The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 03, 1915, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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iriiiimni i ii n mil miii- i in nr'-i ...... - i. . fc- . . -
Vaovs n.
Twelve Reasons
You-' K
Should Bay Your
Groceries of Us
yvro. 4-.
DKCAUSK yon got tlio bot
Igrocorioa nt tlio lowest pricoe.
j Tlio only way yqii enn prjijEP
'tlio truth of lliii Btntomcut Is 'to
buy from us. .,, .,
I Ills ronton stnwli on its own
. . I
,. , mmmmmmatmMmKpaatmmmmtmmmKimm
JOIOpIl (Jllllf
Tliuradny lioio;
11. A. Stover wn laid tip yesterday
wild a bad cold.
WW) Up
' '"
Arrive . . , . . , ., , . . 8 n. m.
Loavci .., 8:30 p.m.
O..W. It. N. TIIAIN.
Arrive . ... ...... 7:46 p. m.
Lenve 7:25 n. in,
Arrive 7:30 p, in.
Lcavea 10 n. in.
Cara dally to Hurna and polnta
no nth nnd outhoat.
General delivery open dnlly
P ICo, in. to 0 p. til.
No niiill dUtrlbntod cm Sunday
NlKht train mall close 7 p. m.
Day train mall cloto 0:30 a. in.
Wll ltlllllll llfllMIU
4 l.l.ltiiil.ll I l llil'lin. m
Western Union dally 7-lS.I-.lHia
111. miuuny kio, i-u,
Pioneer t'o , twenty-four lion?
orvlce. Including Sunday. ;
A J Kroenerl want to Portland n
.bunlnc Friday.
Frank Klktn wont to Prlnorlllo on
hulne Monday.
(leorge t Carroll la now In Unin-
tllla. Washington.
MU M H. Coloinan returned from
Portland Monday. tf '
O W llornnr of Laldlaw waa horo
on liualneaa Friday. 4 v
Oconto A Jone waa In Prlnuvillo
ion bulntw Tuesday- -
Mrs, F. F. Flh came In from tho
homestead on Hunday.
O M Patterson wont to Portland
oa buslncsa Monday night.
Which Is Which?
TM pretty brld ditrn'l know, but our
head twtktr do. Hh should know thai
h knows Mid thtn know unouith topliom
One gliuicc nt our window
will prove to you unit our
goods are superior und the
quality is unsurpassed.
Fresh Fruits, Cundy and
Ice Cream, wholesale and re
tail. Our Dread is as good us
, V&c BEST at 5 cents per loaf.
A merican Rak&y
' ' .1. K Koyc wont to Minneapolis
oil ItimlnoM Saturday Went. ' '
Mta ricrtlin Wartnotlt of Molollua
la vUUIiik Mra. Wllllnm Arnold. ,
UoorKu A. Jonea returned Friday
moriiliiR frotn'a. trip to Portland.'
O. W. Iked left tlila mornliiK on
hla rcturii to liln humo In Wollavlllo
A diinoo attended uy 37 waa kIvcii
nt tho Wllllnm Arnold ranch ottut of
town Friday nlKht.
II. .1. Ovorturf wont to Prluevlllo
Monday to nttond tho apeolal hqmIoii
of tint county oourt.
Horn on Monday to Mr. mud Mra.
H. AniItiH, IIvIiik mwr tho lleud
Compfiiy mill, n twy.
Judift Thorpe. John CunnltiKlmin
'and U. W. Horner wor amotiK the
MIiIIbw vtaltora hern ytMterduy.
M. W. Knloknrlmakor of OUt apoat
yoftturday In town Ituylng fiirnlailiiKa
for llin ohoolliouH In Plnlnvlaw.
hi. Kra naa Ukon dtwk nwin
wlili Ciotr 'iuuu In hi odleo In
Urn I'leyt .N.nji'tinl Hank Uulldlnx.
