The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 06, 1914, Image 2

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tu in" ! BtvHHH
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77n TjtlT'krD rfnniTT'iti population getter k...-ii
ji fii yuivixiujji i tery.
(It goes- miiiio unit gets there)
ltcnd, Oregon.
A jellow Journal devttted to the dissi
pation of truth.
Our. motto: PUyle Publicity.
Filtered nt llend, Ore., postoffieo
as Class A matter.
Subscription Itntcs. How Much
You Rot?, flint's It. I
How to Itcmlt Send anything I
It........ .........., - -1 I
K.4HI.", viiuiivii turn, cignr. Miooe,
niul lints accepted ns mimc from oM
MiWrlhcrs only.
Advertising rates. Same ns Sub
scription. See nbove,
Xews columns oitcn. to anybody
that has the lirlce.
Items suppressed on ttulrlcnt
moncCiirj Inducement.
Xcws columns not controlled by
huslncs ottlce, advertisers, t licet ios,
except on the editor's approve)
Passes of nil kinds gratefully re-celveil.
Since the dawn or i-rra n lie linil
he'd this chsuip oiikIh vf rcr--'i
chin lrft nnd e sli M 1- m i to e-n i I
late this humble hern of ii.- pla'ni
The Jtek rlMt Is rtremel ioi-t .
lar anil that shall be our greatest aim j
IU UIIIUIHf IUI lllIIC pmruHs il'Ul
hi rlottti. we dMlM to remind nm-
friend that the jack rahblt al(i!
has one kick left lH his hind foot and j
nu we in is; waten us wnen we g. l
gasoline working In our mlxint:
Marshall Xuts oana. William
Tunk Strnndborg. Wrecks Lampman,!
oam ituu r.vans. uotten writer Saw
yer. Going Putrid :utnam.
HolRlum Frwlerlek Sitttac Pal
mer. Park ltlchard Perfect Darla.
Tterlln Alfred Howling Lewis.
retrograd Irr'nf Faouy Crh.
London SAmuel Gabby Blythe.
Portland Ned Ulrtho.
(Note Ueeattec all our war co"
resindanta are playing poker todav.
we are una We to give a ay freak new
from the front)
As It never hooped before and
hopes never to hop again The Jack
JJahklt fully realties Its. duty to tell
everybody how it feels about every
thing. In politics it la strictly Iadoproh'
demorepurRreeeive. Amonc the can-
uiaatca for United Sta'e Senn'or 't
The tollcy of this paper will be to
throw th stronp right arm of Justice
and fair play arotmd the eomntan
' people.
I We arc here to do things.
J We are here to take the twist out
, of Crook county, tu Iron the klhk
out of Hond.
In other words, we want things put
straight. . And you have got tbfjo
sorto to get onto our curves.
Wb nra bnrn to tHvt ,,, nunci.,. the waitress, the chamber
maid, nor the nigger porter.
. Wo are here to put spokes la your
hub and a rim around the spoke
and a tiro around the .rim and than
when we bare done that four tlMM
we will have a Ford car all complete
except a monkey-wrench and a few
tooaea screws and we expect to bor-
I row them. Then we can ride home In
I the Ford when we go back or carrv
I toe rord or our backs when It goes
uroice. just whichever we like.
I We like Rend; we like IU people.
we like Its fresh air and pretlv girls:
we Hke Its pure cold water to wash
; or hands In. and we like whatever
you have to drink so long ae yo-i
gtre us enough of It. We approve of
Bend, fa fact we strongly endorse
it la many ways. If there were aar
other wr that we knew of we would
endorse it those ways. too. We came
here for the sole purpose of endors
ing whatever we happened to think
1 odttora now nnd tlion, we fool Hint
i ennui and anility compels tin to cn
derail 11. Hiciloy's cnnilldnoy with
sonto snug (fold nml coitsiduratilo bou
While li Is true Hint "lllll" playn
ltlllto-be-iliiiilnod with the KiikIIhIi
Innguiino Hiiil weniH uu old nlounii
bat. tt'ornu tlilugs tlinu Hill have
smurk Into the hnlln of Congress.
