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-----"------'--'' . nimmmtnitli lltmut
(SpcclnS to Tho llullottn.)
M1U.1CAN. Jnn. 18. Tho farmer
club whioh will lo orpnnlicil horo on
Jaminry S3 wilt bo nttanded by A. E.
l.ovott,' county agriculturist. Every
homesteader should bo present mul
help tho good work along: Wo must
boost for our vnlloy. do not knock.
No ono llkos a knockor, neither lias
nnyono over gained Anything thereby.
A. I). Norton. 1. U Owen. Win.
Sponccr, P. 11. Johnson nnd Vernon
Clevenger wont lo Rond Tuosday to
consult with tho Commercial Club In
regard to our securing n trial farm
hero. KverythlnB looks fnvorablo
towards our getting It.
About 14 of the homesteaders of
this valley ml at P. U. JohuBoa's
for tho purpose of organising n corn
munlty club. Temporary organisation
was made and tho following commit
tors were appointed to consult with
tho commercial club rclatlvo to tho
lords and dry farming. Another
meeting will be held January S3 at
tho Eric Hastoland ranch to perfect
tho organisation. Roads, Vernon Clor
onger. D. L. Owen nnd Geo. Roberts;
Dry farming. P. 11. Johnson, Wm.
Spencer, A. D. Norton.
A danco given at the now homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Dnrnoy Conoway was
very largely nttondod and a perfect
ly lovely lime enjoyed by nil present.
Refreshments were served at a lato
hour, after which dancing continued
until daylight. Among those present
were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Roberts. Mr.
and Mrs. P. 11. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
Qllmore, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Norton,
Mr. and Mrs. l. P. Roonoy. Mr. and
Mrs. Reams, Mr. and Mrs. Kdolsteln,
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ha&telnnd, Earl
Powers, Harry Morrison nnd brother,
Clifford Reams. Wm. Spencer, John
Davis, Den Goodman, Frank Hatch,
Hooper Dyor, Mr. Dally, Fred Klgor,
Opal Hopper, Alta KUngcn and Miss
Mr. and Mrs. Conoway wore callers
at the W. D. McAdow homestead on
Mr. and Mrs. Goodman visited at
the home of D. E. Davis Friday even
ing. Harold Davis went down to Wm.
Todd's Sunday.
A meeting of tho sohool directors
was hold at II. L. Dyer's Thursday at
which various matters pertaining to
the school was discussed. Attor tho
business session Mr. Dyer served his
visitors a vory fine dinner. R. E.
Davis and A. D. Norton composed tho
Visllng board.
Tho Drer brothers from near Jun
lner Hill left for Washington whoro
tbey will remain until spring when
thev will return with a team.
Frank Herwitz was a caller at L.
Goodman's Sunday evening.
gel hna boon In tho vntloy for sovernl
days looking after UIb homestead In
Don DoWItt started to Houd Mon
Mrs. Ilorthn Smith Is visiting her
mothor, Mrs. Kdothla week.
George Young passed through on
Saturdny on his way to Mo ml.
Mr. Williams of Rolynt, was n vis
itor at Jaok Smith's placo Saturday
A. E. Mercer of RonJnmln J.nko
was a visitor at tho post oflleo an
Monday. Mr. Mercer has Just return
ed from llntto, Montana, whoro ho
spent the sutnmor and Is doing soma
building on his homestead.
Fred Overall mndo a trip to Lake4
vlow last weok.
1). T. Knnspohl has returned to his
homo In Chicago Valley. .
Gus McLouth Is digging a well this
J. H. Hnsslor Is on tho slok list
this week.
J. K. Smith hns demonstrated tho
fact that mules aro far superior to
horses for High Desert work, by
making a trip to Ucnd and back In
flvo days.
Archlo Smith started to Lakovlow
on Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. DoWItt visited
Stauflcr's ono day last week.
(Special to Tho Rullcttn)
(LOST CREEK. Jan. 8 J. E. Cur-
ran Just returned from Dond with n
load of provisions.
Tho many frlonda of Mr. Ren Do
WItt tendered nor a eurnrlso Now
Year's Eve. All had a vory enjoy
able time.
