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'AGE 7.
(Contliiiicil from' fliiKO 2.)
vntor, Wnsli., nrrlvoil In thniio imrls
"lunmlny In hoiiioIi for n looatlon.
Tlmy vIhKuiI lit tliu Ross lluwii'tt
lionin. K. A. lltiHROtt Ih u nniilinw of
Mr Kuiiim.
Mltw May Yihiiik of Vitiicoimir,
Wash. Iiiin boon visiting ut tint llrowu
llnino tlio piiHt woiiU. Miss Voiiiik In
it mn(Hr of Ilniiry llrowu of Rodinontl.
.10)111 Hkoln, on tlm (Inrrott jilnco,
In Inillillim what will l four miles
f ritdlilt fonco whim It In coiiipliitiid.
lllii uulKlilior, Mr. WllllituiN In iiIho
n.lihlt fuuoliiK his lurko plana.
Mr. mill Mth. A, W. Ilnyn ontor-
tiilncil Mr, mill Mm. Allon Wlllooxou
' mid dmiKlilor Marriott, mill Mm, duo.
II Kou, nt illniior Wednesday ovon-
Mr. mul Mm. Oscar I'rtckott wel
comed i Imby dauithtor to tholr homo
Inst Moiulny ovnnlnK. , Dr. HonoIi of
Redmond wiih lit itttonilnnuc
MInh Mmii'iuiu wim 1111 arrival from
Tsromn Frhlny mul will keep houso
rot her father until lliu arrival of her
I'lutlior mul othur iiitimburs of tlio
I'rlilny was t lie Inst day of N0I100I
Tor lliu Wilson district. An oxcullunt
irosrnni was kIviiii In honor of tlio
urcnslon mul it iiutiilinr of imtron
vuro present to enjoy It. The pit
1IIn mul tonchor tt Hhnpnnl district
woro nlso kiiosIb for tlio nfteriioon,
IihvIiik boon ilrlviin ovor liy Curl
The I.tio llotili'N honsa narrowly
osrapoil ImiIiik ilmtroyml liy ftrn lam
'I'lmriHlay inornlnic when 11 rut startsd
In mini' unknown manner anil Kulnad
w rapidly an to discounts: nil wfitrls
of tlm women folk to OXtlllKtltBll ll.
fortunately Mr. Oiiliiirn In pitnsltiK
hw tho muoko ami riiliiil In Just In
tlm to prevent n serious fire. An It
was, considerable tinman"' was iIoiih
to Ilia rooniN In which tlio bhixo wan
Minn Mnlilo Smith left I'rlilay for
lisr hoiuo nt l.numnta nftor having
conducted n siirrnsaful nix mouth
wjIiikiI nt illNtrlot No. HO,
Mm. I'rank MoCnffory mul Mis
Marie Austin of Redmond woro. vis.
Horn nt tlm 15. I. (verson homo on
Thursday, tho former lady roinaln
Uik ovor for a visit of severs! tiny.
Tlm Geo. lloblNi dance Crlilny ov
Imk whn attended liy n InrK crowd,
ajeaars Haven nnd flper furnished
the mimic mul an enjoyable time wan
I'm 11k Dally wrh called to Tlm
Dall Maturday evening on account
of the serious Illness of his sister.
J. A. IIIkkn wan n visitor nt (ho
county seot I'rlilny. lie was serotn
IwnIh holm Ity lti Ml (llsdy nnd
1UI Itnyn nnd VloU TriiANdnli who
vUliml Hir wek nnd with homo folkN
A Nood nUihI crowd Kalhorwl nt th
Wllnon mhool Iioiino nt 10 o'clock n.
m. Hulurday to lUtun to a talk by
WtatH KnKlncHir l.owU. AUo thnre
r uliort tnlkn liy navHrnl othnm, In
flmllnK J. J. Klllnxor of Hodiiioml
nnd lCdw. WIltlmiiN. ICxcoptlonN woro
tnknn to nuiuerou mnmrkN iiindo by
Mr. I.owU ly porwrnN In tho nudlnoco
and romarkii ion pomonal to l plonN
nnt wnro iMiimod nt Nhor; lnlrvnln.