I n lo the iiresejtt tliuu wo luive
lutou a uunilior of iimhiIh nml Hiiioldiit
HiM-rnl pretty rotten inpee at Hill's
i'Xiipnsi without committing om
filH on one side ur the other In the
uniHihluiK butUe. Bii far as the
cigars are concerneil we would intur
i.ll be npposiHl to supiHirttug his can
didarv for anvthlagtifcept a runilgat
1k I'li'iit, hut aa atateil. other cup-
KlderatliMia enter Into the siihgnlnarv
Ihhmc and hava eeuverliHl the "Jack
ttab'ilt' to his oause, temporarily u
i Paid Advertisement. 1 H.P.C.
i The nlitive la ft paid adv. If "Hill"
llmili-N iMines l h roil ih as he agreed
titheiwise It la straight read I ig
Diutler i -ll.F.C.
i.rrmiAitv xotic
John F. ChrrolU editor nf the
New Policy" livening Tnlsgrnm,
which has recently been grauteil an
nl solute divorce, without alimony.
from the Tall Tower, late Inst night,
"Doc"! ICiiiersnu gave a "lirlilgo"
imity In his ullli'u yariturtlay nml
ninoiiK tliOKii presoiil woio Will
Knight, (leorge llroltllng, 'lleiirv
Uleliwy und Frod Davis. The rorresh
uiimtH constaiuil of eunerate an I
ntitalKuin llllliiga, with n Illiti not of
liiirglitr toiils for deciirntloiia, nliluro.
form niul laughing gnu were the fa
vors. The affair was a very plenum
one to the genial host who netted
about t$o for the Hltarnoeii Hence
he Is with us njid has enouuh lo get
back home with.
It la quite the fsd now to change
immeM as society has observed In rs
cant events over In 8t. Petersburg.
There la some talk In exclusive circles
that Otto slfelke ami Henry Hayek,
will visit Petrogrnd nml see ir some
thing iiu't happen to theirs.
"Fur smsrt set .Vyles this Fall It
Is vut-ry, vnr-rv de risen r to effect
minified iNisiiue modes, savs l.eon
lllrscli. the Worth nnd I'siiuln of the
Ad Clubber's special. "In fact I am
thinking some' of appearing at the
dinner this evening In one of the iiev
dlstluctlve Mnlmncaan ueaklls. For
I'blllv lloud evenlugs, the smart thing
dictated n tidnemnbl.. ...Ilinrl.l t .n - vM" mml vt"'1l. the Hlliart tllllllf
illctateil n (olographic editorial of tlle tH R ,lMn, M,Hngote. as )ou will noe
Joo Pulltxor type on "The Origin of If you watch tne on my way from h
peolos of revolution." to his bright banquet to my sleeping eomiMrlinent
and hreecy little newspaper. We1 board the train."
I think .lohn has some lino thought M. It. Mmead wenra a wrist wntsh
The mm pictured here Is called The n tuo RUoJct Hl following sen-wlion li rks; It has im Hlsrm cluck
toucen tnkou nt random froin ib,
... . t- . eiMich-mnklng screed will Indicate:
me is to gio -instead of being a mnmiitnllivi
elaboration of tin, nrlmnl titn
uos rniieriiii ami Kinuiy ami smiling many or the Darwinian evolutionists i-
nun oilier oork-cenlerml nuts avow. I
i iioiu mm man iss neen sb d line
Whose pleasure In
pleasuro to you:
aiinoitnieiii which whkos HI tu up
every afteriiouh when It la lime (o
unit for Iho day. He says ho wouldn't
be without one.
Frank MctlrllllN lias issued Invlln
llmis rur u Tlutrsilny afturiiooii elen- t
tlnnary couvuisiixliine In whfoh (I
"cull" will bn by hiiiiMoir, nml If ,n
In In gooil voice, he will reulte "('ase'
On a Hat." In UeWolf Hupper's In
liilltable style.
IM Moslior bi'Iiihs the IiiIunI sonlott
gossip from PltUlnii'gli In wliluli Hu
nt. lug pHNslon is to have the lull' I
trimmed so as to malie the linail limk
like a HermtidM. Ohsnne Moset
beau. '
At an exclusive II 1 1 lo itffnlr urer in
AlUliui last Mmiday evening, I'eiv -
Ariel! talked the wlug off of or
chicken and ale the leg off of surli
er. John F. Cnrroll attsgiled a lift i.
dinner party last week whete lh
decuratleiis ware pink gladioli an I
(he piece de resilience whs broil
squab. Ha ale (he decoration audi
wore the horn d'oeurre off home as
Dr. K. A. Pierce held a The Dan '
sent the oilier afternoon. He wns
passing (he new Orpheuin Theal.
