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thk ih:xi otTM.irriN', wsxd, ohk., Wednesday, march it. iou
.lithoii O. Moore Ma Tli'on Announce
Mniitliy of liituiwri Aaawlnleil
Willi Hint .May Kiit I'lpo WiiUt
of laid In 'J ho ('i)liiiiitiln.
(Portland Telegram.)
,Tboh (3 Moure, who got the luaso
on Summer and Abort lakos, h ox-pi-ptd
In Portland In April ut which
tihi.. In, tntiv fiiinriimnn thfl lilalltltV
of the flnnncliil Internals naaoelnlod
ullli Him in the w enienirifMj. in
The Dallaa, Bt Itenil, nt Ltt IM113 11111I
1 long tho Deecnutea more n Kein 111
ti.raat luilnv tnkn In the nroooaod In
(luiitry of cunver'ltiK the aoltn In tlm
Jukes Into coinmnrclal coiiiiiiouiups,
chiefly fuitlllaer.
It litis not been dwlded yet wheth.
ir Mnoro will pipe tho water 250
in lira, from the lnkoa down the Dea
thmen to tho Columbia rlvor, or
whethor the salts will he extracted
nt the Inkes, or near t.a 1'lnt and
limn utnl liv railroad to a re II II 1 11 if
Aorks somewhere nenr the mouth of
tlii' neachulua.
Kvtiutuelly. It I inld, the Indiia
lr will reiiulro 100.000 or 150,000
limn, powur, mid there la nil tinlliiilt
t il amount of water powor available
mi the l)eachute. The scope of the
industry hna never been fully x
,l. ined nor will It be until Moore
miikea hla nniiounriMiiPiit. At prea-
nt Monro la In (he Knit completing
Mi rtnnnrlHl orgaulxntlon. Menu
Mhlle ho haa a (heck on dopoalt with
the hlHt" which will I"' foi fell ml If he
hnH not slntt work within the next
Iim tnonthii When the Ioiibo was
1 td(J by llio li'Khilnture, Mcbro
IrliKriiphod hla lunil iiipreaetttntlvpa ho probably would he ready to
hi lit In tlirio montliH.
Viiuiplili't lisiiii'il 011 lloiM", Ilcrf
Culllr, llotfi mill hlu'cp,
C'OllVAIil.lH, March 10 I.lvo
Ktoik miiuiiKiimoiil tho subject dla
iiihkoiI In four bulletins recently pro
pnted by tho Animal Husbandry Ho
lurtiiKint or O. A. C Heretofore
iiionl hulliitliiH piibllslinil hnvo ilenlt
with (inn apnelnl fi'iulliiK problem.
Thcio bullotliiH how over, nro 11 mini
mnr of tho experimental kiiowledKo
1 lo"K Urn 1 1 mm of lirneilliiK, feeding
1 ml cure of hornnx, nittlu, Iiokh Mid
Hhcrp The) nupply tbu dntn ho oftiui
uskrd for by Htoclunon of tho ntnto,
Theie Ih bulletin 011 each china
of aloolc, imimily: horson, bent cnttlo,
Iiokh. mid aheap. Sonio of tho mnlii
liolnts rovorcd In eaah bullotlii uro'
moat eeonomloal mothod of fredliiR,
1 rcrdliiK to net bout ruHiiltH, eiiilp-mi-nt
nnc.o4M.iry, nrtlllrlnl linproaiin
Hon. bogiiH pi'tllisreos, rulaliiK puio ntuck ami Ihclr uro. Tlunn luil-
lnlliio urn frnn uml nnnolr lllterimtod
Hi mis one of them or nil ahonld write
! tin- (hew 11 AgrlPiillurnl College,
r rnU1a. Oregon, for them
Vir"itbiil of I'lay (liounil l,nl
(.hew linpeliii to Minoinoiit.
a a result of lb eleaulug up of
ih, Null Ktrert lot Intemled fur Ilia
n-4 11 pi in around general cleaning up
I isltj bin lion begun aud lUiproT.
II ma art' nlieady noticeable. CklV
1 r Will"' nibe biia daaltiuatiMl if
v . k In M.i "1'Iohui Wat,"
1.11,1 it s Hxin'cti'il that by tbw time It
iiihes tla lou will ba nlaaawl
isiissult. The following l thu
uom iiior'a priiritmalloH,
Aa a iierlod lu uvcry aorlag la de
t to hmiaa rloaulug In our Imll-
Milmil houaaunbja; anil
' a (he ueeda of cleaning and nw
oMitliiK are emrlallv apnarent In
tin' iprlng In all limncbHa.of our Ufa;
It la enllih nitltig that apa-
nl .iilenllrn be glveu the promotion
r Much worhi
1 hiirefuta, I rtralgnata the week
ii Mnt 4-11 aa ('!. m-up Weak.' and
I in 1 neatly uri' (Iregoulgna to at
. .Mo that areV ni a lima when lUev
IM .Uvula kpr. 1. 1 aitantlou lo lw
i.n im tho I'l'Mtioiit apiiaaraue of
Mm inly i.r.'i'i'iiy, but of tbalr
urn unit ii'x ii" Hiicb action will lie
lit'tii'iU'l 1 m ' n l to ganarel hwilth
uml hapniiii' iul, I'v tnereaalug lb
In mils 1 .mi aiirmundlugt, will add
luiiii'rially to the aUractheueae of the
1,1 itc "
MiiTiiiitcs ti.tu r(iiiMj:i.
