The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 07, 1914, Image 1

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Til ii III il II
V 7
I fi
i'lintntrhrliil CIiiIh ro-ojMTMtlng Willi
yfmrrnor Wwl, iuhI nil llm 'nr
incri nrn l?rul to Attend Hm
' Um on Hnturtlay, January 17
In addition to thn inontliiR of ant-
lora already announced to ho hold at
lu-iiil on Haturilay, January 17. thorn
will bo a almllar RatharlnR at Ited-
iiioud, on the aamo date, Thu hour
for tho Itodmond montlnR la 3 p, in.
ami for thn npmIoii here, 8 p. in, Tho
pur wmo of tho tnoetlfiR la to obtain
tho vlowa of thn aattlorj on tho Cen
tral OroRnn IrrlRatlon Co, tonroRa.
tlona on'tho matter of ilato and fed
oral aid for completion of thmo pro-
Tho followliiR la a copy of a letter
, which tho Governor hna addrried to
(ho Commercial Clulm at Hoduioml
and llend:
"I wUh to asik your co-operation In
arranging ror n iiioetinR of tbo not
tlors of tho ContralHon'Koii Irrlgn-
'lion Project at IteiFnToud, January
J 7. at 3 o clock ti. in., ami at .1 mul.
, nt H p. m. Thin nitlro la (tiwlrmnoif
taking up tho proposition of sceur -
ItiK s'ate anil foilnrul ro-aporatloti In
urn manor oi completing mo air
"are act project."
Irur Imrgo Attendance. ' !
, Thn llMiid flub. throuKh Manager
Itntrt II. tlotild, ha iMtied tho fo.
lowing communication addressed tot'" "" ,nr"" '" o mern-
Mil settlers of tho t'mi l rat Oregon lr- ,no,,t wn .afforded by thonii who had
rluatloM Co. segregations: never bowlod before or had a one In
"A lotlor Iihh Ihmoi received b thla ,nH " hand, a waa the eaiio with h
' irwnlMtloii from (lovernor Onwald
Wwit. atatlug thpt ho will he In llhd
Matiirday, January 17. at X p. hi., for
the piiriMHMt of meetliiR with tin- hit
ler and olhora IntHrimtml, for a dui
cmmIoii or Hih proposed statu and fed
eral Kuporvlsloii or thn Central On
Knit CiniHiny'N joRreRntlons
Vn are urgod to bo at thl moot
ing and to bring your neighbors with
ym. It U a most vital subject for
)our consideration."
"MrrrlinntN or One Htrrt Claim (o be
More INxndable Than Other.
The following dispatch from I
I'luo waa printed In thn Portland
OroRonlan of January 1:
"A luminous war la lining waged
hero between the merchants on Main
alrtMl and those on Morson street,
rad by thn erection of a huge
fllgn on all approach to tho town,
MiMlIng that the Morson street mer
chant uro tho most dependable.
mtti.i: (Jim. vhhv hick,
Viol ii Oarrlsou, tho little daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Onrrlson,
U quite 111 thla week with pneu
monia. Hho Iiiih brou delirious part
of tho time. Her grandmother from
Portland arrived Monday morning
In help nursu hor.
Fred A. Matx nrrlovd In llend last
Week and will bo associated with P.
aq w--''-v-r--fNnfNwv S?'S?,SS2?
''' "'" ''"' r ii '- .'.' '."irvj
'" ? ''' , l "'; ' HARDWARE
. , E Deschutes Banking Sb Trust ( W
. ; Company. " That's All )W '
I ' ' . jdend, orcoon5 a s jy
. cxnH v vLi7
' ) - v ' ana f ) ;$&
TEMPORARY , - Vn C T1 '"'"' W
location : All or 1 hat ' J
I " south of Ueon b c JSf
j JJhlg.onWallSt, s' ? , . N . j
."j: , ' . .. . -BENE)
.'I 1. ;.v 'J' . . HARDWARE si
0, Clarrlaon In looking nftor tho lie
torosts of Tho ItoRtfN Lumber Com
pany In Contra! Oregon. Tho oxtnti
alvn tracts, of timber which nro liulil
hy thn company will bo In charge of
uieso two mon. ami Mr. Harrison
huj'm thill thoro will ho much Mold
work carried on In thp way of so-
riirniK own which ij necessary bo
font milling operations can ho under
taken. Mr. Mats was formerly with
tho forum Mohrlco, bng a ruomlior of
tho crow that spent lam summer ex
amining tho noil mill tlmhor or tho
MutolltiM rtvor valley.
