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    The bend bulletin.
, Vol. All.
li. M. Vun Tells of Thrro Outs ii
Pound uinwineiit In I'll to ami
Ten I'er Cent Clnlu In CroH A
Million Pound Hero TltU Year
R f Much morn wool centering hero for
shipment, nnd fur bolter price for
jTh grower meaning good business
14 for Hend and prosperity for tlm nhuop
' hy I.. II. Fosh, tritvolliiK K"t of Hi"
Ornn-WnhlnKtoii nnd DukcIiiiIihi
, mllroml. with hoadqiiartorH hern.
I,aat ywr tlmro wore hetwwin 600,.
OHO anil MX). 000 lHMItlitH of wool
shipped from Howl. Thin wr tlmro
will h Nt loam n ihIIIIoii pounds, ne-
' rdlnK to Mr. Fosn, nnd perhaps
mm. Thin season's prl average
Mbout three cents iMiimil hotter than
itowm of 1013, Hint will run hImiiiI 11
. ihus. nh against '11 certt lent yenr.
Nut only Hint, Imt the orop will Im
, ten per cent, higher, owing to n sat.
Isfaelnry winter, plentiful feed and
itHr favorable conditions.
' "The present outlook for the wool-
KroMnt of Cent I Oregon Is the
iMMt tmy hnve faced In many years."
)mhII Mr. Fihmi, who has been dovot
Ihk wurh Hum to Investigating tho
uuil Bliiitliiii ! Ihu ItiturMafa lif lit
road "MlK crM nml good price
r assured. More limn thnt, the
wool ctUNlly linn been roHtrscted
for. This spring, for tlm first lime,
buyers hnve ennlrneled nlinosl hII tlm
Central Oregon clip on the iliwtn'
hack, monlhii before shearing. Of
course this Ik most satisfactory to tho
Mror. noil assure them n nrospor-
All I ho ptip to the South will ooiho
Mmr for sh'pitmul, says Mr. Po.
where tnerw is any enouo oi uisianre
,m compared with Lakovlow. The
Trlnht rule from liHro tn Hoston, In
of a cent better than front Lnko-
view. Also, this nuiniriarcnany morn
beep will Ikj shoared hero than over
, twtore. Muoh of tho clipping will lw
Ioh nnrouto from tho wlntnr fewlliiK
ltrletii to thn numinor rnnno lu tho
iHountklm, which chiefly nro renchwl
from linrn
' An (xninpln or thn rnitlnfitclory out-
look In thnt of Mill" llrown. whwo
l.lf rnnrli lltm to thn nouthoflkt. UiHt
vHiir Mr. Hrown noia uo.oou ihiuiuik
f woil nt 10V cwntii. Thin yr he
hua rontrnriwi to wii uu.oou pounu
i 1SU kmiiIm. All of thin Mill N
hlid from HHtl.
Th tint or tn wool mik in iwn
tin lMn mtnoHiicml nil July 7.
Itoxliiti Miukct HtroiiK.
Th' optlmbitle oonilltlonn or tlm
Itnainn iiiarkul am rmortal nn fol-
' lowi in Dunn'H ltrltw:
Tli ilHRinnil for wool lit unnUAKMl.
All iiutrlliiitlvn mnrkntit nro ncllvo
uml onimiullltiiii fur iliuilrnlilM offal-.
Inin U kwtu. The loiulon nilvnnro
1- n-.ilv M.tn1i1latlfMl nlllt llflH ItAnn Hit
iltn) to Nlnm tho miction milo lHKnn.
lieni onnnnH nro nimiwrniivoiT
ulHnll llM.lUJlllll v ttf .lnfil.u.Hl BHll
wiHiinnii'l ntendy tutli nt ntr'WK niul
luiproviiiK vniuoai roily ao.uoo.ouu
Keep Your Valuable
Papers In Our Vault
Tho licit nml nuf"t place In tho woild to
l.Hp tiro nml life) luNiirniiro pollclcH, notM
ciniiliitf One, litorlKi'R''! ilcoiln In fact nil
vnliinblo piiHn. In In n lltvproof vault.
lit cry one rnnnot ulTonl to luno n nteel
vault, or oven n llro-prtiof nafo In liln homo,
but oory nun can nIToitl to keep bin vain
nhlo papei-M In our mult hcratiNo tho rcntnl
iiluiroil In an iiolhliiK couipareil with tho
lu-ottH.'tloii nlToi-dtiil.
