The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 05, 1914, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin
Vol. All.
HK.N'ir, oitniON, whiini.hda v ai ti:iioo, awicht n, ji t,
S6. :
rio dlit nut got diit nn)- llferiiturn
Wo Mitlimltlcil llio limttdr to the peo
thereafter set aside 1180,000 to h
used in reclamation work here, the
ple mill tlmy votod on the fitimitluii.
Wo urguod that we could aeotiru hot.
tor roRiiltH, mid morn economical ad
ministration of our affair In n hum).
lor county, not het'inii.o tho people
worn more honest, but Hint tho ofll
corn In u HinnllHr county would be
donor lo tho iiooplo."
general understanding being that atlll
othor funds would be forthcoming If
mo aiaio woum join on a co-opera
tlvo basla.
It now seoms that Secretary Lane'-
unuerstnnding or local needs will be
of no nvall unra ho la nblo to make
them clear to CongreM.
nfinritipc cnriM
(Continued on pngo S.)
Jhtrridx front Letter Olvmi -Hlgu-vrn
HI 111 Coming More Ton Fig
ure (,'ollrt'tnl for Ibwrttt of
Voter Hliim-.Vearly fiiutrau
Alifiuiigh tlio lint ruxti of Nlgiwa
for tho county dlvlilon iiotltlou '
over tho past week hna tm a atrady
luorcufco in tho number uf-uamp.oii
l tin iiotltlou. Ilcsldenl of outlyliiK
jKirl of tho now county tiftyo madu
it point, on coming to town, to o
', member of tlio commltlQO and
sign, mid n tiunihor of those who wore
unwilling to sign when tho niHttor
vfuk, tlrt presented to them Imvii
coma to noo tho desirability of tho
move nnd harn added their names to
tlio llm.
Work on tlio collection of data
hearing on tho micstlon Of division
rflntlmii'H uiiil will ultimately ho plao-
oil hoforo duo voters In a hpo
convenient for rororrnco and atudv.
All ro anxious to secure facta nod It
U facta that will bo pretinntod.
Thut olhur section of tho north'
wl where dlvlilon of counties lues
been inndo In tlio pant am satisfied
with the results nnd would ho un
willing to return to former condi
tion Indicated by letter received
4lurliiR tho punt week. Knowing Hint
now count Ion hnd been created In
different purl of Idaho In tho past
few year let torn of Inquiry n to tho
rttftult wore Rddrmtaod to prominent
men In I hone unctions. The answer
mi far received ore of the most favor
mIiIo character h In shown hy tho fol
lowing extract from letter from two
differ wit town.
AHitHionii Pall. Idaho. July 30.
"Wm have ywr favor of the JSnd
I11M.. relative to county division, and
1M reply thereto will My that we fin I
eunty dlvliluou In our sane n ureal
IwHeflt to all contented, and would
Hjit think of going Iwek to tho old
MHtl from which w wore separat-
"Wo Ihive found alnee our county
dlvMoH that Hit new county of
I'owitr took In inoro In recording foe
In tho eonnty recorder' o III en than
tho old oouuly of Oneida, from whleh
It wn eretitod, for a like period of
"W nhMufliut that our tax money
Ik iiwkI to a bettor advantage In a
smaller county thun n Urge- one. as
tt waa dlltlrult lie fore county division
to Kwuro nny eouMdernlile umoiint Jf
tax money for road purpoMM, and
thla In really the moat Important llei.i
that a county hn to doal with.
"Our lax levy In Power county laat
ear had the dlttinrtlon of holnR
third In the Htate. It helng d mllln,
aNd iKinie run aa hlxh aa 26 Mi
HexliurK. Idnho. Jijlv SSth. 1014.
'Itepl)1nn In your letter of tho 32d
wo are well pteaRcd with having ill
vlded our old cflffnty. Wo hellovrt
tlmt we will bo able to make a amnll
reduction In tax, after having paid
the trnnicrlhlng feci. And wo have
not the leant nouut that wo anall oo
ttbln to Rut belter reaulti. with mi
terlat reduction after t'.io ftrit yunr.
