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Mwith Hltntva Uiiimunl Amount of
Plcnsiiitt Days anil Llttlo Itiiln.
Contrary to (ho usual nxporlonoo
(ha wunthor during (ho month of No-
,,vonilior was titiuntinlly pleasant.
Thorn worn nlinont no low tompnra-
lures, thoro woro n very fow light
jinown nml thoru woro tunny days of
Tho hlKhuBt tornpnrntiiro recorded
was 70 deferens on thn 2nd; tho low
ist, 18, on tho nlfthtit or tho Oth nml
14th. Thn grnatost dally rnimo wna
43 ilourooH. For tho month tliti menu
iiinxlntuiii tomiicratiiro wkn 60.1 d.
groos nnd tho menu inlnlmiiui 30.3
togrooH, making tho moan 41.15.
Olour days during November iium
bared 30, partly cloudy throb nri'l
cloudy nut). Tho total precipitation
VUis .10 Inches of whloh itioro than
hIf, or .00 foil on ono tiny. Tho to
tal snowfall wna 8U luahna hut ox
copt for Hint nt tho uml or tho munth
nono stayed on tho ground after It
llnd fnllon.
Thu daily temperatures nnd- ohncr
aatar of day woro nn followa:
Dato Max. Mln. Char, af I). -
1 08 ai Clear.
, 1 70 31 clear.
3.. 09 30 Clonf.
i ......... (17 38 Clear.
,..,, ...40 38 Clear,
i 45 18 Clear.
..........47 33 Olenr.
...'..... 4)0 Si Clear.
9,.. ... 00 20 Oloar.
., .10.... .....Q7 27 Ulnar.
il ...... .08 20 Clear.
1... ..... 60 25 Ptly Oldy.
SB,.., ,....42 31 I'tly Oldy.
li, ..... .41 18 Olonr.
. II.. i.n .44 29 Olonr.
10,......R3 26 Glimr.
117.. .... .f'O 23 Oloar.
, 18...M....00 22 Olonr.
19 .Q2 30 Oloar.
20. ...00 . If Olonr.
1. ....... .03 26 Clear.
S3 SO 38 Oloar.
i8.........G6 20 Oloar.
. 41 r.7 26 Olonr.
04 27 Oloar.
SO 00 20 Olonr.
, tt (0 22 I'tly Oldy.
IS 30 28 Cloudy.
HO 30 27 Oloar.
3(0 40 24 Oloar.
'o want you to got a oluli of thro
Tttagjulnt. Wo noil Tho llullotln nnd
tli re big magsxlnea nil ono yoar for
nty $1.75, Hend your order today
by phono or mall.
Uiq Doschutoji Hprny Flourl It U
tho best inado and a Uond product.
Adv. 37 tf
(lore, On., I. A. Morgan had oo
cation recently to uio it liver mod!
olno nnd anyn or Koloy Cathartic Tab
Iota: "Thoy thoroughly cleansed my
yilcm and I folt like a now man
llKht nnd free. Thoy nro tho hoU
niodlolno I linvo ovor taken for con
n'Upatloii. Thoy keep tho stomach
wt, llvrr nctlvo, bowels regular. '
1'attsraon Drug Co. Adv.
j (Continued from pago 0.)
Wtiinnt deferred for ono yoar,
.. .. - .. .... . .
.m no innuor oi mo ropori o ii.a
II. Allnn for It. II. Ilnvlov.
Hoport of II. K. Allon on Hpoo'nl
wnrrnnta reaolvod by It. II. Haylsy
niid nxpandod by It. M. Wider nnd V.
II. May roeelved. Hoport oontlnud
fV vauohora.
In tho matter of IndlRont peraoni.
Ordor or allowance of $10 per
iitanlh to . Olork Inilruot-
od to draw iwld wnrrr.nta In favor or
Mra, N. O. Dnvla of llond until fur
ther orders. Tho nllownnco to be In
the nnttiro of temporary roller.
In tho matter of county stock In
spector. Petition proiontml by J. O. lloua
top. ot nl, also by I.ynn Nlohola mi
naklna; lor tho appointment or Lynn
Nichols as stock Inspector for Crook
oolinty. Position donlod beoaiiko thoro
li an provision for tho payment f
tho salary of said stock Inspector.
