The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 14, 1914, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin
NO. 40,
L . M I
1 'mined by Wlnil, Flame Iiwhi
Aero tlio Htrwl HAllier llrlck,
llulldliig Have City Hhiiny, VI
' rnn Cafo Anil Other Ioe.
l4lrn MlHrllnir In llijt Vlnnnit PafA
.iihout 2 o'clock Monilay'mornlng do-
strayed Hint building and tho ono
next to It in which lltirl Blumy' ro-
oo ry atoro waa located temporarily,
and scorched nnd damaged U. A.
Anther's hrlok building nnd half a
ldion ntrncturcN on thn opposite aldo
of tha street. Tlio loss will total np
'proximately $6000, alniont entirely
covered by Insiimnco.
' Thtrit was n strong wind at tlio
time and It seemed almost certnln
1hat tho buildings aero Wall street
would catch. An It war thny worn all
Imdly ncoroht'd. Mannhnltiior'a plate
Kln (runt war lirokon by thn heat
Mtid aoinu damage done by water; the
'llend Thoiitro front waa damaged,
Ihn kIam In Patterson' drug atom
' broken, am wna also (hut In tlio
old irtml hnll location. tho Art Mhop,
(Thriithwhlle hnrnnn shop, the post
offlin and O'DniineU'. The IIaihhh at
limn leaped witirnly aero thn atrnot
t 1. 1 flimsy framn building burning
wih h rlnrrn llHAt.
Th Nr cam alt I In tho Vienna
, 1'Ti'i d) from the knatnr. about th
middle tf tlm building. Ton Maran
luki nut from the rr first. Mud thn
from part ir both bMltdlnira waa AIM
villi unman. Thta mad It Impom-t..-
in i Airy out good there. Nothing
viit. r In the rufe wa Mved. while
nil ItiMl WAA gotten IIHl Of MhUOV'A
)'!' were the wale. eAAb register!
! 'Mfwrllnr. In th one-story an
ii ) inn building was stored n large
Auioiint if cam mid narked groeorfe,
and I'tMi'llcAlly nil of thno were ear
II". I ntlt mid AAVAll. TlllA wiim about
lull ot Mr. Hhuoy'a entire aUck.
WlioloTimo In Danger.
All tlmtanvml thu hulnoN part of
low n rruiii ihiiiir wipmi out war WaIIi
or a building ndJolnliiK tho Vlnimu
l.ulldlnr. The lirlrk waII withstood
thn Murco hrnt, althoiiKh tho coping
caiiriu nun niirncii nnu tun riaam In
the front downNtnlra and iipntnlra waa
brokoA. Four lino of city liono pour
mi water on thn two burnltiK Utilltl
Ihra but could not invn tlinin.
Mr. Kliuoy tHitluintOA tilit om At
- I.AVlKiipur of the VIpiiiw aava hu
t.T.oo ii0 hud lUAiirAiieo of ft 100.
!' In f IJoe, with IliAtirAHra of f uu
Mr Huthnr'A bulldlnic waa dAtiiAKAl
1 rnliAl t t tho wxlvttt of f 1000. fill
It i-r'd by l"AurA. All thn
iilii' r 1in-m on tb a ntliMr aMa uf th
- I H-r covrd by lnurAnrH. Th
iiiriu-d iiulldltiiCM. wlilrh with old
fritin Alrui-lurMA. ImIiiiibi to V. 8.
rum if Kt. Jihn. Orn. llncArriAA
Jl'.ou ItiKurAHco tb rough a local
j.Ki'iit, And whtitliHr h had Any mor
li not Ioiiumi.
Mr. Khuey will tnovn uoxt wnk In
to th now Hnilth bulldlnic. In which
thf MiiIkIii iuoaIIiika urn IioIiik hold nt
hrt'nt'nt. Ilia ntock thul wan vml Im
imw in tho Imck part of It. M. Mmlth'M
tl'UhliiK atoro. Mr. l.nvlKimir AAya
- ' 1 ., - ..- . -.
