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rAorc n.
ClirXor A. Shfjiicitl Siijh Promotoi
Pn-piticd (o Renin Work on .Suit
IdlkON Knteipilsc ut Once SI.-
400,ll(() t To lie Awillublu.
fOrogon Journal.)
.Iuiom (J. Mooro, to whom tlio Stnto
Iirb leaned tho null linpruguntod Inkos,
Buinmur and Abert In l.ako county,
"will return to 1'ortlninl from Now
York Itetwnen the first and fifteenth
Of Jlajr, HI attorney says he Is pro
qiiirod to begin development uork on
Ilia huge "it'rprle which It lit pb
tlroattd will insult In hii ultimata
InrMUilvuL of between $0,000,000
oil 17,000,000, If the plans dn not
inlacarry. When ho icnr-hi-H Port
land It In niiiiounrpd t tint iinl loss
than 14,000,000 will be available to
begin the ennstrucllon of tlm plant
mi'MMtry to extract tlm arlotis val
uable ft Its now held In solution lu
Thin Information was given out
toitar by Clliostur A. Sheppord, ut-
toitiey for Moore and Is based on
voinmunlautluii Just iccnlved by
Hliapperd from Moore who has bean
In New York sltii-H March. -
Tho mime of Hip parsons or cor
porations burking Monro nro still
Vepl tn thn ditrk hut Hhepperd dorlur
ml today ho wmh satisfied that Mooro
has tho money ho claims to have, and
will gu llmnigh with tho Iuiko deal
which chIIh for the erection of n hlg
lilant on tho Cnlumbla rlvor near tho
mouth of tho lieichutes and tho con
truetlon of a 200 inllo cross stnto
pipe lino to curry tho fluid from tho
lake In tho maiiufacliiry hIIii,
I'ndor tho prnvlslou of tho lona
lug hill ii.iwtod hv tho loKlslnturu und
alguod by tho (governor, Mooro has
until AiikiisI to start actual construr.
tlon work. Mooro has alroady put
in niiiuiiiiiiiuit'iy in t iuii.uuu in piu-
RmlRary win It and on May 1!2 will ho
required to pay the stato $ir,000,
tlm balance duo n tho Initial pay
titent of flfi.OOO guaranteed Oregon
annually for the louse.
The Unit rotistiiictton probably will
bo at tlm Mk HieiuaeheM whuro It
Is puriHHHul to erect u sumll HHlt
Isolating plnnt for experimental nnd
rommarelal opniittlmia peudlllK (ho
Installation of tho pipe lino and the
rectlfln of nTinnnnt ilant building
on the Ool ii in bla river site.
Garden and lawn mo ere.
Hardware On. Adv.
MANV A.Ndl, IlltS OUT.
The pleasant weather of thn past
Meek ha brought out the angler In
lutce. Although no reronl Hah or
cntcbee have been announced enough
have been taken to break the spring
i rout hunger. Up to the Drat of the
week Stl dahlng licensee hud been le.
Hiied locally.
(Mltlt OF. THANKS.
We wish lo extend our thanks to
our many friends who warn o kind
to u In our lecent bereavement anil
loaa of our sou and brother Cleorge,
j'ud for lite beautiful floral ulTorlnga.
Hlgoed. Mr. and Mr. W. K. A ten,
und family.
tCoutlnuud fiom page 1.)
men. The complete Rend Hiilwcrlp
llou Hat to dtite Is us follows:
Name. Amount
Iteiul Flour Mill $50.00
I'irat National Intuit 50.00
The Wend 0 f0 00
E. A. 8ulhur . . 25.00
DttMUUtiw Statu Rank 5.00
It. M. Smith Clothing Co 10.00
lteud Hardware Co 25.00
o'tHmuetl nro. 2 09
Anne llnm 10 00
t'armody Rio IQ.oO
Weuandy Livery Ou. "00
('hat. Kurd , 10.00
E. XI. Thompson -''00
W L. Cabli 10.00
The Metmpnlltuu 00
V. A. Furluih V00
11. W Skumi 6 00
The Read llullutln 20.00
Rend Water Light & l'owor Co. RO 00
Culled Wurtihouso Co S-VOO
Mauuhelmur 1 1 roe ' ''u
A. L. Fieueh 6 00
1 A. Uestea '
R. Farroll f'0i
Other VdniitiHi Wink.
