The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 16, 1914, Image 1

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NO. 41.
1 ' '
Vi. xii. 'W
I fc M . .. g
County Court Appointed oii Saturday
following DtfMilulloti of Injunction
ly Judge HrniMimv OjicMIoiik
km to Crook County Kuw Up,
Jofferoou county In now n fact tin
n result of tint proclamation I win ml
iy uovurtior Went liml Friday. On
aturtiay no numHiiicod tliu appoint
ment of the memlinrs of tho county
H0ni-t of tho now oounty nnil It la
understood (lint tliay havo nlrendy
.bogun tholr work.
The Governor's proclamation fol
lowed oloHnly nftor tho giving y
.lililgH iirndshnw of liU HoqIsIoii ills
iiltMlitK (he Injunollon Hint had ro
Mrolnnd County Clerk Warren Drown
from aertlfylng Uio rusult of tho
oounty division vola to tho secretary
of stato.
Tlio Nriv Court.
The oounty court of Jarfororin coun
ty, appointed on Saturday I nn ful
ldwsi Judge, William llougll, of Out
on Commissioners, Hoseoo Card, f
(TaTbwav unit J. M. Klnu of Oiul
.'Ctlf. lu making Uiesu salestlonA Gov.
U.nAW liuil Im mmIiI In t.MU.. ..I.........
.otio man from each of tho tickets nd
.vfttioml by tho thro town who nro
looking for oounty at honor. At
h contention In Metnllua H K. KIiik.
Mtosooe Oard and L. M. Thomas wum
naleetcd an nominees of tho whom
county to ho placed before tho gov
, or nor hut aftarwarda npparently, oarti
town jiii L .forward selections of Its
own. These nre reported to hnve
. boon as follow:
Madras:Coiinty Judgo, B. K. KIiik.
Motollus: Commissioners, Hoaooo
iCnrcl. Oatoway; I.. M. Thomas, I.a
monto. Mclnlliia: County Judge, J. M.
IClntr. Opal City; Commissioners, J.
J. Chonoweth, Urandvtuw; 8. 8.
lilac), Ashwood.
Culver County Judgo, William
Itoogll, Culvor: Commissioners, 0
li, lllnnchard, Lamnnla; II. L. Prl
lay. Cross Keys.
Tho now court li mnilo up .of ono
representative from each Hit.
' After tho member of tho now
tiourt havo qualified thoy will soleet
' tho county tent nml appoint tho other
' nounty oftlceis except tho road super
visors and tho district attorney. As
tit no Intimation of tho prohahlo
notion of tho court on cither matter
, lina (icon made.
i Tho Crook Kltuntloii.
i With Jefferson county In oxlstetno
many Interesting oUMtioiia havo come
1 Hit and will ooHtlouo to come uu In
' Crook oounty for semo tlmo Into (Im
future. First of all whim tho quoa-
; t Ion aa tho the county esurt. Two
member of tho present eourt. Com
iHfusloner llrown and ludae Hprlnir.
were eieeieu rrom wtint is now Jon
oraon oounty. Uiey rnlHter(wl there
for tho laat oicetloit and hnvo alwaya
liodn comlduicd n IiavIiik tholr
homofi thoro. Do thov go with tho
now county nnd lotu otlloo nutomntlo
ntlyT la tho ijui'itlon holnR naked.
It li umlomtood that Coiumliwlonr
Drown 1ms furnlahod tho anawcr oo
far n ho U roncomed hy announolnR
tljat ho counldom lilimulf no lonRor
Tolnl for JIimmI Will llo-IO MIIIh IHv
tiht IS Vnyn till JiYolul Coun
ty Vnllintlon Anuouncod. .
Moro ooliiploto ilolnlla of tho tnx
lovy or tho coining your indlcnto tliat
tho total tnx pnynhlu In tho city of
llnnd will ho only -to mllla na ngulnit
yt iiuim im yonr nnii Hint in
Hcliool Dim i lot 12 tho mlllAKo lulud.