"Wo did not bavo any organlxed
cipivoBltlon to our now county, thorq.
II. I-'. Dyer and J. K. JoIiumui I In not
ood Cropa of ltye Unto t'orn,
IIomiiii mid ToniHtiMf. ComliiK On,
II. P. Dyer, a promlnont home
Hteador of the MIIIIoaii valley, came
Into town oti flaturdny with vlnlble
proof of tho fertility of tho aoll In
hla country, and of tho remit of In
telllgnnt dry farming.
Tim proof wna In the ahatie of n
big ahenf of rye produced In one year
after breaking ground on hi home.
atoAd, lu nil ho has hnd In thla year
nimut eight ncn of rye which w III
run from Ifi to SO buihel to the
acre. J. 19. Johnaou, n noliihhor of
Mr. Dyor'a, alto la mnklng n allowing
with rye thla year, having In aome 20
acred. He, too, brought In n aheaf
of hla grain to bo turned aver to tho
Commercial Club for exhibit In Port
land. Itye la not nil with Mr. Dyer. how.
over, for ho haa corn, hana and even
linnutoca that aro all going to bear
thla year, the flnit being nlmoat reodr
to furnUh their auppllea to the fain
ly tnblo. Tho tomatoea aro atlll
green hut aro expected to ripen aoon.
Iloth tho Dyor and tho Johnaon
grain havo been liar vented with a
binder, the flrtt to be operated lu the
Mllllcnn valley.
avery a. scoaaiN is
Mnll Contractor Itetwrcn I'rlnevllle
and I'Atillna Hliot by Henry 5Io-
HomcI itlio Tluii Teledione
Autlioritlm Mot've L'nknowtt
TltKAHl'ltHIt KAY lllilti:.
Htate Trcaaurcr Kay and family;
apent ycaterday afternoon and thlaj
morning In town. With rnomla they
are on a motor trip from Halem and
raino over the McKonzIo pant yeater
day morning. Hevornl of tho party
went over to the Metollua for a dny'a
flailing while Mr. Kny went down to
lildlaw for mi Inapcctlon of tho
Tuinalo work. He oxpreaeed hlmaelf
n greatly plouaed with tho way In
which the work la liolns done nnd tho
rxaulta being obtained. Thoae In tho
party aro Mr. nnd Mra. Kay and
daughter. Mra. J. A. Todd. Dr. II. II.
Ollngor and family nnd Dr. C. II.
Itoblneon nnd family, nil of ftalcin.
It waa decided nt the meeting of
the City Council laat evening to Join I
the Commercial Club la fitting up n
room ior mo joint uao oi iiiq council
nnd -the- Olulr eud arrangement lo
that end are to bo made at onee.
Other bualnoaa dono waa to order a
cement aldewnlk nn Wnll atreet from
Mnnnhelmer'a More to tho Hoaaon
mmww m. iiKiiis.
C(H)rge M llallev, of Philadelphia.
oronldent of the Xorthweit Tow unite"
Co , hla daughter. Pauline, and a
friend. Mlxa Strlbhllng, anent Monday
nail Tuoaday bore on thrlr return
from n trip to Palaloy where hla com-
pany nna tnveatmeuta. Mr lialley
KAld that In aplto of tho luutneM de-
preasinn hi company had void more
land In tho paat ear than In eor
8AI.KM. July 30. The 19H ap
portionment of tho Intercut on tho
atato common ichool fund haa Juit
been announced by 'State Treaaurer
Kay. in all a total or 1373.490.95.
bated on the achool population of
201,887 la distributed. Crook coun
ty a ahnro amounts to 10603.70.
Avery Q. Hcoggln, who haa hold
tho mall contract between I'rlnevllle
and Paulina for n numhr of yeara,
wb murdorod nt breakfaitHlmo laat
Friday morning on hla ranch noiir
Paulina by Henry McDowell, one of
hi drlvera.