NUtecn Couplra Dimco at the Oregon,
Dinn Ml tho Wright, nml Howl at
Cnrmody llroo. Pool llnll.
Unique In Its conception ami
thoroughly onjoyublu was a party
given last Friday evening, It bolng
In tho naturo of a "progressive" af
fair. Firm, thorn Was ilnnclnir. limn
dining and following thin, bowline
iiininru ana pool.
Hlxtcon couples Kathorod at tho
Oregon Hotel about 0 o'clock whoro
l hoy found tho floor cleared of ovory
thlnic tnovnhlfl ami In tho bent of
condition for tho "Unlit fantastic"
Tho hostesses for this part of tho
evonlng'a fun worn Mrs. Whitfield
and daughter, whoso hospitality waa
pnrlaknn of until 11,30.
At that hour tho party wont to tho
Hotel Wright, whnro thoro wo wait
In a splendid luncheon, served hy
thn management. In connection with
tho oatliiR of tho good tlilnx. thoro
was iiiuilc. furnished by a his crnnhn-
phono which had been provided by
llalph Polndoxter of tho Owl Pliar-
. From the dining Initio tho party
' proceeded aa the gucsta of Dennis'
i 1 ariuotiy lo bin pool bull. Thn placo
wns lurumi over entirely to the mcr
ryiunkori, tho (loom hoi on locked to
J1'" 'lle. Hero tho fun reached
J!" ". with every pool and Ml-,
'"d fable and the two bowling alleys
malorlLv of the wniiinii nf llm nariv
- - ---- -- --..-.. ,,. ..--.
mm of the Place by Mr Cnrmody. and
tho revelers hold forth until an hour
not wry rar from daybreak, the gath
ering thou breaking up.
The party was chaHrnned during
tho evening' fttlvltltu by Mrs. Whit-
IW Week Unn Hern Ciiiixiially Mild
For This Nraaon of Vcar.
Tho proper motaphor for cold and
anowy woathor In tho middle of
April la something about wlntar lin
gering In the lap of soring, and It
son ms only right to reverse It ror thu
present conditions nnd aay that
spring Is trying to ornwl up Into win
ter's lap' and gel a tight hold about
tho old fellow's neck. Kver since
tho ehluook began to chuse the snow
last week tho dayrf huvo been mild
and pleasant, with tho snow on tho
rilJtant hills tho only wintry thing
in Mgiit. tiio temperaturo up to
this morning have bean aa follows:
Date Max Mlu
1 48 KG
it it IS
-17 38
I 62 32
ft 68 -13
fi B7 43
7 30
Thoso nro In marked contrast to
those of n year ago when on tho 5th
tho mercury stood at zero, on tho
Oth at 2 and ou tho 7th at S ubovo
Thoro was no tlmo limit set on the.!''"1- " w waitio, u bcott, who succeeds Mr. Itussell; J. P.
. )mm
t I : : 1 ?
T wnmM in
wi" Wbt w&
HK' WKmm . i'-7. . :M
I aBM&BSL .fflKumsBSHaBm
Tho new head of tho Or gon Trunk Jtnllw.n, 1. C Gltmnii. made bin
first Visit t Mend Mstirday inomlliK. accompanied liv other ofnplHts iifl
the road. The parly consisted or J
, ... ... .. . ,
itogerM. aiiiennieiKieui. j i.inuwy.
iiiro. ami ja;iicH iiuduoii. enter special
n special train mid left nt U u in. It
they did not get up town. At n later vlttlt the will call on thu huslntMi
inon of the town and maka their acquaintance.
Mr. (Jltman, formerly assistant to the president or the Croat Northern
Italluny, became tho active head or the Oregon Trunk nnd the North Hank
system and ntllllated lines In Oregon mid Washington, last Thursday. He
la a WiUtvrn man, having boon lopnted at Hoattlo ror many years. Ho was
ror a tlmo assistant to U W. Hill, stationed nt 8L Paul, whan tho younger
Hill was president ot tho Croat Northern. When Carl It. Gray became
president or tho Croat Northern, Mr. Oilman returnod to Seattle. For tho
last year and a hair ho has been tho Groat Northern's chief executive on
the Western division.
