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    l'AOK a.
Tun hkn'i) uui.t.ktix, nmi; ohm., wkdnkhday, dkckmiiku u, 1014,
- -iV,
" ..
Henkle A Ryan, N. P. Welder nnd It.
It. llenklo Hunted Out Loss To
MU About $3,000 lMnto disss
llroken Telephone Disorder.
The Mutxlg franio building at tho
corner of Wall anil Orogon streets
was destroyed by tiro Friday night.
From the moment tho 'flro was dle
cOVorc'd It was apparent that the
(Continued from pago 1.)
lotted and that tho mnttor ot th
project bo loft for decision qlsowhorrfl
Howanl lnvltctl Here. H
That this should ho the attitude?
tnkon It) tho "Rothl Commercial Cluij
was tho fcoMnit cxnroMod at tho
luncheon ou Saturday. It was thought
proper, However,- to givo tno 0. o.
t. Company an opportunity to ex
plain Its p'roposltleit" and Saturday
night ftoscoo Howard met tho Club
and wont over tho now North Canal
off or.
According to Mr. Howard tho
$460,000 would lo-numclent to Ir
rlgato 10,000 acres of the North Can
al unit noatv Dond jn tho soAtth end
oi tno project, i uni . noun woutu
J. SlnnotL W. C. 41av,ly nnd Hon.
A. W. LitlTerty and 0. N, toc'Arthuf,
United States KoprosontntiXUon1, 0
N. MeArthun United States libpro
sontatlvo, Hon w. C Haw toy, United
Btntos Heirerontitlvc, ami
"Do It rurthor llenolvud thhl n
copy of this resolution bo sent to the
Hon. Franklin K. Lhrio;' Secretary of
tho Interior, llon Oswald -Weal, Port
land, Ohamber ofGom!ilirco,-J'o.'t-land
Commercial Club, Tho Oregon
UovoluftmenLonguo, Hon. J. N. Ton!.
John II. I.cwls. and llio Oregon. Ir
riimt on uonuross.
What Portland Think.
Tho feeling of tnlluontial Portland
men ou tho subject of the allotment
from tho reclamation fund Is shown
In tho following extract from the
Sunday Journal:
Joint elTorts nro now being made
by Oregon Conservation commission,
the Oregon Irrigation congress, and
tho Portland Commercial Club Is
conjunction with tho commercial or
tnnd to benefit moft than ny other fwtlons of Uw Deschutes valley
ommunlty was the chlof hrKumotit. oceuro lho t0.000 of govarnmeat
money appropriated ror a Central
Oregon Irrigation project.
Secretary Franklin K. l.nno ot tho
community was the. chlof hrgumotit
made by Mr. Howard, who said
"Practically every dollar spent would
coma to llond."
In spltQ ot thti apparent opportun
ity for tho towhHt was thought best
to follow the 'suggestion nnulo as 10
building could not bo aavod and alt, unll,K on getting the money and .n
offorta.of tho volunteer flro fighters
woro devoted to keeping tho Homes
from adjoining buildings.
Thoso who wore burnod out woro
Honklo & Ryan. It. It. Honklo nud
N. P. Welder. The rooms on the
Eeoend'fteor ot the bultdlag were not
oosupled. With tho exception of a
few articles saved by Mr. WeUlor all
the contents of tho building wero de
stroyed, Including Henkle ft Ryan'a
real ostato records, the tiro vulcanis
ing apparatus belonging io It. XI.
Henkle. and tho Welder stock f
paints: Mr. Welder also lost all his
persanal bolong;ngs which he had
boon storing In the building since the.
burning of hs home last summor.
Thu&causo of the fire Is not known.
It started in the corner oulco and
was discovered about ono o'clock
in the morning. In a short tlmo af
tor the nlnnn was given three lines
of hose woro connected with good
wnter pressure. Tho high wind blew
sparks to the north and as the In
tense heat, with the sparks, ondan.
gored the building across Oregon
street, all trie water was coneentrnt
od on It. while the wall ot the brick
btiildlBK adjoining prevented no
spread ef the flames to the east.
Telephone Servico Interrupted.
