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l'AOR 2.
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(Spoclnl to Tito nullotln.)
TUMAI.O, April 26. In splto of
tho Inclomcnt woatlior a InrBo crowd
attended tlio program nnd play Riven
In tho hall Inst Saturday nlglit for
tho bonollt of tho church. Aftor tho
liorformuMCc Ico croam and culto woro
nerved, tho proceeds of the ovcnlng
uinountinK to $27. Tho program was
ns follovvB.' Bold, Noll Hay, UoadliiK,
.Margaret Mock, Quartette Mr.,
Grover Corking, Hay (JcrklnR nnd
Noll Hay, Monologue, I.onoro Mode,
Farce, "Slstor Masons,"
Mro, J. A. Thompson will enter
tain tho Kalrvlew Sowing Circle at
tho Homos' iilaco next Saturday, .May
Mr. and Mm. A. O. Walltcr nnd
family of Alfalfa enmo over to at
tend tho entertainment Saturday
iilght nnd woio tho guostx of Mr. and
Mro, John Coo I
MIkh Iahioio Mock left Monday for
l'orttand vhoro hIio will take up a
cotirHo of Hlcnotypo.
A. K. I.ovott, county ngrlr.ulturlHt,
vlalted a nitmhar of r.irtiiK In tho vl
ululLy of Tuimilo hint Wednesday. In
tho afternoon ho gao a talk to tho
ohlldron of tho Fain low hcIiooI, on
thu growing of potnlnoM.
Mm. John Hell, who Buffered n soc
ond Btroko of paralysis n wook or
ii o ago, Ih slightly Improvod.
Tho Walker family and Mr. John
Coon woro tho dinner kuomIh of Mr.
tiiifl MrH. Ilyron Cody on Sunday.
Tho Tim'.ihIo liaKolmll team de
feated a SlKlcrfl nine at tho latter
town InHt Sunday. Tl.o aamo result'
L'd In a 10 to 3 score.
Prod !'. IIoumIuiw, dlfitrlct engineer
of tho U. S. Koclamatlnii Service,
Hpent Kildny In an liiHpoctlrii of tho
'i'timalo 1'iojcct.
wood with traction cnglno for power
tho past fow dayn.
Mr. and Mrs. Tompleton nnd tho
Van Matro hoys attended tho ball
gamo at Slaters Sunday.
An auto load canio out from Red
mond Friday to ndvocato this com
munity uniting with them In a coun
ty high school. Tho council decided
tho Ilend or I'rlnovlllo schools offer
ed nil wo could take advnntngo of
nnd did not go In with tho Redmond
proposition at this time.
Quito an Interest was tnkon In tho
tho report that Mr. l.eo had n mad
pig. It proved to ho only wild from
changing its riuartors.
At tho Council meeting Friday
n'clit tho hnll committee nsked for
two wcokB lioforo making a roporL.
It was voted to uko as far ob possible
Btatlonary especially designed for tho
council. Tho program consisted of
it paper on Inlgatlon by John Gottor,
hours by Walter lloyd, bow? by Mar
lon nnd Mlllnn Vnn Mntro, Cloverda.lo
Tnttlor by Klvln Vnn Mntro. At tho
noxt meeting tho debnto will bo giv
en, Resolved, "It Is bettor to huvo
money than IMucntlon."
(Special to Tho Ihillotln)
HAMPTON, April 22. C. II. Har
mon nnd Dan McArthttr lost a nlco
cow Monday.
Mm. liiiclndn Illnck spent Sundny
In Hampton.
Hnnnnh Dunn of Imperial spent
Sunday with Miss Ilnrln Ilurtnn.
Mr. nnd Mrs. I.. A. Hunting spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Iogg.
Tho friends of Mrs. A. 8. Cottlng
ham of I'rlnglo Flats woro very much
grlovcd to learn of hor sudden death
last Tuesday.
A. 8. Fogg has a very sick cow
nuppnsod to bo poisoned by eating n
poison wcod,
John nnd Oscar Illnck nnd Aleck
McKoown were In Hninptnn Friday.
(Special to Tho llullotln)
SIBTKRH, April 20. Mrs. Kvn
Ktcolo left Thursday for Seattle,
whoro sho oxpoclB to remain per
manently. 0. H. Woinli nnd wife mnilo a Iiiib
ItioM trip to Redmond Inst Friday.
U H. Smith, It I . Scbdi nnd Prof.
ottsor Nash, of Redmond woro In 81s
torH Thursday trying to Interest tho
l'copln of Sisters In tlio union high
M'hool to hn located at Hudlmmd.