inir uio county lovy will ho 20,
Tho county tax of 24 mllln ItitludM
ono nnd otto hnlf iiiIIId for tho ooun
ty IiIkIi itelinol nnd throo nnd n hnlf
mum for runda. Aa llond Im In a dis
trict which tunlntulnn lta own high
Hchool It l not taxed for the oounty
Hohool nnd na tho oourt uind tli
ioRd tnx a fjiocliil tux llond la oxotupt
from It, JtiHt m I'rltiovlllo la. Tlwt
IcnvfM tho not oounty tax ID inilla
nn fur na tho oily la uoncorund, nnd
with H for tho city nnd aoyou for
(ho achool dlHtrlot, tho total of 40 h
.u tho Mihoot dlatrlct outalde of
llcnd nil tho county tax sxoapi that
fur the hlRh aahool U ld. or 22 V4
in I lln, which with KjtOws aaten mill
levy mukoM IUV4. Tho dlaitlct lory
Gomrr judbe
laaf your van 9VWsdh.
Tho tolnl vnliitftlbh of the oounty
la, of which $i,-io,.
007. 3ft la tho tnxnhlo value of th
puhllc titllltlfti, nn found lait wook
hy tho atnta tux comnillon. Th
total valuation thla yonr waa 111,
ut4.ft87; puhllc utilltloa hulnc ui
Kwwind nt f 1.277.132.
Tho Crook oounty n'Mto tax la np
proximately ItS.tOO neeordlnK to n
iuotRo roeolvnd from tho Htnto Tax
mjiuiiiImIoii thla nftornoon.
l.lit Vlow In Tlmt .Tudxpa Klrctari
In 11110 Cu Out of Ofllco on Juii.j
-nrj' 1 SnxtlMU WIlH Ikj Tc
od hy Ooicrnor I'orViillillly.
i- W
Hprlngcr Hnyn Lotu of Work Dono on
Them llocently.
(OroRon Journal.)
JikIko 0. HprlnRor of I'rlnovllla,
who attended tho convention of coun
ty nffloora in Portland laat wcuk, de
clare that hla homo county lina prov
ed ono of tho moil actlvo In tho atnto
In tho mattur of highway develop
ment. 'For 13 mllea up tho Crookod
river, wo havo litillt n normnnonl lov
Krndo rond that used to ho n trnll
with k rail os somotlnios os stoop ua
35 per cent." said Judgo HprlnRor
"In hardly any placo la tho now grnda
moro than thrco per cent and 070
foot of atoel hrldgliiR hna boon put In
"Tho past ntimmor has hcen tho
hoat for linintcrntlon rlnca tho rail
road wna unlit through to Hond, the
Tumalo projjet holng rctponslhto for
tho increasing number of fanner.
auticm: on iiuiikov.
Tho Issuo of tho Country Oontlo
man dated Dccomher 19 nnd out to
morrow contains an nrtlclo deserlp
tlvo of tho work of C. 8. Hudson,
eashlorof tho PI rot National Hank, In
furnishing hogs nnd cows to fnrmora
of thla Hoctlon nt cost. Tho nrllolu
rontnlna sovornl Illustrations tnkon
In nnd nruund llnd Including one of
the First National Hank hulldlug. A
more extevdd aoeount of tho article
will be printed next week.
That tlio oounty Judgoa olootd in
1010 woro not ohocen for six yoars
after nil la the Intoat theory of tli
preeont eondlllon of tho Oroaon fnw.-
Tho lde is hnsod on (ho aeoldontnl
discovery of n constitutional provl-
muii iu mo unooi mni an amondmuiit
to tho constitution doee not hocomo
OfTMtlVO lllltll n cnnvnui nt tlw. vni..
nnd n proelamntlon hy tho (Jovomor.
Jloforo tho dlscovory of thla elnuso
It had hen urged thnt tho decision
of the supreme court In tho Cliwton
onso had Insured n alx year term for
tlio county Judgee nnd Judgo Wor
don In Klamath Folia was planning a
fight to rotnln hla office against Mar
lon IlankM, elected In Novomhor Now
Hie situation Is apparently revenwd
and Hnnka linn tho uppor position,
ao far na tho law la concerned.
Governor West will tort the oum.
(Ion by appointing Judges on Jnn.i.
nry to auoeoed Hi ono oleeiod in mm
It Is not understood that the terms of
juugoa niwieu in 1912 nre affected.