If Mr. I.twU vntM with IiIn convlc
1Iobi un Ntatml hero howovor, tho nv
urnao Miltlnr ran oxiict no tnoro. na
In IiIn talk Im plainly nIrIpiI that ho
llHW)HniiMl all further imton of now
IhhiI ly tho r. o. I. Co. until pnlnnta
ar nwurml for landn that nro actual.
1 Mttlml. Thuro In to ho n iiiHntliiK
of watur impm nt tho amno plnoe Snt
urdar morning at which tlmo n loonl
oiaanlmtlon will ho dlncimod.
Trank Hayn. tlift fnrinnr I'nwall
nun plounnr. cam In from Portland
Sunday for n vWt with IiIn non A. V.
llavn and family.
ilwrm llol.lm wot to Ilnil Moh
ilav. to Im hunb aovaral iIavn.
Karl SMHMitern waa n Prlnovllle via
ttnr Mondav.
ICdw. Wllllama. th roiirAMlVM
younic I'owll liuttti ranchor, In pra
liarlnK to aeeaiHpllali rtwitlta In hoK
mlaliiK tlitwimtBn aenaon. Mr. Wll.
Ilun v who hnn it flm hnmil aowa In
ImlldiiiK na many i'ldlvldrmt Iioiiuph
and pnn at fiilt mi outlay of monov.
Tho WllllnniN horil In hiMilml liy nil
titorouKlihrml nnimnla of the Duroc
Jerwy typo. A hnv mul Kraln chop
lwr or Krinitar on tho farm U uand to
limparo the fead. Iloaldoa the S3
lirtMnl aowa Mr. Wllllama haa n largo
hunch of youna; atook imil 16 hand of
bm until. Ho far thin anrlne ho r-
jiorta wcopUnnnlly jmmiiI luok nt far
rowiiiK num.
p LxSSSCSkW b VBn Jr M Bh.
Paint Kitchen Floors
, Don't Scrub Them
Avoid the backache and sore knees caused
by scrubbing bare floors. Painted floors are easy
to keep bright and clean, are attractive and
inexpensive. '
gives a hard, durable, sanitary finish for floors,
steps or any inside surface to be walked on,
easy to keep clean and hard to wear
out. You can apply it yourself.
It dries in a short time. Offered
in appropriate and attractive shades.
Bend Hardware Company
I'd thrniiKh this weak with n load of
Mr. l'lnkim of Wngontlre wna call
ins on frlondt and Iniyliut aumdloa
nt ItrooklnK' More laat wcok.
A. T. Hhnvor'a well drill U IiuIiir
nuwod from tho Thoa. C. 15whb cla'm
to Kri'd O. Mlllor'N place. A well waa
drilled on the ISwIng claim lunt wcok
160 foot deep with 16 feet of water.
At n depth or S8 fwut Mr. Shnvor r
iwrta tho hnrdeat rook encountoroil
In any of the 16 well drilled by him
In thla Mellon of Central Oron.
five drill (Kiluta or hlta were tired In
drllllnK leM than two feet, nnd two
hlta are nil that are uaually nninir
wl to complete a well. Mr. Kwlnx
In Kreatty elated bacauM of IiIn fine
well and excellent quality and quan
tlty of water.
Oncnr lllaelc calletl on A. T. 81m
fHHftfllal to Tho llullitln)
. HUM), Mitroli J I. Uoy Winters
In pIowIiik for 0. II. Duuuiik thla
Mm. V, li. HnmiHiy haa ilrK8(i out
yMveml acroti of anRo-hruih with her
The hour for Sunday nohnol. which
t', held In the lllKhlnnd Mohool Iioiiho.
liaa hoen chaiiKod from 2:. 10 In tho
afternoon to 10:30 In tho inornliiK.
The L. O. C. will meat nt Mm. It.
OiinnliiRhnm'H homo April 16.
Tho men nnd hoyn of I'rlHKlfl l'Inti
nre Kolng to orKnnlio u huso hall
Uani for tho Niiiumnr.
