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Vol. XII.
.... -.I i. -ii.!,! JI.J
-V .. 4 ..
At thn tnoutliiK f the county
court which oponw next Wodiiiyt-
dny tlio Inx kvy for tho coming
yorr will he decided upon. All
who con possibly do no nro urg-
ail la attend (ho meeting.
1914 101S
City of Ilond 24 mills 14 nillla
District 12. U mills 7 mills
Crook Co. ..20 mills 'mills
fliippoitorn, of LeuU Contend Tlmt
fMuture of Patent Would Hutliut
kit itiKiiti r Honii-m j'iin
,My JJn .Muilo by Tlimii.
Another fcip In lli ooiupliealeJ
lilstary of the Central Oregon Irrlga
tloti Company nml 1U Milium was
uiulftrKikflii last wmik who tlio I.
rt fulfil Hoard reoominunded to (he
oilsnil Hulliorlttus the patenting of
Mil No. fO. The hpIIoii Was laheu
III ill Oct OppOHltlOII to Statu itHgl
neor ).ewla, who laiUtud lltnt no put
mt -should ho reefliiimumlml until
tho Qompqnjr In Able to ilHllvHr th
wiitrneied amount or water, 1.8 ane
ami fsot per aero, whlah it now l
unable to ilo for tlio nareegn Involved
tijiii Jft dependent upon tlio eanqbt
Tfie tnntl In IIiU Hit In under the
Central OrowiH Oannl. east of llend.
mid III the Powell Hut to district. The
ltt oenlnfna 1I.0S7 Irrtuflhln a ere.
of width 9.1) 18 acres nro sold to set
tler, nMOrtllSK to thn figure of the
UW8 Mttlar whose land am In
oltided In the lltt. have "been demand
lag imteela strenuously, let! by It.
1). Williams, who appeared Ueforn tin
lloaril. Their position soetn to I
"pul&Hla at nny prion." Tlmt. I, they
wJ foeeejtt flatoots now. even If their
oflntraela are not fulfilled ami ulti
mately there will not he enough
water to go around.
In thU rnniiretlnn. however. Wl
ltnmi, It I understood, hna orTnrnd
n aiiptilaiiiuntmy agreement, to lie
KlKtied by itittlor and coinpnny, 'n
Mhlah It la Rt forth that hy nrcopt
Inc tiatent the kettlnr ilocs not rn
lonso the eouiimny from the nmpoiul
blllty of tiltlmntoly (lollrorlim tlio
contrnrted 1.8 fnt, for which tlio
Mottlpr hn contracted and paid. The
Infill worth of tills proponed' agre.
incut la quoftlonotl. nnd
whether or not It would havo nny
tmlil at nil upon the company, after
pntenta hiil actually lioou Iwsuod U
.Moulin fur Company.
In this eoaueotlou It I turthar
polnloil out Uy ituppartera of Hjo !,
U aland that liy Retting thene pstonu
thn aompeur, appnrenlly. nu to ma tie.
ally will relMiiio ime $10,000 k3uji
M now iMt up. In the Jnrin at UtM,1
with the Iuid IXwrd to Inmire Tae,
proper eompteilun of llm rnnU rf
llNf tiiue Untie. If ptinl are ImucI
ay anme. It la ikitftUv aaUUIUih.a (
Otat beeeai of tttMTary Wuii-e;
the Oovarnmeni iMalp'ta the alio.1
foetery coeilltion nT life eaital. and
further aet for the larautee fun-1
la obtUted.
Ebeuld ttU prove to lie the mm.
thn interest Of the company hiuttti-
Ihk thle patent Ut npponra nbvloun:
tintentlux would imwn 130,000 fur
them. Hut, iioint out the tetllem.
from the'r atjuiil point It would iiineu
that In tlio fuluro aottlora utiilor thU
ennnl would hnVo abeolutnlv no hold
upon the ooin puny for fulfillment of
thdr ohllRatlons.
Oincora of tho Writer Waera Amo.
dntjin are bitterly oppocd to"7e
Little Talks
- t-
limning inonoy lit ouo of tlio chief function of n
bank nml m bUukcr1 U enerully willing to ttccoino
ditto mi applicant If, In hi extlinutlon, the borrow
t-r In worthy of uiul entitled to, credit. '
In inakliiK loiiim, n banker tnkt'a Into nmxldcra
tlou tho clmrnctcr of tho applicant, tho security
olfcriMl, tho rata of intercut anil whether or not
tiio borrower Is u rcKiilur customer of the bank.
