The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 22, 1914, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin.
. . .
, Vol. Ml.
NO. 7.
r .
1 ,
. i
l In Addition New 1 'tit tt (,'ontompliite
Itt'tteiincnt of All Munition Hln-et
In (tit City fount'll Vote in
I'o.Ujienilo In Doing Worli
Friday, the I4th will Iw oh-
served horn hn (lood Road Dny.
. All volunteer worker are In
meet un Oregon treut I'rliluy
-- morning nt 7:0 mul lie taken
t to IIih point whoro work In to
be douo. All auto owner n
- urHil to he on hand l Hint tlmn
I - tO MMMlHt In distributing tllH
worker. HrliiK plek ami
Out of the confusion which linn
i Hiirroiimlml tho plnn for good rnd
day there hr developed n far reach-
( iiK scheme (or rood work In thin
vlrlultv, which If carried through,
will mMu n decided lwiirtTtmiitt In
thn trnet In thn buslne dlntrlcl
of the city, Dim ooiistruelloH of h roml
connecting Wall street with the Hew
t iJjililUw nmd and work on IIih other
road laatlltiK from the town Inlo thn
country tu make them more pabi
for traffic.
The plan m now outlined U Hi
r Mill It of several riiuw, Including Ihe
Mineral agitation for good road day
and IhH feeling that with the county
road workers busy oh the outskirts of
lb rlty miflu arrangement should bo
load to rn-opernli with them In con
necting tho pity with thH road thev
' have been Improving. Tim public
uplrlted work being done by J. A.
ItantM and the co-operation pledged
by the rlty council nt It mooting lt
night seem to niMiiro the complete
carrying out of thn whon I dim
;mhI ItoniN Hit)' l-'rldny.
At the Commercial Club luncheon
Saturday It wai loft with tho com
inltlej formerly appointed to mnko
ull plan for tho Rood rondo day and
, nt a meeting Monday night It wn do
elded Hint thn work should ho donn
on Friday and thai thn chief effort
1 of thn ilny should 1m put on Oregon
atrial between Wnll and Rond. ulng
, cinder from thn jilt nl I'tlot Unite.
Hit-cotiimlttmm wore nppoliitiHl to nr
mtiao for thn ilntnllit.
Thn rndy rnnpoimo In plodRca to
pnvldn Inama to do the hniilluK Ind
.1. A ICattHM, who rlrrulntd thn !
iMr. to ronrolvo thn Idea Unit n attll
HTH-r nuwber inlKht lm ohtalnnd and
with thn aid of the council, that all
the liualii utrtwlM of IIih elty might
m trnalad with rtntter. lie proaent
4 ih prepoettloH to the council
" laat nlRht and a voln waa paMwd to
thn nlfHct that the city would duult
cale the yanlane of elndera hauled
t liy private aubecrlptlon If not Ihm
than 1I& toatn were pimmno. in
addition the city will hulld a hnppnr
at the pit aud furiilnh the londliiK of
thn malarial null aupurvlilon of tho
t Today Mr. Kmlna had ohtalnwl fur
ther pledKoe nud now hna over Kn
titani alKiiod P fr Iho work If thn
full 126 can ho anctiroil. In vlow of
thn ready rcuponno found ao fnr hn U
conlldnnt thnt tho plnn will ho car
ried through If thn full uuuihor la
Hflcured It la hoped Hint urrutiKOiiinnt
Keep Your Valuable
Papers In Our Vault
Thn lH't ntul unfoit plnro lit tho world to
keep llm nnil II fo limiriinco iHilUirt, noUs
coming due, mortKUKc, deed In fact nil
Milunlilo pa pent I In it Hre-prtHif vault.
Hery one cannot iifTon) lo havo a atccl
vault, or even n llnvproof anfo in hi home,
tint- every one, can afford to keep hi ralu
ublo pa pern In our vault bccaiiKO tho rental
(iiaiged I iih iioIIiIiik compared with tho
protection nffoided.
You ran leniio n hteel Ihix with n non
plcVable, Vale lock hlg oiioiikIi to contulu
nil your valuablo paRn Insldo our vault,
for only i?U.t)i) n year.
