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    1AGK 9.
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Sovornl woolts ago" In tho 8unny
Bldo Itoms thoro OMtcAroil reference
to a farowclt party glvon to Mr. nnd
Mra. Uttrt Nlchole. This wns Incor
rect na tho guests of honor were Mr.
ami Mrs. Hart Roouler ot Tuniolo.
Tho mistake won n tyiioernphlcnl er
fSpoclal to Tho Bulletin)
LOST ORBBK, Nov. 24.-Tho dnnco
nt Curran's hall last Saturday ovoti
Inj? was well attended and alt hnd an
S. J. Hitbtard burohnsfld II. U.
Itensoa'fl hoHM and had it moved ov
er onto his homestead.
Mr. and Mrs. Myers of Uutto xvoro
gueots or Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith tho
lnttor jwrt of last week.
Miss Vivian Yeck ncoonipnnlod Uor
father on Ills trip to Hahipton Inst
Mr. and Mrs. Han Do Witt and eon
Donald. C. Davis and Tom
Btnrtcd for Ilcnd lost Friday.
A number ot ladles surprised the
teachers and pupils at the school
houso last Friday. A plcnlo dinner
was scrvod and all had n very en
Joy ablo time
Mr. luesncrcnce of Chicago, oatuo
out to seo his family.
Dan McQsugh. who has been awny
to work Is nt homo again.
Mr. Forbes has built a cabla on his
homestead and is living in It.
(Special to Tho Dullotln)
HAMPTON, Nor. 29. Quito a
crowd attended Sunday school and
preaching Sunday.
Hugh Crow of Washington, Is vis
iting his mother, Mrs. M. H. Crow,
of this placo.
A. T. Frame went to Stnuffcr Sat
urday 16 got seed ryo ot C. J. Stauder
who had his crop throshed last week.
Paul Hold of Held was in Hampton
Wm. Titus of Imperial called at
C. I). Harmon's Saturday evening.
Messrs. O'Hara and Looten of Dry
Lake spent Monday with Mr. and
Mrs. Enwltcr Van Lako-
MIssos Darlo Burton, Lora and Era
Crow called on tho Misses Dunn of
Imperial Saturday afternoon.
There was no school Monday on
account of setting up the now benches
that were recoutly bought for this
A. T. Frame took dinner Friday
with W. T. Harrison.
J. H. Has8lor, who has been out at
work, camped In Hampton Tuesday
night on his way to Stauffer where
ho has a claim.
Don and Vera Yeck aro out nt
Dend this week.
Alvln Hunting Is building a houso
on his claim.
Joseph Simmons was In Hampton
Phil Donccr bought ono ot tho
Schmecr horses Thursday.
A coyote came up to the homo ot
C. D. Harmon's Friday and Jumped
on their blood hound.
Hugh Crow has filed on a homo
stead near here.
C. A. Uurrls wont to Prlnovlllo
tills week.
Wm. Ilendey was In Hampton to
day. Harry Pursley is grubbing' sage
(Special to Tho Dullotln.)
DRY LAKB. Nov. 13. It. Hackol
taana from ftarnos visited friends
bore on Monday.
rf. Wlnslpw. from Duck CreMc
spont several dnya hero this week on
special business.
Fisher Logan from Barnes trans
acted business 1u Dry Lake Monday
Charles Ivoy called on folks at tho
Peterson ranch the foro part ot the
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Oarsko lo't
for Bend Tuesday on urgent buil
nees. A. IJonnott, from Domes, was hero
this week surveying out Mr. Rivers'
Mr. Johnson from Dear Creek call
ed on the G. A. Garsko ranch Tues
day. Mr. Hill, who Is employed nt the
ola Price place, at tile present tlmo,
rpent Sunday at tho Peterson ran-h
visiting friends.
John Pausch spent a pleasant day
(siting frionda here Sunday.
Mr. Wilson from Glass Uutto pass
ed through here Wodnesday bound
for Bond.
Mrs. Foliar is having an addition
put on her house the past week
Mr. Gorman is drilling a new well
for Mr. McVelty. It Is reported that
ho Is SCO feet down and has splen
did chancos for water within tho
very near future.
(Special to Tho Bulletin)
STAUFFKR, Nov. 28 Wm. F
Bchroeder and Irwin Meyer havo left
their homesteads and gone to Lake
view. Mr. McClouth bought Wm Schro
der's improvements and will begin
wcrk on tho homestead.
Mary and Page Stauffer we it over
to Urooklngs to eat Thaanksglvlng
C. J. and Page Stauffor started for
Uerid Saturday.
Mrs. Grace Hauler has taken
charge of tho post office nnd has mov
ed it to the new location.
J. K. Smith and wlfo spent Thanks
giving at Dutte with Mrs. Bodes
Henry Kinsman nnd family left
Thqrsday for Spanaway, Wash., to bo
Kone for a few months.
Tho dance and box social at the
Curran homo waB well atteudod last
Saturday night.
