The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 16, 1914, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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Ho It remembered a regular term
of tho county court of Crook count)',
Oregon was bosun and hold nt tho
court houso in I'rlnoville, Oregon, on
Wednesday, tho second day of Do
comber, 191-1, tho same being tho
first Wednesday In snid month nnd
tuo time fixed by law for holding n
regular term of said court, when
woro present at tho hour of ton n.
ra., R. II. Bayloy, Commissioner: Wil
lis W. Drown, Commissioner; Wnrron
Drown, Clerk: Frank Elklns, Shorlft.
When on Wednesday, tho second
day of December tho following pro
ceedings wore hnu. to-wlt:
Court adjourned until 2 p. m. of
tho samo day.
Court convened nt 2 p. m., pursu
ant to Its order of adjournment of
tho samo dav, when wcro present tho
following officers:
Q. Springer, Judge, presiding: R.
H. Bayloy, Commissioner: Willis W.
Brown, Commissioner; Warren
Brown, Clerk; Frank Elklns. Sheriff.
Whereupon tho following proceed
ings wore had, to-wlt:
Court adjourned to tho circuit
court room, where was hold n public
discussion by taxpayers nnd tho court
of tho budget nnd lary for 1915.
Report of A. E. Ixvett by tho Ore
gon Stato Agricultural College show
ing tho work done in Crook county
nnd expenditures for tho year 1914,
December Third.
Court convened nt nlno n. m., this
third day of December, 1914. tho
same officers present as yesterday.
whereupon tho following proceedings
were had to-wlt:
In tho matter of the Tillman Rou
ter chango in tho H. P. Nlsscn road,
Agreement presented by Andrew
Morrow In behalf of the Grimy Land
nnd Livestock Company as to dam
ages on said rood. Hearing set for
first day of January term. Clerk in
strutted to givo proper notlco to all
property owners concerned
In tho matter of tho Crooked River
roads. (Paulina, Bear Creek and
Fair grounds.)
D. F. Stewart Instructed by the
court to take all steps necessary to
rnsko tho various changes In tho
Paulina, Bear Creek and fair grounds
roads legal county roads.
In tho matter of road district 14
nnd 15.
Dave Grimes Instructed to repair
certain bridges and culverts on tho
Ochoco road In Districts 14 nnd 16.
Court orders Henry Kochl In Dis
trict 1G; Frank Buchanan and Jess
Ynnccy In District 14 W. J. Schmidt
nnd Kimball and Black in District
1C to turn over all road tools and
material .In their possession to Davo
In tho matter of Justice of tho
Peace for Beaver Creek precinct.
J. II. Dickson appointed Justlco of
the Pcaco for Beaver Creek. .
In tho matter of the vacation of
certain roads In tho City of Bend.
Final order vacating certain coun
ty roads in tho City of Bend. (Seo
la the matter of cancellation of
certain warrants.
Clerk instructed to cancel warrant
No. 1741. Class 2G. for $100 drawn
Jn favor of Dr. J. II. Rosenberg.
In tbo matter of the Justlco of the
Peace for Illllman precinct.
In the matter of the levy for cer
tain school districts.
It appearing that certain school
districts have not reported a lovy
for the year 1915, tho following lev
ies are made according to law:
Dlst. 3.. 5 mills Dlst. 58.. 2 mills
DHL 11.. 1 roll! Dlst. CO.. 5 mills
Dlst. 13.. 6 mills Dlst. CO, .1 mill
Dlst. 15.. 1 mill Dlst. 79.. 3 mills
Dlst. 20. .1 mill Dlst. 85. .5 mills
Dlst 29 . . 2 mills Dlst. 80 . . 5 mills
DUL 23. .1 mill Dlst. 87. .3 mills
Dlst. 31.. 5 mills Dist. 88.. 5 mills
Dlst. 36.. 2 mills Dlst. 90.. 5 mills
Dist. 37.. 2 mills Dlst. 94.. 5 mills
Dlst. 4 8.. 4 mills Dlst. 100.. 5 mills
Dist. 51.. 4 mills Dlst 101.. 5 mills
Dist. 62.. 2 mills
In the matter of tho budget for
On reconsideration of the iinninta
ti be raised for .he year 1915, by tax.
at'.'n in Crook conty, the court lids
its final estimates sto bo as follows:
Rogiotored road warrants out
standing January 1, 1915
(estimated) $36,000
School fund 38,500
High school 13880
Gon. fund warrants oustand-
ing January 1, 1915
(estimated) 6,000
Repairing roads and destroying
Trceds , . 10,000
Widow's pensions 5,000
Indlgont persons 0,000
Clr.ult Court 7,000
Juetico court 400
County judge 1,050
Commissioners ........... 1,200
Clerk's office 6,600
bnerlff'6 office 7,000
Assessor's office 6,750
Coroner's office 500
Supt. office. Including officer , 4,098
Sealer of weights and measures
nnd fruit Inspector ....... 1,000
Treasurer's office 2,900 expenses of court
house ;,, 4,000
Elections . .... 2,000
Tolcphone nnd telegraph . . . 1,000
Water master .1,050
Surveyor's of llco ......... .3,300
Exponses of county court in
reviewing roads -. 400.
