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: "iiULi
!Much of Interest Encountered on 400 Allle Auto
Trip to Ltt Pine, Paisley, Lnkeview, Alkali and
Hampton Valley Interior Towns Prosperous
Homesteaders Putting in Large Crops
l)y 0. P. P.
Like tho bonr that wont ovor the
mountain to boo what ho coulil sco,
wo Btnrtod Inst weofc on nn nuto
Jaunt through southorn Crook and
northern Lnko counties; and wo saw
considerable of a mighty rooi! coun
try, hospitable people and proRrosslvo
communities. Altogothor 400 mllos
of Bn&e brush leaves ono wtth opti
mistic Impressions of tho great lilt
land south or us. and all kinds or
optimistic boilers In the prosperity
and Importance of Its future.
In tho first place, tho roads just
now aro about as sood as thoy over
nro (excepting around Lnkovlew,
vhoro thoy vera worso than well,
jt'ven worso than Judgo Springer's
logic!) A lot of good work has been
Mlono between hero and Lji l'lno, and
the trip Is easy to negotiate.
, Iiit Tine Up and Coming.'
' ; La IMno, l up and coming. Riley
smiles at one hotel, and Itapor at
tho other. That Commercial Club
building which tho members own
themselves, ou'd which has a larger
tnomhQrshlft.pi'dportfonal to itopnla
tlon than aiy other In the state,
dooks .substantial and Inviting. And
(f ono has time Kdltor Arnold of tho
Inter-Mountnin will toll 'you some of
tho good thinKs.nbout his town and
If you haviTlJta alwnys easy and
profitable to icm his paper.
'' Of coureeTLaJPInenud Silver Loko
-ami Opitront are countlnc tirettv
theavlly onthe.. land olwnlng, and
Hbero seems' 'Utile doubt that a lot
(of land Becker? will come to thorn,
land many of thera settle and develop
the country .lalboi which Is good nows
not only ror, theso-communltles, but
Ilso for HeittC Jwhlch cannot but
profit from all development of tho
I This tlmo wo didn't go to Crcs-
scont, which, wo understand. Is doing
nighty well, trot hit tno long roau
trnlcht to SllvcrvLako. Incidental-
ay, wo hit .fewer irock than usual
ttust this stdoof that town, for the
Sood roada. boosters had been out on
Jthe proceeding Friday and boosted
many of tho rocks out of tho road.
. -Silver Itke lkrwcrM.
"Silver Lnk(Thas a tremendous lot
ot land closo to It that Is to bo open
ed for settlement this month, and
folks are banking on much .home?
steading. That tho town does a
whale or a business Is Indicated by
the largo stocks carried by all J he
stores good clean stocks too, up-to-date,
active merchandise. It
doesn't take much perception to
realize that there Is & lot or money
stored up aromd Silver Lake, for
the cattle business has done well by
those who stuck to It.
Somo Silver Lakeltes were disposed
to reel that Uend was not over
friendly. However, when wo got
down to tacks it becamo evident that
the "knocking" Uiey alleged had
come from Bend was confined pretty'
well to curbstoners, for those who
complained most finally were unable
to mention a single responsible per
son In Uend who had been unfair In
this respect.
And the way Silver Lake people
really feel about nend. If they bavo
the hand of goodfellowshlp held out
to them and get a fair shake. Is prot
ty well Indicated, by the following
editorial from The Leader, which
nnnifared after our visit:
"When such man as C. S. Hudson,
of the First National Hank, and 0.
P. Putnam. Kdltor of The Rend Bul
letin, assure Silver Lake that the r
latlonshlp between tho two sections
of the country are identical, and that
despite the advono criticism of soma
or the 7cajb i M one" men of Dend,
that town Is friendly toward us. wo
rio compelled to believe .them. Why,
jiui..- iioua in in? nnijirai ouuei lor
Silver Lake's products. It is tho
railroad terminal; it Is tho' destina
tion of all the homeseekers. It Is
from Dend all freight Is shipped to.
