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(BpocUl tu Tho liulloltn.)
SUNNYSIDK. Jnn. 4. J. L. Couch
spent Thursday In Laldlaw, tho guest
of Jny Nicliola.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 0. M. Couch wont
to I.nlrtlaw on 'mslness tho flrnt of
tho week.
Water for domestic purposes has
iwcn turned into tho ditches this
J. It. I.lttlo wont to Laldlaw on
business Monday.
Dart Ntrhola and family Rpcnt tho
holidays at their homo nt thts plncc.
F. W. Lovenjn of l'lnlnvlow mndo
n business trip to Uend Monday.
Henry Myors, n retired merchant
of Cuunlnghnm. Washington, spent
ono day in this vicinity. Ho was
was looking at land with a view to
buying a homo.
The Christmas trco nnd program
given by tho Sunnyslda school wns a
decided success.
Mr. and Mill. Alox Lovoronx nnd nvor lml.l In Mil hnll ulnrn II onn.
MIm Fannie Frobar were entertained Bructlon. Tho cnrly part of tho
Sunday nt tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. . evening whs spent In delivering Rlfta
F. W. Lovorons. which wero on tho Christmas trco.
A lltorary Booloty has been organlt- ? Thts was n grent treat to tho school
cd at Plalnvlow school house which ' children In particular, who worn all
meets every first nnd third I-rlday anxious to moot Santa Claus. Bun
evonlngs. J nor wns sorvod at 12 o'clock. Tho
Miss Klva Smith tho teacher of. crowd ,na not disperse until Into In
IMalnvIew, spent holidays with roia-.tbo morning nnd evoryone reported
day In Dry Lnko.
Mrs. O. Johnson vlsttod at tho
homo of her sister. Mrs. Tollnn, tho
foro pnrt of tho week.
H. Wlnalow of Buck Creek pnscsd
throuRh hero Thursday bound for
A number of Dry Inko folks at
tended tho dances nt Imperial
Christmas ovo nnd nil reported nu
onjoyublo tlmo.
QcorRo Qctger transacted business
at tho Aloxnnder ranch this week
Harry Hockolmnu of Hornet) waan
Dry Lake enllor tho foro pnrt of tho
Mr. Ilernnrd Cox transacted busl
ness nt tho G. A. Oarsko ranch
Tho MImps Urown wero wcok-ond
visitors at tho Kins ranch.
Tho danco given In tho Dry I.nko
Hall hero Christmas wns n great
succors, there liolng ono hundred
nnd seven In attendance. It is snld
that this wan the largest attendance
tlves In Madras
Miss Alpha Gibson was in Prlnc
vlllo taking tho teacher's examination
last week.
Fred Wllsoti was a caller nt tho
Nichols homo Tuesday.
The program given by Mcsdnmes
F. W. .Lovoronz and Dolln Nichols at
Plalnvlow Friday night, was enjoy,
cd by a largo number of people. Mrs.
Nichols, elocutionist, rendered sovcr
nl readings, whllo Mrs. Lovorons fav
ored tho audlenco with several of
her flno solos, Mrs. John McKlnney
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. L. Couch went to
La'dlaw on business tho first of the
n sociable time
Tho school children of district 86
nro enjoying their holiday vacation.
"e?K- . . ... , .. IHIcks and nnnronriato recitations by
A niiniDOr 01 aunnysiUO people ni- ' mi,. " Tho rl.lnr
(Special to Tho Bulletin)
HAMPTON. Dec. 31. Tho Sun
day school Christmas trco held at
tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Fogg
nrovod qulto a success. There wero
forty-three present and a full stock
ing for even ono. Tho smallor ones
received stars. Wlll'am Searcy act
ed the pnrt of Santa Claus. to tho
delight of tho children. On tho pro
gram woro n song by Mastor Gerald
tonded tho Now Year's party at tho
home of Mr. aod Mrs. I. E. wimer,
All report a good time.
(Special to Tho Tlulletln)
STAUPFBR. Deo. 29. Dert Meeka
and family of II rook lugs spent a few
days atStauffors during the holidays.
James Curran came in from Cali
fornia last Tuesday, whero he had
been transacting business.
Tho Christmas tree nt tho school
houfee was a great success. Tho pro
gram was very good and thoro was a
bountiful supply of treats for young
nnd old. About seventy-five persons. in- on its war
ones spent the evening playing
games nnd singing. Mrs. L. A. Hunt
ing playing tho piano.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 8. Fogg spent
Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. K.
M. Peck.
Dan McArthur. Mrs. C. II. Harman
and Mrs. W. T. Harrison went Tues
day with Mrs. Luelnda lilack and
son. Ilurr Tllnck.
Mine Hattle Huston or He'd nnd
Mr. A. S. Cottlngham of Prlnglo
Flats mado proof to their hmne
stoads before Commissioner Fogg
ono day Inst week.