Volunteer toml work U ul being
done lu o(hor section to carry out
tdeae of road Impiovument which
people luturueteA wanted to see put
through without waiting for county
t'ourta lo net. Roth are of Interest
to the people of Rend.
One U the Improvement by the
lieoplo of (Upturn of the rad 011 the
north shorn or Sullies Uiko making
it lHteelblo fur auto purlieu to get
through to tha upper end of tho lakei
nnd to IHuo Uko. Those lake, which 1
are about 15 inllee north west of,
Sisters, uro well known recreating
uq!6 imd wl he vlelted frequently
now Uiiu me new roan iunne mwm
won nneuesthlo. The new road Is
nU 'it 3 miles lung nud was partly
(-oi 1 1 ted Ust wk.
.b of the fttlior plow of road
,k use t.uuichtHtt town last weok
cording to Sir. Reels, a number of
Fort Hock men hnvo worked out n'
routo north from that locality wlilelt
lilts the Rend-Rurnu road near,
Ilorno JlldKO. The county courts of
Luke and Crook county will bo nak
ed to put tho road lu good shape.
(Speclnt to Tho Rullotln)
POWELL RUTTE, April 25. Tho
mooting called some tlmo ngo for tho
purpose of deciding whether l'owell
Hutto should or should not' hnvo n
couimunlty hall, was sottlod In favor
of the hall. .Shares nro now being of
fered for snlo. It Is expected It will
bo built soinowhoro near l'owell
Hutto postaftlce.
About 200 rabbits woro killed nt
Iho drive lust Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Cyrus ltucklnghnm and family of
Rodmond attended.
Tho hnll gnmo today was another
most oxcltlng event. As tho teams
hm'o no nam os ns yet It Is a little
dlfllcult to explain Just which won,
however, the score wns 17 to 13 In
fnvor of the winning team. Krod
Drawn and Karl Saunders pitching
for one side nnd lrvlu nnd.Cnrl Illalr
for tho other.
There will be another rabbit drlvo
noxt Sunda), below the station soino
whoro. Everyone who has n garden spot Is
busy now, either preparing It or seed
ing, or" out digging to see If It Is com
ing up,
12. F. Archer has his runaway horse
homo. It went to Redmond und wns
tnkfln In at the Hory burn whilo Mr.
Archer was notified of Its safety nnd
capture by phone.
J, P. Hnwmsii has bought n milk
cow nnd calf from Mr. Ilruino.
-A. I). Morrill and daughter Joy
woro I'rlnevllle visitor last Thurs
day. ,N. (I. Appel has boon helping Alan
Lntidfnro a few days.
Joo TovMisend has -10 acres of
grain to sow ut. Ho axpectH to
llnlsh seeding this week,
Ii. V. Illalr Is preparing to do con
Mdornhla fencing on Earl Forrest's
A. I). Jlorrlll will fenco tho H.
Spinning "10" this week, and will
soon begin plowing to seed all the
ground to alfiilfu that Is not In hay
Mrs. J. K. Warner will hnvo young
chickens Inrge enough to fry In 3 or
t weeks.
Tho gold tnlno excitement Is felt
oven horo. Keural claims nnvo boon
rtnkod out on tho huttes. I)r Hosch
of Redmond was out i.itcH looking
nt thn iirospects.
N. O. Aipel expects to linvu this
week for Portland.
Irvlii nnd Lewis Illnlr nro expect
ing n visit from their futhor soon.
Mr. Illnlr lives near Portlnud.
.Mrs. W. A. Foster enjoyed u visit
with liar patents last week,
Mrs. Thorne, iiit1i i-f .Mrs. C. F,
Illalr, nrrlvod on tho Thursday morn
ing train.
Tho unusually largo amount nt
water running In thn muni now Is
irnst QiiciinrAKliiK to Hie fnrmars liv
ing nt tho lower and of tho ditch ns
.'. InsiiroH an nhunduiiM of water for
Irrigating purpoifos.
l,uwn sprays. Crass shears and
tools. Hkuso Hardware Co. Adv.
Hno 1M wards for good homio paint
ing. Adv.
Uso Doschutos Rprny Flourl It Ii
the beat Hindu und n lloud product.