J. P. Diickott made a trip to Red
mond Tliuisday. ,
It. W. Sawyer, II. .1 Ovorturf, M.
1,. Morrltt and I). M Davis woro over
from llond on IiiihIiiohh Thursday,
I,. M. Olhor made a buslncwi trip
to Redmond Tliuiedny.
Ilolit. Smith and family woro In
Redmond Thursday.
CiiiIIh llnlley Hient tho first of tho
Wcuk visiting at tho McC'all and
Sharp much on Crooked river.
George II. Drowsier spent tho wook
end In I'rlnovlllo and Redmond on
II. I.. Tonij loft fpr Spolcnno on
iiumnom Friday.
Ma rln Austin, of tho telophono of
lice at Itodtuoud, Ih visiting at tho
wurxw oiler homo.
(Imco Oynm spent Similny with
mlntlvtw nnd frloudH In Culver nnd
.1. O. MolClnuuy and daughter made
u btiliiiH tilp to Prlnvvlilt) Satur
day. M. Ilalloy loft for Portland on
IjuiliiHM Kildny.
Ilolit. Gould and II. J Overturf
wwti In SIstHi-ri on iiiihIiuwh HuniUy.
Smith THylor nnd (Ivorx Moody,
forest rmiHHiH fiom tin worn hide of
Ilia Cntttiiido, Fitmo ncros tho mouu-
lain via tlio MrKeuxUt pant Sunday. I
They ipoul two daH repairing tho C
phrmt lluu KtiliiK from Blitors to Ku-
0. H. Wood fractured his rlnlit
hi tn while rmnkliiK his ear Frldty.
A erowil of sixteen men spent Frl
ilwy and Hnlimlay building a road
from the lower ond of Hiiltlo lake to
llliia Uko. Tlioy nlwi ro-rovored tho
bridge gcnitti IjiUo ('reek Tho la
illwi went up Saturday with well fill
ml ikoUt nnd served lunrli at noon,
(linking tho trip ttltfo n pleasure ns
wall HMflmpHHhliiR what litiM been
needed for nmny jears
Tho IkUI gamo at Sinters Sunday
ltlwnen IjiIiIIhw nnd Sisters result
ed In it sooro of 10 to 3 In faor of
A town mid wagon crood tho
mountain without much dllllrulty
tho lattur part of tho wook la tho
8Htlui riiiilii. The crosriiiK will bo
nt ItNtnt mouth earlier this ear
Own uiiNi.
Ilea Jones, of the Swamp Ranch,
iwiiilit tho latter wrt of the week vis
Itlug with his family nt I'rlnovlllo.
(Bpeclnl to Tho nullotln),
8TAUKKKH, April 21. Georgo
Kilo passed through Saturday with n
big load of supplies,
Perry llnrtoon ban Just completed
seeding sixty acres for Honry Kins
man. J. II. Hassler nnd wlfo woro visi
tors nt Mm. Jonnlo Ovornlls.
Sam Hubbard nod Lloyd Forbes
mndo n trip to I.nkovlow last wook.
Fred Overall wob n visitor In Pleas
ant Valley Sunday.
C. J. Stauffer Is doing somo clear
ing, lie oxpectH to clear 80 acres.
Mr. McDowell nnd mother, Mrs.
I'opo, nnd children of Rutto nutnod
over nnd spent Sunday with Miss
Allco Ilrookliigs.
Mr. Plnctis paused through Sunday
on his way to Ilend.
Or. Rood Is doing somo clearing
Most of tho farmers nro through
seeding rye Thy oxpect to sow
oats Inter on.
James Smith nnil Wnyn I.-Mpor-nnco
stnrtod out Thursday to look
for work.
J. Drown was a business visitor
hero ono day last week.
T. C. Ewlng returned from Bend
last Sunday.
Horaco Drooklngs, who has been
sick, went to Rend lnBt Thursday for
medical aid. Ho returned Sunday
fooling much bettor.
Miss Ilessio Shcppard returned to
her homestead after being out several
Mrs. J. M. Ilrlckoy of Pleasant Val
ley visited with Mrs. Ilert Mcoks
Inst Saturday.
Mr. ana Mm. Fred Jll'ler woro
Pleasant Vulley callers lost Thurs
Oscar Illack Is putting a coat of
paint on tho Brookings Iloto'.
Chris Tlnnor mndo ft buBlnoss trip
to Rnnjamln J.nko last Monday.
Mrs. O. J. Woods, who Is sick,
went out to Ilend last Sunday.