Rcoggtn wn killed aa ho ant nt
the breakfnit table talking over aomo
bualiicM affair with George Taylor.
McDowell came Into tho room where
8cogg:n and Taylor were talking,
with a loaded Winchester. Ho ac
cused Bcoggln of making threats
against his life, which were denied
by Scoggln, according to Taylor.
Ho ordered Scoggln out of tho
room Into the yard and upon Hcog-
gin failure to do ns ho was bid Mc
Dowell raised hla gun and fired, tho
bullet taking effect Jual behind nnJ
a little below the right car, McDow
ell fired from behind.
The murdered man never morcd
from hi scat at the hreakfatt tahta
during the entire Incident. Tho im
pact of the Bullet was so great that
the head was almost entirely blown
from the body.
Sheriff Klklns. District Attorney
Wlrtz. County Physician Hoaenborg
and Coroner Polndexter wero noti
fied ! telephone of the crime by the
murderer hlmnelf who watted at the
place of the crime until the Author
ities arrived. The rorouer'a Jury
lodged a charge of murder lu the first
degree analiut .McDowell.
Rome boltexe that McDowell was
Infatuated with ScoKRln'a wife. At
the Inquest Mra. Kcoggln attempted to
Justify the act by Mating Hint for tho
moult prior to the crime, her hua
band, because of oxceaslve drlnklnc.
had threatened to kill her and all tho
ibxn employed on the place. At tho
time or the homicide. Scogglna had
no weapon about him larger than u
paarl handled pen knife. MoDowell
had In his poMieMlou tho only fire,
arm on tho place, which belonged to
Scoggln, the murdered man. Tay
lor waa an eye-witness to the tragedy,
although Mr. Soogcln waa on the
front poroh. Mrs. Taylor waa In nn
adjoining room and came In Immedi
ately aftor the tragedy nnd others
were about the house and nam.
Drcliulcfl Hnrtey Hnglocnt Making
I'lmil Bttidlo HcKirt on Tiimnlo
Cull tioon-Congreft Tnkea Pow
er from hecrrinry of Interior.
AIJ.KOIti) I'OltRim AllltlCSTIED
Acting on Instructions wired ly tho
sheriff of Alturat county. California,
a man named M. C. Donnell waa ar
rested by Deputy Sheriff Wonnndy In
Kedmoad Inst night nnd brought hick
to the Jail hero. It Is .understood
that Donnelly was formerly In tho ho
tel business In Fatrport, California,
nnd had recently tried tho bad check
game In Altura. He came to town
In an auto from tho south yesterday
and after stopping at tho Wonandy
barn to Inqulro the way to Hcdmond
wont on. Iater tho telegram came
and no wa overtaken In Kedmond.
John T. Whistler, In charge of tho
reclamation studies being oarrled on
In Oregon under Joint appropriations
of tho statu and tlio Keclamuttou Ser
vice, arrived lu town Friday to In
spect the work being done nt Laldla-v
and Crane Prairie. He left for tho
John Day country on Monday. State
Knglncer I-ewls accompanied Mr.
Whistler on a part of his trip.
Aitnotign tlio aurvey bad several
parties working last summer through
out thl country, making: toiionraoh
leal studies up and down tho river
and Investigations of reservoir sites
at different points, especially at Den
ham Fnlli?, It appeared, aa the resuPa
of their work wore checked up, that
wn iiiruiur invesnationa wero nec
essary, and crowa bavo been employ
ed with these this summer.
Some weeks ago Engineer Parkhlll
began further topographical work -it
!aldlnw and about the mlddlo of July
Knglneer Dopson, who waa In charge
ai iienuam rails lest summer, re
turned to town and later went on to
Crano Pralrlo to maka reservoir
studies thero. It Is their work that
Mr. Whistler la now Inspecting and
atso discussing with them question
ralsod by their studies to date. Fri
day ho spent at l.nldlaw, and on Sat
urday ho wont to Crano Prnlrlo with
Mr. IhjwIs. apendiug Sunday thero.