Quito n crowd tiHHninhlod'nt H. 11.
Martln'H homo laat Hunday to aue 11
enddlo pony hroko for Mm. 0. A.
I.lttlo Dorothy Itanmay has bten
very 111 the past few dnya.
Tho lllKhlnnd noliool will cIopo for
tho Hiiniinnr with n mnall program
nnd n plonlo dlnnor Klvun nt tho
Hohool Iioiiho. All nro wolcomo to
(Bpoclal to Tho Ilullotln,)
HprliiK Boodlnfr la nil dona with tho
oxcoptlon of outs.
Miss UoHsIa flhoppard, who apont
tho pnRt-throo niontha In Portland
nnd Wlllatnotto valloy points, hns ro
turnod to hor claim.
William Hoaror of Himtlomoro Is
firing for Shaver's well drill.
ICarl Hogum roturnod from Ilond
ulth scod nnd nuppllos. Ilo hauled
out 2Vj tons with 0110 tonm and ro
porta tho ronda lino.
Udwln Bohrodor Is 'working for
3Ura. Bhoppnrd.
Mr. Yoclc of Btnuffor, Orogon, pnsa-
ver and TIion. KwIhk Thumday. trees nil arrived
Mm. ICIla Monroe Is tho now vost , condition.
inUtreM at Itnylnt. Potltlona were
holng circulated last week asking for
n star route from Horn! to Btnuffor,
Oregon, supplying nil postonicea In
the vicinity of tlm Itend-llurns road
One of Wnt Olllold's horses got 1
away ibsi wook nun wns oapiureti lai
er after n hard run.
Prof. II. N. Miller vlnllwl tho Ulack '
brothers Hat unlay nnd Sunday. I
During tho months of lVlirusrr
nnd March more than IK bn'ictits
wero caught In this locality. Thos.
C. Kwlng with -I holds tho ohnmplon.
ah I p.
uert Weeks Is plowing 20 ncros
for Victor Johnson.
Holiert Whiteside of !.ot Creek
wns n visitor In this vicinity Wod
The school In DlsUIot No. 77 will
close In two weeks.
A. L. lllchel passed through Krlday
with his auto trunk which had been
In llurus aluco last fall. II. O. For
rls nlso mnde tho trip from Ilond to
Hums and return last week nnd ro
imrts rosds good. Work dono on tho
Heud-Ilurns rnnd this year would ho
much apnroclntcd.
O. C. Honklo or Ilend Is In this vl
olulty with a party of prospective sot
tiers. He Is In the rugjou or tho
Cronk-l.ako county lino.
Homco Hrooklngs lost n homo Inst
week that wns Injured some tlmo ago,
and had to bo killed.
Osonr lllnck In Installing his pump
ing outfit mid n gnnollno onglno.
fltr. wolis of vrokn llutto was, vis
iting in this
mor working. Mm. Koppcr went In
to do some trading.
Owing to tho Inoloment weather or
Saturday no meeting ot tho Bku-Kv
l.ouk Kluti wns hold.
Mr. nnd Mrs. McAdow woro Ilond
shoppom Wednesday.
P. It. Johnson returned from Ilend
with n supply of groceries for his
store hero Saturday.
Mm. L. P. Itooney called an Miss
Zelmn Drown nt the Mlllloan Inn
Wednesday afternoon.
Thos. Motfett leu for n business
trlii to Itend Monday.
Mr. Hurwitx drove to Ilend Mon
j dav, taking with him his little daugh
ter who went to receive medical
! treatment.
j A number of the homesteaders re
I reived fruit trees from the Ufollslto
nursery at rrlnevllle Saturdnv The
WV MarfSiB.
EPfiiirsn i
im fjjir iwwitr.B(4tiiupnl(M.t- JTX
7 iVr n Irllal 1 wfUU4UrytJ ' 2
OV Iritl SK-JtkTWr kit pci1V mf
ml Jt4kJ U L'x Tkc eNi'mHitiJ fffl
Ml in Inn ! Bm4. Oatli.tUc. EV i
mW !. U.trKllfM Hi rtov . (
fflr Tb. Oia. 1 1. UllyCo..9ul. f
Mlsa Cowlda tnlkod to tho high
school students Friday afternoon on
somo of tho different oxporlmonts
carried on In tho study of psychology.
