The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 22, 1914, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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'TS ij&'j sjr
ok Af
"! .5&k
Nothing like l to put them
In good condition, free lliem
from Insect parasites and pro
tect them from contigloui !!
Kraso Dip No. I
Cures Mange, Scab,
Rfnuwsrm and
Skin Dtttatit.
Dlslnffott. Cttanitf ' Pwiffis,
Uie It on llonei, Cattle, Sntep, Swine, Dots, Goata and Poultry.
ran aic y
can on wnirc ron rnte ookutb on Kncao dip no. i,
Anne's tmrn linn been repainted
L Henry Kuril spent lli eek-eiid In
(1. W. Mnvilor whs iiii from Lnldlnw
'oh Monday.
C. W. llrnKR )iom returned train
Wnlln Walla.
Mm (1 II. I'nrat tia limt riilnrnul
'fiuni Portland.
A. I. French liaa mirahascd & 101 1
. moilnl Cadillac.
J. II. .Miner wont til Crescent on
.liimliU'M Monday.
louln Doonor returned from Al
kali l.nkn loot night.
C. P. U'lten of Mndrna apont llin
weiik end ht tho Ilend.
W. K. Wonda of Laknvluw, la now
In (own for n few day.
' Mra. Mfllllo Koscnhatn In going o
Portland tomorrow night.
WV J. Hpmat tins roiio to Crane
Prairie for about n niontli. '
It. P. gehmior of Redmond was nt
tlm Pilot lluttn Init Friday.
Wnnnndy'a liavo Installed a now
aUn la front of tlmlr barn.
J. 0. Thorp nnd (I. V. Horner wort)
1u town from Laldlaw on Monday.
P. J. (llnditr spent Hunday with hie
fntiHIy on tliclr Mllllcnu homestuad.
Mra. Corkolt and fnmlly of !
chutea apont Hunday with Mra. l.arn.
Mra. II. J. Ovurturf will oHterlaln
thu llrldcii Club at her Iuuhh nn i-'ri.
II tct z: --. -ttt -mr
Silk Gloves
Th mlfflialM,4 w-mm
In iuiuoui r buiatihcllortr
AWfnf hrm t
j) bur U love U 14.
yT Short "K'AVSUT
, Silk Olorcs
R. M. Smith Clothing Co.
Mr nnd Mra K L Elliott or
ntli Fnlla were In town last Thiira
dny (I. M. Cornell of Prltiovlllo, wiih
rKitercd nt thu WrlKht vvur Hint
day .
Mra. Nnt Dnvla of Kcattln la visit-
ItiK her nlntor-lu-low, MIm ICIUnlH-tli
J. I). Minor returnod Saturday fron
Oottaoo Orovb whiiro ho hud boon on
Mra. Noltlo la roIiik to
Unvn fur JuuvflU, Alntku, tomorrow
Wlllllnm Rtnntn and family loft thla
murnlnR for llelknap BprliiRa and
Mra. J. II. Mlner'a xlntor-ln-lnw nr
rlvi'd Hnturday moruluic with her In
font dniiKhtor.
(I. II. Dcnilnu of I .a Plue woa In
town Init Thunwlay. Ho atoppod it
the Pilot llutte.
Kcymotir ft Hldnnr. brother of Mra.
A. C. I.ucna, wan hvru yeatorday on
hualnrta vlalt.
Mr. nnd Mra. Jrwao Hlonriu nnd a
party of vaoatlonUta nru an n enmp
Iiik trip r river
Mra. J. A. llrlnkloy and aon Itiuo
roiio rant for n ahort visit to Mrs.
Hrlnklcy'n luollior.
Invitations haw been rwn'Ivril rr
a duneo to bu hald nt tho llotol L)m
rhutoa thla ttvouluR.
IjihI l'rlilnv Mm. Ilnaonn llnwnnl
nf I)cliut entortnlned thtt llrtdKO
Club at hor rutlduneu.
V. A. Portion went to Portland oror
Tuesday, on bualnaM winiiwtod wttu
tho Colllo eoiumlsaton.