0. J. Stauffer and family attended
n party at Drlqkley and reported a
good time
Mr. Prntt has Just returned from
- -
(Spoclnl to Tho Dullotln)
OLOVEHDAU3, Nov. 90 Karl nnd
Arthur Orubo Bpont their ThnnkBgk
Ing In Houd nud roport n lino tlmo.
Mr. lowo Is hauling his baled hay
to Uend wheto ho finds a ready mar
ket. John Oottor has finished hauling
his hny to tho ranch of 11. U Tono.
Kloanor, Maude and Floyd Grubo.
V. lloyd, Vorn Skolton and Mary
Fryrenr woro thoso from Clovordalo
who nttondod tho Sisters Thanksglv.
inn party.
'Mrs. Hay Abbey Is confined to her
lWjil with a badly sprained ankle.
caused from n toam runaway tho laM
of tho wcok
W. Fryroar Is shipping his hogs
this wcok.
F. Welso shipped his fat oattle to
Portland Tuesday.
L. G. Orubo and wife had as their
Thanksgiving din nor guests C. Car
ton and wife. K. U Waldron and wlfo
iBnK.r.uoUoK - . . .
ivuv. iiurpor nnu (owno ciosou a
sorles ot meetings boro Sunday and
arc conducting services In Platnviow
this week.
Mr. Landls and wlfo wero visiting
nt Temples Sunday.
The feed grinder ot Clovordalo
made Its last run tor this season on
C. McAndrows Is homo after mak
ing a trip through Washington. Ho
says times nro slow at all points vis
ited. pjNiniunsT.
(Special to Tho Dullotln)
PINEHURST, Nov. 30. W. E.
Sandel went to Dend Thursday.
Grace Dradley spont Friday after
noon with Alma Yager at Camp No.
G. W. Snyder went to Dond Fri
day. Dasll Dayloy spent Saturday with
Lester Snyder.
I. E. Wlmer has been hauling lum
bor from Anderson Dro's. sawmill tho
past week.
it. H. Dayley had tho mlsfortuiio
to loso a flno cow Friday.
Mr. Spnugh went to Laldlaw on
business Monday.
Nelllo Snyder spent tho vacation
"X'fiU"?!.!!.. ...
Mrs. Snyder called on Mrs. DIot-
rich Sunday.
KntiiA nmi Ethni Rnviinr enUnd nn
Mm MeAIIIufnr Mnmlav aftnrnonn.
Mr. Kirimu wnni tn LattUau- Sat.
Mrs. C. E. Nichols waa tho irucat
nf Mra C. IT. Knaueh Rnttinlar nleht.
Mrs. Reed mndo a business trln to
timid Mnniiar '
Misses Ethel, Ivy nnd Nellie Snyder
and Miss Ruth Dayley wero tho
guests of Miss Lenoro and Margaret'
Mock at HUlcrcst Friday afternoon,
Mrs. Yacer of Cnmn No. 6 waa call-
Ine In this neighborhood ono dav last
week. I
Mrs, Delia Nichols spent a fow days
with her sister Mrs. Loverenz utl
Mr. and Mrs. McAllister woro Be't.
visitors last week.
I. E. Wlmer went to Lallaw ono
day last weok.
Mrs. Reed called on Mrs. Snyder
Mrs. Mynatt ot Roscburg. Orogon.
is visiting bis aunt Mrs. I. E. Wlmer.
m follj December 7th to i
IN IS?lP December 1 2th WM
H 1 Pound 40d: 5 Pounds 31.75 f- -gffi
Hj Better Coffee More Coffeo IECBfelil
m Closset ? Devers I yX " afil
4. - - - --
Miss Notllo Snyder spout Sunday
with Mra. Delia Nlchola.
Mr. Aycra mnde n business trip to
liend Thursday.
Mrs. Hanoi Dietrich called nt tho
homo of hor moUior-ln-law Sunday.
Quito a number of this coiumunt
ty gathored at Mr. Hoot's Thursday
afternoon to parttclpato in tho chick
on Bhoot. Quito a number ot chick
euB wero won. Tho chickens woro
owned by C It. Spaugh nud L. 11.
(Special to Tho Ilulletln)
SUNNYSIDB. Nov. 30 J. It. Utile
had tho uilHfurtuno to toll from n
horso Wodnesdnv evening nnd bus
4nlnod n broken arm. Ho was hur
ried to Redmond In Mr. Hornor'a car
whoro his wound waa treated. He Id
now doing nlcoly, regardless ot tho
fact that It was n very sorloua acci
dent, tho arm bolag broken In two
Mrs. Fred Plukstnrt was tho guest
ot Mm. Mlntn Howard Thursday.
tiarl Smith has boon employed at
Plnohurst holplng Install a Water
bury heating plant.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Couch nnd fam
ily spent Thanksgiving day with
their sou. George Couch.
Miss Hunnoll, tho Sunnysldo toach
or, attended tho teacher's Inslltuto
In Dend this wcok.
Mnhlon Couch made a business
trip to Plnohurst Sunday.
A public dinner and church ser
vices wero hold nt tho PInlnvlow
BCttool houso Thanksgiving day.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John McKlnnoy and
dnughtor aro visiting Mrs. McKln
noy'a mother. Mrs. Pulllam.