The ll)tlit Wamnn'a Union held
it aiiNOMiul Now hnKlnnu dinner in
tho Ooliimorelat Club room on Tliurtt-
A. I.. Hudaon. who haa a ranch on
the Hear Crook road, haa recently re
turned tram n trip to tna iniuuio
, Il.rCt Oliver, traveling freight nnd
iin6nKiT iiicrnt of the O.-W. It. &
N' wu. cnllliiK ou liualncaa men lnt
' Itev. II. C. Hnrtranft and family
liavo moved from the May apartmonta
to the Proctor houao on Kentucky
Itny (lurking of Jutldlaw waa liofo
ytalerday on hla way to Portland
where he will apend the next few
Hev. II. C. Hartrnnft returned on
Monday from Hedmond whero ha haa
been holdlnK apeclal cervices for the
pat two week a.
Mr. J. II. Wenandr has returned
frtm a vIMt In the valloy. Mr. Wen J
(uiily I oxpeoted baek from Montantf
lit tho near future. ' '
A number of frlonda of Mr. and.
Mi John Fttrgu'Qti gavq them a aur-
Iprlso patty on Wednosday qvanlns
at tuuir ranon o.iii oi town.
i Ii. It. MultlK. a former buslnesa
man of llond nnd tho owner of real
state here, haa rocontly moved to
Portland from Washington, Pennsyl
vania. KVerott Arnold, tho aon of Mr. nnd
Mra. William Arnold, out hla leu
while chonnliiK wood ou Wedttoadny.
The cut la not aerloua and ho la do-
liiK widl.
W. 1). Ilnrnoa and J. N. Korktng
ewiiii) up from I.nldlaw Tuosday to
tuko tho nliiht train for Salem with
the other deleKatoa to appear before
tho lirlKntlou committees.
i i .pi. c Hill. .n t'r school frlond
of Dr. U. C. Oae. la vlaltllig him hero.
Mr. IIIII la u mining engineer and hub
boon located, for a number of year
past in Clcur Creek, Utah.
A party consisting of C. W. Hood,
llnrney O'Donuoll, Claude Mannheim
or. C. W. Thornthwalto nnd F. J.
aiuder went over the Tumalo In tho
O'Donnell truck ou Sundoy.S ' . 1
Theru will bo a "got tofiothor" Iiub
Iiicsh meeting of tho MnptlHl Womou'a
Union nt tho homo of Mrs. II. II. Do
. . ,t... ...-l..nH . tftIA
ArillOIIII louiurruw uiiumuuii ui .ou
to which nil fripnuu or tuo union nro
Invited. Strangora especially wel-como..
Rugs and Carpets
I have just received, th'e finest assortment of
the latest designs in Hugs and Carpets,
Drop in and see a display of beautiful Ax
minster, JiVelvet, Crcx Grass, Wool and
Fibre Ilugs, and a splendid assortment of
Unil Miller of Mfdluw
ynNlordny on nlHtlMWii,
Dwlght M, Davla arrived In (own
thin moinltiK from SuiitUd.
Tho Cominerelal Club will maet nt
tho Hand Hotel on HfiltitdaW
JatiioH lllaok fit A 'iflfflj a horo
for it few hour on Woilnoiilay,
I. Nlohola of Prlnavlllo wart iioro
ou InmlniHw Thursday and 1'rtduy.
'The nnnunl dinner of the Mmliluiii
Ollih will he hold Muturday nllit.
i, A. Hunt or !owor Drldge Hptnt
tho week end visiting with friend
A. M. Lorn want out through tlio
hoinostend country on bustiicR last
MIh Gertrude Olson, of Ilurnn,
waa registered at tho Wright over
Mra. C. J. lcveri'tt of Dcschutca
came up Thursday to apend tho day
Mra. Floyd Dement will beat homo
for tho llrldgo Club on Friday, Feb
ruary rth,
J. A. MacCloakey went to La Pino
today to finish hla work on tho new
echool house there.
J. A. Tucker and family, who have
been living In the old bank1 building,
left Saturday for Portland.
Geo, Btnery of Silver Lake enmo
In Wednesday night on n abort busi
ness visit, returning Friday morn
ing. (Ico. M. Mayflcld of I.n Pine, In
company with Mrs. Mayflold spent a
few days hero tho latter part of tho
Clyde Ml i MoKny and Oeorgo 8.
Young went to Prlnevllte on Saturday
on olivines, connected witn
aonlc lodge.
At u recant election nt tho High
Haliool Ilnsoliall club. A If rod llunnell
was elected llanolwll oaptaln for tho
ofinlng aeaaon.