building and n workman dropped u
brick mi his lue. "Doc" demonslrs
ed all the latest modern steiw: lb"A
ilitirulliiiiji wur.t In liliii,U iml l.lnn
Fri.d IjiriMin will Ih, Mih iiinllf r Hsu
a very smart al frseeo ntTalf, next
Wednesday evening when he gels hit
find load of Winter wood to put In
the basement. t
JuiIho OaNleubeln had n oomliu
nut imrty last May nnd expects 1 1
give a largo going In party In Novem-1
and clovor,
An optimist
lis i ' m-wi' i ' xi i. im.ji' tjrm isj i " vr "t-
nlways, n iteaalmhit
At this particular plaeo.Vw desire
to point with pride at ererytWg In
siaht. but we strongly urge that jro't
take nn Invenstory or your alhrerware
and lmeu after we have departed r
that you will have no muse to view
our visit with uadiie alarm.
In the last analysis, we repeat, and
summing everything up. we are pov.
erfully glad that we have been able
to stretch onr legs under your table.
oKiugetil exeeresceiicee nnd translu
cent superltuitles. nnd even hair, un
til he has become the cnmperatlvidv
rudimentary creature that now Jonls
It over creation. Ku(rnsc suppura
tions have been deleted from his'
megalocosm until he can be reduced
to a protoplasmic speck no larger
than the Itald spot on "Fddle" Mosh
er'H head. Nut. at the same time, the
great, pulsating, tumultuous. Ingraw
isk Hitman soul I Itisubordlnaie to
genetic rules snd biologic ealrulaJ a I th vd nh
ttona and. Ill be damned if I can ' Vli"!'"!
but Tt ft- ,,Ml ,,,, l M lhf to be
old tUhi; A" ,e " --
Having looked the Held over care
fully, we have decided to support
ilanley for United Statea Senator. 1 1
least during this trip, he being the
oniy candidate present.
We have a further reason which
involves a number of professional
considerations which we need not
Wo mlnro with anual vim iml
calmly reallies the susvitv of Chnm. ' vlaor roer hoenltahle fodder and wei,w".on further than to say that we
'orlaln. the would-he-nes of Booth ' observe) there Is plontv of It. so tht havo ,ar?e w"l at home to sup.
and the sweet, sage brush flavor of j "ne of our party wilt be able to do j Pr, an" forth-
Haaloy. It Is similarly undivided and B ttiy usually do ou these trips. There are many things In "Hill"
nil their pockets and lake enough Hanley platform that we don t Ilk,
home with them to stosk up their hut when we eome close to a Innte
family larder until you Invite us to 1 pllo of money we are not so rtlo-
-come aga'n. bliould such an Invlti-
make head or tall
ceased business
time I llrmly hold
race was ere tod for the primary
purpose of taking this trln lo Bend
and I don't ears a helnva sight who
knows it." .
Marshall N. Dana srf-s the war has
been a splendid thing fi)r him.- It has
amiwi si per cent and , fraction lo
his already lop-etded voealmlary.
perhaps you have seen basMer
and ,V fr
Hi voeaim!
'OH A 171
nnporplexed as to the gentlemen who
are dedicated to the supreme sac
rifice of being governor. It Is hear
lly In favor of Wlthvcombe bwaino
It believes in more cabhacoK. oartl-'tlon come, nnd we hone It will soon.
son to Smith because the name Is mi-1 you will find us here In time for
common nnd loyal to l"Ren because breakfast unlrs "Hill" MoMurrar's
of Ills system. It earnestly hopes
hat the prohibition amendment will
carry by a snlendld majority without
disturbing the business of any busy
brewer, delightful distiller, somnam
'uilent saloon keeper or brave bur
tender, or tho weeping wives and
chattering children dependent unon
them. Not having any of Jfa wife's
relatives In th present gorv, Euro
pean conflict. The Jack Rabbit hereby
gives permission for this conflict to
cease. Comment Is unnecesarv on
the business situation. This paper
has no business end: its editors and
reporters are never troubled by
change. The only thlnr It desires rj
protest against vigorously la the char
acter of its readers. '
In rapping at the front gate of
American Journalism, we desire to
observe that The Jack Rabbit Is here
For Speed and Action.
We know how to Go and How lo
Get There. The Jack rabbit Is the
hardest working member of tho orlg
innl Cascaret family.