Jim Hornbucklo pnssed through
hero Mondny on h!s wny to his home
stead in tho Plncus vnlloy.
Mr. Plncus accompanied by Mr.
Wllllqms nutood through horo Sun
day on his wny to Ilend.
Mr. nnd Mm. Ilert Mcoks took din
ner with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller
lust Mondny.
Mrs. Hooks of Plonrant Vnlloy wns
a business visitor horo todav,
C. Hlnninn nnd Jesso Vonroo havo
gono to II tick Crook to look for work.
Mrs. M. W. Slieppnrd has erected
a wind mill on her drilled well.
Jon .Inhnion waB a visitor In this
vicinity Inst Monday,
Tho school of District No. 47 will
go to Desert Crook next Friday for a
picnic I'ridnv lemi tho Inst da v.
Herbert Mcoks Is on tho sick list.
(8peclnl to Tho nullotln)
HAMPTON UUTTi:, April 21.
Gabriel llitontl has returned to his
Klvn nnd Harold McFnddon of
l'leisnt Valley visited with friends
In this vicinity last week.
John Illack mndo IiIb yenrly proof
on his desert clnlm beforo Commis
sioner Fugg last Friday. 0cnr Illack
mid Mr McKoown woro his wltnossos.
MIm Kvn Michel visited with Mm,
W. Ashbnugh sovoral days last
(Special to Tho Tlullotln)
LOST CRKKK, April 21. Goorgo
Atnyflold, of Prlnovlllo, wns nn over
night visitor of C. S. Dnvls, ono night
Inr. week,
Mrs. J. O. Perry has gono to Port
land to visit relntlves. Mr. Perry
ncrompnnled her to Ilend.
Mrs. J. Hnsch was n guest of Mrs.
C. n. Hhodea Inst Sundn".
J, F!. Curran nnd Oeo. Mohrer
woro caller In tho vicinity of lloi
J.wnln I.nko Sunday.
Mr. Schorll and father of Rutto
wero busincse visitors ir. tho valley
tho forn part of last week.
Mrs. C. C. Washburn Is suffering
from an attack of tlio grip.
Press Da tVItt has gono out to
wor. Ho expects to bo gono for
Bovornl months.
Nearly all tlio homesteaders In this
vicinity have their crops In nnd tho
enrly niwn ryo Is coming up nlcoly.
Wo noed moro rnln to bring up tho
lato sown grain.
(Spccln: to Tho nullotln.)
PINBIIimST, April 2C Coiintv
School Superintendent Myom nnd
Suporvlsor Shnwo nddrossed tho
Plnohiirst school Friday afternoon,
tho occasion helm; tho presentation
of tho standard pennant.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer of I.nldlaw
woro gtio?-.3 of Mr. anil Mm. Karl
Updlko Sunday.
MIm Carol Davti'ii pcnt the wook
ond with Ruth llnyl f.
Georgo Root and Clh I'Mglngton
loft Snturdny for Hi'"'!' Ci j ty.
R. II. Ilayloy loft lor P.iMI. id tho
lust of tho week.
W. H. Snndol Iioh been making
fenco tho past week.
, Mrs. I . J. Wltner visited with hor
daughter, Mm. C. II. Spnugh Sundny,
G W. StDder mado n trip to Laid-
law Mondiy.
F. V, Swlshor nnd Mr. Smith woro
(BpocUl toThe llulletln.)
CU)VIIRI)AI,I. April iO. -On nc
oontit of iiiwsIm In tlio lie'chborluiod
tkr wan no SttluUy irliool horo last
Ilav. Hnrpor of Mtllou. Oregon.
Md through hero Wednosday
Tkt) father and mother of Mr
Raard mo vtsltlim here from Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Kruchok woro In
Ittdniond Monday,
Mr aud Mm. gtmw of Slslem wore
dlnntr gutmt at Wnldron's Friday
ovvnla altar which they attoudod
tha Cauuail UKMtlng.
J. Skoltuu promoted Ms son Vern
a tine uw buggy last w eek.
MMdainnti Van Matio nndWaldron
woro In Redmond visiting Wednes
day. Arthur. Floyd, Klunr nnd Maud
Grub, Van WIUou and Miss lloa-f
ford ii'xtle a ylcnlo party to tho Mo
tollus Sundny.
def.nted (ho Tiiinnlo 1ro ball
i .-.nn Suu(ln nt Slatam. Score 11
to s
Mr and Mis Skoltuu rw hi Sis
ters Sii'idnv
1.. 1.. Walilroa Una baon t twins
Hulled Barley and
Shelled Corn
For Chicken Feed
Deschutes Spray
True Blue
jj The lending brands of patent Hour.
