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    1'AOIS R.
rv urr.T.PTiv, nwm onn., wr.nNrsmv, maiich un, inn,
Claims A word to C. O. I. Co. Too lllg
In North Cnnnl due.
TMo troubles of tlio C. O. I. Co.
?vor tlio North cnnnl dnm arc sttll fnr
rom being aettlod as Is Indloatod by
n news report from l'ortlnnd to tho
offect thnt J., r. Garden, contractor
M'ho built the ilttin, has sued to re
strain tho collection ot n Judgment
obtained by Uie company ngnlnst
hlin. Tho Acoonnt glron by tho
l'ortlnnd Journal It as follows:
Dleentlnftou' with t'no award of n
beard or arbitrators. U F. Gerdeti
Batu.'day illod suit against thu on
tret Ot4gou Irrigation Company nsk
Ing that l2io award ne vnoated, that
ho be glvon such relief as was Justi
fied nd that thu compnuy bo re
strained from collecting a Judgment
of SSS63.39 awarded by tho arbitra
tors J. 1J. Clolnnd. W. C. hytlo, and
M. S. Tumor were the arbitrators se
lected to deolde between Gerdeti and
tho comimny In their trouble over n
contract to build n dam and Irriga
tion ditch In tho Deschutos country.
Oerdctz tiled n suit n yoar ago
against tho company alleging that the
company had failed to koop their part
01 a contraot ho had to construct tho
dam and ditch. He asks for J1S,
1S6.52 for services rendered. The
company riled suit ngnlnst Gordetx
later, alleging breach of contraot and
asking Judgment against Gerdeti'
bondsmen for $25,000, tho amount
of his bonds.
Tho suits were reforred to tho ar
bitrators and on March 7 the board
found against Gordetz, giving the
comimny $609.04 damages and tax
ing him with $506 reporters' fees,
?li?5 arbitrators feea and $27.36 ex
penses. Gordetz alleges In his pros
out complaint that tho findings of
the arbitrators as recorded do not
sustain tholr award of Judgment.
Portland dealers In thnt tltno rouio
15000 swoet pens, recolvlng 75 cents
n hundred for tliom. Spooking of
tlits work, Mr. Coo said, "The reason
I can do thin business prollttvbly lioro
Is becnuso ot the amount of sunshine
wo hnvo compnred with valley points.
Sweet pons need a great amount of
sunshine und wo hnvo It hero fos
Should ytiu not wish to ocmo for a
shine Just leave your shoes. Our
Mr. Hd l.lewollyn of Seattle Is an ox
pert. Upeu Sundays for hr.ths nnd
shining. TUB MHTllOTOMTAN.
(Continued from pngo 0.)
Condon Keeps lteiul out of Last IMnco
Joseph Club In the Lend.
The total made In tho Gun Club
shoot Sunday was 10S. C. K. lloberta
being high gun with S4. Tho other
tteores were F. Dibble S3. H. W.
Skttec SS. K. Wllkle 21 and K. My
ore 19.
Sunday's event was the fourth In
the state series. Tho scores In the
first two shoots as furnished by tho
recording official were as follow
Feb. S Feb. 22
Jseph 110 116
Salem 110 109
Condon 94 101
Grants Pass 113 lit
CervftMe 109 107
Hugetia 114 IIS
Itond 101 108
Donald . . ....116 110
YUh the coming or spring weather
In the Willamette valley M. G. Coe
has found It unprofitable to continue
tho shipment of sweet peas to Port
land and has stopped. Mr. Coe has
been engaged in this business since
tho first ot the year and has sent to
have tlioso ownership pints to find
proper owner to collect of.
"As the delinquent taxes are no
longer required to bo published by
law, to properly protect the Innocent
taxpnyor as well as tho county In oaso
of salo of certificates of dellnuuonoles
the need ot this ownership record Is
absolutely necessary as n guldo for
the tax collector to work from as wor
as tho assessor In making his assess
ments. I havo rocommondod to the
dork the numorlcal system ot tiling
nil papers whore n fee Is charged, to
more accurately account for samo.
''Tho expense of tho change will be
very slight, the only cost being for
tho purchnso or an automatic num
bering machine. I would suggest al
so that all county warrants be
printed hereafter to road to the "or
der" of person whom warrant Ib
made In favor ot Instead ot to "bear
er" as is now.
"At times It Is very Important to
know Just who cashed certain war
rants. I havo filed a financial exhibit
showing the conditions of the general
fund nnd road fund on Jnnuary 1,
1909 also n statement of the amounts
expended for the years 1907 and S.
Under the various headings as re
ported to tho secretary of , state by
tho county clerk, and may be uf val
uaitlo Information to your honorablo
body or to any taxpayer ot this coun
ty. "I find the records or the various
offices all wall kept.
(Signed) .MAX CRANDAU.
