The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 18, 1914, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin.
Vol. AH.
NO. 2.
(. II. Miller, of Piemiiit (iiniinn)'i
HtnltM Objection to l'ntMitiMl Ac
llmi nt lionu Meeting ltt Night.
Hteldl noil Do Ainiuiii Aruuu.
After three hours of iltdllienUloti
Mild opan-uietitliiK debuting, the Ult)'
Council last iiIkIU temporarily aide
aleppl it ilMlirfvo vela In the sHwMl
'I'wMft twitrlH franchise matter,
adjourning until tomorrow night.
The MttMtlnn of granting the frnn-
i)ila itlrnntlv bail litttili read
,. wait threshed out from nil
hiikWm. After City Attorney Forbe
lml point ml out omw slight re
guard that UilKht made 111 the
Aornmont, from tlio city's standpoint,
a eMteh-ns-cntoh-ean debate was open
4m1 Hi, IIih ehUf feature of the bout
liolm m detailed statemant of th
situation, i he h It, from K. It.
Wilier of tho llend Water Llsht A
Power Company. Attorney Da Ar
monil. fur IIih fntuclttMi k-r. tried
r. ..mlyi with Ur Millar It till
fiMir Mtoltll. Tweet, Key anil oth
ers ware heard from
Throughout, th- eoMtieiiinen mr
Ilh moat part. displayed an
, nlMdJ IntHfMtt lu the iIlacuMtott al
it wu apparent met ai ii r i
them ware open to conviction by
t -either able.
Htchll Htnrt.
rimt llteldl stated hi ease briefly.
' MUlHlnK hla pnaliHtii In having a
Mwr H on th Irrigation dam and
hM thai hli project had already
hn delayed through atal lnntlv
Ity. Indirectly lit) claimed some credit
frr th ipndltun of the 1I.O90
1 rblrh h a Id had Imoii spent liy Ihw
Irrigation company mi the dam. De
Annoml, rolinwing mm itirwier imni
' noon the (art tttnt Hih HIh.I1 plant
oould be built satisfactorily for In
rMit than the present iilnrit. Hut the
' fnHHtUtInn of I lid case for tho new
franchise wan based tijMn tho assor-
, Hon that there waa amnio room for
two mmnanlci. nml that another
frsnahbm wonltl mean lower ratoa.
lUi of which coiitoatlona woro tlt
nlml ly tho iithor alclo.
To thla Sir Miller nnttworad nt
ImiKth. Ilo atated ioltlvly that
nolihrr ho nor hla aaaor-lBtoa had
ior laVfti n cont from Itnnd, and
that dlvldoiMla of an1 kind ware not
. pwsliNJ' for yanra. Ho admitted that
Hhi rorotiaiiy had not Iwoh oporntlnK
nt'a I'm. hMt aald that thn ro(U on
, tba Invtwtmant had hwn la than If
i. U...UU iiuit kuim titapMd In farm
mortmitoa. A atatawant that had
aalaatj cirulaUMi to tho Cfrt that
Tita pemtMN7 had a monthly Incoma of
II.MIO Im hraudad aa ahaurtl. ax
nlalNlnic tkat In tha ana month whaa
mth 1eoW had hat'ii rplvd. It
waa darlTd almnlv from aaitlnn ijt
Itbhi rt city for alualor ll(thta. which
iMd V M for nlrendy and wore
woihl alCQt. .,
'N ratuma on Inviwtment other
than thoao repnmantad y our idnnt
hero at Hnd nro nxiiotod," aald Mr.
llllr. "Other holdliiRa. adfh aa
Uio. at llonlium Fnlla. nro not thla
company'. Thoro has n no crlil
Ham of our aorvlce. If lharo la a
iMrttartdant In any town twi twiid a
alio In tho I'nlted Btatwt 1 do not
Keep Your Valuable
Papers In Our Vault
The beat nml an feat plnco In tlio woild to
keep tlio mill llfo liinm-miro pollolet, nolca
eomlng tlue, tuortgnKca, ilewla In fact nil
vnllinlilo Niiera la In n llrc-prtMir vniilt.