Drop in next timo you'ro pausing,
Deschutes State Bank
BuccoNNor to tho
Deschutes Banking & Trust Company
iu:ni, oukgon.
- -
Hnturdny, April 26, hna huon
diM'litrod hy Ihu (lovornor of
Ori'K'in im "(lood Itomln Dny."
All cltUmm of (hn alnlo nro urK
ml to work upon ronda. In llmid.
Hpncliil pinna Imvi) hmni tiiudn
for orKiiiiUuil rond Iniprovo
nioiit. Thla to ho donn Friday, -
April 21, m un to Intiirforn with
hinduuM iih llttlii nil piiMlliln.
Tlinmforo I cnrnontly rmnnwt all
uinrchniitH (o clomi thnlr pine
of hiiiduuiM on Krldny and to co
opcrntn In tho work, declaring
It for tho City or lloud n "(lood -
ItoaiU llollduy."
II. A. Ml I.I.Kit. Mayor.
a !! 'a hi I iii
onn he umda with thn county for thi
n of thn county roud roller on thn
For Friday the plnn, iih outlined
nIiomj, Ih to coueeutrnln tho work on
OmKon direct. All worknra nro lo
mmil on OroRon atrcct nt 7:910 n. in.
and from thoro hn dlHtrlliiitnd over
tho joh. Home will o out to tho pit
to loud teanm. minis will work on
thnt atroet and othera, In ninall par
Ilea, will vlalt dlrferant polniN on thn
roada In tlm MiirroiindliiK country and
rniniivn rock ami iiiake 11 1 In whernvnr
uocnfMitry. M. J. UiuiMiMiu la to
hnvo chnrKO of nil crnwa and tinder
him thorn will h captuttiH to ovnmen
IIih work In the outlying dUtrlcta.
To CoiiiiccI Willi IjiIiIIiiw IIohiI.
HiMldea Inking thla action tho
council d I reel ml thn atrcnla commit
tee to take atoHi to have Wall atroet
connnctud with llm Improved l.uldlaw
rond over thn Ilium im laid out, din
conlluuliiK tho rond now In tmo. Thn
commlltiH) In to confer with county
eouimlKalunnr llnyloy and ohtnln hli
co-opnrntlon on thin nud other ronton
Inlo (own nud, It la oxpi-elml, will got
out thn city a drilling outfit for tho
Joint line of thn city and the county.
If arrangement can tie madn the
Wall atreet work will he done at
once and later the county crewa will
lie moved out to the Hurn road.
Dccrllx- I'lnn Fur IjiiiiI Moling,
TiiN How lo lnrrcrtM .Moiitlirr.lilp
noil Aka Help III llltcMlgntlon.
In addition to thn milijcctn of
creamery and good randn dlncuoiilon
at the Commorclal Club luncheon
Hnturdny tho men ting heard n talk
from J. W. Ilrewnr. of thn farm Inndn
bureau of tho Oregon Immigration
Commlntilon, dctcrlhlng tho plnn to
lint nil farm which aro for alo, ug.
getting way of lncrcnnlnir tho mom
ticrahlp of tho club nnd mklng for
onnUtnnon In Inn investigation or tno
eliminated land to tho aouth which
ho wn about to make.
Tho tnntter of tho land Hating n
diHicrlbed hy Mr. llrowor wn explain
ed In Tho llullntln Innt wcok, Ho urg
ed thnt n Mpeclnl fferot bo mndn to
hnvo nil land for ante In till nolgh
iKirhood llitmt and ntatml that new
blnnkn had been furuUhed Hobert It.
noiild for thla purpoae.
The plan for Increasing (he inetn
bervblp wa one, Mr. Ureter anldf
thai hail i.eeu trll tlh great auc
chim In ImiiIi I'rlnevllla and Hedmnnd.
Two captain wore appointed who
chiMin aaalataata and the teanm then
timd a general canva fur new teem-
her. At thn ond of a atnted time
the aide which hud obtained llm few.
tuit momliera gavo n dinner to the
other aide.
