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Six Thousand Mile Motorboat Race to End at. the
Panama-Pacific International Exposition
olmMBBMnfcQyKwTL & s si v 1 k9K v & iL jtfH hMfSwBHHHu a 1
Scene on the
THE New York to San Kranclseo
Cruising Power Iloiit Race for n
prfxe of $10,000, offered by the
PannmnPaclQc lutcrnatlounl
tton, starts nt Sea Onto. New York,
from tbc Atlantic Yacht club on Oct. 1,
1015, nnd dnUbca nt the Exposition
Yncht Harbor on the Exposition
grounds In San Krouclsvo. It In the
most Important event In too history of
South Portal to Palace of Food Products, Panama-Pacific
International Exposition,
San Francisco, 1915
Hill I w ifclil1" liil W5g9SH
9 " mflVIttJ' Jf'P'V. UHBB? iriv AH iiwi
J. ' ?T 2i5B' JT B9Vil9HX 'K " Qn9"allHHiill
i ! SssiBVHiHksKn n4 mWr 1
Copyright. 1914, by Panama-PacKta lutemaMooai Exposition Co.
TniS portal la probably Uie most modern In feeling of any doorway to
any of the main group of exhibit palaces. The portal Is Italian run
ateiwnce In form and treatment, but much of the ornamentation la of
more recent origins The photograph gives no Idea of the great dimen
sions of this portal, which U sixty-six feet In height to the tip of the orna
mentation surmounting the arch. The eagles above the lino of pilasters of the
portal are six feet In height Tho Exposition palaces are constructed of gray
ish cream plaster In Imitation of Travertine marble.
Idain Entrance to Palace of Machinery at Pan
T ama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915
Copyright. 1914, by Panama-Pacific International Exposition Co.
TIB photogrnpbor was stationed at the most northern of the three arched
portals constltutjiig the xoajn , WLft entrance to tlm jpalnqo ami
turned his camera to the njtrtb. tIjo huge columns -adorning .hi? en
tntuco!iHr5 of lmItatfon'leunajt8d"aro,ln 'Warn! cwitraitwlth tb0
pryarath gray of tia Trargrilno" pjjister of whljjhf tjio walla oro comnj)8ed.
The filezeant toe base of the coloiou and the spandrels above the jircjnvuya
of the M'titlbulfr are the work of the sculptor I?nlg Patlglan In architectural
btyle tha PuIocq of Alachluery la early Itomau. 'Xho architect la CJareuco U.
Wrd. of San Francisco. - -
Exposition Yacht Harbor an San
motorboat racing. The course Is Inhl
from New York to Charleston, S. C; to
Key West, around the western end of
Cuba and on through the Caribbean
sen to Colon, passing through the Pan
ntna canal to Panama northward to
Corlnto, Nicaragua; to Snllna Cmx,
Mexico; to San Pedro, Cat., and ends
In San Frnnclwi bay. The finish of
the great race Is timed to occur dur
mm in i(Miihiii.i.iii,i in nit hi am hum, i
'-f ''jft' ' ""- -rm -
hOW It
Francisco Day Months Before the
ing the splendid International Yncht
lug Itegatta to bo held there, and sov
cral hundred thousand spectutorn will
crowd tho finish lis the rontstnut
dash In through the Cotdcn Onto past
tho wonderful City of Palaces that
has grown there to receive tho honors
doe the winners and the losers of tho
most speetaiular ruco of Its ktud cut
Precautions Taktn to Guard Thtm by
tht English Officials,
Urcry llrltish shipyard that builds
fur the navy must take great precau
tious that none of the vccrvU Intrust-
to ItM cure shall k-uk out. Detee
lives watch all Htora und keep the
workmen under olntervntlon ulsa Plain
lotbe ottli-cn guard every entrance.
ud 'nolMxIy U allowed to bring in
ven n small parcel unless It la first
examined. r fear thnt It may conceal
j camera At one or tne nig cuustruc
Hon yards one man In every two down
ia thoroughly Kenrehinl from head to
foot each night tm leaving. Alt the
dmftsmen engaged on the drawings
ot n new warship are aworn to secrecy,
aud tliu plans, nro Invariably kept un
Jcr lock and key when not In use.