Htery ono cannot nrTortl to linvo it steel
vault, or even n (Ire-proof safe In lila homo,
but eiery ono enn ulTonl to Keep liH vnlu
nbln pitpera In our vault btn-miho tho rental
eharged In iih notliliitt couimretl ultli tlio
protection nlToi-dcd.
Voit emi lensa n atcel bov with n iton
lilrknblc, Vnlo lock big enough to contain
nil your valuable paper Initio our vault,
for only 32.00 n year. h
Drop lit next tlmo you're! Winning.
Deschutes State Bank
Huccessor to tho
Deschutes Banking & Trust GomjMMy
n. FERIUBLL, Proo. V. 0. MlNOn, Seo'y.
H. M, LARA, Gaahlor.
know It, mid my IiuhIiiomn la cxuim-
luiitlou or ;iuiiilclini tiiortricni m.vh
toniH. Wo linvo nmcliad Into ovary
nixik nml (xirimr of tho town, ovou
niitlnlimtliiK iihuiIh. Ro tho only orlt-
IoInui ciiii ho on tho hand or riitoa.
Thoio nro two wnya to it ratoa
ndJiiHtnd, If thuy nro unfair, he anld.
Uno la hy illmct niiponl to hU oom
linuy nud thn othor, niiponl to the
Htato OoiumUnloii. Kltlior, ho mild.
would Kit Imiiiodliito rxaulta If In
Juallro oxInUul, In thla counoetlon
ho polnti'd out Hint Ilund'a rnloa nl
randy nro lownr than thniio of miy
Lontrnl OrtiRoii town, lie took tho
ntmul Hint dtiillcntlon or pliiuta In
ovltahly innuiil thnt tho puhllo would
pay lutflri'Kl on tho dolihlo Invoat
inntii iin tniitil thnt Imth niinitau-
ttta imii'itniiiv unnlil inmi inotior and
It would duvolop almply Into n aurrl-
vnl or tho Iltteal. witit tlio puonc par
ItiK tho oot of lutttln.
Ilo emiihntlrnliy danlHil that Htolill
could tumult light nml pottor nt the
Mxtromnly low riKiiroa tho now oom
paur hna httcii iinotlni: In Ha eani
rmlun for tho franchlao. Kerloua
tloulit na to whnthor Kloldl notnally
IHwaeaand anoimh aaaumd wataf to
dovalop what Iih rlalmod waa adrxac
ad J. P. Kaye. and Mlllr iroKht
out the prnbanllltr or lita iM-inK omik;
otl to Itulld what ultimately would
amount to a trlpla plant. All thla,
howevur, waa dntilad hy Mr, IMaldl
and hla attornay.
Mr. MlllHr wound up hr irandln
llm iirmuutMl llinvn ll IH'nllllllllo WaMlH.
a black ojro to lleml ao rar aa Invaa
inra warn roiimrnixl. nml ii vary Ixtd
thliiK for Hie tuwn from all atand-
,l.ll HIC.Vri!N('IW OIVK.V.
Dowiity Sheriff Wanantly loft for
Kalatti Krldar nlKlit takliiK with 1)1 in
John nml Cbarlaa Kotttitan and Uni.
HoliwiMid who will bain at one to
mrve tho prlaou antHiieH ImiKHHMl
on tham at tho rHtnt tarm of Circuit
court. Tho aantanco divan tho Kltx
mana for huritlary waa from two to
flta yaara oach: Ifobwood wit from
alx montha to thran yaara for araon.
Plnn for (HIMIDO Ice Plant Held I'p
IC. II. Miller, mnnattar of tha Hand
Water Mxht & Power Pompany, nr
rlvad Uunday nlxht from Chlcawi.
and la npoudlnx moat of tho week
i,..r ir xiiiinr rniwiria an linunir-
liiK bHilnwta outlook In the Knat, and
anya h hellovaa Ha effocta wilt ho
apiiareut here Inter. .... .
