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    M'jJAGE '
(I'ubtliAicd Every Wednesday)
.j George palmer putnam
Editor and Publisher.
Assoclato Editor.
An Independent newspaper stand"
lug tor the squnro dent, clonn busi
ness, clean politics and the best In
terests of Rend nnd Central Oregon.
to havo the state call on the Irriga
tion company to repair the flume ami
If It falls to do so, call on the surety
company U pay tho bond. It It pnys
without suit wo should call tho bond
u good.
Whether tho bond Is good or, not
we should bo Inclined to agree with
Mr. howls that tho settlors aro not
as woll off ns they would bo If thu
state held cush Instead of tho bond.
We obaervo that tho surety company
Insisted on cash to make Itself sntu.
uno year IllBO ,
Sis months so;
Thrco months...., G0J'
All subscriptions aro duo and".
Tho growing friendliness between
tho town of Rend nnd tho town of
Sisters, ns Indicated by the Rend sub
scrlptlons to tho Sisters Fair, tho
II BUUBUIJIUIUUB 1W uuu "-' .l...lw..l.. ..- u ..,.. .I.,,. ....
PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. Not ces.or -!,"!'", ,u" , Y , .. '" . """"" nr mnilp.l unbserlbers nnd'Hcnd day nnd the attempts mudo lo-
If renewal Is not made within reason
able time tho paper will bo discon
tinued. Please notify us promptly of any
change of address, or of lallure to re
ceive tho paper regularly. Otherwise
no' will not bo responsible for copies
Mako all checks and orders pay'
bio to Dend Rulletln.
"From time to tlmo during --
tho coming weeks The Rulletln -
will publish tables of figures
bearing on tax matters In Crook
county and In tho proposed Dcs- -
chutes county. Every voter Is
""rirgCii to presence these figures
arid make a special study of
them In coming to his decision
on the question of how to vote
on county division. Tho matter
of Uses Interests everybody. In
order to make no mistakes a
thorough understanding of tax
matters Is necessary. When --
they are understood no one will
oppose Deschutes county for -
fear of higher taxes.
The circular to the C O. I. Co.
.water users issued last week seems at
this time to bo particularly unfor
tunate. The direct assertion Is made
that tho Central Oregon Irrigation
Company Is dissipating the assets of
the company In falling to expend
maintenance fees on the upkeep of
the system and the whole tone of the
circular Is hostile to the comany.
It Is unfortunately true that all
nartles connected with the regrega-
tion have been at war for some time,
but whatever has been believed as to
the company's use qf maintenance
fees, has been only aurmlsed. No
facts save been known. At the meet
ing hero on July 2S the attorney for
the water users waa extremely care
ful to say that IP the maintenance
fees were being; Improperly spent the
settlers had cause forcomplaint. Ho
did not assert that they were so
speak. His wbolo statement as to
the 'settler's rights was based on an
assumption, and he took particular
paIns';to make It clear that It was
only an assumption.
The manager of the company In re
ply.asiertcd that the assumption was
not' correct that It was not Justi
fied by the facts, and he offered to
open the books of the company to an t
examination In proof of bis state-1
Now, without having the Invcsti-j
gatlon made to discover the exact
facta this circular announces without
qualification that the charge Is true
and the assumption a statement of
Whether It is true or not we do
not know, and we doubt very much
whether the directors know, or can
know, prior to the examination of
the books offered by the company.
That is the next step to be taken and
It should be taken as soon as pos
sible. It Is to the company's Interest
that It be done as much as to the
water users and In the meantime
whatever Is responsible for the alle
gations of the circular should see
to It that ttiey are withdrawn.
The Issue as to the bond between
Mr. Howard and Mr. Lewis seems to
be very clearly drawn. Both agree
that a bond Is on file but they differ
as to its worth.
It must be confessed that one who
attended the meeting referred to
above came away with the under
ttandlng that the companv had pledg
ed S2S.000 lircash for the repair or
tbe'flume when necessary. Mr. How.
ard talked'of a "cash bond" and even
snoke of the' bank In Portland where
the money wns on deposit. Without
wishing in the least to Impugn hU
root lyes we venture pa hay-41iathere one who nttended-the-mee't-lng
who did not understand him to
mean' that this money on deposit was
tholjond In question available at any
moment for the repair of the flume
in case of the company's Inability to
do bo: It now appears that there Is
no cash bond In the meaning un
derstood by Mr. Howard's hearers
but that there Is a suretv company
bond In the penal sum of $25,000.
-The issue as to whether or not the
bond Is cash Is too trivial for consid
eration. No sane man would say there
was a cash bond In this case meaning
Just that, and we are unwilling to
convict Mr. Howard of having said
what'ho did In an attempt to mislead.
There was a misunderstanding.