In tho matter ot tho petition ' f
Harvey Davis, et nl.
'Petition prononted by Hnrvoy !).
via. ot nl, nnklnR for tho npiMilnttnont
of some portion to Kold slnllloiiH ia
lirovldod In section 0S33 L. O. L. Pe
tition rororroa to District Atmrnny
wljh Instructions to htm to Rlvo thn
pOJtlonora rll he help ho can.
Hoport or Hoy Nowotl. Buporvlaor.
Itoport or Hoy Nowell, llond Bud
orvlnor. proaontod allowing 12,000.00
rosolvod and an expenditure or
S 1900.01 on tho Ashwood-Gatowny
road, balance on hand or 10.00. All
vouchors filed.
Having sold my Interest In the sec
ond hand aloro formorly conducted
by mo on llond street to II. a. Hnln
oys I horoby glvo notice that Mr.
Hnlnoy assumes nil hills now oxlstlng
ngalnst snld business and that satno
nro not to ho presented to mo. J.
A. Kolloy. 37-41. p
Jry Truo Wuo llour.
Krocor for It. Adv.
Ask yoar
30 If.
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off a live stoolc trado Inst week, tho
lattor trading a bunoli of ahaon.for
tho Alloy cnttlo.
a special mooting of tho Bnrosls
was hold at tho homo or Mm. K. L.
ivorson Friday nflornoon. HuBlno-a
matters blalmod tho nttentlnn or tho
Indies for tho ontlro session. Mrs.
Ivorson sorvod refreshments prior to
Mrs. Allon Wlllcoxon and dnughtor
Harriott wont up to llond Saturday,
remaining ovor for a row dnya.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. P. Hmlth enter
tained nt a dlnnor party Bunday.
Ilov. ond Mra, llyur or Uodmond and
Mrn, Ida Morsa and dnughtor Ada,
woro their guests.
Tho government thormomotor in
ohnrgo of Karl Hnttndors, registered
throo degrees bolow xoro Hunday
night, ranking thu majority or uh
hunt tho blankets.
Oscar I'rlckott was a bunlnoim vis
itor to iJoml Monday,
It Is niportod that Homo of tho
Kraln on tho dry lands wna blown out
miring tno roconl high winds,
POWELL 1IUTTI5, Doc. 8. Horn
to Mr, nnd Mra. I). A. Patterson, a
Tho wntor wna turned In tho canal
lnat week nnd wan qullo tin ovont
horo. Evorybody'n olsturn wan omp
ty and having to haul wntor and drlvo
thn Block to drink wns it choro thoiio
cold windy dnyn.
Mra. A. I). Morrill suffered n so
voro ntlnck or tonsllltls Innt wook.
12. A. Hunsott linn boon under tho
wonthor tho past wook.
Iloryl nnd Houlnh .Lnndfnrn nro
now puplU enrolled In tho llutto val
loy eohoql.
L. W. Dlalr lout ono of hln dairy
oowm Innt night from hlontliiK on al
falfa hay, tint cutting and thorough
ly dry. IS. K. Archor luat ono of Ills
oowti a fow dnyn ni;o with milk fovor.
(Hpoclal to Tho llullotln)
MII.I.ICAN. I)oo. 14. Tho pro
Kriiin Klvon liy tho puplln or our
nohool Friday wna a dallRlitrul trot
to tho pnronta nnd rrloada who ni
tonded. Hocltatlona and dlnlogiwn
Intoraporncd with moiik cunatltuttd
tho aplondld nroKram. Our tonohor,
Mrn. A. (1. Allon hnd n lionutlful tree
dooorntod for tho occaalon nnd oath
llttln ono received nomo pretty Kl.'t
Itoaldoa hoapa or candy, nuta nnd np
plea, Mrn. Count" Mllllcnn aonl rM'n
to onuh or tho chlldrnn.
Mra. It. (loodinnn nnd Mrn. It. 1".
Pavla apent Hnturday nflornoon oull
InK on trlonda.
Mian Cortrudn Market cntno homo
from Jloud Wodui-ndny.
A. I). Norton loft on n lmilnoa
trip to Cor vail In Hnturday aftornoou.