George S. Young was nt tho school
Tuesday morning and tnlkod to high
school students on engineering and
tho different branches of study re
quired. This Is tho third sorlos of
talks on "choosing a profession."
Tho bag elm 11 boys aro now arrang
ing to get suits of A, K. Fronch.
Why It Hull Particular People.
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
Is prompt and effective fcr coughs,
oolds, croup, hoarseness, bronchial
coughs, and throat troubles. Thomas
i or ronn mitto woim
locality Inst wook.
(Spoclnl to Tho Ilullotln.)
MILMGAN, March 30. Mrs,NFor
goy spent Sunday aftornoou visiting
with Mrs. TIrs. Moffott.
Mrs. Mnry Itoonoy, Mrs. Agnos
Hoonoy nnd Miss Annlo Roonoy vis
Itod with Mrs. A. A. ailmoro Sunday.
Mrs. (loo. A. Mllllcan Is oxpocted
homo nftor a stay in Prlnevlllo, about
April 1st.
Mm. V, J, Olndor enmo out to ro
sldo of tholr claim hero after having
spent the wlntor In Ilond. Tho chil
dren will Join hor as soon as school
is out.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. (lllninro cnllod
at tho McAdow homo Sunday after
noon. Mr. nnd Mrs. .Morton mul Mrs. VA
Koppor drovo In to Pond Saturday
Mr, Morton will ho nbsont all sum-
Vienna Cafe
We are now located In tho
Onelll DulliHng next to tho
lillto Studio, (loed meals
served, Dread and all kinds
ot pastry for solo,
Modcrato Prices
Modern Dooms
Attrnctlvo Surroundings
Stcatu Heat, Hot anil Cold
Water With Hath Privileges
Ilrcnkfn.Hts Served
MU.i A. D. Spalding, Proprietor
.r-.. .UNfED FOR FOrtfclGh
Mas i MaMMatMawnxaaBmaiBEaBi
anintiAU orrices
Is It Done Right?
Vorron, Hancock, Mich., writes:
"Foley's Honoy and Tar quickly re
lieves tickling throat and stops tho
cough with no bad nftor offocU" It
contains no opiates and Is pure.
That's why It suits particular people
Patterson Drug Co. Adv.
popartinunt of tho Interior, U. B.
Land Office at Tho Dalles, Oregon,
Maroh 2, iai4.
Notlco Is hereby given that Jay h.
Nichols of Laldlnw, Oregon, who, on
February IK, 1909, mado homestona
entry No, 04644, for 8K'4NK,
,VK'8K', See. 23, nnd BWVJNWVi,
NWHSW'i, sec. 24, township ir,
south, range 11 oast, Wlllamotto Me
ridian, has filed notice of Intention to
mnko final five year proof, to estab
lish claim to the land nboro described
before H. C. Kills, U. S. Commission
er, at Ilend, Oregon, on tho 20th day
of April, 1914.
Claimant nnmos as witnesses:
Fred N. Wallace, It. II. Dayley, John
II. Wlmor, J. II. Nichols and C. K.
Nnchols, all of Laldlaw, Oregon.
1-So Iteglster.
Section 30, Township 19 Hoiitli Itnngo
16 K Wlllamotto Meridian, has filed
notlco of Intention to make final
threo year p. oof to establish claim
to tho land nbovo described, boforo
II. C. Kills, U. 9. Commissioner, at
Hond, Orogon, on tho 12th day of
May, 1914.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Frank J. Rlkstnd. Fulton Haffnor,
Arthur Proctor, nil of Ilend, Oregon,
Gcorgo Mlllloan, or Mlllloan.
-8c Iteglstor.
Department ot the Interior, U. 8.
Land Offlco at Tho Dalles, Oregon,
March 24. 1914.