On the other hand Mr. Lewis is
not to be understood as saying that
the company has not put up on un
dertaking called a bond slened with
it by a Burety company. The thins
Is there, whatever it may bo called.
The one question Is as to Its value to
th,e settlers. When, Mr. Lewis says
there1 Is no bond he' means none of
any value. That Is whqro Mr. How
ard and Mr. Lewis disagree. ,
Aside from legal opinion" as to the
value of the bond the only way the
question will ever be settled will be,
colly to nld in the road work on tho
McKonilc pass, Is worthy of npoolal
mention. Llfo Is too short to spend
nny-of It In petty, local Jealousies nnd
quarrels, and when an nctlvo friend
ship springs up. even though there
was no III will preceding. It Is worthy
of record. ,
It Is worthy of record, too, that ono
Sisters merchant Is outdoing every
ono else In giving assistance to tho
fair as shown by the following from
the Sisters Herald:
"The offering of moro thon $Sd
worth of special prlios for tho Sla
ters Pair, togother with $25 In cash
donated and two shares of stock sub
scribed for by Robt. Smith la worthy
of more than ordinary praise. The
merchant who is liberal with his do
nations In Vipport of n cause as wor
thy as the Sisters Pair Is sum o
reap his reward nnd Is deserving of
liberal patronage from nil who are
Interested In tho upbuilding of the
It must bo confessed that If? was
wholly out of & desire to help tho
now creamery that we urged the use
of Rend butter last week. Since
then we have eaten some and now
we recommend as well ns urge Its
use. It Is good.
(Port Rock Times.)
Twice during the past week tho
mail has arrived In Port Rock at J
p. m. This Is bringing the mall from
Portland In 20 hours, tho fastest time
ever made on this line. Tho reason
for the fast tlmo Is that tho Wenandy
Company has been using two trucks
and ono touring. car to carry the mall.
The trucks arrlvo here from 6:30 to J
p. tn., while the touring car which.
comes ever third day has been mak
ing the record runs. Beginning July
15th. the government allowed the
company to change tno running time
out of Sliver Lake and only two
trucks will be used, at least during
the good weather
llctul Mervlmnts Miihscilho llnmU
homely to Misters Knlr,
Tho following from the SIkIoih
Horuld of July 20 shows tho complete
list of subscriptions to thu Sin torn
fair obtained by tho fair mnnngomout
In Dend, ns well ns Indicating the ap
preciation of tho Slaters' people of
their reception horot
"A trip to Rend on Saturday by
P. L. Shnw, president of tho Sisters
Pair, whs rewarded by additional do
nations, both In cash and special
prizes. Thu spirit of tho Rend mer
chants m shown towards the Sisters
Pair Is worthy of moro than ordinary
praise. Tho following Is tho coiuplote
list or liund donntors to unto:
Plrst National Rank $35.0')
Tho Rend Company 10.00
The Itend Bulletin 2.00
R. M. Smith Clothing Co 5.00
Deschutes Stnto Rank A. 00
Patterson Drug Co 2.00
A. L. French, clothier 6.00
Skuse Hardware Co. 3.00
Bond Hardware Co 5.00
W. W. Pnulkner, dentist 1.00
O'Donnell Bros., butchers .... 5.00
W. C. McCulston. grocer . . . . 2.00
Bort Shuey, grocery 2.00
Mnnnheltuers, dry goods .... 2.00
Bend Milling & wnrchouso Co.
1 Itbl. flour
L. II. Shaw, flour nnd feed. . . 2.00
Clias. Boyd, butcher 2.00
E. A. Snther, dry goods and clo
thing, merchandise 3.00
Mannhelmor Bros., 1 pair Walk Over
C. V. Thornthwalto. harness
1 bridle 3.50
R. M. Smith Clothing Co. 1 hat
Bend Hotel, HBlil. of Bond Hour.
Bend Hardware Co. 1 Universal Pood
Bond Milling & Warehouse Co.. 2
Bbls. of flour to bo given as special
The Nyal Storo. Owl Pharmacy 2.00
A. L. French Clothing. Anything
In merchandise, value 3.00
The Miller Lumber Co 2.0O
Patterson Drug Co. merchandise 3.00
E. M. Thompson, furniture,
rocker 5.00
With the distinction of having
been tho first to take an auto to Lava
lake P. T. Munroo and party, of Cross
Keys, passed through town on Mon
day on their return. They had sptnt
n week In the woods enjoying plenty
of fish and gnmo of all kinds, while
Sunday night they shot a benr. Tho
trip to the lake wns mado from Crane
Prairie, tno party cutting out a road
Easy For Alltni to Acqulrt CItlxsn
ship In Ennlsnil.
A large number of aliens become
British subjects every year by taking
advantage of the iinturnlhtntlou art.