It la understood that nt l-aldlnw a
largo jtart of the work has boon in
connection with tho second unit of
tho Tutimlo Project, or the Wost Side
unit as it Is Bomotlmea called, which
the Reclamation Servlco is expected
to take up. According to K. Q. Hop
son, supervising engineer of the Ser
vice, the report on thl unit la now
almost completed, and ahould 18
ready for publication in about two
Mr. Whlstlor's report nn the whole
survoy will nut bo finished for sev
eral months jot. It I understood
that It will deal In a very largo and
comprehensive way with tho wntor
resource of the Deschutes valley nnd
oi tho other rivers of the atato which
have been Included In tho Survey.
Xcw Ijuv AfTrrtN Situation.
According to newn reports from
Washington an net s about to pass
Congress taking from tho Sooretory
of the Interior the jtowor to appor
tion funds for government reclama
tion work, nnd providing that her,
after annual appropriations from the
reclamation fund shall bo authorized
by Congress. Practically evory wes
tern member protested against tho
measure but It passed tho House and
1 expected to co through tho Sonata.
This will affect the local Irrigation,
whether seriously or not. dopendlng
on the attitude takon by Congress in
the fttturo In making appropriations
for local projects. It will bo romoni
bored that Secretary Lane visited
Central Oregon last summer and
Mcdfonl CongrcN OjjMned to Central
Oregon Itoule but Condition Point
to Jt nn Xntural filne of Highway
Because of statements to the effect
that (he Pacific Highway might run
through Central Oregon Instead of
tlio Willamette valloy Sam Hill, tho
Washington good road enthusiast,
camo In for a good deal of crltlolsm
at tho good road congress held at
Medford laat week.
Tho bettor condition of Central
Oregon roads, the coming completion
of the Columbia Highway and the un
willingness of the valley counties to
vote funds for roads wero given by
Mr. Hill as reasons why tho Pacific
route might better run on thla aide
of the mountains. As might bo sup
posed with tho meeting held In a
western valley town and delegates
present In ffrco from Willamette
valloy points tho suggestion was not
received with approval.
Judgo Worden of Klamath Falls
camo to the support of Mr. Hill and
according to a news report, "advocat
ing tho construction of a general and
comprehensive system of gravel and
macadam roads. Instead of n perma
nent herd surface highways, which ho
said southern Oregon could not af
ford at tho present time. Judge Wor
den said that If tho Willamette val
ley residents didn't hurry up and
come Into line thero would be a Pa
cific Highway from Klamath Falh
through Central Oregon to the
Columbia. The speaker maintained
that God had made a good road in
that section by laying out a country
with n natural grade, few streams to
croso or obstructions to overcome."
Iue ltaletl at Meeting of Water
User on July 2.1 la DIscussnMiy
Intercfttrd Parties Bond la Mur?
ety Company Obligation OnlylLi'
Item Hoys Win Suudny'a Game To
Play Sinters Xcxt Sunday.
The local ball team heat the team
from the Tumnlo again on Sunday,
this time by a score of 10 to 2. N'or
val Sprlngor pitched for Bond, allow
ing only two hits: Stoohr aud Hugheti
worked for the Tumalo team. Eleven
hits wore made by tho locals of which
Knlp nnd Stover were oach respon
sible for three. The two. teams, lined!
up ns ronowa. .
Bond Stover, a: Springer, n:
Steldl lb; Sproat 2b; Paul s.s.; Itud-
dell 3b; Kulp If: Hoke cf.; Stoldi rf.
Tumalo Scrogglns. c, Stoour and
Hughes, p. Perry lb, Hughes and
Stoehr 2b. Fleming m Armstrong
3b. Pulllam If, Lucas cf. Brandon
bergb, rf.
It was expeetod that the Sisters
team would bo hero to play on Sun
day but at tho last minute It was
found that they would be unable to
come. They are billed for next
Sunday, however, without fall nnd a
good game is oxpected.
tor the benefit of the Bond team a
dance will bo given In Sather' Hall
night to which all are invited.