... . jk tv , ..! la. t , i ifW
b W'" -i . HARDWARE g
TT. Deschutes Banking (feTmist ; - W
Company .; ... That's All 8
, . DENP. OREOONc ft S
c and )
l6cation ,. ., v l Allot lhat ?
south of llemi ' i 7 z&
JBhlff.onWollSt. , ( ' i 5
.- ;" BEND ; iW
- . L,.:..., . ... :. .HARDWARE' m
j. whmo&'wik-' f "'! '. cq. ...,.;
i " .-- ' -" " i ..,-, , fteF
- -
Tho niniitliiK of ottlnra horn
Hntiinlny nlKht will ho hold In
hnra'a hull at H o'clock, Man-
nitnr (lotild of tho Cnmiiiorclul
Cluh hfivlnir nrrniiKod for It
iih. ICvnryono who la Jutoront
d la Invltod to iittoud.
- -
ho will nxlpnli tho Vlonnn na nog it na
n aultahlo loratlon la aoournd.
Thn llAtid tolnphono ayatotn wna nl
tnoAt nntlrnly put out of ImihIiii-hh Uy
tho flro. nil tlio wlroa riiitnlitt; In front
of thn bulldlne dontroyod ho Inn hum
nl In two. I.lnoinnn Rot thorn r.
ml red Monday and ycatnrday,
IJttlo VloU (lAn-laoa Died Jlooday
VloU Kdlth Oarrlann. the 4 year
old tttURhtar of Mr. and Mra. V, C,
(larrUon, died Monday afternoon.
Him waa iakon III Now Year'a with
hrnnchltli, which later darnlopnd In
to imoumanla, which was tho causo
of death.
Khn waa born In I'ortland Novnm
bnr 10, 1909, and cainn to Hnnd with
hnr parent! a year oro laat Haptotii
her. Blm wna a.vory lirlnht and at
trnctlrn child and waa a Ronnral pot
with all who knew hnr. Hhn war
a tnomtntr of tho primary dopartmont
of thn Mefhodlat Kiinday achool.
Tho funeral will bn hold Thura
dny uiornlnK at 10 o'clock at tho
Mnthodlit church, conducted by Iter,
h C Nnwhani. Inlnnnnnt will bo
tiiAdn In Pilot llittto Cemetory.
I Itniployiiii-nt of Attorney by ("iirporn-
tlltll C'oillllllokloil Ull-Kdl,
A 8lnm dlapAtrh of thn Uth aara:
Tho i)HMloyiiiniit of Knnntor Claudn
MnCollh by t'orporptlon Co in ml a
Alounr It. A. WalAon ma IahaI AMlat
Atit In thn eoriKirAllon dHpArtnmnt
mm not IhrbI. And thn rIaIk tri-Aa-urr
Acted prtwrly In refualng n
nay Ihn iMmator'a Alary warrant. Ac
cording to nn niilntoii of tb mipren
court hHtidwl down KhIaj-. Thn court
iiNldA ovAry roiitHtitlon inadii br
lh HtatH trAAurr and Incidentally
JuaIIm Hurutitt. who wrote thn opin
ion, flay UowinlaAlonnr WaImih for
attmptlHK to wiiiploy IummI maaIaI-
Juatlce Ilurttnlt dlaroM tliAt the
Httornoy Rurul aid! the dlatrlct nt
Utrimyn are thn proper ofllclAl In rIvo
Ingnl AMUtAtiAn or advice to all atatn
ottlenra, nnd If olhr amlHtntico In
till linn U nmnlnyed hi muni be douo
out of-tliA.lndlrlduol h own pocket.
llend MnrUninon Drcldn In Knter the
Hhoot Agnln Onirrr Klerlnl.
Tho llund liod nnd Oun Club will
enter thn atnte ahoot again thin year.
Action to thla nffeot wna taken at thn
mating held Ftldny evening at which
unicern wero eloctwl aim.
The plHii la to Imvn two league on
thn roANi thla year- a major on com-
ImmhhI of the Urgeet eltleA anil one
comiMNHMl of All Iowiia llirtt dalrn to
AHIr. KuleA ilmllar to thon In nt
feet Inat vnar will be fnllowod.
Th following offlcera wern electml
hy the club: J. N. Hunter prenldent:
Freil J. Wtlkey, vlro prealdeit. J. ('.
IthiNtnn. AermtHry; It. M. Smith tre
uror, C. It. Kurrln. field cnntaln
Thorn will bo nnotliHr movtlng of
the cluh ut thn eounoll ohnmbnr to
morrow (Thuradny) oventuc nt 8
o'olook, nl which the question ot iIiiim
will lio decliliHl. Tlio club liau nlfiut
40 luomborA nl prnaont.