These prrin lotion haro 'brought
many ansplcloua clrrumstnncr 'tb
light. One pUlit when a new cruiser
was about to undergo her trials twb
Dim crept aboard as she lay at atP
rhor The were captured nnd handed
over to the police. Shortly afterward.
on the day of her trial, the chief ct
glneer thought It would be advisable
to have another look at the Interior of
the turbines before steaming to make
certain that no rubhlxh had got Insldo
to Injure the delicate turbine lilndci.
Hut worxe than rilhhlsh was found!
When tho turbines were opened two
heavy steel chisels were discovered ln.
I side If the machinery had lieen stnrt
ed the ilamage would have taken
months to roitfilr.-IVarsou' Weekly,
Superstition Cauud tho Death of Two
Athenian Central.
In the old days wllwes were looked
,i"'u ,,iiii Mi,vn'iiiiiii hiiu iiri-mi, nni
more than once they wen factors lu
battles.- A lunar k-Hpm; nns the final
undoing of the Athenian general Nl
clas ond his uportlng genenil. Do
mostbenea. Tho Athenians attacking
SjrucUHo had won encouraging prelim
inary sucrrsxes und at one time almost
bad theclty lu their power. Indolence
or orercontldence held them back when
breaks In the defense Invited them,
and before the opportunity was Im
proved n Spartan general with a small
force made his wny Into the city and
encouraged its mllltln to new effort.
Ntclas and his nupportlng general,
Demosthenes, who had como Mlth ro
enforcements, decided to abandon tho
campaign and go homo while they still
had control of the sea Nlclas was sick
and discouraged. On tho oro of sailing
a totul eclipse of tho moon disturbed
blm. It was regarded as un Inauspi
cious sign, nnd Nlclas waited a moutli
for a more favorable omen. ' .
In that month tho Hyracusans borrJ,
ended the Athenian fleet In tho hurbor,
A futile effort was mnda to break
through, und then a wretched nrtnr
, undertook nti orcrlnnd march, was pur
'sued, surrendered after three days' ot
tack, and Niclas and Dumostbenea
were put to death. C
Child Olselpllns.
It Is differ medleliic, but tho ohs
thing needed most lu tho human soul?
Is discipline. ,
It la well to have force, genius, flgor,
entliuslumn, lore, Hwer, but yojjiotny
have them uudie u orjmlmil, n niauTftc
orn cad You become great only wjiou
to tlicho you add self coutrol
Tho latest movement In odixntlon Is
toward dpvcloiilng the lultlatho of the
child, Thlii can hardly p carried too
fur. And tho old. stupid me(hod of
thwarting, deuylug nud brojybcq.tjnff
little ouea Just for the aabo of disci
pline cannot bo too roundly condemned.
IJut for all that (hero la danger lmt
In our new engeriess to Und (i nil 'bring
the' child's forcealwo may forget51
tho prime need
of Htreugtheultig hla
Frank, Cruuu bXWo-
self deulnl.-Dr.
man's World.
i i i ,.
Great Fair Opens.
tfaa Francisco bay I one of the fin
est harbor In the world mid by until'
It la cousldcred to be the most beau
ttful. It Is Jrtonl for yachting Mid boll
lug, being prutccttd on the wean hi!
by high hills nnd Mount Tnmuipiibt
tho only opeiitmt being the iloMen
Onto. The i:xosltlon Vnilit llrrlxn
otTera safe nuchurugu for ynrbt und
power boats.
(Continued from pago 1.)