Teward tho end of tho Are the
oroes arms on a nearby telephone
pole were burnod off and tho cable
containing all wires for the territory
west of Wall street broken. Ma.i
ugor Popo of the Pioaeer company
was In town and at once arrangod
for repairs to bo made so that the
service might bo interrupted for -s
short time as possible. A new poto
was erected on Saturday and on Sun
day, with the arrival of necessary
material and a cableman from Port
land, the cable was repaired. In this
work '200 separato connections had
to bo in a do. Service was restored at
C o'clock Sunday, or In 10 hours after
tho arrival of' tho new cable.
Thobceupants of tho building car
ried about J3000 insurance which
partially covers their losses. On tho
building Itself tho loss was about
32,500, wKh insurance of $1500.
Several hundred dollars, worth of
plate .gUw were broken In noarby
tiulldlngn. In B. M. Thompson's
store: the glaes was damaged and n
the Deschutes bank, across Wall
street, both anes ware broken, as
was ode pane is the IL M. Smith
efore The Patterson windows. -tcit
the tak and the Smith bulll
Jmc. .pl with cracks.
17 Ul-Uulfel. ,I.M MU
it HpMutsig. the owner of the
iirn-ai.ull(i:og. JtW la WuHMgton.
P'inKlvnia. He m In Band lt
ti.ll ov.Tupeinr the construction t
tl i. ride lulldlnc on Oragoa stra-rt
adjoining the place of the Ore and It
is understood that at that time na
bad under e moderation plans for a
new twlldlng on tho corner which
Mtay nw be carried out.
Jaat arrived, nice line of oands,
nuU. etc You will appreciate -our
warm BBth rooms In the cold weather, to the Hon. Qco.
The sane trio of barbers is nt your United States Senator, Hon. Harry
servtee. Tho Metropolitan. Adv. Lano, United States Senator, Hon. N.
Monday tho Hodtnoud Commercial
Club was invited Id consider tho mat
tor hero with tho rosult outlined
At tho meeting speeches wero made
by V. A. Forbes, Guy Dolwon ami J.
W. Howard and resolutions woro
ndoped which will bo sent to-Orogon
members of Congress nnd others.
The Iledmond delegation at tho
meeting consisted, of M. A. Lynch,
(Juy Oobson, Jnrcd Moure, W. K, Uy
ors. Z. Tnlllaferro, C. H. Mol.ollnn,
It. I Sohco. Harry Cant, .W. H. Dag.
gett. A. Anderson, II. A. Kendall,
C. Irwin, h. K. Smith and W.-II.
Hobbs. There were also present J.
.W. Howard of l.owor Urldge. WIl-
llnm Fryrenr of ulst, and X. J. Iam.
bort of Orandvlow.
Tho Itoxolutlnn..
The resolutions adopted at the
mooting wero as follows:
"Wheroas In tho early portion ot
the year 1913, there was sot apart
by the United States Department ot
the Interior Heclnmatloa Servico tho
sum of $410,000 for co-operative ir
rigation work In the State ot Oregoi,
"Whereas the State of Oregon at
tho 1913 session of tho legislature
appropriated and since said tlmo has
expended tho sum of $160,000 (ap
proximately) in tho reclamation of
arid lands on what ts known as the
Tumalo Project In Central Oregon,
which is more commonly deslgnatod
as Crook county, Oregon, with the
understanding that the Federal Gov
ernment would appropriate and ox
pond a llko amount
"Whereas It appears that no dqfl
nlto allotment of tho monoy so set
apart by tho Federal Government for
co-oporatlvo Irrigation work In the
Stato of Oregon has not been made
and that said allotment will soon ex
pire and
..'."Whereas there nro various irri
gation projects in sdtd Crook county.
Oregon, which tho citizens of Central
Orciton desire to have constructed
and which will materially add to (he
wealth or the Stato of Oregon, and -"Whereas
several ot theso projects
havo boon Investigated by tho Recla
mation Servico of tho United Staton,
Now Thoreforo Ho It Kcsolved by
the Bond Commercial Club, tho Red
mond Ccmniorolal Club and the Low
er Urldge Development League In
joint meeting assembled at Ilend,
Oregon, on the 30th day of Novem
ber. 1914. that we urgo our federal
officers, our Senators and Represen
tatives In Congests to use every pos
sible means te secure the allotment
of esld sum of $450,000 to some par
ticular project within Crook county.