When the lack rabbit onens un all
six cylinders, throws her Into the
high and eets down to business he li
the world's greatest example of In
dustrious application. He can have
the lightning arrested for blockading
rstllc and is Hie most hlxh-nowered
triple-action. hurrv-UII nrnnnnftlnn In
history. i
That is whv we have chosen the
name "Jaek Rabbit" for this publi
cation, ,
.Vot onlv do we ?iroine to legi-e
all competitors behind, but we don't
HBt the public to Judee the length
of our I ear bv the length of jr
ears. Von can't do that with 'any
jaek rabble
Furthermore, the Jack rabbit te the
VM.I KlfknlU. P Dam...... f - a.
was discovered hsre frolteklng hj JJjo
rough clad wilderness, romping
iiiromi me juniper and sage brush
ages before the whoan of the w
toy rudely shattered the ear of the
prlmoval calm. '
We daelria to add that the Jack
rabbit la always on bia Job. go .we
diall be. Our pfltron saint Is modes
ay 'erojilflod, That us too.
The Jack rahblt U m amiable bird
and thnt Is likewise our aim.
Thoj8ck can live In peace and ami
iv with rattlesnakes, muskrau. an.
iihers. real estate agents, politicians,
newsimpermen and almost HiirtJiliis.
He will have nothing on us In that
The Jack rabbit Is the world's moet
adantahjo form of life. He ean live
on hay. We will do that if we have
He can live In a warm or a cold
country: so can we.
He can flourish In the most thirsty
desert or In lands of snftost, greenest
verdura. rsHy tho same token, we
don't give 'a ham sandwich whether
Oregon goes wet or dry.
What Oregon needs most Is 'popu
lation. The Jack rabbit Is the greatest lit
train Is bohlnd time, which 'mil'
says It never Is.
So far as we. with our limited vis
Ion, are able to observe, you havo
solved for us tho greet, obsessing
problem of the high cost of living.
ulnr wnst kind or a platform we
stand on so long ns we don't slip
off the plank and get a ducking.
Further thi this, we havo It
tlrst'hand thnt "Hill" Ilanley never
ajmed a gun nt a Jack rahblt, no
matter what tho provocation, and
knowing as we do that the favorite
pastime of many persons In public
life Is to take a kh shot at offensive
, ,,,.. ......
IIUllllVl I'WH .11,1.
With P. C. Graves and W. K Graves
It deee look grave, we Comisrt0.enil.
Hut still, ye mlllor. ho rave: V
"They are two dungune ( lively
And, the only Graves In llend." .
HV the Initial of Charley's last name
Glovlnglv. lovingly, always the name.
H' the man lth the mustard
The kid with the kU'k.
The guy with real gold
rApped up In hla brick.
I Do's the oae who put ad In the
went advertise
And extracted brain fowl from sellliut
pink ties
Gwlngly. golHKly, alwurs the earn
Charley's a booster and Merg le hla
I, stands for lrsuu and also for l.e,
Moth of 'em deel In publicity;
(.arson sells land, l,e kits of spare - '
l.arony charges stare both In th.
SV for McMurray. a nrlnre of a rha
Who sees lo It Oregon's right ftn I ha
ms p.
lie's a sing among boosters, a wis
railroad man
And railroads the Aa Club whenever
be can.
O stands for Oh! . What all the girls '
When I her see Marshall Dana
tug their way.
The Ad Club Beau Hmmmel. he
ways mens wen
"Ob fHdgm."' ery the maidens, "Aln t
he the swell!"
T.onle lluekley requested raueeiaK
Iv that his name be inenMonod n few
times, here and there t.i the "Jack !
iianiut." we smoked one of his rl
gara and sold "nil right." Huck ssld
there was another cmoke In It an the
way homo.
THAT: "There nre none mi blind ih tliooe lio Mill not sec."
Gentlemen of Portland:
I'ndrr rindlHonM of pence, tbN country was alniut to enter Its
- greatest period of prosperity: and now the mighty eents In
Knropc villi create further demand for our products so stuicndous
that no mind ran chtimnte it. (.'ndcr niituritl condition, America
would Mion be iinnlile to supply the doniaiid for lu-nt. t'uilcr the
prchent roiidltlon. wheut, cltlii-r pbtntcd or stored, N gold.
i- Gold made AIniikit; nnd Alaskn Is Henttlc's grcatcM resourre.
- AInhku lias any one of n dozen KirtH to uill-Ii her promlnod riilliintil
ma' k. the whole cvwne of the broad Pacific over which to nhlp
- her pnidiirts, and nil the portx of the world to which to scud them.