P. II. Mnrlou of the Tunialo Pro.
Jcct waa In town ovor tho Mmtk cud.
lie atoppod at tho WrlKht.
Mr. and Mra. II. A. Miller will ll-o
In tho Robertson btinRulow on tlmlr
return from their honeymoon.
II. I). Inncaa hna opened n clean
InK and pronnltiR establishment noxt
door to Carmody'a on lloud street.
I.. Corbln of l.u Pino spent tho lat
ter part of lant week In town. Du--InR
hla atay he waa reRlstored nt tho
OcorRQ You n if U roIiir to Alkali
I.ako tho latter part or thla week,
nnd will bo Oiero n Rood part or tho
.Mra pn Arruond nnd Mra Fosa
will qiHurtaln .(ho mombeni Hnd
rrlrnda o( thu HnpllNt Womun a Pn
1ou nt u sllVyr toa on the May upart
mifnt lawn ThurMdny nftenioou at
Mr. and Mra. (J. P. Putimm mid
tho Inttor'n hrotlmr, KdwJn Mlnnoy,
Jr., rotiirued from Portland Hntur
dny moriiliiK.
Mr. nnd Mra- Tom Munion, Mr. nnd
Mra, Pred Ifoolacliur and Tom Wheel
er, nil of Prliiovlllo, woio in town
Huiidiiy evouliiK.
Put. J. Murphy, n InrRn ahrop dnnl
or rruiii PulHluy. Iihh JuhI Mold 200,000
poundH of wool. He Im now In town,
fttoppltiK at tho llond.
Hlrhitnl KlnR left Monday night
for Poiron Park, WIkuoiisIii whnro ha
wilt K.lil(t lu thu fnmlly of hl duiiKh
tor, Mih. Wllllnm MnrHti.
Harry M mil nil loft thin mornlnx
for CreMront whero h linn tnkon a
liomestead olulm. KoiiikiIIi Muubjii
In worklnR nt A. I. Preiich'a.
Hhlrley Hiirk, from tho U. H. For
est oltlcn In Portluiid, wna liurii last
week, dlsoussliiR (Ire flRhtltiR details
with tho local Forest OHIcp.
Mr. and Mra. Montollo Coo entni
tnlned Mr. nnd Mra. Cheater Catlow
and baby, nnd Mm. Klmer Ward uud
son, nt their ranch yesterday.
, Tli u h far there have bunn 22 nma.t
Area In tho Nntlonul Forests of thla
dlatrlct. Most or them wuni caused
by llRlitnltiR. No dnmaRU resulted.
Thla Haturdny riiRht n wrmtllnx
bout Ih advertised between Texas
Jack limax or lend mid Carl Allen
or Terteboiiue, to bo held at tho lleiid
Fred Hliuey epont several dnya Inst
week nt the hotnVof O. II. NorcoU
below Laldlnw, relurnliiR on Hunday
lth hla parents mid J. M. Judd and
fiitnlly, who spent tho day there.
II lllohtn of tho Kiuuner Fruit
Produee KxcliaiiK". opurAtluK from
Tho DhIIon, wuk hero Kflturilay nr
rmiKliiK with Hobert lllaekwoll io
hiiudte their biislniHM at this point.
J. N Hunter nnd family loft thla
mnriiliiK for llelknap Hprlirgs, Kolnt
by way or thu MuKutltltt. Afl.r it
stay there tlioy oxpect In visit at
Newport, roturtilnx to town In about
threo weeks.
The funoral or tho Infant daunhter
of Mr. mid Mis. (J. I.. Campbull, who
died last week woa held from tho
family home tin gunjlajr. Her. K Q.
Judd Dominated tho servicwi and H-
ferment waa mado III tho Pilot llnttv
Tho W. C. T. IT. will meet tomor
row afternoon nt 2:30 at the homo f
Mra. 8. C. Caldwell, and oiu Friday
there will be a meeting- of children at
2:30 nt tho llaptlst churcii to orRd
nlie a children's orbsade.
