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School Supplies
tiii; incxi) ni'jj-inis, in:i, 0111:., wihinimdav, Hi:i"n;Miinii a, mit.
(VH iiiiniviisc1 tock ofTublcls, Inks, I'ciifils,
School llookH, Pencil Hoxcs, Pens, etc.. w
now ready ibr the opening ol'si'hool. We have
the most complete stock of supplies ever before
seen in Jk'iul.
We have a supply of high grade waterproof
school bugs, easily worth lic. We will give
one of these school bugs KH EE to each child
with $1.00 cash purchase of supplies or with
$1.00 worth of cash tickets from our store.
.1. I). Impeon has-purchased u I'oid
Mlaa Hvii (Iravus left for I'm Hand
Tiiaeday iiIkIiI.
I'red Ollaaaii, of Munis, epwit 5un
(111)' Hi tilt) llllllll.
Mrs, Knjea entertained Ilia llrldpi
UllIU iHHt Friday.
.1. I'. ICHyae Ml lllHt HlKllt ON H
Urlof iMielneaa lrli.
Ma llalvnrwan In now staying Ml
Uih noma of Mr. Iara.
W. (1. King of Hums stepping
t lit Hand last I'rldajr.
J r dealt of Hnrna waa raltrd
HI Uih Hand vtr Kunday.
1.. Xlehide, of I'rlnHVltl. tt(t
al tha Henri over Bmiday.
A baseball daHC him held Satttr
lay night Hi Sather'a IIhII.
Mra. CnrkH In how etaiHwrnphar
ki Ih Hand Company oHtee.
A. l- l.ra came down fntm T
rotua. arriving UhiwImx mornlOK.
Mr. A. MeKattaie and son hn via
KIM at the heme of J. II. rtmlfrny.
V. 0. Olft Wf I)ehUta llM lMH
attending lb weak at the Wright.
Mr. Arthur Ooodwlllt Inft for th
fm Haturriay morula, with her chil
dren. A homeatead community dance will
lie held at Imperial iih Hatunlay, Ike
I'. ('. Harrison returned Xaturday
frm n rrulnlHK trip In the oast end
of the county.
Claud Mannhelmor. who has lawn
on n iHiftlMfMt trip to CltlraKO. return
td thin momlHK
IMwIh UliiMf), Jr. brother of Mr
I'utiiHiii, left for IiIm Iioiiih In Ciiniiec
tlciit Miiturriay iiioiiiImk-
MlfM I'lort'licH llHrnlinrt t renls
ternri hi th Altnmoiit while employ
hi ni Uih I'nreatry nlljce.
II. (I. Karris, who Iihh been III with
an attack of Uphold fever, wan out
for the Ural time on Hiimlny.
Mr lleylitiru. Mr., father of Jnok
lleyhurn. who haa bean III at lil
son's homo, la now recovered.
A. 18. l.ovett of Iterimouri spent
Ttieeriar In Henri. I hi r lux hla atuy
I ho waa rdftteterail at t Iih Huuri.
J. IC. Henry of (.alrilaw, waa In
town last Saturday. DurliiK Ida atar
ho waa rnlftorml at tha llmxl.
'Ilia W. ('.. T. V. will mimt with
Mra. IM D. Wlfal Krlilar aftarnmi it at
1:10. All lntartwttxl aro liirltwl'io
'.Mm. ICya anil Mlaa Arrla Itlaek
HHlorialHNl at (Iih fortitar'a hiima on
'I'haraflay nUht In hnnur uf Mn
On ran.
Mlaa Itoaa KrhlaUmaN haa return!
from liar vlalt with War rlailva In
AtlnnMHita. Mha la raglatrtl at tha
A I lam nt,
W. I). Chenay anil I). U. Darla at
rlvwl from ftmttll Mottrtay night, and
will t hra until aftar rtta Ail Club
Krank liwnrar of Mllllcau aMnt
thn lattar part of th tmk In town.
DHrinjc hta atay ha waa racial arial at
tha WrlNht.
Mlaa llarrlntt Dulaoii raturnail u
Hand Tuanlay nUht. tha will taarh
at CrMH-ant thia )wir, ami laavaa for
tliHiH Moiulay nttxt.