G. R. Young spont several davs In
the valloy. Ho Is on his way to Dend
for a load of freight.
S. W. Rest has erected a commodi
ous barn on his ranch.
Ren Rhodes loft Friday morning
for Rend for a load of groceries.
Ren DoWItt nnd C. J. Davis aro
drilling a well on tho former's ranch.
Jim Smith Is expected homo from
Rend with a Bupply of groceries.
J. R. Wolgol of Tacoma was a
wolcomo visitor In our valley this
weok. Ho was transacting business
and calling on old friends.
Twenty-two pupils are enrollod In
our school undor tho managomont of
Mrs. Rrooklngs.
'Special to Tho Dullotln)
OLOVBRDALE. Jon. 18. Calvin
Durnsldo and mothor wore In Red
mond ob Tuesday.
At Friday night's meeting of tho
T. n,lm. hnm w.rrmlntn.l n vrr Council Club. R. J. SkeltOn gaVO BO
large clstorn. 10x16 feet which lteops ' Interesting roporl of tho Irrigation
him very busy filling It. " Congress hold In Portland. Tho now
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. E. Davis wore can- wnauiuuuu uuu uj-w. r"i f
era at L. Goodman's Sunday.
Mrs. Rarnc" Conoway called at A.
D. Norton's Sunday afternoon.
John Davis and Ren Goodman wero
rabbit hunting Sunday afternoon
Mrs. Temploton was n guest of
Mrs. C. Carlson Friday night.
Rom to Mr. nnd Mrs. Tucky Sat-,
jurday. January 16th, a girl
Wo aro enjoying ideal weather out C. N. Kruchok was doing business
i,i . i in ucamonu saiuraay.
Thos. Moffett has been grubbing Mr. L-o and family wore dlnnor
sage brush for the past few days. ' I Euests at Skclton e Sunday.
Mrs. W. If. Reams, ownu a groat Mr. Woodworth and wlfo aro vlalt
many prlie canary birds of which jlng in Portland. ....
she is Justly proud. Rut Mm. Reams' Several neighbors gathered at tho
is a booster and believes firmly that homo of Clyde Johnson Sunday ovon-
nur valloy will bo beautified a great
deal by marrying off a great number
of very fine young bachelors and Mrs.
Rcam&has hit on a schomo whoreby
she rones to see them all enjoying
married bliss before 1915 Is
Any young wan who wins a brido
will be given a silver throated singer
as a wedding gift. One young man
has already won his prize but romem.
ber the oHaMItv fe great ro Its un
to tho young bachelors to get a move
on them and win the prlzo or rathor
two prizes.
fSpeclal to Tho Rullotln.)
8ISTBRS, Jan. 18. Mr. and Mrs.
Davo Miller were Sunday visitors in
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stralim visited at
tho Ruble home Sunday.
J. H. Vincent was a business vis
itor In Sisters the mlddlo of tho week
from Redmond.
Mrs. C. W. Allen and mother. Mrs.
Seabury. were visitors at the Bailey
home for a few days last week.
Mrs. R. W. Grogan returned last
week from a several months visit
with relatives and friends In Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Updike aro vis
iting with Mrs. Updlko's parents In
the Hay Crook country.
M. Railey and Harry Robertson
spent several days last week at tho
Allendale ranch on the Metollus.
F. M. Zumwalt, Walter Graham
and Lee Zumwalt spent several days
last week at the Tone and Graham
Miss Jennie Woods and George
Golden were over from Redmond on
Saturday and Sunday Visiting at the
Woods' homo, ono mile east of Sis
tors. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Zumwalt, who
liavo beou spondlng the winter in
Redmond, are visiting at the home of
F. M. Zumwalt.
Rert Osborne, Robert Grondahl
and Murphv Swanson, who are win
tering nt Clear Lake, have been In
SIMers for tho past week.
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Farthing re
turned Saturday from a ton days -visit
with relatives and friends at and
near Prlnovllle.