An OreRonlon dispatch from Salom
atatejt that nmoiiR tho llvo teacliera
of Marlon county who recelvml lire
certificates as n rosult of the recent
nxamlnatlona there. MIm lono AVplo
Rate was one. Mls AppleRato la
now thu wife of J. II. Wonandy of
Pror. 0. W. Penvy, dean or tho O.
A. C. CoIIoru or Forestry, waa hero
last week roprimentliiK the Htato For
ester In arrnnRlNR for patrol or land
not In National Forests or covered
by the Asmidatlon. Porter H. KIiir
waa npMilntod supervising warden
for thla territory.
Announcement hna been tnndo or
thu mnrrlaRc- or I II nun K. Prntt, and
Mian Marlbel Cheney. Mr. Pratt i
Dm proreSMir or RRrloiilturo' in tht
comity IiIrIi school nt Prlnevlllo and
hla wlfu la n thla yoar'a uradunta or
tho O. A. C. wtio has been oiikhR'hI
to teach homo makliiK at tho county
Pretty fVreinouy iMHt Week nt Mrw.
VMvn' Homo In KrnHooil,
Thursday ovenlnR, nt tho homo ut
Mr. uud .Mrs. Fred EatoH In Kenwood,
occured the woddlnf; of MIm Ada
Drown, h nloen of Mrs. I?lwi, to (?eo.
Carroll, iiroprtelor of tho Kenwood
atore. Miss llrowti formerly lived
III Missouri.
Only a small group or personal
frlunils were Invited. Tho eoretuuny
porformud by the Itov. 0. A. HmlUi.
wna extremely linpresslvo. Tho hout
wna decorated with jrfnk and whKo,
nnd nweet poaa were overywhoro. Thi
rliiR aorvlre took plnco beneath a
Krcat liorseahoo or awect poaa, nnd
wan followed by a dainty luncheon.
Mr. nnd Mra. Joo Hozell atood up
with tho couplo. Tho bride wore u
row!) or white crepe do chine with
ahadow lace nnd pearl trimmings, nnd
carried a bouquet or white awe:
pcaa. There wore many attractive
gifts. For tho present Mr. and Mm.
Carroll will llvo In the Kates' home.
Actlvo work on tho new concrete
reservoir for tho Ilend Water Light
& Power Company was beRiin on
Tjiosdny and will bo rushed to com
pletion. The trench for the plpo is
now beliiK diiR and it la expected that
tho reservoir Will be completed In
about three weeks. M. J. Danlolson
In In chaw of the work.
i .11" '! TIT' , , I -JUI'H- - . .,l,k ,
Come1 in and get a
copy; of the latest
addition of Century
Songs, Piano Solos ami Dance 1 (SgCL
Music, worth aiouUe aftd more I xJClS
E. M. Thompson
New Locution opposite McCuiston Qrocery.
Bend, Oregon
Weather luaurasco la just na nccoa
aary as tire Insurance. Woathor In-
auraneo tiioana Rood house paint-
paint that Roea Into the porea or the
wood, cover thoroughly and doflwt
aun and rain. H-W-P tHlierwln-VII-
llaina Paint Prepared) Ian protective
paint. From start to nntah rrom
tho preparation or the raw materials
to tho scientific proportioning ami
thorough RrlndlnK, 1t la made with
paliiatukliie; rare It lasts aud it
protecta becauao It la right. Thla
aamu nuftllly Is found In S-W iorcli
and deck paint, 8-W Kopal and 8-W
HhlnRle Stain. Kxamlne your houoi
nnd aeo what It needs, then see the
local Hhorwln-Wllllama agent. N. P
Wouier, pniiucr ami n"rdrnior ,iv
Advrrtlscmcnta ln.rtifil iintlrr tills
hemline nt the rate of OXK (T.'NT A
WOltl) cncli liiHcrflon. ('noli' must
ncrompniiy nil ordrnt from persona
lint luttliiK n rKiilar ncrouut vtith
The Ilullclln. No ndirrlUciiiriit Ink
for Icmn than 1,1 retitx cncli Innertlo?.