Mr. ami Mra. C A. Vannr. for
Hiirh of Itllxvlllo, Waah . hava nrrlv
h In Iohii Hilh tha oxwctatlon of
inakliiK (hair hotiio liar. ror tha
irti'Ml thav are atnyliu at thf Klaln
Pure Food Market?
Poaches, Pears, Plums, Apples, Grapes.
Also Melons, New Tomatoes, Vegeta
bles and other Produce FRESH Every
Day. Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Htoii'N. limine
TIIH HTOIli: )!' tJV.MA'rY
Km-i' Iiclltcry AhjuIh'iw In 1(y.
The American Bakery
Is for sale by
E. A. Sather :-: T. R. McClincy
Prices Cut
Mission Library Tables
in Hcuutiful Quartered Oak. C C ((
Were 322.50, now p 1 7 . W
New Location -opposite McCuiston Grocery.
, Bend, Oregon
Mra. Koaa went to Portland Thura
ilay (;viilnK.
Tha llaiillat rhtirrh will hold Ha
auniiHl Hutiday aat'hool jilrtlc on the
Tuiimlo tomorrow.
Mra. I'attorajMi'a inothnr, Mra. "..
I.itroux, lafl yoatonlny jnornliiK or
liar homo In wnliu wniin.
Mra. Cornullu Wllaon ruturnml I flit
wouk from I'nrtlnml and will rumnln
hare Indefinitely. Hhe at tha home
of Mra. II. IC. Allmi.
John llloaa, who ratumad from
I'ortlnnd Monday ovnnlni;, will loavo
aanln tomorrow nlahl for AahlanU,
Wla., whare h will aociid the winter.
Thara will ha a mnotltiK of tha l-
illoa Mtirarr Cloli naxt Tnaadny at
X o'eloek In tha Library. All tho la
dlaa ata luvltud to attend.
Mlaa MhIhh Manny or Oalaalitirx.
III., who la to loach mathaiitatlca in
tha hlKh arhool thla roniUm year,
ratftalurxd at tha AHainont.
Tom Marcbanl haa movad to tha
Dunn placa at the 8 mile ioa '' the
llHHd'lliiriia mad and will rontlnua
to put up fralghtara and othar trav.
alara tharo.
Mra. C. It. Cook laft for JatlU
laat nlaht. whara aha will Join har
huattand. Mr. and Mra. Oorffray ha.H
movwl Into tha Cook raaldfttce, Mhlrh
thjr haw ratitml.
Mr. and Mra. John Duhula laft for
Salam Batarday MlKtat. 1 ha work on
tha C. O. I. Co. aKraatlon will
m ooiniilated by Mr. IXihuia' aaalat
ant, W. A. flchall.
J. C. Ullwiwa. J. C. lloyt. V. P.
Iloyt, all HaotoKtaal aurvayora of tha
Bovaromeiil, wora In Iovmi on Mon
day. UnrtHK thalr Hay thay wara
raKlatared at tha WriKht.
Waltar M. Senear, hrothor of Mra.
Clydu McKay, dltxl at l.a Orando Hat
urdajr tHornlnic. Mra. MeKay, who
waa lirl'ortJaad al tha time, imHiadl
atuly want to l.a Ornncte.
Ilurrlat Dolmm, who aaait th
aiiniiiiur In Clilcaao, arrived In tinn
Monday night. She will ha here
alioiit a weak, thnn koIiik to Creaiit
whara aha lutaada to taaeh thla win
Mr. mid Mra. If. C. Smith hare
liurrhaaad tha C. I. Smith 40 acre
ranrh ' mllaa aaat of town, and hare
taken tip thalr rnalilanto thra. Th.
C. I.. Smith a liat takan uu a 180
acra homaataad.
The followlnic Hand itaoulo aHnt
Sunday at llnlnlnna on tha Matoltua:
Mr. and Mra. C. 8. IIuiImiii. A. M.
I'rltiKla. Mlaa Uravoa, Mlaa Ualvor
aon. Mra. MornhbHaa. Mlaa Wllllama.
h. M Itra. Uuthar Furat. Mraa AnRlt
Yon ii ic Mra. Mall. J. H. Kudall and
Waltar CooHtlia.