Mr. and Mrs, E, Shadlo, who have
been at the Wurzweller swamp ranch
for tho past year loft the middle of
the week for their former home In
Mrs. V. N. Cobb nnd daughter,
Pholmn, arrived in Sisters from Eu
gene, where they have made their
home for tho past two years. They
will make Sisters their home In tho
future. '
'Snecial (o TlTe RulJetliS)
STAUFFERJjin. 11. J. R. Wel-
Frank Arnold and wlfo also G.
Cvrus and wlfo wero visiting at F.
Welso's Sunday.
Mr. Heyden tho principal of Sisters
done, school snent Friday night and Satur
day in Cloveradle.
II. Hewer was In Redmond Mon
day. Curtis Christy was homo a few
days last week. He says sovornl
mon from this section will bo in
Clovordato this oprlng looking, for
Frank Kelly and wlfo also 0. Rurn
sldo were vlaltoru nt Ryors Saturdny
A letter from F. G. Gutllp, tho
ohwwo makor from Amboy, Wash
ington, informs us ho hna bought tho
Rumnnrtnor plnce aorow from Olydo
Johnson's and will movo horo In tho
oarly spring.
A cousin or Curlls Christy has
mado n donl for land horo nnd will
movo horo In tho early spring.
A parti' of morry makers wero at
Fryruar's Saturday night.
(Special to Tho Rullotln)
HAMPTON, Jnn. 1 1. -. 8. Fogg
returned from Rend last ovonlng.
J. U Owen nnd W. T. Harrison
spent Friday with Rurr Rlack.
J. P. Wllquot. E. M. Rook. W. T.
ltnrrlmu. Hugh Crow nnd Dnvld
Spurbeck nro hauling wood.
Logan Jullen and Her Young of
Fleetwood, Oregon, nro visiting with
C. 11. Harmon and family from Thurs
day to Saturday.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Newton Wells
on tho 10th n lino girl.
Misses Darlo Rurton and Floronco
Huntington spent Sunday with Mrs.
W. T. Harrison.
Mr. ond Mrs. C. H. Harmon ontor
tnlnod tho following with a turkoy
dinner Saturday: Logan Jullon nnd
llor Young of FIcotwood, Rurr Rlack
of Lizard Crook and W. T. Harrison
and family. .
Rurr Rlack had another homo hurt
on barbed wlro Saturday.
J. L, Owen spont 8undny with W.
T. Harrison.
Mrs. Rurtzon Is improving.
Wm. Searcy and Mrs. Lucy Hicks
woro In Hampton Tuesday.
Rev. D. Lor co of Rodmond proach
cd nt A. S. Fogg'o resldonco to quRo
a, crowd assembled there, consider
ing tho blustering day and evening.
TOWKIjTj iiutti:.
(Special to Tho Rullotln)
POWELL RUTTE. Jan. 18. Mrs.
S. D. Mustard roturnod from a pleas
ant visit with relative la Rend.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. W. Rnyn entor
talned Wednesday evening In honor
of Mr. Daynes' father who Is visit
ing hero. An evoning of social con
versation, followed by an appetizing
luncheon wns thoroughly enjoyed by
thewo present, who woro Mr. and Mrs.
D. A. Yatee. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Rus
tott, Mr. and Mrs. O. C Truesdalo,
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wlllcoxon. Mr.
and Mrs. S. D. Mustards Mrs. Mary
Rrown, Messrs. Shoperd, Rlggs, Mr.
nnd Mrs. A. W. Rayn and tho honor
guest, Frank Rayn.
It Is understood that Moyern Rros.
of Tacoma, havo rentod their place
here, the placo known ns tho Olon
Mustard placo, has been leased to S.
D. Mustard for thrco years whllo P.
Pauls holds a loaso on their land
near Mr. Dryer's placo for n period
of five years. Tho latter placo will
be seeded to grass soon.
A. H. Rhodes who roplncod his old
homo with a now story nnd a half
framo, recently moved the old houso
back and will utllizo it lor larm pur
poses. E. N. Hall la building a now barn
on his placo.
Whllo on her way to Prlnevlllo
Friday the team driven by Mrs. A.