That the capital with which ho la
naaoclatt'd haa plana for connldoraldu
further Investment In llond wita Mr.
Mlller'a atntement when tnientloned
na to loattl dvvelopmenl In hla lino
of InlertHit. The liiiuiitdlato ennatruo
Hon of a flrat clnaa ten ton lee plant,
to meet the preneut ncoda of the
town In tnl tlirecnon nn to rm
apnroxlinntely $10,000, had been de
cided main by Ida nmoolattw. ho anld.
Ho added, however, that In view of
the threatened netlon In regard to
frnnchhtea, which they eonalder a di
rect attack upon their Intereata here,
thoae who Bra putting up tho caah
have temporarily withdrawn the lie
Plant projact until It hacomea clear
what attitude the city will aaeuine
toward exlatlnx luveatmcnta.
nr.NCKit inaitH itKic nr.z.
Dr. P. H. Icncer haa turned an at
tentive ear to tho hutxlux of tho po
lltlenl bee. anil would follow the al
lurliiK aound to Salem. In abort. It
haa Juat been learned that Dr. Dencor
hna niinounrml hla oandldacy for tho
democratic nomliiBtlonMa n ropreaen
tntlve In the atate lexlalnture. Thoro
are two representative from thla
dlatrlct. V. A. I'orbed of llend nud
W (). Hmlth of Klamath Palla. ek
Inic the repuldlcaii nomination for
tha two plncea.
WF1" '
Iti'IKMitcd Vole HIiouh How HprliiKcr
Woikt'tl for llnll Volo on County
Hciilcr AIo Imllcnlho Of Lack
of l(conoiii)' Homl Onluta
A reKUlar tarm Of the Count) oourt
of Crook county. Oregon, eonvaned at
l IV. 20 a. in.. Wadnaaday, March i.
U'liun ware praaant: 0. Hprlar,
JiuIko. prwaldlnrc; It. H. Itayloy, coun
ty oommUlonar; WHIla W. llrown,
county commlaalnoor; Krod A. I Ilea,
county aurvoyor; frank ISIklna, Klior
Iff and Wnrron llrown, county clerk.
Whorotiimn tho followlnic urocaetl
liiKa were had, to-wlt:
In the matter of n potltion for
franehlae hy II. P. Hchoal: petltloft
t.ruMj.niu.1 liv I II. HrlnV. atlnrtiHr
ior ll. I. neiieei, nnnnia mi n i"iiHen jmhiibii in in uhubijii ii
elile ncroaa certain eounty roada and land the iwat oltlce ahowInK the to
,... iiuntuln alfunty and mIIuVM flllt. I ...!.
for II. P. Hchaul, aaklnic for a fran-
over certain atreeta and alleya ont-
alde tha corporate nmita or hiui-
inn, ror lilt .Meioima, rrineTine ami
Kaatorn Hy.; aald petition showing
the aald company owned in I landa ad
jacent to the atreeta over which the
franehlae la anked, and twlnx approv
al hv PoiihIv Attorney Wlrtz: order-
ad grantett. (8ae order.)
in tne mattor or me n. v. aikiii
on Head: petition precentett by C.
II. Hyuon read and na bond waa found
to be lanufllelent. ordered hy court
that aald Hyaon deoalt n caah bond
In the an in of flOO with the Clerk.
Kemonrttrance to aald petition latlng
presented by 8. It. Hinder, court nak
ed that an aindavlt aa to the quali
fication or alxnera of remonstrance
lie made.
Petition by II. M. Hyaon for an
enaement of a road for Immediate ro
il.. tiriunnttul lull latar wlthilrawn.