Ono of A. T. Shaver's well drills
passed through Hampton last even-
to P. S. Dcncors
were there. f ranch, where drilling will bo begun
One day last weok Fred Overall a onco.
and Pago Stauffer had an exciting w. T. Harrison Is expected homo
time for a few minutes with a sup- (rom nond today, whore ho had gone
posedly mad coyoto. Fred finally
killed him with tho stock of his gun,
the animal being so closo that ho
could not shoot.
J. W. Pratt Is down In hts well rwnntlv.
twenty-four fcot and Indications fori will lain Hccslny and A. T. Frame
water are very good. took Christmas dinner at C. D. Har-
James McEwen and Danny Mc-'man'8, where they foastcd sump-
for a load of groceries for tho Hamp
ton store.
Iturr Dlack and Nelson Crow hnvo
had horses badly cut on barbed wire
ueough took Christmas diner at Jas
E. Smith's.
Those who enjoyed Christmas din
ner at Stauffcrs declared Mrs. Stauf
fer the best cook in central Oregon.
Those present wero Dert Meeka and
family, Mrs. Overall and Fred. Mr. inft wjth W. T. Harrison
and Mrs. J. H. Hasslerand Haiel Mc-l jjlss Florence Hunting spent
Clouth. 'Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Fogg.
Gus McClouth started for Bend j. p. wilnuet Is busy hauling
Saturday. I wood and getting ready for the well
Mrs. Kae ana sons, Arcnio nnu drill
tuously on turkey and other good
Mrs. A. S. Fogg. Mrs. Dontxon and
Mrs. Iou Peck spont Wednesday
with Mrs. W. T. Harrison.
A. T. Frame spent Saturday oven-
Itobert, came oveWfrom Butte to take
Christmas dinner with J. K. Smith
and wife.
The danco at Jack Smith's Christ
mas night was attended by about fifty
persons'. A supper of turkey, sand
witches, pie, cake and coffee was on
Joyed by all and n general good tlmo
was reported.
B. T. Kasspohl of Chicago Valley
attonded the Christmas tree and tho
dance. I
Press DeWItt U spending a fowl
days at Jnok Smith's. I
Llcyd Forbes Is away for a couple
of weeks. '
Mtss Allco Brookings Is spending
ner vacation wun ner oromer Hor
ace. Word has been received that W. F.
R. brooder has filed on 200 nerea of
land near Tobar, Nevada, and is we,ll
C. J. Stauffer lost ono of his driv
er Worses one day last week.
Carton Denny of Benjamin Lako
enmo over after the mall nod Ills
horse took sick on the way home and
Jnme Ifortoon has Just finished
roofing his house.
B. T. Kasspohl has been unablo to
work for a fow days on account of a
badly spralnod wrist, which ha re
ceived In falling from a scaffold of
James Hartoon'a.
James B. Smith butchered a flue
young jjeer last week nnd supplied
tho people with meat.
(Spools', to The Bullotln.)
Murphey'a family returned to tholr
claim in tho valley January 1.
Dan Reynolds; Is at homo after an
nbsence of four months. Ho Is going
to mako raoro improvements on his
claim. ... , , ,
Kvorvbodv nnd everything is look
ing woll in tho valley.
(Special to The Bulletin)
DRY LAKE. Doo. 25. Mm. Van
Lake suent a plwsaut day this weak
vlilMng with her sister. Mrs. lntan.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander nnd Mis
Thwta OarsVe wero dinner guests
nt the Goorge Golgor home Sunday.
BUI Brown, from Hunk Crook, was
n Dry Lako caller Friday.
Charlps Ivey was a Buck Creek
caller Saturday.
Mr. O'Kelly at Barnes spent Frl-
rinv In rtrv il.fikn.
W. B. Tltue of Imperial spent Frl-
Harold Fogg dined with Thomas
Harrison Wednesday.
E. M. Peck Is hauling wood for
J. L. Owen this week.
A. T. Shaver was In Hampton
Karl Kollor spont Wednesday
night with David Spurbcck.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Vorn Hoffman of
Llxard Crook woro In Hampton Mon
day. Mrs. C. A. Uurrls spout ono day
this weok with Mrs. K. M. Peek.
Mrs. Fogg spent Saturday after
noon with Mrs. Nowt Wells.
Mrs. Douglas of Importal called on
Mrs. Wells one day thts week.
(Special to Tho Bullotln)
MILLICAN. Jan. 3. Tho danco
given nt P. B. Johnson's Saturday
night was qulto largely attonded nnd
n good time Is reported. Refresh
ments wore sorvod nt midnight. An
orchestra from Bond furnlshod tho
music. Several young men from
Bond camo out to attend.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Connwny drove to
town on Now Year's day.
A. Kdolstoln wan a business caller
In Bond tho lattor part of Inst wook.
Mver Goodman enmo out from
Bend Friday night to visit with his
parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. U Goodman.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Horwlti woro callers
at tho Ooodmnn homo Sunday after
noon. Mrs. William Bcnm called on Mrs.