Mm. (loorRo Mllllenn apont tho paat
wook In llond. Ilor Indian logend,'
ontlllod "Tlio Heart of Oregon, lmi
Juat liocn puhllahod nnd n copy re
colvod horo ahown It n vory nrtlatlc
llttlo hooklot, hoautirully wrltton.
Mra. A. L. Illnklo wna n vlaltor nt
tho Norton homo Friday.
Mrn. I.. Goodman and aon Hon
apont Hunday at tho HurwIU homo.
Harnh Dnvla apont a row dnya it
tho Holland homo tho paat wook, tho
Kuoat or Mary llollnnd.
Mra. A. Kdolatoln waa a onllor at
the II. It, Davla home Monday after
noon. J. F. Davla rodo over to U. F. Dy
ora Hunday.
Mrn. I'. II. Johnaon vlaltoil at tho
Norton homo Friday.
Mra. Mnry Hoonoy, who haa hoon
homo for aomo tlmo, han axnlu re
turned to Mllllcan Inn.
A. CI. Allen waa n Ilrnd onllor
tho paat wook. Ho drovo In Thurs
day, returning In tlmo Friday to tnko
Mra. Allon homo. Mm. Allon Intonua
taking tho toaclier'a examinations ut
I'rlnovlllo noxt wcok.
DIIV mki:.
(Special to Tho llullotln)
DIIY LAICi:, Doc, 4. Mr. Millar
from I box pnaaod throueh horo Hun
day bound for llond.
John Moaor from Iluck Crook la
atnylni; at tho old I'rlco placo for the
' wlnlnr
"". . .,...,
Carl Bchwnli la hulldlnc a new roa
Idonco on his homestead this week.
Mr. Warner and family passed
through horo Hunday on hie way to
Iluek Creek.
Charles Ivoy, Superintendent of tho
old Prion place left this week ;o
live at his old homo for the winter.
Mr. Nelth froip Cllaas llutto la hero
this week putting up his cabin on his
Mr. Hubbard was a llond onllor
Miss Theresa nnd Vornlo Onrsko
woro Hoar Creek visitors Friday.
A numbor of Dry Lnko young folks
left Friday afternoon for lluck Creole
to nttond thq danoo given thoro In
tho evening.
Mrs. O. Uarnko nnd children from
Ibex visited at tho Petorson ranch ou
O. Uuuko loft for Ibex Wednesday
O. Hill was a woek ond visitor at
tho Petorson ranch.
11. Wlnslow from Iluck Crook spout
tho wook end hero on business.
A numbor or Dry Lako folks In
cluding Mr. L. Nelson and wife, Mr.
and Mrs. Kins, and Mr. nnd Mrs.
Junn Wilson and dnughtor had qulto
en unoxpoctod ndvonturo last Butur
day night. Tho party woro bound
for llomstad whoro thoy Intondod lq
nttond n masquerade dnuco Klvon
thoro that ovonlug. Tho night was
cold und dlsagroenblo, nnd this with
tho falling snow cnusod them to lose
their way. Thoy drovo ell night un
til 3 a. m. tho noxt morning boforo
tho road waa round. All wero pretty
well chilled up.
John King, who Is employed at tho
Doorkey ranch was nrauood last Fri
day night by a disturbance In tho
chicken houso. On Investigation ho
discovered a largo coyote that was
raising havoo with Mr. lvoy's choice
nans. With some effort, owing to
tho dnrkucso, ho succoodod In killing
tho Intrudor who has boon prowling
about tho placo for boiuo time.
Mrs. Hlng Is visiting at Mrs. Fel
Inn's this wook.
Miss Thoroslu Onrsko spout n pious,
ant day this weak visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. Alexandria.
O. Johnson was a woolc ond visitor
nt tho Petorcon ranch.
(Bpcolnl to Tho llullotln)
PINHHUHST, Dec 14. Mrs. Ilrad
loy wont to Luldlaw Friday.
I Intel Dlotrlch visited tho school
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bnydor mode n
bURtnoss trip to Lnldlaw Friday.
Hoglnald nnd Hasll llayloy nnd Or
vlllo nnd Donald Ilradloy spent
Thursday ovontng at Mr. Mocha' placo
ut Hlllcrost.
Mrs. Nichols wont to llond on busi
ness Saturday.