Strto tax estimate ...,'..,.. 50,000
StonograDher of county court. ' 100
Honltb officer 1.000
County printing
ILlbrr.ry fund . .
n c
Total General Fund ...$177,058
In the matter of tho lovy for 191G
Based unon tho abovo given ostl
mates, tho county court orders tho
following tax levies ror Crook co in
ty for tho year 101G:
For high school Hi mills
For school fund 3 Vt mills
For roadt und 3 U mill
For gonernlt und 16 H mills
Making n total of 34 mills
((Seo order.)
DcccJiilcr Fourth,
Court convonod thin fourth day of
December at tho hour of nlno n. m. officers present as yesterday.
In tho matter of tho claim of tho
City of Prlnovlllo.
Matter of paying tho assessment
for ccmont walks built by tho City
of Prlnovlllo in front of tho court
houso Grounds nnd legal rights of
tho county Involved thoroln, referred
to District Attorney.
In tho matter of indemnity for tu
bercular cnttlo slaughtered.
Hearings In tho caso of Gcorgo
Klsslor and Matt Kulosch continued
until tho first day of tho January
torm, 1915.
In tho matter of tho report of John
T. wheolor.
Report of John T. Wheolor. ox
part accountant, auditing tho dolln
quent payments duo the City of Dcnd,
In tho matter of a cortaln claim
Order warrant drawn In favor of
Luthy and Erlckson in tho sum ct
30 for tho building of a bridge uu
dor tho supervision of R. M. Eldor.
In tho matter of Indigent persons.
Order a monthly nllowanco or ten
dollars per month until
further orddr of this court in tho na
ture of temporary relief.
A. D. Russell vs. County Court of
Crook County, et nl.
Clerk Instructed to certify nnd
send to the Circuit Court n transcript
ob required In tho order of tho Judge
of the Circuit Court of tho Stato of
Oregon for Crook County, for No
vombor 30th, 1914, on the 14th day
of November. 1914.
Tumalo Project No. 1 County
Resolution ndopted recommending
tho establishment or Tumalo Project
No. 1 proposed count' road.
Crooked river county rond.( Paul
ina, Bear Creek nnd Fair grounds
Resolution adopted recommending
tho proposed changes In tho Crooked
river road.
In tho matter of claims allowed for
tho general election held Novornbor
3, 1914.
It appearing to tho court that n
number of exorbitant claims havo
been presented for Judges and clerks
for tho last general election, held
November 3rd. 1914; ordered that
tho amounts allowed tho officers of
said election shall bo as follown:
Whc'n not more than 50 votes cast,
$3.00: when more than 50 and not
mora thnn 115 votes cast, $6; when
mora than 115 votes cast, $9.00.
(oca order.)
In tho matter of warrants out
standing against tho general road
of articles
Ordered that nil pornons having
any warrants against tho goncrnl
road fund Issued during tho your
1914 for tho purpose of limiting per
manent Improvements on tho Dour
Crook, Pnullnn, McKutulo nnd other
roads; nnd nil pornunn who procured
any of said warrants for distribution
and salo make n full nnd complete re
port to tho county clerk of nil sums
outstanding, so that nit warrants not
used may bo cnucolled. (Sea order.)
In tho mattor of tho L. S. Rtcknrd
county road.
In tho matter of tho renewal of
tho bonds of tho Sheriff, et nl, for
year 1914.
Ordered that tho court tako cog
hUanco of tho fact that the surety
undertakings of tho sheriff, tho coun
ty nssossor, nnd county treasurer,
were regularly renewed for the year
1SU, prior to January 1, 1914, In
Uio United States Fldullty and Guar
anty Company. (Soo order.)
December Fifth.
Court convonod this fifth day of
December, 1914, at tho hour of nlno
a. m. Same officors present as yesterday.
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Jr BiC"yjM
In tho mattor of Tumalo Project
No 1 road.
Preliminary report presented by
tho comity purveyor. Order sotting
tho sixth day of January, 101C, nt
the hour of ton n. in., ns tho data it
hearing on said report.
Clerk Instructed to glvo proper no
tice to all property owners concerned.
u tho mattor of tho Crooked river
county rond.
Preliminary report presented by
tho District Attorney. Order setting
the sixth dny of January, 1915 nt
tho hour of 10 a. m. ns tho tlmo of
hearing on said report.
Clerk instructed to glvo proper no
tlco to all property owners concerned.
In tho matter of tho L. S. Rlcknrd
county road.
Viewer's report road a second tlmo
favorable report, no objections. Re
port nccopted. Glork Instructed to
Ibbuo proper order opening said rond
as public highway whenever funds
are available.