You can Iwixo n ntcel hov with n non
plcknble, Yalo lock bin ciiookIi to coutnlii
nil your valiiahlo pnporn lunldo our vault,
for only 9U.0O n year.
Drop In next tliuo you'ro pnnnloK.
Deschutes State Bank,
Hucccntior to tho t ,
Deschutes Banking & Trust Cpmpoay
poiiiiiln, nml pomillily inoro, of tho
new ilutiioittln clip have licoti coiitnict
ml on tho nlioop'N liitck Ii)' oHHtorn
ilimlom ami pilron ronllroil on Into
coiitrnrtM urn tho hlKhont of tho mm
noil, nhowliiit it moiimIIiIo nilvnuco on
tho opmiliiK 1'iilti, It IiioIih nt prcn
ciit im IIioiirIi tho hulk of thn 10H
clip woiilil iio contrnctod lioforo tho
iictunl thoarlmc minnoii oponn.
JiiiIko HprliiKor llliuflf XVu ('lilclly
ltc.Miinllilo For Piirthnoe of Auto
1'or tho County Huerlntrnili'iit.
(Hpoolnl to Tho llullutln )
lMtl.NKVIl.l.K. Mnroh 30- Tho nt
tnok upon tlm County Communion
orn, olroulatotl nt tho huhiMit of JudRo
HprliiKor, nn prlntod In Tho llullutln
limt wvnk, ri'uniM dimlluod to net nn
n linoiiiorniiK nxnlunt KprliiKor, Thin
In onpeclnlly trim nn rtmnrdii tho
chnrKu Hint tlm I'ommlmtlonur nro
roopoiiNllilo for lontiliiK County Hup
irlntcmleut Myorn IliOO to Imy an
nuto out of county fund, llloKnlly.
lor JiiiIko HprliiRor upptiarn not only
to Iikvh ninolnlly Hnucllonud tho
Irnunnctlou hut to Iihvo lmiu IIm chlof
NUiiiortor nn wvll.
Tlm nrrmiKtiiimiit wnn dlncuwiod In
court nt tho tlum of tlm tax low
nmntliiR lnt yonr. Myrn wnn to
Iihvo Ihu moHoy ndvnnriMt for tho onr,
unit wnn to ropny It from tho inlliwiir
nllowod him hy law, nn tho onr onruttd
niich nillmiRi) for him. Thn JmlRe
endornd tho pliui. Oneo, ncordliiR
to wltiionntM, ho oven nnld;
"I nin wIIIIiir to nMtiHiH full ro
npoiinlhlllty for tho miprliit!idiit'n
onr, litrsniiHtt Im tmodn It inoro thnn
nny other oltlcur, nml nhould hnvo It."
Ami now tlm mnttor In uhmI hy
MprlNRor follow em In nn Kffort to din
crmllt tlm Coinmlimloiiern! An n ro
nult of thin nttnek, Mr. Myern Mon
dny look up tlm $100 wnrrnut In
full, lie nnyn- "I do not onro to ni
pt w tlm efiintnlMlonerii, who nro tout,
ly IdniimloM, to bo nttucked ovor my
jilH,t I'no of Krnlro In I'or Hemline
Poultry Wlro lii llitrrlor.
Tho iKMilllon of llond nn n par
cel pont dlitrilmtlnK center In lieltiR
tnken nilrnutnRt) or more nmi more
hy I'ortlnnd nhlppnrn Ily nendlnK
Roodn hunt hy frolRht nnd hnvlng
ttmm forwarded to Interior itolntn hy
mreel'ot tho lowest pomllde rat on
nro nwrurod for tlm whole Journoy.
Tlm Intent exnmplH of thin occur
red on Mondny whon tho Vnltod
Wnrohouno nhlpiiod out to Hockley
1CRB pouudn of poultry imttlnR. It
hnd como In In ISO pound hundltm
which hnd to ho opemid nnd thn net
tliiR repnekod In tO pound wolKhtn.
Thin done It wnn tnkon to tho pout
ofllco nnd nort off.
Thone Intorlor nhlpmontn nro now
Klvun a new routing. koIiik ' Itml
mond nml I rlnerlllo. Formerly thejr
were nwni Wnck nround by rnll to Vnle
nnd frelichlwl from there.