In tho matter of reward: iwtltlon
presented by H. K. Hmlth, ut al (hav
Ihk OS algnaturea) voter and freo
holdera, riueitlng that u reward of
K00 bo offered for thn arrest and
xnnvlptlnn it (ho twrson who set flro
in ilm llnilmnnil 1'iilfin Wareliouae
Co.'a bulldlnx nt Uodmond, wljlch ro-1
sullen in mo gesiruciiun ut niu
building on the morning of February
C, 1911: grnnted.
in ilm tnntlnr of wnrrnnt So. 135-.
Clana 24: Wheroaa It waa ahown to
ilw. ron r I Hint M. fi. Mnvflctn had
been tho rightful poixeisor of wnr
rnnt No. 13&Z. Ulnae i J. or ino sum
of $1.S0, liaued Novofnbor 9. 1912.
and hna Hwt the aanio: ordered that
the anld warrant ImJ canoKlled and the
Clerk la Instructed "to draw In tha
like aunt and claaa. nhow -warrant td
aald M. 8. Mayflnld.
In tho matter of wrongful aaaeaa
went, itJtlon presented hy J. L.
ailawn for a chanx In regard to a
certain wrongful naaesammit. but
same not being HJiIh the jurladle
tlon of thla Court, jietltlou could not
be granted. , .
In tho mntter nf County roadarlho
following road potltlnna wore prn
aeiitad, S. W Merrill, et- nl. J. A.
Morris, otnl, (Horaonatrance filed:
also) IC. T. I.uthy. et nl. ( ronton
atranco filed: also) 1). II. Yoeman.
ut al: tt. J. Iloeeh, et al
In the matter of the Frank Huff-
(Continued on pg .)
Gasoline Engines "
Farming Implements
Woven Wire Fence
Seeds and Seeders
Harness and Pads
Garden Tools and Auto
. w. . (
H '
, 'u
, .1-"
t v
I.nrKi! Triicta Ncitr I.n Pine, C'reaccnl,
Port Iloclc nml Hlvvr lko Tukvii
Out of KoreotHctl lenient lt
Mnf l Woril Ixiiik Wiiltod.
Tho long awaited annouueament of
the opening of the lands In the Dos
elititwi and tha Paulina foreata for
homeataad on try waa made In Port
land Hundny. Moat of the land to
he opened Ilea In the vicinity of I .a
Pine and Craaceut hut there are larga
tracta nlao near Port Hock and Silver
Iko. Of that In the Meachuterf for
mat It I unduratood that the larger
part la core rail with withdrawal
inmlo on account of the Iteclamatlon
Borvleo'a InveatlKatlon of the Hon
ham Palla project. Ar yat no de
acrlpllnu of the eliminated landa
haa Ikmh received but wmim have
HMtii Matted In The llulletin oinca
Mil If 111
I'lie land will be opened ror aettle
iiipM Mav tt rmiI flllnaa will n tier-
mltted on and after June S.
The announcement aa made In Ttie
Oregonlan waa aa follows:
More than 400,000 acres or land In
the Deadlines and Paulina National
forests In Crook, Lake and Klamath
counties will lie thrown open for set
tlement within 60 daya through an
nnlar tuul aleticxl liv 1'roaldent Wil
son withdrawing this land from the
forest reservations.
Oltlclala of the Forestry Ilureau In
Portland estimate that or the aggre
gate of 410.7(3 acrea thrown open,
approximately 120.000 acrea are oc
cupied by settlers. These settlers
will be permitted Ui remain. Settlera
on tho remaining 290,000 noroa will
be permitted to take up homesteads
of 1G0 acroa each In accordance with
tho Federal land laws.
Trnnrer llelng Made.
Tho rormnlltlea or trnnsrorrlng
Uils Innd rrom the Agricultural De
partment or tno Keuorai uovernmoni
to tho Interior Department now are
imirogrosa m wasmnKion. v. .
Tho entire area will bo placed un
der jurisdiction or tho local land of
fice nt Lakovlow and Tho Dalloa.