A dispatch from Ha lorn on tho sub
ject aays:
District Attorney Hrans of Mult
nomah oounty. In examining the con
atltutlou In connection with the re
coat amendment abolishing capital
punishment, dlecovored n provision,
saying that n constitutional amend
ment should not becomo offcctlvo un
til nftor tho canvass of the voto and
a proclamation Issued by tho gover
nor. This provision tho governor
iceis oonncicni tho court overlooked
In rendering lta decision In Clceton's
case, nnd tin hollovea that the 1910
ninondmcnt, fixing tho terms of Judg
es, um noi liccomo n law until rttv.
oral wcoka nftor tho polio closed. Tho
amondment could not bo retroactive
in ua operation, ho declares, nnd
theroforo could not apply to Judge
SSSlSP'9 tBtm of ofllco, npr to nny
her counly Judgo fleeted nt tho
1910 eloctlon. All tholr terms expire
tho first or tho yoar 191G, ho declares.
Hy appointing Buccoasora to them,
the governor will put tho question up
to tho supremo court for decision.
pDniglch gnloon on Honil Street Com-
!UgfeOiiJcl- Fire Is Kept From
MWrij)& JJxilIillngH Klein
ftlfmltmrhw mo TIircatcucI.
t lr-
(Continued on lust pngo.)
Judge Springer and ComwiMloner
elect Hlanchard attended the oonon
tlon of tho ntuto aasorlntlan of ooun
ty JudgeM In Portland laat week.
HprlnRor took part In one meeting
calling attontlon to tho practice or
rond vlowera In changing road nftor
thoy havo been loontod to plenao cor
lain Individual and to tho detriment
of tho general public, Ua recom
mended that' n law bo enacted to pro
hibit changes In location except for
tho purpose of shortening uistanuo
and reducing grades.
Tho committee on star postal
luuiua lujiuruui progress ni mo meet
Ing of tho Commercial Club on Sat
urday. Tho post office Inspector tor
una unmet una pawed favorably in
tho changea advocated hy the club
and It rapBlna only to see what no
tion the contractor will take. I,.
Smith, of Hedmond. made a few re
inarkn on the present activities of
tho Ilodmond club. The mutt tun.
.oheon will bo held at the Hand Ilotol.
Two fires oocurlng at the same time
occupied tho attention of the local
flro flghtera yesterday rnornitrtr. H
oauae of the unusually cold weather
tnoir worK was very dimcult but wth
good water preseure and n Nonce of
winu tnc r orrorta miecwwrniiv r.
strlcted ono blazo to tho building in
which It started and put tho other
uui iicjoro mucii uainugo wna done.
Tho first flro was discovered about
flvo o'clock In tho Atlos bar on Hond
street owned by Mlko Draglch. tt
apjwrently atnrtod near tho utove.
Tliero nro wooden buildings within a
few foot on oach side of tho ono In
which the fire was dlMovorod but the
flames were not permlttod to get ho
yond the walls. They remain atanrl
lug although tho interior was burned
out nnd tho roof foil In.
Just na tho Alarm for tho Hond
street fire wna given the residents nf
the Klein npartmenta on Front street
woro awakened by smoke and Inves
tigation disclosed a fire around the
furnace In tho basement. When dU
o vored It had workod Its way Into
aomo of the partitions but It was put
out quickly. Mr. Klein had visited J
tlio furnace earlier In the morning
and tho fire started afterward from
the atovo plpo dropping out of tho
Tho lose on tho Draglch prooorty
amounts to about $2000 and on tho
othor to a few hundred. Draglch had
flGOO In Insurance.
Ills building waa at ono tlmo oc
cupied by Tho Hulletln.
Will Jloconinifnd to Lrglilnturo Tlmt
Kcplctnbcr nnd October bo Open
Month Other Change.
A recommendation to the taglBhv
turo that the deer season bo opened'
(leptomhor 1 nnd clonort Oatober 31
wan unanimously voted nt the sec
ond nnnunl convention of. the Oregon
Sportsmen's Lcnguo hold In Por'Unhd
Inst weok. Tho notion was tnkon to
lesen tho daagcr of flro In tint nnnAm
OUior recommendations made by tho
uunreinK'n wero:
To close tho Willamette rlrer io
net flehing.
To change the Chlneee pheasant
law making the bag limit birds In
one day, or 10 birds In ceven consec
utive days, oach beg to permit if
not to oxecod two fomale Chluoeo
Thnt nn chant's lia muln In Ihn
liroeent garno fund lav, game com
mission or any lawc In relation to ml
grotory birds until the eonatiiutinn.
hllty of the federal lawn In rogard .o
amo nave oeon determined.