Silver Lake ana all our mall Is dts
trlbuted there: In fact we depend o'
Ilend and the future of Uend depends
on Silver Lake. Our Interests are
lentioal. Let our public spirited cit
izens get together, help Ilend, help
La Pine, and help ourselves."
That's tho sort of thing that pays
nil hands. Our Interests actually aro
Identical with Silver Lake's and tho
moro we all do to show It. the better
for us aud tho better for Sllvor Lake
Midway botween Silver l.ako and
Paisley Is some exceedingly bad road.
the first encountered on the trip.
FroUe for Summer Iiik.
Tint Just beyond that bad road,
which Is on the divide between Silver
and Summer Lakes, comes one of tho
most pleasant experiences one can
have In Central Orogon. That Is an
Introduction to the Summer Lake
country a summerland Indeed, and
notably a land of good roads, good
farms and good people. Which of
those three is cauBe end which effect
It would be difficult to say; the fact
remnlDs that Uiey uouully arc encoun
tered together.
A rarely r'cb strip of country
bounds Summer Lake on the west,
between the water and the rugged
hills that shelter It. Here wo saw
cores of prosperous farms, long es
tablished, with large houses and
barns, flno fences and well cultivated
fields. In many cases little streams
meander through the farms from the
hills behind, and often their water
power fs used to supply electricity
to tho ranches.
There are a groat number of or
chards, prosperous In appearance,
and all yielding remarkably well,
judging from reports. Apple and j
peach trees were In bloom, and the,
road side waa lined with wild plums :
whose fragrance filled the air. Li
lacs blossomed In tho gardens, and
flowers lined the fences. Altogether,
a prettier spring time sight than the
eastern bordors of Bummer Lake
would be difficult to 'maglno. And
no export eyo Is required to see that
with transportation this territory In
evitably will becomo one of the great
fruit producing content of the Pacific
Pauley's Future llljr.
Paisley lUolt Is a prosperous llttlo
town, rich and stable. It hns n largo
future, am) n splendid territory ad
jacent to If. which will becomo fa
mous when railroads arrive. Just
to tho north lies tho irrigation pro
ject of tho Northwest Townslto Com
pany, tho eoriwratlon Interested In
Uend and a doicn other Northwest
towns. Those lands nro most prom
ising In appearance, and the comple
tion of tho enterprise, which Is back
ed substantially by eastern capital,
must mean much locally and to tho
country at large.
Pnisloy, by tho way, has no muni
cipal tax levy. Tho Incomo from
thrco saloon licenses (USOO) pays
Its running oxponsos. Kast of tho
town lies tho great Chowaucan Marsh
and many lino ranches occupy tho ad
jacent acreage. The stores of Pals
loy nro well stocked, and recently
Jt has added to Ito prestige by tho
establishment of the Palslev National
liank. which Is getting an excellent
start under the guidance of Cnahlor
At Paisley ono begins to breathe
THK 11KNI) Ul'litiKTKV, 11NNI), OHR., WKDNKHUAV, MAY 0, 1011.
Give this Job to it man
who will reduce Taxes
mid cut down expenses
If you had nn Intmst In private tmlnc
you Mould wnt it romluvUit on luuintna
ptlwipl!. You hae n Intern! In the
nlklr of tltit State Tlie Stute ef Orrgn
N n InuincH irulitiilitm run fur the benefit
ol the people in it ho, In a icttatn
ate moc Ktioldcrt in lit liufne mtrretti
In the coming primary election, Charles A. Johns, of Portland,
will ask the vote of every person who believes the Slate of Orcuon
needs to have taxes reduced anil expenses cut down The only way
to reduce taxes and cut down expemct Is to apply the same principles
in running the State that you would apply in rtmiiinc your own business.
flow many institutions would tun alontc V'ith an increase of oper
ating expenses from year to year ? Not many. Well, let's reduce
our taxes and cut down our expenses. Charles A Johns, of IWtland,
is running on that platform aud stands on his platform. Get him on
the job! Start thinking about this today!