Intending sottlorn nro Instructed to
tn uk o Inquiries concerning tho landa
nt thoso offices.
Or the total, CO. 898 acroa Ho with
in tho Deschutoa forest and 849.879
acroa in tho Paulina roreet. Tlie tanu
la in the sntno general locality, since
the two forests adjoin.
- ' 'Ijwgo Area Near Iji Pine.
AW'aggregato of 17M40 aorea of
the' grow elimination Ilea In the im
mediate Ylclnlty of l4i Pine and Crea-
cent. Thla Iwreag l coreretl wltH
IodgeMle pine, a tinnier apaeiea
which In IhW locality. e or low com
mi.ri.iai valua Snmo of this land.
however. Jiaa already bean nettled.
The' proclse area that hna not been
settled and that will bo open for
entry or new homeateadera now Is
bolng calculated nnd Ha nxnot loca
tion will ho described ao that settlera
will have it minimum of difficulty In
locating It.
An aggregate of 221.070 acrea.
which also Include landa thnt have
been settled and lands not settled.
Is In the hill about Fort Rock Val
ley and la covered with a sparse I
growth of liinluer trees mid saxe I
brush. Thla land waa recommended
for elimination on account of the
low value of the timber and the
availability of othor National forest
timber land nearby for community
use for lumber and rue).
C'liiinlflcttliiii Not J In ile.
The lnnda have not boon finally
classified by the Department of Agri
culture ns to their agricultural char
acter and value. The area, has a
mean elevation of approximately
4200 foet and much of It Is well
adapted to agricultural purposes.
Tho soil over most of the surface Is
of volcanic origin.
Meeting ANer Luncheon on Saturday
Deride on Piojxcltloti to Ile rut
I'p to The Cow Owner.
Little more than "progre" waa
reported on the creamery plan at the
luncheon on Haturday, but at a far
mer's meeting held afterward In the
old Commercial club room atepa wore
taken to formulate a definite plan
to present to the ranchers. Accord
ing to It the building of the croamery
nnd aesqmbllng ot machinery will he
paid ror by the business mon of
Kend, aa offered by them. Tho cream
ery organization will be In tho hands
of the farmer who will take stock
at the rate of one share for each cow
owned. The par value of the ahares
la nlanncul tn h flf flntlant. nf wblch
one dollar will tie paid down and tho
balance will be pawl ny tne ueoucuon
of 10 pei cent monthly from, eaeh
subscriber's cream check. The fund
so established is to he used to repay
the advances made by tne nusinees
men ror imlliling tne piatu. i no xar
mera will raanago the creamery.
The plan waa adopted after a gen
eral dlseuealon of Ha merits aa com
pared with those or an alternative
one by which the amount or oaoh far
mer's stock was dependent on other
things beside the number of cows
he owned.
At the luncheon preceding this
meeting remarks were made by Dr.
P. H. Dancer. J. A. Kaates. V. O.
Waugh, and P. C. Garrison, all bear
ing on the subject of corporation
and Hie need or removing the antag
onistic feeling said to exist between
the farmers and the business mon.
J. P. Koyee reported that the head of
the dairy department nt Corrallls
might come bore to give advice at a
later meeting. Ho also pointed out
one dimculty In starting a creamery
thla year, In that the Laldlaw rarraora
would not Join Just now bocnuso thoy
had an oxcollent markot at homo In
the Tumalo proJottwAainns, . . ,rn
An unoxpectod number attended
the luncheon which wna given at the
Wright Hotel, nearly CO being pres
ent. Tho luncheon noxt Saturday
will bo at tho llend Hotel.