Mr. ain3 MrWewlywred,
Siave up For a Home I
Jirst n, word to tho NEWLYWED3. Dear friends, we don't want to
PREACH to you, but we do -wish to lay SIMPLY and EMPHAT
not EASY, we know. The firet years of your new Hfe require most of
yotir money, which perhapi doei not como to you'as plentifully as it will
later. But save NOW. DON'T WAIT. It'll make you HAPPY.
A ''
Deschutes State Bank'
New Big
Game Guns?
CALL and Let Us SHOW the
Latest in
Hunting Season is Now Open
The new drinking fountains pre
sented to the city by the owners of
tho First National and Deschutes
bank property havo arrived and will
bo set up soon. One will be placed
on Wall atreet and ono on Bond.
Reaffirming hla former statement
that tho bond glvon by the Central
Oregon Irrigation Company for ITib
repair of tbe flume was not n.'iasju
bond State Engineer Lewis, on ,ty
recent vlait hero, squarely met. the
Issuo between himself nud Rosjop
Howard, of the Irrigation Company,
which was raised at the meeting of
tho water users In Bend on July 25.
As stated In Tbe Bulletin laat week
the particular question Is "whether
or not tho comnnnr has nut un n
126,000 cash bond for the rebuilding
of tho flume." Mr. Howard aaya,.(t
ha; Mr. LewJ any It has not. Sir.
lAjwi aiaiemanr is a ioiiows:
"I understand that at a meeting of
tho Water Users of tbe Central Ore
gon Irrigation Company held In Bend
on July 25th. II r. Howard stated that
a 125,000 bond baa been given by tbe
Irrigation company to Insure tho com-
fContlnued on last page.)
Various Lakes and Town In thl Sec
tion Visited Violator of Game
Lous Is Arrested and Fined.
Aftor a trip of Inspection taken la
company with a party of state QH
and game officials Clyde McCay re
turned to town last night with the
news that a fish hatchery to supply
the rivers and lake of this section
might be Installed In Bend by tho
state. Fish and Oame Commission
er B. K. Duncan, State Game Warden
O. II. Evans,- Master Fish Warden Jt.
E. Clanton and Deputy Warden Roy
Bremmer wero with Mr. McKay on
the trip.
Arriving hero on Thursday the
party went first to tho Metolius and
from there proceeded south taking
In Suttle nnd Bluo Lake. Prlngle
Falls. La Pino. Crescent. Odell, and
Crescent Lake. At Suttle Lako an
Investigation was made of a propo
s'tion to put la a spawn collecting
Ono unlooked for Incident of tho
trip waB the arrest of J. P. Cooper,
of Fossil, who was found with the
mutilated akin of two deer In hi
'possession. He was taken to Cres
cent, tried and fined for the offense.
In addition hi hunting license waa
taken away-from him.
On their return to La Pine the auto
in which the party waa making tho
Vlp broke down, leaving them strand
ed until repair could be brought but.
The atato official loft La, Pino this
morning for 8 liver Lake, Lake view
and Klamath Fall.
vij) vi.xiy.Ki vLSi VlKi7 vjjfflj' ySi viKi? v
The First National Bank
1 1
lM) V. C. COE, President E. A. SATHER, Vice- President
C. S. HUDSON, Cashier
Capital fully paid - - - $25,000
Surplu $22,000"
To Homesee&f ss
Parties contemplating' taking Home
steads in the new lands just eliminated
from the Forest Reserves, should bear in
mind that Bend is the closest Banking
town to 4heso lands.
We are making a special effort to be
of service to new people coming into Gen
tral Oregon. ' ,
Gall and see us and arrange your fi
nances, so you will not have any trouble
in having your checks cashed.
DIRECTORS n' ,i t'.
U. C. Cob E. A. Satiier C. S. Hodso.h
o. M. Patterson H. c, Erxis
Successor to the