Adv. 37 tf
ONK CKNT A WORD Is nil n llttlo
Want Ad will cost you.
Tul.o Citro of the Cblblit'ii.
A lingering, dlstroeslug cough,
sleepless nights, a raw, Inllninod
thioiit load to a run-down condition
lu whlrh tho child Is not nblo tn re
sist contagious d toon 90s. Foley's
lienor nud Tar Is truly healing nnd
prompt In action. It relievos coughs,
eelds, croup nud whooping cough.
Contains no opiates. Patterson Drug
Co Adv.
The best family daily paper in the state and your
own weekly paper for
The Daily Portland Telegram
The Bend Bulletin
both ono year for
This oiler will be in force from now until .Inly
15, 11)15, nnd may be taken advantage of by new
as well as old subscribers. Subscriptions are for
one year cash in advance. Old subscribers to The
Hullutiu in order to participate in these rates must
pay up all arrears due and the J1.50 in addition
will pay for both papers one year in advance.
Itallroail Ainu, lleic Iji( Week, Says
More Wheat Has Item Planted
Here Than Year Indus-
tiles Mean Much to Rend.
(Oregon Journal.)
Twenty per cent moro wheat has
been planted In tho Central Oregon
country south of tho Crooked river,
nnd 10 per cent moro north of the
rlvor than Inst year, according to W.
C. Wilkes, assistant genernl freight
and pussotiger ngont of tho Oregon
Trunk, who returned today from n
trip to the "banana belt."
"Ilond poopln," said Mr. Wilkes,
"nro feeling cheerful ovor prospects
of tho now Shnvllu mill and the dp
velopmonta at tho soda Inkos by Ja
soii C. Monro, The Impiemlon is in
thnt city that both thoso Industries
will inenn much to Ilond. Ample
ralufnll and warm wcalhor now have
put now confidence Into tho fnrmeis.
"Ah a matter of fnct, tho foiling oft
In railroad onrnlugs on our Central
Oregon lino Is much smnllor thuu on
nny other lino. That may sound odd,
but considering tho comparatively
small volume originating there at nny
I into, tho gonerul decrease Is being
folt Uioro least.
"Ilond peoplo hollevo thnt the
Mopro syndicate will build Its precip
itating plnnt right nt tho shoros of
Summer and Abort Inkos. Transpor
tation tn Ilond Is expected to bo by
motor truck for tho present. Talk of
tho proposed lino hns been hoard but
llttlo of Into."
Whereas, ns appears from tho cor
poruto records of Tho Deschutes Hec
lamntlon nnd Irrigation Company
Cortrudo 1. Coodfellow, whose nil-
dross Is Bend, Oiogon, enro of C .1
I.ovorott, Is the ownor of tho Capital
stock of sold corporation represented
by one certlflcatu thereof of 25 25-51
sharos, being certlllcnto No. (7; nnd
Whorens thero aro duo and unpaid
upon said 25 25-51 shares of stork,
atsessmouts aggregating nt this date
$35. 88.
Now thoroforo, notlco Is hereto
glum thnt an Tuesday, tho 1st day of
June, 1015, nt tho hour of 10 o'clock
n, m., nt tho southeast corner of lloud
Btrcot und flroonwood avnnuo, lu the
City of Ilond, Crook County, Orogon,
Bald shuroH of slock will be sold nt
Public Auction to tho highest bidder
to pay Bald nssessmnnts, together
with costs nnd oxponsim of snlo.
Dated this 1'Sth day or April, 1015,
Corporato soal of D. It. & I. Co.
lly Charlos lloyd, Pies'dent,
Ily C. S. Reason, Secretary.
lly virtue of warrants numberod 1,
2. 3. I, 5. li. 8, 9, 10, 11, 1-', 13, 14,
15, 10, 17. IS, ID, 20, 21. 2.'. 23, 24,
25. 27. 2s, 2!. 30, 31. and 3 i for
ilellmiuent street assessiue No, 1,
dul Issued by tho recorder of tho
City of Rend, Oregon, d.itrd the 20th
day of April, 1015, In the matter of
JULY 15, 11)15.
street assessment No. 1, inndo nnd
entered in tho Docket of City Liens
of said City of Rend on tho 12th day
of July, 1913: wherein tho herein
after described property was assessed
and charged for said Improvement,
the number of tho warrant, tho de
scription of tho property, the nmount
nseessed for said Improvement and
tho name of tho owner or reputed
ownor In each coco being as follows:
1. North C5.C feet of lot 3, block 1,
City of Rend, $50.70, J. S. 1'nr
mlnter. 2. South 50 feet of the north 175.13
feet of lot 3, block 1, City of Rend,
$15.50, J. S. Parmlnter.