The process of taking out iintiiriiliut
Hon papers In England Is delightfully
simple. An application can ho put
throughrlii n couple of weeks If good
mid sufficient tent-ous ran be shown,
while (ho average time elapsing be
tween application for a certltleiite of
ntitunillxntlon mid the granting of per
uilxHtoii to tile the oi. tli of nlhtghinco to
the king with thu home office, which
automatically confers llrltbii cltlxeti-
ship, Is only about eight weeks.
The niilurnllr.atlou net of 1870 re
quires that the applicant shall Imvo
rvHldcd In the Culled Kingdom ut least
fixe yean ami slmil Inlrud. when nnt
urallicd, to continue to reside here.
The lease of u honc or nu apartment
Is Hiitllcleut to cstnhlNi legal recldence.
The lamlUird'M word I taken us sulll
dent proof. The ntilcnnt has merely
to 1)11 In n blank with the detail of his
residence nnd other Information mid
have the fmts as to lilt re-Idem o veil-
fled by one Brltlxh subject, white the
applicant's respectability and loyalty
must bit vouched for by others, lie
then lllc the application with n 1 fee
at the home olllce.
A sieelnl Scotland Yard detective h
nsalgucd to Inquire Into the ruse and
examine till the statements on the ap
plicant's memorial. Three month Is
allowed him In which lo make his re-
ort. but n few week usually sulllee.
If the application In pasmtl another
fee of '- In required. The applicant
then has permission tn file his oath of
allegiance, which concludes the proc
ess. Loudon Tit-Bits.
Buster Brown
a it i. nnv nn tor their machine. Those who made
auto truck will leave every morning, tho f'P ?cro M.r; nn,d u Munroe
Sunday Included, at each end of the and daughter. Miss Veda Belts and
ninety mllo run. The change of time
of leaving Silver Lake brings tho
mall from Lakevlew to here In 26
hours. Only a few weeks ago this
was a three day trip.
EUGENE. July 29. Petitions for
the creation of a now county out of
the western end of Lane have been
In circulation for the past three
weeks In the district affected, but
little has been beard of them, the
committee desiring to work quietly
until enough signatures were obtain
ed to ascertain whether or not it
was a popular measure. It la said
that the people of the lower Sluslaw
are signing; it almost unanimously.
Bend Butter Is Best on Bread.
Burt Hanna.
T,he'6pcn sessbn for deer began on
August' I'anll continues until October
31.' "DUring'tho' season 'three dojr
with horns may be killed by each
hunter "who has a license. By ar
rangement wlthi the county clerk li
censes may be procured from -J. A.
Eastes In Bend and from George A.
Altken In Sisters. Several have
made short trips, from town since
the first of the mnnth'jn the. hope nf
bringing back, some yenlson but to
rar no lucx nss been reported. All
hunters are Warned against the dan
ger of setting fires.
Hottl Room Kays.
A locksmlUi employed In one of New
fork's largest hotels explain! tlielnrk
system of lbs house, saying I list thetv
were. 1,500 rooms In the hotel with In
dividual keys, each of which will open
only the lock It was made for. The
"master key." however, will open or
lock all of the doors In the hotel, and
the "emergency key," besides doing
this, will lock a door so that no otbvr
key will mien IL The "mssttr key"
and the key msde eclally for any
one of tno doors are useless after the
"raergeocy key" bus locked the door
With It a man may be locked In or out
cf his room, and If so be will remain
locked In or out until the "rtprrgency
key" la used sgsln. It sets a lock so
thst no other key can turn It Nw
York limes.
fjraPws. rSw.
Are Made for Healthy, xFun -Loving
Boys and Girls-
A child's shoe gets tho hardest wear possible,
but vc enn offer you a shoe thnt will, on account
of the toughncM of the soles, the high grade of the
uppers, and the reinforced stitching and careful work
manship, give greater wear than any other brand
we know.
Aik for Huitcr Brown
Shoes if you would get
Shoes like this for your
children. Madttbv Brown
Shoe Company, Inc.
Bargains In granlteware.
Hardware Company. Adv.
1 cent a word
AdvrrtlseawiiU inserted sailer this
heading: at the rate of ONE CK.NT A
WOIID each Insertion. Ciuh must
accompany all orders front persons
not having a regular account with
The Hullrtin. No adrertlncment tak
for less thtn 15 centa each Insertion.
FOIl BA1.K Full blooded llarrcd
Hock last year's hens, whllo they
last for $1.00 a piece. It. Dartlett,
c-o Metropolitan. I'Otf.
KOIl BALK Improved relinquish
ment, 20 miles from llend. Inquire
llullelln. 19-3Sp
KOIl 8ALK A first class relin
quishment, 1C0 acres under the
Swalley Dlloh, 25 water shsres mure
If desired. 30 acres Improved, nno
crop potatoes, 13,500 work, cash
paid out. $3000 gets It or will tako
crop 2&00 or one half (80 acres)
relinquishment 11200, If bought
quick, need the money, worn out. K.