Tho banks rcKiilur dopoidtont linvo nlwnya the prof
cronco anil louim to thwu aro Imxcd on the credit
of tho customer ud on tho borrow Inc equity of Ms
account. V -
llocutmo bunkliiK lews In the different htutc are
at variance, hoioo state lmuka can ninko lonna that
olhora cannot. Aluo btnto hnufca can inako loans
tlmt national batiks wuinot nml vice vcrsu. A'bor-.
rower may otTer whatever security be may iloslre,
but a banker la always at lllwjrty to refuno him tlio
ni'comoilatlon nml tuoy nlso, with perfect prim'tfety
withhold IiIn rcmiouH Mr so (IgliiK.
" If your character nnd youe account with us war
rant It you cap always obtalif uccomodntloii'nt Uija
bn'uk whejioyer Uunnptnl comlltlous In ueiiernl JuetlV
ty oxtoiiHiou or our ioiiiih.
oelvlng pntftiitH unloK limy nro first
iintliiflpd that tlio water they hnvo
paid for' In rmitururt to thoin. And
they nro Rtilhtfled, from tlio data pro
Noiitml by I.owlx, Hint tholr wntor
rlKlitu nro far from protected. Thorn
foro, It Reeme prodablo that ctroiiu
oiiA notion wl lio taken by eettlara
to MifeKiinn! their IntereetN nnd Insist
Hint tho board dooe not release the
KiiHrnntMU fund until tho contrasted
water rlKlit li aAiirod beyond doubU
Twenty HcliooN Iloproiontrd Hero
IrttNt Uit'k HrlfKt- Taken on
Auto Hide by t'oimucnlnl Club,
Ily ttev. A. 8. Illaek.
The Crook County Hiinday Hehool
CotivcntltM wa held In Hand on Fri
day nnd Returday nnd followed very
rliomly the program putillnhed In Tho
HuiletlH Irtt week. It waa praelleitl
ly mi Institute oonduetod by Itev. C,
A. I'hlppe. There was .not n dull
HiImk on Iib proRrrni. , Twenty Hun
day schools woro represented by dels
tftUloiiH. Tlio oredlt for tho eueoewi
of this convention Is chiefly duo to
the efforts of the president, I). II.
Williams, of Msdras.
On Katurdny the doleftnUs dind
at noon with thn Cwmnmrclal Club
Bt the WrlKht Motel. 1). II. WII
UftMa arsd Iter. O. A. Plilpps ndilreas
d the Commorclfil Club. On 8utur
dey Bflrnoon the detofKtpa worn
taken by the Commercial Club for an
auto ride and ehnwu tho eights. Thla
tour tiny wss highly appreciated. Mont
of the delegates pnJHd surprlite
and pleasure at what they saw.
The followlnR o (fleers were elected
for the onsuInK ?er.
President. D. II. Williams, of Mod
ras: 1st Vlob 'presldHUt, Mrs. del I
1'orter. Motollus: 3rd Vice pros, Mrs
Florence Molvllle. I'rlnevllle; 8cy.
Troas.. Mies Mno. A Blllolt, Torre
bonno; HuporlnlcndetiU, Hlumnntary
dopartnmnt, Mm. I'crclvnl. Itoduiondt
Toon age Dopartmont, Mrs. 0. I Into -sey,
I'rbiovlllo: Adult Ann Depnrmont
Mrs. C. Itlnkloy, Itedmond; Mis
sionary. Mrs. K. (I. Judd, Ilond; Tom
poranco and flood Cltlumshlp, Mrs.
Hlilpp; KvatiRiillini. Mrs. Hedges.
Qumllon of Injtincllon to He Arpicd
Itcforo Jinlco Hruilihnu',
Tho hearlnic on the (tieston .if
majtlnx permanent thn (njunetlon re
straining Comity Clerk Vnrrw
Hrown from eerttfylnK to the secre
tary of atate th result of the county
dlllon elect Ion will taka place t
Th Dalles uu Krldoy. Judge Hrad
Hlmw will bar the ease.
The Jmfrrso emmty loadora havo
msaawt Dlatriet Atiorney Wirtx to
preint their oee and he will he aa
alsted by W. 11. Wlleon or The Dalles.