In thn matter of thn eliminated
InndN, opinion n to tholr value dif
fered to such nn extent thnt tho Im
migration CommUtlnn hnd aunt him
In, hinld, to make n thorough In
voatlgnllou with tho Idon of publlith
lug hi conolmlon for tho benefit of
un Intending mttler. Mr. Urewor
loft for m Fine Mondny morning.
Of Tho HWlecn, Itlcten Hnll From
I'rliunlllc Kurtcjor lllrn Hik'n
Not Hun Agnlii Svw .Mini In
Khcrlff Itaco In From .MmlriiM,
(Hpoclnl to Tho llullotln.)
FUINHVILLIS, April 21. Laat
Wednoadny wn the laat dny tion
which candldntea could lllo their po
tltloim wiih tho county clerk. In all,
If! office Kcoker have film. Among
thorn la ouo woman, Mia Cnludlu
Wonderly, who nplre to become
county clork.
The Hm of candtdntiHi 1 n follow.
TIionu iniirkeil nro In olllce and nro
up for rifnlootlon.
Forolnrk: Warren llrown , Clau
dtn Wonderly nnd J. K. Adnmou.
For trenurnr: Ralph Jordan and
John W. Morgan.
For herlff: Frnnk Klkln , K. II.
Knox nnd K. L. M liner.
For purveyor: It. L. Ilrewaler, II.
A. Kelly nnd Wade iluitou.
For coininlMloner: It. II. Ilnylny ,
J. F. Illauchard and K. W. Richard-
Por coroner: I'. II. I'olndexter .
It will lie noted that 11 of the 16
are I'rluevllle men.
In addition to the feminine candi
dacy, with It olltlH line-up on
woman' mtfTrnge, the only other aur
prlce I that F. A. Rice, the prevent
county aurveyor, haa not enter ml tho
rare again.
The third candidate for ahorlff,
who entered the running at tho lnt
minute, K. h. Mllner, hall from Ma.
dm. In writing to till imper of hi
candidacy, lie nay;
"I en mo to tills country from Port
Innd four ynnra ngo. nnd have been
with tho Madrna Flour Mill n n
mlllor. Recently I havo purchaacd a
farm and am Improving It. In tho
raco I am not aupportcd hy any ring
or clique, but am Juit a people' can
dldnto." Mr Hlkln, tho present Inctimbont,
Mtand on hln record for re-election.
Mr. Knox, a Demoarnt, runs on tho
nurance of strict nnd economical
ndmlnlitratlon of hi offlco. Ha
write: "If elected I ahall not retain
Klkln' doputle."
Deputy I'or llcml Will lie .. N.
Ilrotui, Who Did Work Ik-fore.
9C N. tlrown of Redmond; who act.
oI n aimeaaor Fovter deputy laat
er In Uie aament of 'I'rluevllle.
Redmond and Item!, arrived yeater
day morning nnd will begin tho work
of aaaeMinient here for the year 1914
Immediately. Thl eaon Mr. llrown
will handle only Redmond nnd Rend.
It I understood thnt Mr. Foster muy
handle I'rlnovlllo himself.
Mr. llrown asks thct all who havo
Complaint concerning Inat year as
scHsniunts, or who hnvo found mis
tnkes, co mo to him nt onco so that
correction can he mado. Ho will
ho found nt Hunter & Stnnln' offlco,
and will he hero probably a couple of
,, ." FISHING .
at Tin: iuvrroM
Call and See Our
' l
Program Include Attendance nt
Cli ii i id, Dinner and HKclal Aiiul-
ternary Hen Iron .'Many From
Out of Tgwii to Do Present.
On Kundny the local lodge of Odd
Fellow will celebrate the 96th an
ntvoraary of tho order In America
with apecinl aervlco which all metri
her of thn order In tho surrounding
country aro Invited to attend as well
a nil tho general public, A Mpeclnl
Invitation hn boon given to the
lodge In tho nolghliorlnR towns and
It Is expected Hint ninny will bo pres
ent from I'rlnovlllo, Redmond, Laid,
law nud Culver, and othrfr point
nloug tho railroad. Tho event of
tho day Include nttondanco at two
church service and a dinner.
