The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 01, 1914, Image 1

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The bend bulletin.
Vol, XII,
NO. 17.
i i
VWt of Kinblrm null lo rorllnnil l
Jo I in Holiiriiril Unique Program
I'or Tno lnjr Will be Arrnngcd
Attention Honor Itond.
An ii rnMiilt of tho visit of tho Km
lilnm Chili of llond (o I'ortlnml Inst
nttmmer, on tltn Invitation of the
Vortlnnd Ail Cluli, thn Ad Cluli will
i return tho visit nnd bo. hero for two
Hliiy In Hoplnmhor. (louorul nn
i iipiiiicdiiiuuI of thlH wiih innifii at tho
Uommereliil Club liinoliuon Hnttinlny,
, mill Mop started for tho Comiuorcln)
21iiIh co-operation In Ilia entertain
, nieiit of tho RitnnlN.
Tli Ail Club commlttbn In churn"
A , Iium niiniiiiiicml Hint ut least 100 nnil
pruiutniy morn, roriianu imsuioss
, men will join tho excursion. It will
nrrlvw on tbn morning on Hnuiliiy,
rbtptoiiiliiir (5, nml Icnvo Into Monilny
ttlxlit Monilny In Labor Day. Tim
liarty nlll como by special train nhil
i with their own sleeping cam. For
the ('ouininrolnl Club tho committee
In charge of thn general plnn. nn np
1 iriilntwl Hntunlny, In J. A. Itnstf,
Olinrloa W. Krsklno anil K. M. Urn.
An nlalmraln nn.l nnlillln nrhntnn of
ntrtnlnumnt I being Inlit out.
, Thn Ail Club In I'ortlunil'ii strong
i Ht oflalcommnrclnl organUnlloi,
' ' (Ail embraces most of tho lenders In
thai rlly'n business life. Thnt tho
..,..,. a....... I.I t...a.MM Mfttt. BIImIi M .1
I uniw piiuuiii iiuiiii iiuki, ,, nuvi,
nxcurslon Is regarded aa n groat dla
tliiotlon, nml U expectod to cement
, HtroiiKly thn Intimacy botween tho
Roihj City nnil thin (own nnd territory
nn v oil n providing for tho visitors
what In hoped to bo a happy holiday
of good limes here, and for Hand
Thlks nn opportunity to ninet nnd
hear nmiiy of Portland' brightest
llljiht Mllr of Mne .Voir Strung
IUiK-( lo I'JnMi Within ill) Ray.
Telephone connection with Hllvor
l.nke will lm poMinio witnin no unyn.
neeordliig to IC. H. Miles, tho Hllvor
lake tulephono man, who now hn
tti lino undor oonxtrucUon. Mr.
Mils wan in town Monday on hU
war from Hllvor I-nko north.
On thn Hllfor !.ttke unit construe
tlnn work Iwkhii several day ago and
lKht mllr of wire nrn ntnttdy strung
hmiI i hp remaining material for the
Hue In now In town and tin week a
rnw will mo out from here to IihIIiI
nuuth from La. I'tn. For thn pres
ent, eonnscllotm will w mmlo with
Mm I'lontw Company nt l.a Pine
In nddltlon lo thl work, Mr. Miles
! inllallliftl1(l r flirt finttiitriipa
lieu of n lino to connect with tho
lirenoul one M rori hock ami run
.in.i (. Iliirna InUlnir In Vnrt Itiick
volley nnd Cliff. TIiIn lino would ho
tthotit izu mlicri in mtiKiu ami woiuu
bo u imittrlal addition to tho tolo
lihono N)Mtoin of tho intorlor country.
CPheii6u Go Jkwa
Trom Homo
where you pre not known, avoid all trouble In
Toeurd to your funds by carryinn
These cheques are equally useful for travelers
l a.h.a mw Akwinil Tlintf 3rintif Im
I in muciiui ui w,w. ..wjr
-.holder to hotels, ticket agents anu
who accept them at face value in
of nccounts. They are not avatiauic to
finder or thief, if lotjt or stolen,
Let us explain the system.