A number ot Plnohurst people at
tandod tho dinner Klvon at Lnldlnw
Mr. Jtood wont to llond Friday.
ISathor Dlotrlch and ICdna Hoot
apont Hunday with Klhol and Ivy
Mr. nnd Mra. Hoot woro .Lnldlnw
vlaltorn ono day lnat wook.
0. W. Hornor rocontly piirchnaod
throa calvca from 0. W. Hnydor.
It. II. llayloy loft Tucaday for
M. H. I'lttmnn of tho Monmouth
Normal hcIiooI, ncootnpnnlod by J. K.
Myora, vlaltod IMnohurat aoliool on
Monday nflornoon.
Kathor Dlotrlch called on hor alator
In law Hnturday.
1. K. Wlmor wont to Lnldlaw Fri
day. Mrn. Delia Nlohola outortnlnod Mr.
O. W. Hnydor Hunday.
Ivy Hnydor apont Hunday night
with Hutli llayloy.
Mr. and Mrn. C. W. Hnydor mndo
a bunlnoH trip to llond Hnturday.
Tho IMnohtirat dlatrlot haa Juat In
stalled anew Watorhury hentliiR; aya
torn and It la kIvIiik axoollent roaulta.
Tho work waa done hy Karl Hmlth
nnd Mr. Doll.
Mr. BpaUBh wont to llond Friday
Mater Hnydor wont to Lnldlaw on
Mr. Itcod wna a llond vlaltor Hnt
urday. Mr. Ilradloy nnd family moved to
Itodmond lnat wook whoro thoy will
mnko their homo.
Mr. Hpnush la on tho ack Hat.
ONK OKNT A WOHD la all n llttlo
Want Ad will rout you.
This Anil Flvo Cents.
Don't miss this. Cut out this slip
oncloso flvo cents to Foloy & Co.,
Chicago, III., writing you namo and
address clearly. You will recslra
in return a freo trial package con
taining Foley's Honoy nnd Tar Com
pound, for CourIis, colds und croup,
Foloy Kidney Pills nnd Foley Cathar
tic Tabids. For snlo In your town
by Patterson Drug Co. Adv.
A. M. Prlnglo, Plaintiff; vs. D. A.
Masters, K. It. Morgan, D. W.
Plorco. Kntlo Plorco, Francis Cop.
oil, Lottlo Capoll, Alex Hess, Ger
trude Hoss and A. G. Lauadlgan,
To I). A. Masters. K. It. Morgan, D.
W. Plorco, Kollo Plorco, Francis
Capoll. Lottlo Capoll and A. O.
Laundlgan, abovo nainod defend
ants. IN Tho Namo or tho Btnto or Ore
gon, you and each ot you nro horoby
required to appear and nnswor tho
complaint filed ngalnst you In tho
abovo cntitlod suit on or boforo tho
14th day or Jnnunry, 101C, and If
you fall so to appear and nnswor for
wnnt thereof plaintiff will apply to
Which Is Which?
This prtr brlda down't know, but our
htd bnkor doi-s. Hh should know that
tio knows and Iktn know nough tophon
American Bakery
Farmers and
Ship us your hogs, voal.
poultry, oggs, rabbits, fruits,
vogotablos, otc.
Our facilities for handling
produce aro tho best. Prompt
returns, Wrlto us ror tags
nnd prlco list.
100 Front Strwt
o mmm college
Agriculture, Including Agronomy,
Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Horti
culture, Poultry Husbandry, Insects,
Plant and -Animal Diseases, Cream
cry Management, Marketing, etc,
Homo Economic, Including Cook
ing, Horn Nursing, Sanitation. Sew
ing Dressmaking and Millinery.
Commerce, including Business Man
BRcment, Hurnl Economics, Business
Law, Office Training. Farm Account
ing, etc Ilnglnccrlng, Including
Shopwork and Roadbulldlng.
A general clearing house session of
six days for the exchange of dynamic
Ideas on the most pressing problems
of the times. Lectures by leading
authorities. State conferences.
Offers lectures, movable schools, In.
stltutes and numerous correspondence
courses on request.
MUSIC; Piano, String, Hand, Voice.