Public Accountant
Prlnevllle. Ore., January 2(. 1909"
Tho amounts uncollected on the
various tax rolls are approximately
as follows:
1907 .....? 4,976.70
190S 13,982.11
1909 2 J72S. 1 1
1910 12,263.22
1911 11.211.11
1912 27.640.B7
Our Investigation has not been of
such a nature that we ean determine
Just wiat Items on these rolls are
double assessments and just what
Items are collectable.
This 1b the duty ot the sheriff's of
fice and steps should be Immediately
taken to clear these rolls as provided
by statu to.
The sheriffs office Is apparently
open to criticism In tho matter of
those dollmiucut taxes. The law di
rects how those matters should bo ad
'Justed stop by stop. No proper sys
tem of Issuing certificates of dollu
nuoncy has boon In force In this coun
ty until recently.
Tho sheriff has mndo his annual
report to the county court regularly
and In certain cases has asked tor
adjustment credits as located. He
has not, however, fully uloared oach
yoar's roll nor hns ho held any tn
sales for a number of years. Those
mnttors should bo Immediately nt
tended to.
When we speak of tho sheriff, we
menu those geutlinen occupying that
clectlvo position during thu past 7
From our Investigation wo nro of
the opinion that tho county should
nt once tnko stops to provide the an
sossor'a oilier with tho proper owner-
snip record.
Thu timber land holdings In Crook
county should bo cruised and the ag
ricultural lands properly classified.
It Is Impossible for the assessor to
do his full duty to the electors and
taxpayers of the county without a
proper base. Most uf theso tax
troubles start from tho time tho as
snosement Is made or not made as
the enso tuny bo.
With the proper equipment the as
sessor has the proper tools to work
with and tho responsibility as to the
Integrity of the tny.roll Is fixed.
We noto from tho treosurer's
books that the county raised by spe
cial lovy a few yours ago an amount
In oxcoss of. $12,000 known as a
cruising fund which was to be ex
pended for cruising the timber lands
In the county.
This fund has not lieen expended
for the puniose for which It waa
ralsod. .The treasurer a hooks show
that this cruising fund was transfer
red to the general fund early In 191 J
and used to pay the county's state
Koport as to uniform system and
monthly reiwrts to the Insurance de
partment: We found thnt by reason ot the
county court having held three suc
cessive terms (November, December
and January) that the reports to our
department were delayed because the
work or the office was not up to date.
We also round that no proper record
or outstanding warrants was main
tained. We determined tho amount
or the county's outstanding Indebted
nea and after opening up a new
ledger as of January 1. 111. we ac
counted the business that bad been
transacted to February 1. 1911, and
have rendered tho monthly reports
to this department.
We additionally scrutinised the
claims allowed during 1913, and
made a general survey of the coun
ty's affairs within the time at our dis
posal. The County Court has itaased a
resolution to have a thorough audit
made of the accounts of the countv.
It was not our function at this time
to make such detailed audit, nnd In
reporting the results or our Investi
gation we would recommend that no
further audit of this county be made
at this time Inasmuch as our depart
ment will make an examination ot
this county tor the year 1914.
fall to boo thu necessity ot tho countv
Incurring additional uxpunse. Tho
vnluo of u more detnllod examination
at this time Is doubtful.
More uttenttnn should bo paid to
tho statutes relating to tho respective
Wo found nothing thnt would
cnuso us to form an adverse opinion
as to the Integrity of tho county olll
olals. JOHN 0. ItlCIIAUDSON,
To the IMItor:
Several times recently I hnvo re
ceived complaints that different pur
tlofl hnvo been cutting wood from va
cant lands and Carey Act-segregated
lauds for salo, tu tho Deschutes val
ley and near there. The ownership
of such lauds rests In the Govern
ment until patent Is Issued, and the
General hand Olllce hns supervision
of them until that time, nnd Is charg
ed with the duty of protecting the
timber on these lands nnd of prose
cuting any persons taking timber un
lawfully. Thu only person who Is allowed to
soil wood or timber from unpatented
Intttls Is a homestead eutrymnn, and
ho la allowed to cut nnd sell only
tor the purpose uf clearing tho Um
ber from tho lands tor cultivation.
Ho oan not cut nnd sell from lauds
which he does not expect to cultivate.
nnd If ho does not follow the cutting
by actual cultivation within a reason
aide time he Is liable for trespass,
anil may bo compelled lo imy tho
Woverninont tho full market value of
tho wood sold. In addition to pay
ing for the wood, or timber, he Is
liable to criminal prosecution for cut
ting for aale, nnd If convicted Is sub
ject to line and Imprisonment. As
stated nlHive the timber belongs lo
the Government, nnd when unlawful
ly cut may bo seised wherever found,
In the wood house of the purchaser,
or on a railroad car, or It sawed Into
lumber the last purchaser may lie
called on to pay for It even after
built Into n house. The Government
Is not barred from recovering Its
property by lapse of time nor by sale,
even to nn Innocent purchaser.
