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(The Perils of Pauline
Thursday, Oct. 8th
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V. A. Forbes npirUHday In Port
Inntl. J. Pollttws of Hums, was In town
P. W. lleasluy of laldlaw won In
town Monday.
0. W. Aahbnugh of llrooklnga waa
In town yesterday.
T. II. Polny spent Thursday nml
Friday In l'ortUnd.
K. M. Pock of Hampton spent Mori
tiny nml Tuosday in llend.
Mr. nml Mm. I". J Hhaw of His
tors, were In town yostorday.
- Mlai Klcanor II. Wotmoro at Prloo
vlllo In now residing In llnnil.
A Klrl lby ww iKirn to Mr. nml
Mr. J. II. Godfrey Hundny ujght.
II. J. Overturf expects to go tin the
rlvur iluek hunting thin HatHrdsy.
Mm. A. M. Prtngle In expested to
raturn from Portland thta Saturday.
Robert lllaskwoll has recently
tnkosi tho agency of tho Saturday
Hventng Poet.
The lluad Glen Club will hold tliolr
regular rehearsal on Friday nt Mm.
0. I. Putnam's.
Mm. Dell Parker, who Is Mm. Mbs
IjiurM'a mother, came In from her
homestead last weak.
V. C. Coo. and J. II. llnnor want
to I'ortlund last wank. Mr. Ilmior
rottiniod Saturday nlKht.
K. T. Hooch, who haa boon in Ida-
JO-ineh Wool Crepes, all colors, nt
75c and $1.25 yard
110-inch Wool Plaids now selling nt
60c and 75c per yd.
WOOL CHALLIK here now for
50 cents pen yard
CORDUROYS, best qualities, at
65c and $1.00 yard
Coal! Coal!
A Carload of Standard
$10.50 P. 0. B. Warehouse
The United Warehouse Co.
ho nnd Washington for thron tnontliR,
returned to llond litnt Thuruduy.
A. M. Pringlo of tho United Ware
house Co. made a ImjsIiumh trip to
Silver Lnho IiinI Ttiurntliiy and Frl
ilny. Joo Inula Iiiih repaired tho ste nt
the corner of Wall ami Oregon HtrcotM
loading down to tho path to tho Kan
wood hrldgo.
Tho Hoy nl Kolghhom gavo a dnnoo
In Ha Hi or B J f (ill Inst night. A large
crowd atfoiidoil and ovuryono had a
very good tlmu.
Mm. 1C. A. (Jrlfllii ro'lurned thin
week from Salem, whom alio had
been visiting her hrothor and attend
ing tho Mtato Ka I r.
W. J. MeOlllvrsy, formerly of
llond nnd now a resident of Munroo,
Wash., la hoic for u week attendliiK
to business affulra.
Messrs. Koyos, Kndaori, I.nrn fin I
Htovnr wont to Itedinond Hundny nnd
played tontala. Of tho six matches
played tho (lend nion won five.
Mis Arrlo Minsk loft llend on Bnl
tirdny. Him Ih going to Portland for
n few weekH, from whence alio will
ko to vlalt her sister In La Grande,
Ferdinand Taiischor, who haa n
homestead In tho Mllllcnn valley, waa
In town Thursday on his wny to
Cortland. Mr. Tnuschor proven up
an his claim soon.
Tho Duptlal Woman' Union will
tncot at tho homo of Mm. T. II. Fol
oy Thuiidny nftornoon nt two n'clook
to row. Friends of tho Union nnd
strangers nro welcome.
Mlrn Oertrudo Mnrkol ret u mod
from u thrco months visit to Chicago
Inst I'rlday. Klio expects to stay 'n
town for about two woaks, thou ko to
her homestead in Mllllean vnlloy.
Tho "Forest Kcho" Trio, whleh la
composed of Mm. Maclnorlti, Mra.
Fish, and Mm. I'nrlcor, will give a
ronoort nt tho Dream Theatre till
l-rldny nlKht. . Hverycno la roiieated
to nttond.
Word ooinoa from Itedmond that
Alfrixl MtiHt. th(t hardware tnorclmiit
wmr accldontly nui over by an auto
dnlven by Jesse Tolh.row Sunday
nlKht. It la undoratfwd ho waa ser
iously Injured.
A. I. French and family raturnod
to town Saturday. They hava bean
to the itnund'l'p at 1'endleton, no
tnK from there to Portland for a few
days. Prom the latter place thor
want to The Dalles where ho attend
ed the Rodeo.