Will you elect a man who will cut down expenses and reduce
taxes, or a politician, as our next Governor ? The isiuc is clear.
One Will cut down taxesthe oih'cr will u've jobs to his political
friends. Which do you want i ' Paid Advertisement.
(Paid Advertisement.)
Candidate for
Republican Primary Election, May
15. 1911.
To My Friends In Central Oregon:
There are four Justices to elect to
tho Supremo Ilonoh. From per
sonal knowledge I know that Judgo
Samuel T. Richardson Is ono of tho
best qualified lawyers in tho Stato for
one of tho places and I ask that my
friends voto for him.
Yours truly,
A. W. 0 It TON,
925 Yecn Building; Portland. Oro.
Register U. S. Land Orilco Lnko
vlew, Oregon, from 1909 to 1913.
Pol. Adv. 9-10 c
(Paid Advertisement.)
tho nir of California, so rar as com
mercial relations are concerned. For
there, and southward, tho country
buys from Snu Francisco and Ronn,
and Caltrornlnn advertising, news
papers and brands of foodstuffs tako
tho placu of tho accustomed Oregon
Inn ones seen horonbout.
KtuuN nro Poor.
Perhaps halt way betweon Paisley
and Lnkovlew ono strikes tho "all
tho year around" road which Prlno
vllle folks arc boosting botween that
town to Lakoxtow. Well, ten days
boforo we struck It no car could got
through wJthQUk an auxiliary of four
horses to do hauling at tho mudholes.
No doubt It is a flno summer rond.
nut It Is cquallyvvura that for throe
IjUoIcv I Itlcli.
Iikovlew, too Is rich. It litis nil
appearance of substantial ago mid of
prosperity. Incidentally, there nro
moro whlto buildings with red roofs
thero than nnywhoro else In thu
world, proportionally to site! Home
body must hnvo Inhorltcd n lot of
red and whlto pnlnt. Add n hun
dred gnllons of blue, and Lakovtuw
would ho moro patriotic than a
Hearst newspaper trying to stir up a
The Iakcvlow tixnmlnor Is nn ex
ample of a well equipped printing
plant which turns out a first rate pa
per. And another Iiko county Insti
tution (ho oughtn't to mind being
called thnt) which folks up this way
Till Mill ho tlm lament mill best
ujii'iikv hullilliiK lu (Viilrul Oi'Ojtnu, .
i ' An iiinto Now For
KxiH'it Repair Work nt I'll I r I'llies
Wo UMilliuto ChnlmtMN .V Kiixon Chin anil Leiden Tritclm
1Hs Eend Garago Comnany w
It. It, lUrdy K. II. Ilitinlm T. W. Haul)'
for lfS vmira
The Standard Shin Itemed
Instant Relief for all Skin Troubles
m$m JLP$ mMi
settlor on tho lust bit of-'iiutukon
land thero.
Much llnnnvtoiil llevehrpmciit.
Thitn coniiiH thu ItoiuMliiriiM ronU.
now In good coHdltlint. Htid ihniUKli
llnmptoii Vnlloy niid on prnctlrally
all the way I onn enntltiuoUH Hiierm
Mlou of hnniMteailers, with ftn ,
(lowed fluids anil tunny MUlwtantlal
impnivomenis. All nionic tim wtiv
or four wlutecv months portions of soo and hear of, Is 1-nlr Thompson,
tho routo aro ltupalblo. Tho wholo
country sema- saturated with wnter.
Tito sqIIJb sticky ruiuIh) and In many
pmccs seemingly hard to drain. Alto
gether. It Is a miserable highway,
oven as Copt nil Gregory rontjs, k. and
In, comiuirjijon the rocky. roads of
Crook ,counj:, aro infinitely prefer
able. .
However, .-IuUko Daly has bljf
crows at work, and great Improve
ments nro.liolim effected. Hut even
with thee, thero never will be u tlmo dlum carbonato.
when tho north and south route
from Rood to, California will not bs
far bettor, for all year going, than
this pet scheme of tho Crook county
Beaters, who, nevertheless, deserve
full credit for their enterprise In
starting tho movo and making so
much of a poor bargain.
stato senator from this district.