In the morning tho monibcrn of tho
order with their wive nnd the Ho
hokah will meet at 10 o'clock at tho
lodge room In Kather' Hull and at
10:30 march to tho Presbyterian
church where service will be begun
nt 11. The sermon will he preached
by the paMtor. Rev. O. It. Wilkin on
the subject, "Friendship."
From the church tho march will
be taken up to tho Wright Hotel
where dinner will hn served after
which, at 2 o'clock, the order will
return to the church for the anni
versary Hervlce consisting of the fol
lowing program:
Kinging by the choir, hymn No.
188 In Westminster Hymnal. Pray
er hy tho Chnplaln. Solo hy Slater
Wlngato. Reading of Proclamation
by tho Secretary. Bong Annlvoranry
Hymn, Ceremony by tho Soldo
Grand nnd tho Vice Ornnd, Song,
Thanksgiving Hymn. Prayer hy tho
Chaplain. Addrcsa hy Rov. O. II.
Wilkin. Solo hy Miss lllack. Ad
dres hy Rev. O. A. Walker. Ro
mnrkn by Brother A. U Oovo. Re
marks hy the Noble Grand. Song,
Our Flag. Closing with benediction
by tho Chnplaln.
Tho comnilltco on arrangement
consist of N. P. Welder, C. W.
Thornthwnlte, J. W. Goucher, Dort
8huoy nnd N. W Caldwell and the
musical program nt tho church will
bo In chargo of Mr. Ashley Forrest.
llynl Loncll I Now on American War
Vel on Omit of .Mexico.
George Lowell, who Uvea 7 mile
out on the llend-Huma road, is es
pecially Interested In the recent ile
ovlopmenta In the Mexican trouble
by reason of the fact that one of hi
son hi In the United State marine
corp now stationed on nn American
war veaael In Mexican water. Thl
son. Ilyrd Lowell, wont up to Walla
Walln for tho harvoet last fall aud
while thoro enlisted.
According to Mr. Lowell the fam
ily hn been represented on the Amor
lean side in every war tho United
State ha been engaged in. Ho him
self wn In the Civil war and another
son wa In tho hospital corps In the
Phlllpplngoa during tho war with
With tho completion or tho work
of laying pipe to connect tho clly
mnln with tho Kenwood nystem man
ager Foloy of tho Rend Wntor Light
k Powor Co. announce thnt In view
of tho expected Incronso In tholr bul
no tho company ha decided to
lower It rate for water Borvlco. The
flat rato tor residence will horoaftcr
bo 11.10 Instead of $1.60 por moflth
and material reductions aro also
mado in tho rato for fixtures.
The first shipment of wool to be
received at the local warehouse thla
season came In thl morning. It
eome from Fitzpatrlck & Cronin of
Paisley and consists of 25 sack
weighing about 7600 jiound.
Tho body of Jeaee j'ouch, who dta
appeared from hi homestead last
winter, waa found last week nt the
foot or a cliff In the neighboring
country. It I uppoed that he wan
dered from hi cabin and foil over
tho cliff.
George 8. Voting Report Itonil
Which Prtncvllltf Dojk Will He
0ien Year Hound in Hail Shno
Friends of George 8. Young hero
have received letter rrora him con
taining Interesting Information con
cerning the Lakevlew country, where
he I at present doing engineering
Mr. Young point out that the
roada from Hend to within 26 mile
of lakevlew are In excellent shape.
Ileyond that point thty have much
aUcky "gumbo." While Prlneville
people havo been attempting to os
tabltah what they call "an nil the
year round" road from Prlneville to
lakevlew, Mr. Young ay that auch
Is an Impossibility, as the roads are
practically Imitassable for a counts
of winter months. North nnd South
road from Rond, on tho contrary,
aro reasonably dry and passable "for
12 months.
With the oxcoptlon of tho Immedi
ate Lakovlew country. Mr. Young
any Northern Lake county hn ad-
miratue roads. Ho reports finding a
very friendly feeling toward Rend la
that territory.