Asking that tho Oregon legislature
confer with California. Wcahlneton
nnd Idaho on the ncle of protected
gamn birds and game fish and also
on tho uniformity of camo HaensM.
To opon tho Chlno phca&nnt son-
son uctouor i nnd clone October 10,
In tho counties of Cnlon and. Jack
son. To shoot pralrlo chickens In Was
co And Hoker counties from Septem
ber 1G (p October 1&, .
Dclogatca from this section woro
O. P. Putnam, representing tho Bend
Hod ft Gun Club, and Clyde McKay,
representing tho Tumalo Gun Club,
May Make Trip to Washington p .
Htralghtcn. Matter Out T.nno Ite-"
ffemtex AfatoHicntn no To Ne
cessity of Sew Appropriation.
MADRAS. Dec. 16. (8poclal.)
An Informal mooting of the now Jef
ferson county court wns held yester
day at Culver with nil members pre
ent The first regular meeting will
bo held on Monday, December 28.
Little Talks on Banking
Certified Checks
Acting under Instructions from the
local post ofllco Inspootor Post Mas
lor Ford will horonrtor keep hla of
flco cloned ou Sunday. Thoro will ne
no delivery or mall at tho window and
only nowspapera distributed to the
kwipki) Tin: cop.
N. C. Gilbert has n new ntory. Ono
or his aona la a apood officer In
Greeley, Colorado. . Ono nlght'n while
ago he saw nn auto streaking It jp
the road, and Baying to hlmsolf, "Of
ficer, do your duty," ho hit It up on
hlo motorcycle and coming along
eldo tho auto Jumpod onto 'life ruu
ting board and ordered tho driver to
atop. Tho epcodora pulled hlra Into without slowing down and
th.tlenartment had to send out a res-
cuefljiund to get Gilbert-back.
' IMPltOVINO KTitnirr,
A crew of men. under Garret Hor-Ken'-liwi
been buBy resontly filling
and grading tho street leading from
Wall street toward the river adjoin
ing the old Mutxlg building. The
Improvement was ordered at n re
cent meeting of the city council nnd
will provide -n --public -roea to the
creamery and tee plant.
(Ilodmond Spokesman)
A delegation from both Grandvlew
nnd Sisters nttonded tho mooting of
tho Commercial Club hero last nlRht
to Indorse tho resolutions promulgat
ed st the Hond-Redmond Joint meet
ing at Hond Monday ulght In regard
to trying to aecuro tho 1450.000
Fedoral appropriation tor reclama
tion work in this section that has
been promised Control Orogon.
More Light on a Subject Frequently
Dbicutftcd In Recent Campnlgn.
(From Hood River News.)
"Hood River county schools have
shown an Increase or 118 pupils In
tho past year, according to a census
Juct completed by County Superin
tendent Thompson. This census wis
for tho end of tho second month, as
compared to the satno time lost year.'
(From Redmond Spokesman.!
."At a special meeting of the city
council neid Tuesday night they fix
ed tho tax lory of tho city for tbo
coming year nt 17 mills."
Tho city of Redmond tax for tho
present year waa 1G mills. Tho 1915
school tax for district G9 which in
cludes Redmond, Is 13 mills, rs
against 12 mills for 1914. "Tho pojr
Whan n liank cert I He n check It guarantee
that tho check la good vthoit properly endorsed,
Hy writing or Btniunlnir tho word "ccrtllled"
and tlio amount itcros tho face of tho checltf nml
diguing Ids iiamo to It, Uio teller or ofllcer of tho
luuik, binds tho hank to lay tho check.
When n rcrtllled check I Issued tlio amount of
tlio' chock U nt qnco charged to the druwcr'H ac
count nnd this itmoiint Is set anldo In n uprclnl ac
count (if tlio hank's general funds under tho fiend
of "cci tilled clieckH," ' '1
We do not crraiiy
thing bif USEFCJL
Safety Deposit Boxes
Ski '"
I" ?
Hnfo deposit protection Is merely n form of In
minuico uml tho feeling of iiNsurauco that your
Miluablo pa per h, nccurltlcs nnd Jewelry tiro safo
much mora than rcpayN tho tdlujit cost,
Our vault uml mfo dopoitlt bovon nro ilio-proof,"
You inn rent (mo of our hoxe for $U.OO n year.