No tuition. Reduced rates on all rail,
roads, i:or further Infirma Ion address,
The Oregon Agricultural Colleje,
(tw..ll-l.J) C0UVALLI3. ommoN
tho Court for tho rollof prayed for
In tho complaint herein, to-wlt:
For Judgment against thn defend
ants D. A. Mnatora nnd A. G, Laun
dlgan nnd each of thorn ror tho aurn
or $1,G 1D.00, together with intoroit
nt tho rnto of 8 per cent por annum
from tho 10th day of February, 1914,
until paid, togothor with $160.00 at
torney focn nnd thn cowls nnd dls
bursarncnta of this suit, for n decreo
to tho effect Uml tho Hon of that
co-tnln mortgago bearing dato Feb
ruary 10, 1911, mndo nnd oxcctited
by tho snld D. A. Mnators on tho HW
'A or tho HK'A and Wh ot tho
BH' or tho HW4 or flection 23.
Township 10. South or Hnnco 11
I3nst, to bo foreclosed and that tho
real property nbovo described bo sold
by tho Sheriff of Crook county, Ore
gon, in tho manner provldod by law
and that tho proceeds of nnld aalo bo
applied to the payment of tho costs
of sale; to tho payment of plaintiff's
Judgment prayed for, with Interest,
nttornoy fceo nnd costs nnd that tho
intercut and Hon of tho defendants
B. H. Morgan, D. W. Plorco, Kntlo
Plorco, Frnnols Capoll, Lottlo Capoll,
Alex 1 1 ww, Gertrudo Hess and och
or thorn bo decreed to bo subsequent
to and subject to tho Interest and
Hon or tills plalntlttt and that tho
plaintiff hnvo Judgment ond execution
agalnat tho dofondants D. A. Mastora
and A. G. iLaundlgan for any defic
iency that may remain upon said
judgment after tho application of tho
proceeds of tho salo of said real prop
erty. This summons Is sorved upon you
by publication thereof for six nuc
coealvo weeks In Tho llond llullotln,
a weakly nowapnpor of general cir
culation, published at Hood, Crook
county, OroRon, by ordor of tho Hon.
W. L. llrndihaw, Judgo of tho above
entitled court, which order Is dated
2Sth day or November, 1914.
Tho dato of tho lirat publication
bolng December 2, 1014.
Tho dato of tho last publication
bolng January 1.1, 191G.
39-45 Attornoy lor Plaintiff.
M. W. Knickerbocker. Plaintiff; va.
Niels Potorson, Defendant.
To Niels Potorson, tho abovo named
In Tho Namo of Tho Btnto or Ore
gon, you aro horoby rcqulrod to ap
pear and answer tho complaint ot tho
plaintiff filed herein ngalnst you m
tho abovo entitled action, on or be
fore tho '14 th day ot January, 1916,
and for want tberoof tho plaintiff
will tako Judgment against you tor
tho sum or 1180.00, togothcr with
Interest on $140.00 thereof at tho
rnto of 7 por cent por annum from
March 17, 1914, and Interest on'
$49.40 thcroof at tho rato of 10 por
cont per annum from August C, 1914
until paid, together with $20-.00 at
tornoy fees and tho costn and dis
bursements of this action.
This summons la sorved upon you
Annual Ball
by publication thereof by ordor of
tho Hon. J. A. Enstcs, Judgo or tho
Justlco Court or llond Precinct,
urooK county, urogon.
Dato of tho first publication Is Do
comber 2, 1914.
Dato of last publication Is Janu
ary 13, 1015.
39-15 c. Justlco or Pcaco.
In tno Circuit Court of (ho Btnto
of Oregon for tho County of Crook.
B. M. Thompson, Plaintiff, va. Virgin
B. Ilrasfleld and Oeorge M. firnsflold,
Ily virtue of an execution, decreo
nnd order oi sale duly Issued out of
tho abovo cntitlod court to mo direct
ed and uilcd tho 1st day of Deconi
bor, 1914, upon a decreo for tho fore
closure of a certain mortgago nnd
Judgment rondored And entered in
said court on tho 26th day of Novem
ber, 1914, In tho above entitled oaum
and ngalnst tho defendants and In
favor of tho plaintiff In tho sum of
six hundred seventy two dollars with
Interest thereon from tho 15th day
of January, 1914, at the rato of olght
por cont por annum until paid and
seventy dollars attorneys fees nud
thirty dollars costs ond disburse
ments and tho costs of nnd upon this
writ and commanding mo to make
salo In tho manner provided by law
of tho real property described In suob
decreo nnd mortgage nnd bnftr
doscrlbod, I will on THURSDAY, the
31st day ot Decomber, 1914, nt the
hour ot 10 o'clock In tho forenoon of
said day at tho front door of tho
coutfly courthouso In Prlnovlllo,
Crook county, Oregon, sell at public
auction to tho highest bidder for cash
In hand all tho right title and inter
est of tho defendants Virglo E.