M 11 nieill'K it Mia I) A TUor-
r.Hi n K1M1O H Nl'illmr'a Club
.im it ami Mia Miirnhr Hppijlnted
1 1 . 1 inlfiulriil The club a braiirb
1 "! v i' T V but Ita thief mir-
Ikh.h 11 1 1' to teach proper method 1
it. 1111 1 iiih in iiiuuren rue
i.iv 1 ecu ik wll ! '" b'd In April
UluiirliinVi Itcpoit KlioitN Mmiy Vli
Jtors In l'at
It wan reported at the mooting of
tbu Ludlub M5rary Club last reek
that tho library Is out -of debt. The
financial statement showed c.ish on
hand March 1, 1911 amounting to
117.21 and recelpta during tho year
of $816.12, making a total of
I88R.SC, The expenditures were
t7&3.8li, leasing a balance on hand
at the present time of $39.71. Dur
ing the year eight mectlnaa were
held with an average attendance of
Tho librarian haa rendered tho fol
lowing report:
"Wo hnve had (lonetlotiH from
friends and club momhera of 114
hooka. We have bought 75 hooka,
iimkluK n mtal of 147 J hooka in tho
llbrarv. We havo had 10 lxwka
from tho atate llbrarv. We ulclbe
for 27 magazine, 7 weeklies and t
Mat of borrowora 985
Number of visitors 11 '.Si
N'limhar of hooka loaned .... f.101
relief. Thousands Bay Foley's; Honey
and Tar Compound Is tho surest and
quickest acting medicine for coughs,
colds, croup and la grippe. Patter
son Drug Co. Adv.
Be Up -to -Date and Wse Colonial Silverwa
ONE CENT A WOItD Is nil a little
Wont Ad will cost you.
masa nm rim:.
'Tor Item," "Kor Sale," "Itoom
fo f,rt", "llousekcepltij; Itootim," "Xo
Ailmltliiitcr," "No KmoUiitf," etc..
etc I'lnrniiU niliilril In lurue lnr
on bcnv' brUlol bonnl. 1." rrnt eiirli
less li (iiiiiutltlci. Ilitllclin Olllce. f.'tf
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' IJIr'iSMJMaatMtipnlaHi4-
F Vf l KfUlI uwt IUNMUIT tu
tdnni U S IV N?Wf4 u j ,
' ! tiM I UM, U4 lutl4 t.
Imiw ViS t,M lr.y I.
UMimwIUIt tOMvl. UM.ybM,
llvo ront bounty on Jock rnbblts. My
doalro nt this time la to urge tho
Central and Hasteni Oregon countlea
to tuko full advnntnge of tho bill
paaaed laat month which provides for
combatting the rabbit poat. It will
bo oapuclall) aluable, and noeded,
Uriel In I'm lies lllll.
(lovornor Wlthvrombo referred to
tho hill Introduced by Uoproaentallvo
Korboa of Crork county, whlrh bi
proprlalrd 3.f00 to be used In ex
tornilnntlnR rabblta. It In provided
that all counties who will put up
$250 will rrrelve r.n o(ilnl donation
from tho atate, the $500 to be spent
under the aupervlalon of oxperta
working under the Oregon Agricul
tural College It la understood that
with aclentirir mHiiatcament, thla
nmount, oxpended chlellv for potaon
Ing. limy be expected pinctlcnlly to
clean out rabblta In 11 largo territory,
and If adjoining counties will ro
operate, practical elimination of tho
poat inny be expected, without endan
gering other atock.
"Thla rabbit mattor parhnpH seems
trivial to people In Wostorn Orogon,"
tho (lovornor continued, "hut I nm
Intimately familiar ulth the eiiHtorn
illHtrlcta and I know Just how Import
ant It Is. In some pnrtn extermina
tion of tho rabbit poat is nbalutnly
essential to Insure profltnlilo agricul
tural iluvolopmeiit. Now Unit tho
Htuto has eWdoiicod Its wlllliignoHs
lo assist llnnnclnlly, I hope thnt the
countloH will show it doalro to co
rporate. Certainly It would ho tho
wisest kind of Investment If several
of them lake advantage of tho bill
Immediate!) upon Kb becoming orfec
tlvo, early In May. With tno co
oporattwi fund, they can nt least
work nut the most otllclent methods
mid accomplish n big forward stop."
