The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 01, 1914, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    rXau t.
We announce the opening
on Thursday, July 9, of the
More Ardent Than the Men In,
Their Love For Their Country.
is the
time to fet t tint
kodak yon huvc
been planning to
get. Let us ex
plain how ensv it
is to act GOOD
Kodaks $6.00 to $60,
The Rcxull Store
Mrs Floyd Dement linn returned.
W. A, Nnnney whh up from Dm
cIiiiim on Tuesday,
F. O. Minor went south on n Imal
' turn trlii last week.
Prison Frisco Ik planning to movo
nwuy from llund noon.
Louis Dnoncr returned from Lake
liw Momlny uvuiilng.
Judge Wordon of Klnnmtli County
was lioro Monday mnruluit.
Allen l.nndfnro ns In town from
Tow ell llutlu on Tuesday.
Mm. Clydo McKny I expected to
return to town on Saturday.
1". J. (Under visited his fnmlly In
the Mllllcnn valley on Sunday.
II. IC White of Mllllcnn was regist
ered at the Wright on Sunday.
W 0. MrKeown of Lake whh reg
istered at the llend on Monday.
James fox of Torrebonue wn reg
istered at the lleud on Friday.
Mr. and Mm. J. (!. Ilhodos have
moved Into tho Hloss bungalow,
l The July session of the County
Court beKlna In Prlnovlllo today,
J. II. Klder of Paisley wn retclnt
ered at the WrlKhl on Thursday.
Albert Way of I'rlnuvllle was reg
istered nt the llund an Saturday.
(luy Rtevemi, of Itetlmond, was reg
istered at the Itend on Hnturdny.
The llrldgo Cluli met with Mm.
John Hyatt at The Titles last Friday.
Alice llrnoklngs of BtnutTer was In
town on Sunday, .registered at the.
A brush fire up river nearly reach
ed the eamps of Tho llend Company
on Monday.
Ham lllakoloy, the llend Company a
logging foreman, wan on tho sick lint
taut week.
Mm. Frank 1.. Miller expects to
leave for Tacomn with her Infant ion
on Monday.
we will show the fam
ous SERIAL picture
The Perils of Pauline
,; every other Thursday
night. It is one of the
best serial pidtures on
., the screen. Don't miss
The First Installment
Thursday, JULY 2nd
We are open all
day July Fourth
V. I). Ilariics wait up from Lnldlaw
on Thursday of lost week, registering
at the llend.
Mr. and Mm. J. II. Wenandy are
going down to the culobrntlou at Fre
mont on Friday.
MIm Marie llltterfleld has anno In
from her hometitead at Vluwont to
upend tho summer,
Jaek lludnll arrived from Connec
ticut Thumday ulKht and U workliiK
at The llulletln plant.
"Mr. and Mm. Sherman Montgom-
ery iHissed tiirouxii town last weeK
on their way out to Imperial.
P. W. Jones and IC. r (Jreeno wont
out to llelnlnKit on the Metollua for
n short may thin morning.
Mm. Ilurton Ouey wan down from
the IIIk lllver ItaiiKur station on Mon
day, registering at the WrlKht.
II. O. and K. W. Kennard of the
Tumalo IrrlKatlun 1'rojoet were reg
istered at the lleud on Wednesday,
The olllra of the lleud Hotel han
heen rearranged, the olerk'a deiik now
standing on the east wall of the room.
The office of the llnmcscrkors tarld
Company linn heen moved across
Itoml street to the Kerniot building.
Mm. II. J. Overturf nud her von
will return tomorrow after a two
month vlilt to Hood Itlver nud tho
Jaok Savoy, who has heen employ
ed at The Hend Company's mill, plana
to leave noon for Hpokaue with hit
This store will be open
all day the Fourth to en-
tertain our friends and
MMtPipt customers MMiM.
R. M. Smith Clothing Company
HaiM Moved
Oregon Street
E. M. Thompson
Bend, Orogon
It. Motcalf, who was lent In llend
about 12 yearn ago, In In town today
on h In way from Osakls, Minn., to
Hoattle, where hu axpects to rent do
for n tlniH.
C. F, Condart has moved from Dos
chute to Itend.
An awning Is bolng placed over
tho front of thu I'attemon Drug Co.
Ntore todny.
Helen, the little daughter of Mr.
and Mm. Howard I'ulinnr, entertain
ed her friends 61 a birthday party
Tho Wenandy I.lvory Company han
had a new ollleo and waiting room ar
ranged In the southwest ooriier of
their barn.
The barriers and plank that were
placed In the roadwny on Wall street
to protect the new work were remov
ed on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mm. P. M. Wlost, of
Hannover. Pennsylvania, aro hero for
a two week's visit. Mr. Wlest la n
brother or. L. I). WlesU
Miss Grace Itatllrfe and Guy Mc
Itcynolds won the prlxo for the tiest
wnltxlng nt the Fraternul Ilrothor
hood dauco on Thursday night.
J. T. Hardy of the Oregon Trunk
when In town yesterday announced
an Innovation on thu part of his
road In providing n club luncheon on
tho regular diners.