'Ail a nee was given In Seiner's Hall
Tlmrtdny ovanlig In honor of Mrs.
J. II, Connarn, Mra. II. P. Man Ion and
the latter aiator.
Mr. and Mra. W. J. Jamlaon, of
Sliver take, who have been In town
for altout n week, returned to their
homo on Wednosdny.
Mr. nnd Mra. J. C. Mck of Lake
view wore In (own for u few days
last week. While here, they wero
registered nt tho llond.
A act of chlnn recently completed
hy Mr. Lunbock for tho Coxy Itos
taurant haa been oa exhibition In tho
window of tho Art Shop.
II. K. White of Mllllcnn, In com
imny with L. P. Itooncy, apont tho
week end In town. During their atoy
thoy were rcglatered at tho Wright.
Aa a result of tho recant examina
tions one, year teaching, certificate
ha'vo been granted to Llllan Cooper,
Clara Allen and MarTIlOltli '6f Hand.
Mra, Ilarncs, who live near tho
Jonea ranch, la roported to be aor-
louily III. Her daughter camo In
yesterday morning to caro for hor.
Tho Civil Scrvlco Commlsslqn la
planning to hold on examination nt
a date to be announced later for tho
position of post master at Dcschutca.
.Dr. E. Hoa Norrla arrived on Mon
day and haa opened an Office adjoin
ing Dr. Connarn'a In the Bather
bullig:. Dr. Norrla family" Trill
Join him later.
Tho WoK 8ldo Agricultural Fair
Aisoolotlon of Lnldlaw will give a
valcntlno tnasque Wall on Friday. Feb
ruary 12 in their new nan. .music win
be furnished by Mrs. MacLnurln and
Joo McKay.
Mr. J. II. Cannnrn nnd Mrs. II.
P. Mantnn returned on Monday to
their homosteada near La Pine. Dr.
Connarn taking them up In hla car.
Mr. Manton also accompanied thorn,
returning yosterdny.
After returning on Friday from
Mlunoapolla where ho had spent most
of January In connection with the
Bhovlln timber purchase John K. Ity-
an was called back thore on Sunday.
Ho loft Sunday night.
M, W. Potoraon. who has a homo
ntond In tho Silver Lnko country, and
who haa been visiting with his folks
In Astoria, Oregon, for tho past four
montliB, passed through horo vestur
day on hla return to Silver Lako.
Mint For Gttnllna Little
vtnirs ol THtir Visits.
Wo often nYiir rnmpliiiiitK'frmMotjr.
l.i about liniltciitloii nnd lurk of
k-diirH'"? on the ptirt of tliic wboM
duty it v to filler to the trnvellug pub
lic. Hut there Ik iiiKilln-r lde to :!:o
Hinry, For fiiMtntii. tin i'iiiihiui of
ihtrii of lilxtiirle or weiili lntere!t
fi!(llitly vhihI by iniri'li'r lire
iiirtlKcd wt OinlMlillii coiixliiiit untcll
Hi(liHt the viiiiiliillmii of souvenir
liuiiler. '
What KrtilNfHctlon cMti be foii"l In
milttliitliiu hihI demollHlilug tlilux of
fJilvrVfl "lil value to proeun whivc
iilr r In iipptiiprimlnu ffiu well
kiiovii hiitcM Mticli propel ty iih knives,
fork. p'p'r mid wilt liHlrr. mi
kliix, towel nnd Iwilt timtnV The jiian
ngcr of n priimliieiit Hotel In .'es
York even rcporl the dlKiippearauce
nf plllowH from the I nil room
Tin villi)' of thin Htolen pnipcrty
yeurly aimnuiix to ft very large lim
it ha Ihm'o the underlying rausc for
the flpn'nniiii'e of uih Item a the
following ou iiii'mix; ''(.'hlt-keu rn ras
erol In iidlvldimt wuirculrr or
48ourrulf 'mrkinll.' In whbti the ap
lctlzcr I arrvrd In a ruutnlhrr ttcnr
lug tbt house iMiiif nod whlt'b con
talner 1 gln-n to the nitnn
There art uutncmua little nooTralra.
p-utb a oilier ppiliJ tnijc. tiuxpoou.
etc. for fiilf by ruriou UulvU to
joitlufy collevtur.