3. Lot C, block 2, City of Rend, $25,
A. R. Johnston.
4. Lot 1, block 3, City of Rend, $25,
A, R, Johnston.
5. Lot 11, block 4. City of Rend,
$0.25, A. R. Johnston.
C. Lot 15, block 4, City of Rend,
$0.25, A. R. Johnston.
8. Lot 4, block 10, City of Rend,
$25.00, S. C. Caldwell.
9. Ut 3. block 14, City of Rend, $25,
J. H. O'Neill,
10. Lot 4, block II, City of Rend,
$12.50, J. II. O'Neill.
11. Lot 5, block 14, City of Rend,
$30.13, Mnx Lueddcmann.
12. Lot 1, block 22, City of Rend,
$25.00. E. E. Welsh.
13. Lot 2, block 24, City of Rend,
$12.50, O. A. Keelcr.
II. Lot Ii, block 2 1, City of Rend,
$0.25, W. P. Vnndovert.
15. Lot 0, hlook 24, City of Rend,
$fi.25, W. P. Vandovert.
10. Lot 7, block 21, City of Rend,
Sfi.25, W. P. Vandcvort.
17. Lot 8. block 24. City of Rend,
$22.00, W. P. Vandovert.
18. Lot 9, block 24, City of Ilond,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovert.
19. Lot 10, block 21, City of Rend,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovert.
20. Lot 11, block 24, City of Rend,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovert.
21. Lot 12, block 24, City of Rend,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovert.
22. Lot 13, block 24, City of Rond,
$3.00, W. P. Vnhdevort.
23. Lot 14. block 24, City of Rend,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovort.
21. Lot 15, block 24, City ot Rond,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovert.
25. Lot 1C, block 21, City of Rond,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovert.
27. Lot 17, block 21, City of Rend,
$3.00, W. P, Vnndovort.
28. Lot 18, block 24, City of Rend.
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovort.
29. Lot 19, block '24, City of Rond,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovert.
30. Lot 20, block 24, City of Rend,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovort.
31. Lot 21, block 21, City of Rend,
$3.00, W. P. Vnndovort.
32. Lot 22, block 24, City of Rond,
$3.00. W. n. Vnndevert.
All of Bald nhovo described proper
ty being within tho Cltv of Rend,
County of Crook, Stnto of Otegon.
Notlco Is hereby glvon thnt I will
on Frldny, tho 28th day of May. 1915,
nt tho front door of tho City Hnll on
Wall street In tho City of Rond,
Crook county, Oregon, sell nt public
auction to tho porson who shall pay
tho assessment, costs, Interost nnd ac
cruing costs nnd Interest thereon nnd
tnko n certificate nt tho lowcBt rato
or Interest, all tho right, lltlo and in
terest the owner or reputed ownor
or any other porson has or had ,ln
said property at tho date of Bald as
sessment. ...
Dated this 27th day ot April, 1915.
Chief of Police of City ot Rend,
Crook County, Oregon. 8-12c
Ry virtue of wnrrnnts numbered
33, 31, 35, 3fi, 37. 3S, 39, 40, 41, 42,
43, 44, 15, 40, I", 48, 49, 50, 51, 52,
53, 54, 55, nnd 50 for delinquent
sewer nsaessmont No. 1, duly issued
by tho recorder of tho City of Rend,
Orogon, dnted tlm 2Gth day or April,
1915, In the manor of sower assess
ment No. 1, inndo and entered In tho
docket or City Liens of said City of
Bond on the 7th day of August, 1913,
wherein tho horolnnftor doccrlbed
property was nssessod nnd charged
for sold Improvement, tho number of
tho wnrrant, tho description, the de
scription of tho property, tho amount
nesessed for said Improvement und
the nnnio of tho ownor or roputed
owner In each case being nB follows:
33. N. 05. C feet of lot 3, block 1,
$157.11, J. S. Pannlntor.