W. 1). Itoo. II. II. Unvlcs and M.
J. Kelley took a long auto trip to tho
south last week In Mr. Iiooh car.
Sunday Mr. Dnvlen r.nd Mr. Kelley re
turned rrom Crescent.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kastos and the
Misses llenn went to Crane Pralrlo
on Sunday for the fishing. On their
return they ran out of gasollno and
nau to spend the night In the weeds.
Kows has been received of tho
birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mm.
John O'Urady, at Santa Anna, Call
fonrla, on Juno IC. Mm. O'drndy
was formerly Miss Llxzle O'Donnell
and lived In llend?
Hugh Thompson loft Sunday morn
ing for Spokane whore ho will spend
.tho summer studying architecture
and mechanical drawInK in tho office
of It. L. Swoatt. the architect of tho
now high school building.
J. T. Hardy, tho Oregon Trunk's
travelling representative in this ter
ritory, has Issued a unique advertis
ing card. At the top Is fastened a
real snfety pin, and tho heading of
tho ad la "Safety First."
The Misses llenncamo In to tho
loiuiuorciai uiuu luncneon saiuruay
and Sunday went to Crane I'rnlrlo
with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Knutes. On
tholr return thu party ran out of
gasollno and had to spend tho night
in tho woods. They, got bnck to town
about noon on Monday,
O. M. Quptil la now at Suttlcs Laku
doing worK ror ueorge a. Young who
returned from thoro Sunday. Mr.
Young la erysinpor for tho Metoii9
Irrigation fi' Power Company, which
pinna tho reclamation of 16000 noros
north of Squaw Creek and east of
lllack llutto. It Is Dnnnced chlelly
by Prlnovlllu men.
At u moetlng' of the directors of
tho Commercial Club tho manager of
tho club, It. II. Uu Armond. was In
structed to receive nml forward ex
hlblU from this aectlon to tho Statu
Immigration Commission for usu In
various onstorn Innd shnwa and fairs,
Mr. Do Armond requoota that ull who
hnvo exhibition spoolmens of tlia
orops grown In this looallty confor
with lilm us to sondlng eamples to
There- Is HenlliiK In Foley Kidney
You neod n mighty good modlolno
It your kldnpys aro uxhnustpd by no
gleet and overwork, and you hnvo got
It in Foley Kidney Pills. Their ac
tion la prompt, healing and tonic.
Sound hoalth and sound kidneys fol
low tholr uso. , Try thorn. Patterson
Drug Co. Adv.
Do merry and Join tho crowd. Thoy
will all bo doing It, Doing whatT
Throwing confetti and serpentine
tapes, (let yours at Tho Owl Phar
macy. Adv.
Hurii and Hough Laboring Work
Makss Thtm Appiar Old and Hag
gsrd Otfors Thty flech Thirty.
Charms of ths Womn of tht Uppr
Wornin orrnplm a position of on
usual prominence In Poland. Some
place her us superior to man In nearly
ercry way. In the various conxplraclr
and In lb revolutions against Hussla
Polish women bare had an Important
part Many hare given up all tbelr
worldly goods In the cause of their
country, wblls others bare fought on
the Held of battle and loot their lives In
the same miine. HUM others have gone
Into exile without a murmur. They
are capable of any sacrifice fur patriot
ism, and they prove their sincerity by
their action. The women are stilt tbe
tiit xeiilous patriots, aud It Is due to
Ibcm more tbtin the other sex that
patriotic feci Inn Is still so Intense
Thus writes Nerln 0 Winter In bis
'Poland of Today and Yesterday."
The Polish women, be continues,
nnreulways been noted for their beau.
V and tbe rrttt shape of their hands
J ud feci They take part In all the so
cial nffulrs. and no festival Is complete
without their present e. They are ex
trvmcly good HuimlHtx. and nearly all
leiik two or threv hiimuiiges In War
saw I met one young wuuiau of nine
teen or twentj summers. Just out of
school, who ioke ltulau, Uertosn.
French and Knllh almost as fluently
as her native I'ollxh This Is not an
uncommon nctompllshment.
The women do not enjoy tbe social
freedom of tho Amerlciin girls, as tbe
cuiiperon Is xtlll a necesxlty to protect
the good name of a girl. They are
never left unprotected. Marriages are
made lu much tbe same manner as In
France, and tbe contracting parties
frequently know little about each other
before they aro joined for better or
The will of my honored parents has
erer been n sacred low to me." soys
the Polish girl, with resignation. When
a mewKctipcr came with a proposal of
marriage If a goose was served vrltb
durk gravy at dinner or u pumpkin
was put In tbe carriage as he was leav
ing tbU meiint that the offer was posl
lively refused. "He was treated to a
gooc fricassee" was an expression
frequently heard In the olden days.
Tbu Pollli women of tbe upper class
es ore undoubtedly charming nud pos
sessed of the graces of true womanli
ness Perhaps It Is tbe posseslon of
these womunly qualities and the ab
sence of the masculine' elements
wherein lies their real charm. A pen
cjl or brush Is certainly n better me
dium than a pen to portray such at
tractive types of womanhood.