Oregon, and we further recommend
that ssld money be expended on the
North Canal Project or the so-called
West Unit Project, as may bo for
the beet Interests of Central Ore
gon in the judgmoat of the Reclama
tion Servico of the United States
"And He It Further Resolved that
this resolution be forwarded at once
K. Chamberlain
The Perils of Pauline
Thursday, DEC. 3
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i'.m ,,;. ::.:;::;
Also '
' , -,.-
' TO'
department of thg Interior set aside
this tuna in March. 1D13, recognising
Oregon's feat of being first of l
tho states to appropriate money (or
an Irrigation system. This sum oiiuuts
that set aside by tho state for, tho
Tumalo project. Tho allotment rx
plros on Decembor 31. but may bo
renewed up until June. 30, 191G. It
not doilnttoty npproprlntod then. Af
ter next Juno tho monoy will revert
to tho gonornl fund nnd will be avail
able only through another congres
sional appropriation.
Chance It .Seen.
Unless Secretary I.ana completes
his apportionment of this fund lo
Oregon, officers ot tho organisation
"mentioned see small likelihood ot
being able to socuro further govern.
mont expenditures on reclamation
projects except by tho tortuous meth
od Of congressional appropriate ..
Under presont political alignments
botwecn tho oast nnd south further
reclamation appropriations for tho
arid west are considered highly im
probable. On March SI. 1913, Director New
ell, upon suggestion made by Josoph
N. Teal, qhalrman of tho Oregon
Conservation commission, nnd repre
sentations mado by State Engineer
John II. Lewis, recommended the al
lotment of the $450,000. This recom
mendation was approved by Secretary
Lane in June, 1913.
When Secretary Iano visited Ore
gon In August. 1913. and wns taken
up the Deschutes valley on tho Port
land Commorc'al Club spcolal trnl.i.
he confirmed this allotment lo public
utternnces and in prlvnto conversa
tion with Governor West, Chairman
Teal and C. C. Chapman, secretary
of tho Development League. The al
lotment was made sulijoct to tho
findings reportod by the englnceis
who mado a general stato and foil
oral survey In the Deschutes valloy.
Plan Is IlecoiiimcndiMl.
They recommended aa Immediately
feasible two projects, ono on tho east
sldo of tho Deschutes river porth
caht project partly completed by, tho
Central Orogon Irrigation Company;
the other on tho west sldo of tho
Deschutes river closely adjoining the
Tumalo project, completed by tho
state. Tho friends ot both projects
nro actively endeavoring to securo
tho government oxpoadlturo In tho
locality In which each Is Interostod.
Afembers of nolther tho Develop
ment LenRtio nor tho Conservation
commission nro taking any stand In
favor of either ono or the other-project,
but are united In insisting that
the money be apportioned definitely
to Oregon, and that the reclamation
erlce expend the money upon that
project which, In its best Judgment,
will yield the heat results.
"Secretary Udd is morsllv and of
ficially bound to expend $150,000 In
Oregon," sa'd Secretary Chapman vl
the Oregon Development league yes
terday, "and unless the partisans of
ono or the other project become em
broiled In a controversy confusing
to tho government, there Is a good
chance of scouring th?s money for
Oregon, as a matter or raet. neither
projoct has u dlreot claim upon tho
allotment, which wns hedgod about
with so many conditions that It could
bo withdrawn upon many pretoxts.
Mny Lore Money,
"As the reclamation fund Is near
ly exhausted and as claims nro being
mado by aggrossive states through
out tho entire west, there Is a strong
probabl.ily that Orogon will loio the
monoy unions our organizations,
through our senators nnd represen-
mlnod campaign
"To talk ono project at tho oxpcnJo
ot tho other or to belittle either of
tho projects will easily allow tho
federal officials to say that tho peo
ple of Oregon are not united and that
tho wholo matter had bettor be re
ferred to congress.