II. A. Hreckoahury, of Portland, !a
In town this week appratalnjc tli"
plant of the llend Wator MkIU A.
Power Co., for tho Public UtIL'tlaa
C mmlsslon In connection with the
InvestlKHtlon of tho conipanya ratea
now hoInK made.
Tho followlnt; list of men wont
over to Prlnovllle to attead the Chap
ter meeting of the Itoyal Arch Masons
J. I). Davidson. I.. It. Kosa. C. 8.
Iludsoj, U. A. Nixon. A. O. Walker
II. A. Miller. II. J. Ovorturf. J. II.
Corbott and Clyde MeKay.
P. Udwarda has brotiRht In from
his ranch elslit miles southeast of
town eatnnlee of his "Ilallautlio" tu
ber, a combination nt three plants,
IfmvtnK aamploa at Rhawa tm atore.
lie aaya they are moat delicious eai
toR. He also braunht In aome II n
tamplea of nrtlehokM, Krown on dry
T. II. Foley returned from Port
laud Ruaday ihomiIbk.
The M. 1C. UtllM AM Mai today nt
Ike home of Mra. Ralph llrrtlott.
Mlaa tCllaalieth Davla eapcrU to ko
la Portland for a vaealtoa some time
til la week.
Don't forget the Fraternal Itroih
arliood dance cm the 29Ui. It la no
InB to be something new and overy
'Ojily should attend.
(loo. ltatea Jh oxnsetod wltlUn tho
oxt week to brlnR thlrtyflvo
Of cattle over the mountains.
Charlea Thornthwnlto hna bo mo
tine blK rtrrota, turnJiw and pamnlpa
which have boon grown by J. C. Sil
ver on the old Thoitnthwalte plnco on
the Tumalo projeot.
Mrs. Ilurton Onoy. who sprained
par ankle alwnit three weeks ago
While wnrklnK around tho IIIr Illver
ftfeiiRer Station Is reported aa doing
Ittotdy. and oxpectkiK to bo aroun.l
int!n in a couple of weeks.
Tho Held reboot play Krounds have
6rn claarod anil Rrndad, a new e
ummt walk lab'al acroaa the front,
which ia bolnc connected Willi the
aide walk on Ucnd and Wall street
by ctew crM walks.
Cnnilldale for Attorney Ociurnl I Ma.
C'iiuhcn (do Prolilblllon Amendment.
Following the county dlvlajon
meeting last night. John A. Jeffrey,
candidate for attorney gwiernl of
Oregon on the Domooratlc ticket, ad
droaiod (ho audience. He hod heard
tho division talk that preceded Ida
speech mid prefaced Iris rotnarkH wIUj
an expression of approval of tho
division niovmiimit.
A large pari of -Mr. Jeffrey's time
was taken up with a dlacuselon of
tiie "dry" amondment to tho consti
tution to which he turned after dU-
ouseliig Ida qualifications for tho of
fice ho seeks. Ho frankly stated his
opposition to the "dry" movement
and presented the rrguinenta against
It In a forceful manner. At the elose
ol his Hpocch local advocaloa of tho
nmondmont engaged in discussion
with him.
In conversation with local inoa rf.
tor tho meeting, Mr. J. (Tory acid that
If elected ho would uso his Influence
for tho settlement of loeel Irrigation
Ily going to tho tailor and gottlnz
your clothes, you are assured of get
ting tho very best quality or wooleni
for your monoy. Imported and do
mestic. Also Oio very heat of moa
uronicnt, atylo, fit and workmanship
that skill can make. My prices range
from $16.00 up. Dry Cleaning uod
pressing a specialty. F. li. Dick. -Adv.
Fresh oysters any atylo at the Cozy
hostauranl. Adv. 31-34p
(Continued from pa go 1.)
(Continued from pngo 1.)
not only ngreonlilo' but profitable.
"It la tho purpose of hoiiiq of ua tc
have tho Commorrln! Club gtvo them
n dlnnor while hero and Impress on
thorn tho advantagoH or snipping via
llond and trading and banking at
this point.
'Wo hn
hnvo kept thorn posted for
tho Insl thrco wooka na to tho buy
ers, when they would bo there, etc.,
both by letter, telephone and through
tho tfllvor l.nko merchants. Ah u re
sult wo havo rocolvod throe now. de
a'rablo aoeouuta from tho advance
pnyinontH mndo thorn.