They feel confident or tho nwttilt anJ
It la arHHtrtod that the onto will bo
settled thla week.
At the canvontlon held at Motollus
to choose names to recommend to the
Kovernor for appointment for tho
oeunty court of Jofferaan county H.
K. King was nominated for county
JuiIro nnd Hossoo (inrd nnd K M.
Thonuut for oommlsslonors.
on Banking
Iiiklrimllou, lli'crentlnu ami Kilter
tnliuiH'iit ore Hnjoycil by Qrook
County lViwihiTK Hirciptloii at
Itiiibli'iil Club Momlny MkIiL
The annual institute for Croak
county teaeliera. held In Hand tilts
week for tho II mt time, remos to an
onil thla afternoon after three days
lilted with nlRht-seeliiK. Instruction
nnd entertainment. All tho lertoliBf
In tho county hnvo linen bore, some
of them for tho flmt tlmo, and all
havo words of pralso for thn town,
tho people nad tho treatment they
hnvo received.
Tho serious part ef the InntltiKo
work has beon rnrrluH on dally it
thn Itnld eohool where nddreenea havo
Imen Ktvan by leading educators end
all have hud an opportunity to Iran
of the latest tnnthods and to reeeive
advleo an how to euoecod la the
teaching profctiMlon. In a social way
the stay of tho toachora hore bee
bsou made plonaant by reeeptlona on
two evenlnge and by a number of
smaller, part lee. '
The largeet of theeo nrfalrs waa the
reception Ktven under tho nuwploe of
the Ladles Library Club on Monday
nlKht. It was held In the lam ban
qunt hall of tho Kinblem Club nnd
nt'oflded by all the vUltors and by n
large number of townspeople. Dur
ing the evening the Olee Club mdk
and refroehments ware soxxed. nnd
following t)io receptfou there was
At tho Hmblein Club last nlRht the
Ilond high eohool teacher and pupils
entertained thn I'rlnovllle toachors
nnd tho membora of tho foot hall
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aintnlK-rlnlti After I.IO.OOO Hut Will
Hofrnln From Any Ona Project.
' I'OItTfiAKD, Nov. 23 Just baforo
leaving for (he ouYl"Mbmliy mo'rnlag
Senator Ohamborlaln wbi Interrlewwd
regarding the Foil oral 1-160,000 ap
propriation by repre-entntlves from Orogon.
The Scnntor regrottad that an ef
fort had been made to injoet local
prefereHees Into the matter, and was
emphatic In stating that the eurat
way to kill the whole matter waa o
atari eroae-baattac for dlfforrnt pro-
Jeeta. Me aaid that se far m h w
ooflcsjmML declalott as to whare th
money would be spwit ta th!s coun
would bo loft to engineering Investi
gation. Aeeardlng to reliable author
ity, It seems certain that tfeare la
next to no ohanoe At nit for the
inonoy to, go to aay project other
than ulthar the West BIdo unit or
the North Canal project, with atroug
llkollhood that tho continuation vt
the Tumnlo l'rojuot will meet with
tho grontor alTlclal favor nt Wanli
Ington. n h
A large quantity of Heating Stoves to
select fi-om, among them the
which will make n rc'mnrkab)e saving
in your fuel bill.
Rend Hardware Company
' " "' TIIK COSli'AN V THAT V U3J Till
IHMrltit No. V2 Mlllago IW iOir, In
.Xpa -Tlinn Half That For Current
Vi'iir I'nyiiuiit of Debt Make
Lower Charge I'omIIiIo Sow.
The 10H tax levy for school dts
trlet No. 12 will be 7 mills or ieea
limn half tho levy for the preeont
yoar. ThU llgure wa,a deeidml upon
st a meeting of tax payers at the
Hold school on Saturday arternoan.
There were IS In attendance.
'Tho conditio! of the school tils-
trlct Inst a u nun or lod to the belief
Hint thero would bo n material de
crwmo hi thn tax levy, Rome thinking
that It might go as low nn C inlllo.
loiter the tire of tho dhttrlot's aurplua
fHnds on tho now school building
made thla Horn too low and last
week membora of the school bosrd
stfiietl that they believed 11 mllle
would bo docldod upon. Sources of
revenue, uneoailderod at that tlmo,
made the final figure of 7 mllle pos
sible. The eohool lax for 1916 will le
tho low eat enjoyed In tho local dis
trict for a number of yaara. In 1913,
na. indicated abevn, the tax waa 19
mills and hut year 1&H mills, whllo
for 1915 It will be barely a third or
one and less than a half of the ??har.