.. . ' ' H- - f t i.! fltet" '? tlkll HP ''Ca'
Director Nmrell of Iteclnmatlnn Ker-
vlco Write Governor Alniut North
CanAl Troject JiiiIrw McAry
Wilt Jin Here With WcnU
(Rpoclal to Tho Hullctln)
HAI.KM, Jan. 12. Governor West
has recolved aaaurancea from K. II,
Nownll, illractor of tho reclamation
Knrvlciv that tho xovnrntnent Ij ready
to coo(urata with the atatn In taking
over and complotltiR tho North canal
unit of tho Central Oregon Irrigation
project If tho project la found to bo
feaalblo. Mr. Nowell atatcd that K,
O. llupann, engineer In charge of tho
reclamation acrvlee In thla stato, has
been directed to make nn Invtritlga
tlon of tho project na noon na poa
Iblo Thla Information was received by
flovernor Weal Inat Friday with great
RAtlifactton, aa ho enn now carry to
thn nttlera and othora Intereatcd,
wno will bo preacnt nt tho inuetlnRJ
to hn held Haturdny nt llend and lied
inond, duntilto nnaurnncoa of tho wll
HnKiieaa of thn roclntnatlon aervlco
to Join with the ntatn In the develop
ment of Central OruKOti.
Judge Mc.Nnry (oinln With Went.
(Inventor WhM, nccoiiipAnlml by
Judge CliArloa I.. McNary. who wrotn
Inu aupromo court opinion upholding
th validity uf the Approprmtlon for
thn TiiihnIo I'nijnct, a lid my he Iiaa!
allien IaKdii much Internal In the d-.
VHloptfiHtit of the project, will 1aavm
hern Friday nlht to Attend the mt-
Ihra a turd Ay. Thny nxiMM-t to arrive ,
1 In DamHuIma early SAturdAy morning
And from thre will ro by BUtomobllw
over the TumaM I'roJwct, clrellUK
bAck to IfwtmotMl In time for the af
ternoon mtlng and on to Itond for
tk night meeting.
Curry Iuk Kultrnne, Mr. Itockviell
Wnlkw Fit a MIIch In 1'nM Time.
To tho Hit of fenta by woiiibii walk
era In Crook county nnd thero aro
qtilto a number of notable record
mitat bo nddod thnt of Mr. Rockwell,
u trained nurjc, lnt week, Bho had
taken up n homeated Jouthenat of
llend, boyotul Mllllonn. and wna hclng
drlvon Into town In n livery rig. When
tho 13 mllepoKi wna renclioil one of
hortoa lieenine nick and died. Tho
driver KOt on thn other and Htartad
In to tlio noarnat farm houan to get
nnothor animal, telling Mra. Hook
well to watt At thn tig until hn ra
tirned. Hut l til aim did not deelrn
to do and. after the driver had left.
AiArted out wAlklng. carrying hnri
AUltrHKH. I)e.ltr thl burden, h
hiaiIh gowl time for five mile, walk
ing In ha far na thn Dunn place S
iuIIaa out from llend.
Mm. itoekwnlt Iiaa thn reputation
of being nn export liorMvoiium. hh
wnll na n hardy piMlnatrlan. I.aat yoT
ahn rodo aoiuo 700 inlleA on trip mi
nor thn nuaplee of the Modford Coin
morclnl Cluh. She hna tnknn tho
Hunt homoatoAd In tho Whltukor
Kale Made by D. I. Hunter In Detroit,
And New Owner Will Come Hero
On I let urn From Trip to Orient
Improvement are Ilelng Made
Tho Drako log cabin, the pictur
esque rcildenca on tho bank of tho
Deachutca hero, ha been purchased
by Irving Htllea of Chicago, who, with
hi wife, will make hla aummer
homo In llend. They will arrive In
March, being now on a voyago to the
Thla Information waa received from
Hcattle In n letter from Mr. Silica to
J. 0. Rhode, of tho llend Park Co.
Thu aalo was mado by D. K. Hunter
who met Mr. Htllea In Detroit. Mich.
Mr, Htllea atatc that hla attention
waa nrat directed to Central Oregon
by Thomaa W. l.awaon laal summer.
Mr. HtllcM la prealdent of a largo
wholcRalu morpantllo uHtabllahment
In Chicago.