Notice Is hereby given that Henry
Mtarm, of Ilend, Oregon, who on
March 11 1911, mado homestoad
entry Ho. 08300, for 814 MVH. and
KH 8WV, Section 32, Township 18
South. Itnngo 13 Bast, Willamette
Meridian, lira filed notlco of Inten
tion to make final threo year proof,
to ostabllsh claim to the lahds nbovo
described boforo II. C. Bills. U.
S. Commissioner, nt Jlend, Oregon,
on the 9th day or May, 1914.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Ilalp A. Dunn, Jacob F. Thomas,
Fletcher Edwards, John Khley, alt of
Dond, Oregon. '
4-8p. Iteglster,
notici: Foit pimr.icATio.v.
Department of tho Interior, V. S.
Land Ofllca nt The Dalles, Oregon,
March 27, 1914.
Notlco Is hereby glren that John
A. Hazukn, of Dend, Orogon. who on'
November 28th, 1910, made home
stoad ontry No) 07751. for SEtt. 84
BV, NEWSWVi nnd SB.i NW,
Department of tho Interior, U. 8.
Land Office nt Tho Dalles, Orogon,
March 24, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that Wil
liam J. McConnell. of Head, Oregon,
who on May 3, 1910, mndo home
stead ontry No. 08673, for 8ft 8WH
Section 34, 19 South, Ilango 16 B.,
nnd NW nnd W NB, Section
3, Township 20 South, Ilango 16 E.,
Willamette Meridian, has filed no
tlco ot Intention to mako final threo
yoar proof, to establish claim to tho
land abovo doscrlbod, beforp If. C.
Bills, U. S. Commissioner, at Ilend,
Oregon, on tho 9th day of May, 1914.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Thomas Gray, Orlea O. King, John
F. Wolff, Alwyn F. U, all of Dond,
8.c Iteglster.
Department of tho Interior, U. 8.
Land Office at Tho Dalles. Febru
ary 27, 1914.
Notlco is heroby given that Mlnnlo
C. Low, of Deschutes, Oregon, who,
on March 11, 1909, mado homestead
entry No. 04634, for 8Wi NW,
Sec. 27. And on Decomber 11, 1909,
mado additional homestead entry.
No. 0CC37, for S NB and NWU
NEV, Section 28, Township 16,
South. Ilange 12 east, Wlllamotto
Meridian, has filed notlco of Intention
to make final flvo year proof, to es
tablished claim to tho land nbovo de
scribed, before II. C. Bills, U. 8. Com
missioner, at Ilend. Oregon, on the
15th day of April 1914.
Claimant names an witnesses: Geo.
R. Dutts Gcorgo Holton, Lemuel A.
Drandenburgh. all of Deschutes, Ore
gon, Charles It Lowo of Dend, Ore
l-6c Register.
The Wright
Is Bend's Leading Hotel
It Is n .fireproof building
It Is thoroughly modern
It 1 comfortable, commodious, clean
The want of nil are sutlsfletl well nt
Central Oregon's Leading Insurance Agency
Fire, Life, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile,
Surety Bonds
City and Farm Property
fiDHk'I A LOTS 9100 TO 9330
IVI. LwxV Terms: 93. cash and 93. monthly
. Oillco on Oregon Street
Wo are equipped to do
anything In tho mschlno
line, having Installed
new machinery with
which wocanhnndlo any
kind of Job. Automobllo
Repairing n specialty
Doyormond Machine (Sb
Repair Shop
Hawthorne Ave., Bond, Ore,
Headquarters for Commercial Men
Ulcctrlc Lighted Throughout
Special Attention to
Transient Travel
Qood Rooms
Free bus to
and from trains
Qood Meals
If It ta, Ut wll nouih aloiM. Put un
leas It U up to to mark In every dui
com and ua,
Bend Steam Laundry.
AH arrangements made for persons
desiring to go south and cast of hero
Put Your Duds
In Our Suds"
Pilot Butte Hotel
J. F. TAUOART, Proprietor.
Comfortablo Rooms, Courteous Treatment
Reasonable Rates, Free Auto Service to
Trains. Dining Room Servlco the Rest In
Rend, Headquarters for auto lines to all
i points south and southeast,
ONE CENT A WORD is nil n little want ad will cost you.