Not all thing that dlonpiwar from
liolclif ii r- inkt'p nlth dflllx-mte Infeii
tlon. The lunmiger of one of I lit- urn!
faHliliumble botel In New York Imx
foucliided that linen U md nlway
pitrloliiinl. but I tiikeu nwuy iim-on
i-tiiiMly nn wnipifrK for lm and
other nrtlclrx when iMiiklug. nod tuen.
tie wij-m. utiiiiuwloiix tiii-k I wir dull lea
in their cmii iHH'kft nfter iixlug them.
tho Mn-Lund tln-w- ore dmpptil ut the next bo
tel liNlted
Till wholesale pnrlolulnc of hotel
article Imx Ittl to tin- foriniitliiu of n
linen exi'hniige Many of the lending
uiiiiHiuer now Iwvi' utix-k luken of all
the fon-lgu MiH'ii In their boicU. and
nt ruiilnr uitervnl lbl miiliTlnl I
xent In It rtalilful Kwnirx. who then
return llueitx imt UMnngiug to thuiu.
The Mot Complete
and largest stock of patterns in Bend.
Select your patterns here, where
you'll 'find an endless variety of
Dress Materials for all purposes.
Mannheimer 's
9rlo'Cemie Incidents of th Zulu War
In South Africa.
The following xtory I told of no In
fldeiit Unit oti-urrvd during I lie Zulu
war In South Afrtiit. when an oer
whi-lmlng fon-e of native wn oixxH-d
tn n little band of Kiigilxh murine.
From the V.tilu boxt vtepfKHl forth n
wurrlor hidett with an em-lent flrann.
wlileli be culmly mounteil ou h tripod
In the omn. while the mnrines Uxtkcd
on, admiring tit plnrk and wondering
mui'b wl at be pruocl to do At last
one Jorl; 1 nvjnjwnlrbat UhMt ,
photopm iMwrjTnboiiC'iolRlkrwi
null Vf riiuiuuii vaiupvui uu kmvib nut
Ilnrlns' loaded hi piece with great
deliberation, the zuju.tirlu
ed It uudJ lennlng bard Uh)
Unil Tr rA-oli kuvvVu
aver Iieul luiekwnru. wulle a
roar wrijtj up fnim the delighted tun
'rlnc. Uft d( UP- lovkltuTAtxed.- init
then, tbif niiluaetaent Wcrrtl andU
countrymea charged and wei nuulhl
latrd lir' a roller from the steudllr
aimed pie tit of the little bund of tna
noc. . i
Duriticf one of the tnahy battles
waged Ujj the New .eolHiid Maori
apilnst tie Ilrltlib settler the latter
ran out of iitnlnuhltiuii " At the mo
ment wbeti death m-emed iiumltieut a
(lug of truce nppeiired from Hie en
elliy'a trvbebex undjuess'PKer ciiuie
forn-iinf witn n Mipply of tiirtridKe to
eniilile tin; white men to coutluue tlfUv
ins. WiiahtiiKtou tr
Mr. Black requests you to read the
MothodUt church notice Oil week.
Adv. p
MIbs Cornelia Wilson's home made
candy will bo found on solo at Mrs.
Lunbcck'8. Special orders taken
cheerfully. Adv. 48c
this space for
Cozy Specials
I hjin rljeitd
Do euro and calf nt the Pilot
Dutte Hotel parlors and let
Drs. Lowo and Turner, tho
well known eyo specialist of Port
land, show you tho Kryptok double
vision glass, which h& no unsightly
lines or seams to catch tho dirt, strain
tho eyes or como opart. One light
solid piece of glass which look like
a single pair, yet answers the purpose
of two, enabling you to read or do
cloro work nnd sco distant objects
perfectly. Do euro and eco thorn.
Freo demonstration, satis faction
guaranteed. Drs. Lowo and Turner
have beon located In Portland for
twenty year. They, do not go from
bouto to house. Thoy havo no agents.