Deschutes State Bank
tin,.t. lrX,1, .
L 'Pre'sliloutf "' 13. M. LflftA, CttBhter"
The Sabbath waa violated, tho
game laws broken and peaceful morn
ing slumber rudely dtaturbed on
Sunday morning by huntjura on Um
river near towa. A large (leek of
geese caiue in to the river below tho
bluff early In the mornlfigand at
about C:45 shooting at them began.
It Is reported that the first gunners
got about IS gceso.
Oprornor-oloct WIthyeombo will
hi to Washington, If neeee.- to
jnrarel the snarl $hat has d.-hirMd-In
respect to tho S4BO.0O0 of A-tmiJT-
reclamation money thnt has been,
promisrd to Oregon. Dr. Wlthy-'I
cowbi- msde this announeement laWft'
week, saying nt the satno time thtT
tho ew administration would bciKtj;
every offort toward geti ng tho mafgt
ly Bocurcd.
This statement from the next go.
nrnor came as a reault of further ry
ports from Washington to tho effoot
that Secretary Lnno was reltcratlug,
his former declarations that Oregon
much put up 1450.000 moro before
tho Intorlor Department would al!c
any money to an Orogon project
The last previous undorHtandlng'oV
the subject was that Director NewolH
of the Reclamation service was th
'stumbling bloek lu the way of tho
made at the banquet here on Decem
ber Gth and letters from Newell worn,
produced to show that ho had preST
vlously tnken another stand.
Secretary I,nne Again,
Last week Secretary Lane appear
od In the controversy gsaln, this time
giving It tbo appearance that Cover,
nor West was responsible for the fail
ure oi tho co-operative plan. A news
article from Washington said In this
connection: Jkr
"After Secretary Lano had agreed!,
to allot $400,000 and after the state
had appropriated (1460,000. Governor
West ordered the State Engineer to
proceed with the construction of tho
first unit of tho Tumalo Project He
did this without consulting the Wash
ington authorities and without sub
mitting to them the plan of bo pro
Jec. The project which the stato
has built will cost. In round flmirea.
14Q anacro. Attor tho state bis
spent Its money Governor West and
(Continued on last page.)
Sheriff-elect Knox lias announce!
two of tho appointments ho expects
to make on taking office. They nro
Theodore AuneNin deputy for this
section and. Floyd A. Rowell of Prlae
ville as chluf doputy.
Many Organizations Select Rcprcscn
tntlvw For Irrigation Meeting.
Tho selection of delogntca to it
toad the Irrigation Congress ip Jir
uary has begun, and at Laldlay re
cently representatives of looal Itod-
Ilea who nre members of the Oqngros
were elected. They are: West SIO
Water Users' Association, W. O.
Darnes. Frank V. Swisher, Wm. B",
Sandel, W. P. George. Salem, P. e;
Dayton. Laldlaw Development League
J. N. H. Gerking. Fred B. Wilson. O.
W. Horner, J. M. Griffin nnd- C J.
Mock.. Tumalo Project. Fred N .Wal
lace G. Ed Ross, A. S. NIooI. Alfred
Hanson, and O. Laurgaard. ;
Tho Culvor Irrigation Club' has
elected II. W. Gard. O. C. Young A.
II. Parkey. L. A. Young and W. IL
Bend Hardware Company
The First National Bank
' i . . j . r .
U. C. COE, President E. A. SAT1IER, Vice- President
C. S. HUDSON, Cashier
Capital fully paid - - - 825,000
Surplus 822,000
Banking Revolutionized
On Nov. 16th, 1914, the Res&fva Banks
in twelve of the principal cities of the U. S.
opened for business. This law means there
will never be any more panics in tjie United
States. Every Member Bank can at any time
convert its notes into exchange or actual cur
rency. The power of the Federal Reserve
Banks to issue currency is almost unlimited;
this currenoy is now printed and may be ob
tained at any time by Member Banks.
The First National Bank of Bend is mem
ber of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Fran
cisoo, California, and is entitled to the full
benefit of this new law.
"Wo will be ploused. to gjvo full particulars u to the
many oriier advantages, uud safeguards, of tliU law, In.
peitsun or by letter.
v. a cok
O. M.
E. A Hatheu.
u. n. Ku.ia
; a. i .,
I. .