It. Let us en
courage establishment here of big
Industries subsidiary to genoinl lum
her milling. Thero will bo plnco for
a stnrch factory, for enlarged brick
and tile plant, Important stone qunr
rleB, perhaps a pulp mill, No doubt
tho pralsoworthy effort for tho es
tablishment here of a sanatorium will
be renewed, and with success. There
It sound reason for Dend to become a
health resort of note, nnd Its out-of-doors
attractions for tourist and
sportsmen rank well with many of
the west's best known recreation
centers, In that connection help the
fishing nnd the now hntchery, help
got more nnd bettor roads nnd trnlls,
Let us, In short, keep nwnke and
tnko advantage of our opportunities
nt homo nnd sco to It that they be
come recognized abroad.
Ucslde tho great lumber Industry,
with Its mnny mnnufncturlng off
shoots, wo Imvo limitless wnter pow
er, grnln Innds, Irrigated lands, nnd
homesteads. An enormous sheep nnd
cattle country centers hero, backed
liv.ntilnnitlit mimmnr ranees In the
forest? report es and tho best of wln
fer" feeding grounds. Wo hnvo altl-
tudo nnd sunshine, nnturo's golden
to tell his story with rcasonablo con
viction. 8omo of tho railroad's publicity
work should begin at homo. Until It
does more thousands of good dollars
will follow fruitlessly after thoeo
which have gone before.
And this is not carping criticism,
but frlondly suggestion, to a business
partner. Further, It Is based on ob
servation which cannot be contra
verted. All wo want you to do, Mr.
Railroad Official, Is to help us by
helping yourself. '
A feature of tho University of Ore
gon which is attracting well-merited
attention Is the school of Journalism.
Fnder Eric Allen nnd Colin Dymetit
the students who moan to adopt
newspaperlng as a profession aro get
ting practical nnd Invaluably tuition,
and tho many others wh'o receive
gonnrnl Journalist!- trai ling nre ob
taining most desirablo familiarity
with current events nnd with pioper
nnd practical utilization of the Eng
lls language, both vnstly worth-while
nssots for every young American.
From the hronder standpoint of
the University's relations with tho
public, It is fnlr to say that no de
partment la doing so much as this
one to encourngo a statewide recog
nition for tho Institution, or accom
plishing half so much In properly
stntlng to tho pcoplo Just what Is be
ing done nt Eugene and wjiat can bo
done thero. Tho, Dapatlmont of
lournnllsm hns won'JtBTjpnrftTof use-
In Oregon tho flguro Is set nt
How's jour nverago?
Statisticians say that tho Groat
War is costing $2,000,000 every
hour. If 'the money could be spent
hero, wo would welcome hostilities
for about ten minutes.
Somehow Jefferson county seems
to be gejtlng along fairly comfortably
despito tho dire predictions of the
antl-dlvlslon howlers.
SomstlmeB being mnyor of n small
town Is no dreanv; some executives
ve have known regard their honor ns
a nlghtmnyor.
" , . ; , , ------ --: journniisiu nns wuiimih jjimrn yi il-
medlclnes, and scenic beauty beyond fU)0S!, amj merits .approbation, nnd
' If wo do not mnko our develop
ment complete nnd mnnv sided, tho
fnult Is our own. And If wo do, wn
shnll bo Intrenched wonderfully well
ngalust posslblo economic adversity
nnd HpihI will becomo an Important
cltv nlmost beforo we renlizo It.
Hond Is cowing Into Its own. Tho
foresight of those who havo looked
Into the future, nnd who hnvo under
stood nnd bnnked upon their Judg
ment. Ib being rownrded. Tho roward
will bo trlplofold, for thorn and for
thoRo who now nro cnntlng In their
fortunes hero, If wo do not now for a
moment rest upon our onrs, but
thrust them nnew Into tho stream of
community building with nn enthus
iasm nnd vigor whlcii will go still
further to mako tho phraso "Hold
Spirit" a synonym of success attain-cd.
There are towns in Oregon which
depend upon fruit raising nlono.' just
now they am poverty stricken, be-
enusn tho fruit business has beon ov
erdone. Thoro are towns whoso
prosperity Is founded upon tho pay
rolln of llr lumber manufacture; the
fir nmrkonuiB gono glimmering, nnd
these communities urn having hnrd
times. Thero nro towns whero min
ing Is thu nolo economic foundation;
when tho bottom drops out of the
market for their mineral products
they are left stranded. Hern and
thoro Is a town which has built up a
big community business because of
Kb attractions for thu health and
pleasure seeker, for them these
months are lean, as tho general de
pression has forced their usual cus
tomers to economize and get their
doctoring nnd recreation nt home.
And thero are towns In plenty whose
role, resource Is agriculture, ami
these, for the most part provided
their country Is not dependent upon
one crop alone -nro normnllv pros
perous, but the agricultural town
pets Just so fnr and then stops.
Thero Is n lesson In the above com
monplaces Fundamental prosperity
depends upon a diversity of develop
ed resource. When the season Is
lean In one line, It Is pt to be fat In
So let u tighten our belts and un
dertake our town building campaign
moro vigorously than ever.
We can do a lot to help develop
the drv-fnrm country to tho south
east. Wo can co-operate In building
up tho big Irrigated country to tho
eflst nnd north and northwest, tho
market for the farmers will bo made
hy the mills, and e en thing possible
should bo done to got moro acres lu
production, and more hog and cows
creating wealth. We should continue
more strenuously than ever to work
with thu pcoplo of all Central Oregon.