I the pest few years tho higher
tax haa been due to a number of
eausea Including the froelng of the
ditch company from taxes and to ex
tra oxiienae In connection with the
new school buildings. The first cause
put. the district a good deal In debt
which It got rid of only last year,
and the second mado It necessary to
kcop tho levy up In order to get tho
(Continued on last page.)
Final nguro For Crook County U
Bet nt .n:i by Tax Hoard.
"Tlio flnnl figures on tho tax rntloa
fpr tho dlfforont couutlos of the stato
lenvo Crook county In bettor position
as to tho atato tax than the tentative
Hgtuos did. According to the Intoat
announcement tho final Crook county
figure Is .53; the tint mo wee .40.
These rntloe are the nven per
reaiage of the eounty oaeeaanient hi
th actual value of the property, and
l hey era uend for the purpoae of de
ter nihi lug tho aaeeaameot of public
ervlc eorporatUma to the aeveral
ronnile. and also ae the baala of
equalisation between ootuiilei in ap-
ioi Honing atate Uses, rulluwtng
i he Hat of ratios:
iaker. .76; Uentp. .6; Clock -him.
.61; ClaUont .69; Columbia.
.71; Coos. .04; Crook, .; Curry,
.91: Douglas. .GO; 01111am. 7S;
Omnt. 03; Harney. .63; Hood Illvtr.
.71; Jackson, .74; Joecphlno. .71:
Klamath. .71: Ijike. .7S: line. .06;
Lincoln. .93: Unn. .08; Malheur.
.08; Marlon, .00; Morrow. .S6: Mult
nomah, .03; Folk, .2; SUertunn, .as;
Tillamook. .88; Umatilla. .60: Union
.70; Wnllowa. .71; Wasco, .7R;
WRohlnKton, .81; Wheeler. .70: Yam-IiHIm.8,
The accounting department of the
Slate Insurance CommlMloner's of
fice has Just Issued Its latest report
on the financial condition of the eoun-
tles or Oregon, as at the cloze of
business on Bcplember 30. Crook to
one of the 12 counties showing a do
flelt on that dote, the amount betas;
$46,149.60. Tho Dc-bsonlan "poor
devils" of Hood Ittvor had a surplus
of $34,026.74.
Witter Supply Paper 1m Study of Util
ization of Kt renin for Irrigation
and I'owcr Purposes.
8ALBM. Nov. 20. Tho United
Ktatos geological survey has just Is
sued a report dealing with tho Dts
chutes river, Oregon, and ta utiliza
tion, which shows detailed plans for
the development of water power nt
18 dlfforoet power oUes along the
stream. Quantities are helbg given
so that tho eatlmato of eott can eas
ily bo propared by anyone Interested.
These plans show 604,000 brake!
horse power can bo developed at 14
eitea on the Deschutes river and
90,000 at four sltee on the Metollus
Suggest Ions as to a general plan
of development are made is the pub
lication nnd considerable space 'a
given to a discussion of exhttlng and
needod water legislation.
8cveteea profile maps of tho
water service and topography along
the Desehutea river, on a scale of
two Inches to the mile, from Its
mouth to Prlngle FrJls, Including to
pography of tho proposed IJenham
Falls roservoir elte, help to make
tho volumo Interesting. Similar In
formation Is fu roll hud regarding the
Motollus rlvor. '
Tho authors are District Snglnoer
F. F. Henshaw, Stato Engineer John
II. Lewie and J. E. McCauttland.
Consldorablo spaco Is given to tho
conditions of tho rlvor at Ilond nnd
to the question of Irrigation of tho
surrounding country.
Tho flour mill which haa been
working day and night shift, slnco
Its opening, closed down temporarily
Saturday nlcht le ardor to make
mmn nilillllnna in Mia lilnnl. nmt r
place some old maohlnory with moro WheUier tho diroctora havo acted
modern equipment. It is expected , or not la not known, but Roscoo How
the work will Uke up most of tho I nrd haa Informed the Insurance Com
uii nml that thn mill will anon I rolseioner that he cannot see tho
agr.ln Monday, working two shifts.