- Your own Portland papers often contain editorials on this AlimWnii
- trade: your merchant strive to get u art of it: and Kcnttle knous
- that Alaska mentis mote to Hint City than nil of her factories nnd nil
- of Hie n-Mium-s of the Slate of Washington, with Its multitude of
Oregon has hut one port: and Central Oregon has hut one ou(-
- let. Central Oregon contains the largest body of standing pine In the
- world. It produces immense mid growing .iiinntlllc of llvr-siock
und other farm products. James J. Hill states that Central Oregon
will liaio h population of One Million seven years from today.
Alaska's population N Klghty Thoiisuuil.
The Presldcn of your own Ntste Agricultural College says that
Central Oregon will produce nnuiially One Hundred Twenty Million
HiisIicIh of Wheat. In other wurils, the annual eipoitx of Central
Oregon will .-treed One Hundred Twenty Million of Dollais.
Alaxkn's uuuiiiil e.HiriH to ditto Imve im-rnged Twelve Million ,
All of this wliBMt anil tltt-hcr of Central Oregon will feed down
grade (o one limn, and lo only ouu. At Hint one town, ami only al
thnt town. U Fifty Tliniieud llow.'ont'r ulfhout tiiinsiubrslon, and
N'llif Hiiiidied Tliou-and HoieHiwer with linu-iiilirliiii. It Is down
grade all Ihe way from that lowu to Portland and the son.
CougresN lUiuoiiui'f-N Ihe roiixlruellou at mi.iiih future date of one
nilroitil In .tlaskn; and Sen (tin pies eivi) ultli euttiuslasui, holding
it slie4;t deiiionsiratiou that assumes Hie magnitude of n I'lirnlwil.
Hill nnd HaiTlmuii actually IIUII.D TWO railrouds into (Vnlraj
Oregon, u region that means more to Portland than Alaska does to
Seattle; und Portland wults sceptically Ut see If Central Oregon
will "make good," Instead of working liaitl and shoulder to shoulder
with Cell tin I Oregon as Seattle doc ullll Alaska, for the good of
Vour visit niarLs the end of this condition, Karli of you ttlll
some day Im proud that you were a member of the llrst puity of
Portland business men, and that (li Portluud Ad Club was the llrst
organization to,it-eoul.e that Central Oregon Is a greater rooiino
lo tho City of Portland lhau all of tbo industries within her limit
and all of her commerce with other regions combined.
A mUroml man In jour paity Is Justly proud of his latest book
let, ulilch dissipates Its: slreuglli by spreading Its ilesci-iptloiiM oiee
seen States and tientlu a thousand subjects. If he anil his competi
tor will spend a llftli us much on a booklet with the one word
"WHKAT" ou Km coyer, and nothing lusldo'of It hut WHF.AT ami
CKN'THAf, Om:;t)N,Vind If tliey iill Hood (ho world will) Hiose
booklels ilirougli all Hie channels or distribution at the coiuiuaml
of two nt lit oiid systems. Just at this time, ubeii tbo whole ivinld N
thinking "Wheat" mid all the Inquiry for laud refers to "Wheat,"
Central Oregon will be settlrd l.iiuu-dbitoly: and the railroad world
and tho men responsible will Home day consider (Ills lliclr greatest
In pinporllou to your opportunity, ull of you who nil, by every
menus In your power, to publish to the world the wheat-producing
possibilities of Central Oregon, will commit, u sin not against
Central Oiegou, but against your own City of Poitlnnd.
"If you were blind, you would have no sin: hut now you say,
'We soe;' and your slit remains,"
"Pop" Hunter of the Hock Island
offered to pay us n little for some
thing If he mm Id get a nice write-up
In tho "Jackrahbll." We took Hi
small change on suspicion and then
he told us thnt when he was a hoy
out In the large brush, they usml to
lean jack rabbits by the esrs. but the
Jacks hung back so Kiev stretehod
their ears out to tho limit and their
hind logs dragged behind until they
got long and that Is why the rabbit
looks so well balanced both fore and
aft, If whnt Hunter says Is true.
stands for Clark
Who dolly grews brtsjitor
Hlnrii lllll llanluy get him'
Hilt's troubles are Letter.
II Is for David
iS'ellhnr floshtoes nor wan
With the "Oregon CoiiHtrjr"
llo MotietMohn.