Following tho luncheon next Sat
urday a meeting of farmers will be
held to eonalder a proposition Just
received by Dr. Dancer Ior the Bale
or one or woro ears or jiotatoea from
this region. He haa been In com
munication with a middle western
buver and haa a ravorable proposi
tion ror the consideration of the
meeUog. It Is hoped that there will
be a eood attendance to consider the
O'Donnell Brothers are making an
o.i.mtnn in ihnlr market nlant In the
shape of two antoke house and a ren
dering reotn. All tnreo are 10 ue 01
brick and will stand In the rear of
.i. .!,. Imll.llnir (Inn iinnVfl bouse
w ill tie for sailBAge and the other for
smoked meat. Jack Tanay ia uomg
the brick work.
The First National Bank
U. C. CQE, Pre.ident S, A. SATHER, Vic- President
C. S. HUDSON", Cashier
Capital fully W
Starnlu - --
The new Gurrency Bill is now a law.
Panics are a thing of the past.
Additional security and safety has been
added to the banks of tho U. S., and
therefore to the people.
This is the greatest piece of construc
tive legislation passed in fifty years.
We cannot put its many provisions in
writing for lack of space, but will be
pleased to tell you personally of the many
admirable features of this bill, which are
for your further safety and welfare. Gall
and talk to us about it.
U, C Cos E. A. Sathek c. S. Hudson
o. M. Patterson II. c. Ellis
Line to Hun Part AVny Through Por
est Watering Place Frequent
And Xo Mountains to Oo Over
Only One Had Spot in I toad
Paopla i(i the Fart Hock country
are working up plana for a new road
to connect with Head whlah will save
20 miles over the present route. Ia
Its current the Fort Rook Times
ha this to aay on Uie subject:
"The new road to Rend now being
planned seems to be an assured
thing. The people gonerally nro tak
ing a great Interest In Hie proposi
tion and Forest Suporvlsor Merritt
of llend la being prevailed upon to
build the port that runs Hi rough tho
national foreat.
"The line of tho proposed road,
according to thoso who arc In a po
sition to know, la a much eislcr
grado than tho present road by way
of La Pino and ia about 20 miles
shorter. The old road baa two moun
tains or button to go over, wbilo
the proposed road haa none. It will
bo an all upland road, on soli that
will hold up when the spring thaws
begin. Many nines or tne oiu roaji
have what might be called no bottom
to It for a month or more In tho
spring. a
"Wntnrlne nlaena nn thn nronosed
road will be as frequent or moro ao
. a a . a. a nr.i.-
man oy mo present ronu. naior
can be had at the homestead of G.
W. Reels, eight mile north from
Fort Roek. at the Ico Cava whleh
the road ia proposed to pass and If
the road goea through, C. L. Bvans. a
rolaUve of Mr. Reels will drill a well
on the north aide of the timber on
his homestead lu tho Mllllcan Valley.
From there to Rend wator can bo
had at numerous place.
"Tho road Is to run parallel to a
number ot gulches thnt are aald to
bo on tho north side of tho timber
and nil run north and south, tho di
rection of tho road. It will Join tho
Hcnd-uurna roau, a wen iravoieu
automobile road, about one mile cast
nf thn nml nf lift run IttdCC. Accord-
Irifftoetha.ltfat Information obtain
able, the only bail spot on me roau
la n atrntph nf lnrn rock, about a dis
tance of 150 yards and that is pass
able now witn an empty wagon.
Dennis Carmody was arrested
nro In nn Kundav In connection With
Hie campaign against tho pool halls
ana on orders rrom sueriK uukibs.
taken to Prlnevllle and held over
night He waa arraigned In the Jus
tice court there Monday morning and
after pleading "Not Guilty." to tho
charge entered against him' was al
lowed to go on his own rceognixanee.
Whether or not the ease will go fur
ther depends on the cecislon ho;may
make aa to bringing a test case.
The arrest ocourred In the aftor
noon nnd waa based on the fact that
his bowling alleys were being used,
although not Ior pay. In tho morn
ing he had been arrestod by Deputy
Sheriff Fox for having hla place of
business open, but allowed to go free
on depositing ?50 with Mr. Fox aa
B. M. Larn
B. Forroll,
F. 0. Minor,