Tomorrow nlRht the Hend IakIk
of MnnotiM will formerly open their
new Imll In the new OechutM In
vontment Cooipnny ImlldlnK. Tho
dmllcntlon of the new quartern will
be nllemlod by n InrRO body of Ma
noun nnd will tnnrk tho mont lnimr
tnnt development yot inado In tho
career of the locnl IoiIro. The Ited
tuond nnd I'rltmvlllo lodRon will hnvo
deloRntlonn prottunt. Hnttirday nlRht
n pnrty of tho loon I lodge, lucludliiK
II. K. Allen. (IcorRo H. Yaunir, J. C.
Ilhoden nnd Wnrd II. Coblo, took nn
oltlrlnl Invitation to tho I'rlnevllle
A '.
hi:m), oiiiujo.v, wi:ini:hiay
VYciuimly ami I'ox Kinplo)luK " Men
on Job With III Weekly Payroll
(JikmI Manonry Work In IMhk
llono Wtonn Khimn Up Well.
AUIioiirIi nomewhnt delayed by tho
rocont unplonnnnt Vtoather, work on
tho new Held Mhool hulldliiK In pro
RroimlnK rapidly nnd linn ronchud n
point whero It In poMlblo to reallzo
BomcthliiR of tho appearance of tho
completed ntructuru. Counldernhlo
nklll In halm; nhown In tho nolcctlon
nml preparation of the ntoneo for tho
building nml tho renult promlion to
Iio ouo of tho bont oxnmploi of con
ntructton or natlvo ntono In town.
Wouandy nnd Fox, who hnvo tho
ntono contract, nublot to thorn by
Ilronterhoun brothorn, nro now oin
ploylnR over SO mon on tho work, In
cludlNR (iinrrymeti, ntono cuttorn,
wnlt men and (minors. In nddltlon
they have three tonmn hauling ttone
nnd mnklnR In nil n weekly pnyroll
of $700. All are locnl men except n
number of thn ntone cuttera who
hnve been brought In from the nut
nlde. C. It, Kurrle If in chnrge for
ilwHir. Woiinudy and I'ox.
To date tho foundation have been
put In and hnlf of the ntone work on
tho hAienient floor. Thin In the nlow
Mt part of the work nn tlm upper
torles will une lew atone nnd enn
ro nhond faster. Hy the end or thin
week. If no delaya occur, tho ntono
work will be two fifths completed.
An tho building proRrennen the
plumbing work In bolns carried tor
ward by J. J. Hyan and llronterhoun
brothorn are doing nuch or the car
pentry an can bo taken caro or at tho
prenont time. Cnlew unoxpected de
Inyn occur they expect to havo tho
wholo InilldlnR completed by August
1. Tho ntono work, according to U
I,. Kox, will bo finished In throe
W. I). Ilnrnen of Ijildlnw Kayn Itee
oiiln ot To Men l)ccrte KupMtrt.
W. I). Harnen of Ialdlaw waa hero
Mondny. Mr. Harm, us usual, in
nhowlng Internet In polltlen, nnd thin
time he la trying to make sure thnt
nil the people on the Tumnlo Project
and other Central Oregonlnns vote
for Justice McNnry or the Supreme
Court and State Representative
Korliea for re-election.
"Mr, MoNary, by hln stand when
McMnhon enjoined tho Tuuialo np
proprlntlon, won tho grntltudo of
nil Central Orogontans, nnd should
got their voton." said Mr. ItarnM.
"And the samo In true of Mr. Forbes.
Certainly no man In the Inst leglsln
lure made n bettor rocord than he
did. In both cases no feeling of var
ty should Interfere with giving a
routing majority."
i ,
Call and See Our
aftlrnoov, april j, ioij.
KoMiltn of Investigation fJrntlfylng
Im Pino Country Intereitel
Quartern May He Hcnt Free Tho
I'lmt Year-Htorogo Only Cont
J. P. Kayos, president or tho Com
mercial Club, who has been chiefly
conducting Urn work ror organizing
tho oo-oporatlvo croamory, reported
at Haturday'B mooting that slroady
210 cown havo been signed up. From
tho Investigations made, ho asserted,
there scorns no doubt that sultlclont
cow owners will come Into the Insti
tution to assure that It can bo start
ed nucccssrully,
Tho luncheon thin weok was nt tho
Pilot Hulte Inn, nnd wna nttonded by
62 rarmors and businessmen. During
tho week Mr. Koyes, P. II. Doneer, W.