"lllll" Daughtrey heard whot Hun
ter said about Jack rabbits nnd he
being up pretty well on all sorts if
vermin and llvostnck snld that tho
Jneks nlways travel In paths nnd that
In tho old days the oarly settlers
from tho East Just followed the traits
blazed by those thoughtful animals
and naturally reached ihe Coast
where thoy built up Oregon.
Going Up
ygfi nflUr(lW3 utvArottTr
Xm VGwt-MiO'm tjp.nt 'I
& 'wiufufure xwom
Y7 wi!ij'.
; wx&k&b-as
H Uj the way to start Hduoator.
Amqng Hi om Is Aldurmnn, great
Heholrirly facta ompl frum his erstv
Ann spresu iniurmsuon an over the
I't of cflhrso. stands for Prank
Who aeeompanlea tbu oxeitrslun
no says iui money in the Bank
To share III such diversion.
Is for Gwirge Psrrtsh, another
physleh V
A medicine iiian nnd full of ambUfi.
Obsttitrlc, gyn oology's his speolnlty,
To George with your symptoms you'd
bottor go.
II stands far llnnfoy
llelovcd of us nil
Perhaps he'll be Senator , ,
After this Fall.
I do not think nmonir Aduio
Thorn's nnv wlsiloin rlncr.
Than trickles from the fountain pon
Of our own Kdgar rliKir,
.1 Is ror Jimmy
Who sails people duds.
lie's against prohibition.
And en u handle sume si
Knew Jo lea may not a itiomber lie
Of Portland's udltorltrtm.
Uut his uttaiiimeiils, apollw to me
wesaxve inai onmfiuoniim.
P ht fw lleree. Pert la ml Phvsieian.
With PtttwH ami Pllhi he keeps lir
PreserlMHK for Admen who are seek
ing to mend
Perlgrinatmns tu the City or llend.
Hoh(an balls from Portland too,
H'h a rasey city booster.
Ills lusty crow would make Urusoe
Unik like a bantam nHMtur.
K stahils for lllll, which may scent
Uut Slrnndbnrg's tfie rest of the tltts
lin's using.
He's well known to fame, and as
king of the HHts
Is hailed as fneiutem by the Order
of Muts.
T Is for truth, to be tntd In the main.
Ily Commurelnl Club workers, wba.-
evur the strain.
Chapman writes ads that sure hae-
tha pull
Tho Immigrants marvel at Oregtm
IT Is for all of yen
Kins of the Cesst. . ,
Who over onee knnws yim
Will love you the mtnt.
V Is one quarter the price of yoir
Irlp; ,
What better Investment for in n king
car o. slip?
W's the Initial of a man or double '
Who's partially n printer, nnd nn Ad i
Club -booster too,
Whltomoro, you're n workers your
peers nrn precious few
What a boon t'would bo to Portland"
If wo could iloiildo you. ,
always represents
Tho quantity unknown:
In short, tho brains or those
Who foolishly stayed homo.
Von clearly comprehend, of course. '
Tho value of Mamma;
Admniingor Hofmsn does so too,
8ys rtniiwt perststout rumor."
'.' for bright Dean Collins
Advenmillh nut forgotten.
If Dean hail written theq
They wouldn't be so roUen!
llend, llrfiid, llend,
Tu-nji f t boks jour hack.
llend (111 lyou loueh your neighbor's Imn'd
Jiii nmet-ilia w jours bank,
llend, lleml, llend,
Ib-ud till
Ofthiit hJ
And lean
Jinn-f pyriN at Lr5T Gf
Jimmy bed a little pet
Called "Pi lean Always Low;"
Above a modest liolght, you bat
Thnt pup did never go.
When Jimmy enmo to -lend, nlns
The raise It was too high,
The altitude got Jlmmy'H pot
Tho shock caused him to die.
ou miii'Ii llio slioro
ml of bosiiiiullty
ll novel uioi'e.
.V. '
P r,
lleud. (fi-viil. llend.
llonil Hit IJiiil in n sen ,
.Vauglil esse, but Hie pleasuro at yoiii- feet
Which lb nd duiiN out so fiet-,
' I
llend, Ibjlld. i'enil,
lleml (lllli mi i each your mark
llmid Clllbiid h bunded
And we'll all go homo In tho thill.-.
Hut boiilo has Inst (lie llavor
it iis(mi ru nave or yoio,
Since tie
Wo un if A.
Imve nil been bending,
Mend ajit iiotbliig iiune.