W. Ravn becamo unmanageable and
after throwing Mrs, Rayn out played
havoc with the buggy. Mrs. Rayn
escapod with nothing more serious,
than somo painful bruises and
The directors of Wilson school
District mot with N. P. Alley Thurs
day evoning accompanied by their
wives and while the gentlemen tran
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Rolled Oats and Barley on hand at
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Seed Wheat and Rye in several va
rieties. Mail Orders solicited.
Bend Flour Mill Co.
tmctod school business tho Indies vis
ited with Mro, Alley. Tho toucher,
Mrs. Holland wih nlso present.
A good crowd turned out to tho
mooting nt tho Wilson sohool houso
Friday ovonlmr. which was called sov
ornl days previous by olllcors of tho
Powell Uutlo Improvement League,
County Agriculturist l.ovott of Rod
mond addressed tho mooting on tho
subject of potnto culture, tolling the
farmers that with wlso soloctlon of
seed, proper cultivation nnd the
right amount of Irrigation thlH sec
tlou should bo noted for lis excellent
seed potatoes. Ho advised every fnr
iner to plnnt ono to two ncreit of
spuds this year nnd try tho improved
method. J. F. Rico gnvo an Inter
esting roport of tho doings of tho
rocont Irrigation Congress. The Pow
oil Rutto Improvement League Is
open to women as well ns men and
several women nro talking of Joining
John Rhodes nrrtvod Friday from n
several months sojourn at Astoria
nnd othor points. On his way homo
ho visited nt Tillamook where ho had
not boon for twenty years.
J. M. Tongman was host to n crowd
or young folks Snturdny ovonlng.
Dancing was the nmusomont and was
much onjoyed by all present. A de
licious luncheon wns sorvod by Mm.
P. Pauls, who acted aa cntorcsn for
tho evoning. Mrs. R. .L. Moore and
Mrs. Paula acted aa chaperonos for
tho young pooplo, who say Hint Mr.
Tongman proved himself n cnpltnl
Mrs. E. A. Hussott nnd Miss Fny
moved to Prlnovlllo Saturdny whero
thoy will llvo temporarily until school
Is out. Miss Fny having successfully
passed tho 8th grado exams entered
high school Monday.
.Messrs. W. N. Hynrs, Wm. Wilson,
Max 8trtxncr and Mr. Lovett all of
Rodmond attended tho farmers moot,
lng nt tho Wilson school houso Fri
day ovonlng.
Mrs. Alton Wlllcoxon nnd Harriett,
nnd 0, H. Roe, visited In Deschutes
on Friday nnd Saturday, tho guests
of Mr. nud Mrs. Geo. LIvuMy.
MIms Cllivtlyn nud llnzel Rayn vis
ited thu week ond with homo folks,
loturnlng to Prlnovlllo Sunday.
Leo Hoblm went up to llond Frldny
for iv visit with Mrs. Hoblm and tho
yo ngsters.
W. (1. Mustard, wlfo and family
1 4BbVhIbHB
onina down from Rend Riimlny. Tho
former with H. I). Mustard left Mon
day morning for tlinlr parent's homo
lit Oitkdntn, Washington, where thoy
will nlttmd tho hud wldo of tholr
fnlhqr, who In vory ill.
John nud A. 11. Rhodes nud
llnuvon Wlllcoxon wero dinner guustH
nt tho (Itiy Hours hoiuu Sunday.
Mr. urn! Mrs, (1, 0. Truundnlo nnd
Dorothy vlNlted the Frank Dolilnvy
luunu nt (lllno 1'nllK Sunday.
J. J. Uliitlimnii, oloilc for tho Wil
son district, itnvn thu oxnmluntloim
Thurmlny mid Frldny. IlBwny Mooro
was tho only nppllonnt for nil eighth
grado uurtlllonlu.
POWHLL 1IUTTH, Jan. 18. J. P.
Rvwiiutn killed u mad dog on bin
place ri.iuuilny evening. Tho '.
rnme ii win io ho wus c'lopplng -von. I
nnd wmi tn (it with n convulsion Mr.
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ments with each mnchlno.
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our beautiful II. T. cata
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