As president or tho nlllllated lines or the system In this stato Mr. Oil
man declares It to hi his purposo to energetically carry forward tho de
velopment of thu properties under his direction and at tho samo tlmo
further every enterprise having to do with tho upbuilding and settlement
oi too agricultural sections.
Inlllmr Folk Will Present Kometlilni;
Quite Coitilcnl.
Down ut l.aldlnw this weok thin;
are humming. In typical Lnldlaw
style. In preparation ror tho minstrel
sliow and dance Friday ulnht. and
thoje who are getting up tho enter'
lalnmont uru expecting a big crowd
from llend, Deschutea and other
neighboring towns. Quito a unique
aunouncomunt regarding tho show
has been mado. It being na folowa:
"You nil bo aiinh to como to do
minstrel show nox' Friday night,
nliilhcos It'j goln' to bo somo show
you bet. All oh do cullud popuht
hety In do rlty Is goln' to palpalltato
ItiiMell ret'.rlnK eeneral sutierlnteml-1
. -- -"-
auporiutendent of tirldges and bulld-
Tliev urrlvtMl at a. m. nn
was a hurried trln over the line and
In do sho' ami Iloslo Jobnstng'a lit'
tie boy I.amb Is one or do wonderful
lest chile prodigals ovah on do stage.
Hob dat cute an swoot an' smart..
I Came and git a dollah's wort ob laffl
tor inirn-nvB cents, and aevonty-itve ,
cents worr ob dance wld do cullud ac
ta h folk. It will be worf any fan's
money. Itoele Johnalng or I.IICo
White will elthah ono gib n swuol
klsa to do hansumuat white man fob
tun dollahs ir smack."
The curtain will rise at S:1B and
after the show the lloor will be clear
ed for the dancers.
Forost Supervisor M. I.. Morrltt
will leavo Sunday night tar Portland
where he will meat with tho other
supervisor of national fo rents on tho
eastern side ot tho Cascades, for u
conforenco on forcit probloma, Tho'
incoiimpi win cover a poriod or 10
daya and will afford a moana for tho
official charged with forest nmnage
ment to comparo notea and dlscuas
tho various qucmlona of admlnlatra
tlon, Bflven foreata will bo ropro
ftitod nt ho mce'lnB tho Doa
chutca. Crater, Blaklyoii, Cholan, Col
vllle, Wonatchco ami Okanogan.
Tho brick work on the new city
jail la bolnR dono this week and In
a. Miorl tlmo tho bulldlnK will bu
ready for ue. It contains two atcel
rolU, In each of which aro four
bunka, giving tho prison a capacity
I'ractlrnl Infonnation Will He Key
note O. A. V. Instructors Will Ile
In (linrKo .Vo UiarKe Is Made.
(Special to Tho Uulletln)
PHINKVILLB. Jon, C Tho agri
cultural department of tho Crook
county high school has Just complet
ed preliminary arrangements with
tho Oregon Agricultural Collego for
tho holding of a short courso in
I'rlnovlllo In February. The exact
data Will be announced lator, Thero
win be no charge whatever In con
nection with tho course.
This short courao will consist of
a series of -lectures, demonstrations
und exercises on the various phases
of agriculture and aomejtlc science.
Every effort will be mado to make tho
course of practical benefit to those
who attend. Kzoerts from thn rnl
' lego will bo on hand, not only to glvoi
Stno lectures and conduct tho demon-1
stratlons, but to answer any questions
whlrh mar be asked.
The object or this courso Is to pro -
vide the largest amount of practical
information the time available will
, permit, and to offer It at a season of
the year when the ranchers can bestin' lne siaiomeni tnat tne public
leave their farms. Tho work In do
mestic wlence will aim to furnish to
tli home-makera or Crook county In
formation which will be of
benefit In the everv ilar routlnn of
the home. Taken nil tocether It
i u III t.A n wuiilr Altn.l u'l.l. umaIImI
i - - . "- r . '. -r'.
.,, i3 n noui Hiiiru n,t,a 'l(.l..
Information and Inspiring thoughts j
a week that one can not afford to
miss. Farmers are urged to begin J
now to plan their work so that the,
family can spend a week In rrlne-l
vllle next month.
Word has boon received from Nez
Pcrces, Idaho, that Miss Meda Cas
tle, formerly of llend, waa married
there on January 1, to Leroy Hotal
Ing, son of 'Mr. and Mrs. C. l. Hotal
Ing. Tho Hotallng family formerly
lived In llend: The bride U the sis
ter of Irs, Georso S. Young and has
many friends In Uend who wero sur
prised at tha announcement ot her
marrlago. Tho young couplo will
mako their home on. the Hotallng
tarm near Nex Perccs.