"Local controversies over the west
oxtonsloas of the Umatilla project
cost tho stato millions of dollars that
would havo been expended by tho
reclamation servico In this stato, and
also held back tho development ot
tens ot thousands of acres of land.
"It Is to bo hoped that no local
controversies will have a similar re.
Hult on this $450,000 allotment. Our
one chanco to got the monoy fbr Ore
gon Is bo Insist that Secretary Lano
fulfill hln promlso and lonve It to
tho reclamation officials to decldo
whero to spond tho money.
"Secretary Lane Is undoubtedly
anxious to fulfill his promise, but It
Is up to tho statu to mako Itself felt,
froa from any entangling alignment
with prlvato interests or tho parti
sans of any particular project,"
itf THirci'ilturfCntnn?or thk
A. MlPringle, Plaintiff: vs. 1). A.
MaalorH, M. it. Morgan, 1). W.
Piofco, Katlo Pierce. Francis Gap.
vll, Lottlo Capnll, Alex I limn, liar
Initio Hos nud A. (I. Imundlgnit,
To 01 A. Masters, IJ. It. Morgan, 1).
V4 Plorce, Kutlu Plorco, Frauds
I'npoll, Lottlo Copoll and A. (1.
inunuignn, nbovo named defendants,
IN:Th6 Name of tho Htato of Ore
gon, you nnd each of you aro hereby
required to appear and answer tho
complaint illod ngalust you In tho
nbovo entitled suit on or boforo tho
Hth day of January. 191B, nnd It
you fall so to appear nndbitRwer for
want theroof plnlntirr will apply lo
tho Court for tho rollef prayed for
In tho complaint herein, to-wtt:
For Judgmout ngalnnt tho defend,
ants D. A. Mastorn and A. Q. Lnuu
dlgnu nnd each of them for tho sum
of $l,f19 00. together with Intorott
nt tho rate of 8 per cent per annum
from tho 10th tiny ot February. 1914,
until pmu. logetnor witn ji&u.oo nt.
tornoy foes and tho costs nud dis
bursements of this suit. Tar n decree
to tho offoot Hint tho lien ot that
certain mortgage hearing dale Feb.
runry 10, 1911, mado and executed
by tho said D. A. Mnstors on tho 8V
Vt of tho SUM and II H of tho
812 U of the 8WV of Heel Inn 33.
Township 1C, Soiilh of Ilango U
Knst. to be foreclosed nud that tho
rent property nbovo described be sold
by tho Sheriff of Crook county, Oro
gon, In tho mannor provided by law
and that tho proceeds of ssld sale he
applied to tho payment of the eosti
of snlo; to tho payment of plaintiff's
juugmuni prnycu ror. wmi intorest,
attorney foos and costs nnd (hat the
Intorest and Urn of tho defendants
K. It. Morgan, D. W. Pierce. Katie
Pierce. Francis Cnpell. Lottie Cnpo'l.
Alex Ilrss, (lortrudo Hess and oarh
of them bo decreed to be luitmtiiiiiont
lo nnd subject to tho Interest and
Hot? of this plaintiff: and that thn
plaintiff have Judgment and execution
against tho defendnntn D. A. Masters
and A. O. J.nunillgan for Any defic
iency that mny remain upott nld
Judgment after tho application ot Din
proceeds of tho sale of said real prop
erty. This summons Is served upon you
by publloatlon thereof fer six suc
cessive weeks In The Ilend Utilletln.
a wookly newspaper of general cir
culation, published nt Rend. Crook
county. Oregon, by onlr at the Hon.
W. L. UrndstiAW. Judge of the above
ontltlod court, which ordor Is datd
26th day ot November. 1911.
Tho data of the first publication
bolng December 2, 1011.
Tho dnto of the last publloatlon
bolng January 13, 1916.
39-46 Attornoy for Plaintiff
FOU will undoubtedly bq.linving
pictures taken around the' Holi
days, to scud home or to give ns
presents, When you do, think of Todd
the Photographer, I do nil kinds of
hitfli (rrude portrait work, and can give
you satisfaction. Wo have a new Hue
of up to dale folders In panel, also a
new line of leather goods for Xmas.
Niels PolcrsQti. Dofendnnt.