Deschutes State Bank
Buccor to tho
Dsckutes Banking & Trust Otmmy
11KND, OltKaON.
B. FHHUBIiL. Tres. F. O. MINOR, Beo'y,
13. M. LAUA, Cashier.
D. Forroll, F. O. Minor, B. M, Lara'
Project Knirlnrt'i' fMiiirxiiiiiil .Mny Go
lo InlviTnlly of Montiinn,
A further cotniillcatlon.hnn dovol
opod In tho Wont lohetuo to loKlnlnto
Htnto JJiiKlnocr I,ovvU out or officii,
nt lenit bo far on It hliigon on making
Projnct KnKludor haurnanrd or tho
Tiimnlo Htnto onglncor In UwU'
placo. Mr. LnurKaard hn JunI ro
colvoil nn offor of nppolntinont a
lirnfmior of IrrlKallon oiiKlncorlnR In
tho coIIoro or onKlnoorlng or tho Unl
vnrnlty of Montnnn, nt Iloxoman,
Montana. Whllo ho linn not yet ful
ly decided whetlinr or not to accopt
tho offor Mr. Uurgnard, It la undor
ntood, la atronidy tompted to do no
In which cao ho would not bo nvall
nfilo If tho Wot hill boon throiiRh,
Tho prorrorcd apiHilntniont couion
to Mr. Lnurcaard throuith It. W.
Itlcbtor. ddiin of tho oiirliieorliiK col
lRO In tho Montana unlvornlty. Ilo
roRordn It m a hleh honor but tliono
who hnva watched IiIn handling of
tho Tuinalo Project and taken no
con nt or tho iklll nnd olllcltinoy with
which ho hna brotiRht that work to
Ita preaont atngo of dovolopinont fool
thnt ho hat rightly earned tho dis
tinction thnt koon with tho proffoN
aorahlp, nnd that tho Unlvumlty, If It
ohtnllia IiIn aervlcoa, will bo doltiK
oxtroiiioly well.
In cnn Mr taurKanrd kocn to,
lloxoinnu ho will hnva In tnkn up hl
duttoi nbotit Heptembor 1.
(Virmony l'erfonneil nt llrldo'n
Homo In Kruln, Oregon.
DHAIN', Juno 26. A very pretty
weddlnK wo olomnliod yratordny at
noon In Houth Drain nt tho homo or
tho brldo'a mother. Mra. Otonr Applo
Kate, when lonn lturenn AppleKato
beciimo tho wlfo of J. II. Wenntidy of
Tho ceremony wnn performed by
the Itov. Chandler of tho Mothodlit
Kplacopnl church hoforo n amnll aa
NomblaRQ of rnlatlvoa and rrlenda.
Deroratlona wcro pink and whlto
carnation, niparaRua nnd native
rorna, MUa l.ucllo Kunti and Mlna
Laura Wilton played and aan. Tho
bride wore an attractive gown of
hand embroidered vollo nnd Prlnceta
laeo. Her only ornamont waa an ox
quUlto a Vnllero, net with dlrmomU.
IKarU and anpphlrir, a Klft or tho
Kroom. Hho cnrjled a ahower boquet
of awoet pena and maiden hair fern.
After tho wedding a brcnkfait wat
nervedr -
Mr. and Mra. Wenandy arrived In
Ilend Saturday morning, and aro at
the Wenandy hunitalow.,n
Troy Jleavor and MInn Maricarot
Whll field were married on Friday
orenlnK nt the homo of W A. Ilonver
In Wletorl. Itev. U. II. Wllklna por
foimlui: the cereinony. On Suuday
Mr. nud Mr. Heaver loft for Cren
cent where they huva a honiontead.
Mm. Heaver In a dnuRhter of Mra.
Churl tm Whltneld and a nleee or Statu
McMu.trle or the Orenon Hotel Her
alater. Iretta, wai married to .Nerval
tfprlngor on June 0.
It om Faruham left on tho 2 -t tit
ror Valley City. North Dukotn, where
yeHtonlay ho wna married. nccordltiR
to lottera received by rrlenda Jimt nr
tor hl depnrture. to "the beat girl
In tho world." Ilo la expected to re
turn to llutul with Mra. Farnham
sometltno noxt wcok.