I'red ll ii of Laidlaw. waa in
town rtaturda). and aaya tha plana
nra itroicrmailiiK ttnaly for the annual
WmI Slda Fair at l.aldlaw. which
thla aar will ha hold on September
Sfc. It la exported that tha avant
will In ivory wny hu the larueat and
liottt ever held In tha l.aldlaw coun
try. Tom Hardy, who racantly owned
an Intureat In the Hand Garaga, lad
ly tinitllatod hla hand while aplnnlns
the dark wheal of an automohlla. l!o
eauKhl It in tha brake aprlniw, hraak
liiK all the Lout, and cutting It up
pretty badly In Kenoral. A few daya
uro he and hta brother aold out their
Intereat In the Kara km to C. M. lbtk
er of I'ortlnnd.
t Continued front page 1.)
noro. local pinna, may not ho dlacuaa
ud. Kvoryone here knows enoHKh
of what la going nu to be aure that
tho Adnioti will have a lively two du
Already the Portlnml papers are
giving Mend it lot of publicity. Sun
day both the OroKonlnn and the Jour
nal (HintalnliiK iteuernua atorlea ro
RivrdliiK the uxcuraion and the town,
with pictures.
N'utiiit Man Here.
One unique feature of tha two daxa
fun, however, la alreadv puidte ro
ortv That la tho pruaiMico hero of
Know Jolea. the Kront nature fuker
Rvorybody who rendu the Portland
OroKOUhui known that Joe Knowlea
haa Juat emerged from n mouth apent
In tho woodrf uf aouthern Oreeon,
which ho entorod linked mid whero lio
mnniiKcd to live for a mouth. Also,
roadora of tho Portland Journal are
aware that that paper has boon Riving
publicity to Know Jolea, another nu
turn mnn. whom It ulleRea la tho real
candy kid when It coiuoh to untifo
Bo Know Jolea turnod up hore laat
week, and Saturday wont Into tho
woods, Ho will omorgo next Monday,
when tho Ad Club Vi hore. Tho
Journnl haa cnrrlod Btorloa about
him. with Illustrations, and theio
ofllclal acrounta of hla Hend adve.i
turc: "HKN'D, Ore., Aug. J -Today a
man alone, defonneleaa, without clo
thing and without companlonahl,!.
bado hla friend here wood by and
pliiiiRHd Into the virgin pine foreata
Thura he will oontrtvo to uxlat by
hla wlta, hla wondarful woodcraft and
hla primitive atruiiKth until Septem
ber 7.
.'Tim Hilvonlurer la Know Jolea
Itendora of the Journal will rftouxnlza
him, and, lu view of Itla pant exploit
regard hta new venture with doubled
(ptoroat. Thuraday Jolea met another
nature man on the atreata of Port
land, both having Juat emerged from
woodland expedition In Southern
OraKnn. It Ik iindaratood that
Knowlaa, the othar ilenlxn of the
tall timber, scoffed at tha accompllah
inenta of Jolea. Thereupon Jolea, to
prove hla poetllon and once and for
all to put hla profeaalonal competi
tor to ahame, leathered hla uhotox-
raphara around htm, cleaiied hlc nreaa
axent by tha hand, aiimmoned atx
portera to carry hla naratthernal'.a
and hla typewriter and took the
Hrat train for Hend.
"I plan to come out when the Ad
man are here becauae I want wlt
niMu,',' aald Jolea. "I want to pntra
that my explolta,ara real. I want to
how them what ran be dene u1
made unaided In the wllderneaa. With
mi many noted wltnoaaea. Hclatly
man HotHl aa honeat advertlaera,
there will he no chance fur fraud."
Then thht la taken from Jole'a ac
count of hla rlritt day In )be wilder
neca: My Know Jole.
Camp Huncombe. Aug 30. I havo
trlumphel. My reputation U vlndl
rated aKalnat the attack of rival a
tore fakora. I hove domoniitratod
beyond pomrlbtllty of doubt that I am
the orlKlnal nature kid.