"For ncnt," "For Hale," "Rooms
to Let", "Housekeeping Itoomn," "No
Admittance," "So Smoking," etc.,
etc.. Placard printed in large typo
on liCATjr brlstol board, 15 ccntx each,
le In quantities. IluIlcUn Ofllce. 12tf
40 acres, 1 mllo from llond, Three
room houso aultablo tor garden truck.
40 acres, 2 miles north Laldlaw. 4
room house. Address 7.X caro llul-
lctln". 41tf
Uo Deschutes Spray Flour! It h
th host mado nnd a Dond product.
Adv. 37 tf
A numbor of horse buyers from
Ran Franc'co arrived In town Son
dny morning nnd loft at onco for Sil
ver Lake, whero horso aalca will bo
held on Mondiiy nnd Tuesday. Thoy
will nrrlvo tn Dond on their return
on WedncBdny nnd on Thursday a
tmlo will bo held hero, it la roportod
thnt these buyera nro purchasing for
tholr own account nnd nro propnrod
to bo more liberal In tho matter of
Inspection and othorwlso than tho
roproaentatlveB of tho foreign govorn
niontB who havo recently made pur
chnrea tn this aoctlon. J. L. Nichols
of Prlnovlllo la tholr local represen
tative and prospective aollera nro ad
vlaed to bring tholr hornoa to tho
Auno or tho Wonnndy barn for tho
solo on Thurpday.
m' t . i ' "
, 1)00 OWNKHfl.
All owners of doga nro hereby nd
vleod that tho strap munlos which
nro In use In town are not auulclont
to comply with the muxsling qraln
nnco. Wlro muxtles must he provid
ed. Dogs wearing anything hut wlro
mnxtlea will ho phot. .
By prderlfcWtU C6mmUtB0.
Th Spy and th King.
The following story In told of Lout
XVIU., king of Kmnee. nnd FoiicIih.
who had been m one time NiiHiieuu'
minister of miHv: After the itourbun
rivtomtloii the king nxked Fouehe
whether he had xet xple over him dur
mg the empire Fouehe admitted that
he hud. "Who wn the apyY the king
nnUsl. nnd be was Informed that It
lijid beeii'ilip t'omte de Itiiima "How
much did be gvtV contlnueif the king
Two huudrvil ,thouxiud franc f year,
your iniijexty " "Ah well," wibl Lou
is, "lie waa honest, then, after ulL t
had oitlf.". '
Th Sickroom Door.
In sercrv cnxe ot Ulnex where? the
patient la dlttirbed by the now made
n ('lining Uie,diHr t oue corner of o
Diitldkeirlilf-roinmnd the knob on on
it ile nt the door and the opxixte cor
ner ii round the knob on the other side.
The door will npw cioxe gnl.'eiciy ou
the, fold of tfTu huudkerthlet.
The Largest Insurance
Agency in Central Ore.
.- -
"Jt's-the wiywt wrke ow iroKcks."
Out policies pay 100 cents cm tlw fiolkr.
We have over 400 satisfied policy holders.
The largest insurers In Crook County
our leading customers
Bend Insurance Agency
First National Bank Building Bend, Ore.
Important Point.
A cltv elrl wax tiiKluu a course In
an ugrieiuturtil college After n iiH'turv
ou "How' to Inrrenxe the Milk Flow"
xtie nxe for a iUextion.
"How long." xhe bltwlilnuly Inquired,
"inimt one" bent n cow before she will
give whtojied vtvdinrHJudge,
Profeitlonal Habit.
"That policeman l too consclentlou
to be. n KiirOener."
"What do you men,r
"He arrexted the growth of a vine
on the fnut of hi houxe when he
found It ft" n porch climber." Haiti,
more. American.
Reasonable Enouah. u
"What's ,your oiijei'tioi 10 tho farm
"i ue innn nppenr to oe snpujq.j i
"Hut, thnr owing to the heaty
Wopa,,-VMhpBton flerald,
ranging in price from $1.25 to
$2.75. No extreme styles. Com
mencing Thursday and continuing
the rest of this week we will sell
$1.25 waists, for $ .79
'$1.75 waists -j for. .... $1.05
$2.25 waists for.;... $1.39
$2;75 waistsfor $1.80
' .
Skuse HardwAie Co.
i ' ,
lll.J.I.M.,.,1,1., ,
' .41