ImpnivcmcutN Hrlng Made,
rrcparatlona nru being mado for
thn coming of thu now owner In tho
way uf Bovoral Improvement nt the
roafdonce. John A. MacCloakoy la In
Mulling a hot air heating plant and
J. J. Hyati la putting In two bath
room upitalr. The iiecoaMry car
penter work I being done by 1C. I).
Mclntoah. Mr. and Mr. John II'.
ItUAftoll, Mr. Htllea' butler and honae
keeper, arrived In Demi Monday night
And will tAkn charge of all other
Improvemenla Anil tho fitting up of
the place. A carload of furniture U
being ahlpimd In. It la underatood.
Mr. Ktlln oalled from Senttlo on
December 30 with a party of Hhrln
era (or a rrulae through the Orient.
1'jhh hla return from Ue Philippine
he will come direct to llend Inatead
of going on to Chicago,
Melvln Hapor, the 19 year old son
of 0. W. It per, of La Fine, died at
tho family home Sunday morning at
9 o'clock. Consumption waa the
cause of doalh. Ho was taken 111 at
Hood Hirer last aumtner and on Sep
tember 13 waa brought to I.a Fine.
The Interment wait that place Mon
day afternoon.
Tho homo of Dan Helslng. on tho
Metnliu river, wa deatroyed by fire
luit WeiliiMiltiy, with practioally all
rontAiita. U'-iul ,i-oplo will hq glad
to loeni, bcwnvei. thnt he will re
build, a hi plAce ha been a popular
one for thote Aeeklng ah outing on ,
inn i mo i hi unnng me Hiimmor
WA8IIINUTON. D. C. Jan. 13.--1
Senator ChAinberlalH of Oregon hai.
Introduced a bill providing for sec- -oiul
homestead and desert land en-1
trie where thn original eNtrles have
been forfeited for other reason than
.fraud; a I ho a bill regulating home
steAd en trie by heirs disqualified by
roamm of alieauge.
To Mr. and Mrs. Fotor Rlizl, on
January 9, n girl.
- 4- -- -4
Tho shooting aennon cloaoj
- Thuradny and aftnr thnt dato
It will ho unlawful to hunt
- duck, gcciio and other fowl,
- According to (he atnto law tho
aoaaon doc not cloao until Inter
but tho federal Atntutn super-
cede tho Orogon Inw and make
- tho cIobo on tho 16th
County Court AUo Apjwlnt Juallco
Of Fcacc And Con tabic For IUch;
All of City Included In Order
Tho County Court laat week di
vided llend Into two election precincts
which were alao designated as jus
tice precinct. Dy the atate law thla
action waa mandatory, the statute
providing that where there are aa
many as 300 voters In a proclnct It
shall be divided. Inasmuch aa the
precincts are cd-tcrmlnus with tho
city llmltj, the city will not have to
go to the expense and trouble of a
aeparato registration, as was the case
lost fall, but will uso the aarae regis
tration as for tho general stato and
county election. Tho counting of
votes will also be greatly facilitated
and tho results of an election learned
Tho court order reads: "That all
that portion of the City of llend as
lies southerly or Ironwood nvenuo.
Oregon street, thn southerly lino of
lot C. block 2, original plat ot Dcnd.
and aald lino extended to its Inter
section wltli the westerly limits of
wild city or llend. be designated na
South llund precinct No. 3; that the
lioe house In the City of llend bo
dmlgnnted as the polling place; that
a. C. Caldwell, C. M. McKay and A.
8. Collin bo designated as judges
and that IT. N. Hoffman. F. II. May
and H.J. Overturf be designated m
elsrks of the election board within
said preelnct; that said precinct be
also designated a Justice district and
that II. J. Overturf be appointed Jus
tice of the peace for raid precinct un-
'11 the next general election, and that
8. K. Roberts be appointed constable
or said precinct until the next gen
eral election."
All tliAt portion lying northerly of
thn dividing line as aUted above Is
designated as North llend precinct
No. 3. The polling place Is Lara's
hall: F. O. Minor, M. J. Kelly and
K. W. Richardson are tho Judges;
Stophen Steldl. C. W. Krsklne and
ICItnor Nlawonger, the clerk ot the
election board; J. A. Hastes, Justice
of tho peace and L. L. Fox. constable,
Tho Ilulgin meetings will cloio
Sunday evening, it Is stated hy those
In charge. Several hundred conver
sions aro reported. Geo. L. Rose,
who has been leading tho singing, left
Monday for Walla Walla, Wash.