From Lnkeview to Alkali Lnko oc
cupied n long afternoon's run, pnsl
tho 30 or moro mllea or Abort Lake's
shoreline, and through, for tho most
I art, an unsettled sagebrush coun
try. Hovln lU-MNltN nt Alkali,
At Alkali Lako tho Oregon llornx
ComiHiny, wtth F- L. Youug In etiargo
has filed on n great natural deposit
of soda. or. technically speaking,
Just now ii H.
Young of llond. acting as a l'. K.
Government deputy mineral survey
rr, Is running out tho Itoundsries of
tho company's claims, which are soon
to bo patented, and embrace about
tt, squaro miles. ,
Tho sodn, which Is white and chal
ky, lies along tho edges of the lake,
occupying n great piitoh porhaiw a
mile or more squaro, and much moro
of It hidden houenth tho surface. Its
nluo Is for fertiliser, bsktiig Hoda
nud lu the inanufncturtt of Iron and
Hteel. It has been tested out thor
oughly, ami found of groat vnlun.
Tho company han invested heavily nt
Alkali I.nko, and with thu ndvunt of
tntnsiiortatlon will ronn enormous
profits. It Is ostlmnted that there In I no were told that prsetleally mer-
uiioiiKh soda prnctlenlly In sight to f one Is living on their claims and that
ship 30 curs n day for 30 years, thus this year the nrnmK" riiitlvntN will
Insuring a big Industry for this now bo about twice whut It was Inst year
Isolated corner of tho Interior. Ilronktugs, of oourvv, Is busy, nrt-
Rimiiii for Many Settler. ' '"K the hsir way house betWM.ii
Northerly from Alkali Lake a poor ."'' "' """is and curing for tho
road ultimately connects with tho j '"vy Uo travel and other travel
llond-llurns road, passing through iel'oon the two Iouiib. Tho tin
Rutto and Iist Creek Valley. Tho I lffo wo. were thero 18 jiroplo wero
first portion of the Journey shows . nnd tie day bnrore itimi. 30. For
few hoincstoadors. and tho great ex
pansos of rich looking and rockless
nagobrush plnlns Indicate that there
la yet room for hundreds of more
landless men who would get land
from Undo Hum.
At llutto Mrs. Ii. McDowell, nt tho
post office, said alio has ralsod every
thing In her garden but tomatoes anil
cucumbers, Indicating what can bo
done out thero.
I-ont Creek Valley Is settling up
the mouth of April 300 trnvollorn
AltoRolher. when one gets bark to
tho watered streets, electric llghtM
and cement sidewalks of Ilend. It lit
wlln a renewed enthusiasm, not only
for Ilend Itself, but for the big coun
try south and east of It, to see which
Is to reel with redoubled certainty
that a great future Hon lu sore for
It -n future which Is yet sen reel
guessed and thnt Its tiltlmalo de-
fast. Wo were told that O. C. ! volupment must mean a like deN
Ilonklo of llond hitd Just located a opment and prosperity for Rend
Reduction in Prices
f MAZDA Lamps
25 watt lamps....... 40c 35c
40 watt lamps 40c 35c
60 watt lamps 50c 55c
1 00 watt lamps, .... 80c 75c
The Largest Insurance
Agency in Central Ore.
wi: iti;pui:.m:.vr an of thk lahokht and .most
Bend Insurance Agency
First National Bonk Building Bend, Ore.
fli 1.1 . .... 4 .
Bend Water Light gB Power Co.
. , . r. r -
" ' '. j
Building Material
The Miller Lumber Company
Bend, Oregon.
Wenandy Livery & Auto Co.
Will bo put on between Bend anil Silver Lako April 1,
UBND.KORrilOCK $4.60
Reasonable Rates
will bo chnrud en all Express nnd Bntrgngo.