'It la hoped ovoryoio In llend will
co-operate In th(H matter nnd thut our
muichnntu will mnko them prlcea tlut
nro right.
"TIiIb business la worth thousands
ot dollars to ua annually nml we
fihould cultlvata It."
Business Directory
1 DlreoUrr of each City, Town and
t'llUso. Blvlns detorlrtlva skttch ot
each place, location, population, tele
BTaph. shlpplna and tanking point!
alio Clauined Directory, compiled by
butlneu and profeidonw g.
n. u roue co., beactxm
time and not allowing tho time to
drag for tho audience.
Agilrulliiral Kklillilt rounty'w Ilcst.
The agricultural ex hi til t ooverlng
both Irrigated and dry farm producla
were a surprbe to all who saw thorn.
Clnverdale with her general exhibit
cooslatlng of a I moot everything from
well developed (Kianuts to the hard
ier grains and grasses Is especially
deserving of praise for the amount,
variety and arrangement of tho dis
play, stolons, com, tomatoes, grafns
and grasses from dry-land home
steads Is convincing evidence that the
soil of western Crook county stands
high in agricultural possibilities.
The collection of needle work plac
od on display by the ladles of the
woat side Is believed to have been th
bost over exhibited In Central Ore
gon, nnd proved an Interesting con
tor of attraction to all visitors to the
fair. The display Includod many val
uable article that would prove prlt-j
mlunera at many of the larger fairs.
Indian Add to Attractions.
About 150' Warm Springs ladlans
woro In attendance throughout the
fair and contributed much to the at
tractions. A number of special races
wore put on each day In which tliov
took a prominent part and la which
they were often winners. Their war
dance hold every night attracts!
targe crowds and proved an Interest
lug feature of the fair.
A section of the exhibit that wax
of more tksn ordinary Interest, es
pecially to those Interested In edit
oallou. waa that devoted to the a
klblt of the Crook County iilgti
School of Prlneville. KducaUon and
county and district fairs are fast be
coming more closely oonnocted. Tiie
eueeoes of many of our falra h)(
due to a greet extent to' the efforts of
the school children.
Ibtntl l'limlxlio Cood Mulc.
Tho Bisters Cornet Hand is es
podlnlly desorvhig of much praise for
the dxcollent music furnUhetl during
tho threo days of tho fair, and the
fair association as well as all lovers
of muslo feol very grateful to tho
mombora of the Ilnad Iwnd who vol.
untnrlly camo to Slstora and asslstetl
with tho music on llond day.
F. I.. Shaw, president of the Sis
ters Fair Assoolation, la entitled to
tho greater part of the credit for the
success of the fair. Without him 't
Is doubtful if Sisters' would havo suc
ceeded In staging such an event for
many yearn to conio. Mr. Shaw, as
sisted by Mrs. Shaw, during the pt
several months, have been untiring in
their efforts to make the first annual
fair held In Slaters a glowing suc
cess. When the opposition lorcea
teemed to be gaining and defeat waa
Staring the enterprise in the (ace Mr.
Shaw stuck bravely to the field know
ing that he waa In the right and de
termined to prove -to all that groat
things are posslblo evon under tho
strongest of advorso conditions. N'AMKS NKXT WUKK.
Noxt woek Tho Ilulletln will
-- print tho completo list of prlxo -
winners at tho Sisters Fair. In
-- this Issue only Bpcolal prlxo wlo- --
nora nro llstod.
Tho principal wlnnora of tho rac
ing ovoutn woro: W. n. Crawford,
ot llond, Hobert Smith, of Sisters,
Tony Lyttlo. of Prlnevlllo. T. A. Hu
son. of Prlnevlllo. Muriel Kdtnund
Bcvi was tho winner of tho girls rnco.
Frank Dibble, of llond. was an oasy
winner In tho auto rneo, wluie Ooo.
li. lirowstor carried on mo Honors m
tho motor-cyole raco.
Special Pt'lo Winners.
Stiletto grindstone, glvon by Hobt.
flmllh. Sistora, to tho farmer receiv
ing the most prlsos .for grain grns-
sbr mid Krdan uttoK. won by it. X.
Davla, ot (lift.
One-half Irnrrel llluo Stem Flour,
by Hand Milling & Warehouse (.
for beet one-half bushel of spring
wheat, grown on Irrigated land, von
by It. J. Skolton, Sisters.
i3 hat for best bushol of inrlev
by It. M. Smith Clolhlug Cc. of
llond, won by Fred Wleso. Sisters.