K) that our growing business as a
distributing center for a country
Urge as several New England state
may Increase moro rnpldlv than ever
Outside of tho town lUolf we should
nt nil Union douito our best energies
to aiding In the upbuilding of the I
country and Its agricultural iU
hilltlo: that menus inoro people to
feed Uend nnd uioro people to buv
their supplies hero: nnd especially It
jnean that railroad development j
wTlh Hond n a center will bo encour
agedfor It Is but a matter of time
bjforo Desohutes water ijgwyr will bo
According to his story In tho Port
land .lournnl, Mnrshnll Dnnn went
nrntind to rnllrond ofllceB In Portlnnd,
JiiHt to seo what answers thev would
give to his queries concerning tho
sconlc attractions or various locali
ties. Here Is a partial record of tho
roplv he received at the S. P. & 8.
depot: "Co ntrnl Oregon. Nothing
hut land nnd Biigo brush nnd coy
Nor do wo doubt tho nccuracv of
tho statement, for wo oitrFolves hnvo
encountered tho same sort of thing
from subordinates of several railway
The higher-ups. the big salaried,
blg-bralned olllc'als are Jvlng nwnke
nluhts thinking up schemes to de
velop tlio territories served by tholr
lilies. Tho passenger department
are striving, to pomilurlzo their ser
vice Thoiisntids of doUnm aro spent
nnnunlh for lavish publlotlons sot
ting forth the scenic wonders of the
country Borved. Hut often so ofton
tho everyday men who nro on tho
business tiring line, the little fellows
who conio In constant contnrt witli
lie public, know ronlly nethlni of
the country ronched bv their line
havo never hnd tho ('"imrtnnltv to
develop u vision extending further
than tho ends of their noses, nnd
couldn't paint a rosy word picture If
they wanted to.
We don't especln'lv -esent that
subordinate's report on Contrnl Ore.
non nbovo mentioned. It's not fatnl
that tho man questioned knew noth
ing of tho Deschutes. Its cnscade
nnd neighboring pine forests, of Lave
llutto and Ice enves, of tho snow
covered mountains nnd tho crystnl
lakes. Hut It Is regrettable.
The railroads nro working for us
anil wo for them. Our Interests aro
Identical. Our dividends nre wild In
common coin. And that Is whv It lr
periiilssnble for us to wish devout
ly Hint tho big men In tho remoto of
tiros conld understand that their op
Mutism Is largely being wasted intl"
hoy have conducted an educational
cnmpiilgu among their employees.
Such nn education that the men with
brass buttons and tho men In overalls
may know something of tho country
served by tho company which signs
his pay check; and above nil that he
may havo tho deslro and the ability
MotollUB hns sot out ono thousnnd
trees. Thnt's n first rnto example. It
not only should bo an encourngoment
to tree planting hore, but especially
It Bhould ImprosB upon us how for
tunnte wo nro In having trees which
nnturo planted for us; nnd porhnps
It will holp us to think twice beforo
wo destroy tho beautiful nnd Irro
plncnblo plnea and Junlpors around
Colorndo hns passed freak laws
compelling chlckonB to go to roost
before 7 p. in., and providing thnt
hulls driven nlong ronds at night
shnll wear lights. Commissioner
Daly of Portlnnd, prlzo legislator of
tho metropolis, should Uko note. Tho
Hose City chickens (It Ib said) nro
nt largo during all hours of tho night
nnd ovoryono knows tho bull goes on
without restriction.
Tho llnnnclnl condition of the
country la becoming moro sound
ovory dnv, nnd proaporltv mdre as
sured. This Item from Washington,
for Instnnco. Is a splendid Incitor of
optimum: "Excess of Amoricnh ex
ports over Imports In March this year
wns $110.9C0,n7, tho Inrgest favor
nblo trado bnlanco for Mnrch In tho
hlstoryo f American commerce."
The net results of tho efforts of
Hops llnrneH to extract IGO.OOO from
Hohh lloosovelt seem to bo thnt
Humes U out n tidy sum In lawyers
fees mid Teddv has received almut
$100,000 worth of gilt udgo adver
tising. Altogether, tbo suit wag n
poor Investment for Humus nuilno
hardship for Thoodoro.
"We nro nblo to report from nn
nutitorltntlve source, that up tnthe
tlmo of going to press, tlio county
sont has not been moved from Prino
vlllo to Hend, rognrdless of persist
ent rumors." Crook County Jour
nnl. Not jot.
For those who hnvo tho Inclination
o gamble lu stocks, wo recommend
livestock, In these da8 when tho
hears -nd bulls of Wall Btree,t nre
sluggish, tho steers of tho west con
tinue to offer tho soundest of money
miiklug Investmonts.
Through tho effortH of a few pcoplo
wo nro going to havo a ball team to
represent Hond. It Is now up to tho
rest of tho people of tho town to
help support tho team by attending
the games and assisting wherovor
Let us hope parents will romoiubor
tho lesson of tho past nnd keep tholr
children off tho river ns much ns pos
sible this summer, Just to cheat tho
DeschuteB of Kb usual toll of drownings.
According to official figures from
Washington tho nvornge wealth of
each person In tho United Stn,tgs Is
Have been completed at our store.
We now have a complete China--ware
Department. We show:?---;
When they call Mr. Ilrynn
"Colonel" thoy mean the other kind
tho Inside of a nutt
Wo hnvo received tho first number
of Tho Crescent News, n new weekly
published at Crescent.
From Herlln reports wo gnther
thnt Russia's Is not exactly a stand
Jng army.
We nro beginning to wonder
Mexico Is a nation or n disease.
H ' iK
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