To Niels Peterson, tho nbovo nnmed
In The Name of The Rinlo or Ore
gon, you aro hereby required to ctp
pqar and answer tho complaint of tlio
plaintiff tiled herein against you in
tho above entitled notion, on or be
fore tho 14th day of January, 101ft.
nnd ror want thereof the plaintiff
will take Judgmuut against you for
tho sum of $IK!).00, together wtUi
Interest on $140.00 thereof at the
rate ot 7 per cent per unaiun from
Mfircb 17. 1914, and Interest fli
$ 19.10 thereof at the rnte ot 10 per
cent pur annum from Auxust A. mil
until imiii. togetiiur w in 120.00
tumey fees nud the costs and tl
tiittoairtriinriirt nf I ttlai nallnu
This summons Is served upon ytfun"
by publication tbdrwif Dy order Of 1 "
tho Hon. J. A. Hastes, Judge of the
Justice Court of Ilend Prectnet,
Orook county, Oregon
Onto of tho first publication Is De
cember Z. 1911
Dnto af lust publleeljon Is JaHU
ary ia, lvia,
30-4S 0.
Justlee of I'Moe.
i.v Tin: JUHTici: court for
M. W. Knickerbocker, Plaintiff; vs.
1 la the Circuit Court of the Htnto
of Orogon for the County of Crook.
It, M. Thompson, Plaintiff, vs. Vlrgle
h. Ilrasflold and (Jeorgo M. Ilrasfleld.
Uy virtue of an execution, decree
nnd order of salo duly Istuod out of
the above entitled court lo mo direct
ed and dated thn 1st day of Decern,
bor, 1911, upon a dooron for thn fore
closure of a certain mortgage and
Judgment rendered and outernd In
ssld court ou tho 35th day of Novem
ber, 19H, in lho nbovo ontltlod cauni
ami ngnlnst tho defendants mid In
favor of the plalntlrf In the sum of
six htindrod seventy two dollars with
luteiest thereon from tho 15th day
or January, 1011, nt tho rate of eight
per cent per annum untU paid and
seventy dollars attorneys roes and
thirty dollars costs nnd disburse,
mouls and tint costs of and upon this
wilt and commanding me lo mnku
sale In tho manner provided by Iut
of tho ronl property described In such
decree and mortgage and hereafter
desorlbftd. I Mill nil TIIURHDAV, thn
Slat day of December, 1911, at thn
hour of 10 o'clock In tho forenoon of
Held day nt tho front door of lho
eimity eourtboune In Prlnevllli.,
Pica k county. Oresnn, sell at pulillu
uctv h to lb hlshwt bidder for cash .
hand all the right till nnd Inter
est of the dludauu Virgo 14.
ttrftsrie'tl snd (lrge M. Ilrastteld. or
eltlie of them had on the 15th day
of November, 1914, the data of thtr
Judgment and decree heroin or whleh
Mid defendants now have or have
atHve Required In and to thn follow
ing dosarlwed real proporty tn-wlt:
i-ot One of Hlook twenty-six of Rend,
Crook county. Oregon, according to.
the recorded plat thereof or so much
thereof ns may be noeessary to saU
liry said Judgment and deeroo withy ,
attorney's fees, costs nud accruing!
00 Is. gatd proporty will bo sold"
subjcot to redemption as provided by
law. Dated nt Prlnuvllte. Oregon,
this 2nd day of Dooember. 1914.
Sheriff of Crook county.
Ily VAN ALLKN, Deputy.
Dalo of first publloatlon, Decant
her S. 1914.
Dato of last publloatlon, Dermn- ,
bor 3ft, 1914. 39-43 r, tf
Uso True Dluo Flouri It Is the
best mado and a Ucnd product.
Adv. ' , 37 tf
Try tho Altnmont for meals. Adv.
Having sold my interest In tho sec.
ond hand storo formerly conducted
by mo on Rond street to IL O. Rain
ey, I hereby give notlco that Mr.
Kalney assumes all bills now existing
against said business and that same
are not to bo presented to mo. J,
A. Kelley. 37-41. p
Bfe,aaaj MyajLjiKpyWBMgpBWBBjBMBj jesc
The Bend Company
.v.'4 '
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