O. WaiiKh and II. W. Bkuso, had
made trlim among tho farmors get
ting signatures to tho articles of In
corporation. A number of districts
whero thoro were cown, nnd mnny
ranchers whom It Is sure will come
into the organisation were not reach
mi. Onee tho creamery Is operating
It Is practically assured that much
cream that It now being sold else-
whero will como hero, although
"signing up" Is not yet posslbln.
The auton used In this Investiga
tion were contributed by J. A. Hastes,
J. N. Huntepaml W, II. Staats.
W. O. Fordham, postmaator of La
Pine, wan present, nnd when called
on for remarks expressed much opti
mism concerning tho whomo and was
sure that many cow owners In the La
Pine country would go Into It.
Further discussion concerning Ir
rigation problems were Indulged In,
Cole K. Smith, and II. Forroll being
among the speakers. V. A, Forbes
was called upon to explain the gener
al situation, and did no, Incldontnlly
offering hln services gratis to tho AVa
ter Users' Association cjiould they
desire legal advice or representation
bofnro tho Land Hoard.
Tho luncheon noxt Saturday will
bo nt tho Wright Hotel.
11. W. L. .V P. CO. WILL HHLP.
In connoctlon with the creamory
matter. Manager Foley ot tho Hend
Water Light & Power Co., statos that
plans havo been adopted whereby the
ico plant his company In now erecting
Mill bo mado of ample slio to acconi
odato'tho creamory. A second floor
will not be used, nn at first consider
ed, but the creamery, If that organi
sation caroe to accept the quartors,
will be on tho first Hoor
"We hnve no desire to make nroflt
from the creamery." said Mr. Foley.
' If we Ret taxes nnd Insurance cost
from the building Investment we are
Mllsflet!, an H ' possible that fcr
the first year the quarters will he
rent free. Cold storage, non or nnd
wator will bo charged ror at the low
est posslblo rato."
Over 2G pupils of the Itend schools
have signified tholr intention or en
tering tho contest for tho trip to tho
San Francisco fair arranged hv the
First National Hank. A full list or
tho contestants will be announced
next week.
Mayor Miller has designated this
Friday an the oulelal day for spring
housecloanlng In the city. Wagons
will cart away all ordinary rubbish
that has boon raked to the street or
alloy linos. Citizens who oxpcot to
tnko advantage or tills free cartage
are asked to notify either II, K. Al
len or 8. K. Roberts.
Mnnnwr Could of Commercial Club
nml Other Visit XclKhlwrs To tlio
South Impressed by Activity
In tho Interests of the co-operative
oreamery, Managor R. II. Gould of
tho Hend Commercial Club and a
party of local men went to La I'lne
Saturday night, attending n meeting
of tho commercial club there.
Ho far as the creamery Is concern
ed, the result of tho pilgrimage was
tho appointment of a committee by
the La Pine club, which Is to mako a
thorough canvass among tho farmers
of that country, telling them of tho
project and urging them to attend a
meeting that will be hold at Ia Pino
Friday. A large Hend delegation Is
expected to attend that meeting, nnd
already Messrs. Hudson, Coe, Forbes
and Doment have agreed to contrib
ute the ueo of their cars, while more
are expected to make the Journev. It
Is oxpected that In addition to getting
a goodly number of cons signed up
from La Pine ranchers other matter
ot mutual Interest to the two towns
will be discussed.
In speaking of tho trip,' Mr. Oould
enthused greatly over tho record of
the La Pine Commercial Club.
"Thoy cortalnly know how to do
talngs up thoro," he said. "Their club
has 74 tnomitera and owns Its own
quartern and property. The dues
are only 25 cents a month and every
one seems to take a lively Interest.
It's prosperous, too. For Instance
they are just paying out for a -piano.
Those with Mr. Gould wero Frank
May, P. C. Garrison, W. W. Faulk
ner, and II. Forroll. They went In
Dr. Ferrell's car.
Rates of Light Coinpnny to In Passed
on by It. IL Coiuinllon.
Tho chief matter of discussion at
the council meeting last night was
the procedure to bo taken In tho caso
of a local saloon keeper who had
failed to pay the quarterly Install
ment on his license teo. It was fin
ally voted thrt he should bo ordered
to close until tho llccnso was paid.