A rook llll nnd earth dam 00 feet
In holght la proposed fbr tho Uenhntn
Kails resenolr. This will back water
up 18 miles, flooding 18,000 ticroa of
Und nnd store 400,000 acre .feet. Tho
estimated cost ot this reservoir Is
A 30 foot dam of tho same typo nt
Crano Prairie, wU Hood C200 acres
nnd sloro approxlmatuly 100,000 ncro
feet of water, at a cost of 1G2.000.
Tho cost of stored water Including
damages to powor and other Interests
along tho stream below Is estimated
nt J 2 35 per ncro foot. This Is rola.
lively low.
Tho cost of Irrigation ranges from
38 to fGO por ncro. It vnriea with
- 1 i 1
S y 1 I
r :. i?; v ,m .vfH
imoh unit, nuil with tho typo or con
ntritotlon proponed.
'J do DIITorcnt Unit,
1, The North Unit oM)D,aoO noroa
In tho vicinity of tho towna of (Into
wny, Madras, MotoUim, Culver, ami
Opnl City, will coat ICG 10,000 or por ncro. All of tho nmln
ettnnU mul tho Inrgor part, of tho tllti
trlhutlng IntornlH nru plnnnod to ho
ooncroto llnoil. Wntor will ho divert
oil trout tho Ponohutos rlvor nt Auh
roy rniiB by n multlpln nroh cunoroto
dnm 00 foot lit height nml cnrrloil
1 ill
nuiuBo viiu uruu.uu nvi'r uy n mill-
foK'od cottcrotn llitttto supported on ti
stool nrch bridge. This unit Hot not tit
of Crooked rlvor nnd on tho east sldo
nt tho DoHclmtim rlvor.
9 The WiM Rldo Unit of UO.nafi
net os udjntna tho Hlnto's TuitmVu'
1'iojoct It Ih on the west sldo of th
IioschutoN rlvor nnd oxtottds to Hquinv
Creek Wntor will ho diverted by
the same dam na for tho North Unit.
Tho Auhrny Palls diversion dam Is
no. mi a miiiwr auitui or unnu rntis
"Qitd will c8t 11(11.000. If tha orooer
Lpmiiottli n of this oust Ih awtwsttd
ngftltist tho West Sldo mitt, tha ncro
cost for reclamation will rang from
$.14 U0 to $!M0 por aero Several
alternative Hchome for Him devlop
mom of thin unit nro propusod. Ono
. of tltoso eliminating tho diversion
dam. nnd diverting wntor nt t.tildhiw,
j?.vo miles suith, will cost ttllT.000
or $41.40 por noro, for 15,1)90 neres.
Tho larger sohomo covers 20,316
acres and will cost 1831,500 or $40
per noro.
3. Tho Hast Hldo Unit Inolndea
30,000 nores In whnt la known as the
North Canal Project of tho Central
Oregon Irrigation Company. This
company now has n ontrnot to ro
olnltn thuso lamia under tho On roy
Act hut recently offered to turn It
over to tho public for n consideration.
Tho works nro partly complnted Tho
total cost Is In nxcosa of n million dol
lars nnd the ncro cost ranges from
$32 to $!2.r,0 per ncro under tho
various nssumptlonH taken na a basis
for valuation ot nxlstlhg works.
4. Tho tiouth, Unit embracing
4B.4GO acres of Irrlgnhlo lands Ilea
south and east of the Carey Act pro
jMta now bfllng constructed by tho
Central Oregon Irrigation Company.
Tho greater part of this land la In
the vlelntly or PrlnevllU. Wat an wilt
bo diverted from tho Dwoluita.4 river
nt !avn, Island Falls, about T tulles
below tha proposed storage reservoir
nt Denham Palls. It will he conveyed
through n concrete lined canal noro
it broken lavn country for approxi
mately 20 miles beforo lhq land In
reached. The cost I tlioroforo rela
tively high nnd Is estimated At $2,-
D20.000 or SCO 14 nor noro.