Hrnstleld and George M. Hrasflcld, or
clthor of thorn hnd on tho 25th day
ot November, 1914, tho dato ot the
Judgment and decreo heroin or which
said defendants now havo or have
s!nco acquired In and to tho follow
ing described real property to-wlt:
1xt Ono of Block twcnty-ilx of Dcnd,
Crook county, Oregon, according to
tho recorded plat thereof or so much
thereof na may be necessary to sat
isfy said Judgmont and decreo with
attorney's fees, costs nnd accruing
costs. Halr property wilt bo sold
subject to redemption as provided by
law. Dated at Prlnovlllo, Oregon,
thin 2nd day ot December, 1914.
Sheriff or Crook county.
Hy VAN ALLEN, Deputy.
Date of first publication, Decem
ber 2, 1914.
Dato of ldst publication, Decem
ber 30, 1914. 39-43 c
Whereas, as appears from tho cor
porate records of the Deschutes Rec
lamation & Irrigation Company,
Of Pythias
Tickets $1.00v
" - w
Smith, Cook & Company, whoso busi
ness address is Corbott building,
Portlnnd, Oregon, aro tho owners of
tho capital stock of said corpora
tion represented by six certificates
thereof, of 61 shares onch, In all 30(1
shares, said certificates bolng num
bers 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, and 43 ot tho
series, when tho numbor of shares of
tho capital stock ot tho corporation
was 90 and
Whorcas thoro Is duo and unpaid
upon said 300 shares of stock, f.s
sesaments aggregating nt tho dato
horeof the sum of $302.25.
Now therefore, notlco Is horoby
glvon that on Saturday, tho 19th day
of December. 1914, at tho hour of 10
o'clock, a. m., at the south oast cor
ner or llond and Orogon streotn In
the city of Hend, Crook county, Ore
gon, said stock or so much thereof
as may bo sufficient, will bo sold at
public auction to tho highest blddtr
to pay said assessment, togothor with
the costs and expenses of snto.
Dated this 18th day ot November,
1914. Corporate seal of D. R. & I.
Ily C. 8. HBNSON, Secretary.
Department ot the Interior, U. S.
Land Office, nt Tho Dalles, Ore
gon, Novembor 11, 1914.
Notlco Is hereby given that William
J. Alt, of Hend, Oregon, who, on No
vember 30th, 1907, mado Homestead
Entry No. 15806, Serial , No.
04205, for EMXWK. W NEK Sec
tion 9, Township 17 S., Hango 12 E.,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notlco
of Intention to make Final Flvo Year
proof, to establish claim to tho land
abovo described, boforo II. C. Ellis,
U. S. Commissioner, at Hend, Oregon,
on tho 28th day of Decomber, 1914.
Claimant names as witnesses:
John F. Young, Walter Daniels,
James R. llenham, James Low, all ot
Dcnd, Orogon.
37-41 c. Register.
Department ot tho Interior, U. S.
J.and Offlco nt Tho Dalles, Oregon,
October 28th. 1914.
Notlco la hereby given that Clifford
J. Cook, of Hend, Oregon, who on
May 12th, 1910, made Homestead
Entry, No. 6CS6, for BV, Section I,
Township 20 South, Rango 10 Bast,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notleo
of Intention to make Final Throo
Year Proof, to establish claim to tho
land above described, boforo II. C. El
lis, U. S. Commissioner, at Hend, Oro
gon, on tho 19th day of December,
Claimant names as witness-
Thomas Gray, Georgo Powers, Earl
Powers, Ferdinand Tauscber, all ot
Mount Pino, Oregon.
37-41 c Register.
- j - yzz: