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    The bend bulletin.
Vol. All.
NO. 23
Dosrhtitos - I lio community Hint nes
, lie on llio morning side of tlto siiuw
! cupped peuka will lio Joyouly our.
I 11(1.1 III llllail fl.M nlklMHlliilliM ,! an. .ill. I
coroner' Jury was formed and an ln
iuet hold, with the result nbovo out
llnod. Kuneral servlcos wero hold
Monday at 10 o'clock In tho Catholic
church, and Intertuoiit followed at
tho comotory.
Joe Tokatnpa ha two brotlmr
lioro. Herman and Harney, who live
near tho Orlflln mill. He camo here
lu May. 191?.
''i iiimn win lllltlllliuillft 1,1 I l mjlliu
lio llko Ignoring I tie graolou olDcna
if mirth' rarest treasure u wholo
soine, U'iiuIIInIi friend."
3b.lft Adverse Condition AMcinl
imrrt Will ho l-iirjit" ItuuJ Alroiidy
itlHdlvllIK Mlldll PllldlOlly-Ximx-
, UiKr .Mm Will Comic Along.
4 Bind mill Central Oregon mm lo bt
"Honored tfkoentlonnlfy next wk
Whan tUo t'nrtlnntl Ad Club umhoMoi
opium bur. IOvu tliuuKti ovary
UtlHs In 'ills wny.of daprnavtd bawl
nw rendition ami tliu unwtalnoa
49 to wnr li working agnlnat .tha
utlng mill dlsaourngliiK attendance,
ft big aaciindon In urar The Al
Ullb H(nltl(HJ III 6l4ftri4 Ml 100 ,l
id NMgJfTllllH ftylMlHIC, Mlllt WMllo
It la iHwrnlili. (Ht figure will nut im
tiMeli) ta uifejinloii in inn to be
on oi tit wiUMt evr wtnt out front
Portland, mill certainly many times
largortbiui over paid mi official vtolt
l a town (lie HlS Of 11(111(1. The
uraroti nrrlviM Sunday, Snptnmnor
' , leaving hi midnight Monday.
ICIaborale plans far the enisrtaln
MMit of tlm gMte are under war
l haeaniHi their entertainment I
to l h ertt from the AtlCtubbe.
until they actually are here piibll
Milan of the ilMtMltM I prohibited.
uMce Ui my that thn Commercial
OIi ami Ihnhletti OlnrV committee
re bnay arranging mutism. The
emblem Club addition to Uh lion l
.about completed, mid there a ban
4uet to the vbdtor anil Ideal people
'Will lw sttrved with acatitnodalkHt
for rlos to MO.
Itentl I receiving all klnia of pub
licity already from thu ewurulon.
And of course whan It gta hero, and
flr II leave, the town will come In
TOT a hB Share nr t.ttUll(IH. lor aar.l
of hi lrtlAHtl iKni Ik iui!I.ik tine
w i orii won iii poror mo jiiiikhi.
Tb weekly Miner lamird by Iho Ad
Club and mnllrd to each one of :t
member, whleh I miNed the "Adlliir-
I la," u devutliiK a couplo of imaw
neh week to hotliiK llio oxruralon
and iMMMtlng Itaud mid urglnK a big
otifttllMiant tin the exoiiralon. Iloie
II n iwiaid" of one of the "boo!."
written by Mnndinll N. Dana of the
Oregon Journal, who will be with tka
emeu r ton.
"Let me kIVp a III tie unaakod ttl
moay about the exettraloii to Itond,
eplemiior F, mid T.
"It will alnnd out aa a land mark
1n tb Ufa of wry man who r
tleliMlM. "Not aJnM bfji or the fat
thai tbonanada o7 dollar will b
pant In raring for na.
Not entirety for tka reaaon
a new banqant hall la building eaiif
rlally for m and a wonderful menu
1 preparing.
"Not 'UlUtgoUier. either, for the
vividly brlglnnl oHtartalnnient thet
will be iirortilMl. two dndld hoid
ttllty that will be extended, thb aeln
ttlaat atunta that will bo nulled olt
"llNt hIihi IrMHHae aordlal llend la
tiMtlning aa never feaforo for the r
ntloii of vUlture. Oroater honor
rould uat be done any gueata than
Jlend Una nwaltltiK for uk.
The bway, btMiitUnl city on the
ck ie "Silue
at l&nr IitcoHie l
Thoro nro two ways of strutahlng your Inaoino n wrong way nud n
rlg4 wuy.
Vou and your wlfo can pull on It from opponllig onda until tho long
nuffortiiK U!' unvolopo enspa for hronth, Thnt'n tho wrnrj,- viy.
Or you nnd tho liottor liulf can gat right down to lirtiss tniilts and work
both qnds agaln tjio mlddlo ho BticcoBsfuUy thnt your Inconio will strotch
co n healthy 'linnfc n'ecpunt with uu. Thnt'a tho right way. Try It,
Deschutes State Bank
.Vinci4 Intriiili'il lo ()kii Omiiiiiny'
IhHlkN ill Wllll'l' t'WlTt'i Xinv lf
iIiim'm (', O. I, Co. .MiuiiiKi-r.
No cipitortitiilty Im to lio alven lo
naninliie tlm UiokHof illn C. 0. I.
IHt., MtMinllmc In (I tract (i m of tlia
Walor ITaora AiwiDlHttoii who wow
fimii In town yoMiorilay. It wna nil
ilomtwil by tliKiii nl tliu niwtlnic hold
horo on July 2ft that tlio liooka would
lio eiiMiod to their liiHimetton, nonor
mI JlanaKr llownrd ImvInK nnld it
that tlraa lit wmn roadv i do Hit.
Klnm tlion they any Ihoy hava i
IfrnnelTiMl Mr Ilownril fo ttrrniiatt for
tlH owurtlnnllon and hava mt with
A refuaal. nr at ImmI. tt)r any, with
iho otTnr of an "xmiilimtlon no hadgwd
ahout wlih ruMlrlctlona aa to niaka it
ii mure farwi.
Ill antwer to a .telanliona Imiulrv
till inoinluit for hU aide of tho tm
Mr. Howard aiworted that n inlauu
duratutiitlliK lind ar1ion aa lo hi
Mtatamtut made at the tnratlnc of
iho Wntor I'Mem on July ZS. ' llw had
no iRiuatlon. he Mid. to onen lib
lK)okn to itn h iidl t Miieh aa tho Mirlii
tton now eroina to m iilnniilnx. Not
only ha would not havo nuthoilty n
do tula hut h cohIiI not anlijwt th
nimtmiir to the okuohihi that would
i Incident in hi. ajmmlnntlon In
wlilrli hla Plarka and book kNtr
would lw li ponatant uaa. He ha
told the director, he aay. that If
they will Indicate In writing Juit
went ther want to kHOw frmo the
romiMHy'a twioka he will unbuilt their
atntomettt to hi director and then
Inform the water ur what thwy
may have.
Trn IVr Ctinl IVnnlly on Tiiir Xot
IV Id by SririnlM'r flrt.
IMtlN'KVIM.K. Aug. IB. Counlr
Trooiiunr Itnljdi Jordan annouacea nil rn iMat..r.t,. nmianl I'm ml war,
rant iti lo anil Inclinl-im Uk. No.
nx will kn iwlil when irintml. In.
terent (tniHi AiiRURt 27. I OH
He alto again eull nttuutlon to the
fart that n ten nor rent iionnlty bo
eoinoe duo on nil titxoa uiimld 8etH
tember flrt.
Tliu Coiiuimrrlnl tilub la nrranglng
attractive (linrtera In llio Johmon
tatlldlNK on Wall atroet. The larne
atoro room, on the aouth Vide of the
building, haa been aecurml. the city
waving part of the rent and alao
Holding enuncll meet fug ihre. The
Club la Inatalllng romrnrtabh rhalti
mid other furnllMr. and idana in
maintain a room not unit for nuhltr
meotlne of all klnda. hut one that
alo will prove a comfortable nlao
for people to gat bar.
In ronnectlou with the new co
operative car rate from Central Ore
hh point to Portland on hoc. J. r
llnrtlr of the Orouon Trunk esplaln
that thla rale, which wh nut into of
fer! by both DuMhtitos Vallev Hao.
appllea on no routo except Ihoee 1 1
Central Oregon. Tlio onrlond rat
aiuil'ea from the first point where
shipment ere rocelvod. and the hIiIp
pera ara dob It ml with a charge of
$7.60 for each auheoauent atop where
more hog are plnead In tie car.
Till Vcnr Tliiw Wpip .$"! l.ntilp.H
.Mit. O. H. HikUoii Won, Cup for
Hwt (Jencnil l).iy 4iiIIim
fii-rvo lti'fiiilnaciil, 'fu AM.
The third annual flower ahow. held
under the i)ddB gf thu l.dbM li
brary Club, wng gold Saturday, and
in attoiidaiHH'. aumlw t etrle and
beauty of the flowflra dlaplayad pror
ed the largest and moat ucceaaful
yet held. In all there were 173 In-
oiviuuai entrio. aa agalnat M for
iai year, mm more iiihu loo price
were awarded for cut llowera, boalde
inany ror vegetable and for chll
dreu' iixbllilt.
Till ywir thu llinblem Club cup for
tho mottt attractive 'general dlaplav
of cut (lower m won by Mra. C.
. IliidMon. Mr. R. A. Smith wn
awarded cecond prlie and In addltl n
roally carried off the taurola of the
ahow. for nhe won even flmt urim.
and four seconda, a well a alx flralal
in vegeiniue eslilbtl. Mr. Putnam
won eeven firata and fire tconri..
A large crowd gathered at the
Mean building from two o'clock until
len. ItefroKliHiontM wm nerved an I
the receipt from thla and aalc of
flower brought In $6t 7o to the Li
brary. Tho ludgoa were Mr. More.
houe. Mr. K. A. Oehmo of Portland.
a aleler of Mr. .1. A. ICante. and
I). Itarne of Laldlaw.
There were ao many exhibit, anl
many of them were o large, that
when alt worn In place many wero
crowded, making It (iirtlcult to JHdge
and hard to properly duiiday aome of
tho exhibit, n fault which will be
overcome noxt year by providing
more tabic.
Itelow I tho complete llL of tho
prlie winner:
8 wept Peae: lied, 11 Mr. K. A.
Smith. 2nd Mr. K. A. Hmlth: White.
Int. Mr. Kumt. 2nd. Mr. K. A.
8111IO1: Lavender. 11 Mr.' . A.
Hmlth. 2nd. Mr. Putnnm: Pink. lt
Mr. H. A. Smith. 2nd. Mr. Purer;
lllue. let. Mr. II. A. Smith. 2nd Mm.
Putnnm: Salmon, let. Margaret
ThoniHHin. 2nd. Mr. Wtlkoy. Oroat
ot variety, Mnrsnro? Tliompnon. 2nd
Mr. K. A Hmlth. llot bunch. old
color. 1 Mnrgnret ThomtMon, 2nd
Mr. Kumt. Ilct wcot tioaa rcgard
! of color. 1L Mr. Overturr. 2nd
Mr. Tlioinnron. Porennlal iiena, let
Mr. Ultla. 2nd Mm. Vlnyard.
IltMee lied. !t Mrg. Oorturf. 2d
Mr. Thoraen: Ptnk. let r. Mat
tek. 2nd. Mr. Maddoek: Yellow, or
Cream, lat Mr. Iludnon- Bwt col-
1 lecilon. 11 Mt. J. N. Hunter. JnJ
Mr, inne.
Panalea lt. Mr s. v.. Uoliert.
2nd. Mr. Wllkey Arttmic arranae
inent of Pansle let. Mr. Hobort.
2nd, Mr. Overturr. Honorable men
tion. Mrs. Mclntoah.
Pink, regnrdle of color Double
1st Mr. K. A. Smith. 2nd. Mrs. He
rein: Single. Ibi Mr, nyram, 2nd
Mr. Putnam.
Carnation Ned. no on trie:
While 1. Mr Vlnvnrrt nd Mr.
Ilyram: Pink, Int. Mr. Wllkey. 2nd
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A Complete Stock to
Choose from
Bend Hardware
Haul flldo Mini Hoy The Old Timer
uru Lining t'p I'or County Division
Ho llpJlctPM Muto Will Curry
In Kiiit KhiI of Vok County
"I favor county dlvurio. I believe
It will aarry. Over in my taction v.
will got a good majority, uhmmm I am
greatly mlataken." No acid K. II.
Knox of Pot, Democratic candidate
for tliu ofUce of Hbertff.
Mr. Knox added tnnt be bellavM
It I only fair that tho people of the
old county give the move the rofiiflr
d 3;, mr rent vote, o that thoo la
tho now territory may havo ti fair
opportunity to get the new county, If
thoy want It. or remain, if they want
"If the majority of the voters moat
affected want dlvtolon. they ahould
have It." raid Mr. ICuox. He added
that he believed the move will re
ceive a majority vote In old Crook
county, while of courao aaeured or
great anpport In tho northern end.
In Jeffereon comity.
Mr. Knox and other bring the
new that all the "Old Timer" seem
to bo lined up for division. In the
pt they have felt that the time wae
not ripe for the move, but now the!
are convinced that It I wise for all
concerned to let the weat aide dis
trict conduct their own affair.
.Mr. Knox homo la about 30 mllea
aoutheaRt of Prlnevllle. He spent
Friday hare, meeting many local
men. He will bane his campaign on
strict law enforcement and promt
of economic admlalstratlon. should
lip Im elected. Mr. Knox is himself
a heavy taxpayer.
Coiitriiets DniMii for T lreaWrck
Mali S4-rlc to Mllllrun.
WASHINOTOX. Aug. 20. Special
mall sorvlco has been ordered discon
tinued August 31 from itend .0
Ilrothor. Hold to Dry Lake and Itend
to Mllllcun.
Four year contracts have bcea
mndo for Star sorvlco from Brothers
by Mlllloan to Horn! twlee n week;
Dry Lake to Hold, twice a week.
Joo TpkaHiHi KuctuiiiIm White Walk,
lug to lleud from I-aldlmv.
The lody of Joe Tokampa wan
found early Sundav morning on the
road between llend and Utdlaw.
where he had fallen and died aa the
result of an appoplectlc stroke. Kx
amlnation by physicians at the Cor
oner's inquest showed thnt a dot ut
blond had formed on the left side jf
the brain, enunlug practically instan
taneous death.
Tokamim. who Is a net-man, was
walking from Camp C on the Tumal-i
Project toward Hend. when death
overtook him. Coroner Polndexter
and Dr. Ilosenberg cam over In the
Sheriff's car before uoon Sunday, a
I'mlt I Xot on Committee, n Minted
iiHi.ln Agalnt Kffort to
Plnro Club on Itcronl In .Matter.
The Ilullpttn ntatod last wook that
It wae understood Hiram B. Prntt of
the Crook County High School wa
on a Prlnevllle Commercial Club
comnilttee organised to fight county
divtslon. Thl wa wrong. Tka
th'rd member of the committee, with
John Iloll, and A. It. Bowman, hi C.
M. rtlklH. Word had come to fknt'l
that Mr. Pratt was one of the leader
fn the "roar" agalnat division, and
that he was making strenuous effor'a
11 IMI KM iBiUHAUilanl MHillilMla
started agalnat J. F. Ulanehard. be
cause the latter had pledged his sup
port to division. However, The Bul
letin thla morning received a lettar
from Mr. Pratt In which he says h?
,ha no knowlodg" or any move to
bring out an Independent candidate
for county commieeloner.
It I slated on good authority thnt
the Prlnevllle Commercial Club Is
harlnic a huge row over tho division
matter. Apparently some of the
ntetnbf rs got togother and passed res
olution coniloainlng the move, a re
ported In The llulletln lnt week.
Now others who favor It declare that
such action was ill-advlscd. and re
sent tho fact that some especially In
terested persons sliould plunge the
Institution Into the fight and attempt
to spread the linproeelon that Prlne
vllle hi unanimously against the di
vision move. when, as a matter of
fact, It seems pretty well divided.
Hnrry Ktcwnrt Obliged to Pay Court
Coot In Com? Sat unlay.
Tho ownership of a pair of white
chaps that had graced the legs of
Harry Stewart for the iiest few
months was decldod In Justice Bas
tes' court on Saturday. According
to n lurv thov linloncnd to I). I.ntrn
and he now become the cbap wltlii
tne cyapd.
According to the evidence I .owe
lost the chaps last fall. A short time
ago he saw Stewart wearing what ho
thought wore his furry legs and
brought tho suit to recover them.
Stewart proved the purchase from
Willis Noland for $10. X&land hai
left the country, but evidence wo
brought out to the effect that be got
the chap from an uncle In Pendleton
aa a Chrlatmas present. Charles E.--aklnn
was attorner ror Lowe, and If.
1L D Armond fir Stewart. The
case was tried In JuiIro Bastes' court,
and the Jury brought In a verdict ror
Lowe, ordering the- cbape. returned ti
blm and Stewart to pav costs. - The
chapa. It Is understood, were worth
about $17. and the court cost were
SBo. The Jurv was composed of Dick
Vaadavert, Dennla Carmodv. Ttav
Lambereca. Frany May, J. P1 John
son and It. M. Mlntor.
Arrnngemonta have Just Iteen com
pleted for a ball game with the Prlne
vllle team to be plaved on the Bond
street grounds en Sunday afternoon.
A dance for the benefit or the local
tfrani will be given at Bather's lUil
Saturday night.
m FiiW rtjf
15e First National Bank
U. V. COB, Tresldent K. A. SATHER, Vice- President
C. a HUDSON, Cashier
Capital fully paid $S5,0K
Surplus iiiSGi
The American Bankers Travelers Ghecks
are not now issued by the Banks, owing to
the war.
If you are going away secure one of our
which may be cashed at Hotels, Banks and
other places without identification.
Sums may be obtained on them as needed,
saving the danger of carrying currency, and
buying drafts.
We do not make any charge for them and
you will find they are very convenient.
- - . .
U. C.Cou E. a.Sathkk ". s. Hudson
O. M. Pattkhson H. f . Et.r.13
fee 'QSCf KBKlr SHV 'OS?!? XSOTO
Moot Important Chc I Thnt or Heii
ry Mcliimelt, Who Killed Avery
HeogKln Mel'licixm mnl yttf
Ibinlcl nrc up for Itetrtul.
PRINHVILLOC, An. 21 -With Uie
heaviest criminal docket in view n
tho history not only of Crook coun
ty, but of tne Seventh Judicial Dis
trict, circuit court will convene here
Tuesday, September S, In a little
more titan two weeks. There will he
three murder trial aloao whleh will
strain the prosecuting attorney's of.
flee to tho utmost, throwing more
work upon that official than has cvr
boon the lot of a public prosecutor in
tho district.
Aside from the nurdor trials. John
McPherson. who was nwerded a new
trial lif Ihn uin,AMA ... Mf i..
...... ., .av siiiuini; IUUII, Hl OIM
pear for trial. Jack Harper, who ws
secretly Indicted for a statutory of
fense at the March term, and was ap
prehended at Freewater. will Bland
trial, while titer nro a number of
defendant that have been hold to
the grand Jury In which new Indict
ments will, no doubt, be returned
Court will not adjourn for three or
tour weeks.
Of most Interest, perhaps. Is the
Scoggln esse. Henry McDowell is 1 1
the county Jail held without bonds
on a charge or murder la the fir:
dogrco ror shooting: Avery Scoggtn
at tho breakrast table on July 31,
the details or which were given at
tho time of the miinlnr It ( live
ly that eminent counsel will be cm-
piojcu uom uy me state and the de
fendant ror this trial. In connection
With this cone, nn TiiMdnir nt Ihla
week Mrs. Mollle B. Seoccin. widow
of Avery Seoggln, was arrested,
charged with being Jointly rcsposl
ble with Henry McDowell for th
death or Scoggln. She was bound
over to the grand Jury aer a hear
ing before Justice of tho Pea en A. It
Bowman. She wns represented bv
N. G. Wallace, who defending Hen
ry McDowell, -H. s. Wilson of-Pen-land
will defend botli on trial In the
circuit court, it Is understood.
The evidence showed merely that
Mrs. Scoggln and McDowell had a
conversation a minute before the
trogedy. McDowell left her on tlw
front porch within n few feat of th
place whore hor husband was mur
dered, went up stairs after the rltt
and returned and killed her husband
Her attitude since the shooting bai
been one of protection and delen
of McDowell rather than sorrow at
her hualiand's demise.
It. G. Sheldon is in Jail, charge
with murder In the first degree fo.
poisoning his Infant son only a fe
hours old by giving It laudanum. Thn
Saoldons reetdod at the Compton &
Dee sawmill on Willow Creok at the
time or thS crime, whleh was last
Gavlord McD&nlel. who shot and
killed Herman Poch December 31.
112. will be retried for murdor t
the second degree the supreme court
having awardad him a new trial. M-
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WKC iJ K?0 fXYJ"etma
fTA rTlsj (:W (ftzi (Tk
'S jifvi firursi wjsi fPux ,y3v tvi'j