Alex Loverent and wlfo oxpoct 10
movo soon to tho neighborhood from
Miss Hnchncl Knickerbocker, who
has been nttendlng high school In
Dond spent tho weak with her par.
Paul Scoggln. who hns bocm very
til with appendicitis. Is reported bel
ter. Mr. and Mrs. Hart Nichols of Plno
hurst spent Friday nnd Saturday at
tho homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. F. V.
SPclal to Tho Dulletln).
MILLICAN. Nov. 30. II. B. Da
's completed taking tho school con
sua for District 87 and reports i
considerable Incrcaso In children of
school ago OVCr last year's census.
Ada I). Mllllcan was a llcnd cal
lor a few days the past woek.
Mrs. William Ream visited frlonds
In Imuorlal tho past V.ook
II. E. Davis was a business caller
at II. F. Dyer's Sunday.
Tho tolephono lino between hero
nnd Dend was completed tho past
week nnd wo con now talk with our
friends In Dond
It. F. Dyor Intends building an
addition to his cabin soon
Mrs. A. Edclstetn called at tho
Moffctt homo Monday.
L. Goodman, wlfo and family took
'dlnnor at tho Herwltz
homo on
Thanksgiving day.
A crowd ot homesteaders from
horo attended a masquerade danco
at Hemstad Saturday night.
Mr. Evans, fathor of Clifton Ernna
died Tuesday of last week. Ho was
7G years of ago. The old gentleman
has been ailing for somo tlmo and
death was not unoxpoctcd His wife
- 4
-.-,--- I
died nbuut 3 yours ngo. Tho fuuornl
wns hold nt Dond. Tho sympathy of
tho onttro cotnimintty goon out to tho
bereaved family.
Mrs. Kollor nnd family moved out
to their clnlm horo tho past wooU.
8amuol Rohr.cker la putting up nu
addition to his barn nnd Intends to
oroct a log barn 30x00 foot In tho
vory near future. Mr. Robnckor unys
ho does a thriving business.
P. It. Johnson has built an addi
tion to hla building, which will bo
used as n store,
F. G. Klgcr hauled water to fill tho
S. Robaoknr cistern lust weok.
Tho county surveyor and crow nro
working In tho valley.
Mrs. II. B. Davis called nt tho
Goodman homo Friday.
Mrs. Forgoy wont to Uond Friday.
(Spoclnl to Tho Ilullctln)
POWKM. 11UTTB. Nov. 30. Sev
oinl woman gathered nt tho homo ot
Mra. Rosa Hussott Monday for nn of
t moon's visit.
Mrs. J. A. Warner nnd hnhy loft
Tuosday for n visit with rolntlvos In
Southorn Idaho.
George nnd Hobhs, who nro nt
tvindlng their mother's bedside nt
tholr former homo In Glondnlo, Oro
gon, wrlto home jhat tho mothor'i
condition Is considered serious.
G. C. Truesdalo waa n buslnoss
visitor to Prlnovlllo Tuesday.
J. A. Rlggs was n visitor to Dond
Monday, returning homo Tuesday.
Reeves Wlllcoxon Is hauling spuds
to Redmond.
N. P. Alley Is holplng Geo. Drazoo
work on tho latter's now barn.
Mrs. A. W. Ilnyn nnd daughters
Glr.dys nud Hazol, vlsltod nt Dend on
Tuosday and Wcdnesdny of last wcok.
Guy Scars has been hauling pota
toes to Prlnovlllo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. N. P. Alley and tarn
lly wont to Opal City Thursday whoro
thsy enjoyed n Thanksgiving dinner
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Mr. nnd Mis. (loo. Ilookmnn nnd
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tortnlnod nt dlnnor TlinnksnlvtiiK day
tholr gutmts woro Mr. nnd Mra. W,
10. Young nud dnughtor Mnrjorlo and
It I. Bohouror ami U S. Robot tn, n.l
of llmlmund, nlmi Rnovun Wlllcoxon.
Mr. nnd Mrs, 10. U. Ivorson utitor
tnliuid Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. U. Monro-mid
family nt dlnnor on Tlinnlcsglvlnif
J. A. Rlgga was n gucut ill Iho A.
W. Ilnyn homo for ThntiksKlvliiff dln
nor. J. J. Chnpmnn rnmo out from
Redmond Thursday morning lo Rpqitd
Thnnksglvlng tiny with thu fnmlly.
Ho wna nccoiupnnlod by Mlim Limy
Pooro, slstor of Mrs. Chnpmnn, who
enmo In from lnirtlnnd for nn ox
tiindod vlBlt with hor Htstur nud fnm
lly Miss Pooro visited hero latt
winter unit will rorolvo n wnrm wel
come from tho ninny friends ninda 't
that tlmo.
Air. nnd Mrs. Kdw. Wllllnmrt warn
(Continued on pngo 0.)
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of frolfihtlntrKrocorlcs from
Ilond froo of chnrifo?
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Hums rond.
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u trip to Houd.
I Jmmmmtmmmmtmmmmmmm