Notices have been received ia Bend
of the new tnteraal revenue aet pre-rldlna-
taxee on bankers, commlsaion
merchant, proprietor of theatre.
tmwiin iUva and billiard mourn.
deafer la tobacco, manufacturers kf
cigars and others. Detail! In forma -
Hon ecROSTHtng the taxes way be b4 r
from Mlltoa A. Miller, oollector of
internal revenue. Portland.
The chief buotaeea at the meeting
of tho Commorelal Club on Saturday
was cntortalnment of tho visiting
Sunday school delegates. Fallowing
the luncheon they were tnkon for an
auto rldo around town. Tho lun
cheon next Saturday will be at tho
Ilond Hotel.
The First National Bank
U. C. COE, Presldont E. A. SATHER, Vice President
C. S. nUDSON, Cashier
Capital fully mild - - - 82A.0Q0
Surplus - - $22,000
Banking Revolutionized
On "Nov. 16th, 1914, the Reserve Banks
in twelve of the principal cities of the U. S.
opened for business. This law means there
will never bo any more panics in the United
States. Every Member Bank can at any time
convert its notes into exchange or aotual cur
rency. The power of tho Federal Reserve
Banks to issue currency is almost unlimited;
this currency is now printed and may be ob
tained at any time by Member Banks.
The First National Bank of Bend is mem
ber of tho Federal Reserve Bank of San Fran
oisco, California, and is entitled to the full
benefit of this new law.
We will be ploa'sed to give full particulars at to the
many o(hm- advantages and safeguard of thU law, in
UClon oi py tuner.
Insurauco Department Makce Written
Demand on IUmkx) Howard IJorL
Definite Amiiver tut to Whether,.
Hook Will bo Open to Audit
The Central Oregon Irrigation (Jo.,
or at least its manager, Hcntoe How
nrd. haa at last definitely refused to
pormlt the Stdte Insurance Dopart
mont to examine and nudlt the ac
counts of the company as offered hy
Mr, Howard at a meeting In Ilond on
July 26. A definite answer on this
subject, which has been Bought by
tho Insnranco Commissioner &ad Tlio
Bulletin for several weeks, waa given
last week. The tmrnose of the audit.
now finally refused, woo to eeo whoft)
or or not the company waa properly
spending of its maintenance fees.
DwMtfsfasllen with tho company
came to a head last summer and a
general meeting of water users was
called Is llend on July to discus
what action should be taken by (lip
settlers on tho company's project to
scfoguard their Interests.
At this meeting the statement waa
made that If the company was rnlaus
Ing the maintenance feee and osng
cially If It were paying high salaries
to Its officers out of these leea. it
might be grettad for obtaining a re
ceiver for the company. Iloecoo How
ard denied any pert of the malnter
nance fees went to pity salaries an!
offered to open the books of the offta
pany to the water users for an aadlt
to prove his statement.
Later the Water Users' Association
requested the Desert Land Bonrd(or
assistance in getting the audit and
the Doard turned the matter over-to
tho Insuranco Commissioner. Ho be
gan at once to try to got at tho books
but met with oration and delay.
When The Dulletln Joined the Insur
anco Commissioner In trying to learn,
on behalf of the settlors, whether or
not the audit would bo permitted, it
was told by Ttoscoa Howard that- tho
matter had bcoa taken' up with the
I dlrectoraOf the com pany.' When they
woro npproachod tho secretary wrote
that tho mattor could be best attend
ed to by the company and tho Insur-
i BnCC Department.
books. As Indicated In the oorree
pendeace printed below a wrlUen do
raand for an aaswor waa handed Ilos
eoe Howard and ha returned an un
favorable verbal reply. Aa the Des
ert Land Board takes the poaltloj
that the matter
the water aeera
reels entirely with.
It how remains for
, the aaeoclatloa to decide on Its next
; atop.
The letter iron the Insurance
CommlasioHftr ta IWnmmo Howard wtta
as follows:
Salem. Oregon. Nov. 17 191
Mr. floeeoe Howard, Manager.
Centra! Oregon Irrigation Co.,
State House.
Deer Sir:
"Being requested by the Desert
Land Board to examine and nudlt thn
accounts of the Central Oregou Irrl-
(Contlnued on last page.)
1.1 U.M'J
E. A Satiieii .3. fj, U0PSQH
,ttriison ir. rr eojis1
. ,
Deschutes State Bank
O. m:. Pattkrson
iicJ. ximih
B. M. LARA, Oashlor
.. ' I--
u. .