Oh Monday thd oourt confirmed
the sate of the JoliVi W. White proi-
erty at the iirlcea reeelvoil at tho re
cent auction sale. Hy having this
rwMle the estate has reeetvod sov
oral hundred dollars over the sums
offered at the first auction, but tho
up-river ranch still romalns In the
estate. Thla will bo sold privately.
The, rumor that has been circu
lated recently In llend and other
towns along tho Oregon Trunk lino
that' tho night train Is to bo discon
tinued Is entirely unfounded, ac
cording to railway officials hero yes
terday. Thero Is absolutely no
grounds for such report. It Is Jtated. I
The First National Bank
U. C. COE, President E. A. SATHER, Vice- President
C. S. I1UDSON, Cashier
Capital fully paid ... $25,000
Surplus ....... $18,000
The new Gurrency Bill is now a Iaw
Panics are a thing of the past.
Additional security and safety-has been
added to the banks of the U. S,, and
therefore to the people.
This is the greatest piece of construc
tive legislation passed in fifty years.
We cannot put its many provisions in
" writing for lack of space, but will be
pleased to tell you personally of the many
admirable features of this bill, which are
for your further safety and welfare. Gall
and talk. to us about it. -
U. C Cob E. A. Satiieu O. S. IlUDSOX
O. M. Pattkusqn ii. c. Ellis
More Than 100 AAcmb!el In Hmltli
HulhUng and Town's Need Are
IIcusmm1 in UnrtwcHctcd Man- '
nev--Is Arranged by Cliurclt
A luncheon arranged by thoio In
charge of tho evangelistic services
was held at noon today In the Smith
building, and there were more than
100 business men present The
meal, prepared by tho church ladles,
was served for 25 ccnt3 a plate. Fol
lowing the lunch, thero wore short
talks hy a number or men. Dr. Bs J.
Huigln. the evangelist, bclne tho eon.
eluding speaker. The toastmaster
was II. H. Do Armond. It was In
tended to have the sDeeche? limited
to Ave minutes each, but a number nf
those on tho program were unable to
say all they wished In that period.
j. ii. anonie rns called on first.
Ho said that ho had been taught that
our Bchool la our business but added
lhU to nomoextent, this was not
" ln enu. lie aaxeu tnat the
. c"ltcn8 a,J '" tho educational worjc,
'and among suggestions ho mentioned
1 keeping the boys from loafing at the
I'00' halls, the school pupils from
staying out late at nlghU at lodge
and revival mooting. He concluded
can work quite a change outside or
the school.
J. P. Keyee had been assigned to
the topic or die needs. He spoke
having a curfew law that (s OBforerd.
declaring suoh or iwrticular cood to
f h t-lrlfl nt thn Iawii. I)ArA..lHI. A
.. .. " . .
--"-' r"" - m v .,c. .ciu4.i. Id
saloons, ho said he thought that tho
fewer of them the better. He nald
thero were many angles from which
to view this question, hut that ho
spoko only from tho economic stand
point. In regard to tho llcoase fees
paid by them, ho stated that he con
sidered It an expensive way ot col
lecting taxes.
A committee waited upon C. 8.
Hudson this morning and persuaded
him to speak on the (immerclal
needs of the town. He had been
given to understand that he might
say what he wished, and he took oc
casion to reply to some criticisms that
had been made by Dr. Ilulgln. Ho
said one should not Judge a town by
the number ot church members and
the number or saloon It has but by
the character or Ita citizens. He
snld the citizenship ot llend is or a
high class that It never was as good
commercially and clvlcnlly as now.
He would not nut the saloons out of
business It he had It In his power to
do so. and declared 'that the only
way to end the liquor buslaemi Is to
stop the manufacture or whlskev.
' I stand ready to glvo all poMlbln
aid In this direction." he Mid. (
lived In Kansas and Oklahoma under
nrohlbltlon and la la a farce. Put a
high license on saloons nnd make tha
nroprletorj run decent places, don't
make them social and moral outcasts
but holp them Into other lines ot
business. One or the highest duties
n man has 13 to. provide a homo for
hlmsoir and falnilv," ho declared,
adding, "Character to me Is above re
ligion, and everything that tends to
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