After a day of cournceou auffer
Intc nlone In the. tall timber with no
oomiAHlonhlp but the aalmals and
my photographer, aocretary and
proaa agent, I have established nn
olf aa the MeRallthle man. and I
shall write a I took colled "Modern
Yeatorday, I loft llond, naked. To
day I am neatly, though not gaudllv
clad In furs. My alnewy muaclo and
rich brown akin are now covered b.
the hide of a deer and a bobcat. I:i
securing them I have mado Rood my
boast that I can Ret the hide of nny
UiIhr that hldea and am a tnaater of
the akin game.
It waa ottiy to kill the deer. I spied
him reatlnx In a stream bed. Itark
Iiir Rant))' like a small tree I ai
preached. 1 waa In my Imre skin, ro
I too. resembled n wild tblitR Whi
In atrlkliiK distance I abandoned m
eautloua tactlea and laildly rushed
forward, and before the buck refilled
Its dattRor the little aponRe soaked
In chloroform was preaaed to his nos
trils aa I aleted hla left oar between
S. Dcblnc, Prop.
If We can but
show you tff:,tuw
merchandise we are receiving
daily we shall not need to
make much of an argument for
them the goods are their own
best advertisement. Here are
some of the new arrivals:
Another new line of Silks, Dress Goods and
Velvets in all the wanted shades. Never
before have we shown n handsomer line nor
a larger assortment.
and ALL SILK, from $2.50 to $6.00 ca.
Ask to sec our Guaranteed Petticoats guar
anteed for six months, at $3.75
Neckwear, Kelts, Girdles.
Everything here to fit the hoy or girl for school
Look to us for Dry Goods, Shoes and Ready-to-wear
thi: DKPKxno.v stohk. aJ
October Fashions Ladies' Home Journal
Patterns now ready.
my thumb and forefinger. He shriek
mI twice, plaintively, like a sea Utter,
and then expired at my feet. Aa
aoon aa I could restrain my emotion
I removed his sklu and made a sheatn
Mown of It. Iater the venlaon, broil
ed b my Jap cook over the electric
ratiRe at my humble cabin was moat
(iim!ciimm1 Milk Too Much.
Capturing the ttobcat taxed my
powers further, howeer. The cat
waa tracking u ground mole, when 1
encountered him I'sually when
caught In hla trarka a cat wilt tly
at the hunter, and I was prepared ti
hypnotise htm. when to nu astonish
ment he s.mplv spit at me Uut I
waa prepared for any emergency, and
j without hesitation produced a saucer
'Of rich cream, while calling "Puae).
I Pusey," In a tone of authority, lint
he was too suspicious to come while
I held the saucer, so J placed It on
the ground. Aa I withdrew the boi
cat advanced and lapped at the
cream. It was hla last lap; the
dreadful tragedy waa enaetod In n
few seconds. For the saucer did not
contain cream at all It wus almnlv
I condensed milk' The surprise took
the poor animal so completely off h'.s
guard that I was able to creep up to
i him, sheltered by at Improvised blind
i of catnip and end his agony.
I S. Separators and milk cans.
Skuso Hardware Company. Adv.
The Largest Insurance
Agency in Central Ore.
'It's the way we writo our policies."
Our policies pay 100 cents on the dollar.
We have over 400 satisfied policy holders.
The largest insurers in Crook County are
our leading customers
Bend Insurance Agency
First National Bank Building Bend, Ore.
rrnBUio cmtsN
SEPTEMBER 24-25-26. 1914
rtaitijMti litis,
tiiiikl Ddtlif.
Ufm, Ciiton.
Oitltv Hoiiii
Kis Ciitni'iit
til Ctitf ktU ia
ililliemi slth
int Ml iulif
Men's Gun Metal, Tun, Patent Colt and
Viei Lace or button
$3.50, $4.00, $4.50, r $5.00
Our Fall Shoes for Ladies include the
in Gun Metal and Patent Colt, Also a
New Stage Lust in Patent Colt 2-inch
Louis heel and brocaded cloth top. Ask
to see them.
AGENTS for Standard Patterns,
the Standard Fashion Book and
The Designex.
aro Bonio of the extrude from tho