..... ...v.
j . VihiJ'' '"?
JTpM-tjy'xI '1 arV II II
ii''llJL I Hl nil n 1 II II
ISoKlnnlnft With Htrect Parade In the
Morning, KVritn Follow Kncli Oth
er lUnbt ThrouKli The Hay
ItAneball Plnyrd With AlfalfH.
Fourth of Julyli nearly here and
llond U ontlroly ready ror It. Tho
commlttooa have worked hard, and
there accmii every renaon to believe
thnt all who como hero Bnturday will
huva n royal Rood time.
Tho finance commltteo haH received
liberal BUbNtrlptloua from nil mer
chants, nnd .the amount collected
totala 334. CO. All tho many athlotlc
oventn hava goneroua prize, nnd tho
program hn been no arraiiRvd that
thera will bo "nomothlnK dolnR" from
dayllRht until lonjr after dark prol
ably until tho noxt dayllRht, Indeed.
No NUbitatitlal chanRc In the plana
hnve been made alnco their announce
ment lait week. Aa It now Htandi,
ilw. uviKila nrlfH tlinn nml ulnrn aro
aa followa, tho final detailed program
will be printed Friday nlttht nnd
dlatrlbutod free Saturday, ao that
averyono conveniently may know
where and when to find different
The Prournm.
U:30 A. M. parade forma at Pilot
Hutto Hotel.
10:00 flharpl iiarado. Route. On
Wall atreot, from Pilot Hutto Inn
to Ohio atreot, eait on Ohio to
(Contlnuod on laat pase.)
CITY GU1MS.S992.82
County Hold lo Own tliU Amount on
Old llond TUtrn.
Aa the reault of recent compilation
of flxurea tho city of Rend la dla
covered to bo the creditor or Crook
county ror nearly $1000 on account
or road taxea and City Attorney
Forhea la rIhr to Prlnovlllo tomorrow
to prcieut the claim or tho city to tho
County Court.
Tho exnot ' amount dnlmed' -Is
$993.82 and la CO- per cent or th.0
road district tax lovled In tho year
190C to 1010 hoforo tho adoption or
tho present city charter. Under tho
state law ono half or all taxes paid
by n road district must be expended
In tho district. In tho present cuso
It Is claimed thnt tho law was not fol
lowed nnd the city now rocks to' Ret
bnek tho ahnto of the road money .1
which It was entitled.
A apeclul meeting of the city coun
cil was held yeetTdr afternoon to
tnVn aiHnn on the matter of the
claim against the county ror road tat
fund, tue ttinnuni or which w re
contly nacortnlned. City Attorney
ForbM was Instructed to preecnt tho
clMlm to tha county court. In nddl
tlon the council considered the ques
tion of nbatliiR tho nulsahoe causod
by soptlo tnnUn in varloua parts or
the city and took Htops to brtiiR pro
ceedings against the owners unles?
conditions were remedied at oaee.
Haying Tools
Rakes, Mowers, Binders
and Reapers and Repairs
v for the same. Also a complete stock
of.. Pipe, Pumps and Pumping En-
' '." .! "
Bend Hardware Co.
Katiirday et ToKether tiatlierliiir
or Commercial Ikxjy Prore Lively
AfTnlr .Meal In Kxcellent nnd
Hjwaker 1'crfonn Kxcellenlly.
Tho best Commercial Club got-to-pethor
tncotlnR that Rend has sonn
occurred Saturday noon, when 140
members mil down to an excollont
luncheon served In the Fulka' build
ing on Wall street.
The affair celebrated the finish or
the new-member contest whose ro
hultN 182 new in embers for tho club
won nnnounccd last week. All tho
now members received Invitation
during the week to bo present, and
the lunch Itsoir wan given by tho old
members to tho now, proving a live
ly and entertaining function.
Tho meal Itself was as good to cat
an the attendance waa good to
seo, nnd all hands voted that Shrlner
& Huey, who wcro caterers of tho
day, had dono themselves proud. Tho
menu was excellent, with hot coffee,
a selection or cold meats, salads, cake
and fruit.