I All of the surplus waters of the
Deschutes rltor nhovo Pond will be
utilized if tho work is ultimately car
ried out ns planned. Tho average
Innnunl flow at Ilenham Palls for n
10-year period la 1.210.000 aero fsot
It ta proposed to dollver 3.0, 2.3, 2 2
and 2. It acre feet por nero on the land
for ench of tho four units respective
ly ns listed above.
Tho agricultural soil surrey of
tho various units shows soils 10 In
If - ribjHH7 iff
Bend Company
$2.50 Per Load DELIVERED
' ),
' V ,-,'
oltun or grimier In depth. Uh iIi
leal character for Irrigation nml ou
tlvntloit In uonnrnlly gotitU A rnlKht
ituflialonoy lit nitrogen content of tho
null In howovor notntl. '
Agricultural Possibilities,
From tho atnudpolul o( iiiilt'iiow;?
Inn nnd construction dKllctiltlui, nil
projects nrn considered foasthlo.
From tho ntnitdpulnt of nitrloultur
nl iiohrIIiIUUo:
Fho Weal Kltlrt Unit of tctn of tho
vnrlntin alternative In considered do
Hlrnllo ut tho catlmntud cost If In-
lit Itul ltM Hfttitl tttt llfll iVftftlwl ft Hill
luiuni viitfiii ! Jrtv-vi
0m ,oforred pity lUtllllH. AllU U
coiinldorAhlu porlod In allowed for
repayment or tho prinolpnl ho tnni
tho burden on tho settlor lit tho onrly
Miikos of dnvolopmont may ho itn Unlit
a na posalhlo.
Tho North Unit la ooiiHlilorod do
ilrublo nt tho estimated cost provided
lutoroflt ohargoa on deferred pay
inenlH io not tncned 3 to 4 par cent
mitt tho U. H. Uooluiiintlon Ant plnn
of 30 yonra for repayment Is adopted.'
Tho Bouth Unit Ih not dualrntilo at
tliu pros0itt time, but with money '
thnt dotM not boar Intorest, na under .
tho U. it. HtKlamnllon Aot, and with '
SO yaar pyomnts, It will doubtless
nrovo diMitrnlile, whnt the other units
hnu butin developud.
Tho State nnd tho United Htnten
lloelnmntton Harvleu nro co-operating
upon tho dollar for dollar basin In
tho preparation of plana and entl
matiw of cost for n number of largo
Irrigation prnjocta In Kastorn Ore.
goii, under Chapter 87, l.nws of 1U13
Tho purpoto of this work no ox
plained In tha net "la to have on illu
rendy and available, such detailed
surveys and information na will not
only permit, but thnt will tend to In
duco tho henoriclnl use of wnter by
private perrons, Irrigation districts,
corporations, or possibly by tho Htnto
or National Governments."
mourn m,ii; hxa.minations.
Information concornlng 8th grndo
final examinations to ho hold Jtmu
ay 14 nnd IS. 1916:
Program for examinations
Thursday Arithmetic, writing,
KrHinnior,'urlaulturo nnd spoiling
Krtdtfr ' Physiology, history, e
ographyVoivlf Kovornment nnd real-
Nolo- Seetlons XVIII. XIX nrd XX
ot tho "Ituloa tor OondiistliiK Itlghtli
drndu Final llxnmlnatlans, do not
apply In Crook county, na no exemp
tions can bo given for olsM-room
work. All pupils must tnko examina
tions In all suliJrctH.
Itespcctfully suhmlttml,
J. K. MYHH8,
Buperlntendont Crook county sehooia
4243 c.
Cliecks Croup Instantly,
You know croup Is dangerous. And
you ought to know too, tho senso of
security that comes from having Vol.
oy Honoy and Tar Compound In tho
house. It cuts tho thick mucus and
clear away tho phlogm, stops th4
strangling cough and gives easy
breathing nnd quiet sleep. Kvary
user Is a friend. Patterson Drug Co.
' ' &.W
1 ti
' ( t ' I