Tbe lot of tbe peusant woman, how
ever. Is especially bard, as It Is with
all Slav races, and tbls U noticeable
throughout all tbe Polish provinces.
They do more tbnn their full share of
tbu family work. Sometimes one will
see more women In tbe fields than men.
and n kaleidoscopic effect or color Is
tlicn visible, blue, green, yellow, gold
and silver are mingled In various com
binations. Tbey plu up the oversklrt.
which leaves a brlgtit pt-itlcuat exposed
to view.
Woman Is valued chiefly for tbe
work she can do. and she la expected
to bear a lurgo family or children as
wetU For a man to any that his wife
dov morw work" than a horse or two
horses is considered tbe acme ot
praise. It is no wonder that a girl
naturally attractive soon grows old
aud haggard. Hard work, wttb little
pleasure, tbe ctiro of a uumerous fam
ily and no rcjmrd for pentoual attrac
tion must Inevitably leave tbclr mark
tKiforo many years; hence It Is that
I mituy of these Polish women look hag
guru nml old ercn beroro they nave
pased the third decade of life.
There nru. Indeed, few bright spots
In- a Polish peasuut girl's life after
murrlagu In their youth some of the
girls uro wry attractive, and tbey
look ipilte ehurmlug In their pictur
esque natlouul vostuuH-s that are still
common lu Uutlcia. They generally
v.o barefooted m summer, for boots
cost money. Koniettuivs tbey will
carry their boots when going to church
and only put them ou just before en
tering tho suuetuury.
"Do women work on tho railroads as
section hands?" I asked a fellow pas
senger on the railway In Uullcla. I
bad seen groups of womeu uloug the
truck with pick aud shovel tu hand,
but could scarcely bellero that they
did thu hunt work of that occupation.
"Yes, and they do the work better
than the men," he replied.
At Cracow I huvu seen them carry
ing mortar for the maseus and plaster
ers where new buildings are belug
erected. They were spading tho tlow
er beds In thu parks uud were doing
tho work as well as the masculine
overseer could nave done It They
httug paper or palm n house. It -did
not make tiny difference whether there
wert,' three or a doxen womeu worklns
toi-Mlicr, there was always one man
whindld nothlug hut act us overseer
Aloug the roads they may. be seen
carrying heavy bundles or pushing
loaded wheelbarrows, Kverywbero
tlwy jnny Ik observed doing work that
Involves considerable physical strength.
most active
we have ever held. The quality
of the merchandise, together with
the decidedly low prices, will result
in the greatest sale ever held here.
Do not fail to attend this sale.
Fourth of July Wants
in Shoes, Hats, Neckwear,
Dresses, Suits, Underwear.
Mannheimer' s
All HAIR'Goods
At Half Price for one Week
Mrs. S. Mcintosh, The Bend Milliner
Stop at The Altnmont on tho
Fourth. CJilcken dinner 35c Adv.
The Wenandy contract for carry
ing tho malls to and from Sliver Lake
and Immcdlato points goes Into effect
today and this morning one ot the
company'a trucks left for the south
ern town with Its first load of mall
mattor. A second truck was taken
through to Sliver Lnko early In the
week, ready to start from there on
the return trip this afternoon. This
marks the beginning of auto truck
mall service on this star route, and as
already described, will reduce tho or
dinary running time from 28 hours
to 10 hours.
Stop at The Altamont on the
Fourth. Chicken dinner 35c Adv.
The annual meeting of the Arnold
Irrigation Company will be held at
ono o'clock on tho afternoon of July
15th, at tho headgate of tho Arnold
tluniu on the Desohutoo rlvor.
17-18-Adv. Secretary.
All owners of Ford cars are re
quested to meet at the Pilot Uutto
Hotel on tch morning of.. tho Fourth,
ct 9:30 to take part In tho parade.
O. F. HOOVhllt.
I wish to extend my thanks to the
people of llend for tbe kindness and
courtesy they nave shown roe n, my
undertaking to extend tho telepbona
line north from Silver lake to La
Pine. K. S. MILES.
If you bet. and lost, "be a sport"
and get your hair cut. No matter
whether you bet or not, you, should
have your hair cut before .July 4th.
Do not wait until tbefath. You may
miss the parade. CUtara, candy, etc,
. -1 ;
at The Altnmont on thai
Chicken dinner 35c. Adv '
There la sure and wholesome ac
tion In every doso of Foley Cathartic
Tablets. Tbey cleanse with never a
gripe or pain. Chronic coses of con
stipation find them Invaluable. Stout
people aro relieved of that bloated,
congested feeling, so uncomfortable
especially In hot weather. They kecp
your llvor busy. Patterou Drug Co.
qii&oysjSnd. Girls.
41?1 lfM&QYSjfrND.GmLSX riL
Solitude dellchtful only to the
lutioccut. Lesxfxyuskl.
Ladies' Mens and Chndrens
Outing Shoes, Pumps, Oxfords for Men