Farmers of Central Orogon who
have determined to make corn Ono of
their 191-1 crops, are to be given free
seed by the O.-W. R. & N.. but only
unuer rigiu eoniroci mat mey dmbi,
cultivate and harvest in the muw
prescribed by the eomanya crop ex
perts. At the end of the season, when the
crop la harvested, it Is specified thst
every kernel shall be saved for seed.
It may he sold or given away to neigh
boring farmers, but with the explicit
understanding that it lie reserved for
future planting nnd that none shall
be ud as feed. If the farmer has
corn left after saving enough seed
for his own and his nelghltor's uso.
the connmuy will buy it of him at 10
per cent more than curront market
lEe First National Bank
U. C, COE, President E. A. SATIIER, Vice- President
C. S. HUDSON, Cashier
Capital fully paid - - - K5.000
Surplus $18,000
The new Gurrency Bill is now a law.
Panics are a thing of the past.
Additional security and safety has been
added to the banks of the U, S,, and
therefore to the people.
This is the greatest piece of construc
tive legislation passed in fifty years.
We cannot put its many provisions in
writing for lack of space, but will be
pleased to tell you personally of the many
admirable features of this bill, which are
for your further 3afety and welfare. Gall
and talk to us about it.
U. C' Cor E. A. Satheu C. S. Hudson
O. At. Patteuson H. C. Elms
2G0 3QG?' ,CQSP 'cmp' "5aEpP 'CfiW' &2fr kcs
iv ,rf-7JVN fKV v srr.n n
' V ; .H Q2 Jl K .11 3 Jl i
iijvi iJU ff'jy wJA WJs
Fared Pot Charg aro Lower on
Small FacIcosc for Short Hauls,
Hut Not On Larger One For
Distance- IlAtee Ar Glreou
Tariff sheets showing details of thn
new express rates which aro to go In
to effect February 1 have been ro
ccircd In llend and are given bclou
In tabular form. Comparison of them
with tho parcel post rates shows that
on small packages the parcel post la
cheaper and on largo one, the ex
press rates, where it Is a short haul
aa between IJood 'and Portland. On
tho long haul, aa between: Rend and
Chicago, the new express rates aro
cheaper practically all the way
These now rates are a big reduc
tion over tho charges now made by
the express companies. The change
is made by order of tho Intorstnta
commerce commission, which has un
questioned rnto-maklng power, and Is
effective over the entlro country.
While definlto announcement ta
not yet made, it ia considered that
free delivery ot express will bo made
In Head. In this case there will bo
a further saving to tho consignee,
who at present pays a minimum of
10 cents for delivery of a package,
with proportionate Increase on .lar
ger parcels.
For one class ot goods eatables
of all kinds the express rate be
tween Bend and Portland Is almost
as low as the freight eharges. For
Instance, on 100 pounds ot this class
of goods the rate by express Is 1 1.30
and by freight 31.01.
The following table shows the old
and new express rates and the par
cel post charges, between llend and
Portland aad llend and Chicago:
Present New Parcel
Hxpress Bx press Post
No. lbs Rate itate . Ratot
1 .25 .23 .
E .CO .27 .19
B .20 .19
10 . -,i"5. , .34 .24
10 ' .26 ;24
20 1.10 .48 .34
20 .36 .34
SO 1.25 .90 .64
GO .68 .64
75 1.80 1.25
75 .94
100 2.25 1.60
100 1.20
Present New Parcel
Bxpresa Express Post
No. lbs Rate Rate Rater
1 .30 .29 .22
I .80 .6t .70
10 1.49 l.7 1.30
It .81 1.30
10 S.7 1.94 4.60
! 1.48 2.10
t 1.71 4. it
5i S.42
? $.62 6.7S
75 S.04
100 11.10 8.90
100 6.68
'Eatables and the like. Including
fruits, vegetables, meats, eto.
tlncludos 10 cents for Insurance,
as the express company rate Includes
Insuranco ot parcel at its full value.
vi'sotn thv mt
.II 32 V. U 1S" Iff cS
tyjii 917 9Jxi P"9w P