The appointmont of Frank May as
assistant engineer to servo during
tho coming nbsenco or George 8.
oung was confirmed nnd cement
sldowalka wero ordered on Wall
street In front or tho Fuika build
ing and the opposite sldo where the
old Chapman building stood.
In view ot the rocent oloctrleal
franchise discussion the council took
the position last night that an Inves
tigation ot the rates of the present
company would be desirable and a
vote was paeseil ordering the city at
torney to prepare the necessary pa
pers requesting an Investigation of
rates by the Railroad Commission.
All registered City Warrants on
the Genorel Fund from numbers 261
to 31S both Inclusive, will bo paid
on presentation to the City Treasur
er. No Intorest will bo paid after
this date.
Dated this 1st day or April. 1914.
City Treasurer.
fej'U.iP.'J' vLiJI
?c smz Kl zsJr SSz SWc
The First National Bank
U. C. COE, President E. A. SATHER, Vice- President
C. S. nUDSON, Cashier
Capital fully jmld - - - 336,000
Surplus 81800O
To Homeseekers:
Parties contemplating taking Home
steads in the new lands just eliminated
from the Forest Reserves, should bear in
mind that Berd is the closest Banking
town to these lands.
We are making a special effort to be
of service to new people coming into Gen
tral Oregon.
Gall and see us and arrange your fi
nances, so you will not have any trouble
in having your cheoks cashed.
TJ. C COE E. A. Sathek 0, S. HtfDSQN
o. M. Patterson II. c.
NO. I.
Men With Families and Full Carload
of Ooo0i, Stock and Farm Imple
ment Morn Numerous Than?
Hvcr Hcfore r More to Come. .
Greater activity In tho actual sot'
Moment or Central Oregon lands than
has evor before been known occur
red last month, aecordlng to figures
given cnt by 3. II. Corbett, agent at
the union depot at Oend, and all In
dications point to a. continuous flow
of settlers. It Is not only In quanti
ty but in, quality also that the now
comers lead, coming as they do with
farming outfits complete down to the
last detail.
In tho month ot March alone, 13
cars or Immigrants' movables, as they
are called In the railroad classifica
tions, arrived In Hend, representing
the outttts of some 15 families who
are going to mako now homes In this
part of the country. In February
six cans came lu and others aro ex
pected to bo added to the list In the
coming month. The March arrivals,
according to Mr. Corbett, were more
than twice the number ever received
here in any ono month In the past.
As Indicated above these settlors
are none o, them coming hero
"broke." AH are men with families
who have accumulated enough In
their former localities to provide
them with all the essentials of equip
ment and a good many or tho lux
uries. For Instance one of them has
his own well drilling outfit. All am
well supplied with household furni
ture and farming Implements and a
number brought as good stock as has
ever been seen here. A complete saw
mill outfit was brought In by G. C.
Cannon, who comes from Yoncala.
Oregon, and Is going Into Crescent
whero ho will set up his mill.
Tho threo northwestern states.
Idaho, Oregon and Washington are
represented by theso settlers .and the
cities ot Seattle, Portland, Kugeno,
Tacotna. Vancouver and North Yaki
ma, with several smaller and leaser
known towns.
They are bound for several differ
ent points In the Interior, inludlng
Rivers. Imperial, Arrow and Fremont
and with tho expected settlers for
tho La Pino. Crescent and Fort Rock
country will make substantial addi
tions to the growing homestead coun
As an aid to Oregon farmers who
are becoming more and more Inter
ested In hog raising, the Agricultur
al Department at Washington ts send
ing out a number of Instructive bul
letins, of which tho following Is a
partial list: No. 379, hog cholera; No.
22, Feeding Farm animals; 20G, pig
management; 339. alfalfa; 372, soy
beans; 462, utilization ot logged off
lands; 3S0, dehorning cattle: 272, a
successful hog and seed corn farm:
273, boy's pig clubs. Any farmer
who desires any or all of these bul
letins may obtain tho same free of
chargo by writing to any or the Ore
gon representatives or senators at
(JSi7 k.&y st .iyi? y
j $ Jq y j(LfQ
n. FBRnKIJJrPxeB. P.O. MINOR, Soo'y.
K, M, LAUAOaohlor,
R. Forroll, P, O. Mluor, B. M. Lara