J, Ilogers, Lsldlaw, Oregon. IVtf
FOIl BAI.K Improvements and re.
llnqulshment on 130 acres on Tumalo
Project House, all fenced. S good
wells, 3 private ditches. Will take
$300 cash or a good team and wag.
on. K. T. Oreen, Laldlaw, Oregon,
Camp C. 19-3:p
FOIl BALK Cheap. Tv,o single
beds. Inqulro llullelln orttcn, 17tf
FOIl BALK Ueglslered O. I. t.
pigs. Phone or write O. O. Card
well, Ilond. I3tr
FOIl BALK flood horse, weight
about 1300 pounds. 7 years old. In
quiry Bhuoy s Grocery. 17lf
FOIl BALK (Hack Minorca eggs
for setting, $1.35 for 13, I.eave or
ders at Bather's store. ltfe
I.08T White setter dog. Notlfv
Ilulletln omco. It
BTItAYEO-rKsrly In May, larfi
red row with twin calves. Cow brand
ed MP on right hip. Calves branded
A. It. Also one yearling ntflfer, dark
red, branded A. II. on left hip. In
formation requested. Address W
M. Arnold. 30.32,i
quire Bulletin.
work fpr her board.
aa janitor. In
2220p school girl to
Inquire of J. II.
Etoerta Peaches for
; . it
Shuey's CashjQrocery
' . ,i .
FOR IlENT Three room furnish
ed house. Inquire at Metropoli
tan. 22c.
FOIl IlENT G room modern bun.
gnlow on 8th street. I,. D.
WIcst. 2022p
FOIl SALE Jersey cow. sell, or
trade, for gentlo horse. Annlv a
W. Bnyder, 3 k miles south of Lald
law, Oregon. sotf
FOIl RENT Two small furnished
houses near school house. 8. II.
Hogln, over Deschutes Hank. 20tf
FOR RENT Three room house,
furnished. Also three room houe
unfurnished. Apply Metropolitan. 20tf
FOR RENT Suite of threo mod
orn housekeeping rooms. J. J,
Klein. I8tf
FOR RENT Two room cabin,
partly furnished. $6 per month. Dend
Grocery, Ono block east of depot. 9tf
FOR RENT Small house partly
furnished. $5 a month; also tent
houso adjoining. Near depot. In
quire at Ilulletln. 48tf
FOR RENT OHlces on Wall street
very cheap. Apply Ilulletln Ofllce.
FOR RENT Rooms centrally lo
cated. Electric lights and water.
Suitable for housekeeping. Cheap,
Apply Ilulletln Olllce.
FOR RENT Two room suites-furnished
for light bouse keeping.
Hcnkle ft Ryan. 12tf
HAVING bought the
Nixon Express from J.
M. Judd I will continue
the management of
same as formerly
FOR, BALE Gasoline stove and
oven. Inqulro qt Ilulletln. 22c.
- -FOR flAl'EV TRADE For Hand
property, 80 acres partly Improved In
YIIlamette valley. O. V. Sllvls. 22-23c
FOR BALE Voung cow, $65. J.
II. Shouse. 22p
FOn SALBt-Horeo and buggy,
$05. George (lutes at post ofllce. 22c
FOR SALE 0 head tuberculosis
tested milch cows; 3 head 2 year old
heifers; 10 bond of heifer and bull
calves, 0 to 8 months old. Don't
write unions you mean business, VA.
A.' Ilerg, Gist, Oregon, ' 22-2S c.
FOR SALE Two high grade Jer
seys, three year old mare, Red chick
ens. Laldlaw post ofclce. 22-23 n
A Concrete ""
In 1914 would bo out of placo. It would bo
a few years ahead of the times. Not so how
ever with concrote I'LOOHH, BIDEWALKH,
Etc. No material la choapnr or more durablo
for these pnrposcB than CONCRETE." ' '
And when you buMd of CONCRETE, use
only tho best cement, sand and gravel. It la
cheapor In tho end.
Wo can supply you with, tho proper aliee
of washed sand and ocrcened gravel for your
particular purpose Ask for quotations.
Bolton, Ruetenik- & May
FRANK MAY, MRr. Bend, Ore.
Olllce witli Hold. II. Gould, Deschutes " .
Hank UnlMlng.
'Concrete I'ltlimitcly, Why Not Now?"
'ULL -. . fAltttTOKll PI
fflbyiAW AllfSmiCA"SA
r. rr; i;..k
mmmmmam mmmmmmmmapGfmi
mZcimA T "i II TkBVIUMHfr