A. Kdolstoln Saturday.
P. 11. Johnson wont to Bend Sat
urday. Mrs. A. Kdclstoln called nt the
Barnoy Conoway homo Wednesday.
Mrs. A. L. Hlnklo nnd children
visited with Mrs. A. D. Norton Fri
day, returning homo Saturday.
Mrs. W. II. lieams was n caiior m
tho Gcorgo Roberta homostond n day
the past wrok.
William Todd spont Now boar's
dnv with his sister, Mrs.. Thomas
Moffott. ., ,
A. D. Norton mndo n trip to Bond
for hay tho past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Evans were callers
In tho oast end of tho vnlloy Sunday.
William Roams expects to mako n
trip to Bond somo day tho coming
A. A. Gllmoro visited nt tho L.
Goodman homo Friday.
Harold Davis visited with William
Todd Saturday, remaining for din
ner. II. K. Davis was a caller at tho L.
Gordman homo Sunday.
Mrs. A. O. Allen drove home
Thursday evening to apand New
Year's day. '
Karl Powers Is quite seriously ill
at his homo east of here.
Mrs. Louis Goodman and Mm.
Frank HorwIU wore caller at tho
B. E. Davis homo Sunday aftornoon.
(Special to Tho Bullotln).,
CLOVERDALE, Jan. i. Clover
.in in rminnli Club will have flvo del
egate at tho Irrigation Congress in
W. L. Cobb of JJend. formorly of
Rosoburg, with his family, visited In
Cioverdale Tuesday.
Florence Waldron spont tho 'fijat
of tho week with her parent In Clov
nnlnln and tho last of tho week visit
ing frlonds at Laldlaw .and Bond.
Mr. Van Matre ana son oi utnu
wore guests at Waldrons ovor Mon
day night.
Sevoral loads of grain came to tno
Cioverdale mill Monday.
Earl Grube Is working In Winches
ter and Arthur Is making an oxtendod
visit with frlonds at Antolopo.
F. Welse has moved his houso up
on tho corner and will now mako
sevoral Improvements.
Mr. and Mrs. Kline woro uinner
guests at J. Skolton's Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Slmor spont Irl
dav with Mr. nnd Mrs. Rav Abbey.
Tho Club meeting Friday night
wns well attended nnd onjoved The
especially good numbors being tho
reoltattons by Inex Buoknor and tho
songs by Chnrles Buoknor, (ho duots
by Mrs. II. Cyrus and her sister Miss
Scoggtns. Tho reading nnd presen
tation uf n book to Mr. ntul Mrs,
llnrloy Byorn and last but not loiifit,
tho Tnttlor, a paper or wit nndnvls
dam, odltod and rend by George Mo
Andrews. Tho next mooting will bo
January la.
A Jolly crowd from Sisters gnvo n
Now Year ntghl party nt tho homo of
Charley Carson.
Frank Kelly mid wife, i1ho J. Hknl
(on nnd wife visited nt Low en Hunilay
The Jolly Bachelors of Desorl
Springs are gutting to bo n power to
be reckoned with, being so woll or
gnnliod and agreed on every lino of
Thoro will bo Sunday school nt 2
p. in. nnd preaching at 2 next Sun
day. F. Kelly and daughter, Opal, wero
In Redmond Saturday.
W. Boyd made a trip to Redmond
Mr. Silken nnd Mr. Duckelt of Sis
tors nttondod tho club meeting Fri
day night.
(Special to Tho Jlullctln)
"f. Ashbaush came In to spond
Christmas with his fninlly.
Miss Allco Brookings of Stnuffor Is
spending several days with Mr. nnd
Mrs. Horace Brookings this wook.
L. Mcrcor enmo out to his homo-
; stead Inst Mondny to Join hla wife,
who has boon living hero sovornl
Vic Johnson accompanied Horace
Brookings to Stnuffora lust Monday
to get a load of liny.
Mrs. C. W. Ashbaugh Is on tho
nick list.
Joo Johnson of Pleasant Vnlloy
visited with frlonds In this vicinity
sovornl days last weok.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ilort Mooks nnd clill-
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dron nttondod tho Christmas pro
grain nt tho Stnuffor ttchoulhotino
nnd ntu Christmas dinner nt tho
Stnuffor homo.
Tout KwIiik and Vlo Johnson ate
GhrlHtmnn dinner nt tho Brookings
Mr, and Mrs. L. Morcor nnd MIhs
lino Mercer nnd mother nttondod tho
dnnco nt J. K, Hinltli'H Christmas
Mr. MoGlmiKh of Htmirforn panned
through Imrn Sunday on hla way to
Hand for slippllon.
Mr. and Mrs, J. Ilrlckoy and son,
.1 1 in in I o, nnd Joo Johnson ntoOlirUt
imirt dlniiar with Dnvu Dunn mitl
family nt Imperial.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wurmoth
and daughter, llewtUi, culled nt tho
llrooklngK homo Inst Sunday.
William Hoist or LnUroNio, Wash,,
tiled n homestead on what was for
(Continued on page 10.)
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