Ono-half harrol llluo Stem Flour,
by llond Hotel, for host ono-half
bushol dr'-land potatoes, won by A.
D. Ostor, Sisters.
$20 harrow, by Oregon Trunk Rnfil-
Blouses for Boys
LOOK for the LOOP
ip.i. r,y 7, i9ii)
FITS any boy at once and stays so
does away with all buttons on a band
too often buttonlcss no dangling
drawstrings the only practical solution of
the waist adjustment ever invented. Fab
rics are sun, tub and rub proof, exclusive
in patterns and weaves. Styles are origi
nal, novel, practical. The LOOP device
is pulled out until the hem fits the waist
perfectly, tied in a tight double bow, then
again tied, out of sight to remain until the
blouse is worn out.
The Blouses.... 50c, 60c, $1.00
KAYNEE SHIRTS too, fabrics guaranteed
50c, 60c, 75c, $ 1 .00
See our line of Flannel Shirts and Blouses
and Mackinaws for boys. Also Hats, Caps.
way, for beat display of grains and
grasses, won by J. N 1). Gerklng,
3? sot s.lnglc driving harness, by
John Olark Saddlery Co.. through
Itobt. Smith, for "the best all around
driving horse, won by B. II. Howell,
3fi tailor rnado suit, by Robt.
Snrith, to tho person recolvlng tho
groatost number of prizes on live
stock, won by C. S. Woods, Sisters.
One harrol Whlto Illver flour, by
Itobt. Smith, for the beet knitting,
won by Mm. C. I.. Daanlson, Sisters.
One barrel Demont's Flour, by
Itobt. Smith, to tho lady receiving
the greatest number of p fixes on
baking, won by Mrs. A. I. Templeton.
One case Armour's Orapo JhIos,
by Itobt. Smith, to the mother award
ed the prlie for the beat looking
baby, won by Mra. W. C. MeCulKoa.
IJ.aO riding bridle, by C. W.
Thomthwalto. Rend, for the beat
saddle horse, not under 15 hand,
won bv Howard Hartley, Slaters.
1J.60 pair Walk Over Shoes, by
Mannhelwer Ilros., llond, for beat dis
play potted plants and flowers, won
by Mrs. C. I.. Uainlson. Sisters.
$3 In merchandise, by Patte'sen
Drug Co., llond, for tho beat three
pounds ot butter, won by Mies Jennie
Woods, Sistora.
J 1.75 Unlvorsal Food Chopper, by
Hend Hardware Co., for the beet loaf
of brood baked In Monarch stove-
won by Mrs. F. L. Shaw, Sisters.
$1.50 sack llluo Stem Flour, by
Head Milling & Warehouse Co., for
host cookies baked from llend Hour,
won by Mrs. A. I. Templeton. Sisters.
Ono sack llluo Stem flour, by Bend
Milling & Warchouso Co., for best
doughnuts baked from llond flour,
won by Mrs. A. L. Templeton, Sla
lom. SO pound sack niuo Stom Flour,
by llend Milling & Warchouso Co..
for beat buns baked from llond Hour,
won by Mm. K. li. Shaw, Sisters.
60 pound sack of llluo Stem Flour,
by llend Milling & Warehouse Co.
for best loaf of broad made qf llend
Flour, won by Mra. P. J. I.olthauser,
Ono sack Snow Flako Flour, by
Redmond Feed & Mill Co.. for the.
boat bread baked with Snow Flake
Flour, won by Mies Jenate Woods,
913.50 pair of wool bhuikets
by Mooro Watson Dry Ootids Co..
through Robt. Smith, for throe beat
home made oolite, won by Mra. P. J.
1090 feet ot Umber, by Robt. Da
vis, to the person awarded toe great
est number of prises on horses, won
by Carl Woods. Sisters.
168 fruit trees, by Lafolletto Nur
sery Co.. Prlnerllle. for the beat ex
Iklbit of fruits grown west et ttHs
Deschutes river, won by Mrs. J. Stld.
bam. Sisters.
$14.50 Planet Junior Garden Drill,
by O.-W. R. & N. Railway for beat
oxhlblt'of corn, won by R. Z. Davis.
$10.00 In goods, by United Warc
houso Co.. Rend, for best Individual
display of vegetables, won by J. N.
It. Gerklng. Laldlaw.
Cash and special prlros too num
erous to montlom wore won by pro
ducers scattered all over the sountry
west .of tho Deschutes rlvor.
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