, President Koyes or the Commercial
Uluii prcsiaod. un ms invitation
Vernon A. Forbes extended a wcl
como to the new members, outlin
ing In his talk the Importance or a
strong commercial organization. J.
II. Haner, gavo an ablo talk deal
ing with the Importanco or united
community backing ror club work.
IL P. Mlnter spoke fluently nnd ror
tho farmers W. O. Waugh dwelt upon
tho good work towna-peoplo and far
mers can do whon they get together
and work together. Others speaking
briefly wcro C. M. Redflold or Des
chutes and a. P. Putnam. Mayor
Mlllor dodged a call tor remarks.
At the commencement or the meal
the band lilaycd.
On motion, tho Club's co-operation
In the entertainment or tho delega
tion or Portland Ad Club members
coming In September, was proposed
and unanimously adopted, and de
tails ol tho matter turned ovor to tho
"Took present nt the luncheon
were.: K. M, Thompson. H. O'Kane,
R. P. Mlntor. 8. B. Roberts, J. M.
Jtdd. C. S. Ronton. Joe J. Klein.
W. It. Ford. C. W. Thornthwaita. 1.
Y Koyes, i. J. Dinleltnn, J. A Bas
te. C. U. Mannhelmer. J. Edw. Ijit
son. O. W. Horner. M. & Hullirl, (
. lUtoll. J. K Keed. II. H. W.
I sr I). Houston, M. I.. Merrltt, O.
'C IfenKle.'A I. Oove. J. Ilyai. W.
W. Faulknor. C. V. Slhis. J. K. Coo
per. U. C. "Flomlng. B. O. Smith? P.
T Parker. M. I! Shlokloy, C. 8.
Heubo. . M. Richardson, J. A. Ilrln
kleV. W. J. Sproat. Cole Smith. K. V.
Wnrtl. J P. Johnson. John R. Wlmor.
8. A. Hlakoley. R. II. Could. J. C.
Rhodes. R. M. Smith. Floyd Dement,
'J J. Ryan. John Dubuls, J. A. Mao
Closlcy. A. H. Horn. It. C. Colvar.
Chan. Sliichon. John Ferguson, N. P.
Welder. B. A. Orlffln. A. B. Edwards.
J. W. Vovor. D. T. Carmody. IK For
roll. R. W. Sawyer, K. F. Greene. J.
11. Rudoll. P. C. Uarrison. Q. P. Put-
(Continued on last pago.)
Rend .Men Aftslnt White Rock Randi
er In Their KfTurt to Obtain Ik-tier
Connection Willi Town.
At a meeting held at U. B. Rran
denborg's Saturday night, Rend man
co-operated with randier or tho
Whlto Rook section towards getting
a new road opened up connecting
that territory with Rend. Petitions
ror tho road have lcon filed with tho
County Court and viewers have gone
over thp route. Now every effort is
being made to have favorable and Im
mediate action In tno matter.
The proposed road branches off
from the Rend-Kaldlaw road near the
Royd placo, and thence extends duo
north until It intersects tha Laldlaw
Deschutes rood, about midway be
tween those towns, whero It con
nects with the excellent road from
that point northward. The now road
would directly servo moro than a
dozen rancbors situated (along it,
who now. In coming to Rend, have
tlnit to go eastward to Deschutes or
via Kaldlaw, a roundabout way, and
would bo or very great benefit In de
veloping this territory.
A. B. 'Lovett, county agriculturist,
addressed the meeting. Those pres
ent from Rend were J. P. Keyes, pres
ident or the Commercial Club, Dr. IK
Forrell, W. W. Faulkner and C. W.
First National Mnkc uy Mcltejr
noliU Altant Candler.
At a director's mooting today the
First National Rank Increased Its
surplus from $18,000 to $22,000, out
or earnings. Its capitalization Is
Cashier C. S. Hudson also announc
es the election of Ouy McRcynolds
to tho position or -assistant cashier.