'f' . " Ask your grocer for them.
iJiLnrge quantities of Shorts, lhan,
Rolled Oats anil Ibirley on hand at
' all times.
Seed Wheat and Rye in several va
rieties. Mail Orders solicited.
Bend Flour Mill Co.
Ilend visitors one day last weok.
Ruth Ilayloy and Carol Dayton
called on Ethel Snyder Saturday af
ternoon. Hattlo Hill Bpent Sunday with
Violet and Myrtlo Spaugh.
C. II. Spaugh was In Laldlaw Sat
urday. A good rain fell hero tho last of
tho week and was enjoyed by many
fnnneis In this section.
Miss Ivy Snydor nnd Edna Root
woro entertained by Esther Dietrich
Mrs. Nichols, who was quite 111 for
several days tho past week, Is entire
ly recovered.
(Special to Tho nullotln)
MILMCAN, April 20. Numerous
complaints nro made dally by homo
stoadors and others concerning tho
bad condition of tho road between
hero and Ilend.
Mr. nnd Mm. Albert Shawo nnd tho
MIb3co Morehouse of Snlom motored
through horo Sunday on tholr wny to
P. II. Johnson wont to Ilend Fri
day to meet his sister who will come
out with him for an oxtonded vIslL
.Miss Ilrnun visited nt tho Norton
homo Friday.
P. It. Johnson oncloeed 10 acres
planted to crops with rabbit proof
fencing. John Davis put up tho fenco
A. D. Norton Is plowing fortMr. John
son. Harney Conowny was confined to
his homo with a sovcro nttack of tho
grip n fow days last weok.
I-ouls Hall was In Ilend last week,
taking out a largo load of feed.
C. K. Mastollcr mado a trip to
liond Wednesday.
Georgo Mllllcan left on a business
trip tho foro part of.lnst week.
Georgo Roberts and wlfo woro
Bond callers tlio first of last wook.
Hen Goodman, Frank HurwlU nnd
John Holland woro In Hond tho post
Mrs. John Holland was a caller
at the Power's place Xlondny.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith drovo down
to tho east ond of tho valley Satur-
Mrs. h. P. Rooney called at tho
Moffett homo Thursday.
Mrs. Moffett called at tho Davis
homestead Friday.
Francis Holland is busy grubbing
sago brush on his claim.
.Mrs. A. D. Norton spent Mondny
at the Uraun homo.
V. U. Hcnthmnii was a dinner gueBt
at tho homo of Miss Hroun Wcdncs-
Mrs. Holland visited at tho Heat
son homo Thursday.
John Davis called at tho Hall and
Holland homes Sunday.
Mrs. Harney Conowny nnd son Os
car, vlsitod at tho Reams homo on
"William Todd wont to Hond Tues
day. A very heavy rain foil hero Satur
day, accompanied by n llttlo hall.
Everything looks splendid and ryo is
coming up finely.
Mr. and Mrs. Stowart and fnmlly
passed through hero eurouto to tholr
homestead noar Imperial.
V. 1j. Hoathmnn spent Sunday nt
tlio Hraun homestead.
Mrs. L. P. Roonoy nnd Mts3 Roonoy
visited friends Sunday.
(Special to Tho Hulletln.)
POWEM, HUTTE. April 2C Dr.
Coo of Hond was summoned out Tues
day to proscribe for Allon Wlllcoxon,
who waa iiulto ill.
Postmaster Johnson Is In recolpt
of n letter from Washington with tlio
pleasing Information that our peti
tion for n II. F. D. is first on call nnd
that with tho first appropriation of
money for our now routes ours will
bo granted.
"Jnck," tho larger of tho Van Dor-
en dogs, who nsslsted his young mas
ter Raymond In killing a rnbld coy!
oto, which camo Into tho door yard
at 12 o'clock ,ono night about a
month ngo, nnd who received numer
ous wounds during tho fight, devel
oped rabies nnd was Bitot laBt wook
Mr. Wolls lost n milk cow from
bloat Inst weok. Such roports nro
numerous this spring.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Foster wero
Prlnovlllo visitors last week.
Mrs. E. h, Iverson ontortnlnod the
Powoll Uutto Sorosls nt hor homo on
Wednesday. A pleasant afternoon
was enjoyed by thoso prcsont. Mrs
V. O. Humphrey will bo tho next Iiob
tora. Mr. Gideon closed n successful 8
(Continued on pago 7.)
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