Trlplett Houe Kcorchril on Saturday
Slight Dnmngo nt Wright Hotel.
Tho first fire for several months
occurred on Saturday about 1:30 In
the nffernoon. when a blaze started
from the chimney In the Trinlett
house on Ohio street. It was dis
covered promptly and assistance ob
tained at once with the result that
the Are waa confined to the kitchen
and the roof above It. The damage
amounted to about $150.
Monday niaht about 10 o clock fire
was discovered in the basement bo
low the sample room nt the Wright
Hotel, having started apparently
from the furnace. Dcforo It was put
out It damaged that room Somewhat
and Injured a number of piece of
furniture stored In the liavement
which wore to go toward furnishing
tho now homo of Joe Uozoll and Miss
Goldlo Hoko, who am to bo married
next Wednesday. Tho fireproof walla
of tho building prevented much ad
ditional damage. Tho loss was some
what over $100 covered by Insurance.
The First National Bank
U. C. COE, President B. A. SATIIER, Vtoe- President
C. S. IIU.DSON, Cashier
' Cairftal fully paid - - - (95,000
Surplus 813,000
To Homeseekers:
Parties contemplating taking Home
steads in the new lands just eliminated
from the Forest Reserves, should bear in
mind that Bend is the closest Banking
town to these lands.
We are making a special effort to be
of service to new people coming into Cen
tral Oregon.
Gall and see us and arrange your fi
nances, so you will not have any trouble
in having your checks cashed,
Trip Into Ln Pino Country Tnkon Ily
J. N, Hunter firing HchuRji
Cream From Cow More I
Pledged Creamery Certain
It I always darkest Just before
the dawn, o the old saying baa It,
and this seem to he tho truth 'n re
tpoet to the creamery as well as o.h.
er thing. A reported Ia wcok,
prospects for the areamery nt that
time roomed rather dubious because
of Inability to sign up eBough cows
to make It advisable to start up.
Slnco thon, however, the proposition
has taken a new start and it now
seenv certain that It will be carried
Tho event that has brought about
this changed aspect Is the trip taken
by J. X. Hunter aad Charles Slpchen
to La Pino on Monday. Whero tho
former trip Into that territory pro
duettd little or no reutt thts one was
more than satisfactory in every way.
A number of ranchers were seen nnd
more than 60 cows signed up for thit
creamery. Not only thl but several,
who already have good sized dafrY
herds, sal 'I that as soon aa the sujp
eea of the creamery was assured
they would add to them. Similar
asaurancea wero also received from
ranchers nearor Rend who are now
patronizing other creameries, but will
turn to tho Rend institution aa Boon
a It I In good running order. mt
This changed condition and tho nip
parent certainty that tho creamery
will bo started hero I especially
gratifying to J. P. Keycs, president
of tho Commercial Club, who has put
a great deal of tltno and thought Into
tho plan. According to him the on
ly thing now remaining Is for the
actual organization to be perfected
and thla matter will be taken up at
tho luncheon on Saturday.
John Dubul Arrives From Salem to
Dog In Summer's Work.
John Dubuls, Inspector for the
Desert Land Hoard, arrived In town
this morning with Mrs. Dubuls. They
will be here all summer and have
taken the Robertson cottage on Front
street, formerly occupied by tho Ov
erture. Mr. Dubuls will devote the summer
to a study of the Central Oregon Ir
rigation Company system, with espe
cial reference to the matter of canal
capacity and seepage, in an effort to
procuro sufllclont data for the board
to enable it to take Intelligent action
on matters that come before It, To
aid him In his work Mr. Dubuls oaks
that farmers who aro willing to kep
record of tho water delivered
through tholr latorals communicate
with him. In connection with, this
Mr. Dubuls will mako a survey of
tho reporting farms and at tho ond
of tho season furnish this to the
owner with a complete water record.
M ij
n. FBRREUi. Pro. P. O. MINOU, 8oo'y.
13. M. LARA, Oashlor.
D. Forroll, P, O. Minor, B. M, Lara
S I . : 1
U. C, Cob k. a. bather. n, b. Hudson
O, M. Fattehson H. c. Elms