Quick A1H011 WiiiiIciI,
When one Is coughing ntul spitting
Willi tlrkllnir lb ront tlklilnnuu In
chest, Horenees In throat and lungs
wueti noail is nclillig ami tno whole
bod rarkeil illh a roiiitb Hint uiin't
permit sleep ho wanla immediate
was preparing to file tho papers In
court when tho agreement was made
to rofor tho whole affair to tho At
torney General.
At tho time the suggestion wna
mado that the matter be settled out
of court Judge Springer Issued a
stntomont nnnrunclng his willingness
to submit to the decision of the At.
tornoy General a portion of the Btate-
mont being as follows:
"Hoforrlng to tho matter of I)l-
trlct Attorney Wlrtz' decision to Hie
ouster proceedings In the Circuit
Ciurt will say If wo can agree as to
facts I will submit my enso to the
Attornoy General and be governed
bv his decision. Tho county need be
st no oxpento to got rid of mo If, In
tho nnlnlon of tho Attornoy General
I am Inollglblo."
In conversation with n representa
tive of Tho liiilletln lie stated that he
would roalgn at once If Mr. Hrown'a
decision va unfavorable to him. At
the mme time he oxproeaod confl
denco In the correctnosa of his posi
tion and was aitre that the decision
would ho In bis favor. That ho was
Haht the foregoing dispatch Indi
cate. It la not known whether District
Attorney Wlitr. will continue with thp
( against Willis W. llrown or not
Mr. llrown's feeling has been frtini
the beginning that If ho had to co
.luilgo Springer ought to go with
li.'rti. Now thnt tho Judg's title to
nince Is confirmed It Is oxnoeied thnt
Mr. llrown will resign, though It la
ndmittrdlv open to him to claim hla
olllco 011 the vrotind thnt ho hnd mov
ed to I'rlnoville.
i,AM imsti:.
Ij.xi I'liAsrnit.
Adv a tf rnltod Wnrehouso Co.
Use Deschutes Sprnv I'lour! It li
the best mado mid n llcnd product.
Adv. 37 tf
xotici: or rixAi, si:tti.i:mi:xt.
Notice Is hereby given by the un
dersigned that she has mado and fil
ed with he clerk of tho Counts
Court of Ciook County, Orogon, her
l'lnnl Account as i:ecutrlx of the
Last Will ntul Testament of Oliver
Johnson, deceased, and that said
Court has set Saturday, tho 17th day
of April. 1915. at 10 o'clock n. m.
of Biild dav at tho County Court room
In rrlnnvlllo, Oregon, ns tho Utile
ntul plnca for tho hearing ntul settle
ment of snld llnnl Account, ut which
Unto nnd plnco any person Interested
In Hnld estate may nppenr and object
lo snld Battlement. Dated this 10th
day of March, 1915.
Ab Kxccutrlx of the Lost Will and
Tostninont of Oliver Johnson, de
ceased. 1-lc
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707 Otis Building CHICAGO, I
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hIirII conatlluto tho Kxocutlse Iiuaid
of tho Association.
AUTICM2 V Kloctlon of'Otllcerfl.
Thoao olllccrs shall bo noinlnntpil
by committor or from tho floor, elect
t'd In .May ami Imtalloil In June.
AIlTICI.i: VI Duos.
Momhora ahull pay twenty-llvo
renta niinunlly na iluoa, tan conts wr
capita to bo paid to tho TruaBiirnr of
the OroRon CotiKroM of Mothera and
I'prent-Teachor Aaaoclatlon for Stato
and Nntlonnl duos.
A iiinjorlty proaont nt n roRiilnr
or duly called inuctlng ahnll constl
tuto a quorum for tho transaction of
AIITICM3 VIII Commlttcoa.
Tho follosvliiR coinmittuea ahall he
appointed by tho President, with tho
approval of thu Kxoctitlvu Hoard, ns
occasion inny rutjulro:
1. I'lnyBround.
2. Mothor'n Club.
a. Mbrnry.
'I. Membership.
5. I'roprnm. '
C, KlndorRartcn. (Of school Rlrls
to ccro for children during meeting.)
AKT1CM3 IX Tlmo nud Plnco of
Meetings ahnll bo hold monthlv In
tho Assembly room of tho Hold
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hundreds of people are enjovinjf? If not,
do so til once and you will find that it is
perfectly delicious. Beside being u food
product it is ornamental and two or three
plants of it make beautiful greenery for '
the garden. It is specially adapted to
dry farming and 250 bushels may be ob-
tuined from an acie. Gef. it at Shaw's
Feed Store or write
AIITICI.K X Amondmcnts.
Thla constitution inny ho r.mendcd
by n tsvo-thlrda voto of tho members
prcsont at any regular inectlBeTj
viucu tno proposcu nmonums
havo heon siihmltted lu wi
tho previous meeting.
' '7'M
The Bend Company
.is ,a, "- '.L
-, "ti
. ,.
i. -HatF-
TV CVm. H.IiBf Cow 3'.ttU