31. Center CO feet or N. 175.0 lot 3,
block 1., $111.00, II. J. Ovorturf.
35. S. 50 feet or N. 17B.G root or lot
3, block 1, $120.00, J. S. Pnrinlu-
J. S. Pannlntor.
30. Lot 0, block 2, $97.25, Ada R.
37. Lot 1, block 3, $97.25, Ada R.
3S. Lot II, block 4, $18.02, Ada R.
39. Lot 15, block I, .$18.02, Ada R.
40. Lot 2, block 15, $99.00, Anton
41. Lot 3, block 15, $99.00, Anton
42. Lot I, block
43. Lot 4, block
4 I. Lot I, block
15. Lot 1, block
IG. Lot 1, block
15, $99.00, Anton
10, $99.00, S. C.
11, $99.00, C,
22, $99.00, E
21, $87.45, O. A.
17. Lot 1"
block 21, $12.50, W. P.
18. Lot G, block 21, $12.50, W. P.
49. Lot 7, block "2 1, $42.50, W. P.
50. Lot 8, block 2 1, $40.10, W. P.
51. Lot 9, block 21, $10.10, W. P.
52. Lot 10. blook 21, $10.10, W. P.
53. Lot 11. block 24, $10.10, W. P.
54. Lot 1, block 25, $99.00, Rend Co.
Bend Company
$2.50 Per Load DELIVERED
55. Lot G, block 25, $99.00, Rend Co
50, Lot 4, block D, $97.25, J. j'
All of snld nhovo described proper
ty being within tho City of Rend
County or Crook, etnto or Oregon. '
Notlco is hereby glvon thnt I will
on Friday, tho 28th day or May, 1916
nt tho front door of tho City Hnll on
Wall street In tho City of Rond
Crook County, Oregon, soil nt public
auction to tho person who shall pay
tho assessment, costs, Interest nnd ac
cruing costs and interest thereon nnd
tnko n cortlflcnto nt tho lowest rnto or
Interest, all tho right tltlo nnd Inter
est tho owner or roputed owner or
nny other person has or had In snld
property at tho date of said assess
luent. Dated this 27th dny of April, 1915
Chler or Pollco or City or Dcnd,
Crook County, Oregon. 8-12c
Ry virtue or wnrrnnts numbered
57, 58, 59, 00, 01, nnd 02, Tor delln
iment sower assessment No. l, duly
Issued by tho recorder or tho City o'
Rond, Oregon, dnted tho 2Gth dny of
April, 1915, In tho matter of sower
nssossment No. 1, mado nnd entered
In the Docket or tho City Lions or
said City or Rond, on tho 7th dny of
August, 1913: wherein tho herein
after described property was assessed
nnd charged for snld improvement,
tho number of tho wnrrant, tho de
scription or tho property, tho nmount
nssorecd for snld lmprovomont nnd
tho nanio or tho ownor or reputed
owner In onch enso being as follows:
57. N'fe parcel 17, Lytlo Acres, $170,
James Anderson.
58. NBM, parcel 15, Lytlo Acres,
$85.00, R. O. Rowser.
59. SK pnrcol 11, Lytlo Acres, $170,
.Michael Rynani.
GO. SWVt parcel II. Lytlo Acres,
$85.00, J. W. Iloech.
Gl. W'M) pnrcol 12, Lytlo Acros
$170.00, Michael Rynnm.
02. SWV, parcel 23. Lytlo Acros,
$85.00. M. P. Knutson.
All of aald nhovo described proper
ty being within tho City of Hond,
County of Crook, Stnto of Orogon.
Notice Is hereby given thnt I will
on Friday, tho 28th day of May, 1915,
at tho front door of tho City Hall on
Wnll street In tho City of Rond,
Crook County, Oregon, sail nt public
miction to tho porson who shall pny
the assessment, costs, Interest nnd ac
cruing costs nnd Interest thoroon and
tnko n certlllcnto ut tho lowest rato of
Interest, all tho right tltlo nnd Inter
ost tho ownor or roputed ownor or
nny other porson hns or hnd In said
proporty at tho dato of cnld nBscss
ment. Dnted this 27th dny of April, 1915.
Chief of Pollco of City of Bend.
Crook County, Orogon. 8-12e
by a. W. HHlt of Fort Hock. Ac-