Mr. McReynoIds has been with the
bank for over five years, commencing
as office boy at a salary of $20 a
month. Ho Is tho son of Mrs. and
Mrs. L. M. McReynoIds, was educated
In the local schools 'and has always
been active In the work of tbe com
Princvillc People BnlUtlnjr Kam Hill's
Help for Lake-view Route.
State Engineer Rowlby, Sam Hill,
good roads leader, and a representa
tive of the Oregon Journal have been
cruising over the Prlnevllle-Lakerlow
road recontly. While 'the matter is.
Kept dark, it la generally understood
that Prinevllle people are working
tooth and nail to get an official north-and-south
route through Central Ore
gon established from their .town
south. V
Whllo Mr. Rowlby, who has been
over the Rcnd-southern road, has
said here that In his opinion no other
route equals tho west side one. yet
It l known that Mr. Hill seemingly
will throw his support to tho othor
road. From his stand In the past
apparently Mr. Hill has no Interest
In Investigating west side through
routes, which are generally preferred
by auto tourists because of tholr
superior beauty and oonvonlence.
Tho Oregon Trunk hns compIetWd
the movement from Coleman to Rend
of tho Bheep bound ror tho summer
range. In all 153 carloads have been
brought In. making a total or 35.000
sheep that have passed through town
In the past ten days.
M The First National Bank
U. C COB,. President HM. BATHER, Viae- President
V. S. HUDSON, Cashier
Capital fully iald
Surplus - - - -
To Homeseekers:
Parties contemplating taking Home
steads in the new lands just eliminated
from the Forest Reserves, should bear in
mind that Bend is the closest Banking
town to these lands.
Wo are making a special effort to be
' of service to new people coming into Gen
tral Oregon.
Gall and see us and arrange your fi
nances, so ypu will not Have any trouble
in, having your check's cashed.
O, M. I'ATTEtlSON II. C Etr,l
To Construct 100,000 Gallon Itoser
voir on I 111! Above Kenwood WIU
Cost Heveral Thousand RolUnU
Work to Hegln At Once.
Carrying out Its settled polloy of
making provisions for the needs of
tho town In advance of Its growth the
Rend Water 'Light b. Power Company
will shortly begin the erection ot, a
new reservoir more than three times
tho capacity or the present tank from
which water for the town is now sup
plied. Announcement of the plans
or the company was made on Satur
day by Manager Foley.
The new reservoir will be situated
on tho hill above Kenwood on .tho
west sldo of the river In the Diml
View property. The site was acqij
ed by tho water company last yealtffo
anticipation of future needs but Jtji
understood that' at that time it Was
hardly expected to build so soon.
The new reservoir will be orfa.
capacity of 100.000 gallons as against
30,000 for tho tank on tho eastUta
ot tho river. It will be built of woTd
or concrete depending on the resjj
of Investigations of Comparative ejl
and other matters now being' made?
Whether It will, bo supplied through
the existing pipe line or by a new and
Independent lino carried across fi
river from the pumping plant is not
fully decided. Excavation for the
line which will connect the presont
Kenwood pipe and the reservoir Is to
be begun at once, as well as work at
tbe reservoir site.
Tho cost of this addition to tho
company's plant will amount to sev
eral thousand dollars, much of which
will be spent for labor.
Arrived on Mondaj-anil Will be Set
up as Boon as PolbIe.
The machinery for the Central
Oregon Farmers Creamery arrived on
Monday and has been unloaded prep
aratory to being moved to the quar
ters In the ico plant of tho Rend
Water Light Power Company. Ro
fore being set up thera a cement floor
will be laid In the section ot tho
building to be occupied by the cream
ery, and this work will be begun at
H J Morgonstern. the buttermak
er employed by the directors of the
company, returned to town front
Lake on Monday. He will overse
the setting up of the machinery and
expects to have the business In opera
tion soon.
The. local pott office today become
nn ofllce ot the second class. With
Its new rank It Is entitled to extra
clerk service and F. T. Reed ot Dead
began work a dork this morning.
- S2$.000
- $22,000
1 q g!y J S jpy kj&J k&i!)kj&j)