WANTBD Toama for haulln
rook. Apply Immediately. Glvo an I
rocelvo detailed Information. Ad
driMW P. O. box 42, l.a Pino, Ore
roii. 20c.
WANTBD Competent Rlrl for
Rcneral housework. Good waRca nnd
porraaoMt position. Mra. C. S. Hud
son. 12tr.
von itn.vr.
FOK KBNT 6 room modern bun
Ralow on 8th street. I. D.
FOK 8ALB New V. S. cream sep
arator, cheap. Inqulro at new cream
ery. 2 Op
FOK SAI.K Jorsoy cow, sell, or
trade, for Rentb horse. Apply O
W. Hnydor. 3 tulles south of Iaild
law, Oregon. 20tf
FQK SA1.B Tent ftirnlsfted or not
with matched floor nnd prnctlcaPv
now. Good bed, aprlnRS nnd matt
rcMi, sanitary couch, large droasor.
chairs, etc, located near canal Just
north of cold storage plant, or call nt
N. 0. Davis. . 2 Op.
FOK KBNT Two small furnished
housos near school house S. K.
I login, over Deschutes Hank. 20tf
FOK KBNT Three room house,
furnished. Also threo room bour
unfurnished. Apply Metropolitan. 20tf
FOK KBNT Four room cottng.j
furnished, piano and chickens. Dm
chutes addition. Telephone Ill.ick
SSI. 19t(
FOK KBNT Sulto of threo mod
ern housekeeping roams. J. J.
Klein. IStf
FOK KENT Two room cabin,
partly furnished. $! per month. Ilend
Orocory. Ono block eaat of depot. 9ti
FOK KENT Small houso partly
furnished, $5 a month; also tent
houso adjoining. Near depot. In
quire at Ilullotln. 49U
FOK KENT -Pasture. 640 acrea
newly fenced. Plenty or water nnd
grass. 214 miles southeast of town.
YOU CAN BE SURE of Getting
Hosiery Values Hete
Kayser Bilk Hose, Specially priced at rhi.)'
.'ISO Dependon Wood Fibre Silk Hose, Tan Hlack tnd WMty" ..(
nn Bxeellent Value at ntrWWli
710 Ladlen Illnck Cat Holnforced Too and Knee, 'M ctnfrr
3 pair for $J.oo
710 Ladles Hlack Cat, Full Fashioned Seamless Foot UM
per Pair - ,2?? 5cfiU
102 Udles' Msle Light Weight Black, White or Tanrff
Pair 20 &tt
Children's Hose That Weafc
13 Heavy WclRht, Triple Knee, per Pair 23 fnu
JO Medium Weight, Triple Knee, Per Pair 25 .tint
.10 Misses Idsle, Linen Toe and Heel, per Pair 25;,4 ,
1 1 Children's Double Knee, nibbed, 2 pair 23 rntn
Infants Wool or Cotton Hose, IJlack, White. Pink, Sky.
Per Pair ...'. .23 lUnb
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
July Clearance Sale!
Your opportunity to effect savings
on' all Summer Goods.
Mannheimer Bros.
Inqulro Charles Slpchen. 13tf
FOK RENT Offlcca on Wall atrcct
very cheap. Apply Uullctin OtSce.
FOK KENT Rooms centrally lo
cated. Electric llgbta and water.
Suitable for housekeeping. Choap.
Apply Ilulletln Office.
FOK KENT Two room aultca tar
nished for light bouse keeping.
Henkle & Ryan. 12tr
FOR SALE Improved relinquish
merit. 20 miles from Ilend. Inquire
Creamery Butter
Made from pnro cream, produced under most sanitary condi
tions from our own herd of healthy cowa. Milking, cure of
milk nnd Qronmnnd mnnuracturo of tho butter under our
personal miporvlalon. WK IUV NO MILK OU C11KA.M, henco
wo KNOW thnt ovory ounco of butter Is thoroughly wholesome.