Any person who has no wood of bis
own may cut for his own use onlr
from vacant public land, provided he
takes not over $80 worth In any one
vaar and thaCbe first HPtlfy the Chief
of Field Division of the, Oaneral Und
Ouica giving a description of the
lands where' he wishes to get his
wood, and shows thnt he has nn wood
or his own and needs It tor bin own
use. and not tor sale or export. Rev
oral persons tuny Join together In
having one agent to get their wood
fnr them and Jointly may get over
the $50 worth, by Aral getting a per
mit from the Chief of Held Division.
All lands segregated under the
Carey Art are not public lands In
that they have been withdrawn from
entry for the use of the State, which
baa agreed to reclaim them and to
have them settled upon. Tha only
person who can cut and sell wood
from these lands Is the Carey Art
settler wo Is clearing the land, who
Is allowed to sell what he can not
use, or tho developing corporation
who may sell what thoy cut when
clearing lands for prospective set
tlors. No other poison can talto
wood for his own use riom iiuoh lauds
any more than ho could fiom it home
stead entry out side I ho Carey Act
MigioKutlon, or from so mo privately
owued laud.
Tho practice of tu' lug wood from
Carey Act lauds has been iiulto coin
num In tho past, hut It waa it viola
tion uf law, ami It devolves upon mo
lo report any audi trespass to the
Couimlsslouor or tho General l.iiml
Olllco at Washington that uullou In
tilt courts may he Instituted against
thu trespasser. A clroulnr ot In
iitruutluns tor thuso wishing to get
wood from tho vacant public domain
may ho obtained by writing to tin
local Und Olllre at Thu Dulles. Ore
on, for Circular 8il3, which given
both the law and tho rtgulatloMs
thereunder. As this department duci
lint wish to work any hardship upon
any settler 1 advise everyone to fully
acquaint theiuselvim with theso rt:U'
latlous beroro attmnplliig to get auv
wood or timbers (rom unpatented
lands uf any kind.
I.OIJIS I,. 8HAU1'. Chief or Field
Division, 310 Custom House, Port
land, Oregon,
(Continued (rom page 1.)
tdlsclmrgod the former accountant,
with tho understanding that the
Stntu Insurance Dupartmimt would
have (he work done under their Im
mediate direction, but the auilltum
from the Insurance deiwtrtment work
ed only a few days and for some rea
son unknown suspended work and
havo not returned."
The humor of this paragraph was
apparent to some who talked to Mr.
I.uoy, especially as the Htale Insur
ance Commissioner's report actuullv
hns been made, us published In this
paper, nnd that roimrt refutes pretty
nearly everything In the Hprlngwr an
Unofficial platform,
Kxtritwigouro ('luirgtil.
It Is further alleged that the com
missioner "have been extravagant,
hare expended thousand uf dollars
without proper vouchers, have used
enseal fund money for road and
bridge work without specific appro
priation therefor and have permitted
the road supervisors lo spend money
without tiling vouchers or making
proper accounting."
In regard to the road supervisors
and a verbal charge that loosen of
accounting ex 1st ml on the present
l.aldlaw road work. Commissioner
Itayley stated this noon that a de
tailed system of voucher aceounUng
ts to m used.
Mr. Lucy's further grievance In
clude the slalaiMHt that Commis
sioner Drown Is not qunllned lo hold
office. "Ills ivry act Is Illegal,"
says I.ucy," fnr he hi not a resident
of this county." I.ucy alleges his
real residence Is The Dslles, because
hht family lives there.
In speaking of the Htate Insurance
Commissioner's reMrt, whlrh he saw
at The Hulletln ntVe for the first
jArgjt ai
JnHKiiL ' '
BPnPvBnnnmY' CSftA insflnaBBainnBBBBBBBV"
of Hlamntli Falls
Camlliliiti' for Hupiemo Court,
time, Mr. liiiey naldi "I don't oonsld
or It worth anything at nil," h senti
ment which most taxpayers felt re
garding the Mali reHirt.
I.ucy fortuetly was county sealer
or weights nnd mensuros, n position
wluiMit I'liluf ilulv linear lo have
been drawing a salary. Ho main
tains that h still holds tho Job land
the salary), assuming that the Coun
ty Court had no right to 1st him ou.
Tho Commissioners plsred I he work
In the hands of Fruit Inspector hit
lollette, to effect an economy.
The Tumalo Project
; roil ui!Fhi:hiimf.nth.
1'; citiAits ;
5 :
Fruit Trees
A airload of fiuusL
mixed fruit trees
(mostly apples) for
.sale at milt price.
Mllllrnn Post OII!c.
See F. O. Minor, llcucl.
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