In tho mattor of J G. Edwards
road and tho Frank Irving chango In
tho J. G. Edwnrds road.
County survoyor Instructed to pre
pare a present ownership map of all
VJ l l.4K7UsM3
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location of tho J. G. Edwnrds rond
and tho Frank Irving uhniiKO in tho
J, G. Edwards road.
In tho mattor of frnnohlRO for well
oit liuiillo rond,
Franchlso Rrnntod to John Jlonont
nl to dig n well nnd properly rovor
tho snmn (or puhlla uses In tho onst
side of tho old Silver hake rond, n
county roud near thn Kitchen place,
(Hon franchise,)
In tho mattor of tho 0. J. Plorco
county rond.
Continued until first dny of Jan
uary torm, iuig,
In tho mattor of tho W. C. Connie
ton county rond.
Continued until ilrst dny of Jan
uary torm, 1015.
In the mutter of the George Mllll
can county rends.
Continued until ilrst dny of Jan
uary torm, 1016.
In tho matter of tho vacation of
certain street nnd alloys In the FImI
Addition to Motollus.
Ordor vacating cortaln streets nnd
alloys In tho First Addition to Mo
tollus approved when thero lo filod
with tho Clork an amended affidavit
of posting notices approved by thn
District Attorney. (Soo plans for
ordor )
Iu tho matter of certain county
C. V. Ilartn, et nl, proposed coun
ty road, potttlon nnd other proceed
ings refarrod to District Attorney,
who reported favorably thoro on.
Continued until first day of Jan
uary term, 1015.
A. Ij. lloukto, el nl, proposed coun
ty road: Petition and othor proceed
ings referred to District Attorney
who reported favorably thereon.
Continued until first day of Jan
uary term. 1916.
T. I. Quia, et nl, proponed county
road. Petition and othor proceedings
referred to District Attorney who
found tho same Irregular. Petition
Jas. Sklrvlng, proposed county
road petition prosontod. Proceedings
referred to District Attorney who
found tho samo failed to glvn thn
court Jurisdiction. Petition denied.
In tho matter of dues to Thn Ore
gon statu Association of County
Judges nnd Commissioners.
Clork Instructed to draw warrant
In favor of Hun. W. II. Mntton,
treasurer Oregon Stato Association of
County Judgea and Commissioners,
In the sum ot $10 as annual dues of
tho Board of .County Commissioners
for Crook county.
In tho matter or II. C. Topping,
license to store grain.
Bond presented by II. O. Topping
& Co., wnrohousomon for a license
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roLom K37
to nloro grain In Crunk county, Oro
gou. Bund rejected by court.
In tho mutter ot Inventories it
county property,
Tho following olllcoro of Crook
county presented Inventories of prop
erty In their offices In Inventoried
dntod Decumhor 1, lt)14i Hlierlrt's or.
(ice by V. 10. Van Alton, deputy: (lua.
UrowHtor, wntor mnstori J. 13, Myers,
school superintendent; llnlp'i Ii, Jor
dan, Treasurer! Inventories approved
and placed on lllo.
In the matter of supervisor of Dis
trict 11.
Horn! of J. A. (lonsor In tho sum t
of $600 an rond supervisor ot Dis
trict No. 11 approved by court.
In tho mattor of report on sonlp
Report of Warren llrnwu, Clerk
on soalp bounty warrants Issued prior
to December 1st, 1014, nppiovad.
In tint matter ot tho O'Noll lirldiw.
O. F. Wallenberg awnrdud contract
to covor thn O'Noll bridge, 1U0 fovt.
14 foot rond way, Wallenberg to fiy
nlah all mntorlnl necessary to roplnto
lowor docking nnd relay upper duck
ing at tho rate of $21 per thousand
In tho mattor of tho puroh&ia of
n bookcase.
Clork Instructed to draw warrant
In favor of John T. Wheolor In tliu
sum of $14 In full payment to hltn of
n bookenno now In tho office of tho.
wntor mastor,
In thn mutter of tho claim of tho
City of Hand for tax collection on De
linquent taxes.
Certain errors appearing In the oof.
luotlon of delinquent taxes durllig ntvl
nolud Inn the years 1UQ& ami luir.
showing sum or $1388.10 duo Clly
oi Bend, ordered that this amount
bo nimrnvod as duo tho City of Bond
and ordered tiald. but payment de
ferred for ono year ns not Inoludsd
In tho 1916 budget. (Boo order.)
In the matter or tho claim ot
school Dlctrlct No. 13.
Certain errors appearing In thn tax
rolls during nnd Including tho yearn
1006 and 1013, showing tho sum of
fl.21H.-IB duo School District No. 13;
sn'd claim approved and ordered
paid; but as no provision tor payment
of same Included In 1916 liiiitKut,
(Continued on page 7.)
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