Wo ahlp ONLY fresh churnod butter. Our output or butter Is
noceaunrlly limited, nnd Is designed to meet tho demands of
discriminating butter users who dcslro thoroughly fresh, clean,
pnlntiiblo "b'utteY. Put up n 1 lb. packngos, enclosed in para
fined cartons, to Insure It reaching you In porfect condition.
Ask for It at
W, C, McCuiston Grocery Co.
It costs no moro than OHDINAKY creamory butter.
FOK SALE A first class relin
quishment. 160 acres under tho
Swnlloy Ditch. 25 water shares more
K desired. 30 acres improved, find
crop tiotatoes. $3,500 work, cash
paid out. $3000 gets It or will take
crop $2&00 or one half ISO acrea)
relinquishment $1200, If bought
quick, need the money, worn out. E.
J. Rogers, Laldlaw, Oregon, 19tf
FOR SALE Improvements and re
linquishment on 120 acrea ou Tumalo
Project. House, nil fenced, 2 good
wells, 3 private dltohos. Will take
$300 cash or a good team and wag
on. E. T. Green, Laldlaw, Oregon.
Camp C. 19-22p
FOR SALE All my household
furniture, kitchen range, heater, re
frigerator, round dining table and
chairs, aewng machine, etc. Flno
piano for 1-3 first cost. Dray line,
horses, harness, wagons, and good
cow. J. M. Judd. 19-20p
FOR 8ALE Flno cowa at Craw
ford's reed yard July 28. 19-20p
FOR SALE Cheap. Eight foot
thow caso and stand complete. Ross
Faraham. 19tf
FOR SALE Cheap. Ono 2 year old
horse, colt well bred, that will make
a light harness driver. M. G. Coo IStt
FOK SALE Cheap. Two single
beds. Inquire Ilulletln office. 17tf
FOK SALE Registered O. I. C.
pigs. Phono or write Q. C. Car
well, Rend. 131 -
FOR SALE Good hoiac velgl
about 1300 pounds. 7 yosfis Old. It
quire Shuey's Grocery. 17t
FOR SALE 30 head at'.eJI bro
Jersey cowa, milking witb their fin
calves, also a few oxcollqcA belfert
Prices reasonable, Pnono,or addres
L. II. Lafollctt, Prinevllle, Oro. 1720)
FOK SALE Hlack ?.tlnorn egg
for setting, $1.25 for 13. Lcaio or
ders at Sather's store. Itf,
FOK SALE One Duiliim Ayr
shire milk cow Just fresh. "ifCt Mil
waukee binder, first clua .ijbapo
price $50.00. A MitranUed. bar
gain. A. A. Uorg, Gist, Ore. i y5?U"c
" FOR SALE All klndff pr'tpugl
and dressed lumber, .at .Arril'erso'i
Bros, sawmill half xray tcbrwjn itai
and Laldlaw, on old Tnjnafp. .road
Reasonable prices, rougJjTnfiplier $lt
per M. Delivering to Iknd oV Laid
law $2 per M. Telephone. 19t
LOST On the Fourth. Child'
gold ring set with garnet. Flnde
please leave at Shuoy's grctcry. 18t
LOST, Strayed or StoloiffrJnly 1 1
one 2 year old brindled Jclsc belfr
dehorned, aluminum buitfiii in righ
ear. If round please nol'rty Iloscot
Howard, Deschutes. , 20c
L08T Whlto setter dtK. NotK;
Ilulletln office.
LOST Hlack and wfeJiejUiillyi
setter pup. Rcwardfor letrtrn. U
C. Coe.. 20i
STRAYED Early In May. lari?
red cow with twin oalves. How brand
ed MP qn right hip. Ulvt& brnrule.
A.K. Also one yearling bettor, dari
red, branded A.K. on leHhliu In
formation requoated. AUdiess. W
M. Arnold. - S-22j
Suit Cases and Bags
Trunks and Telescopes
iasiasTi "fc pmm0mmfMV0t
Matting Suit Cases $ 1 .50, $2.'